Mozart…or Jack of All Trades??

One thing that has baffled me since the Norwich match is M. Wenger’s actions and statements with regard to our talented midfield duo of Tomas Rosicky and Jack Wilshere.jack

Firstly, after praising Rosicky to the hilt after the WBA game, then expressing his anguish in not having him available for Norwich, our man, quite understandably (from a team selection point of view) slots Jack into the vacant spot in midfield against Norwich. Sadly Jack looked a bit short (to say the least) on Saturday and dear old Arsene admitted as much by saying ‘I thought I brought him back too quickly’ Damn right you did! … what did you do??…….picked him again on Tuesday against Everton!!…. when they proceeded to kick lumps out of him in front of a blind referee!!


For Christ sake Wenger, why refer to Rosicky as a superbly technical player who always brings something to the team, have him fit………..and then leave him out!! For me, Rosicky was the one player who could have turned the game for us on Tuesday – but he didn’t even get on. As for Jack?… they are lucky, considering the battering he got from Everton’s bruisers, that he isn’t out for another long spell. Up until the WBA game ‘Mozart’ Rosicky was doing enough to earn an extended run in the team, but not to figure AT ALL on Tuesday for me was Arsene’s big tactical mistake. Rosicky would have unlocked them.

Now, on that point, could Jack unlock them in the same way? No!!……and I’ll tell you why. Tommy drives down the middle when attacking, and looks for a forward or through ball. Jack, on the other hand plays the width of the field and this does nothing to unlock defences. Defenders like nothing more than players who move left to right in front of them with no penetration.

Now Jack, you have to make a choice on what role you are playing in the team. being a ‘Jack of all Trades’ – being here, there and everywhere, affects the shape of the team when you don’t hold your position, Are you a defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder or just a play anywhere in midfield midfielder? You have to make a choice which role suits you best. Right now I’m not sure you know yourself. One thing is for sure, as good as you are, your goals tally has to improve (Rosicky has scored more!!) as does your assists. Nobody is a bigger fan of Jack’s talent than me, but right now I think he needs to decide what role he wants to play in midfield and concentrate on it and let those around you do the rest

And as for you M. Wenger, don’t just talk up Rosicky….pick him and let him play up!!

Written by MacGooner 

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  1. LB is going to love this post 😉

    Welcome MacGooner to our evergrowing list of authors, I’ll make sure you get added to the side-bar.

    I sat last Saturday watching Jack spray the passes across the pitch and thought this is getting us nowhere as everyone else was doing the same thing. Rosicky drives the play forward, plain and simple.

  2. Yes even me i am eager to see arsene venger bench wileshere untill he is back to his old self and i want wenger to play rosicky in every single game till end of the season.

  3. Morning all and a good exposition of the curious team selection for the Toffees game MacG.

    I think I read somewhere that Wenger didn’t think Rockin’ Rosicky was quite fit enough for Tuesdays game and yet him expressing his regret at playing Jack so much in the Baggies game is odd too.

    Who knows exactly if anything fishy is going on behind the scenes.

    Whatever the selection machinations going on right now we can’t afford any slip ups tomorrow.

  4. says:

    Sometimes I just don’t get Wenger’s decisions. I think he still doesn’t understand this team and may not cos he knows too much. Thomas is exactly what we need to get result.last year he was instrumental and this is his time. We don’t need a jack all the times
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  5. LB says:

    Oooooch that hurt, the cattle prod, right in the ribs.


    Excellent post, I would like to charge in here but you answer your own question.

    “Everton kicked lumps out of Wilshere in front of a blind referee”

    Wenger knew that Everton were going to be very physical and also knew that Jack is far better equipped at dealing with this than Rosicky.
    Add to that the fact that a point was better for us than for them and voila, you get the answer as to why Wenger opted for the more powerful Wilshere over the more intricate Rosicky.

    Good call from Wenger as it turned out.

    As for Jack’s natural position: some of us have been banging on about this for months, it seems like others are now starting to notice.

  6. Big Raddy says:

    MacGooner. Thank you for the post.

    As you say it was a strange decision not to play Mozart on Tuesday.

    I don’t agree with you about JW always looking to go wide, in my opinion he is very versatile in both his running and passing; it would be interesting to see a map of his game

  7. najma says:

    Excellent. A very good article. I totally agree with you. Tommy has truelly established his role in the m/field and his impact to the performance of the team is clearely seen when he takes on the pitch. Mr Wenger, this is a very crucial period in the whole season and please be careful with your team selection. For those who haven’t hit the form keep them aside. Every win counts at this stage and especially for us.

  8. Manthan says:

    MacGOooner Thanks for the post.

    i agree with chary, Rocsiky was not fit but even jack was not 100% fit. I Don’t know if anybody remember not I have told in prematch report that play Santi in advance position and poldi on wide. Jack is box-box midfielder not an attacking midfielder. Santi is best on advance role not on wing but I don’t understand wenger team selection some time….

  9. Manthan says:

    We cannot always rely on player he is injured most of the time no doubt Tommy is very good player but he plays one game very well and next game he gets injured this will impact on team balance so its good if Rocsky doesn’t play all the games.

  10. abhi says:

    Nicely written. My heart was in my mouth when Jack was getting manhandled by the Everton boys. I just don’t understand why Wenger would risk an injury to Jack, he is just coming out of a rather serious injury and what he needs is gradual recovery. Knowing our luck, Arsene shouldn’t have rushed him.

  11. LB says:

    So to all those who are opting for the idea that Rosicky was not fit, are you saying that you thought he should have started had he been fit?

  12. abhi says:

    Hi LB,

    We all know how Jack plays, all action style, he is always 100% committed, doesn’t shy away from full-blooded challenges. That is one of the reasons why we all love him. But I feel Arsene should have been more careful this time, especially after all the comments he made regarding “rushing him.” Jack was really struggling and our midfield was lacking any kind of fluency. Thought our performance noticeably improved after Jack was substituted. The body needs proper recovery time before he can play at full blast…just my opinion.

  13. Gus says:

    I am LB. Never drop till they lose form, get injured/suspended or for a tactical reason. Generally, don’t change a winning team.

  14. Gus says:

    The real question isn’t Rosicky vs Jack, but Jack vs Ramsey in my humble opinion.

  15. Manthan says:

    Spot on That’s what I am telling how many match Rocisky will play continuously 5 or 6 ?? Again he will get injured and it will affect the time balance.. That is what happened in start of season we were very good when Daiby was playing and then suddenly when he got injured we lost the balance of team.. Its good if Rocisky plays less for arsenal

  16. Gus says:

    maybe your right Manthan. Maybe Rocisky is now luxury player that will give us big boost when he plays. I hope this isn’t true because he brings so much to the side.

  17. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Great work MacGooner, thank you.

    Re midfield in general:

    First up for me is to fill the AM slot, and its a no brainer. Santi. Playing him anywhere else is a complete waste of his talent.

    So, that leaves two midfield berths. I take the point about horses and courses regarding the opposition, however, the options are Art, Rambo, Ros and Jack.

    To my mind the dynamics are changing as Rambo improves with every game. At this stage of his development, I’ve always likened Jack to a Petit. If Jack develops more positional discipline, I can see him playing alongside Rambo, with Mozart as the more natural stand-in for Santi.

    I have argued in the past that to play Jack and retain the midfield balance and defensive solidity we really need a specialist DM.

  18. chas says:

    Excellent, MacG.

    I’m not sure if it’s Jack’s choice to decide which type of midfield role his talents are best suited for at this moment in time.
    Surely he’s playing where and how he’s asked to play by the manager?

  19. top dog says:

    why is Rosiskys nick-name mozart ?
    mozarts supposed to be brilliant isnt he

    if thats the case rosiskys nick-name should be jarvis cocker.
    jacks the best.

  20. LB says:


    Bang on.

    It is a question between Wilshere and Ramsey.

    Look at all the great tackles Wilshere made on Tuesday, did Ramsey make such tackles? No he didn’t.

    I am not trying to undermine Ramsey; he put in a fine performance but for crying out loud when are people going to realise that Wilshere is a defensive minded midfielder and not an attack minded one.

    I would opt for Rosicky over Wilshere nine times out of ten but Tuesday was an exception and although I believe Rosicky was perfectly fit I think Wenger got it absolutely right.

  21. LB says:

    Is Ramsey being groomed for Arteta’s role?

  22. MickyDidIt89 says:

    LB Hi
    Do you think Jack could develop into an AM at any point down the line?

  23. MickyDidIt89 says:

    LB @ 12:12
    And with Jack standing his ground then he can play with Rambo and Santi ahead.

  24. chas says:

    Four Four Two stats zone says that for
    Arsenal v Everton on Tuesday.

    Jack Wilshere attempted 1 tackle which wasn’t successful.
    Aaron Ramsey attempted 5 tackles, 4 of which were successful.

    Am I missing the sarcasm in your 12.08 or what?

  25. LB says:

    Hi Chas

    No sarcasm in my 12.08 at all.

    Four four two stats zone!

    Wilshere………one tackle?????????

    Why do people even read these things let alone take notice of them.

  26. LB says:


    I wouldn’t completely rule out the idea of Wilshere becoming an AM in the future but I think he is better suited to playing next to a tall talented midfielder who likes to defend; a Busquets if you like.

    Rosicky and Cazorla show how speed differentiates between what makes a good attacking midfielder and a better suited defensive minded midfielder.

    There is one player who throws this on its head, of course, and that is Lampard, how Fat Frank became as successful as he has remains a mystery.

  27. LB says:

    I’m supposed to be doing DIY today, you can tell what I am opting for.

  28. GoonerB says:

    Manthan, can i first say congratulations on your post yesterday. I didn’t get on but have read it. The young players you picked are all promising and I noticed you felt they all would be best with loan spells. I would agree with this but I think the club have to be careful to pick the right times to loan certain players as different players in different positions mature at different rates irrespective of whether they are the same age. I feel some of our promising players have fallen behind at key moments in their development by being loaned to a club that wasn’t right for them at the time, so I think where we loan a certain player to may also be critical and where a player goes may be different for say Eisfeld than it is for Gnabry. There is probably another post in looking at that.

    Onto today’s post and it is an excellent and hard-hitting post MacGooner that doesn’t really leave any room for sitting on the fence, so for once I won’t.

    I agree there are potential question marks over why AW has used Jack in the last 2 games over Rosicky. I think they are both excellent players so for me it is mostly down to who is more match fit and can therefore bring a greater intensity and drive to our midfield. Jack has looked rusty but that is understandable after the lay off.

    We don’t really know why the selection has been like this for the last 2 games. Maybe Rosicky was actually injured so we had no choice. Maybe AW realises that he needs both fully match fit for the last few games and the only way to get Wilshere match fit is with game time, which makes comments like benching him til he is back to being himself very strange. How does he get back to his best from the bench? Maybe LB is right and Wilshere was the better option for a more physical game.

    I have been slightly aggravated recently by the media focus on how we seem better without Jack, (remember Bales statistical figures of not being on a winning side at a certain point in his early career), and so my main problem is with this constant, often negative, analysis of the merits of a highly talented young player who has only just turned 21.

    We are very lucky to have him. I don’t see why we have to pigeon hole him at this stage. Cesc once said Jack was ahead of him at a certain age and I noticed with Cesc that he played as a deeper playmaker who didn’t score many goals early on and progressed to being a more advanced midfielder who scored more as he developed. Wilshere may follow the same pathway, I don’t know but is it really realistic at this stage to say that he has to decide what type of midfielder he is going to be?

    He ran the game for England against Brazil and was compared to Gascoigne with his forward runs driving at the defence with players left in his wake. Is that the performance of a player who has no chance to develop into a great attacking midfielder in a similar way to Rosicky? I don’t understand the assertion that Rosicky can do this but Jack can’t. It wouldn’t bother me if he does remain in the deeper CM but I am looking forward to seeing how he develops rather than permanently writing him off for a particular role in the future.

    Finally is it also realistic to compare a player who is only just 21 and still developing to a player who is 33 in under 6 months? It may be if it is only about the here and now in terms of what it brings the team, but many comments seem to be made in a way that indicate that what we see now with Jack is how it will always be, which I find a bit ridiculous.


    Thank you Mac, fine post.

    For me there are two Wilsheres, or is that two Carzolas. Sounds crazy hey, but i assure you i am been serious.

    When were at home and Jack plays the forward midfiled role it tends not to work. This is primaraly because Santi is shifted wide. we then have four midfield players all wanting ball to feet, leaving Giroud and say Theo for example quite isolated.

    When we play away, its not a problem. We need to be compact and have more space to counter attack and personaly i like it.

    i dont go with LB’s assertion that Jack is better as a defensive midfielder. He is a future number 10 who is learning the role and having injury setbacks. Once everything falls into place there, he will be a great player there.

    In the short term its a question of Balance, and as ive said, at home its not currently working

  30. Manthan says:

    Based on suggestions made by supporter’s groups, the tickets will be available to members of the Junior Gunners scheme. Chief executive Ivan Gazidis said,

    “This is an important initiative to encourage young fans to come to games and make a big contribution to the atmosphere at Emirates Stadium. Our young fans represent the future of the club.

    “We have a thriving youth membership scheme with over 30,000 enrolled. Those fans want to be part of the club and this initiative, which we have developed in partnership with supporters’ groups, means there will be 14,000 additional tickets for Young Guns to attend Premier League matches across the season for no more than £10 a game.

    “This is in addition to the £5 and £10 tickets we offer young supporters for Capital One Cup home games.”

  31. Manthan says:

    Gooner B,
    Thanks & I totally agree with you regarding loaning out players…

  32. Manthan says:

    I agree regarding Santi’s position He is best on AM. JW can be Box-box midfielder not AM we should promote eisfied next year as back up to Santi…

  33. GoonerB says:

    Cheers Manthan. What about the rest of what I said or do you not have enough annual leave left to read it?

  34. Manthan says:

    Sorry GoonerB,
    I have read but didnt commented. i agree that Roscky was not full fit and JW was desperate for game time. Arsene Loves ROsciky he will never bench him without reason 🙂

  35. LB says:


    I think there are things that you can see now that will always be and they don’t seem ridiculous to me al all.

    Do you ever see Szezcney playing CF? No, why? Because he doesn’t have the skill set.

    Do you ever see Mertasacker playing CF? No, why? Because he doesn’t have the skill set.

    OK, now someone of a similar age to Wilshere. Do you ever see Gibbs playing CF? No, why? Because he doesn’t have the skill set.

    Well as clear as these examples are it is as clear to me that Jack Wilshere is unlikely to become an attacking midfielder, why because he doesn’t have the skill set.

    When Rosicky first burst onto the scene he played primarily right wing, he was super fast, outrageously talented and deserved the nick name of the young Mozart.

    It was always believable that Rosicky would become an attacking midfielder.

    This is where I am coming from.

  36. Red Arse says:

    I think you have it spot on in your comment, GoonerB. 🙂

    Of course opinions are like ani, we all have one.

    When the doctor says ‘this won’t hurt’ you know his opinion is crap. So someone trying to tell us that something is not open to debate because his ‘opinion’ is fact should get the same response.

    My opinion is not fact, but simply based on observation.
    Others are welcome to their opinions,

    Jack’s position was as an ‘attacking midfielder’ in all the youth team games I watched at Barnet, over many years, and many games.

    Jack has always pulled all the creative strings while playing for Arsenal, at both youth team level and first team, and is now recognized as the creative player needed to compliment Gerard in the England team ‘to make things happen’.

    It is apparent that he has not been at his best since returning from injury, and that has shown in the last two games, but give the guy a break.

    Form is temporary, class is permanent, and he will become the best AM in the Premier League within a few short years.

    That’s not fact — that’s an opinion!

  37. JM says:

    The Ox should be our CAM(Creator/Maestro) in the future (while learning from Cazorla and Rosicky). They could also be deployed at both LAM and RAM if our formation permits. Similar type of players includes Iniesta, Kroos, Oezil and Goetze & Reus.

    Wilshere and Ramsey would follow the path of Arteta to become our CM(Facilitator/Midfield General) in the future. Similar type of players includes Xavi, Schweinsteiger, X.Alonso and Gundogan.

    Vacancy is available for our 1st choice CDM(Destroyer/21st century Liberio), which Arteta and Coquelin are deputising. Similar type of players includes Busquets, J.Martinez, Khedira and S.Bender.

  38. Red Arse says:

    Apologies, MacG, I meant to compliment you on your Post. 🙂

    It is sometimes difficult to understand AW’s strategies or decisions, altho’ he did later say that Rosicky had been playing very well, but was not fully fit.

    That was Ros and Jack then! 🙂

    Again, thanks for the post.

  39. RockyLives says:

    Great debut Post Mac

    I think we should have started TR7 against the Toffees. He is dynamic and creative and also isn’t afraid of a tackle (his tracking back is exemplary).

    Long term I feel Jack is an AM and has the potential to be a cross between Cesc and Rosicky, but the biggest problem is that he doesn’t seem match fit. Against Everton he was battered from pillar to post and didn’t seem strong enough for the battle.

    Ramsey clearly was much more combative and won far more tackles than Jack (sorry LB). Not based on FourFourTwo stats – based on watching the game (twice).

  40. I’m amazed no-one’s mentioned the weekend’s football which starts… tomorrow!

    Fulham vs Arsenal
    Spurs vs Man City
    Liverpool vs Chelsea

    Saving it all for tomorrow’s hairy-face day, eh?
    Sorry to have interrupted. As you were.

    Thanks for a good post, MacGooner (apart from the bit that LB beat me to, at 9.57am).

  41. Merseforever says:

    The teen section is a massive move by the club. Huge respect for them to do that. In an ideal world it would be more, but stil 800-1000 per game will be amazing. Big congrats to all groups involved. The AST, BSM and others. Very happy when I heard this news today. In this day and age paying a tenner (for a kid) to watch your team (especially at a London club) in the prem is pretty unbelievable. Well played the Arsenal!! It doesn’t apply to Category A games but kids will be able to watch us play teams like Everton, West Ham, Newcastle, Sunderland (all of whom I regard as big clubs) for an affordable price. So happy right now 🙂 🙂 as is clear by this rather repetitive and incoherent post! The Arsenal still has a bit of the old heart and class!

  42. LB says:

    Hi Rocky

    I have no idea what it looked like on telly, I can only go on what I saw at the game……….live, just the once.

  43. LB says:

    I have just gone through every comment and I cannot see where anyone has stated their view as being a fact.

    This is a fact — not an opinion!

  44. RockyLives says:

    Hi LB
    I’m sure we saw the same game, although you’re right that you get different impressions watching live versus on TV.

    And you 4.19 – 🙂

  45. GoonerB says:

    Hi LB. My original comment was not aimed at anyone in particular and was more a general concern that this young talented player that still has plenty of scope for improvement is already being condemmed to being one thing or the other. The media are already towing the line of how we are better off when Jack doesn’t play.

    Criticism of him seems to be in relation to comparrisons with far more experienced but also talented players. The problem is can any of us really profess to know how both Cazorla and most notably Rosicky were at 21. Were they on a similar par to Jack now or were they, at 21, already ahead of where Jack is as a CAM? The one thing I am aware of is that AW has proved many of us wrong in the past about players and for me has a far keener sense of what level he can get a player to in the future. I would suggest that if he plays Jack as a CAM it is because he believes that jack has the required skill set to make that position his own in the future.

    I fully respect your opinion LB but I would not personally agree that Jack does not have the skill set to be a great CAM. I would agree that I don’t think he has developed the full skill set yet but I think there is every chance that will come over the next few seasons. It may of course not and he may end up as a deeper midfielder but I still see him as the long term future CAM of this club. It doesn’t need to be rushed though because we are fortunate enough to have players like Rosicky and cazorla.


    “It’s not merely a question of perception. The stats back it up. According to, Wilshere made 30 passes, completing 77 percent. Ramsey made 76 passes, more than double Wilshere’s tally, and completed fully 86 percent.

    The Welshman also made five tackles as compared with Wilshere’s one.”

    Not my text – it’s copied-and-pasted”.

  47. LB says:


    I suspect there are many on this blog who were familiar with Cazorla and Rosicky at 21, I certainly was.

    Cazorla played for Villa Real when we met them in the CL semi final; he was the club’s brightest star, yes he was injured for our games but I certainly had been watching him. And, as it happens I went to that semi in Spain when Lehman saved a pen in the dying minutes.

    As for Rosicky, goodness, he was the stand out talent of the great Czech side that dominated the Euros all those years ago.

  48. LB says:

    Big Al

    I am not trying to say that Wilshere was more influential than Ramsey, my point is that Wilshere was there standing strong fighting like a demon against Fallani slap bag in the middle of the pitch.

    As for the idea that Wilshere only made one tackle, do you really need any better reason to conclude that stats can be wrong.

  49. Hi LB

    I hope I didn’t offend you… I wasn’t aiming the stats specifically at you, or anyone else, in particular. I was posting for all.

    Chas posted from a different site and those stats match up to those of the site that I presented.

    I’m not taking sides for or against…
    …and I agree as regards Wilshere standing strong fighting like a demon”.

  50. As no-one’s interested in the weekend games I’ll post this to myself and read it later.

    Bale has been declared fit to play.
    Whether he’s picked is another matter.

  51. LB says:

    Big Al

    No offence taken at all. It’s just my style of blogging.

  52. LB
    OK mate. Cheers.

    “In midfield we have a few people to check, like Cazorla, Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain. They will all have tests but I hope they should be alright,” revealed Wenger.

    “We have to test Rosicky, who was not ready to start on Tuesday. There are a number of uncertainties about our squad, but I will sort that out on Friday morning.”

  53. Chas
    Only just seen the video of evonne at the bus stop 🙂

    Everyone – if you haven’t seen it, go to “recent posts” in the right hand panel.
    “Arsenal get the Point”, approx 8am post.

    Very, very funny.

  54. VCC says:

    Big Al, I didn’t know Evonne liked Abba…….she’s got some good moves though…… 🙂

  55. dandan says:

    Well done Macgooner first rate post, keep em coming. I thought Jacks battles with the mop headed one, would have been one step to far for Thomas. Had Olivier Giroud put one of his chances away, we would all have been happy and the question probably not have arisen.
    A natural finisher up front and we would be home and hosed for at least third place. Lets hope all the spend talk comes to something and AW magic’s up the man we need.

  56. Gooner In Exile says:

    MacGooner thanks for the post….don’t agree with much if it but you are certainly wearing your heart on your sleeve.

    On TR7 vs JW for Tuesday it appears AW has answered the query, TR7 was not ready and still may not be ready.

    We have to consider what Arsene means by “I rushed him back”…..does he mean not fit (doubtful) or not back to match pace. Better achieved from the bench coming on late.

    If Jack is not fit (carrying a knock) and making himself available it is his choice, and it is cheating himself and the club and manager (again I doubt this).

    But here’s the real problem while Everton proceeded to let’s say be robust in their challenges and the ref failed to clamp down we should look to our manager to protect Jack? Well if that’s the case we may as well forget playing football, surely it is the referees responsibility to protect the players on the park?

    As for Jack being less direct and playing wide maybe in the last two games that has been true but I wouldn’t say those games were a demonstration of his normal game. He is the first man I look to to carry the team forward he drops his shoulder takes a man out of the game and moves forward he looks to move forward constantly.

    As for him being a box to box midfielder as others have mentioned he hasn’t got the legs, as for being a defensive midfielder he isn’t big enough… we may as well sell him now before other interested parties realise he is not as good as most pundits and pros believe.

    His best position will be attacking midfield.

    Currently Arsene has a problem, the best formation for his squad leaves out too many big names. To get the best out of our best players we should not have wide men like Theo who is not adaptable enough, we need a midfield 5, 4 of which should be allowed to roam and play wherever they find space, time and can effect play. For me it should be:

    Arteta, Ramsey, Santi, Rosicky, Wilshere with Arteta the only man with a defined role. The others can go where they please…..this was actually one of the best things to watch when Nasri, Cesc and Arshavin were flying.

    In the future Ox easily finds a place in that midfield ( when TR7 ages) as do Eisfield, Gnabry. Often it pays to see the young players like Manthan highlighted yesterday to get an idea of the direction the manager is going to take.

  57. weedonald says:

    Its quite simple MacGooner…….Rosicky apparently wasn’t fit for Everton and Jack needed game time, even at the risk of potential injury which would also be true of Rosicky.
    Its called making a tough decision between a young and inexperienced injury-prone kid like Jack and a much older, injury prone but experienced player like Tomas. I presume Wenger sat them both down and asked them one on one whether they felt capable of playing and I have no dubt he spoke to his medical people as well. My guess is that Tomas wasn’t convincing about his fitness and Jack was readier, but all this is pure speculation.
    Being a manager is not as simple as you seem to think but I can sympathize with your frustration….that said, nothing guarantees that Tomas would have done better under the circumstances.

  58. chas says:

    Matchday again.
    Wish I was going.

  59. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Chas: You and me both.

    Right BR, PM to do …. Izzy Whizzy, Let’s get Busy.

  60. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Slow starters here. Got up and I thought I’d nip off and watch a Clash Vid. Two hours later…
    Morning all.
    Today is a good day to pile some pressure on.

  61. Red Arse says:

    GIE @ 10:33

    Agree with all of that. 😀

  62. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I read GiE’s comment and assumed he had taken up dope smoking on a very serious level.
    Four players running about willy nilly! Really?
    Specialists is where it’s at, although I do understand his trying to crowbar all our exciting payers into one team 🙂

  63. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sorry, players.

  64. Gooner In Exile says:

    Morning all, RA and Micky I’m just glad someone read it 😀

    I read post late yesterday and dipped in and out of comments through the day but as I was travelling didn’t have time to respond as I would have liked so saved it for one comment at the end.

    Bearing in mind that Ramsey has changed many minds of late, I’m not prepared to pigeon hole our young players.

    One moment with Jack and Theo stood out during the Everton game, they had the ball at centre back, Jack went to pressure and as the ball was played easily to Baines he turned round arm out to the right imploring Theo to be there, the pitch mics then picked up him shouting “Theoooooo” in a complaining way.

    I spend most games when we are not playing well waving the midfield forward to pressure the ball when we haven’t got it, that’s why although Theo is lethal in attack we wait too long to get the ball back because he doesn’t press. It was astark difference to how we have played of late when he hasn’t been in the side.

  65. MickyDidIt89 says:

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