Arsenal stars in the Making

The NextGen series was concluded some time back but I really liked the concept of NextGen. It gives a platform to all young players to showcase their quality to the whole world and show what they are capable of. Arsenal was unlucky to go out in the semi-final. Unlucky because they were leading the game but they lost the nerves when it matters a lot. Nevertheless they reached the semi final.

Playing at the Emirates in front of a big crowd in the quarterfinal will have given huge confidence to all the youngsters. The crowd supported them well,  most of seats were occupied and that shows how much we care for all young gunners. In this, the first NextGen series some of the performances by the  young guns have really impressed me. I have come up with small list of reserves players who are capable of becoming stars in coming years. . .

Serge Gnabry (Midfielder / Winger)


Gnabry signed for Arsenal in 2010 but due to his age he joined officially in 2011 when he became 16 years old. He signed his first professional contract at age 17. Gnabry played most of the games on the left wing for the reserves. He is known for his lethal pace, passing ability, creative play has been really very impressive. In a game against Marseilles he sprinted a loose ball and assisted Apkom to make 2-0. Wenger watched that match live, He played 20 minutes against Koln in friendly however he was not that impressive but you cannot judge player in 20 minutes. He played 60 minutes against Reading  and was not that impressive in that game either and was replaced by Thomas Eisfield. Against Liverpool –U21 he scored an absolute beauty. We should loan him out next season to gain first team experience, He is not the finished article yet and it will be too early to promote him.

Thomas Eisfeld (Attacking Midfielder)


Eisfeld signed for Arsenal on 31st January 2012 from BVB. Wenger describe him as next Mario Gotze. Eisfeld played in the  friendlies against Malaysia XI & Kitchee and scored in both the matches. He was one of the very impressive players in Arsenal’s Asia tour. His play-making abilities , on-field presence of mind , technical understanding makes him one of hottest prospects in Europe. His substitute cameo against Reading where we came from behind and won the match was very impressive. He can play on wings or in midfield but his natural position is playing as SS or No 10. He is quite deadly from that position given his passing ability and eye for goal he has. He has played in 20 U-21 Matches and has scored 8 goals and 4 assists quite impressive. I hope Wenger will promote him next season, if not we should loan him out because he will leave Emirates if he doesn’t get enough first team action and we don’t want to loose such a great talent.

Hector Bellerin (Defender / Winger)

Hector Bellerin

Frankly speaking I had not heard his name before NextGen but he was one of the star performer for Arsenal in NextGen Series. Bellerin was signed by Arsenal from Barca Youth academy at age of 16. He started playing as Right back for Arsenal reserves and within some days he made right back position his own. He played in almost all the matches for the reserves. He is known for his pace, crossing ability, attacking mindset and high work rate. He is very good while attacking and quite impressive while defending. Surely he can be backup for Jenks once Sagna leaves . Due to his impressive run in reserve league Arsenal offered him a new contract. I don’t see him getting promoted to first team for at least two seasons due to the other options we have at right back  in the current Arsenal squad. A loan out will be a ideal solution.

Ignasi Miquel (Defender)

Arsenal's Ignasi Miquel celebrates after scoring against Coventry City during their English League Cup soccer match in London

Miquel has been on the verge of breaking through at Arsenal for several seasons without ever quite making it. He is our reserve captain, he is well known figure in first team as he is been playing in league cup since 2010-11. He played every minute in League cup for Arsenal in 2011-12 season. His natural position is Centre back but he has played as Left back in several occasions. He is one who is on the verge of breaking into the first team for the past 3 years. He is known for his aerial ability, game reading and strength. No doubt he is very good player and needs more first team experience, A loan out will be ideal given the option we have in current squad in Centre back and may be more addition in the summer will cancel out his chance to play regular first team next season. But surely I want to keep hold of him

So this was a small list of players who are capable of playing in first team in the near future. I am sure you will all have some young players in mind to discuss, if so please share with all 😉

Written by Manthan

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  1. gunnerpete says:

    Its great to see these gems for our future BUT once again we see that our central defensive area is very average to poor. Many years ago, AFC always had a top centre half ready to step into the first team when needed. Under GG we always had a great solid pool of defenders. Arsene has hardly bread a decent centre back in 16 years. WHY?

  2. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Superb Manthan, thank you.

    I love this kind of post because I’m very lazy when it comes to watching anything other than the first team, which is crazy really, because on the odd occasion when I have, I’ve really enjoyed it.

    Just a small observation here, but think “spot the ball” and look at that pic of Serge above. The biggest mistimed ever, or the worst shot ever? 🙂

  3. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Assessing potential is so fraught with difficulties. Players “come good” at such erratic ages. At 23, I thought Persie was rubbish, whilst at 21, I thought Denilson was the best thing since the sliced stuff first appeared.

  4. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Quick point about your thoughts on last nights’ results with Utd dropping two, and Oilers winning “.
    Mankini may be saying to his boys: “Look Lads, who knows, let’s just win the next two and maybe, just maybe, Utd might lose and we’re in. If the worst happens, then ok, we give up and you can all come to the unisex hair salon with me”.
    City start at Spuds on Sunday 🙂

  5. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Pete hi,
    How many CB’s did GG breed? One.

  6. Gooner In Exile says:

    Thanks Manthan, three you mention are well on the way to making the first team, the other Bellerin is starting to make strides.

    We seem to have built a good academy and always have players that seem to be on the verge, this is where Arsene’s job becomes increasingly difficult, do you spend money on a 28 year old (who could tire in 2/3 years) which doesn’t block a youngster, or signs a 23/24 year old who does block but offers more now.

    Hopefully Miquel gets a reserve spot next year with Djourou, Squid moving on and possibly one in (although only if TV goes out).

    Eisfield and Gnabry have a real problem, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Ox, Theo, Podolski all sit ahead of them. If they want to play its hard to keep them all happy.

  7. yemmy says:

    I find it unbelievable that you did not mention Chuba Akpom. The young gun was an absolute beauty to watch.

  8. Shard says:

    HI Manthan.. Is this you debut post for AA? Well done either way 🙂

    I think Miquel could be 4th choice CB next season. It is Eisfeld who might not find space in the squad, because I think we have many midfielders, and might get in another as well. Gnabry, obviously has the talent, but I’m not convinced by him yet. I agree that perhaps a loan will be the best option (maybe to Betis?) Bellerin I think should continue in the reserves, and maybe get a short term loan to a club in England. Again, I’m not yet convinced by him. Although his form has been very good, I’m a little sceptical in that this might just be a flash in the pan season for him. We’ll see.

    Eisfeld has really impressed me, and I hope he gets some game time with us next season. But the player that has impressed me most has been Nico Yennaris. He’s not looked out of place even in the few first team appearances he’s made, and whenever I’ve seen him play, he’s never once looked flustered, and has done his job well and with the minimum of fuss. Not the most eye catching player, but he’s looked the most impressive to me. I’m worried he, like Eisfeld, won’t get the first team opportunities because of the plethora of midfield players in our squad. A loan deal might be a good option, and who knows, with Arteta and Rosicky both the wrong side of 30, perhaps Yennaris and Eisfeld might be their replacements in a year or two?

  9. Mayor of the Woolwich says:

    Good job Manthan,

    How can Chuba Akpom miss from your list? Such a terrific and energetic Centre Forward. Also, very excellent and composed in front of goal. Personally, he has the biggest chance to really break in into the first team.

  10. Gooner In Exile says:

    Who Micky? Adams? Was already there and well on his way to first team, sold Keown, bought Linnighan, Pates…..eye for a defender that man 😉

    Personally I am not worried about Centre Half, as well as the current three plus Miquel there is young Harjovic.

    I follow a lot of the youngsters on twitter, there tweets mainly reflect a love for the club and a dislike of others.

    Others I am houseful for from the current crop, Meade, Yennaris, Ansah, Aneke and Akpom.

  11. Daniel Ejah says:

    Will Kalu be up to espectation?

  12. Gooner In Exile says:

    Surely Toure was made by Arsene? He arrived playing anywhere in midfield.

  13. Gooner In Exile says:

    Evonne from last post, I will be delirious but I am not looking or commenting in case I jinx it 🙂

  14. evonne says:

    GiE 🙂 delirious 🙂 I thought so

  15. Rasp says:

    Morning yemmy and welcome. If you’d care to write an appraisal of Chuba Akpom for the site, we will add a picture and publish it as our post for tomorrow.

  16. Kcosby snr. says:

    U didnt mention chuba akpom,oshea the gkpr,connor henderson etc u need to be more elaborate at potraying all qualities of the reserve team,bt thanks 4 a wonderful write up

  17. evonne says:

    great post Manthan, thank you for introducing the lads to me. I haven’t heard of Ballerin before, but he sound good.
    Don’t we have a star finisher rearing to go?

  18. evonne says:

    oh, Chuba is a striker, great, that’s what we need

  19. Manthan says:

    Good morning all,
    Thanks GIE & Didit 😀
    I know I have Missed out Apkom I don’t know why he slipped away from my mind nevertheless you can add his bio in comment 😉

    Hi shard Good Morning 🙂

  20. MickyDidIt89 says:

    To those of you who are suggesting Manthan should have discussed other players, he did ask in his excellent post for our input on others. He merely, and very well in my book, highlighted four.
    So crack on 🙂

    I was being generous with the “one” comment. 🙂

  21. Manthan says:

    Thanks all,
    Specally Rasp for Uploading this post and yes see the last line of post

    “So this was a small list of players who are capable of playing in first team in the near future. I am sure you will all have some young players in mind to discuss, if so please share with all ”

    😀 😛 😛 Thanks Didit 😛

  22. Red Arse says:

    KCosby senior,

    Unfortunately, O’Shea is currently in the US looking for a club, and Connor Henderson, together with a whole host of others like Watt, Eastman, Angha will all be released this summer.

  23. Angha’s off to Hoffenheinm I think Redders.

    Nice post Manthan.

  24. Manthan says:

    Angha has already singed 4 year pre-contract with FC Nuremberg due to lack of first team opportunity he will join them next season. I remember Connor Henderson was very good prospect but due to wealth we have in Midfield and his injury problem he cannot break trough into first team so he declared he will leave arsenal by the end of this season.

  25. Red Arse says:

    Enjoyed the Post, Manthan, thank you! 🙂

    I have said before how sad it is, at this time of year, for the young guys who, for one reason or another, do not make it.

    There are those who, last year, were bright eyed and bushy tailed when give a scholarship, or their first professional contract, and who, this year, are invited to push off. Happens with all clubs, of course.

    Arsenal have some 60 players of all ages on their books, and I understand the cull this year is going to be quite severe.

    Those few who make it, can put their names down on their first baby Bentley on the way to becoming multi-millionaires.

    Such is life!

  26. But when they get their big contracts Redders there is joy; I used to work with the dad of one of the youth team products and just after his son signed his first big contract he arrived at work the next day in a £40k brand new beamer. Nice.


    Thanks Manthan, great post mate.

    I admit my knowledge of the young players is limited so am not realy qualified to join the debate.

    One thing i do know however is that it will be realy hard for any of these boys to make it Arsenal. Despite what some people might think, we have a very good pool of players, plying there trade in probably the most demanding league in the world.

    Good luck to all of them. Personaly,theres nothing more satisfying for me than seeing a youngster come through the ranks, its the way it should be.

  28. Merseforever says:

    Looks like there are some really talented players who might be playing for the first team soon. I watched the quarter final at the Emirates and I remember being really impressed by Akpom, Gnabry and Bellerin. Hope they all make the jump.

    One issue I want to raise is why is it that our academy produces and has so few English players. We really don’t develop that much talent from a young age but instead we poach off other clubs in foreign countries who have restrictive laws on what age a young player can be offered a contract. A quick look at Tottenham’s youth team shows they have far more English players than we do, and Southampton (all English) comprehensively spanked us this season. Villa just won the Next Gen tournament with a team with mostly English players, so I don’t buy into the myth that English youngsters are less talented. It’s a bit of a myth that we are great developers of youth in our academy. We produce some great young players, but our youth strategy is for the most part based on poaching talents that others have found (at 15/16) and then bringing them over.

    The development and coaching of local players to high standards is in my opinion the hallmark of a truly good academy as you are moulding your local diamonds in the rough into something a bit more shiny. Unfortunately, hearing from Gooner and Hammer pals of mine who work in grassroots level football and with junior teams, this is the rep that Tottenham are acquiring and hence a lot of English parents (who may not have allegiance to either team) with talented boys are electing to go with Tottenham over us when they have the option. Their academy is very highly rated, with David Dein even saying he thought it was better than ours. Whether they go on to produce someone succesfull is a different matter, but when you look at the fact that all our best academy graduates (bar Cesc) in the last twenty years have all been English, I reckon going local and focusing more on the English talent pool isn’t a bad idea.

  29. Gooner In Exile says:

    It would be an interesting post to see how many of our Arsenal legends were true homegrown talent…..

    We had a very good crop at one point….Adams, Merson, Rocky, Thomas, Davis, Merson brought through by Graham but at the club long before, the academy prospects developed by GG era were not really up to scratch, Hillier, Selley we had some that got away (Andy Cole) because we had Wright, this will still be true today.

  30. Red Arse says:

    The Forbes rich list of football clubs has been released.

    Real Madrid has overtaken Manchester United as the world’s most valuable football club, according to business magazine Forbes.

    It is the first time that Man Utd has lost the top spot since Forbes first started compiling its list in 2004.

    Forbes now values the Spanish giant at $3.3bn (£2.2bn), with Man Utd in second place on $3.17bn. Barcelona is third.

    Forbes said Real Madrid’s financial success came despite the continuing woes of the Spanish economy.

    “Real Madrid has been consistently delivering the highest revenues of any soccer team in the world, despite an intense economic meltdown in Spain,” said Forbes.

    “With superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo on the pitch, and coach Jose Mourinho on the bench, Real Madrid has thrived under the leadership of billionaire president Florentino Perez.”

    In coming to its figures, Forbes looks at a football club’s various revenue streams, such as television money, ticket sales, merchandise and concessions.

    After Barcelona on $2.6bn, Forbes found that — Arsenal was the fourth richest club, worth $1.33bn, — followed by Bayern Munich ($1.31bn), AC Milan ($945m), Chelsea ($901m), Juventus ($694m), Manchester City ($689m) and Liverpool ($651m).

    Source BBC.

    There are many ways of calculating these lists, but there can be no doubt that Barca and Real Madrid, apart from their huge TV deals, really cream off the commercial sponsorship deals [and sadly so do Manyoo] because on-field success in this life breeds off-field financial success.

    Come on you Gunners.


    I know Wilshere played for our kids team, but what about Gibbs? Did we nab him from wimbledon or something?

    Isnt threre some rule that to get an English kid on your books he has to live within a certain radius?

  32. Shard says:


    Wilshere, Frimpong etc are really the first true batch of players to have come through the entire academy system since it was revamped by Arsene Wenger. The buying of foreign youngsters will continue still, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But it was mostly started to fill the gap years between the likes of Wilshere coming through and the Invincibles era team retiring. This was done because of the stadium move as we couldn’t afford to purchase ready made players.

    To judge Arsenal academy’s ‘Englishness’ is hardly important, and in any case, is more to do with the English youngsters still to come through the entire system. Spurs, Everton, Southampton, Villa, have all had English players make the grade, but the standard required there is lower than at Arsenal. Ultimately, an academy exists to service the first team. Not act as a national talent pool. Whoever makes the grade should do so based on merit. Not nationality.

    As for restrictive rules. Till 2 years ago, English clubs could only take players from within a 50mile(or 90 minutes) radius of their stadium. Being in London, with so many other clubs in the region, Arsenal’s choice of even English talent pool was severely restricted.


    Redders, thats one massive gap between the top three and the rest. Do you think that we can one day close the gap, and if so, within what time frame?

  34. Shard says:


    That rule has been scrapped. Yes, we got Gibbs when Wimbledon went under. (Along with a few other players too) But it depends at what age you arbitrarily put a player as truly being an academy graduate. Iniesta came to Barca at age 13 I think. As did Messi of course. Why 13, and why not 15 or 16? Even Wilshere joined us when he was 9 i think. From Luton. Does that make him Luton’s player?

    The rules in England state the ages of 15-21 as the academy years. (A player must have spent a total of 3 years (of those 6) in an academy in England or Wales to count as homegrown)

  35. Red Arse says:


    All the academy players you mention were brought through before the formation of the Premier League and all the riches which flowed from it allowing English clubs to buy top notch foreign players.

    AW led the ‘foreign invasion’ when he bought so many French players to the club, and despite being criticised, where he led every other club soon followed.

    Different times — different club economies. 🙂


    Has that restriction now been lifted Shard Guru?

    Ahhgg why am i asking so many questions?


    Thanks Guru.

  38. Red Arse says:


    I could produce another list, by using different key data, and that would put Arsenal much closer to the first three in financial terms.

    Manyoo took a punt and despite their killing debt, they spent more money on buying top players every season, in the hope that they would win competitions and they have been rewarded.

    Of course it could have gone spectacularly wrong, but their strategy has worked for them, because the players they have consistently bought have brought them trophies which have brought them huge sponsorship.

    The answer to your question is, yes, we can compete with them, but it will come at a cost, and this summer might see the first tranche of that investment, and if successful it will start a virtuous circle of investment producing hugely increased commercial income.

    It needs Mr Kroenke to be determined and not to lose his nerve, if it takes a while to achieve.


    Thanks Redders

    Yes, i fully agree. We need to be a bit more daring. increased revenues from TV Money and sponserships should be ploughed into the playing squad

    Start competing for the top trophies, and then our income should rocket.

  40. Great post Manthan. Angha has already gone to Germany Rocky. I went to the next gen match against Marselle and was very impressed.

  41. Gooner In Exile says:

    Merse one of the reasons for shopping abroad for youth talent is the competition within London to secure the best talent within one hour travelling time. Also trying to identify and bring in the best “foreign talent” is necessary to avoid falling foul of the PL squad rules, as long as they spend three years with us under the age of 21 they become homegrown so are more valuable to other PL clubs who might sign them.

    We have had a number of English academy players in recent years but few have made the grade, Wilshere is probably the only one. Lansbury, Watt, JET to name three that couldn’t quite break into the first team, Frimpong maybe similar, we are also lucky that Wilshere was close enough. But we have Yennaris, Akpom, Aneke, Ansah, Meade, and probably many others in the current academy all vying for their chance

    This will all change with the new PL academy rules which are frankly scandalous allowing any PL club to walk into a Championship club (or lower) and take their talent for a set fee. We could have got Ox for around £1m under new rules.

  42. GunnerN5 says:


    Please check my message on Arsenal Nuts and let me know your thoughts.

  43. Merseforever says:


    I agree there’s nothing inherently better about Englishness in our academy, but from friends who work in youth football it seems Arsenal take it too far the other way and offload good young English talent in favour of foreigners who better fit the mold of player that Wenger likes. Also I think it has to be noted that our most successful academy graduates in the Wenger years have both been English: Gibbo and Jack. I don’t count Cashley as a Wenger product as he was at Arsenal and developed long before he exerted his influence on the academy.

    But Terry your point that the standard required at our academy is higher than others is not necessarily true. We have beaten quite convincingly by several other academy teams already this year. Clubs who would regard ourselves far superior too at a first team level. If Villa are not that good then how did they win the Next Gen tournament. Clearly they have good young players. And mark my words, it’s very unfortunate and I wish it wasn’t the case, but Tottenham have an excellent academy with excellent coaching staff. They just re opened their first team and youth training centres as well and it is by a lot of accounts better than Hale End and Colney, in terms of facilities, technology and coaching. A seriously good group of young English spuds may start coming through in the next few years and I find it very annoying that this will be the case.

  44. Red Arse says:


    Your friends say that Arsene keeps the (foreign) players who better fit his style of play.

    Would you seriously expect him to keep any player, British or foreign, who did not suit his style of play?

    I do not understand their logic.

  45. Merseforever says:

    just realised my above comment should be addressed to Shard.


    My suggestion is Wenger’s total control over Arsenal is a negative thing. We are stuck with his rigid guidelines. Ie a good young English centre half was let go because he is not the most comfortable in possession. Vermaelen, Koscielny and Mertesacker are better in possession that TA or even players like Sol ever were, but I know who I rated as better defenders. For those who may not believe me about Tottenham, take a look at the U21 league. They are by far and away the leaders of the ‘elite’ group.

  46. LB says:

    My ten year old nephew is signed to spuds, so I have an insight into this.

    It is easier to explain why the quality Arsenal’s home based youth has fallen in recent times than you might expect.

    The answer runs parallel with the fall in quality of the first team.


    We all know that the Russian’s spending power greatly reduced our ability to compete in the transfer market, losing out on such obvious signings as Drogba and Mata to name just two. But what most people don’t realise is just how much money Abramovich poured into their youth academy.

    An, awful lot is the answer. They trebled their scouting network and hovered up every bit of talent they could get their hands on. My nephew included but he got dropped and spuds picked him up.

    Wilshere, Gibbs etc are part of the last generation when Arsenal held all the cards in scouting terms. We now not only have to look abroad for players for the first team but also for players to fill the ranks of the youth team as today’s post above clearly shows.

    I wasn’t able to attend the Spud-Arsenal 10 year old game. But I spoke to my brother about it; he said that Arsenal won, I said were Arsenal better, he said that they were bigger. I said were the majority black he said no. He also said that spuds were more skilful which surprised him as he expected with Arsenal’s Wengerball ethos for it to be the other way round.

    One last fact, when spuds moved to their new training ground as Merse mentions above they wouldn’t let the parents in to watch their children train. The parents asked and were told they could in a couple of week’s time. After a couple of weeks the parents still couldn’t watch so they all got together and demanded a meeting with spud head office. In the meeting they were told that it was now the policy that parents were not going to be allowed to watch their children, there was uproar as you can imagine.

    People wanted to know why?

    They were told the reason is simple: we do not want you to criticise your children; the parents said, we don’t to which they were told you do, all parents do. On the way home every parent becomes a coach and tells their child that they should have done this or they should have done that. Interesting point, my brother says he is now no more than a taxi service.

    Last point, this shocked me. Spuds insist that the children keep a diary and wait for this – they mustn’t show it to their parents. The hand that rocks the cradle or what?

  47. Ian Ure Face says:

    With the world recession, FFP, EPL version and anything else you want to add to the mix, it is my opinion that soon the massive transfers and massive wages will level off and possibly decline !.
    The new frontier will be ……The Academy`s, it`s the way forward. One of the loop holes in FFP and correct me if I`m wrong, is that Millions can be put into the academy`s and youth set-ups with no fear of breaking FFP rules. This means to me, that if FFP is going to stop Chavs and City purchasing all the best talent, nothing is going to stop them producing the talent instead .
    Arsenal have always along with Man Cunited had an excellent youth set-up. We now have to step further upto the plate and not be left behind.
    Below is City`s mini City, it`s going to be more like their own University. Watch the vid, it`s impressive !. 😦
    They are building the foundations there for a Plan B future !.

  48. evonne says:

    LB – I bet kids love that 🙂

  49. evonne says:

    I recon we are going to be back in 3rd from Saturday until at least next Sunday.

    LB – what don’t Spurs want parents to see in their kids’ diaries? Perhaps a bit of brainwashing about TFC being the greatest team in London? Any responsible parent would be worried about such perversions

  50. Ian Ure Face says:

    e va va vonne, probably what the Spud Priests had done to them in training !.

  51. Big Raddy says:

    Manthan. A fine idea for a post and well written- I have only seen Gnabry and the others on streams but the future looks bright.

    AW beileves that Gnabry and Eisfeld can become important players at AFC, let us hope he is right.

    We have a space on the left wing – or at least we will when Gervinho leaves. Another Dutch flyer on the left would be great, especially if he is half the player Overmars was – let’s hope he isn’t another Glenn Helder!

  52. RockyLives says:

    Thanks Manthan
    I’m in the Micky camp – a bit too lazy/distracted to watch the “yoof” play so it’s good to get a rundown on them from someone who has taken the time to watch.

    I expect Eisfeld to get a chance next year.

  53. Gus says:

    Hi, I submitted an article a little while ago, not sure if anyone got it?

  54. evonne says:

    Ian Ure Face – like teach them anti-football 🙂

    I have just heard something ridiculous, ie Arsenal fans are planning to boycott next Sunday game in case RvP scores and seals Manu’s EPL title. How stupid is that? I am sure the rumour was manufactured by some Arsenal hater

    Apart from anything else it is not going to happen. We can beat them and we will

  55. Big Raddy says:

    That’s strange Gus. I will have a search for it.

  56. Big Raddy says:

    OK Gus . It arrived on Tuesday. I can’t open it but perhaps Peaches or Rasp can and will publish a.s.ap.

  57. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just a quick visit.

    Very good days’ chatting. LB’s insight is very interesting. Have to say that my son plays outside school weds nights with a small club (and I mean dinky small), and the pushy parents of the good players are awful at touchline coaching.

    Always remember reading how at youth level at Barca, they are not allowed to discuss the score of practice matches, as this way they can focus on trying new things without worrying about failed outcome.

    Someone put a comment up if a post is needed. I will be back on early and can do something if needed.

    Nite all.

  58. Gooner In Exile says:

    I know a lad who’s son was at Norwich City Academy aged 6/7, all the parents had to sign a contract saying they would not speak on the sideline….I think it also went back to home stuff too.

    Merse I’m sure there’s little you find right with Arsene judging by your comments…..but I cant help but see the irony in one sentence saying Arsene prefers foreign talent and the very next saying the best players to come through his academy are Gibbs and Jack.

    Add to that the fact that he has signed Theo, Ox, Ramsey and Jenkinson from other academies, has the likes of Frimpong, Yennaris, Watt, Afobe, Meade, Akpom, Aneke, Ansah in the academy (some given game time in the first team) it is hard to see a foreign slant. In terms of opportunities afforded to English talent there is equally as many to foreign youngsters.

    Now the important thing to remember is Jack signed for us at 11 as did Frimpong, they have been at the club during Arsenes reign 10 years in fact they have been coached in a new way of football… many clubs would have baled on Jack because of his size?

    I’ll never forget the Charlton fan ringing up TalkSport saying:

    “I’ve just watched Arsenal v Charlton reserves, what chance has England got when all their players are foreign…..let me read the names….Emmanuel Frimpong, Benik Afobe, Sanchez Watt…..”

    It was quite funny when Liam Brady rang up to put him right. 😀

  59. Gooner In Exile says:

    A quiz:

    Name 5 English players released by Arsene who are doing better at another PL club than anyone in our current side?

    Actually name 1…..

    Name 5 Foreign talents promoted at the expense of an equally gifted English youth player.

  60. GunnerN5 says:

    Sometimes we forget that football players are also very intelligent???


    My parents have always been there for me, ever since I was about 7. ”
    David Beckham

    “I would not be bothered if we lost every game as long as we won the league.”
    Mark Viduka

    “Alex Ferguson is the best manager I’ve ever had at this level. Well, he’s the only manager I’ve actually had at this level. But he’s the best manager I’ve ever had.”
    David Beckham

    “If you don’t believe you can win, there is no point in getting out of
    bed at the end of the day.”
    Neville Southall

    “I’ve had 14 bookings this season – 8 of which were my fault, but 7 of which were disputable.”
    Paul Gascoigne

    “I’ve never wanted to leave. I’m here for the rest of my life, and
    hopefully after that as well.”
    Alan Shearer

    “I’d like to play for an Italian club, like Barcelona ”
    Mark Draper

    “You’ve got to believe that you’re going to win, and I believe we’ll
    win the World Cup until the final whistle blows and we’re knocked out.”
    Peter Shilton

    “I faxed a transfer request to the club at the beginning of the week, but let me state that I don’t want to leave Leicester.”
    Stan Collymore

    “I was watching the Blackburn game on TV on Sunday when it flashed on the screen that George (Ndah) had scored in the first minute at Birmingham. My first reaction was to ring him up. Then I remembered he was out there playing.”
    Ade Akinbiyi

    “Without being too harsh on David Beckham, he cost us the match.”
    Ian Wright

    “I’m as happy as I can be – but I have been happier.”
    Ugo Ehiogu

    ” Leeds is a great club and it’s been my home for years, even though I live in Middlesbrough.”
    Jonathan Woodgate

    “I can see the carrot at the end of the tunnel.”
    Stuart Pearce

    “I took a whack on my left ankle, but something told me it was my
    Lee Hendrie

    “I couldn’t settle in Italy – it was like living in a foreign
    Ian Rush

    “Germanyare a very difficult team to play…they had 11 internationals out there today.”
    Steve Lomas

    “I always used to put my right boot on first, and then obviously my
    right sock.”
    Barry Venison

    “I definitely want Brooklyn to be christened, but I don’t know into
    what religion yet.”
    David Beckham

    “The Brazilians were South American, and the Ukrainians will be more European.”
    Phil Neville

    “All that remains is for a few dots and commas to be crossed.”
    Mitchell Thomas

    “One accusation you can’t throw at me is that I’ve always done my
    Alan Shearer

    “I’d rather play in front of a full house than an empty crowd.”
    Johnny Giles

    “Sometimes in football you have to score goals.”
    Thierry Henry



  61. MickyDidIt89 says:

  62. Manthan says:

    Thanks All,

    Even i want to see Eisfield next year for sure.. Gnrabry lets give him some time may a season or two on loan may real betis and then he can break into first team…

  63. kelsey says:

    Morning all.

    Well we are off this evening on a long haul trip and hopefully will be back in London by next tuesday night.

    I doubt I will get to see or hear the result on Saturday whch might not be a bad thing 🙂

    keep well my friends

  64. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Well I sincerely hope that by the time you arrive on these shores, you have reviewed your rather doomy attitude 🙂
    Bon Voyage all the same.

  65. chas says:

    Nice one, Manthan.
    I get these little glimpses of players like Gnabry and Eisfeld in pre-season and in the League Cup but then they seem to disappear from contention. Let’s hope a few of those you mention make it to the first team.

  66. kelsey says:

    Thanks for all your help Chas in the past

  67. VCC says:

    Take care Kelsey……Safe journey and catch you when you arrive in Blighty.

  68. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Very best wishes for what I know will be a testing time.

    An exciting new phase of life awaits.

  69. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Anthony Stokes. Or is he Scottish?

  70. Rasp are you there?

    Dandan has encouraged his mate Macgooner to send in a post which I’ve put in drafts, we should use it today.

  71. Morning all

    I have internet but no mobile phone signal if Rasp isn’t watching the blog I’ll have to start using smoke signals 😉

  72. Telepathy is a marvelous thing Rasp 😆

  73. Rasp says:

    OK, post sorted

  74. Thanks Rasp, do you want me to publish? It says you’re still in there.

  75. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hit the button Peaches 🙂

  76. Morning Micky 🙂

  77. ……. New Post ………………..

  78. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I have the seed of an idea for another post. Is the cupboard big enough?

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