Midfield squad ……. is it good enough?

Here is my outlook on the midfield hope you enjoy it .

Oompa loopmas

Abou Diaby. Average player does his shift some games other games he’s just unreliable and prone to giving the ball away.

Should he stay or should he go?

Tomáš Rosicky.  Great player but he seems to have lost his way since the injury set back, can be unplayable at times but this season we have not seem him at his best.

Will he sign a new deal or will he be wanted elsewhere? Let’s not forget he’s getting older and we have players like the Ox who can play on the wing.

Mikel Arteta (vice-captain). I like the man from Spain, he’s a grafter and a gifted player when he feels like it .

His form has been a little patchy this year but he does his best for the club.

Jack Wilshere. Wonder boy jack is one of the best English players in the England squad when he’s not injured and he does an amazing job in midfield for Arsenal.

We’ve got to keep him – for a lot of us on here, he’s the next to wear the captain’s armband.

Aaron Ramsey. Love him or hate him, I personally think he’s doing his best. Yes he’s a youngster, but he can spot a pass and he can score a few and he’s one for the future.

We must keep him .

Santi Cazorla. Excellent, fantastic footballer and one of the players of the season so far he works hard and he can cross dribble and shoot and he’s gives 100% every game – another player who like to score.

Francis Coquelin. Not seen much of him as he’s a bit part player and is often used as a sub. When he comes on he does very well and I’m sure some Spanish clubs will be after him in the future.

Andrei Arshavin. I liked the Russian with the basin haircut, he has lost his way or he can’t regain his place in the team I can see him leaving in the not too distance future .

He will always be remembered for his one man show at Liverpool a few seasons ago .

sheep pic


Emmanuel Frimpong. This pong would not be out on loan, I’d recall him, he gets some tackles in and he is not scared of any player and he’s built like Mike Tyson .

What AW will do with the pong we will have to wait and see.

I’ve friends who are Wolves fans, he went there on loan before he had an injury and the wolves fans loved him and chanted his name every game.

Ryo Miyaichi. What a waste of money simples, buy him then loan him out, will he ever play a first team game in the Premier League.

Denílson. He looks to be enjoying his loan spell back home and can’t see him returning now or in the future but again I liked him when AW played him and he used him a lot.

I have not included the Ox or Theo as they play up front more than midfield but those two are another who in time will be a fantastic acquirement for Arsenal in the future.

What’s your opinion on the state of our midfield?

Sheep Hagger ™.

104 Responses to Midfield squad ……. is it good enough?

  1. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “Should he stay or should he go?”
    Clash reference
    I win 🙂
    Now to read

  2. MickyDidIt89 says:

    To the tart in the pic I say: “You’re nothing like as good looking as you think you are. No true Gunner would be seen sober with you. If that’s a Louis Vuitton bag you’ve got, then you’re a chav, but looking at the rest of you, I’d say it was a cheap fake. Sod off, you’re not our sort!”

  3. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks very much Sheeps.
    Why is it, that every time I see the name Arshavin in print, its like a reminder of a long lost friend?
    I cannot believe that somehow, somewhere, we didn’t manage to get more out of him.

  4. Morning all – thanks for the post Sheepy – did you really want that pic with the Arshavin reference (“Real women don’t date Arsenal fans”) ?

  5. THIRD!
    due to MickyDidIt cheating with 3 posts.

  6. erm… MickyDidIt… you do know that’s Knuckles’ bird, don’t you?

  7. Manthan says:

    Sheppy Great Work Mate!!!!
    Here are my tought

    Daiby-Too injury prone should release him at the end of season, But Arsene likes him a lot(Actually daiby is blocking the way of youngster like Coq and frimpong)

    Thomas Rosiky- Great player but now his time is up he is already 32+, Arsene should let him go next season and should replace with young player like eisfield.

    Mikel Artea- Terrific workrate, Given the fact that he is playing as DM which is not his position but still he works night in night out, Surely gonna keep him

    Jack Wilshere- Legend in making and our future captian if he stays away from injury, He should retire at arsenal hope to see JW statue outside Emirates after 20 years 😉

    Aaron Ramsey- Cannot complaint about this lad he gives his 100% he is still young and most of games at the start of season he played out of position but now he is getting settled slowly, Should give him atleaset 2 more season he worth it..

    Cazorla-No Comments !!! 😀

    Francis Coquelin – I really feel for him because his first team chances are blocked by Diaby and arteta, Saw videos on tube he has very good talent should replace arteta in near future but if he wont get chance he will leave…

    Andrei Arshavin- It might be harsh but truth is Arsene wasted his talent by playing him out of position

    Frimpong-Very strong defender like Essien, I dont know what arsene will do with his future but he is a true gooner he is at arsenal from age of 9 and dont wanna see him leaving but in current team he doesnt have place to play lets see…

    Miyachi- Very talented player I was hoping to see him doing well at Wigan this year to get break in arsenal first team next season but unfortunately it doesnt happen..

    Denilson- I dont think he is anymore going to play with arsenal

    Sorry but want to add two more player from NextGen

    Eisfield- Great talent, can play on wing and behind the striker hope to see him in first team next season.. His workrate is terrific he came as substitue agaisnt Reading memorable Comeback

    Granbry- It’s too early to comment about him but for me he is very promising youngster same as whilsere calibre dont wanna see him in first team next season, should atleast loan out next season to a champoinship team…

    And love that photo “Real women don’t date arsenal fans” 😛

  8. Gooner In Exile says:

    Actually Big Al you missed CL spot 😀

    Sheepy it’s always good to sit an assess where we are and when you lay bare our midfield like that its not hard to see what we miss, a true defence minded midfielder, now note i said defence minded, i am not of the opinion that he needs to be some 6ft 4 Brick Outhouse, Chas mentioned yesterday the 6th man in that Invincibles defence, Silva, a wall so invibsible that Arsenal fans only truly understood how good he was when he had left. He read the game better than many I have seen, I think that’s why Arteta has been played there, ageing legs mean he is not always able to get forward and support but he has the ability to read a game and put out fires before they even start. The question is can Coquelin or Frimpong become that man or do we have to look elsewhere?

    Regarding Ryo he has been injured most of this season up at Wigan but have a look at clips of him on loan in Holland and done of the stints he put in for Bolton and I think you’ll see we have a talent on our hands, those that pine for the pace of yesteryear will see it in the Japanese Flyer.

    Micky in answer to your question about the aversion to a big name signing I guess it is the fact that by signing big they become must pick players (Posolski, Arshavin two that spring to mind in last few years). It will also bring another early season of “getting to know you”. We (in my view) need to consolidate the team this summer and see where we are without major summer surgery/upheaval…..then maybe come January we can look to strengthen and improve.

  9. pj says:

    u r clueless

  10. Sorry SHEEP
    Rolling over from yesterday (sorry, but this is due to time zone difference) :

    VeraCruz says:
    March 25, 2013 at 8:36 pm
    That’s a very interesting stat big al, personaly I never tought of djourou as a bad defender, he’s fast big and strong had some bad moments but doesnt have them? Just think he wasnt given enough support and was used a lot as a scapegoat not mentioning that he was used a lot out of position.

    Hi Vera Cruz (et al)
    Sorry for lateness of this reply (8.36pm = 3.36am Thailand – I was asleep).
    Yes, the Djourou + Squillaci stat is an interesting stat, and quite probably surprised most who read it.
    Here’s some more on Djourou.

    In Season 2010-2011 (his ‘breakthrough’ season) Djourou made 20 Premiership appearances. He made two substitute appearances also. In all 20 games he played at centre-back.
    Djourou + Squillaci… 5 games
    Djourou + Koscielny… 14 games
    Djourou + Vermaelen… 1 game

    Djourou also played:
    FA Cup…3 games / League Cup…6 games / Europe…6 games

    Grand total : 35 games

    The following season, 2011-12, Djourou played 14 games in the Premiership.
    His first appearance was away at Man Utd… score 2-8, playing at centre-back, partnering Koscielny.
    Our full-backs were Jenkinson and Traore. Coquelin was playing a defensive-midfield role.
    Szczesny was in goal.

    Djourou lost his place to (newbie) Mertesacker, who held that position until injured. Mertesacker didn’t feature in the final 13 League games. In all but two of those games (when Djourou deputised for Koscielny) the centre-back pairing was Koscielny + Vermaelen.

    You’re correct in that Djourou was used, at times, out of position. Of his 14 appearances, he played 10 times at right back, four times at centre-back.

    Was he a scapegoat? I don’t think so.
    If he was as good on the field as he is in front of the camera on “Arsenal World” and “Arsenal 360” he’d be a very good player indeed.
    He’s not good enough for Arsenal, or any top ten Premiership club. It seems Wenger himself as finally realised this.
    Stepanovs, Cygan, Senderos, Djourou… all much of a muchness as far as I’m concerned, in terms of quality (or lack of).

    I hope this info was of some interest.

  11. Gooner In Exile says:

    I’m always slightly bemused by the “out of position” argument for Arshavin…..should he have taken Cesc’s spot in the middle of the park?

    When we were flying high a couple of seasons (2010/11) back our midfield was as follows, by this time Arshavin was already slowing down his workrate:


    Where would Arshavin play and instead of who?

    As long as as Cesc was at the club he wouldn’t be able to play that role, and when Cesc left it was too late.

  12. pj, where is duncan ?

  13. Gooner In Exile says:

    Bollox Reading have appointed Adkins….new manager bounce back on the cards….I hate playing teams first game under new managers, they always seem to work that little bit harder to impress the new man, only happy thought us last time Adkins brought a team to Emirates we stuffed 6 goals past his team, lets hope he didnt learn any lessons.

  14. First off…
    Manthan, excellent debut a few days ago.
    And now a good ‘un from Sheep, too.
    Will comment later re the players when it’s all sunk in. So many players to assess(!).

    Hi GIE… I got top four.
    MickyDidIt had 3 attempts at one post, so it counts as one.
    35 million please, and it’s Sheep who’s gotta pay me ’cause he’s the bloke in the Big Chair today.

    GIE – I’ve been harping on as regards a ‘TRUE’ defensive midfielder for yonks. My first ever post two years ago (not this site) was on that very subject, when I argued the toss with two Song fans that we needed a ‘right and proper’ DM, and Song didn’t measure up.
    In fairness to Song it’s not his true position, same as it’s not Arteta’s ‘proper’ job to operate as a ‘holding MF.
    Can’t blame the player(s)…

    The first line of defence is not the back four, it’s the bloke who patrols immediately in front of the centre-backs.
    How many have fitted the bill under Wenger?
    Edu, Petit, Vieira, Gilberto, Flamini… all quality.

    When Wenger finally …”sigh”…gets his man, if he’s the right man, then we’ll see a very significant difference to the team, and to results.

  15. Rasp says:

    Wow pj, with writing skills like that I’m desperate to sign you up as an author on AA. May I suggest your first article could be about the clever way your mum taught you to tie your shoelaces.

  16. Gooner In Exile says:

    This is quite an interesting thought suggesting the LMA call on their members to boycott clubs who sack a manager until the start of the next season…..won’t happen but is very true about how their moans are empty when another member jumps into the vacated position, and uncertain cases angles for it before the axe has fallen.


  17. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the post sheepy, I think you could say that our midfield performances this season have been inconsistent – and when the midfield doesn’t perform, Arsenal doesn’t perform.

    As always its a lot to do with confidence and this manifests itself in a lack of movement and not showing for the ball. As with the other positions in the team, we have good enough players to make top four easily achievable, but for a number of reasons (and not injuries for once), it just hasn’t clicked regularly enough this season.

  18. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Good morning to you all,

    Well done Sheepy, Here’s my answer to the question should they go or should they stay :- Go, Go, Stay, Stay, Stay, Stay, U/D*, Go, Go, Go.
    *U/D = undecided.

    Brief reasons why the goers should go, Diaby: when will he ever be fit to play ninety minutes? Roscicky: over the hill. Frimpong: red card waiting to happen. Myaichi: when was he ever here in the first place. Denilson: he’s gone already. With Coquelin I think it’s a case that he will lose patience with being a bench-sitter and leave of his own accord, wont be much missed.

  19. kelsey says:

    Sheepy thanks for the post.

    Roll the clock on two seasons and they will all be gone bar Jack and Santi (Coquelin might make it) it’s all about balance, age,injury prone, being consistant or not up to standardif we are to really remain a top four club.

    I will let you decide who I am talking about.

    There will be a big shake up this Summer,wait and see.

  20. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Shoelaces? Don’t make me ROLF. PJ is a Velcro boy through and through 🙂

  21. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I missed one out there, Arshavin, He’ll go at the end of his contract if not before, thanks for the Anfield memory Andreii.

  22. Hi kelsey
    “I will let you decide who I am talking about.”

    You’ve already told us – all but 2 or possibly 3…
    “they will all be gone bar Jack and Santi (Coquelin might make it)” 🙂

  23. kelsey says:

    Got it in one Al 🙂

  24. GIE
    thanks for the link @ 10.19am
    I had no idea the state of the game had reached such a low point. Absolute disgrace!

    Everybody… the following names on the list below is the basics of the link only.
    Click on GIE’s link (10.19am) for the write-up.

    Already, 103 managers and coaches have lost their jobs during 2012-13.The 47 managers who have left their clubs in 2012-13…

    Sacked: 33

    Sean Dyche Watford 3/07/2012
    Steve Cotterill Nottingham Forest 12/07/2012
    Sean O’Driscoll Crawley 19/07/2012
    Richard Barker Bury 7/08/2013
    Andy Thorn Coventry 26/08/2012
    John Sheridan Chesterfield 28/08/2012
    Terry Brown AFC Wimbledon 19/09/2012
    Gary Waddock Wycombe 22/09/2012
    John Ward Colchester 24/09/2012
    Paul Groves Bournemouth 3/10/2012
    Owen Coyle Bolton 9/10/2012
    Alan Knill Scunthorpe 29/10/2012
    Roberto Di Matteo Chelsea 21/11/2012
    Mark Hughes QPR 23/11/2012
    Micky Mellon Fleetwood 1/12/2012
    Mark McGhee Bristol Rovers 15/12/2012
    Sean O’Driscoll Nottingham Forest 26/12/2012
    Henning Berg Blackburn 27/12/2012
    Keith Hill Barnsley 29/12/2012
    Carl Fletcher Plymouth 1/01/2013
    Stale Solbakken Wolves 5/01/2013
    Derek McInnes Bristol City 12/01/2013
    Nigel Adkins Southampton 18/01/2013
    John Coleman Rochdale 21/01/2013
    Simon Grayson Huddersfield 24/01/2013
    Keith Curle Notts County 3/02/2013
    Alex McLeish Nottingham Forest 5/02/2013
    Graham Westley Preston 13/02/2013
    Dean Holdsworth Aldershot 20/03/2013
    Gary Mills York 2/03/2013
    Brian McDermott Reading 11/03/2013
    Michael Appleton Blackburn 19/03/2013
    Gary Smith Stevenage 20/03/2013

    Resigned: 14

    Steve Kean Blackburn 29/09/2012
    Eddie Howe Burnley 12/10/2012
    Dougie Freedman Crystal Palace 23/10/2012
    Neale Cooper Hartlepool 24/10/2012
    Paul Jewell Ipswich 24/10/2012
    Paul Cook Accrington 26/10/2012
    Ian Holloway Blackpool 3/11/2012
    Michael Appleton Portsmouth 7/11/2012
    Dean Saunders Doncaster 7/01/2013
    Michael Appleton Blackpool 11/01/2013
    Paul Dickov Oldham 3/02/2013
    Mark Robins Coventry 14/02/2013
    Paulo Di Canio Swindon 18/02/2013
    John Still Dagenham 26/02/2013

    Don’t thank me for this – thank GIE.

  25. kelsey
    So you reckon in two years time 22 out of 25 members of the squad will be gone.

    Having a bad day, mate?

  26. Rasp says:

    😆 Micky

  27. kelsey says:

    No I didn’t say that, we were talking about the players named in the post. please don’t twist my words.
    I do think that over the next two seasons up to 7 players may well come in or come through the ranks that would be possibly 2 leaving plus 5 new acquasitions and hopefully at least 10/11 will be gone.

  28. Sorry kelsey, I was only joking, no offence intended.

    After just annoying you I took another look at Sheep’s post and to be honest I actually think you’re right. I think the same as you identically.

    But if we were to consider a full 25 man squad ‘cull’ – therefore including the goalies + defenders + wingers + strikers – maybe my daft joke isn’t quite so daft after all.

    Maybe that’s Sheep’s next post in the offing… “Entire squad… is it good enough?”

  29. kelsey says:


    I am very uptight at the moment with illness in the family and a pending move back to the Uk in three weeks but nevertheless I am always consistent in my thoughts about the club, the direction we are going and I don’t want to see the great man make a fool of himself in the not too distant future.

  30. chas says:

    Well done, sheepy.

    Real women are Arsenal fans and date other Arsenal fans.

  31. chas says:

    Sack the lot of ’em and start again.

  32. chas says:

    Except for Santi, Jack, Haircut100, BFG, Kos, Tommy, Bac, Rambo, the Corporal, Nacho, Gibbs, Le Coq, Feo, Oxbow-Chamberpot, Pod, Oggie, The Swerve, SirChes and Fab.

  33. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Don’t do it Kelsey! You’ll freeze your b******s here mate. 😀 Hope things get better soon.

  34. I never used to make daft comments before coming on this site and reading posts by the likes of Chas. I’m infected.
    So, it’s his fault if I offended you kelsey. Blame Chas. 🙂

    And as Norfolk Gooner says
    Hope things get better soon.

  35. Rasp says:

    We’ve been linked with this bad boy 😕 its just rubbish paper talk – but I like his attitude 🙂


    Nice one sheepy.

    i like all our miffield players, they all bring something different to the table. Obviously my favourite is Jack since he has a lot to his game that reminds me of meyself when i played. Sublime skills and tenacity, though he dosnt score as many goals as i used to ime sure that will come with time.

    Dont know what that Totnumb girl is on about with that T Shirt. Yes, i have had my fair share of inflatable birds but theres been some real ones to.

  37. Norfolk Gooner says:


    His attitude stinks! Can you imagine him playing against Stoke?He’s a red card waiting to happen.

  38. Rasp says:

    Hi NG, my tongue was in my cheek!

  39. Norfolk Gooner says:


    is there an emoticon to express that? It would make things clearer 🙂

  40. Norfolk Gooner says:

    This’ll do 😉

  41. Rasp says:

    😉 OK NG 😕

  42. Rasp says:

    But ……. I do like the fact that he’s a big tough player who gives as good as he gets ….. as you say he wouldn’t stay on the pitch long if he tried those antics in the prem

  43. Hi all

    Just popping my nose in to say that we need a post for tomorrow pretty please 😉

  44. Rasp says:

    I’m hoping the girl in the photo isn’t Sheepy’s missus after Mickey’s comment @ 9:34 🙄

  45. RockyLives says:

    Nice one Sheepy

    I’m pretty pleased with our midfield options, but I would like the addition of a strong DM (like Wanyama at Celtic). Given the attacking style of play that AW favours, our back line is always going to be at risk on the break. That’s where the protection of a Gilberto Silva type would be really helpful.

    I feel a bit sorry for Coquelin – he has the makings of a good player but (a) I’m not sure what his ideal position is – DM, or something further forward and (b) the way the current Arsenal situation is, it’s hard for him to get the chance of a starting berth. I suspect he’ll move on.

    Then there’s Diaby… I lean towards keeping him for another year if he stays fit from now until the end of the season. But then if he has another season destroyed by injury next year I’ll feel like a right muppet.

    Arshavin will go and we may sell Rosicky if we can get a few bob for him, so I’m with you on those two.

    Frimpong – I love his character but, from what I’ve seen, I’m not sure he has the class to be an Arsenal regular. And he has proven himself to be almost as injury prone as Diaby.

    Miyachi – I had high hopes, but he seems to have slipped off the radar.

    In summary, I’d be happy if we signed a DM and also promoted Eisfeld.

  46. Hi
    Cheers for the positive replays on post ,hope u enjoyed it .
    That’s the defence covered yesterday and midfield today.
    Catch you all tonight just got in and she’s nagging me
    Sheep Hagger ™

  47. Interesting moot point Mr. Hagger:
    My opinion seem to point toward a view that we have a wealth of mid-field attackers who are all a much of a muchness. There is Carzola and Jack, but no other real quality player available.Midfield is a make or break area where we have no destructive element with which to thwart / frustrate the opposition. No Vieira or Petit. No Edu or Gilberto. No Flamini, or even a Ray Parlour who would suffice as a defensive mid fielder at times. Where is the grit? The game allows for grit!!!
    We have too many midfielders. Aside from Santi, Jack and Arteta the others are empirical. Time for them should be tight. Diaby has had his. Arshavin too, Maybe. Rosicky owes us some. These guys should go along with Denilson, I’m afrad. Then, and only then we can have a look at who we have really got and go from there.

  48. Red Arse says:

    Hi Sheepy Woolly Bonce, 🙂

    A Post unlike any other! 🙂 Thank you.

  49. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Might Ox start tonight?
    Could be something to discuss tomorrow.

  50. Red Arse says:


    I was intrigued by your comment, although I got thrown by ‘the others are empirical’.

    I may have misunderstood, but ’empirical’ is an adjective describing a noun, so did you miss a word off the end of the sentence?

    Anyway, I am not sure I agree with everything you said, but then speculation and conjecture is the lifeblood of all fans, especially during the interlull! 🙂

  51. Red Arse says:


    I rather agree with you as regards Diaby, but I’m not sure about the ‘right muppet’ bit.

    Would that make us two muppets on a string, if it all goes diddly squat? 🙂

  52. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think anyone who wants to give Diaby more time are hedging it!

  53. MickyDidIt89 says:

    One solution is simply to flog him, and buy a replacement who you know to be better than the best bits of Diaby, therefore he wouldn’t play even if he stayed fit. So no loss 🙂

  54. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Phone tinging must off

  55. Glad u liked my post RA as lighthearted as me.
    Plenty of football on TV tonight some to watch at last.

  56. MickyDidIt89 says:


    On the back of this comment from Rasp earlier: “I’m hoping the girl in the photo isn’t Sheepy’s missus after Mickey’s comment @ 9:34”

    1. Are you still talking to me? and,
    2. Is Knuckles on his way to Devon?

  57. Did it
    No it’s not my wife .
    And knuckles is in Swansea last I heard.
    The bird pic I found it on goggle .
    Ps bale starts for Wales tonight ,injury please as Wales can’t qualify.

  58. The sheep is watching Wales play on TV and England on my I pad .
    The wife asks how can I watch two things at once simples I told her.
    I’ve two eyes 👀.

  59. 1967ers says:

    I presume the back of the shirt says “they marry them.”

  60. weedonald says:

    Too many being overly harsh with some players:

    Daiby- Has great potential but never available and cannot possibly fit into midfield when he never plays there.

    Thomas Rosicky- Still superb on his day but for how long?

    Mikel Artea- One of most skilled midfielders but definitely not a typical DM, still far more skillful and fit than Diaby

    Jack Wilshere- Without him we seem to do well, with him we do well, he is truly polyvalent and an all-around Footballer and leader.

    Aaron Ramsey- IMHO one of the most underestimated midfielders we have. Despite a career threatening injury and constant pseudo-supporters attacks, he has a great heart,workrate and desire to win.

    Cazorla- We need a Spanish DM with Santi’s skills and Coquelin’s strenght and drive.

    Francis Coquelin – His career has stalled a bit but once Arteta and Diaby retire (next season?) then he’ll come into his own.

    Andrei Arshavin- His career is over at AFC but there are great memories, right?

    Frimpong- Have always been a big fan of Frimpong and feel he could become an excellent DM given the chance but there are too many great youth prospects at the moment.

    Miyachi- I really hope to see him play for the first team, if only as an impact sub.

    Denilson- Wrong attitude and wrong time for him. We have better options

    Eisfield- This kid has talent and discipline, as well as being a hard worker….he’ll be in the first team sooner than later.

    Gnarbry- He is a no-nonsense midfielder who can play very effectively behind the strikers. He is quite a beast as well.

    The OX – He can play behind the strikers as well as on the wing and could become a classic attacking midfielder like Cesc was. If he continues to take shots from outside the area like he did against Swansea…he will be a terror.

    We have so many talented youth prospects that I wonder if AW is trying to avoid discouraging them by buying another DM?

  61. Empirical- experimental, what are you so seemingly perplexed about? Is it that I seem to think that they are also not rising to the required standard? That is what I do think, and it is particularly good that I had a response from you Red, because to me , it seems you don’t take prisoners. Rather, you prefer to digest before you chew or swallow.
    Tell me please Big Man, do you think our midfield is strong. If so, why do we seem to lose focus so regularly?

  62. Wee
    I’m never harsh it’s my thoughts on midfield we struggle there .
    Don’t shoot the sheep .

  63. I only did a post to help out
    Much love

  64. weedonald says:

    SH….I don’t shoot any sheep but I do eat mutton and lamb…in fact I consider it a delicacy and I wear wool, so maybe I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  65. Still no response from you doughty AAers. Maybe you are all more dough than doughty brain wise. Too bad.. You will all return sober tomorrow and accuse me of being a spud. Good luck to you dreamers. I am A fair fan who dreams of the involuntary stuff like Lewis Caroll’s whiting to the snail. “will you walk a little faster”? It’s all a bit like ” Alice in Wonderland” I think.

  66. weedonald says:

    Issac….I can’t tell whether you’re cumming or going but I do think you’ve been smoking your breakfast too often. By the way, what is ¨whiting to the snail¨ even mean? I think you fell through the rabbit hole and hit your head too hard and your brain is mush, not just dough…..I accuse you of being drunk before the fact….today:)

  67. Morning all

    Can anyone put together a few lines to start off the days discussion, theres nothing in the loading bay 😦

  68. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Urrr, umm, a few lines eh, Boss?
    Is the carrot never to be asked to do a match report again, free to roam the site on a Saturday night, conscience clear?
    Is it, is it?

  69. MickyDidIt89 says:

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    Bottom Man actually Sheep 🙂

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