No defence for the premiership

We like to think that our football is the most entertaining to watch, but this season we are seeing games where the defending is so poor that the event becomes a goal fest. Why is this happening?

The Manks sit top of the table having conceded 28 goals at the half way mark. The three teams at the bottom of the table have conceded 33, 34 and 35 respectively – so not that many more than manu. Stoke have conceded the least with 14 to their name …… only 4 goals conceded at home, the best in the premiership.

Arsenal have the fourth best defensive record at the moment with 18 goals, but 10 conceded at home!!!! The other Mancs have conceded 16 and the chavs 17 so far this season – and many of the big clubs are looking to sign a striker.

Obviously the points tally is what is important and winning games 4-3 will get you to the top of the table as the manks have proved but old red-nose must be doing his nut.

We started the season being very tight at the back, we weren’t even giving away corners but then sadly that began to change and we have had a few games where we’ve allowed team to score easy goals against us.

Last season’s title was decided on goal difference, City conceded 33 and United 29. City are doing much better so far having only conceded 16.

I have always felt that defending is an area that can more easily be improved with extra drilling and training but maybe some managers have decided to have a more free flowing, entertaining style and hang the defence.

Another upside is that it seriously offends most of the football pundits 🙂

So are we seeing the worst defensive play in Premiership history this season?…… and if we are  …. why?

Written by peachesgooner

52 Responses to No defence for the premiership

  1. Hi Raspers and all, no worries, my few lines were really only a result of a 5 minute train of thought. Not sure if I’ll be abler to churn out something more substantial later this week but will see.

    Peachy, not really sure why the defendings been worse this season, maybe because teams are trying to entertain more so that they can tempt punters in more ?

    Beats me..

  2. Rasp says:

    Thanks peaches, I haven’t studied the defensive performances of the other teams in any great detail, but as far as Arsenal goes, I agree the early season optimism that SB had weaved some kind of magic has evaporated.

    We have 3 very good CB’s but none of them are perfect – they all have flaws in their game, so we have to look for the best combination. The problem is that our captain is probably the weakest of the selection on current form and we know Kozzer usually takes a few games to get back into his stride

    So rather like the permutations for the front 3, the best back four is still yet to be established in my eyes.

  3. Gooner In Exile says:

    Defenders worse or attackers better?

    Or is it actually that more teams are using the offside law better than previously coupled with defences being more concerned.

    Take Newcastles second goal yesterday, in the eyes of the law Cisse is not active (because he hasn’t touched the ball)….Evans plays the ball because Cisse is behind him and he can’t very well allow it to pass on to Cisse in case Cisse is onside. Dean overruled the linesman who I think was inexperienced.

    For me this key change in the laws of offside is one of the major factors. If you are going to hold a line, you have to hold it ten or so yards outside the 18 yard box.

    We experienced this a couple of years back when Koscielny headed a ball through for Saha to score from, when the ball was played by Everton Saha was offside, Koscielny heads it because Saha is goal side of him so needs to cut it out, linesman rules that Koscielny played ball last and therefore Saha only became active then and doesn’t give offside. But like Evans yesterday Koscielny can’t let the ball pass without trying to intercept it, it goes against every defensive instinct.

  4. Eugene Danso says:

    I’m surprised that no Arsenal player or fan talks about winning the EPL but only being in top 4. Sack Wenger n the board. The team is shit that’s why no quality player wants 2 sign 4 us.

  5. Rasp says:

    Hi GiE, that’s a very interesting point about the offside law. As far as attackers being better, I think probably only Swansea and Manu can claim to have better strikers this season than last.

    Man City, the chavs and apparently Arsenal 🙄 are looking to bring in strikers, maybe GN5 can furnish us with the stats that show chances created relative to goals as a barometer of how deadly teams are in front of goal this season.

  6. Morning

    As Big Raddy is away we would like a volunteer to write the pre-match for Saturday’s game against Newcastle ……. any offers please ……..

  7. Rasp says:

    Morning Eugene, I think you’re confusing us with another site where that style of ‘support’ is expressed.

    I challenge you to come back on and tell us what it is that classifies you as an Arsenal supporter.

  8. As you asked so nicely Peachy, I can step in for Big & Randy -just give me a nagging reminder sometime on Friday though.

  9. ST says:

    If United win the league it would be unprecedented since no team has won the premiership conceding 50 or more league goals which is what they are set for.

    Highest was United with 46 in 99/00.

    I think there are twists yet!

  10. Red Arse says:

    Good morning all. 🙂

    Interesting thought stream, peaches.

  11. Red Arse says:

    Having absolutely no data, I have to agree with GIE, that part of the answer, at least, is the change in the Offside Law.

    In the past, perfectly good and brilliantly executed goals were ruled out because a forward on the opposite wing had his bootlaces ahead of the last defender.

    Tough on the attacking side, but good for the crappier but offside savvy defences.

    Another factor in more goals being conceded is because some (many?) teams have bought in CBs who are converted midfielders or ‘adventurous’ spirits (Kozzer/Verm) who like to charge upfield during play, and not just at corners, perhaps scoring goals but also giving them away.

    Question is – in the overall scheme of things does it matter?

  12. Shubham says:

    I feel, a goal culminates because of lapses in combination of midfield play and defense. Unless it is route 1 football. So higher number of goals being conceded means there is less midfield protection. MUTD’s case sort of proves this theory. Look at their midfield and it becomes apparent that it isn’t very good. For that matter Arsenal’s setup is relatively better. Arteta provides vital cover by sacrificing his attacking capabilities.

  13. Gooner In Exile says:

    ST I think questions with United are going to come should they lose Rooney and RvP to injury at the same time. I think they can cope losing one but not both. Inthe other hand if they lose Carricks they could be in the shit quite quickly, and concede more goals.

    RA I don’t think the laws were a problem in the first place, interfering with play was very simple to quantify, now they have moved it to this first phase, second phase nonsense and I think they removed the seeking to gain advantage.

    If a player is causing the defender to adjust his position he must be active surely?

    If a defender is injured on the goal line by the corner flag he is considered to be playing everyone onside….but is very much inactive.

    Think you may be right on the “libero” type central defenders too. But also the attacking wing backs who cause shape problems for any team especially if both go forward at once.

  14. kelsey says:

    Good morning

    Firstly thank you to those who acknowledged my e mail Xmas card and even those that didn’t open them I forgive you 🙂


    has touched on a subject which I have been thinking about as the season progresses and I can’t quite remember a season like this where it is so difficult to have predicted a very high percentage of results.

    I have always maintained a good team needs very little management and that these teams are built on a solid defence first and foremost .
    Taking away for a moment the big spenders depth of squad is a key and subbing at the right time is key and SAF has this down to a fine art.
    Secondly the gap is narrowing within the league, not many teams just rollover and perhaps we have become too complacent.Big earners with no real incentive to string together two decent games in a row.

    I loked at the table before yesterday and we were briefly 3rd. I couldn’t believe it as for all the critics we get and the fluidity hardly ever in the team it was true.

    I think our defence will be found out every time we play and even at Wigan we escaped their poor finishing.

    So many of the teams are reliant on only two of their players having an outstanding game and getting a result, e.g. liverpol Suarez and gerrard, Spurs Bale and defoe, and many other teams as well, but that just doesn’t happen regularly and therefore we get this inconsistentsy with so many teams.
    I am still not convinced we are playing as a well organised unit and I wouldn’t wager were we will finish this season.
    Personally I would ship out players who don’t add depth to the squad.
    Santos is being offered to join Eboue but the club won’t take a 4 million loss they want more than was offered and all the other likely candidates are still eating into our wage roll, as there appears to be no takers.
    can’t think of anything else right now

  15. Nizam says:

    To Wenger.4th is a success. From a football point of view it’s a failure.Then the gunners shdn’t have moved from Highbury. The move to the ES was to generate funds to enable the gunners to compete with the top teams.
    Frankly it has been a disaster the last 7 years.The gunners will be able to compete in 2014. By then winnin g the epl will be virtually impossible so wide has the gap become. Despite Wenger saying the gunners can win the title ,the table doesn’t lie.He is deluded and causing the gunners to decline further every passing year.
    If the gunners slip to mid table,he shd be off.

  16. Rasp says:

    Hi kelsey, you make some interesting points. It does appear that several players who no longer feature will be prepared to do an ‘Almunia’ and see out their contracts rather than move somewhere for a lower wage to achieve regular football.

    I’m wondering whether the recently quoted ‘wait two years’ has as much to do with the contracts of the likes of Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh etc expiring by then (going on a free) as with the extra revenue expected?

  17. Dante says:

    i think all pl clubs bought a striker. Its logic, u have to score goals to beat your opponent. Even fergie bought rvp, top scorer.

  18. Sheep Hagger says:

    I reckon we will bring in Demba Ba in January he is availed to go says Alan Pardew on SSN this afternoon.
    Wat I’ve seen of him he looks good and he has good movement and a great shot.
    I don’t mind doing a post ,but I’m new to it so give me some time
    Cheers SH

  19. I watched the manc match yetserday. Both defences were absolute rubbish. It was like watching a championship match. The fact that only 2 PL teams are in the last 16 of the CL and I imagine none in the quarters tells it’s own story.

  20. Red Arse says:


    You should ask your sheepy shaggers for some advice — otherwise they would consider you to be baa baric!

  21. Sir Alex Ferguson says Manchester United produced a “championship performance” in beating Newcastle 4-3.
    See! even bacon face knows it.

  22. Red Arse says:


    I always thought you were such a gentleman, now I find you have sent everyone an email Xmas card — except me!

    Broken hearted!

  23. Thank you for the card Kelsey

  24. Redders, don’t worry, I didn’t get one either !

  25. Red Arse says:

    Were you rude about his silver barnet too, CharyB? 🙂

  26. I don’t think so Redders, but them I’m often rude unintentionally 😦

  27. kelsey says:

    I didn’t send to everyone as I only had a limited supply left for the year I am being frugal like our manager.

    Anyway to those i missed Hard Luck 😉

  28. barumgooner says:

    Very true Peaches, I dont know why but it does seem like we are actually one of the better defensive teams this year however….. I think the situation with Utd is just that their defence this year is shockingly bad and they have had to keep charging forward to get another due to continually letting in at the back. In seasons past they had the ability to shut-up-shop on a 1 or 2 goal lead but the truth is that even though they sit clear at the top that side is the worst they have had in at least a decade. Unfortunately the gamble of bringing robin in when so many other positions needed strengthening seems to have worked for them… far.

  29. kelsey says:

    chary and RA look at your e mails

  30. Red Arse says:

    kelsey, you tease.

    I have been sitting staring at my emails and – nothing – zip – nada!!

    I am currently sticking pins in your effigy, so watch out for your derriere!! 🙂

  31. Cheers Kels, I think it’s your e card although the nome de plume is a bit mysterious. 🙂

  32. Thanks for the card kelsey xx

    chary – thank you for offering the pre-match, I’ll give you a nudge tomorrow 😉

  33. kelsey says:

    It is my name ask peaches funny we have a RL on here

    I did send you one RA on your latest e mail address that I saw listed today.

  34. kelsey says:


    I sent it again to your yahoo account the other one didn’t work, don’t want you to feel left out. 🙂

  35. kelsey says:

    Arsenal v Newcastle (17:30 GMT)

    Newcastle were down to the bare bones for their trip to Old Trafford and almost had no choice but to go and attack Manchester United with the players they had.

    It almost paid off too but, for me, the question is how much did it take out of them ahead of their trip to the Emirates? I would suspect the answer is quite a lot.
    Papiss Cisse celebrates after scoring

    Newcastle failed to beat Manchester United despite taking the lead three times at Old Trafford

    Arsenal, in contrast, had Boxing Day off.

    The Gunners are going for a third League win in a row and it probably won’t be long until their fans start saying Arsene Wenger is a genius again.

    Wenger is in and out of favour with Arsenal all the time but I would always back them to make the top four. Even when they are on a bad run I back them again because they always come back.

    That is just what Wenger does and, if you look at the quality of his squad compared to the rest of the division, then, even if it is not as good as the top three clubs, then it is certainly better than all the others.

    So them making the top four is almost a no-brainer.

    Prediction: 2-0 (Mark lawrenson BBC)

    well that’s cursed it 🙂

  36. RockyLives says:

    Interesting Peaches
    In general I feel we have defended better this season than last – in the sense of seeming to be more organised. But we have still been let down a lot by individual mistakes (like TV at Old Toilet).

    Maybe there is also a generation of coaches who have grown up with a more attacking outlook on the game (perhaps not disconnected from the fact that Italian footy has been generally less successful for the last 7 or 8 years).

  37. Sheep Hagger says:

    On the case of defenders,I find this season there is no outstanding goalie in the EPL.
    They are all doing mistakes bring back SEAMAN
    Much love !

  38. Sheep Hagger says:

    Goalies who gets good ratings is that bloke at Sunderland .
    Not sure about him don’t know a lot

  39. Sheep Hagger says:

    I’ve done my home work he’s a Belgian he’s only 25 some might say he’s young.
    Is he worth an investment along with Demba Ba if Walcott goes I say bring in him as he has a buy out clause for 7million.
    Much love SH

  40. Andy Mack says:

    The defending does appear to be poorer this season, but it may just be a blip. Let the season run a bit more to see if it becomes a real trend.
    And would you prefer 20 stokes in the EPL ? ;D

    As for the tw4t who says we shouldn’t have left Highbury, just wait a few years and see what happens when we (AFC) finally sort out the commercial aspect of the club, then we will be in the real european big clubs league rather than just an EPL big club.
    We’d be seeing the real benefit now if the sugar daddies hadn’t appeared.


    Andy Mack, totaly spot on. Thats the whole point. even if it means 10 years without a trophy it was still the right move.

    Peaches, fine post. I expect Utd to win the league for many reasons, but i have no desire to laud them in public. What i will say however is that they play the most “efficent” attacking game in the league, and have achieved this consistently for over 20 years.

  42. slime says:

    For me, there are 3 main reasons.

    First of all, wingers. More and more teams play wingers who’s job is to stay up the field and attack the full backs. Some of them don’t even track back over half way.

    Secondly, no contact. Defenders are scared to make challenges thus allowing more chance for attackers to create opportunities.

    Thirdly, pressing. Teams tend to work much harder off the ball thus winning the ball higher up the field and therefore creating many more counter attacking opportunities.

  43. JM says:

    “Nike unveils Maxim ball for 2012/13 season”

    “New balls please! Winter is coming, so time for the Premier League hi-vis”

    The bane of goalkeepers and defenders. This is no joke.

  44. chas says:


    After 19 games last season



    After 19 games this season




    1) bsr has shagged up the mancs’ defence
    2) ffbw has shagged up citeh’s attack
    3) Draws are killers for losing points (we had more points last year ……………………having lost more games)
    4) We’re gonna score one more than you works
    5) Citeh have scored 19 goals less than last season (they need to offer van judas 300k a week)

  45. chas says:

    Arsenal after 18 games

  46. Gooner In Exile says:

    Chas now you’ve gone and upset me looking at the 07/08 and 09/10 positions 😦

  47. Gooner In Exile says:

    JM thanks for the ball info.

    It still seems a more stable ball than the one used by Adidas in South Africa.

    The modern football is amazingly light, and allows average players to score great goals thanks to its movement etc. anyone can hit a banana kick, when it was introduced by the Brazilians they were using much heavier balls. The balls also allow the dipping free kick perfected by Ronaldo, Drogba which when you see the player strike the ball is technically so wrong compared to when I was a kid.

    Even when I have bought the cheaper equivalent I have been amazed at what it does in the air.

  48. Morning all, if Peachy or Raspers are around I have put up my PM in drafts, but I couldn’t get a link I inserted to work, any chance you could fix it ?


  49. Morning all

    Thanks chary, I’ll have a look

    ……………New Post …………………..

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