Why I still support Wenger.

This is the way I see things which I will try and explain by way of a quick summary.

We all remember being told that the reason we had to leave Highbury was because with a capacity of only 38,000 we would not be able to continue competing; we needed a 60,000 seater to stay at the top. Has that happened? No it hasn’t. Were we lied to? No we weren’t. At the time of that statement Roman Abramovich had not joined Chelsea. Do not get confused, that statement was made by the club long before we actually moved.

Most people have now grasped the financial clout that Abramovich and later Mansour at Man City have brought to the EPL has greatly reduced the calibre of player that is available to Arsenal.

I have tried to point out many times that if a world class player came on the market and we put in a bid of 30 million for him, there is little doubt in my mind that Chelsea would put in a bid of 31 and if not Chelsea then Man City or now PSG and all these would follow Barcelona and Real Madrid who, although, they cannot pay the same wages as the other Northern European clubs I have mentioned, they still get first dibs because, as we all know, players go there for the prestige.

So now, it should be clear that in the pecking order we come somewhere behind, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man City, PSG and Chelsea. Do you know what that means?

As things stand Wenger will never be able to buy world class players again.

And here is why I still support Wenger………..nor would any other manager who took on the role at Arsenal.

I am still quite amazed that people who should know better cry out for players more like Henry, Vieira, Ljungburg. Are people’s memories so poor that they cannot remember that those three players were failures or non entities before they arrived at Arsenal?

Wenger is following the same pattern, Chamakh was thought of very highly before he arrived and was very impressive for a time, Gervinho was one of the top marksmen in France, as was Giroud. The signing of all three of those players made sense, not just for their past success but for the fact that Arsenal was a step up for them and for that reason it follows that they would want to well for us. I still genuinely believe each one of them does in his own way.

I am not trying to suggest that these players will turn into Henry, Vieira and Ljungburg but I can see why they were signed and importantly to me I do not think another manger could do better.

Where would this new manger that a growing number of people are crying out for find better players? I don’t believe he would which is another reason I still support Wenger. Are people happy with Jenkinson, Gibbs, Szeczney? I am and let’s remember that these defensive players were signed by Wenger not Steve Bould.

I have described myself in the past as a fully paid up card carrying Wengerite, I still am but, and there is a but, I purposely question this on a regular basis to make sure it does not become a devotion — after all no one is bigger than the club.

I see it this way: if you saw smoke coming out of the Emirates at what point would you shout “Fire”? It seems to me that many are already shouting but I am not there yet, although, be in no doubt if it came to saving the club I would be shouting at the top of my voice.

There is smoke coming from the Emirates it cannot be denied and the smoke that is bothering me is the attack but I will come onto that another time.

Written by LB

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  1. Brian says:

    Very true. We are not playing Championship Manager where any thing is possible. I suspect that many younger supporter do not realise where we were in the mid-70’s. We have had a good run of achievement under Wenger albeit it is a bit disappointing over the last 7 years but we have come close on some occasions. True supporters will support the club through thick and thin and back the team. Be careful what you wish for, a change does not always lead to better things.


  2. Ik says:

    Why didn’t he get Hunteelar/Llorente with Giroud? Common sense would let you know the french league is not physical like the epl and it would take a while for anyone to adapt to.. Wenger DIDN’T replace RVP who scored 30 goals last season. If your gonna sell RVP get a TOP STRIKER or 2 good strikers to replace not one. Sorry mate your article ain’t it.

  3. progman07 says:

    We have a wage bill higher than Bayern’s. Nothing else needs to be said. Wenger has resources. Not Man City level, but certainly more than bargain-level, and nobody forced him to spend a fortune on Gervinho-Park-Chamakh-Squilacci-Ramsey-etc. who make up our useless squad right now.

  4. Shubham says:

    Good post LB, though I fear many readers and fans won’t like it. I have been a Wenger supporter and will continue to back him. Till May, we fans should support the team and let them know about it. That will add confidence and help the players bring things on the pitch together. The current negative cacophony is not helping anyone linked with Arsenal.

    Arsenal ‘ill I die…

  5. Chas says:

    I fully applaud your loyalty and blind faith, but the harsh reality is that Wenger is first and foremost a Bookkeeper with a penchant for tippy tappy football. Arsenal are good at it but not good enough to beat United Chelsea or City. Barca just give you fellas the runs, Chelsea know what it takes in that departemnt, don’t be scarded of the midgets, let them have the ball all night and then mug them on the break.
    Arsenal have developed a false sense of pride, you think you’re great fro achieving nothing and have become a feeder club for Manchester and Barcelona. You are as they say….putas.
    George Graham was far more formidable than this chicken

  6. Xristos says:

    good article,,,,

  7. finestcuts says:

    Wenger is the architect of his own downfall. When he had a much better team, if he had strengthened then instead of making excuses that he might kill one of his youth team players.
    We’ve had plenty of opportunities to sign players at good prices, but we snubbed them.

    If Wenger was a butcher, he’d try and sell sausages half filled with cereal at the same price as 80%+ meat ones in other stores. Instead of building around players like Fabregas and Nasri, he persisted with the likes of Denilson, tried to play Eboue on right wing, bought one of Man United’s reserve players and then claimed a major coup (when he could have bought a 10 mill centre back who’d be here until this day).

    Wenger deserves credit for all the success he has brought to the club, he must also take the rap for the monumental cock ups resulting from his incorrect decisions……which have ultimately led us to where we are today, a team that trains more than the Invincibles, but that can’t work well together or get of their shells.

    Wenger is like a fading great Chess player, at his peak this Chess player worked hard, calculated all his moves and thanks to this systematic algorithm of thinking was able to make the best decisions to ensure success. Now this Chess player is getting older, he relies on intuition more than calculations…..he’s been there, done that and bought the T-shirt. He plays brilliantly at times but is inconsistent. He loses games because he has made an oversight that in the old days he would not have when he wasn’t so dependent on his past experience giving him the answers. The way he plays is quite predictable, so it’s not too difficult to throw a spanner in the works and spoil his game plan.

  8. Big Raddy says:

    Chas. AW a chicken? Congratulations because whatever is written on the site today that comment will be the stupidest.

    But you are of course, a Spud

  9. Den says:

    Every one who still supports Wenger is deluded & doesnt know football.Buying inferior players,paying Squillaci,Chamakh,Denilson,Bendtner,Djourou,Ramsey etc huge wages has cost arsenal.Arsene doesnt reward performance but loyalty.Arsenal is a selling club & any student with ambition of winning a trophy will never join.U the supporters are just making Kroenke,Gazidis,Wenger & every board member rich by paying the highest ticket prices.They’ve sold u lies & will still sell u lies.Arsene controls who comes in & goes out of da club.He doesnt like to be challenged.Mikel Arteta was given a 4yr deal @ 29 but Sagna is being refused despite he being the most consistent Arsenal player for the past 4yrs.IN ARSENE,KROENKE,GAZIDIS & HILLWOOD WE ROT & RUST

  10. babakrdaemi says:

    I have tried to point out many times that if a world class player came on the market and we put in a bid of 30 million for him, there is little doubt in my mind that Chelsea would put in a bid of 31 and if not Chelsea then Man City or now PSG.

    This is the most relevant statement I have ever heard. This is our real problem and something I think the media have glossed over as “how the game has changed”.

    This makes us look un-ambitious and like Arsene is trying to be careful.

  11. Rasp says:

    Morning all, thanks LB for a detailed explanation of the unexpected developments that have brought us to our current position.

    I agree with all you have written regarding the recent history of the PL..

    I disagree with a couple of points… I don’t think either Chamakh or Gervinho were players of the level required before they joined us and neither have improved to ‘Arsenal player’ status since they arrived.

    The main area of disagreement is this “As things stand Wenger will never be able to buy world class players again.” You list 6 teams who we are below in the pecking order … I agree, but they already have top strikers so the notion that we have to look on the Chamakh shelf is wrong in my opinion There are several world class strikers looking to move at the moment. The big spenders can’t buy them all. We should be looking to pay £25m+ to secure the services of a top striker to restore our status as a top club.

  12. Sheep Hagger says:

    Watching AW on tv this morning,he looked ill and his eyes were blood shot and he looks thinner than ever.
    I think the pressure is getting to him I hope we can win on Monday take some pressure off him.
    Much love.

  13. babakrdaemi says:

    Even if these clubs do have strikers, if Abromovich thought Arsenal were in for Falco even if he had, Torres, Villa and Tevez he would still sign him to keep him away from Arsenal.

    That is what we are up against. Clubs that can draw on funds to buy players and sit them on the bench to stop them going to other clubs

  14. pkoech says:

    born arsenal,die arsenal.no amount of phantasmagoria can take my heart from wenger and arsenal.arsenal buys players,but from where?does any other club buy?which one doesn’t?the only difference is,at arsenal we make talents,barca,man c and u and others buy them!if wenger was a chicken as an that incompoop would think,man u wouldnt get cr7,barca no fabmessi!only wenger should value talent more than money.only that!

  15. juniorh says:

    And therein lies the problem with you guys. You support Wenger, WE SUPPORT ARSENAL. We don’t care who the manager is once Arsenal WIN. Period!

    Possiblly you guys would hope that another manager would lose with Arsenal so that you could gloat that we got what we asked for, and continue with your praise for your deluded Wenger. The man is going down hill and you deluded deciples who have been spelled by him can’t see it. This nonesense article proves it.

    This thing about not having the kind of money like City and Chelsea so we can’t compete is nonsense. Every year we hear from the board that they have made money available for the manager to spend. When he spends he comes back with garbage like Gervinho, Chamakh, park and the like.

    He is always out-coached on the field by his opponets, taking off the wrong player and putting on the wrong replacemant; playing players out of position and so on. The man is losing his head.

    Go on dreamiing, I have stated it from time to time, Arsenal will NEVER win another trophy with Wenger at the helm and this is based on what I am seeing from your god. I would love to be wrong, because, unlike you guys, I want ARSENAL to win, I don’t care two hoot who the manager is.

  16. Rasp says:

    Hi babak, that’s an unrealistic notion I’m afraid. Yes footballers want as much money as possible, but they also want to play and have a career. No self respecting top striker would sign to city just to sit on the bench. they can’t keep Dzeko and Balotelli happy. The big clubs don’t see us as a threat as they have already weakened us by taking our best players (and we have been complicit in strengthening them)

  17. chakky says:

    In Arsene we trust. Every team goes through ups and downs. If it were not for the style or my love for Arsenal, I would not be supporting him through the downs too. Having said that Arsene is not wrong in trying what he does, that is, creating a team out of good players. The only issue I see is when good players become great, they desert camp for money or trophies rather than give it the try that needs to reach next stage. From 4th, we reached third last year despite all doomsday predictions. If RVP and Song had said, lets be here one more year and make it second or even first, the story would have been different. Instead they wanted to jump camp as soon as possible because they had exciting money offers in hand and that too going to teams that were winning. So then I salute Arsene for not jumping ship when the PSG’s, RM’s and ManC came calling with a lot of money power to give him the best players he wanted and kept saying, next year within our resources, we will try to win!! I truly respect every up and down we are going through, because Arsene is doing the best possible for Arsenal.

  18. Will says:

    Thank you for shining the light on the truth.

  19. slime says:

    I’m with you LB, and u don’t consider myself deluded.

  20. slime says:


    Scott Sinclair, SWP, Scott Parker just to name a few. Did they realistically think they were going to get in the first team at City or Chelsea?

  21. slime says:

    *i don’t consider myself deluded

    Though I do consider myself dyslexic!!!!


  22. @babakrdaemi says:

    Hi Rasp, I believe it happens. Maybe not Falco, but it happens. And Chelsea wont tell a player he is going to sit on a bench. They will simply offer him money, trophies and more money.

    Take Falco, would he rather play for Arsenal for 100k or sit on Chelsea’s bench for 150k?

    In fact, didn’t Sean Wright Phillips join Chelsea’s bench rather than Arsenal?

    I think we will struggle to buy players with the current climate being like it is.

    Great to see a debate worth contributing to for once.


    I am a gooner. Simple as that. I am 30 and have followed Arsenal since about 7 or 8 years old. I simply support a man who is doing a good job for us.

    I dont support Arsene over Arsenal, I support Arsene for Arsenal.


  23. evonne says:

    LB – a year ago you’d get a standing ovation from me; this year it’s just an ovation; next year I might boo you. Why? Because my faith in Wenger is becoming a thing of the past.

    Yes, he can still discover uncut diamonds, do the best with money available, play beautiful football and feed us with the grandiosity that was, but is no longer.

    How come ManU can still compete and win?

    I no longer believe Wenger can motivate players and get the most of them. Did he ever? Perhaps it was the dressing room full of characters and personalities that took care of the ambition?

    I didn’t think I would ever say that, but perhaps time is coming to move on?

  24. evonne says:

    ooooooh, poor little fat $amir is set to warm the bench for a few weeks

  25. slime says:


    The sound of his groin twanging was like an angel playing the harp!


  26. createstrain says:

    like i said elsewhere yesterday, given the new financials wenger should and will have the chance to rectify this situation and rightfully so, he brought us this far and the dream of competing at the top has not gone, but is looking suspect.
    he’s got a core base of a great team but needs the ratio of quality that cesc and rvp was screaming out for. how many chances will be given to players that other players have visibly lost faith in?
    is it just me then or are players not passing to certain players because they’ve seen them balls up the script so many times before and don’t trust them which dominos onto their own game because maybe passing to them was the correct ball?
    i mean be frustrated when a player f’s up by all means but the berating doesn’t look good and makes me wonder what its really like in training now. what happened to the back pats and gee up’s from earlier in the season 😦
    i hope arsene can turn it around but the evidence so far opposes.
    he has the next window to sort out two gambles that at the time without hindsight seemed quite a stretch. a striker and diaby.
    he has more than enough time to start playing ppl in there best positions by adding to the squad.

  27. LB says:

    Thanks for all the comments, I particularly liked the first one of the day from Brian, I was a bit alarmed as I read Chas’ until the end when I realised what was going on.


    What I was trying to say was that for every Henry, there is a Christopher Rey, for Every Anelka, there is player who I cannot think of and for every Van Persie there is Chamakh, expecting a manager to get every decision right is never going to happen, no matter who is at the helm.

    Your deep rooted personal hated of Chamakh is clouding the fact that he was good when he arrived. It made sense to sign Gervinho as it did Giroud.

    To me Giroud is by far the biggest problem, not because of the way he plays but the way if forces the team to play.

    FFS since when have we become a team that chucks high balls into the box for some big lump to try and head home?

    The last time this happend was when…………John Bloody Hartson.

  28. Rasp says:

    Hi LB, thanks. I do not have a deep rooted hatred of Chamkh, it’s nothing personal, I hate the fact that he represents how our quality of player has deteriorated.

    Yet he fact that there is mo guarantee a player will work out is no excuse not to try – its just another excuse like ‘we can’t compete with city’ we should still do our n best – what do we pay all those scouts for?

  29. LB says:

    Goodness, I am shocked, the whole point of my post was to try and point out that I think we are doing our best with the financial handicap that we are saddled with. I clearly failed. Hey ho.

  30. LB says:


    Good to read one of your comments on this site, hope you come.

    I used to blog under the name of London on the other site.

  31. flashygunner says:

    Lb I think you need to wake up from your delusions. If possible I will have the comments from FINESTCUTS as the main one instead of yours. Sorry but this is true, arsenal is merely suffering from one man’s ego- ARSENE KNOWS.

  32. evonne says:

    LB – no, you haven’t failed. I for one pointed out that the team you don’t like mentioning has a similar handicap, and that our financial situation is not the only handicap, and we probably could do better with what’s available.

  33. JM says:

    A.W. lacks “The Player” who could put his footballing philosophy and ideals — “Total Football” in an attacking way –, on the pitch and lead the other players into buying into A.W.’s system of football.

    * Previously, he had Dennis Bergkamp (late 90s to early 00s), Thierry Henry (early to late 00s) and Cesc Fabregas (late 00s), who carried A.W. ‘s ideals on the pitch.

    A.W. can also do so much on the sidelines. The players are the ones on the pitch.

    We need a player who shall be the catalyst in showing A.W.’s footballing philosophy on the football pitch, and for the rest of the team to follow him.

    There are only so few players currently in the world who could be “The Player”.

  34. JM says:

    Edit above previous post

    ….. A.W. can “only” do so much on the sidelines. The players are the ones on the pitch. ….

  35. LB says:


    And we will have the opportunity to buy “The Player” only after Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Chelsea and Man City have turned him down, do you think by that time “The Player” is going to be world class?
    I don’t. Do you think that “The Player” would be world class if we had a different manager? I don’t.

  36. LB says:


    I wrote that before I saw your edit.

  37. LB says:


    Look at Finestcuts second paragraph.

    He criticises Wenger by way of Denilson, Eboue and Silvestre; well, each of those players can just as easily be replaced with Wilshere, Jenkinson and Koscielny.

    You see, there are those who like to criticise and there are those who like to support, sadly it seems we are as opposite as Arsenal and Tottenham fans, although, that is not quite true as most Tottenham fans would love to have Wenger as their manager.

  38. Rasp says:

    LB, maybe I shouldn’t try to read the blog and comment whilst driving 😦 if your post said the same as my comment I’m happy to be in agreement with you.

    My main point is that I want us to be less conservative and yes, take a risk or two in the market and go for a big player. I do not agree that it is impossible to find a top player that is not sought by the SR clubs

  39. LB says:

    Interesting idea, Rasp.

    A top player not wanted by Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Chelsea and Man City, well if you think there is a manager out there who can do that then I want him at our club.

    Rasp, my old friend, we are capable of not just winding each other up for hours, but for days that turn into months that have turned into years.

    I have to step back for the sake of both our sanities but I will give you this, our present formation sucks and that is Wenger’s fault.

  40. evonne says:

    spectacular miss from r$p 🙂
    but he scored in the 1st half 😦
    sun’land are not really trying, doing an Arsenal and rolled over for Manyoo

    pool losing 0:3 to villa, oh dear

  41. JM says:


    Why not buy “The Player” from the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and possibly Bayern Munich? (the other 3 clubs: PSG – they are just a group of individuals, nobody special except Ibrahimovic and we already rejected him from our list when he was starting out in his career as a teenager. Chelsea & Man City – usually discards that the clubs do not want and they would not sell their players easily to a direct rival in EPL anyway)

    When “The Player” has won all he could at club level (the domestic leagues/cups, the CL/Europa cups) and reaches a certain stage of his footballing career, he would be tempted to seek opportunities in another country, to carry his footballing journey.

    Form is temporary; Class is permanent. A “world class player” would always be one wherever he plays, either being in the footballing sense – drilled in the fundamentals, with great technique and footballing intelligence, or as a model professional on and off the pitch that his positive influence will carry over to other players in his team.

    “The Player” does not have to carry a high price tag like Messi, C.Ronaldo, Rooney, Falcao. He should be the one that assist in bringing his manager’s footballing philosophy and ideology into practice on the pitch and influence his other team-mates into buying into that system.

    Like I said, A.W. is handicapped as he could only do so much on the sidelines. We need a “A.W.” clone that is playing on the pitch to ignite fellow players.

    Which is what Bergkamp, Henry and Fabregas did for A.W. during the previous years they were with Arsenal F.C., …. on the pitch as catalyst to Arsenal’s attacking football philosophy and off the pitch as model professionals that fellow players and supporters of the club could look up to.

  42. jnyc says:

    Great work LB.

  43. LB says:

    Thanks Johnny.

  44. LB says:


    Give us a name, just one who you think is no longer happy at the clubs you mentioned and might be interested in coming to play in the EPL?

  45. JM says:


    “no longer happy at the clubs you mentioned” …. It does not have to be that absolute way, for a player wishing to seek new footballing challenges abroad if he has won it all in his country and the European continent.

    Besides, I would be giving the name(s) to Steve Rowley, Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger himself. It is more productive that way and it shall be up to them to decide if Arsenal FC shall bring it “The Player”.

  46. slime says:

    Only one springs to my mind and that’s Sneijder.

    Good set of results today.

  47. slime says:

    Oh, and Chiellini.

  48. LB says:


    No one is going to leave a club if he is happy so common sense surely dictates that we must be talking about someone who is unhappy or someone who has become unhappy as contract negotiations have not gone the way he wanted, either way we are talking about an unhappy player.

    The other thing that surely is common sense is that any player who has been able to win everything available to him will be moving towards his thirtieth birthday and what do such players want at that stage of their carreer? A big fat payday……….look no further than Van Persie.

    If they are of that category the clubs I have mentioned above will be able to out bid us no matter who is the manager at Arsenal.

  49. LB says:


    When I say EPL, I mean Arsenal. Do you think it would be possible to sign either of those two players if they came onto the market?

  50. LB says:

    I am amazed that Villa look like they are about to turn things around; they looked rubbish at THOF.

  51. slime says:

    Every time I get the slightest thought of having a new manager at Arsenal, the same word jumps into my head…….Liverpool.

    Would a new manager be given time to build a new team by the same fans that are wanting Wenger out? I doubt it. They want a quick fix, and if that doesn’t happen then we end with the Hodgson situation.

    Would these fans stand for Arsenal 1-3 Villa? No.

  52. LB says:

    Exactly Slim.

    Brendon Rogers, new up and coming British manager, yeah lets get him.

    Hey Slim, where do you think Theo is going in January?

  53. slime says:

    They haven’t been signed yet, and the big clubs can have anyone they want, so I’d like to think we had a small chance.

  54. LB, Kaka?

    Even though we have a lot of those players on the books 😦

  55. barumgooner says:

    Nice post LB. I do however disagree that Arsene should still be in the job at the end of this season. I have said before that I think this IS a good squad with good players. I personally think we have a better team than Manutd this season as we did last season but they have a manager, a tactician, a man who can make the most of what he has at any one time and find a way to make them win. Yes AF spends far more money than AW but he gets results and the prize money covers a big chunk of the outlay. Dont get me wrong, I am Arsenal to the core but the Wenger of old has gone and been replaced by a desparate, faded and clueless figure. We dont need a big introduction of so-called worldclass players but we do need a worldclass manager who can actually affect a game with his actions or alter things dependent on the opposition, neither of which I have witnessed from Arsene in a long long time. (imo of course)

  56. LB says:

    Can’t see either of those two coming but here’s to hoping.

  57. barumgooner says:

    Sorry correction, we dont need a worldclass manager just a hungry, ambitious one

  58. LB says:


    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I am also very unhappy with the formation that we are using right now but I suspect unlike you I still believe that Wenger can get us back on track.

    I would really like to know how you think we should be set up to improve the way we are playing at the moment.

  59. slime says:

    I think he may surprise a few and stay. I can only see it being Liverpool if he moves but I think their mid table finish will put him off.

  60. Nice post LB,
    But i have to disagree that we and some smaller clubs have no chance of getting world class players before the hawks start circling.

    Let me give you Marco Reus, who Borrussia Dortmund signed for 17mil from Monchengladbach. Before he staged for Dortmund he had already cemented a place in the German national team and was very quickly leaving the pod in his dust in that regard. In my book that was a big miss, especially as we were relying on Arshavin on the slide.

    There are plenty of more “world class players” out there who are not playing for, or a target of the clubs you have mentioned..If you like, i can give you a few more names that are “world class” and realistically are within reach.

    In the end i do take your point about the football landscape having changed and making it difficult for clubs who wish to operate in the correct way!

    Cheers again for the post..

  61. barumgooner says:

    LB, I am not in any way suggesting I could do better but i’m just bored of seeing the same mistakes being made, not by the individuals playing but by the man in charge. Why do we play Gervinho up front and a proven worldclass goalscorer with 100+ intnl caps wide. Why do we play Ramsey out of position making him look poor and ruining his confidence. Why did we buy 2 new strikers in the summer only to waste them. i personally would love to go back to basics and play 4-4-2, but more than that I just want to look at the team sheet before a game and not think wtf !

  62. LB says:


    You are a respected regular on here so I will purposely be respectful but it would be so easy for me to reply to your wish of a hungry ambitious manager by saying:

    What a bit like Brendon Rogers?

    Tottenham have been trying to find such a manger for 15 years maybe they have found him in AVB but he will still have to work in the transfer maket with the same restrictions that we have. He has no choice but to buy three ten mil players and pry to god that one of them turns into Bale.

    The new Arsenal manager will also only be able to do the same thing. Buy three players at 10 mil and hope that they turn into Koscielny, Szcezney or Jenkinson, hang on don’t we have someone who can do that already?

  63. barumgooner says:

    Haha you are a very polite man LB but in reply I would say that why should we accept failure for fear of failure ?

  64. LB says:


    Sorry but your one and only example is hardly world class. I am talking Torres, Aguiero, Tevez.

    You are talking about up and coming talent and yes we could do better but we could do a whole lot worse.

  65. I think Theo will be off to the manure scum. With Valencia getting old, AF will give him big bucks and Theo will be back with his boyfriend.. I dont buy this shite of wanting to play up front.

    Who knows, its all just guesstimation!

  66. barumgooner says:

    Interesting that you mention Szeczney, would he actually have been given a chance if it hadn’t been out of necessity. I seem to remember every man and his dog saying he should be given a go long before AW had no other option. I dont hate the man, and I dont forget what he has achieved I just think his day has passed.

  67. LB says:


    I am on my best behviour at the moment, I am however about to open the wine, it will probably start going down hill from there 😉

  68. LB says:


    Good call on Theo, manu looks odds on.

    My outside bet would be Liverpool, they are so desperate that they might be daft enough to promise him that he will be played down the middle.

    He is living in dream land if he thinks he could play number 9 for a top side

  69. barumgooner says:

    By the way, I would absolutely hate us to become a buying club snapping up all the whores after big bucks. I am not a believer in massive money players with equally sizable egos. I want to see a team of men playing for one another with a manager who can get the best out of them. I just dont think we have that mentality at the club and it comes down from the top imo.

  70. slime says:

    Transfers are so so hit and miss. I could reel off players like Shaqiri, Schurrle, van Wolfswinkle, Isco etc

    But all of those players are potentially great, not great now. No amount of money guarantees success. Just look at Torres and Carroll.

  71. LB says:


    Re Szeczney, we are where we are.

  72. Now i know where your scouting system starts and ends LB. If you think Marco Reus is not world class..Let me tell you that he would walk into the English national team. You can be a smart ass and say that thats not hard to do but its not easy just walking into the German national team.

    I see that Atletico is not listed amongst your super clubs, how is it that Falcao plays there. Not world class? um, Hulk got signed by Zenit st Petersburg. Not world class? I can keep going. 🙂

  73. JM says:


    There are always exceptions:

    “No one is going to leave a club if he is happy”…. Wrong.
    His club can put the player on their transfer list for their own reasons and designs (e.g. Owners wanting to “refresh” the squad with new signings, helping to clear their club’s debt, promoting younger players from their academy etc) even if he is happy with his status quo at the club. Every player in the world is sell-able.

    e.g. Kaka – a Ballon d’Or winner, who was sold by Milan to R.Madrid. He did not ask for a transfer.

    Extracted from data online:
    { BBC reported on 13 January 2009 that Manchester City made a bid for Kaka for over £100 million. Milan director Umberto Gandini replied that Milan would only discuss the matter if Kaká and Manchester City agreed to personal terms.

    Kaka initially responded by telling reporters he wanted to “grow old” at Milan and dreamed of captaining the club one day, but later said, “If Milan want to sell me, I’ll sit down and talk. I can say that as long as the club don’t want to sell me, I’ll definitely stay.”

    On 19 January, Silvio Berlusconi announced that Manchester City had officially ended their bid after a discussion between the clubs, and that Kaka would remain with Milan. Milan supporters had protested outside the club headquarters earlier that evening, and later chanted outside Kaka’s home, where he saluted them by flashing his jersey outside a window.

    On 3 June 2009, Football Italia reported that newly-elected Real Madrid president Florentino Perez had offered Milan a €68.5 million deal for Kaka, two days after the player had left for international duty with Brazil. Milan vice president Adriano Galliani did not deny the reports, and confirmed that he and Kaká’s father, Bosco Leite, had traveled to Mexico to meet with La Volpe. “We had lunch and spoke about Kaka. I don’t deny it. Negotiations exist, but a deal has yet to be done.” On 4 June, Galliani told Gazzetta dello Sport that financial reasons were his motive for the talks with La Volpe. “We cannot allow [Milan] to lose €70 million […] The reasons behind Kaka’s departure would be economic.” On 8 June, Milan and Real Madrid confirmed Kaka has moved to the Bernabeu on a six-year deal.}

    “The other thing that surely is common sense is that any player who has been able to win everything available to him will be moving towards his thirtieth birthday and what do such players want at that stage of their carreer? A big fat payday…” – Wrong again.

    E.g. Raul – going over to Schalke from Real Madrid on a free. He won everything at club level in the country and Europe with Real. He did not want to spend another season as third or fourth choice striker and he thought that it was better if he left as he was still able to deliver a good performance in another club. He won a German Cup over there, scoring 40 goals in 98 appearances.

    And those 2 players are class and model professionals.

  74. Liverpool look to have Sturridge all but sewn up LB, which does throw Chelski in the mix though i believe they are content with Moses

  75. barumgooner says:

    Haha LB. i’m out tonight so your wrath can be aimed at someone else. I dont get the time to come on here enough at the moment but its been good…..even though we seem to disagree !

    If i’m honest i’m just getting very bored with the same stories year-upon-year and as I said the other day “a change is as good as a rest”. Maybe we wouldnt get instant success but perhaps a little bit of something different…be it good or bad.

  76. JM says:

    It would be due to the club’s management incompetence if we let “The Player” who could help A.W. and the club’s fortunes slip by.

    They may be good at “trying” to make things right, and not “doing” enough to get things done right. That is not good enough.

  77. LB says:


    You have totally missed the point about my “Super Clubs” as you put it, the order I have put them in is one of financial clout and Athletico are below us in that pecking order.

  78. LB says:


    If I believed it would be better with a change of manger I would be calling for it but change for the sake of change is not for me. Have a good evening where ever you may be going.

  79. LB @11.38pm says-
    “FFS since when have we become a team that chucks high balls into the box for some big lump to try and head home?”

    Mate i couldnt agree more. Absolutely spot on.
    For a few years, us, the fans have been crying out for a plan B and now it looks like our plan B is actually our plan A. Nothing against Giroo, but give me a break, lets go back to basics rather than screaming CROSS.

    I cant remember a time under Wenger when the ball was played so much in the air.

    When we are flying on a possible counter attack, id like our passes to be played in front of the players running into space or on the wings NOT BEHIND them, so as to slow our play down and kill our attack.. Its called Basics!

    Otherwise, lets sign Oliver Bierhoff 🙂

  80. REDORDEAD says:

    People like this writer are hurting Arsenal, enough bull.

  81. Exactly my point on Atletico LB. How then did they manage to sign Falcao, i know it was the money from the Aguero sale but my point is that none of the super clubs were circling

  82. LB says:


    I must hand it to you, out of the thousands of players who have played throughout Europe over the past twenty years you have found two examples that prove me wrong.

    Oh and by the way, did you really believe that offer bu City was serious?

  83. I think talking about a manager change half way through a season when only 2 points from 4th spot is absolutely comical.

    I also believe that with the announcement of the new commercial deals for our club and lets not forget the tv deals we will finally see who out of the Board or Wenger are bullshitting us.

    If anyone, Arsene deserves a chance to spend that money and make things right again..

    The smoke at the Emirates could just be Hill-Wood burning his toast.

  84. LB says:


    Where is Falcao from? Did you know that Spain has a different law than other European countries with regards to South American players.

    Other financial heavy weights weren’t circling? Come on.

    Actually why do you think that Campbell is playing for Betis right now?

    More wine for I think.

  85. LB says:


    Now you have taken the wind out of my sails

    I agree with your 6.18

  86. 😆

    1 sip for you, 2 skulls for me and so on

  87. Rasp says:

    Theo to manyoo .. nooooo

    That would mean that we have sold them BSR and Theo and they sold us …. I can’t even bring myself to say his name ………

  88. Rasp says:

    LB @ 4:10 😆

    Only the formation at fault?

  89. LB says:


    I am going to spend all tomorrow self flagellating myself for going that far.

    I shall not be unfaithful.
    I shall not be unfaithful.
    I shall not be unfaithful.

  90. Rasp says:

    Well that’ll be a lot more fun than watching Arsenal at the moment 😛

  91. JM says:

    @PPP 6:11 pm,

    I could more or less answer that partially: It has to do with “Gestifute” and a certain “businessman” in that group – to establish a monopoly over a majority of clubs in the Spanish, Portuguese markets.

    I leave it to your imaginations.

    @LB 6:12 pm,

    I “do” my work well, as merely “trying” is not enough for my own standards.

    If we could have secured Raul’s services for even 2 years (2010-2012) ….. around 1 goal in 2 games strike rate (40 goals in 98 games) might have given some joy to our club.

    As to City’s £100 million offer for Kaka …. well they did spend more than that amount of money on Lescott, K.Toure, Adebayor, Tevez, Santa Cruz and Barry in 09/10 season, some £122million.
    They then got Dzeko, Milner, Balotelli, Kolarov, D.Silva, Yaya and J.Boateng for £160million the next season.

  92. Sheep Hagger says:

    Wats the chat tonight I’ve been Xmas shopping with mrs sheep.
    I need a beer and a smoke .

  93. Sheep Hagger says:

    I’ve been to the doctors today.
    I said doctor I’ve a steering wheel in my pants.
    Dr said to me how did that happen I said dr no idea.
    But it’s driving me Nuts .
    Much love sheep xx

  94. Big Raddy says:

    LB. As I said yesterday. Fine post.

    Strange how being positive about AW brings out such vitriol. If only things were as black and white as some believe.

    I like JM’s propsal that we buy players unhappy at bigger clubs. Adebayor, Nasri, Kolo hardly get/got a kick at MC and how about Lescott or Richards. I am sure they would be happy to come especially Richards (not that we need a defender).

    There are the players out there ….

  95. Jed says:


    @LB, nice post and you are being totally realistic in saying that we are not able to compete for top players against oligarchs and sheikhs. Where I don’t see eye-to-eye with you is that we therefore should stick with Wenger. To my mind if we can’t compete financially then we need a manager who can get the best possible performances from his players. We’ve got a decent enough squad overall, with some strengthening they could challenge, but only with the right tactics, coaching etc.

    My problem with AW is that he doesn’t do a good job of the aspects of football that are free of charge – organisation, leadership, preparation, method. There are other managers out there who would do a better job of those things.

    Whatever happens from here we are going to need a period of transition, I would rather give another good manager the chance to build a side that is sharper, more focused and more determined than the sides AW has put out for us over the last 5 seasons.

    @Big Raddy, the vitriol has got to stop hasn’t it? We gooners may not agree with each other all the time but at the end of the day we all want the same thing – the best for AFC.

  96. Sheep Hagger says:

    Yes we are all gunners
    Lets hope Swanz beat the spuds tomorrow watch Gareth bale get stick from swaz fanz.
    We got chelski on 1st v some brazil coffe team Corinthians early bbc2 ill watch it.
    Prediction from the sheep Amir Kahn to lose tonight
    Wow I spelt it right

  97. chas says:

    Another fine post on the Wenger theme, LB.

    I still find it strange how supporters actually think they can influence when a manager is sacked at Arsenal (some have been campaigning for it for getting on 5 years now).
    Supporting the current manager (whoever he may be) is seen as some sort of negative act as though by doing so you are undermining the future of the club.

    I wonder what the last couple of seasons under George Graham would have been like if t’internet had been about. Exactly the same anti-Wenger brigade would have been anti-GG in the early to mid 90’s. Now those same lot see George through those same rose-tinted specs as they accuse others of wearing in the current period.

    I’ll always support whoever has the job, so no, I don’t support Arsene FC, just as I didn’t support Gorgeous George FC or Bruce Rioch FC.

    I’d love to know the truth about all of the current rumours surrounding the club.
    No video analysis of games.
    No opposition-dependent tactics.
    Simply focusing on how we play and if we play well we win.
    No defensive drills.
    Bould v Wenger stand offs.
    Pots of money available Wenger won’t spend.
    No money available and player sales necessary to generate profit.
    Players leaving for pots of cash.
    Players leaving because they don’t agree with the ambition of the club.

    I would like us to return to winning ways, of course, but wouldn’t believe for one second that I know what that would take.
    We do need to play as a team; that much I do know.

    Presumably the reasons for us not doing so at the moment lie with all of the manager, the players and the coaches. Something needs to be done differently. I hope we find out what, pretty quickly.

  98. chas says:

    It should be Khan. 🙂

  99. evonne says:

    in absence of proper football I have been watching some great movies. ‘Submarine’ with Alex Turner’s music are awesome and the ‘Tyrannosour’ simply excellent; highly recommend both. None of the Holywood shit, just 2 great stories

  100. Gooner In Exile says:

    LB, a good read, and you will not be surprised to hear my wholehearted agreement.

    Giroud is currently proving Arsenes theory about a big man up top….that it becomes an easy option to play a longer higher ball than do the right short pass, and then we lose possession easier.

    However I don’t think Girouds game is built around high balls into the box, in fact I think last season he only scored one headed goal or something like that. I think stats were on Opta a while back.

  101. LB says:


    Thanks for the comment, my view on Giroud is a bit more complex than that I am still trying to formulate my explanation.

  102. Brigham says:

    I can no longer support Wenger, I have and always will support Arsenal, that is unconditional, but my support of Wenger has gone.

    That said, I will never boo him, ridicule him or even slander him, but I cannot support him anymore as in my opinion, he has dragged us downwards.

  103. Sheep Hagger says:

    Chas he odd on khan
    But he can’t defend.
    Bit like our defence

  104. Sheep Hagger says:

    He looks ill
    Much love

  105. Rasp says:

    One of the reasons we play the high ball to Giroud is that we pose zero threat down the left (pod) and sometimes zero threat from the right (Ramsey) and so in frustration we ignore the non-wide wide players and become more direct in the hope that the midfielders will get up the pitch quickly enough to play off him. A pass to Podolski on the left often sees the ball returned to our centrebacks.

    Its not Giroud’s fault that we have very few players who can deliver a cross. If we were going to pin all our hopes on Giroud as the number one striker, we should have signed at east one wide player who could exploit Giroud’s natural game. Where was the planning in buying Giroud and Podski? We’d have been better off signing a proper winger than Podolski if it was always our intention to play him wide left. I know he plays in that position for Germany but I’m sure they have found a way of bringing into the game that eludes us.

    Giroud is a good honest player who works his socks off for the team but he isn’t suited to our style of play and in truth our number one striker should be a step up from him, but I’m very glad he’s an Arsenal player and far and away the best striker in the squad. Podolski could also be a good central striker but it appears we will never know if that is the case.

  106. jossy says:

    Rubbish…… You also support him when he sells our key players every season?

  107. VCC says:

    Rasp 6:22…….I have that record in my loft, how sad am I ?

  108. weedonald says:

    The more I read the media, follow AFC websites, watch the machinations going on at the Board and the EPL level, see officials botching up our games, hear the spurious ¨rumours¨circulating across hyperspace (see Chas’ post above for examples), count the same AAA and LeGrove posters trying to fill AFC websites like this with their repetitive whines and rants, losing mental games and hypocritical posts, etc., the more I begin to discern a pattern….get Wenger, get the Board, and get the worst image possible out there so all of the above can be ¨liberated¨ by bringing in a new owner and maybe manager? It is a constant litany that sounds like it was written and orchestrated by a common source….could that be Usmanov and his wicked elves? Is it Dein and his son getting payback? How do we separate sincere and positive criticism (as seen by our best posters) from slimy back-stabbing rancour as seen by the various hyper-critical posts which all seem to be done by the same genre? I am not a conspiracy advocate as such but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it might just be a duck.

  109. Rasp says:

    😆 VCC my parents also had it (for us kids) on the old thick brittle vinyl, I can’t remember if it was a 78 or 45?

  110. Gooner In Exile says:

    I think Germany adopt more a 4-4-2, Muller starting top right in a 4-3-3 but dropping back to right midfield, and Pod staying up and more central, while the midfield shift one to the left.

    Maybe searching for the way to make Podolski work is why Rambo is playing right wing?

  111. Rasp says:

    Thanks GiE, well I wish we’d try to emulate Germany in that case. Podolski is one of our biggest problems. He is obviously a good player and I refuse to think he is lazy, but he appears to be far from happy and we aren’t getting the best out of him.

  112. Gooner In Exile says:

    I hope so too Rasp.

    Here’s a highlight reel of Giroud, we need to figure out how to unleash the beast that he is:

  113. VCC says:

    Rasp…mine is a 78…..also bought by my parents.

    I have a few 78’s stashed in my loft.

    Buddy Holly…Rave on ….is one of my favourites.

    Also Frankie Lyman…….Baby Baby, and I’m not a juvenile delinquent.

    Oh the good old days :-). I’m sounding like my lovely old Dad here. God bless him

  114. moxla says:

    Doing the right thing at its’ right time is better. Winger had done great things for Arsenal, but if he is wise enough, now that he become week and unable to meet with his fan’s expectation, he should resign and give others chance than to distroy what he take so much time and hardwork building there by tarnishing his image. Isn’t he the one that goe after young bloods? Then why would he realise that his time too had passed? We live in a world full of changes and challenges. Yesterday’s formula may not solve today’s problem.
    We should be using real life happenings instead of mare assumptions. How could you deliberately late go of a certain result and rely on may be? Arsenal was a team i feel in me so much that i can’t miss its match, there was time that rain or wind can’t stand between me and arsenal match no matter how expensive the cinema ticket. But thanks to Proff. Winger i got myself out of that hold. I now focus upon my own success not of those that gone far in this life.

  115. Gooner In Exile says:

    Moxla, just a question, when did you fall in love with Arsenal?

  116. Gooner In Exile says:

    Forgot to say LB, I also thought your post brought much unnecessary but in these “times” not unexpected new commenters keen to have their say. I was impressed by your politeness.

    Anyone else noticed that if results go our way tomorrow we could be 4th Momday night with a win. Equally if the results go our way tomorrow and we fail to take any points we could be 10th.

    Funny old game football……

    West Ham win, Swans win please.

  117. Brigham says:

    GiE, if we fail to beat Reading on Monday, then for me, the writing is well and truly on the wall!


    Thanks LB

    The only thing i would say on Arsene Wenger is that he was and is a great manager and his, and Arsenals critics will soon be silenced.

    I too am bothered by the attack. Giroud is a good player, but does he fit in? Lets see how it develops but at times this season our movement and penetration has been non exsistent.

    I also agree with Rasp in his assertion that we should splash out on a big name striker. This is not fantasy football manager. Arsenal have always historicly bucked there conservitive approach and taken a gamble on a big name forward. I think that time (if possible) has come again.

  119. Gooner In Exile says:

    Jack Wilshere

    “The players have to look at ­themselves. The ­manager puts a team out – and if the players can’t do it, it’s not his fault.”

  120. JM says:

    @GIE 10:31 pm,

    Podolski played better with Klose as his partner; he did not do as well with Gomez as the lone striker upfront upfront in Germany’s 4-2-3-1.

    At Arsenal FC, Giroud plays a similar style as Gomez. More work in combination play required in training.

  121. JM says:


    {{{{Quote, “El Shaarawy is a very mobile, very technical young player,” Wenger told Eurosport. “His philosophy fits perfectly with mine.”

    When asked if he was pondering a move, Wenger replied: “You never know. I just say I love the way he plays.” }}}}

    Key sentence, “His (El Shaarawy’s) philosophy fits perfectly with mine.” == A match made in heaven.

    El Shaarawy’s received high praises from Milan legend, Paolo Maldini.

    “El Shaarawy has shown great class,” Maldini told Tuttosport. “He is a modern player because he works in both phases, attack and defence.

    “He is proving to be a relentless goalscorer. I did not expect so much from him.”


    Hopefully, something good comes out of it.

    And Jack Wilshere is in-line to sign a new contract that would keep him to the 2016/2017 season.


  122. Great article in the Daily Mail by Gary (level headed, voice of reason) Neville-
    ‘Yes, Arsenal are struggling but sensible people should be defending Wenger now’

    I used to despise him, not so much these days..

  123. RockyLives says:

    Very good post LB.

    I knew you were the author after the first paragraph.

    I happen to agree with you about the players AW has signed recently: Chamakh, Gerv and Giroud all came with cvs similar to those of Henry, Pires and Vieira when we signed them.

    So I also agree that another manager would probably not have done better in the signings dept.

    However I think there is a legitimate question (not addressed in the Post) about whether a different manager would get the current crop of players playing better.

    I don’t know the answer and I’m backing AW to put it right, but as I mentioned yesterday I have recently started having a Jiminy Cricket voice on my shoulder whispering that maybe Arsene doesn’t have it in him any more.

    98% of me trusts AW. But 2% is beginning to doubt – obviously influenced by the relentless media onslaught on our manager.

  124. Gooner In Exile says:

    Right just watched the Fellaini v Shawcross saga. So the general consensus appears to be Fellaini is in the wrong. Now they can’t condone retaliating and neither can I…..but in every incident shown Shawcross had hold of Fellaini:

    Headbutt – arm
    Back headbutt – full cuddle
    Punch – arm

    Everton had 8 corners, the incidents happened on the last 3, and because he reacts there is media attention. I would get a bit fed up on the previous 5 corners and try and do something to free myself too.

    In reality there should have also been three penalties for holding before the retaliation.

    I’m afraid I don’t have much sympathy for a defender repeatedly cheating.

    And should I be surprised that MotD pundits didn’t make mention of the cheating Englishman? I guess not.

  125. Big Raddy says:

    Great stuff in the Daily Mail by Patrick Collins & G. Neville.

  126. Morning all

    We have a lovely post for today sent in by JM – no player formations just video compilations ………. enjoy

    New Post ………………

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