Arsenal do what Barcelona do……

I’d be quite worried right now if I was a Northern Oiler.

Manchester City may be the champions of England, but Sunday’s game left a strong impression that they are going backwards while the mighty Arsenal are moving forwards.

They may have surged to success last year on a tsunami of oil, but now the tide is receding and if they’re not careful they might find themselves stuck in the tar.

In the equivalent fixture on December 18th last year we lost 1-0 to a David Silva goal in a game we started with no recognised fullbacks.

I remember thinking at the time that we might just have nicked a draw with a bit of good luck. But no honest Gooner could have come away from that defeat feeling we were the stronger team.

Subsequently, of course, we earned a well-deserved three points against them at The Emirates – Mikel Arteta lashing home a memorable winner.

But in neither of last season’s match-ups were we as dominant as we were on Sunday:

Arsenal made 638 passes – 88% of them successful

The Citizens’ made 433 passes – 79% success rate

We also had nearly 59% of the possession. Against the champions. On their own turf.

In last year’s away game we clocked up only 467 passes (81% accurate) compared with City’s 416 (77%).

And even in the home win in April we made a lot fewer passes than Sunday – 539 (82% accurate) against City’s 297 (75%).

I find the statistics interesting because I did not think we were being especially “tippy tappy” at the weekend. I thought, in fact, that our attacking was quite direct at times – so it was a surprise to see that we made a hundred more passes than in last season’s home win.

Digging into the figures a bit more, I found that one of the reasons for us seeming more direct while actually passing a lot more may have been the number of times our players took on an opponent.

On the excellent FourFourTwo Stat Zone phone app (from which all these stats have been gleaned) what we used to call “attempted dribbles” are now known as “take ons.”

On Sunday we had 31 “take ons”, compared with 17 in the corresponding game last year and 19 when we beat the Oilers at our place. That’s a huge increase in the number of occasions our players tried to make something happen by beating an opponent.

For me this increase in attempted dribbles, combined with more passes and a greater degree of passing accuracy, could prove to be the secret formula that will finally enable Arsene Wenger to realise his vision of a trophy-winning team playing beautiful football.

Frankly, it’s what Barcelona do. When they are up against a good defence and can’t pass their way through them, they rely on players like Messi, Xavi and Cesc (when he’s not getting splinters) to force a breakthrough by dribbling past one or more opponents.

Nothing plays more havoc with a team’s defensive strategy than an opponent taking on and beating a defender. The beaten player is temporarily out of the game, the defending team’s organisation is in tatters and new spaces open up for the attackers.

If you only do half of the equation – the tippy tappy passing without the dribbles – you can frequently end up frustrated, which was often the case with the Arsenal team built around Cesc. Remember all that sideways passing across the opposition box in game after game?

To make sure that the number of “take ons” against City was not a blip, I checked the figures for our previous four EPL games this season and compared them with our first four games last season after the transfer window closed (I couldn’t see any point in including the games before then, such as the 8-2 at Old Toilet, when we were all over the place).

This season we averaged 26 “take ons” per game in the first four games. Last season it was a fraction over 18.

There is definitely something going on with our approach to the game. It may be partly to do with personnel (Gervinho is certainly playing with bags of confidence and looking to run at defenders all the time) but I suspect it also represents a subtle, but deliberate change of approach by Le Boss.

I’m no tactical expert, but it really feels to me as if we now have a squad capable of controlling the ball like the best of the “Cesc teams”, but with an extra cutting edge from players willing to take on their opponents in the manner of Pires, Henry and Ljungberg (even if they have some way to go to reach those players’ heights).

Incidentally, of our 31 “take ons” at the Etihad, 12 were by Gervinho. The next highest contributors were Ramsey (5), Jenks (4) and Cazorla (3). Podolski, in  a quiet game for him, had zero.

Apologies for the stats overload, but this new approach by Arsenal may be one of the reasons why so many of us feel that this year’s team is more balanced than previous years’.


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  1. evonne says:

    26may – brilliant video, thanks for that, now I am late for doc’s app, great! Well worth it though; our lads arrived in a proper somber mood, except for AW and Santos they all looked dead serious, good

  2. rhyle says:

    I’m rarely one for stats as I always feel that they tell half a story, but this is a fantastic insight, Rocky, and one I wholly agree with.

    Over the last few years I’ve moaned (a lot) about our lack of ambition down the wings and in midfield to BEAT players…whether it be for skill or pace…especially in the final third. In the majority of cases, you’re either going to fashion a chance, draw a corner / throw-in or get taken down for a free kick. Now and again, the defender may even tackle you, but, in this day and age, rarely will that happen – you get a free kick for being looked at funny now, as we all know! This year, Cazorla, Podolski, Gervinho, even Ramsey, Jenks & Gibbs…have all been much more positive when it comes to “take ons”.

    And that, for me, is the key word…positive. We’ve been much more positive in our forward play this year and it’s reaped dividends. Hope we continue to play in this positive vein for a long time!

  3. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Judging by that pic, I’d say Koscielny was at least semi-happy with his goal.
    Off to read.

  4. Roland C Rozario says:

    To take that famous Glorious Chant of the French “Three Musketeers”
    This is the spirit of THE ARSENAL TEAM this season!
    They fight for each other and play a very fine blend of football that even their opponents on the pitch and off the pitch enjoy!
    This is The Arsenal that will ride on the pitch this season!
    I for one always enjoy their games over the ‘live tele broadcast’ in Singapore

  5. Morning all – and once again The Rock comes up with the key point again – the number of “take ons” links in with what I used to say that there is possession and there is meaningful possession.

    How long before a Farca troll comes on here to say “You are not Barca, you are just our feeder club you bunch of losers” ?

  6. chas says:

    Excellent, Rocky.
    My first thought was that the difference between this and last season would be accounted for by Gervinho’s 12 take-ons.
    But he played at the Etihad last season, too.
    Perhaps it’s Wenger’s response to the ‘beat the bus’ dilemma.

    The higher pass completion rate also shows a better work ethic and desire to provide passing options for the man on the ball.
    We definitely look more balanced. Long may it continue.

    Norwich away sold out to 15+ credits. We only have 10+. Booooo.

    I’m annoyed that I could have got West Ham away as it went down to 5+, but my brother’s busy that day and I only remembered to look after they were sold out. I’m sure someone from the blog would have come with me.

  7. You are not Barca, you are just our feeder club you bunch of losers.

  8. Ah GM – I knew you wouldn’t fail me, ROLF !

    As an aside it looks like the outcome of the hearing about the Chavscum skipper and all round pile of excreta JT won’t be known till at least tomorrow, probably Thursday. I think we should see a 10-12 game ban for this scummy excuse for a human being.

  9. We want our Arsenal back. Usmanov in now!

  10. Excellent post Rocky and good food for thought. 🙂

    Now we only need to hope that the secret formula you spotted will lead to more goals per game. Good to see Ramsey in your stats with 5 take-ons: is there a better sign his confidence is back?

  11. Are you going tomorrow chary? Or Saturday?

  12. The maximum he’ll get is 4 matches chary. I think he’ll get off

  13. Rasp says:

    😆 gm, actually the title doesn’t say we are Barca, just we have adapted parts of our game to be more like theirs.

    We are clearly nowhere near as good as them at diving, whinging and tapping up.

    Fantastic post Rocky, these are stats I like to believe.

    Here’s an example of how stats can give a wrong impression:

    Everyone thinks we had a bad start to last season and we did, but actually the 2nd half of last season was worse than the first. We accrued 36 points from the first 19 games and only 34 points in the final 19 games drawing one more and winning one fewer.

  14. Sadly GM, not going to either of those games, struck down with a touch of flu at the moment and the weekends are chocka for a while.

    Hoping to get to the Schalke game though.

    I don’t think JT will get off however Teflon he appears to be and the FA have been succesful in about 95% of cases they chose to contest; the charge is not of being racist or calling Ferdinand offensive names but of using racially ofensive words on the pitch, Suarez wasn’t being anywhere near as offensive yet he got an 8 game ban.

    I bet London’s flat cap(or posing pouch if he’s lost his cap already) he’ll get at least an eight game ban.

  15. Rob Lucci says:

    Rasp, it is obvious that bsr doing a Nasri then,, knowing that ManScum wanted him so he dropped his form in the 2nd half of last season.. 🙂

  16. Rasp says:

    Could be Rob, the lucky thing was that all our main opposition also had a bad end to the season otherwise we’d be playing on thursday nights in Europe.

  17. Chary
    I’ve read in quite a few places that Suarez got 8 matches for using racist terms repeatedly. terry only said it once (even though it was much more offensive). I would personaly give him the death penalty but sadly it’s not my call 🙂

  18. Kris yenne. says:

    I luv dat analysis,evry body knws dat arsenal is gud,even mourino agreed we stil need consistency,dat means,nt 2b sellin our gud players at da slittest provocation,by dis money bags,dat spoild da beautiful game(soccer)wit any player who is a money frick(nasri,rvp n ko)shuld be alowd 2go.coz we hav so many players in our ARSENAL to release.UP GUNNERS.

  19. From what I recall what GM the word Saurez used was a spanish term for a black boy/man(negrito) and said in a derogatory manner but the charge for JT says he used “Extreme swear words” as well as racially offensive ones on more than one occasion.

    We should know by Thursday but in the mean time London may well lose his posing pouch/flat cap.

  20. Red Arse says:

    Rockydiddleydee, Loved the Post. 🙂

    I have to say that my impression was that it is a departure from your normal style, and more of an ‘amalgam’, or if that is too dentisty, a conglomeration of the very different styles of the Rock Star and GN5.
    Just goes to show your versatility. 🙂

    I know this may sound a bit crabby, but when I read the details of the ‘take ons’, and how much they had increased over the comparative game last year, my immediate thought was “that’s because ‘blind alley’ Theo did not play much in this year’s game”

    To be fair to Theo, I suppose I should await confirmation of his take on stats in last year’s game. Could force me to take back my rather spontaneous thought process about him.

    Anyone have them?

  21. 26may1989 says:

    Superb analysis, Rocky. That 442 app really is great isn’t it?! But I do think you’re onto something about the more direct approach so far this season – the dribbling/take-ons are probably both a symptom and a cause of that. I’d say the Cazorla-Arteta axis underlies it all, but the style we’ve seen from Podolski, Gervinho, Ox, Ramsey and fleetingly Diaby is a big part of it too.

    On Terry, the case against him is pretty thin, but the man is so odious, I can’t help but want him to suffer. Probably makes me a bad person. Oh well.

    Assuming he gets a ban and that comes into effect immediately, he will of course be out of the game on Saturday. And if Luiz had been given the red he deserved at the weekend, Chelsea would be down to their 3rd and 4th choice CBs. Nevermind.

  22. LB says:

    Are you sure you really want to take my posing pouch?

    I was so pissed off with Gervinho on Sunday for his heavy touch when he was one on one with Hart that I think I spent the rest of the game angry with him. I have since rewatched the second half and I realise that he was pretty good, he is not there yet, I worry if he ever will be but he is undoubtedly better with each game.

  23. Lol London, perhaps I’ll settle for your flat cap then.

    And who keeps betting all your possessions away, shame on them !

  24. LB says:

    By the way can someone explain to me this “Citizen” thing, where did it come from etc?

    “The Citizens’ made 433 passes – 79% success rate”

  25. I think it means a city player/fan LB

  26. London, I think it’s just a derivation of “City-zens”.

  27. Rasp says:

    Yes, I think it’s the obvious play on ‘city’ but also citzens of Abu Dhabi rather than Manchester etc

  28. Red Arse says:

    Hi CharyB, 🙂

    Can you explain to me what ‘derivstion’ is?
    You could go down in history as a man who invented a new word!! 🙂

  29. City fans who follew Zen

  30. Redders, I don’t know what you mean. 🙂

  31. Red Arse says:


    Those bloody ‘a’ and ‘s’ keys on the keyboard are too close together!! I rather like your typo, it sounds very Orwellian when said aloud.

    I think I might adopt it!!!! 🙂

  32. Red Arse says:

    I mentioned Orwell in the context of your word, CharyB, because it is possible the Rockabilly might have been referring to the ‘citizens’ in the book 1984.

    The Shitty fans used to deride the Mancs for ‘buying’ success and indeed Ferguson has always done just that.
    But once Citeh got their hands on money, money, money they did a ‘double think’ and the in the resultant propaganda that spewed out following the oily takeover, they decided that loads of money was good, fit and proper.

    This all dovetails very nicely with the core theme of that Orwellian book.

    Of course Rocky might say I am talking bollix!! 🙂

  33. slimgingergooner says:

    Beating players or ‘take ons’ is definately the way to winning games, but what was has been our undoing in a lot of games against bigger teams has been our inability to protect against the counter attack. Its not the first time we have dominated posession in a match like this. However, the fact that Toure was nowhere near as effective as usual (bearing in mind he is the key to City’s counter attacks with his ability to win a ball and run 60yards) tells us that we gave much better cover to the defenders. If we can mix that with our more potent attack then we will win a good few of the ‘big games’ this season.

  34. Rob Lucci says:

    slightly off topic..

    Zenit Players Narked Over Ridiculous Wages Given To Hulk And Witsel, Bumped Down To Reserves For Complaining

    By Chris Wright

    All is not plum dandy over at Zenit St. Petersburg at the moment, where two of the club’s senior players have been forced to train with the club’s second string after having the gumption, the bare-faced cheek to raise concerns over the wage disparity between new signings Hulk and Alex Witsel and EVERY SINGLE OTHER PERSON AT THE CLUB.

    Vice-captains Igor Denisov and Alex Kerzhakov sought a meeting with the club’s top brass, concerned that the ridiculously mahoosive £6 million and £3.5 million yearly salaries paid to £61 million pair Hulk and Witsel respectively vastly overshadow the next top earners at the club – and that that may prove to cause a bit of tension between the ‘haves’ and the have-nots ’have-slightly-less-but-still-earn-small-fortunes’ within the Zenit squad.

    Denisov is quoted by the PA as saying:

    ”I’m certainly not against foreign players coming to Zenit, but there must be a balance in the team.

    “Yes, the club has bought good players, but do you think they are so much better than us that they should make three times as much?

    “Zenit already have great players who have won as many titles as the new guys. I would understand if we got Messi or Iniesta. They would deserve any price.”

    Zenit themselves are portraying a slightly different version of events, issuing a statement that it’s greedy guts Denisov (who is though to earn about £2.5 million a year – a relative pittance!) that is refusing to play until he’s handed an even fatter wodge:

    “Denisov had refused to play after issuing an ultimatum to renegotiate his contract. He was demanding more money.

    “The club feels that Denisov’s demands are groundless as he already is one of the best-paid players in the Russian league.”

    Several other players are standing by Denisov and Kerzhakov’s griping, with Vyaceslav Malafeyev, Vladimir Bystrov and Alexander Anyukov all pledging their support for the Zenit Two.

    The poor lambs. Having to scrape by on just a couple of million quid a year. How do their families eat?

  35. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Fine research and analysis.

    The midfield passing is so reminiscent of Barca two seasons ago which indicates there are happy times ahead. We just need to turn OG/O-C/Theo into Messi ….

    Apropos Rob’s comment above. Ibramovic at PSG earns €12m after tax p.a.!! Worth every cent but it is no surprise we cannot attract the very cream of players or why players leave. That said AW got Santi and he looks the dogs.

  36. Redders, good point, the so-called citizens are more equal than others in their own eyes, lol.

  37. chas says:

    Nico Yennaris was Arsenal mascot 12 years ago when we last hosted Coventry. Will probably play tomorrow.
    Haha at Mike Dean and TA6’s shorts.
    Nico Yennaris Arsenal mascot

  38. chas says:

    Jack taking a corner left-footed?

    Jack Wilshere of Arsenal

  39. chas says:

    Haha, think I’m going mad.

  40. evonne says:

    chas – that Ox vid is great.

  41. Rasp says:

    Hi chas, thanks for the pics yesterday – I nicked one of them for today’s post 😉

    I expect the headline on Thursday to read “A tale of two cities”

  42. 26may1989 says:

    That is a superb pic of Yennaris!

    Mike Dean looks exactly the same now as he did 12 years ago – proves it, he is the devil.

  43. Afternoon guys,
    Just paying my twice yearly call to your excellent and always very sane and interesting site.
    Didn’t see the game alas, i was down in Clonakilty, Co Cork for the guitar festival (recommend it!). It was All Ireland Football Final Day (GAA – gaelic football,not the real stuff) and every pub in town was showing Mayo v Donegal. If you haven’t seen gaelic football, imagine being on a rugby ground watching Stoke City play Stoke City Reserves, the ball gets more air time than Lineker, Jamie Oliver and Jonathan Ross rolled into one.
    From what I’ve seen in other matches The Arsenal are playing very well, good to watch as ever and by all accounts I’ve heard they had the best of Sunday. On the other hand we are playing crap, scraping wines and draws to keep us up there but far from the cavalier stuff we played most of last season. Aguero and Barry (the latter often derided, especially by our own ignoramuses but really important) and your bessie pal Nasri have been injured, as now is Milner who gives a lot of cover on the right. Lescott seems to have lost a lot of pace and Silva simply looks knackered. Our Dutch Destroyer has gone, ‘Jerry’ Garcia is a less than adequate replacement thus far at least and Yaya, playing too deep. Not looking good unless Scarf Ace gets his act together and finds a formula that will work. Fingers are xxd.
    Hope all the Walcott stuff is just paper talk. I don’t rate him and we don’t need him.
    On a point of info, ‘Citizens’ is a nickname that, as far as I can ascertain, dropped out of circulation in the 1930s. I never even heard my old man (born 1902) refer to them as ‘the citizens’, it was always ‘The Blues’. Lately it seems to have been revived by the papers but you never hear a City fan call City ‘the citizens’.
    Anyhow, best cheers, to all my old adversaries. Hope you win everything we don’t and I can’t say fairer than that.

  44. Bayonne Jean says:

    Rocky, you forgot to mention Iniesta, the master of the take-ons in the Barcelona midfield. He’s the one who doesn’t get splinters.

  45. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Could it be that the reason for the increase in “take ons” is down to the presence of Abou-elastic-legs Diaby? Do “take ons” count when they are tried in your own penalty box, or indeed, anywhere on the pitch and result in losing possession of the ball?

  46. Red Arse says:

    Well said, Blue Valentine, and a very fair comment. 🙂

    There are a number of ‘geetar’ afficiondos on here, but they seem to be doing something called work. No idea why! 🙂

  47. Redders, I think the geetars BlueV refer are more likely to be mandolins or something folksy and acoustic.

    You know I prefer a Gibson Flying V or a B C Rich Warbeast.

    Nice to hear Vidic is out for 8 weeks so he won’t be shoring up the defence when we run riot at Old Toilet in 5 weeks time.

    Also, is it just me who is already bored rigid with the Ryder Cup ?

    What a load of bollocks !!

  48. RockyLives says:

    Hello All and thanks for the comments.

    Comparing the Post with one of Gn5’s statto specials is praise indeed and I feel very humbled. Sadly I feel my analysis skates across the surface whereas Gn5 cuts a hole in the ice and hauls out big, live conclusions from his research…

    That Tunnel Cam is just fascinating. That’s 20 minutes less work I’ve done today then! I thought Santi looked nervous before the start – he may be one of those players who has stage fright until he steps onto the stage and then he just blossoms (as per Chas’s excellent vid). No question about it, Santi is one of the most exciting players I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt since the Invincibles.

    Nice to hear from you.
    There is so much strength and power in the City squad, but you really need one of the little guys – Silva – to be on form for it all to work properly. When he is a bit marginalised (as he was at the weekend) it’s tough. Mind you, you won’t play any other team in the EPL that keeps as much of the ball as we did. It’s too early to tell how this season will go, but I feel we are definitely stronger and you need to watch out for “season 2 syndrome’ – which dictates that it’s as hard if not harder to defend the title as it is to win it. For all Arsene’s achievements, he never had a team that successfully defended the league title.
    As for ‘Citizens’ – I was aware of that nickname when I was growing up in the ’60s (probably from old football annuals and stuff) but I lived in Manchester in the late ’70s and occasionally heard old fellas in the pubs around Rusholme and Fallowfield referring to the team as the Citizens. I also just checked Wikipedia and it’s listed as one of City’s nicknames. It’s presumably just a play on the word ‘City’, but I like to think it’s also having a dig at the other Manc lot, given that the Sky Blues are very much the City of Manchester club, whereas Utd seem to draw their support from the towns surrounding Manchester.

    Welcome to AA. How’s our support in Singapore, compared to other English clubs?

  49. evonne says:

    26may – just watched that Tunnel video again (I know, I am very sad). It really was an interesting insight into what goes on before the game, half time and after. I liked that, completes the picture somehow.
    I didn’t realise that the after the game interview is done is a tiny corner with just a poster on the wall, I was sure it was in a conference room of sorts. Also, why did Arteta and Company go behind closed doors before the kick off?

  50. evonne says: to read the post now, hello Rocky 🙂

  51. Red Arse, charybdis1966
    There was everything there from trad to metal, blues to prog, jamming, workshops etc.
    And, for the record, I’ve owned everything from a 1948 Maccaferri to a Parker Fly

  52. RockyLives says:

    Hello evonne 🙂

  53. RockyLives says:

    I think that as the two captains, Kompany and Miki were getting the pre-match lecture from the ref (“I want a fair fight, no holding, no gouging… etc”).

  54. evonne says:

    Hello again Rocky! Good, good post with lots of numbers, just the way I like it! And the last set of stats proving what I’ve been saying since Sunday – Gervinho was great.
    The dirbbling reminds me of the time we had Hleb, now that was a dribbler and a half, don’t you think?
    But the bestest bit for me was the defence, hip hip hooray, Arsenal have proper, strong defence, best at Emirates so far

  55. Red Arse says:


    Well that’s made CharyB prick up his ears, you probably gathered he is one of the guitar mandolins ……………. or is that mandarins? 🙂 — me, not so much!! 🙂

  56. RockyLives says:

    Abou Diaby had 91% successful pass completion against City. And 80% of his passes were in the attacking third of the pitch.

    He tried three “take ons” and beat his man with one of them – which means he failed with two (both of which were in the opposition half).

    So he didn’t try any dribbles in his own box (the one successful dribble was in the Arsenal half, but close to the centre circle).

    Just saying.

  57. Rocky, good to talk.
    In the pre-chant days my old man and his mates used to sing a song called ‘On the Ball, City’, especially after a few sherbets. Years later, when I went to live in Norwich I found The Carrot Crunchers had the same song and were, amazingly, still singing it (c1966). But I can never remember any of my dad’s gang using the term ‘Citizens’. The Swamp Dwellers were, even in those days, called ‘The Rags’ which everyone assumes is a reference to ‘The Reds’. Actually it’s not, it goes back to the 1920s when Yoonitid were so skint they couldn’t field 11 matching shirts. Hopefully soon they will revert to type.
    Back on topic, your little Spanish guy seems to be something of a find. Some nice touches in the highlights I saw. Yes, we do need Dave back on form.

  58. Redders/BlueV – definitely not mandolins, I put them in the same class of hippy musical instruments as you’d use in a madrigal such as a hurdy-gurdy.

    I reckon I fell for the stereo-type of wispy bearded men in isolated farmhouses playing folk music as the venue was in Ireland.

  59. RockyLives says:

    Good point evonne, but I feel Gerv is a much more direct dribbler than Hleb used to be.

    The Swerve generally takes a fast, straight attacking line, whereas little Alex used to dribble round in circles.

    Anyway, Gerv’s 12 attempted dribbles against City was an outstanding effort. Most dribbles will not come off (for any player: I suspect that even Ronaldo and Messi beat their man less than half of the time) but it’s a numbers game: if you keep trying you’ll get through enough times to create real chances.

  60. Red Arse says:

    So Rockabyebaby, your explanation of the meaning of ‘citizen’ means you WERE telling me that my praise for you with your literary allusions based on Orwell’s 1984 was bollix!!

    I will never allude to literature in your presence ever again.

    Well, except for this, as I also alluded to Theo and his ‘non-take-ons’;

    Swift as a shadow, short as any dream,
    Brief as the lightning in the collied night,
    That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth,
    And ere a man hath power to say, ‘Behold!’
    The jaws of darkness do devour it up;
    So quick and bright things come to confusion.

    Shakey Speare; A Midsummer Night’s Dream, for Theo.

    That Shakey knew everything!!! 🙂

  61. RockyLives says:

    Redders 🙂

    Just remember: all Bloggers are equal, but some are more equal than others…

  62. Nothing wrong with literary allusions Redders, back in the day one of my posts here lead with quotes from Ruckertleider.

  63. RockyLives says:

    Who’s Ricketylederhosen?

  64. Freidrich Ruckert was an early 19th century german poet who I stumbled upon when looking into the inspiration for one of Mahlers song cycles Rocky.

    Here’s a link to the original article..crikey, I was so young and niave then:

  65. Red Arse says:

    Now there’s a thing! The Rock Candy man tells me I am a little unequal, ( how do you know I walk bandy because of my cojones?) and there’s CharyB showing off with Mahler’s Ruckert-Leider song cycle. That poor guy lost to the world — and feeling sorry for himself —–hey I think he was thinking of me!! 😦

    Jeez, being on a blog with intellectuals and musical buffs is certainly educashional!! 🙂

    My only claim to fame is (a) I know people on AA and (b) I happen to be a big Mahler enthusiast! 🙂

  66. 26may1989 says:

    Bloody bluevalentine, coming on here, being all reasonable and measured. Look pal, all I want to do (at least while Abu Dhabi reigns) is hate evrything to do with MCFC. It doesn’t help to have someone as plain decent as you come on and pop my balloons.


  67. Hey Redders, I’m a big fan of Mahler and, unsurprisingly you may think, Bruckner too.

    My 2 favourite pieces of music ever: Mahler 6 and Bruckner 8. I’ve been listening to those for the last 30 years and even got to see them played in concert at the Proms also.

    Spine tingling stuff.

  68. 26may1989 says:


    That and AC Iron Def Purple Sabbath……

  69. Red Arse says:


    Your comments stirred me to dredge up another Shakey Speare play, (I struggled as a boy between larnin and being out with my fellow conspirators)! 🙂 but AA does somehow bring out the ‘actor’ in everybody who graces its pages. 🙂

    All the world’s a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players.
    They have their exits and their entrances,
    And one man in his time plays many parts,

    Did you know, even Elvis sang one of his hit songs based on a bastardised version of this sonnet. Bastard? Elvis? Never!! 🙂

  70. Red Arse says:

    Eh, 26, wot, did you say Def Leopard? Eh, wot? Can’t hear you!! 🙂

  71. I’ve met someone from Iron Maiden a few times. Niko he’s the drummer. I played in a football team with him once. One of my clients organises thier tours.

  72. Big Raddy says:

    BR prefers a live version of Dixie Chicken by Little Feat for a bit of spine tingling.

    or Bonnie Raitt’s version of the Richard Thompson song Dimming of the Day, and I Can’t make you Love me is just stinking.

    Holy Jammolie – I have a post to write !!

  73. evonne says:

    bluevalentine – I like gaelic football, great game. Shame Donnegal won it again. Oh well, Mayo waited 61 years,, they might as well wait a few more 🙂
    What is amazing about the gaelic football is the fact that the players are all amateurs, ie they do not get paid, and yet the stadia are always full, everybody goes to see them. I believe some London based Paddies paid as much as 500 euros per ticket for the finals!! Amazing stuff, true sport, wouldn’t you say?

  74. Red Arse says:

    In my lowly social circles a love of Bruckner is de rigeur.

    Of course my social circle is just me, which makes it a bit awkward!! 🙂 Still when 26 gives me exciting employment as a junior in his office, it may come in handy. – being in a social circle of one, I mean! 😦

  75. Red Arse says:

    Evonne, 🙂

    I am pretending not to look, but your avatar seems to have gone all masculine — is this the new Polish girl look? 🙂

  76. Red Arse says:

    Right, no one is playing – again – so I am off to pester someone else! 🙂

  77. 26/Redders – I see no contradiction in a love of late romantic austro-germanic symphonies and metal.

    I reckon if Bruckner had been alive today he would have been in a power metal band. 🙂

  78. 26, it’s only twice a year I come on here, plenty of opportunity to hate/despise us for the rest of the year.

    Thinking about it, I don’t think the majority of us City fans are as black as other clubs’ fans paint us.
    I always think of us as a kid who has had a succession of crap step dads (Swales, Franny Lee). The rich kids next door (Manure) constantly take the piss. But then your mum (City) gets a new guy (Sheik Mansoor) who doesn’t piss his cash up the wall or blow it on the nags. He hands you a big wad of notes on your birthday. Of course you could say “Sorry, I don’t take money from strangers” but you don’t. You head for ToysRus with a bloody big grin on your face. I’m sure most City fans think this way. We know we were dead lucky but no point in wearing a hair shirt or going up the M62 to support boracic Oldham.
    The danger will come if we ever forget that one day we had a hole in the arse of our trousers and forget that we got lucky (like the twats down the road have done). Then we will deserve everyones hatred and derision.
    Hope it never happens.

  79. BR, I like Bonnie’s version of ‘Dimming of the Day’ but, compared to the original Richard/Linda version it’s very simplistic. Bonnie sings it in one key throughout but the tune, as Richard wrote it and as Linda sings, modulates (if that’s the word) through G,D to A. A tune that sounds simple but is really very sophisticated.

    Evonne, as a Wexford man by adoption/osmosis, I love hurling but can’t stand gaelic football. I do prefer games that have a tactical element rather than relying on pure mechanical skills. But yes, there is a lot in the ethos of the GAA which is admirable. No room for prima donnas. I think Donegal, btw, have only won the ‘Sam’ twice in their history.

  80. LB says:

    You can’t disarm us that easily BV.

  81. RockyLives says:

    My classical music knowledge is pretty thin (although I likes what I likes – a lot of Baroque plus certain symphonies by Shostakovich, Copland and a few others).

    But I shall now investigate Bruckner, because if he appeals to you clever fellows there must be something to him.

    Merci, mes amis.

    I have in the past described City (with their unmatchable financial backing) as the Death Star of football, whose model will blow up smaller clubs the way Darth Vader’s machine blows up planets.
    But you’re description of how it feels to be a City fan right now is eloquent and is probably how I would feel if I was one. I’m just grateful that the Oilies bought you lot and not our noisy neighbours.

  82. Red Arse says:

    Just back for a sec, to remind anyone who has half a mo’ (lovely British vernacular) 🙂 that TA has written a great Post on his new Blog Bergkampesque. Worth a read! 🙂

  83. Red Arse says:

    Rocket, start with Bruckner’s Symphony No.2 (the late Herbert von Karajan’s version is top hole! 🙂 )

    You can probably get it on You Tube or the magical Chas will be able to rustle it up!!

  84. Red Arse says:

    Sorry, finger probs — Symphony No. 5 is the best starting point – in my very dodgy opinion!! 🙂

  85. RockyLives says:

    Thanks Redders
    Bruckner 5 it is!

  86. Red Arse says:

    If you are serious about giving classical music a go, Rocky, I have looked thru my CD’s and found one that is perfect for giving taste of fabulous music from many fantastic composers.

    It is a 2 disc CD called Harmony: The Music of Dreams, and it is on the Virgin Label. I really, really recommend it.

    We are all different, so I cannot guarantee you will fall in love with the music, but this CD collection of various movements is so eclectic I would be surprised indeed if you did not find something (many things?) to rock your socks – altho that may not be the most appropriate metaphor! 🙂

    Tomorrow, mayhap! 🙂

  87. Big Raddy says:

    BV. I am a huge Thommo fan and agree his version is wonderful but Bonnie hits me in the groin whereas RT makes me shiver.

    I would dearly love to be at Bonnie’s side at the dimming of the day. Plus she plays a mean blues. Listen to Love me like a man

    And like me Thommo plays a Louden

  88. LB says:
    September 25, 2012 at 5:03 pm
    You can’t disarm us that easily BV.

    No intention of doing so. What would football be without a generous pinch of odium in the recipe.
    Loathing Manure, Spuds, Chavski, Stoke City, Rangers, Celtic, Lawro/Shearer/Hansen, Stoke City again and Scousers is one of the things that helps keep me young.
    The other is guitars.

  89. Raddy, agree re Bonnie Rait’s Love Me Like A Man. Likewise I’m a big RT fan. I have far too many guitars (according to my wife)* Own 2 Lowdens, a 12-string from about 1978 and an O35 custom in Tasmanian Blackwood/Black Cedar 1997
    * Ralph McTell said “If you know how many guitars you own, you don’t own enough”

  90. Big Raddy says:

    BV You are clearly an intelligent man, why not see the light and support The Arsenal? That way we can enjoy your input on a more regular basis.

    You know it makes sense……

  91. evonne says:

    BR – you chancer 🙂

  92. Big Raddy says:

    I have a Lowden which I bought from the man himself just prior to his bankruptcy – about 1983. Handmade by George, it is the 50 cutaway shape with the simplicity of the 35 series. On the label it is guitar no. 1052 and is hand signed by GL

    It is a thing of beauty, is played every day and sings .

    Like you I have had many guitars but nothing compares to the lowden

  93. Big Raddy says:

    Evonne. You have met me…. Do I strike you as a chancer ? 😉

  94. evonne says:

    BR – oh yeah, absolutely 🙂

  95. I’d give my right arm to play the guitar

    I’ll get my coat

  96. glic says:

    Another fine installment of “The Rock Files”. Dont we all love a player who “takes them on”, a Dribbler ! ( actually , something I`m quite good at myself, I have a fine selection of vid`s and strategicaly placed mirrors to keep me dribbling well into the night ! )
    Dribbling also brings on the other bonus of winning penalties, talking of which, there was a good interview with Dermot Gallagher today, on TalkSport with H&J. The Reff`s are wise to your Suarez`s ( it`s because he played DiveWolf too often, that when he should have had a penalty against Manu it wasn`t given ! ).
    We all dive though, there`s an AAer,( who doesn`t want to be named , but lets just call him Terry ) who is obsessed with it, he plays in the Bounds Green 3 + 3 – 1 = 5 a side Accountants League. He now has his cards marked by the wise Reff`s, who do not fall for his blatant hysterical easy going down in the box as soon as his balls have been tickled by someone.

  97. glic says:

    * tackled by someone * 😆

  98. glic says:

    They dont call him “Tickle Tackle Terry” for nothing you know ! 🙂


    Excellent post Rocky. Your right, the stats make interesting reading.

    Ive always believed Wengers and the boards vision is to build a side capable of beating teams who outspend us by enforcing the collective over the ability of the individual.

    We are beggining now to see this vison bear fruit. Its been my opinion for the last three years now that we are on the precipice of a very special era for the club that will eclipse the 1930s teams. What some people miss is that what Arsenal have been doing these last few years is akin to the great liverpool sides of the eighties, building from within and then adding the nescsary ingridients.

    We are coming to a stage were the loss of the odd player will no longer derail us. Our football is unparrelled in this country, no one can keep the ball like Arsenal, and this is a result of several years hard work. “You reap what you sow”, is not a joke, its the culmination of years of hard work that is about to propell the Club to great success and it will be fully deserved.

    “The Ghosts of the 30’s are stiring”

  100. evonne says:

    Vidic out for 2 months, how terrible is that? If they keep getting these injuries they will win nothing. And what the little boys inside R$P are going to say then? ‘You stupid old twat’ ?

  101. glic says:

    I have probably invented a new style of football there, which is light years ahead of the Barca Style Tippy Tappy. In years to come , when Women`s teams play Men`s team`s, Women will use the Tickle Tackle system ( there will probably be a statue and a stadium named after me, ” The Babe Station Handsome Bastard Stadium )
    ” Up for a Ladies corner, a bit of Tickle Tackle, Men too stiff to move , One nil to the lezzers ” !.

  102. RockyLives says:

    GLiC 🙂

    I think Terry now needs to officially change his blogging name to “Tickle Tackle Terry” 🙂


    Cornwall, ok i admit i like to tackle in the box and the odd dives alright to. Thats the thing about playing football, we all enjoy doing some things on the pitch and hate other things. I get particuly narked when sime git tries to tackle me from the rear, or another tries to butt me with his head. Dont these idiots understand the rules. hahaha

  104. glic says:

    I wonder if we are going to put out as strong a squad tomorrow as City and Chavs have tonight, hope not, we need a fresh strong team for early saturday kick off.

  105. Evening all.

    A stattastic post from the Rock, I was trying to figure out why our passing was less tippy tappy and more punchy this year, perhaps it is the take ons, but i think it is also to do with the direction we are trying to play and the wonderful two footedness of our midfield, Cazorla obviously the main leader. That two footedness is meaning more passes are going forward, a player in the problem switch feet ad move forward, the rare backward passes are being played to advancing players, Pod setting it for Santi to move forward again.

    It also means that oppositions are not predicting our patterns as much either. Jack will have to work on his right foot this season. Good to see him in the training shots.

    And that Ox TV is very amusing, seems like a good lad.

  106. evonne says:

    Raddy – following your yesterday’s comment about money spent last summer I did some maths to learn that Chavs spent a whoping 80mil, Shitty 62, Manyoo 49, Spuds 39, Pool 29 plus Sahin on loan. We, the Mighty Arsenal spent £40.5 on just 3 players.

  107. evonne says:

    GiE – he is, isn’t he, little Ox, he’s always smiling

  108. jnyc says:

    ROCKY! great article, should be in a magazine or newspaper. Guys like you are giving me a deep education on football, and getting me to observe more. You choose interesting stats, so keep it up. Great job. I also agree with your conclusions, which are very positive for more great results this season, maybe even this week 🙂

  109. Big Raddy says:

    Evonne. There can be little doubt that the Chavs have bought some real attacking quality. Oscar looks an even better player than Hazard, but will they improve Chelsea as a team?

    What they lack is a driving midfield player to replace Fat Lamps, though why they sold Essien to RM and kept ObiwonMikel is a complete mystery,

    Now if the Chavs had bought RvP as well I would be worried

  110. jnyc says:

    Evonne, injuries wont hurt them as much as other teams, as long as the refs are wearing united undies. I feel sorry for any injured player, but never for that team. Its more than made up for by gifted points.

  111. jnyc says:

    Raddy, chelsky probably will buy a big name striker in january. So lets get ahead of them and stay there

  112. RockyLives says:

    I have been relatively impressed with what I’ve seen of the Chavs this year and I am under no illusions about this weekend.

    Oscar is clearly capable of moments of pure genius – we’ll need to watch him like a hawk.

    But I have been interested to see how RDM has started leaving Lumpard and the racist out of his starting line-ups. There must be some real ill feeling festering in the Chav ranks and it will hopefully bubble over soon.

  113. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Me too. Don’t know whether to give it both barrels on the pre-match or give some grudging respect.

  114. RockyLives says:

    Tough one BR but… Er… Both barrels 🙂

  115. Rasp says:

    Raddy, if you’re there – you have only listed 10 players in your team for tomorrow

  116. 26may1989 says:

    Lovely to see Richard Thompson get mentioned, fantastic musician. Plus he went to my school (a generation or two before me). A great performer and a lucky bloke…….

    Interesting league cup results tonight: City and Everton out, Chelsea thrashing Wolves.

    Saturday is an exciting one. Chelsea may have brought in some excellent creative talents (Moses is the one I worry about this weekend), and they’ve bagged plenty of points, but they’ve also looked disjointed in their league games. And they’ll be more vulnerable in defence than we’ve been used to.

    It’ll be a challenge but I back us to come away with the points!

  117. Rasp says:

    I’m going to assume that Eisfeld is the missing midfielder Raddy unless you can tell me otherwise.

  118. RockyLives says:

    Looks like your title worked 🙂

  119. Gooner In Exile says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how Chelsea approach their trip to the Emirates.

    In the past they’ve been content to sit back and counter, but their attack needs more men committed to function which should leave a few holes for Santi and others to exploit. Stoke came close to embarrassing them on the counter.

    They have had a relatively easy start so its their first real test in the PL, but their confidence will be high. Us to win 3-1.

  120. Gooner In Exile says:

    Also could be a game for Theo to keep Cole honest (out of the attack)

  121. RockyLives says:

    Can’t see Theo starting, GiE.

    How’s Mrs GiE and the Gooner-in-Progress?

  122. Tickle tackle made me LOL. Very funny

    I forgot to say how good the post was. How silly of me.

  123. oz gunner says:

    typically great post Rocky, like the take-on stats.
    It’s definitely the way to go, and a sure fire way to cut through a teams press. Sometimes (as we know) presses can be really hard to break down as players are well drilled and know their roles. Bypassing a player pulls another player out of his position creating openings, thus breaking down a press. Teams in Australian rules football adopt an 18 man press that can be very hard to get through, but the best way through it is by quick players breaking the lines, and not being afraid to take the game on.

    Gerv does it very well, so much so that once he gets the ball the opposition try to double team him (funny when it happens near the byline and the opposition players stand behind one another, yet both end up being fooled by gerv and going the same way haha).

    This is part of the problem with Walcott. Teams like to close us down and not give us any room to move. With Walcott is completely nullifies his game because he does not have the capacity to take on players. Gerv however does, Ox as well. With our setup I just can’t see Walcott being used as anything more then a sub (when a team is chasing the win leaving them prone to a counter. Not when we are chasing victory because once again No space=no walcott.)

    I tip my hat to Arsene the genius again, passing around is all well and good, but well drilled teams will just guard space and not over commit. Now we are being proactive and taking the game to them forcing holes and openings.

    Things are looking very rosey at Arsenal, and that’s even after I’ve taken off my rose-tinted glasses!

    Cheers Rocky

  124. RockyLives says:

    Cheers GM & Oz

  125. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. I was sleeping on it … I wasn’t sure of many of my choices (though defence was easy).

    Oz. Let us not run away with this. We have played 3 teams who were committed to attack and gave us the space to play. Let’s see how it works when we are next faced with opposition who compress the play, after all how many goals did we score against the S teams?

  126. chas says:

    More Ox TV for you Chambo aficionados……

  127. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sorry to post writers, but I have been really busy, so not around to return your effort with input.
    My money is on a Theo start….meeeow

  128. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Chambo “aficionados”? What like people sayig he’s miles better than Messi 🙂

  129. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Off again 😦

  130. chas says:

    Morning, Micky.
    Kilometres better.

    I found some conclusive proof that cats are more intelligent than dogs…..

  131. chas says:

    That last gif was apparently taken in Peaches’ back garden.

  132. Gooner In Exile says:

    Sorry came and went last night, our dog had to have an op yesterday and has 5 areas of rather large stitches….looks like he had a fight with Sweeny Todd.

    Mrs Exile is doing fine thanks Rocky, and the shrimp has enjoyed my singing of Arsenal songs during matches 🙂

    Interesting looking at the squad training pictures for tonight’s game. Looks like we will be fielding a fairly strong squad, and it was good to see Jack and Pong getting involved.

  133. oz gunner says:

    what’s that BR? I can’t hear you I’m already engraving our name on the cups.

    You are right, but if we play the same it will create more openings.

  134. chas says:

    I wonder what the take-on figures were against Sunderland and Stoke?

  135. oz gunner says:

    Argentina could not get there way through the Brazilian zonal press. However, at ~53 sec Messi gets the ball, drives past a player and creates an opening. Yes it’s messi and he can do magnificent things, but it’s the same sort of thing gerv, santi, diaby, and ox will be doing.

  136. Big Raddy says:

    Can’t find a stream for tonight’s game. Just the MU and L’pool matches.

  137. oz gunner says:

    nor can I BR, carling cups matches are normally always on cable over here. Things gets two extra sports channels yet drops these matches. Not happy!!!

  138. chas says:

    I think you’re right, BR.
    Just matchday show on Arsenal Player, I think.

  139. chas says:

    …….which has live commentary.
    Takes me back to listening to Arsenal versus Liverpool in FA Cup semi-final replays in 1980.

  140. Big Raddy says:

    Those are fantastic stats for Cazorla!

    Guess I will have to listen to the lads on my transistor

  141. oz gunner says:

    those are some great stats Chas.

    Juan only hopes this will show that Mata is overrated.
    I could always see the Silva lining in the price City payed for David. But he seems to have dropped off dramatically now that he has got his pay increase (that’s nasri-like behaviour).

    I’m very santi-sfied that we got Cazorla. He is the pick of the bunch!

  142. evonne says:

    chas @ 8:01 – no, not more clever, just faster.

  143. evonne says:

    Rasp – what’s the problem? we can do it with 10 players tonight, no problemo

    Santi stats and comment – priceless

  144. VCC says:

    Morning all……is tonights game being shown “Liveonlinefooty” ?

  145. evonne says:

    VCC – there is no liveonlinefooty anymore, they have changed name

  146. chas says:

    VCC, This says the game will not be screened live on tv.

  147. VCC says:

    Thanks evonne. Do you still subscribe to a site showing live football (Arsenal games). I have given my skysports up

  148. evonne says:

    VCC – I do, sky sports, bitscores, polish tv and still cannot watch the game tonight!! Would have been cheaper to go there for a tenner

    The liveonlinefooty have changed the domain name but asked the existing subscribers not to reveal it to anyone, sorry mate 🙂

  149. VCC says:

    chas/evonne…….is it still possible to obtain tickets for tonights game?

  150. evonne says:

    VCC – probably; I will ask Peaches to mail you the new site address, just not sure if they take new subscriptions.

  151. evonne says:

    crickey, all sold out

  152. VCC says:

    thanks evonne. Stupid of me in the first place not to apply as I really fancy this game, to see all the changes I expect. I also hope Wenger will rest most of our first teamers and play the more fringe guys…….Yennaris/Miquel/Djorou/Santos/Walcott/Arshavin/Coquelin/Ozyakup …. I would

  153. Big Raddy says:

    How spoilt are we footie fans that we are shocked we can’t see a game?

    It still seems amazing to me that Oz in Oz can watch the game in real time on a stream and not just one or two games but every game apart from tonight

  154. chas says:

    Ozyakup went to Besitkas, VCC.

  155. chas says:

    With 4G could someone stream a game from their phone?

  156. Big Raddy says:

    Liveonline has closed it’s subscriptions and moved site domain. I guess things were getting too successful and the copyright cops were in hot pursuit. They are only serving existing customers.

    Wiziwig always has streams and plenty of them.

  157. chas says:

    It is amazing, BR.
    Back in 1980 there was no internet, no texts, no mobiles, I can’t even remember if there was teletext!
    Just your crystal radio and a terrible in-out signal. 🙂

  158. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Damn, you’re right BR, its not on Bitscores 😦
    Driving to work, I had a Theo Moment.
    Of course he is going to be sad at not being in the First XI anymore, and will probably be a little miffed at having to lace-up tonight, however, maybe AW could get more out of him, and who knows what, by playing him off MC/OG in a 4-4-2.

  159. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “Teletext” ROLF.
    Could anyone tell me what that was all about. Rubbish from day one.

  160. chas says:

    I can remember staring at a zero willing it to change into a one. 🙂

  161. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I used to sit with a glazed expression as I spent hours trying to get say, sport174. Then, half an hour later looking up and seeing 175 creep past!

  162. evonne says:

    VCC – i might have found something, checking, let you know later

  163. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I have to say, seeing that sort of wants me to take up drugs again. I feel I may have missed out on an opportunity. Hours could be pleasantly spent ROLFING at the screen.

  164. glic says:

    I liked Teletext at the time, I could be watching a programme and something would pop up ( steady ) in the corner of the TV, that meant a team had scored, i then got excited wondering who it would be whilst pressing the text button to reveal, then press update button to get back to programme, actually I thought that was a good system !.

  165. chas says:

    At 1:32 we’re top of the table and 1.33 bsr injury rocks Arsenal.
    Micky, I know people who bought holidays from Teletext.

  166. Good morning Gooner mates

    I have found some signal and powered up my laptop. My little house now has no roof and I’m sheltering next door. The demolition crew can’t stop me for long 🙂

    Anyway we have a game tonight and a

    ………..New Post

  167. chas says:

    Page 100, first page
    A line on the weather and news of the day
    Go, go to the index to find your way
    Or press 151 to go play
    Bamboozle the quiz, be a fasttext whiz
    Answer questions too hard for the kids
    At the end of the ride, check what’s on tonight
    Use page 410 and the TV guide
    Red button talks about Eastenders
    But the page number has its own agenda
    ‘Return to Sender’, must be Planet Sound
    Elvis is a hound is what’s passed down by

    Teletext, just coloured blocks
    Arranged in a way that blew your socks
    Whether cartoons or info or viewers moans
    You could always rely on feeling at home
    With Teletext, much more than a clock
    Like the internet, but in a school of hard knocks
    Now it’s down in the locker with old Davy Jones
    It’ll still be running ads for personal loans

    Now Ceefax, that’s BBC One
    It was Teletext but austerely done
    Page 511, that’s Newsround
    Kids stick around to see what’s gone down
    They flicked back five to find the teens
    And the rivalry between Backchat and Megazine
    It’s almost a sport like page 300
    Pages for the local team for those who wondered
    Who’s bought and sold, who got a little old
    Can’t play in the game cos he’s got a little cold
    Clubcall adverts glued all around
    Cos one you dialed you couldn’t put it down


    Now ITV, somewhat a middle ground
    TV & sport but no kids to be found
    But you could go away, buy, buy a holiday
    Then turn to 190 and plan your way
    Wherever you were, 600 had you covered
    But only if your mind was a Mother Hubbard cupboard
    Out of sync, out of steam, like the after hours pages
    Where you could find personals for all gender ranges
    Sex pages would say you’re getting some tonight
    But only if you tune to the film on Channel 5
    Enjoy it cos tommorow they won’t be there
    5000 pages that didn’t have a prayer
    And then, on one fateful day
    15/12/09, the beast was slain
    Now it’s moved online, its not quite the same
    Websites have never been as quite as much a pain as

    Chorus x2

  168. I have been exploring for a little for any high quality articles or weblog posts on this kind of house . Exploring in Yahoo I at last stumbled upon this web site. Studying this info So i’m happy to show that I’ve an incredibly just right uncanny feeling I came upon exactly what I needed. I such a lot surely will make certain to don?t fail to remember this web site and provides it a glance regularly.

  169. RockyLives says:

    Welcome listas
    Are you based in Barcelona?
    Are they your team?

  170. Just want to say your article is as astounding.

    The clarity in your put up is simply excellent and i could suppose you are knowledgeable in this subject.
    Fine with your permission allow me to grasp your
    feed to stay updated with forthcoming post. Thank you a million
    and please carry on the gratifying work.

  171. singapore city points Of Interest

    Arsenal do what Barcelona do

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