Arsenal – Hardball or Soft Sell?

Today’s post derives from a comment posted by Adrian yesterday. It is fair to say that his opinions are not in keeping with many on this site but they do represent an interesting counterargument that is worthy of debate.

RVP, Song and now maybe Walcott – although the latest reports suggest he may stay. Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy last year. Anyone want to guess whose turn it is to shine this season only to be sold by our great owners at a minimum of 200% or higher profit to the highest bidder the next transfer window?

I’m sorry, but those who are insisting that we are good enough to compete for silverware need a reality check. Don’t get me wrong, the 3 players we brought in are very promising prospects, but so far only Cazorla has truly shone. Even then, you need to remember that Cazorla is no Fabregas and Podolski/Giroud is no RvP.

The point is, the club has been continually selling its BEST players and replacing them with decent players but in some cases not as good as their predecessors. Just take a look at Chelsea/Man city’s squad, it is very unlikely that we will have the squad depth or quality that can match theirs even though we have a fairly decent squad. Diaby is too injury prone, Arteta and Rosicky are getting one year older, Wilshere will be back god knows when, Ramsey is very inconsistent although promising. Therefore while it may appear on paper that we have a decent squad with enough depth, at a closer look you’ll start to notice some cracks and problems.

The last thing we need now is for Theo to leave. I simply cannot understand why some people have mentioned that the business end of the club is being well run. For heavens sake, its 2012 now and wage inflation has already been going on for some time. As of now, it is the norm for the better players to get around 100k a week. For those insisting that players getting 100k a week to play football is unreasonable and absurd, you need to ask yourself this, does 70k and a 100k really makes a big difference? Clubs everywhere are already paying these type of wages to their players for many years and it is time for Arsenal to go along with this concept and start being competitive salary wise, considering that Arsenal season tickets are the HIGHEST in the EPL. For heaven’s sake, we are Arsenal, one of the top clubs in England, not a 1st division side.

As mentioned above, a quality winger would easily cost 10m+, so why the big fuss over the 6m increase in Theo’s salary? Taking a stand against player contracts is very admirable, but once again you have to question the way the board acts in a business sense. Why only take a stand in the LAST THREE days of the transfer window? If they were not prepared to accede to a demand of above 75k (which is absurd as losing 3 vital first team players in a transfer window for 2 seasons consecutively should not happen in any top club), why didn’t they make it clear weeks or even months ago? Why only take a stubborn stand when there are only 3 days left to the transfer window thus leaving us with even less time to find a replacement?

For those saying that the Ox will be a great replacement in the unfortunate event that Theo leaves, he is good but not polished or fully established yet and depth as mentioned before is  vital when we are challenging in 4 competitions. And Gnabry, seriously? You expect a reserves squad member to step up and instantly hit the ground running in the EPL? As for those who mentioned Affelay, he will only be available ON LOAN. Some of you slagged Theo saying that he doesn’t want to play in an Arsenal shirt. What makes you think Affelay who is only on loan from Barca will play for us with all his heart IF he does come, as the club in his heart is Barca?

I must say I am very disappointed with the way the club has operated in the transfer window this season. I thought what happened last season would not be repeated this transfer window, but clearly I was wrong. For now I can only hope that this will not happen again next year. I strongly believe that Theo should be kept and is a vital part of the squad. Too many changes will do us no good.

Written by Adrian

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  1. rhyle says:

    Morning all

    I miss the days when I didn’t discuss wages and balance sheets, CEOs and contracts when I talked about football.

    Two days left, will reserve any judgement on this transfer window until it’s closed. Tremendously disappointed at the moment, though. My perception is that, after starting so well, we’ve allowed complacency to creep in in the hope of getting players on the “Arsenal” (or “cheap”). Going after (and failing to get) Sahin is a sign that we recognise we need further options…and a front two of Giroud and Podolski needs back up from someone who can finish…I dread seeing (delete a applicable) Bendtner, Chamakh or Park as our sub option…

    Still…just under 38 hours to go…ALL WILL BE WELL…*crosses fingers*

  2. Adrian says:

    Just came home and the first thing I saw was this, thanks for editing and posting this. Another thing that someone else mentioned yesterday was that Walcott is still young and will have a great resale value even if we decide to sell him over the next couple of years for whatever reason. Clock is ticking, I hope le prof doesn’t do a last minute supermarket dash again..

  3. chas says:

    Nice comment, Adrian. (I didn’t read it yesterday with no formatting)

    Chelsea’s squad looks deep attacking midfield-wise but I think defensively they’ll struggle.
    I’m happy to keep Theo even though he’s not my favourite player but don’t think he should be our top earner.
    If we don’t get at least one more player in, it will be very disappointing.

  4. chas says:

    Adrian needs adding to the authors list.

  5. Rasp says:

    Thanks chas, it’s on my to do list but will not happen til this evening 🙂

  6. Slimgingergooner says:

    Nicely written Adrian,

    You make a good point about Afellay coming in on loan and where his loyalty lies.

    Just a couple of things though. Why do you judge how good our squad is by comparing it with Chelsea and Man City? That’s like me judging my Citreon C3 against the millionaires Aston Martin down the road! If we are holding off over 25k a week for Theo then we can’t compete financially with these other clubs. Also, Arsenal rely on Wengers eye for young talent and have done since he arrived at the club. The Ox being a replacement for Theo is just another example of that. Look what happened with Wilshere when Fabregas left, everyone complained we had no replacement and up pops our best ever prospect. Wenger knows his squad inside out and if he thinks Ox is ready then he will play him, if not, then a replacement will be bought.

  7. Adrian although I disagree with some of what you say thanks for the post. I don’t think this year is as bad as last. We bought early and overall bought better than last season. I hope there is a supermarket dash as I think we need a couple more players at least.

    Suarez has just signed a new deal worth £100k. He is far better than Theo and more important to them than Theo is to us (at the moment). They also pay higher wages to thier better players. I also understand that Theo is more or less damanding that he plays centrally as well as the money. The manager has to decide that so that may well be a sticking point

    Taking a look at chelsea/man city’s squad is a bit like me looking in george michaels house and not being able to compete with his furniture I’m afraid. It’s a sad fact of life. The only way we could is if jabba takes over (and throws money at it) and that would kill a lot of my passion for the game.

  8. LB says:

    I am glad that comment got re-posted as it certainly is worthy of head line status.

    What can I say but I feel your pain Adrian.

  9. LB says:


    Every now and then you write a comment of such quality that I am left speachless. Wow, is the best I can do.

  10. Thank you!

    What did I say? 🙂

  11. Slimgingergooner says:

    Champs League groups could be interesting today with the likes of PSG, Juve and Dortmund in lower pots.

  12. Rhyle
    Another midfielder (can’t remeber his name) has said he turned down Arsenal (Mirallas- just remembered) to get more playing time. I’d be stunned if we don’t get one. I would have liked Dembele but he’s scum to me now.

  13. Gooner In Exile says:

    Adrian compliments on a well written post, but unfortunately I feel you miss the point of being financially well run.

    You mention the Highest ticket price and whenever I see that I switch off, they are the highest prices for less than a thousand or so tickets (in normal seats) and the club levellers (who to be fair can’t be factored into any comparison of prices as they include hospitality elements). I suggest you have a look at Chelsea, Tottenham and West Ham websites and be surprised by just how much it costs for most fans to get in to their respective sh*tholes, and how many more Arsenal fans get in for less than our counterparts at these grounds.

    Secondly despite the high ticket prices we are only just at financial breakeven on the footballing side when property profits are excluded. Hopefully we will be able to change this when current commercial deals come to an end, although I would have liked to see us pay penalty charges and get out earlier if possible in the light of deals being struck elsewhere, however this is not the Arsenal way when dealing with commercial partners, even after JVC stopped sponsoring our shirts they continued to have a relationship with the club (I think they still do).

    The point being that it is quite some time since any of our owners have lent money to the club, I have no expectation of Kroenke to do so, do we want the club to run up debt to keep the likes of Theo? Well I think the answer for this Gooner has to be no, I do not want to pay higher prices through the turnstile, so I will accept what happens as part of supporting my club.

    Finally I have to re iterate at no time do I demand that the club wins a trophy, it’s simply not why I started supporting them, I have no feeling of entitlement from the club. I simply support the club….whether in the PL or Conference.

  14. Am I the only one looking forward to deadline day? I may be setting myself up for a big fall 🙂

  15. GIE
    I’d have to say if we were in the conference I’d take the sausage butty I had at Barnet last night for £2.50 over the food at the Emirates any day.

  16. Gooner In Exile says:

    And also in addition to Rhyles comments about not discussing financials i couldnt agree more, remember when it was just about football, a good coach with a well built side and tactics. I also remember when a new signing was full of excitement, now its expected. Football has changed and unfortunately we have to accept it, and as long as others discuss the clubs spending/transfer policy with complete disregard of the finances it has to be discussed.

    And I know others will say “the wages Bendtner is on” etc. Ask yourself a question are they factually accurate….Theo is being offered £75k a week allegedly….would you think that represents a big pay rise? Well according to oft referred to numbers Theo is already on £70k a week, seems very tight from the club to only offer £5k more a week from a deal signed 3 years ago.

  17. Gooner In Exile says:

    £2.50 GM? You can get a bag of Minstrels for that 🙂

  18. big ernie says:

    I personally would not cry buckets over Theo moving on, he is demanding a wage increase, but not doing anything on the pitch to justify it, I honestly think sometimes that he is going backwards. If I said to my boss I want a pay rise I would have to prove why I was worth it, rather than saying, “just because I do”. BUT having said all that about The, I want to know what it is about our club that makes the players want to move on, is it a lack of loyalty, the money (i suspect plays a large part) or something else. It started with Paddy wanting out, then TH14 then the long list that followed. At one stage it was AW moving players on who were past their sell by date, now it’s like rats deserting a sinking ship …… what is happening, is AW now past his sell by date and the players have just given up on him and no longer respect him and his methods ? I don’t suppose we will ever know, but something has to change and we need to retain our best players for us to move forward.

  19. rhyle says:

    GM – Mirallas is a striker, but that’s a sign we’re looking to strengthen there, too!

    I am confident we’ll bring in a couple of players – there’s a lot of cryptic noise flying around that we’re in someone huge that I’m trying my best to ignore…but crossing fingers nonetheless.

    Mbia on his way to QPR…astonishing that they’ve basically bought a new first XI…

    GIE – In terms of those commercials that we got so badly wrong…we really do need to speculate to accumulate at this point. Non-qual for the CL would be bordering disastrous for us when we come to the table to negotiate…surely IG and the board understand this?

    To be fair, many who’ve bought have made wholesale changes to their starting XIs…still confident of a fourth place finish. I understand there’s a trophy for that…

  20. Rasp says:

    Morning GiE, I thought Theo was on £60k – do you think he’s worth more than £75k?

    On another point, we have bought half a team in the last two years. If Gerv, Arteta, the Pod, Cazorla, Giroud and Mertesacker start, that is 60% of our outfield players, quite a departure from the policy of the years directly following the building of the Emirates.

    So is it a change in policy or are we simply reacting to the reality that we can’t keep hold of our best players when a mega rich club makes them an offer they can’t refuse?

  21. Adrian says:

    Oops, what I meant by hopefully not a supermarket dash was that I hoped the club already has a clear and definite idea on who to sign and get their signing priorities straight (i.e preferably a defensive minded mf) and not sign players last minute just for the sake of getting enough depth. Hopefully this way we won’t end up with another Park.

    @ Chas Chelsea’s defensive depth is the only position where they are very much similiar to us as they too lack cover for the RB position just like us. Haha sorry about that, as I said I typed the wall of text on my phone :p.

    @ Slimgingergooner Wenger’s uncanny ability to bring the best out of youth players is no doubt really useful, and sure enough we saw the best of Wilshere in the 2010/2011 season. Unfortunately, look what happened to Wilshere after that season. Wenger had admitted that he had perhaps rushed Wilshere and played him a bit too much and I think he would have learnt from that. We will see more of the Ox this year, but I predict that Wenger will still refrain from playing him too much and let him develop slowly but steadily.

    @goonermichael Suarez got that improved contract after 2 years, and yes he did deserve that considering that hes one of the few players that Liverpool could not afford to not have. I am not saying that Walcott is better than Suarez, but IMO Walcott has without a doubt been improving a lot over the last 2 seasons or so and whenever hes at his best he can tear defences apart and always provide that valuable assist or two per game. Theo is also one of the last few remaining first team players from the 2010/2011 season and we simply cannot afford to lose another first team player again. It is vital that at least a couple of the core first team players stay – for team chemistry, stability and also the message it sends out. Transition isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but too much change in a short period of time will not bring about stability or good team chemistry.

    The comparison with the Chavs/Man city probably wasn’t the best, but my point was that those who have very high hopes and are confidently insisting that we will win the EPL this season only need to look at the current state of their squads to realize that the chances of that happening is very slim. Or even Man Utd’s squad. I love their positive attitude, but being the realist that I always am, without a doubt it is possible but chances are very very slim. I would be over the moon if I turn out to be wrong at the end of the season though.On a positive note, we already have a great platform to at least compete for silverware by signing three decent proven players. Now the club just needs to keep hold of everyone in the squad and prevent anymore first team departures and bring in a couple of quality signings. That way, the chances of us competing for silverware will be far greater. 🙂

  22. Slimgingergooner says:

    Rumours that new Barca coach isn’t a Fabregas fan! £15m anyone??????



    Thanks for the post Adrian. Even though i fundamentaly disagree with most of your post i feel your pain. Allow me to try to aleviate this burden upon you.

    Wenger has already alluded in interviews that all transfers in and out were pre planned by the club at the tail of last season. There is also a rather cunning logic to how the current sqauds make up is taking shape. How many players worth keeeping are on short term contracts (Theo excluded) at present? not many. Yes the club made mistakes. It put its faith in the notion that a football paradise like Arsenal and Wages which makes players rich beyond there dreams was enough for them to stay.

    Unfortunitly, the previous crop let Arsene and the Club down. They were basicly a bunch of Tarts so good ridnace to them. The strategy now is for young British players (at one stage against Stoke we had five on the pitch) and players of quality at there peak years to amalgamate into a winning team. this formula is more likely to keep the squad together and win trophies.

    Keep the faith

  24. Adrian says:

    One more thing about Theo leaving is the message it sends out. I had hoped that the club would realize that the message being sent out the previous few transfer windows – that Arsenal are a feeder club – was not the right one that a top club should be sending out and would do everything possible to make sure that doesn’t repeat this transfer window. Unfortunately, we all know what happened and the sales of RVP and Song did nothing to change our image other than damaging it further more. Clubs will think that Arsenal are a club that can be pressured and bullied easily in the market.

    Players too would think twice about joining Arsenal if an offer came in for them. What would Cazorla, Giroud or Pod think if Theo too followed the footsteps of the other two out the club? From their perspective, it may seem that the club cannot provide the environment or system that a top player needs.

  25. Rasp says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Cazorla took Cesc’s place in the national side? Having said that, I’d take him back in a flash. He has never said anything disrespectful about the club.

  26. Good post Adrian
    Don’t agree with too much of it though.
    Lets wait until after tomorrow night, then we can moan, if we are so inclined.
    I remember last deadline day and “papping” myself about not making any signings, i was relieved in the end with who we bought.
    This year I’m not “papping” myself, so if we get some more players it will be a bonus.
    Bouldy is already making inroads in to the defence, which was our main problem last season. Ok we haven’t the right balance yet between defence and attack but a bit of gelling and the right balance and the goals will come.
    If we get rid of some guys today, i’d expect signings tomorrow, if we don’t get rid then i’m not even going to watch the countdown to deadline.

  27. Morning all,

    I admit to sharing a majority of the frustrations Adrian outlines in his post – we have been showing for a number of years a tendency to shift out 2 to 3 first teamers each season for various reasons, yet I remember wenger saying years ago that to have more than 2 or 3 changers in a first team squad upsets the team dynamic and makes it harder for the team to operate as a unit efficiently.

    I feel the primary reason these first teamers leave(money aside) is probably to enhance their trophy winning chances as the succeessful teams don’t lose first teamers at the rate we do unless it is by choice, i.e. players are deemed surplus to requirements.

  28. Another thing – take moneybags City & Chavs out of the equation have we not strengthened comparable with the other rivals?
    To me we have, we will compete favourably with them, Utd included.

  29. Adrian says:

    No worries, everyone has their own views on the way the club runs. I realize that my view seems to differ from many on this site and everyone have their own valid points just like I do too. But hey, we all love Arsenal and that’s why we’re debating and discussing about the team we support on this site now isn’t it?

    Terry, while I know that none of us are in a position to doubt Wenger, bear in mind he has also said that Pod/Giroud were not meant as replacements only to admit that they were indeed replacements a month or so later. And till now I cannot understand or fathom the true reason behind him agreeing to sell Song to Barca at 15M which was a huge discounted price to me. I do not believe easily believe rumours on twitter and it seemed very weird that Song’s attitude problem only came to surface after he was sold. I like your optimism about English players, but let us not forget a certain English player whose name starts with Ashley. :p

    Thanks terry, I will keep the faith and continue to support Arsenal regardless of trophies or not.

  30. I believe no other major side would lose first teamers in the way we have been for the last 2 or 3 seasons, even the turtle faced drug cheat has had a laugh at us about that.

    Do we believe the competition, the mancs(red and blue) and the chavs are looking at developments at the Grove and thinking “Wow, these guys mean business” ?

    Hate to sound like a doomer, but it feels they are probably giggling to themselves.

  31. 26may1989 says:

    Berbatov to Fulham, Dempsey to Arsenal?

    Just thinking……

  32. Adrian says:

    I’m looking forward to the end of the transfer window too, can’t stand anymore of this suspense! Just pure football for me, please.

    Rasp, it would be great for Cazorla if he somehow managed to replace Fab in the national squad, but it is highly unlikely and I believe he is more often than not played on the wings for Spain.

    Jonathan, new potential players always bring about excitement but my post wasn’t mainly about bringing in more players. It is about the importance of keeping the players that are already here and use that as a platform to further improve the squad. In the unfortunate event that we do lose another core first team player, I hope that a quality replacement or two is brought in and not another Park. Yeap, very encouraged with how Bould has strengthened our defence, the signs being shown so far are very positive.

    Charybdis yes, no doubt we are the only top club so far to lose first team players on a consecutive basis every year so far, though to an extent it is understandable due to the new stadium. But at some point enough is enough before Arsenal’s nickname becomes The feeders or something like that instead of the Gunners.

  33. Adrian, did you see that banner in the crowd at the Stoke game “Arsene Wenger, the best scout in Manchester” ?

    26 – I thought Dempsey was hell bent on going to the ‘dippers ?

  34. Bryan says:

    I have been dissapointed by the way the club has been run for quite a while. Since David Dein left the board in my opinion have been awful & I have said enough times on here that they have shown a lack of ambition. What has annoyed me more this year is that the Song situation was in our hands & we could of kept him but we sold as usual.
    As for Theo, I would prefer him to stay but I do not believe he is worth the wages he is asking for as he has done nothing yet, I do agree that Arsenal do need to start paying top players more but at the same time need to pay young players less.
    As for Affelay, I dissagree with you, as I think he is deffinately signable, I have read enough info & I believe Barca would sell him as he is clearly not in their plans.
    I am very dissapointed that we have not got at least 2 more players in yet, a DM being a must for me & I’m really hoping it will be M’Vila as he is just what we need.
    I’m not overly worried about our new strikers, it is pathetic the stick they have got from the press & Giroud has only played 1 game & 20 mins. They will come good, I have been quite impressed with Giroud, he wins everything in the air.
    I deffinately agree with you that the likelyhood of silverware is very doubtful but you never know we may get lucky in a cup


    Adrian, your right about Wenger. He does tell a lot of porkies but thats part of a managers job. I think we can win the league this year but i do feel the current set up is suited to having a go at the Champions League. A sound defence and tactical maturity (weres TA haha) is whats required in Europe. Also, when a london team gets one up on us i.e. chelsea, Arsenal always respond in kind. For these reasons i am convinced this is our season for Champions League success.

  36. Red Arse says:

    Hi Adrian, 🙂

    First, congratulations on your debut Post, however unintentional it originally was. On the face of it, your views are very different to mine, but we don’t all want to be the same. That said, there is room for a wide diversity of opinions on AA.

    I cannot pretend to ‘share your pain’ which in the main seems to be more a whinge about the policies of the club and it’s esteemed manager.

    I do, however, share your pain in using iPhone for long messages. Mine has a mind of its own and it can be battle. OK my principal typing digit tends to cover 3 letters at a time, so that doesn’t help. 🙂

    You mention transfer profits in a somewhat derogatory manner in your opening para. I won’t go into the boring financial circumstances of the club, as this has been done to death on AA, and one of your points re the cost of seats, has already been covered by GIE.

    But, can I ask if you have ever looked at AFCs Accounts and Balance Sheet? Ever?

    If you had, you would see that without the profit on transfers and property sales over the last 6 years the club would have consistently made losses and blown its stated self sustaining model out of the water. Why are you apparently surprised the shareholders would not want this?

    Did you know, for example, the shareholders, Kroenke/Usmanov et al have never taken a dividend out of the club?
    Did you know, that unlike Manure, Kroenke personally borrowed the money to buy his 66% share of the club, totalling several hundred million pounds sterling, and kept this sum off the club’s balance sheet?
    Did you know that the interest on that money, possibly £7m per annum, is therefore being borne out of his own pocket?

    The idea he should, in addition, match the hundreds of millions of pounds put into Chelsea and City or dumped onto their balance sheet by Manure to purchase outlandishly expensive players and their salaries is just fantasy.

    You make the transfer out of our top players every Summer sound as if AW does so on purpose. Seeing and hearing his anger and frustration each time it happens gives the lie to that notion.

    Common sense dictates that players will go to whoever dangles the biggest salary in front of them. They do not want to be called ‘greedy bastards’, so it is convenient to come up with some hackneyed nonsense about wanting to win trophies, or that the club’s ambitions and theirs do not match.
    Rooney said as much a couple of years ago when he was on the verge of leaving Utd, but changed his feeble mind when he was given the obscene salary increase he was then offered.

    I hope you can appreciate that those of us who disagree with you, are not mindless, gullible, arse lickers who are ‘taken in’ by the Arsenal manager or the Board but rely on those facts that are available to us, however much that disappoints those who want to see the worst in the club and/or our manager.

    Enjoy the privilege of being a Gooner supporting a special club who has its own classy way of doing things, even against the dark forces of oily money and oligarchs aligned against us. 🙂

  37. 26may1989 says:

    Chary, Rodgers said yesterday he’s spent his budget and needs to sell before he can buy again.

    Of course, it’s all idle speculation. But quite good fun.

  38. 26 – Dempsey would be a good fit as a 3rd choice striker assuming we can get TGSTEL off our books.

    Brendan Rogers ? The ‘dippers would be better off with Buck Rogers, at least they’d get an amusing robot sidekick to make those post match defeat press conferences a giggle ….biddy, biddy, biddy…you’re my kind of guy Buck !

  39. Bryan says:

    If you look back to when we were successful & had a great team, every year we used to get stories about Paddy leaving but it was 3 or 4 years before he finally left & probably shrewd timing by Wenger as he was arguably in decline.
    But that to me is the massive difference, even though players are greedy & can get big money, top players want to be winning trophies & if we were doing that we would hold onto alot of our big players.

  40. 26may1989 says:

    Chary, am loving that 1980s reference! Should confuse the hell out of the youngsters!! 🙂

  41. If we had kept all the players that have left “to win trophies” would we have won some trophies by now?

    If the answer is yes those players have left for another reason haven’t they? Could I possibly imagine that its not about trophies at all and instead about the size of their wallet……funnily enough i could.

    Lets be honest of all the players that have left in the last three/four years how many would you really say have been replaced with players of lesser quality?

    Cesc, RvP. That’s the list done and dusted for me.

    One of those we could never have kept and one is a greedy bastard who lied!

  42. 26may1989 says:

    OK, I give up, who/what is TGSTEL??! I assume it has something to do with some or all of Bendy, Park, Chamakh and Arshavin, but I haven’t the first clue.

  43. Slimgingergooner says:


    that is true, but do you not see the massive irony in the fact that these so called top players that have left won nothing for us when playing together!?

  44. ChaosGun says:

    charybdis1966 says:
    August 30, 2012 at 10:43 am
    I believe no other major side would lose first teamers in the way we have been for the last 2 or 3 seasons, even the turtle faced drug cheat has had a laugh at us about that.


  45. Yeah 26 – I’m an old git and proud of it !

    TGSTEL is Bendy, as in The Greatest Striker That Ever lived.

    ChaosG – I meant Rio Ferdinand(as in turtle faced drug cheat) so I doubt very much his side have lost as many first teamers as us; I don’t consider the ‘dippers as a major side at the moment.

  46. Red Arse says:


    These big players we are always losing because they wanted to win ‘trophies’, they are the same guys who won f*ck all for us, or were they going to do the business this season?

    I don’t understand your logic. AW should have shipped out Nasri and Clichy and Kolo Toure and Denilson etc and other ‘big’ players long before he did. [Not my idea of ‘big’ players].

    The opposite argument is also held against Wenger because he has ‘held on’ to Flappy, Bendy, Vela etc, etc. all players who other clubs have been reluctant to buy.

    Obviously Arsene knows nothing, because he holds on to crap players (that no one else wants) and lets go other players who over the years Madrid, Barca, Manyoo, City and Chelsea have all wanted, and who have had huge salary checks waved under their noses.

    It could be me, but isn’t there a subtle theme there?

  47. Red Arse says:

    Damn! GIE and Slim, you obviously type quicker and better than I do!! 🙂


    Chary, forget about that silly, but admittedly rather sweet Robot, what about Wilma in her jump suits. Weres chas so he can post a picture, Man she was hot. I noticed Rogers wore very tight fitting trousers doing that show. If i had to don those tight fits acting next to Wilma i would have needed an ambulance. hahaha

  49. “Clock is ticking, I hope le prof doesn’t do a last minute supermarket dash again…” at 9.31am
    (and ‘rectified’ at 10.20am)

    I personally enjoy the dash (!), and it doesn’t matter a jot so long as Wenger gets his man (men).

    The big difference between this window compared to last is that Wenger isn’t buying hastily to repair a battered squad.
    I will maintain that Santos and Mertesacker were only purchased due to our excessive injury list. Benayoun also (a loan deal by Wenger is practically unheard of). Park?
    In no way would Wenger have bought those players under normal non-injury conditions, in my opinion. They were purchased under some duress as a necessity.
    Arteta – excellent purchase, even at 29yo.

    My money is still on M’Vila (the clubs may have agreed on a code of silence until the deal is finalised).

  50. Slimgingergooner says:

    I love the end of the window, its always good fun!

    i reckon we might see Dempsey or/and M’vila, but im usually wrong.
    Bendtner to Juve doing the rounds today, fingers crossed.

    anyone know what time CL groups are drawn?

  51. Bryan says:

    It is no surprise to me that the players won nothing together because we buy a young player who is not a top player. Then after years, he becomes a top player & we lose him. We never have them all playing together when they are the finished article. At least this year we have bought good experienced players for a change & even last year although late we did too.
    To be honest, I have never understood some of the comments I have read on here about players being on their final year of their contract having a great season then leaving, ie Flamini, Nasri & RVP. Are those people saying that they did not try before or they are so talented that they can turn it on when they want.
    It also reminds me of being scorned by a girlfriend with all the “well they only gave us one good year” rubiish lol
    Do I blame RVP for going, no I don’t, 8 years & won an FA cup medal on pens which we all know we didn’t deserve to win. However I do blame him for telling us how he loved the club so much, being disrespectful & going to Man UTD.
    But as I said, I do believe if you are playing in a great team who win trophies & you are offered 130K a week plus 6M signing on fee & another side try & sign you & will pay you 200K a week there is alot more chance that you may stay at the current side than if you never win a thing

  52. Bryan says:

    Red Arse

    I was typing above, so just read your comment, I agree with your list of players that are not big players.
    I have always said that the money we got for Kolo was much more than he was ever worth & although I liked him immensely, he was & still is an average defender


    Bryan, r.e. your first paragraph, i totally agree. but that says more about the players themselves than the Club. These guys let Arsene and the club down badly. Maybe they all used to sit around each others gaffes on the playstation laughing behind Arsenes and our backs, who knows? i wouldnt be surprised. Good riddence, i would rather have a guy with character and dignity playing for us than some of those idiots.


    Any way, back to Charys 25th century. There was one particular episode were Wilma was hypnotised by some ugly vampire creature, turning her into a voracious sex addict. She came on to Rogers but incredibly he blew her out. Thats all you need to know about Liverpools chances. With Rogers at the helm they are bound to flop.

  55. park, chamach & NikkiB not in training today, said to be on their way, NikkiB may have an agreement with Juve, This is good news. Outs today./// Ins tomorrow……

  56. Campbell soup says:

    It is very frustrating being an Arsenal fan, but I feel we have to try and stay positive for a little while longer. We made a brave decision leaving Highbury and one that makes me sad every time I go to Ashburton Grove. For us to move forward as a club and a business it was the only decision that in all seriousness we could take…

    however, this has had side effects on the pitch and consequently means we have had to suffer watching some very poor players and games, based on what we have grown used to under Lord Wenger… In a nutshell we became very spoilt indeed.

    I have complete trust in our great manager to take us forward; he has always stayed 100% loyal to the club unlike some players we can mention. I feel we will go one more season without a trophy but the appointment of Stevie Bould will prove a master stroke and one that we can build foundations on… I would happily hear the fans sing 1-0 to the Arsenal than 5-4 or 4-3 like we have had to on occasions.

    Two more astute signings for me would make this a very compact squad, Clint Dempsey and Yohan Cabaye would be very astute acquisitions based on their Premiership knowledge. This may cost us a little more than seeking players abroad, but if we clear some decks over the next 30 odd hours and even look for some swap deals then I for one will be an happy Gooner ….

  57. Total says:

    Hi Brian, thanks for a fine comment that became a good post. And well done for replying with in-depth responses to subsequent comments. Top stuff! 🙂

    Although I don’t share the same angle to the topic(s) of the post, like others, I can feel your pain which is also my pain. I agree with you on Theo and I agree with you on Song. I agree with others that we cannot be compared with the Northern and Southern Oilers.

    There are still many thousand of fellow Gooners who don’t rate Song, and believe he will end up on the bench at Barca most of the time. He is now going into the best 6 years of his career and I reckon he will be first choice at Barca in no time. I am still sad about his departure, but I trust Wenger had no other choice than to let him go. Just think Arteta – Song – Cazorla or Wilshere – Song – The Ox. This should have been the future!

    I reckon there is now a gentlemen’s agreement in place between Arsenal and Theo: I am now convinced he wants to stay but the details need ironing out which needs time. 26 got in right and I got it wrong. I would disagree with anybody doubting that Citeh would not want to pay big money for Theo. If he wanted to go, he would have been sold by now. Hopefully, we will all embrace him a bit more once he has signed a new contract.

    Others have pointed out the difference in our financial position with those who can hover above us and pick our best players at will, it seems. RA’s beautiful and succinct comment sums it up much better than I could ever do.

    Two more days and the horrible TW is closed. If it was a physical thing, I would spit on, kick it. I hate these summers in which we have to live with all the uncertainty and (mostly) negative emotions. From Saturday it is all about footie again, thank god!

  58. dandan says:

    34 hrs and all this nonsense stops. We can get back to reality thank god his afternoon with the champions league and then roll on Saturday

  59. Gooner In Exile says:

    Juve just became team to avoid No1. You just know he’d want to come and score….thinking about if Juve still play in pink it makes absolute sense for NikB to join them.

    And I am prepared to put the following in to permanence:

    Bendtner will be a player people will criticise Arsene for letting go when they play the hindsight game in 2017

  60. Bryan says:

    Ok Terry thats a fair comment
    But talking of character especially let me go into something else that I have felt for quite a while & you would have to maybe question, is it Wenger or the players he buys attitudes?
    When I watch Man UTD play away, they always look like they are up for it every game, the very few occasions they don’t are the ones they usaully lose.
    Now why is it that when I watch us away, I quite often think wtf, why are we looking lethargic or do we really want to win this game?
    That is the one thing I do question Wenger for & that is his motivation skills. Now I know players should be motivated but as we know people are all different & what makes common sense & comes naturally to me can be totally different from someone elses pespective.
    Why are these players as a team so inconsistant, I will argue that we have matched some of the Man UTD teams over the past year player for player but of course they have been winning trophies & we have not.

  61. Bryan says:

    that should be matched Man UTD teamS over the past years before anyone jumps on my case haha

  62. damn right GIE, Nik just didnt suit AFC system, he will be a star in Italy,
    If he had been playing for chelsea for past few seasons he would be being sold for 15+mill not the pathetic 5 that we will get

  63. Bryan says:

    hmmm I don’t know Niks a lump & he will get some goals but his attitude stinks

  64. Campbell soup says:

    In regards to the first two games … Can anyone else not see the vast improvement by Mertesacker, he even lifts his arm now like Stevie Bould. It made the hair stand up on the back of my neck when they all moved out together, hands raised, and played Walters offside … And we have Arguably our two best defenders to come back and our first choice keeper, who will also make a huge difference when barking orders at his defenders.

  65. 26may1989 says:

    Adrian, thanks for the post. There are lots of points in there, some I agree with, some I don’t. I’ll comment on some of them.

    Good players leaving in the last few years: the “selling club” thing is a self-fulfilling prophecy – once we took on the stadium project AND sugardaddies started their gruesome work not long after, it was always going to be tough to stay at the very top. Keeping us at the level we’ve been has been an astonishing achievement for Wenger. But players want money, glory and more money. Did I mention the money? And as soon as one or two leave, it makes it easier for those following to justify moving on too. And so it goes on. If it had just been the stadium project or the sugardaddies, my guess is, thanks to Wenger’s genius, we could have kept at the overachieving level of 1997-2005. But we’ve been unable to cope with both factors simultaneously.

    The loss of important players will carry on until we start winning trophies again. It shouldn’t be that way, and yes, we’d likely have been champions by now if the players who’ve left had stayed. But the reality is that players are as likely as fans to buy into the “Arsenal haven’t won a trophy for x seasons and are therefore failures”, without understanding the subtlties of finance, especially when there are clubs willing to pay ludicrous salaries.

    As for this season, you say “those who are insisting that we are good enough to compete for silverware need a reality check”. I say you’re wrong. Now, if you’d said we can’t count ourselves as the strongest challengers for the title or the CL, I’d agree. But saying we’re not in a position to compete for one of the four trophies available doesn’t stack up: for example, 15 months ago, we were in the League Cup Final and should have won it; last season, we finished 3rd, and taking our performance from October to May, were only a few points off City and United (plus we beat Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Milan and Dortmund along the way). With the essential ingredient, luck, we could challenge for trophies this year, as previously. Do I think we will win a pot? No, I think it’s unlikely, but then I don’t buy into this obsession with winning things else you’re a failure, to me there is plenty of success without winning trophies.

    Fabregas vs Cazorla: difficult to judge, but on the evidence so far, if there is a difference in quality, it’s very small.

    Giroud and Poldi look class, and I think will be knocking them in very soon, perhaps this weekend.

    This summer: I think the club has done well this year, largely on account of the three major signings that were made early. I don’t think we missed out on Sahin, the idea of signing him only made sense if Wilshere was going to be out for a long time yet, and clearly that problem has eased.

    As for the departures, frankly as soon as van Persie signed Darren Dein as one of his agents last autumn, I thought there was a good chance he’d leave. And I don’t feel too bad about it, though his statement was well out of order. Song? Well, I’m a critic of his, so am not feeling too sore that Barca have signed a player who will disappoint them. Theo? Perhaps the club has screwed up negotiations, but we can’t know that – players hold the cards, and you can’t force people to negotiate when you want them to. One of the biggest challenges facing the club this summer was moving on numerous players (Denilson, Arshavin, Bendtner, Park, Chamakh, Squillaci, Vela, Lansbury). That job remains to be completed, and I’m sure between now and tomorrow night there will be some action on most of the remainders.

    I think the biggest disappointment I’ve had this summer has been to see Ozyakup and Bartley leave. I understand why they’ve gone, but they’re good young players who could have made the grade with us. Still, it creates opportunities for the next generation, as well as simplifying things for the likes of Miquel and Coquelin.

    The truth is we’ll never be on a financial level with the sugardaddy cheats and Man U. The fact we so easily and regularly outperform Liverpool and Newcastle, clubs that are historically bigger than us, is pretty impressive – we’ve just got so used to besting them that it feels like we’re bigger than them. But turning things round, so that our best players believe, as they did in previous years, that remaining with us is in their best interests will take time; it’ll be a slow, two-steps-forward-one-step-backwards process. But believe, there is plenty that is good there!

  66. Total says:

    NB: 66 goals in 234 games. Sunderland suited his game and at 24 years now he should have been banging them in right, left and centre. How many goals did he score for them? 8 in 31 matches. One thing is sure though, he will still believe he is God’s gift to football.


    Bryan, that is an ice cold but in my opinion spot on observation. As i said the Club and Arsene have made mistakes and looking from outside i do agree that at times there was players lacking the devlish streak. The club has to take responsibility as well as the players.

  68. Total says:

    Afellay, according to Dutch medio, on his way to Schalke.

  69. 26may1989 says:

    Bryan said: “When I watch Man UTD play away, they always look like they are up for it every game, the very few occasions they don’t are the ones they usaully lose.
    Now why is it that when I watch us away, I quite often think wtf, why are we looking lethargic or do we really want to win this game?”

    Superb point.

    United have a good squad but not a great one, yet they virtually won the league last year and have won four titles since the thieving Glazers acquired the club. How do they do it, despite having some pretty ordinary players in their squad? Ferguson’s a genius of a motivator.

    Our players can really turn it on: there were various fantastic games last year but I think everyone at the home game against AC Milan will remember that game with a lot of affection, even though we got knocked out of the CL. Starting 4-0 down, our players just ripped into one of Italy’s best sides and were 3-0 up at halftime. They couldn’t quite finish it off in the second half, but with some determination and drive, just look what our lot can achieve.

    More of the same please.

  70. 26may1989 says:

    Total, being of a Dutch persuasion, what do you think of Afellay? I just don’t see what the fuss is about him.

  71. Rasp says:

    Peaches has asked me to re-post this comment from the tail end of yesterday’s blog …….

    ……Morning all

    Talking of ‘Fun Friday’ we’re going to need a post for tomorrow ….. with the Champions Lge Draw this afternoon I wondered if anyone wanted to take charge of writing a small post about the outcome of that to start us off in the morning.

    The blog will be going nuts tomorrow with chat about transfers even if we don’t move anyone in or out so the new post doesn’t need to be too cerebral Anyone??????…….

  72. RockyLives says:

    Congratulations on a good comment that became a very good debut Post Adrian (even if the view is at odds with the majority here on AA).

    I’m happy to reserve judgement until the end of the window. If no-one else comes in I will be disappointed (though not disheartened). If we strengthen with one or two decent players I will be feeling very optimistic.

    Some reasons to be cheerful:
    Our defensive options are starting to look as good as (if not better than) anyone else’s in the top six.

    Our midfield – even without extra signings – is full of talented, creative players.

    Compared with the callow Arsenal teams of recent years that have consistently underachieved (and even choked on occasion, as in the CC Final), we now have a great mix of experience and youth.

    Up front… well, the jury is still out on that one, but we have signed two highly regarded strikers. I wouldn’t mind seeing us bring in another striker before the end of tomorrow.

    And if we do have a “supermarket sweep” late tomorrow, that’s fine by me: last year’s one brought us in players of fantastic quality like Arteta, Merts and Benny. Santos will still turn out to be a good buy and as for Park – well, he didn’t cost much and every club makes the odd transfer mistake. At least ours didn’t cost 35 million quid (Andy Carroll anyone?).

  73. Ah, Mr Syrup, your reminder of Wilma in her spandex jumpsuits launched me into a reverie about those, but don’t forget Ardala was no slouch in the looks department either.

    The episode you refer to was called, rather obviously I thought at the time, “Space Vampire” and yes Wilma’s wholesome character did change to that of a vamp in that episode.

    It does make me laugh how they tried to make Gil Gerard as some sort of beefcake, nice enough chap but a bit too rotund to carry it off.

  74. Total says:

    Hi 26, Afellay is without any doubt a talented footballer. Van Marwijk put his neck out to include him in his first-11 during the Euros and he totally underperformed. There were also strong rumours he had a bad attitude: he kept saying things to fellow players like ‘do you know who you are talking to? I play for the best club in the world’, and he and bsr would also separate themselves from the group all the time. I don’t think he would fit well into our (new) group of players and am not sad at all to miss out on him.

  75. RockyLives says:

    To Bryan’s point as to why our players have, on occasion, not looked as “up for it” as, say, ManUre’s…

    Well, I tend to agree that we have had a psychological malaise in the last few years – and I think it stems from dismantling the Invincibles too quickly and building a team around promising youth players.

    I know WHY we built around youth (the stadium move meant we could do no less) but those youngsters – talented though they were – did not have the right mental make-up to push their talents over the line and win trophies.

    Eduardo’s broken leg was a disgraceful incident, but that the rest of the squad allowed it to upset them so much that our title challenge that year just withered away is also disgraceful.

    We used to be a club that revelled in adversity. Jail our captain for drink driving? Deduct points from us for a bit of healthy scrapping? No problem. We’ll win the league anyway.

    The group that included Clichy, Cesc, Denilson, Eboue, Song, Flamini and latterly players like Barndoor and Na$ri just did not have the “right stuff” and I’m glad they have all gone. Even Cesc who, as a player, I love.

    Only Diaby and Theo really remain from that group and they are now so surrounded by grown-ups – real men with experience and medals – that any negativism that lingers around them will not be able to infect anyone else.

    GiE asked earlier whether we would have won something if all the players who left “to win trophies” had stayed. In my view – no, we wouldn’t. We would have had some close shaves, some beaten finals, some not-quite-pipping-Manure-to-the-title moments… but no silverware.

    “Loser Arsenal” has been disbanded. “Winner Arsenal” is forming.

    The ghosts of Terry’s underpants are stirring…

  76. Total says:

    If you are a depressed Gooner just read 26’s comment @1.11 and Rocky’s @1.35 and you will get cured instantly! 😛

  77. So Kozzer back for the ‘dippers on sunday and Chesney to have a test on the day before.

    I’m guessing BFG will get dropped so Kozzer can deal with Saurez.

  78. GunnerN5 says:



    Welcome to our Press Conference Digest.

    We’ll list the headlines from Arsène Wenger’s pre-match media briefing right here so you can ‘digest’ the main news before our pre-match stories appear on the homepage.

    August 30: Wenger pre-Liverpool

    ** Koscielny back in squad, Szczesny faces test

    ** Sagna, Wilshere assessed after internationals

    ** Wenger – Walcott will not leave this summer

    ** ‘We are active in the transfer window’

    ** Wenger – No transfer agreements in place

    ** ‘I’m not putting pressure on strikers’

  79. Total says:

    Hi Chary, what about TV being moved into DM position for this match and BFG/Koz CB-pairing? That would rattle the bins; wouldn’t it? 🙂

  80. It would TotalA(rattle the ‘dippers), and an idea I think is worth giving a go, but Wenger won’t risk something so radical against the ‘dippers away – I’m guessing he’ll go cautious and play a midfield of Cazorla-Arteta-the pod with Geronimo-Giroud-the Ox up top.

  81. I’m a depressed Gooner —- and I don’t believe either of them.
    They are both snake oil salesmen if you ask me!

    And so are you, Total, how can I trust a man who at 12:49 gave credit to brian for writing Adrian’s comment turned Post?

    Tsk, tsk.


    hahaha, yes Rocky. If we win the league my pants will explode.

    I realy think Diaby will be a key man on Sunday. Liverpool like to play a pressing game and Diaby handles that realy well.

  83. This is apparently a quote from Marca: Cesc Fabregas: “It’s been a frustration. If I have to leave Barcelona, I will go back to London with Arsenal.”

    Probably press invention as usual, but it made me laugh and perhaps Evonne might smile at that.

  84. Total says:

    FMSW what me mistake! Apologies to both Adrian and Bryan. 😳

    Thanks for pointing it out Shorty! 🙂

  85. 26may1989 says:

    Now there’s a funny thing: Richard “Not So” Wright has just joined Man City as third choice keeper. About six weeks after leaving Preston North End after one week, saying he was homesick for far off East Anglia. Hmmmm………

  86. Total says:

    me = a* any time now and the white coats are here…

  87. Total says:

    me = a* I think I am becoming dyslexic!

  88. Total says:

    Chary – it is getting crazier and crazier! Just think on Sunday the bindippers face TV as DM with Cazorla and Cesc in front of them! 🙂

  89. Gooner In Exile says:

    Total while I hate to disagree with you it is very hard to judge NikB on goals per game for Sunderland, we saw how ONeill likes to set his side up….let’s just say its not attacking.

    His goals v appearances is low in career total but they are not all starts. I believe Thierry Henry’s were very similar at that age/stage of career.

  90. Gooner In Exile says:

    Be honest 26 Richard Wright will stay in East Anglia until called from his nearest fish pond when required, I guess he has replaced Stuart Taylor as City’s 3rd choice yet another Arsenal reject at City 🙂

  91. rhyle says:

    Someone please tell that the latest Wenger quote is a huge, huge lie…

    “Best way to strengthen is to get injured players back…”


  92. Gooner In Exile says:

    Jack, Kozzer, Sagna?

  93. That would be something TotalA. Luckily I am helping my parents move house on Friday so won’t be going potty watching excited Hartlepool supporting Scotsmen sitting behind a news desk having siezures at the latest pictures from outside a premier league team’s stadium.

  94. GunnerN5 says:


    So you don’t think that Wilshere, Koscielny and Sagna will strengthen the side?

  95. Total says:

    Hi GiE, by the time Thierry was 23/24 he was banging in goals for fun and his career total was also far superior. I am sorry but I don’t rate Bendtner at all, as a footballer and as a person.

  96. 26may1989 says:

    Love it Exile!

    Stuart Taylor – what a waste of a career. 16 years, nine cluibs, 68 appearances. An average of 4.25 games per season.

    Rhyle, what is the lie or insult?

  97. 26may1989 says:

    My guilty secret: I quite like Bendtner…..

  98. Red Arse says:

    It’s OK, Total and you 26.

    I have overpowered my non existent short arsed brother! 🙂

    You have all written fine comments — tho I am not so sure about the Rock Man.

    How can he have been so unkind to Terry the Syrup? He has met him and knows about his severe flatulence tendencies.

    Even Glic who has no sense of smell described him as the Master foghorn butt flapper, or capable of a major gustus interruptus, which is equivalent to a man salute of 9.2 on the Richter rectum scale and is held responsible for most of the acid rain in South East England.

    A little sensitivity, Rocky, please!!

  99. Total says:

    He is handsome, 26, I give you that!

  100. Red Arse says:

    With lovely long lashes!

  101. 26 – I’m guessing Rhyle reckons that Wenger is lying to say that the best way to strengthen is to get players back from injury – rather than adding players of better quality.

    The insult would be to the Arsenal supporters intelligence.

    But then, as you are a lawyer, I’d surmise you are being metaphorical.

  102. Ok TA yes he was banging them in for fun by the time he reached 260 games, he had scored 79 goals…….48 coming in the final 100 games (for Arsenal obviously) where he started every game and was the focal point of the attack.

  103. 26may1989 says:

    Oh you surmise, do you….

    Ok, you’re right. Peroni’s on me next time.

  104. Total says:

    This song always makes me think of super-nick:

  105. GunnerN5 says:



    Wenger – We will not sign average players

    By Rob Kelly

    Arsène Wenger says that the Club is active in the transfer market – but he is only willing to sign a ‘special’ player before the deadline.

    The transfer window shuts at 11pm (UK time) on Friday, and Arsenal have been linked with a host of players in recent weeks.

    While Wenger is relaxed about the possibility of making some new additions, he admits there is likely to be some movement.

    “We have enough [players], that is for sure, but you always want to improve your squad and if we find a top, top, top player we will do it,” he said.

    “We are working very, very hard. We have resources available so if it is not happening now it will happen in December.

    “We are active but we do not just want to bring average players in. If we find a special player who can find us a plus we will do it, if not we will not do it.

    “But we believe strongly that we have the quality in our squad to do very well. We have already bought Cazorla, Podolski and Giroud of course. So you cannot say we have not bought, but when you listen to people you always have to buy more.

    “What is important as well is to believe in the players you have and we will get our long-term injuries back.”

    A number of Arsenal players have been linked with moves away from the Club, but Wenger says this will not have a direct impact on potential new signings.

    “That is not necessarily linked,” he said. “For example, we might have one or two players going out without [the squad] necessarily being compensated because they haven’t played games for us. It depends on the number of games they have played for us.

    “There is a chance that [Nicklas Bendtner] is leaving, where is not decided at the moment. No [we have not reached any agreement]. We are open to anything.”

  106. Ha ha 26 – I’ll be at the Saints game so I’ll collect then…..but then you get them in anyway as you are a gent (doffs cap).

    My preferences for the draw today, we get Lille, Valencia and Nordsjaelland(so we can get an on the spot match report from Tomstoned).

  107. Sav from Australia says:

    Just found this website. Great stuff on here.

    Lol @ the ghosts of Terry’s underpants are stirring…LMAO

  108. rhyle says:

    GN5…no, I think they’re already in the squad and that his attempt to sign Sahin is an admission that the squad needs strengthening…as well as his attempt to get Mirallas and endless quotes on how we’re in the market.

    That’s what’s insulting. They’re already part of the squad and his seeking players is an admission that the squad is not strong enough.

    So…imho…the best way to strengthen the squad would be to BUY BETTER PLAYERS.

  109. Ok – I mean a match report on the away leg from Big Randy as Nordsjaelland…are danish not Norwegian like I thought.

  110. Red Arse says:

    Total, 🙂

    I love that song and sing it all the time!! 🙂

  111. Red Arse says:

    Hi Rhyle. 🙂

    I sort of understand what you mean, because Arsene does like to talk in riddles so as not to give too much away, but you need to put his comments into perspective.

    He can hardly say “yes, we are in the market for top, top players, because the other players in the squad are crap, and by the way, just between us, guys like Wilshire and Rosicky are never gonna get back from injury”.

    Now can he? 🙂

  112. RockyLives says:

    Aussie Sav
    We have quite a few regular posters from Australia on here.
    Are you Australian or a Brit who moved there?

  113. rhyle says:

    Why I feel it’s an insulting response is that it’s a politicians attempt at misdirection…look how deep the squad is! We have players who are world-class! Ok…they’re injured and I’ve been trying to sign people but that’s FIIIIIINE…they’ll be back soon and we probably won’t have any more injuries.

    It is, as has been said, an insult to the intelligence of the dippiest Gooner!


    hahaha, cant deny any of that Redders. One of the most embarrising episodes of my life was having to undergo an operation for a Butt Fistula. All dignity and bravado is stripped from you when you have serious butt problems. You get no understanding for this particular ailment, only laughter from men and disgust from women. One of the highlights, which i guess sums up the whole experience was when a young nurse was approaching me with an enema i overheard another nurse ask “whos that for ?”, her reply “The man with the crack up his arse”

  115. Red Arse says:


    That Rocky has a lot to answer for!!

    {And too much detail, thank you!!} 🙂

  116. Total says:

    GiE, I was comparing age rather than games played, but ok you have got a point. 48 goals in last 100 by TH14 or 29 goals in 94 games tells a story as well.

    8 goals in 31 matches, being the focal-point at Sunderland, is absolutely average and tells me his career should continue at a club like Sunderland, Everton, Stoke, etc, in order to build his career, to knuckle-down a starting position, to proof his worth. His vanity will keep him from that and so, if he is lucky, he will end up on the bench of a ‘big’ club.

    But, maybe you are right and he will come good. We all see different things in players in the end.

  117. rhyle says:

    RA…he’s basically already said just that, though. Wasn’t he quoted earlier in the season as saying that there are a couple of positions he was looking to strengthen? Hardly a ringing endorsement of the squad…

    I just loathe bullshit politician answers to perfectly reasonable questions and to be told that the best way to strengthen our squad is getting injured players back when you’ve sold your best player of last season and another good performer…it’s just not cricket, ‘Arry…

    Anyway…did say I’d withhold judgement until 23.01 tomorrow and that’s what I’m going to do. Must turn off Twitter, SSN, though…’cos there’s a lot of mentalists out there…and they’re dragging me into their little padded “hotel” with them…

  118. RockyLives says:

    You assume my reference to Mr Terry’s Underpants of Fun was critiical or, perhaps, mocking.

    Quite wrong sir, quite wrong.

    I am in awe of the man’s undergarmentage.

  119. Sav from Australia says:

    @ RockyLives

    Thanks for the welcome!

    Nah I’m neither.
    I’m South African, moved to Sydney.
    Used to be Sav from Durban.

  120. Total says:

    RA, as you are a man in full, I can well understand that those tunes come natural to you! 😆

  121. RockyLives says:

    How you liking Sydney?
    And how come you’re a Gunner?

  122. GunnerN5 says:


    This makes a lot of sense in many different ways.
    1. It takes the pressure away until December.
    2. It allows AW to concentrate on current matters.
    3. It indicates that Theo wants to stay.


    ‘Walcott will stay with us and play for us’

    By Chris Harris

    Arsène Wenger has confirmed that Theo Walcott will stay with Arsenal this season.

    The England international had been linked with a move away from Emirates Stadium before the transfer window closes after failing to agree a new contract with the Club.

    Walcott’s current deal expires next summer but Wenger is hopeful of securing the 23-year-old’s services for the long-term.

    “His situation is simple – he will stay with us and play for us. No [he will not leave this window],” said Wenger.

    “Theo has one year to go [on his contract] and that is simple. We have to find an agreement with him on whether to extend the contract or not for a longer period. That is what we want to do.

    “I think Theo loves the club. Contrary to what some media have written he is not obsessed by money, there is just a little difference that we hope we can, at some stage, find an agreement with. That is it basically.”

  123. 26may1989 says:

    Can’t see what Wenger’s said that’s wrong: there isn’t a problem with the number of players in the squad (correct), the players we have are of a good quality (correct), the injured players would make a difference (correct) and signing special players would improve things (correct). He didn’t at any point say that we have a squad of only world class players.

    The “attempt to sign Sahin is an admission that the squad needs strengthening”? No – it was playing safe while Wilshere’s recovery was progressing. The docs said Wilshere was ahead of schedule, at which point Wenger pulled the plug on Sahin’s loan.

    Mirallas? Tabloid gossip, why believe it?

    To be honest Rhyle, I just think you’re overlaying your interpretation of events on Wenger’s words. If you read them, it’s all pretty straightforward.

    There are times when he gives incomplete or misleading answers (and he should do, else he’d be a right fool in terms of negotiations), but this isn’t one of them.

  124. Bryan says:

    Red Arses’s Little Brother was quite rude taking credit away from my post that Total quite rightly credited me for haha

    Damn that was hard work to type 😉

  125. Red Arse says:


    To Know Me is to Love Me:

    I think that’s a fitting song for a handsome man, like me and Bendy, and as you might well understand my major and only fault is that I am far too humble!! 🙂

    By the way, what is it with you Netherlanders?
    So many things get named after you. Dutch courage; double Dutch; Dutch cap; Dutch oven etc. Today – English; Tomorrow – the World!! 🙂

  126. 26may1989 says:

    Pass the Dutchie pon the left hand side…

  127. Sav from Australia says:

    Sydney is amazing. I go to uni in the city and really enjoying it.
    I guess I started following the club because of the manager. I was drawn in by his character and then I learnt about the club, and how it has a certain ethos that it sticks to.

  128. Bryan says:

    Starsky & Dutch, Rabbit Dutch, theres not Dutch going on in here 😀

  129. Red Arse says:

    Rocky Shores,

    My fear was not for Terry’s undergarments, nor his sheer, black nylons and garters, it was more the terrible consequences for mankind, especially in this part of England, if you encouraged him to knock the crust off one!!

    Laughter = disaster! {in his case, anyway} 🙂

  130. Total says:

    RA, 26 🙂

    Did you know that luck (geluk) and boss (baas) derive from Dutch? I used to always remind my team members of this fact when I could see they did not like my style of management… hahaha 🙂

  131. GunnerN5 says:


    The Dutch obviously a frugal people as they save money by –

    Going Dutch.

  132. Total says:

    Bryan, that was a finely constructed sentence @3.31 – chapeau! 🙂

  133. GunnerN5 says:

    I refrained from saying cheap.

  134. Red Arse says:

    My first contact with ‘Dutch’ was the Dutch oven.

    I was moping about a girl in Uni, as she was getting serious.
    My buddy told me to try the dutch oven test, and if she survived, and if she still laughed – she was the one!

    He told me it comprised surprising her in the sack and suddenly pulling the cover over our heads and letting one rip.

    It worked a treat, and she was a real brick about it — trouble is I almost asphyxiated myself and passed out!!

  135. 26may1989 says:

    Anyway, I don’t know what you lot are whingeing about, my sister and her lot are stuck in their home in Louisiana without power while Hurricane Isaac tries to beat everyone up. Not to worry though, all will be ok, it ain’t Katrina.

  136. Bryan says:

    Watch it Total, I don’t want any credit 😉

  137. GunnerN5 says:

    From Arsenal .com


    Team news: Koscielny, Szczesny and Sagna

    Arsène Wenger has revealed the following team news ahead of the Liverpool game:

    on the latest developments…
    Koscielny will be back in the squad. Szczesny has a test tomorrow and Saturday. Everybody else should be alright.

    on Sagna and Wilshere…
    They are doing well but of course they are not available for Sunday. We still have to assess them again after the international break. After that they should not be too far away from normal training.

  138. Total says:

    Gn5 – the Dutch are renowned for being tight and ‘going Dutch’ is an example of that (although it is more linked to another strong Dutch principle of fairness / equal sharing). 🙂

  139. Red Arse says:

    I think we owe the Dutch a vote of thanks for ruining our language!!

    And damnation, you lot are just a whole lot funnier than me!! 🙂

  140. Red Arse says:


    They are a bunch of French wussies down in Louisiana.

    I was in NY when there was a massive power outage — now that was scary – even the cops were trying to mug me!! 🙂

  141. Adrian says:

    Charybdis, Its not really a banner, more like a cardboard scribbled with words that those stoke supporters think is funny. But yeah, did make me grin for a second there although it was pretty degrading to Wenger considering that most of the players only left to the Manchester clubs over the course of the past 3 years or so.

    Bryan, I can understand your rants about the club ‘seeming’ to lack ambition and somewhat agree that things haven’t gone so well ever since Dein left. The Song situation baffles me too as his situation was completely different from the others. If I’m not mistaken his contract had another 2 or 3 years to run and considering that Song has been with us for quite some time and IMO just about to fulfill his potential I must say I am quite puzzled as to why Wenger sold a player that contributes quite a bit to the team. I don’t really believe the rumours about his attitude and even Wenger has dismissed it, but I guess we’ll never know.

    As for our players somehow not showing enough ‘steel’ or resilience as compared to Utd players especially at away games, I think the youth factor has a big part to play in this. One of the main positives about the 3 signings we made this transfer window is that all 3 are fairly matured and experienced players and hopefully this will influence the younger players in a good way and they can step up to whatever challenge that comes in their way.

    Terry, if I was to guess I’d say we have a much better chance of winning the CL instead of the EPL too. Though I still think the odds are fairly slim. Sure hope that you’re right about Arsenal responding towards Chelsea’s CL win in a good, ferocious way.

    Red Arse, Thank you. Haha don’t worry, as I have said I appreciate the fact that everyone has their own views of the club and people disagreeing is nothing new and I do not think of those whose views are different than mine or others as Arse Lickers. 🙂

    No, I can’t say that I have looked at the balance sheet or anything like that and I am certainly no accountant. 🙂 But if thats the case, does it mean every year our best players will be considered being sold just to make up for the losses? This definitely isn’t the best way to balance the books, and it doesn’t really seem to me that Liverpool tries to make up for its debts this way too. IMO this will reduce our success on field and success on the playing field can bring in $$ too. Then again, finances isn’t my strong point.

    I never actually proposed that Kroenke or the board should dump truckloads of $ to the club, even I know that is highly unlikely. (Unless a certain Russian by the name Usmanov becomes the major shareholder, meh.) As I mentioned, I only brought the chavs/man city into the equation to show the importance of depth to a team competing for silverware and that the current state of their squad is much stronger than ours and therefore I don’t share the optimism of those who strongly believe Arsenal can win the EPL this season.

    Always liked the Gunner’s way of doing things on the field, just maybe not so much out of it. 🙂

  142. Adrian says:

    Is Szczesny’s ribs acting up again? 😦

  143. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Don’t forget they invented the Dutch Cap.

  144. 26may1989 says:

    RA, I dare you to go down to Louisiana and call them “French wussies” – you’d be alligator lunch in minutes!

  145. Red Arse says:


    A very fair and balanced response. I think I like you, so I will confess I am one of a number of accountants and lawyers on AA, but I will not take th chance to bore the financial arse off you! 🙂

    Well ————with one exception – you know what bloody accountants are like — but I won’t charge you a fee!! Howzat? 🙂

    My reference to the surplus (profit) on property sales and the net transfer of players being essential to the club breaking even, was historical.

    Although profits on property sales are falling quickly, we (the club) are allegedly making big strides in improving our commercial revenues, and some of the old sponsorship deals will also be replaced in the near future.

    That, together with our share of the new EPL deal selling Premiership games worldwide will ensure that we will make much bigger profits in the next few years, and with (hopefully) FFP suppressing player prices and wages — (refer to 26) 🙂 we will be in a very strong position to compete with all the other top clubs for the best talent available.

    So there is a way to square the circle, but it will need just a little more patience from the good guys — and let’s face it, the loonies out there will still find something to loudmouth about, whatever happens!! 🙂

  146. Big Raddy says:

    Or my Old Dutch (though mine is Danish…..)

  147. Red Arse says:

    That is an admitted flaw in my argument, 26. 🙂

    And for any Louisiana Creole Gooners frequenting AA, I want you to know, 26 put me up to dissing you, and if I am to be an alligator snack — take him first!! 🙂

  148. Red Arse says:


    Are you concerned that Chezzer has hurt his ribs laughing at Mannone? 🙂

  149. Norfolk Gooner says:

    …………..also they were responsible for draining The Fens, and thereby revealing that people from Lincolnshire have webbed feet

  150. GunnerN5 says:

    The next five weeks are unimaginably difficult, we have the following schedule –

    Sept 2nd – Liverpool away
    Sept 15th – Southampton home
    Sept 18/19 – Champions league.
    Sept 23rd – Man City away
    Sept 29th – Chelsea away
    Oct 2/3 – Champions league.

    From Sept 18/19 to Oct 2/3 we have 4 huge games in 14/16 days.
    The consequences of losing all 4 would just drive me crazy……..

  151. 26may1989 says:

    Fear not GN5, we’ll beat Liverpool, Southampton and whoever we get in the CL(!). City and Chelsea? No worries…. OK, maybe a few concerns but at least we’ll get two of our toughest away games out of the way early on. Always look on the bright side!

  152. Norfolk Gooner says:


    Just think how wonderful you’ll feel when we have won all of those matches….. without conceding a single goal and no new injuries!

  153. GunnerN5 says:


    I omitted to add – just imagine how we’d all feel if we won all 6……

  154. GunnerN5 says:


    You beat me to it by mere seconds.

  155. Adrian says:

    As for Liverpool losing a couple of players a few seasons ago, I do not think it is as bad as us losing 5/6 first team players who really started to fulfill their potential after years of patience. 😦

    Red Arse, Haha to be fair to Mannone I thought he did okay against stoke, but then he wasn’t really tested much tbh. Hope Szcesny can make it for the Liverpool game, the penalty save and the follow up save at Anfield last season was unreal.

    I hope you’re right about the future revenues and the FFP. It seems like Arsenal’s light at the end of the tunnel resolves around the future implementation of the FFP, hopefully its not going to be a let down.

  156. Adrian says:

    If I’m not mistaken the Chelsea game on the 29th is at home, isn’t it?

  157. 26may1989 says:

    Yup, Chelsea at home. So we’ll win, easy-peasy. Edin Hazard and Juan Mata? Pah, Arsenal rejects!

  158. Norfolk Gooner says:


    I don’t think you can compare the bindippers to Arsenal, they’ve been on the managerial merry-go-round for years and have bought some real rubbish, at grossly inflated prices, whilst relying almost entirely on Gerrard.

  159. Total says:

    Bryan 🙂

    RA @3.44 very funny, although I hope it doesn’t simulate you know who from Cornwall to give us his stories of testing out girls.. …

    NG – the webbed feed one was brilliant! 🙂

  160. Total says:

    Does anybody know the record of consecutive draws in the PL?

  161. Total says:

    simulate = stimulate @4.48

  162. 26may1989 says:

    TA, wiki says it’s seven, jointly held by Norwich (93-94), Southampton (94-95) and the mighty Man City (09-10). The English football record is eight.

    Just waiting for the CL draw to get going ….

  163. Total says:

    That’s quick, 26! Cheers. Hahaha ‘mighty Man City’ – The ‘mighty Arse’ might be a 100% pleonasm, but that is the only time the word mighty can be added to the name of a football club! 🙂

  164. Bryan says:

    Thanks again Total,
    Oh & I think you were better going with simulate in the end 😀

  165. Big Raddy says:

    Nice to hear George Weah talk of AW as is father figure. Shame AW didn’ t take thim to Highbury.

    Btw before the draw starts can i be first to say it is fixed

  166. dandan says:

    Lets hope he will walk the walk like he talks the talk “Uefa GS Gianni Infantino interrupts usual CL draw love-in to remind all Uefa ‘will not hesitate to take action’ if clubs break FFP rules”

  167. 26may1989 says:

    Get in, we got Schalke from pot 2, meaning we can’t get the nightmare pot 4 draw, Dortmund.

  168. 26may1989 says:

    Conspiracy theorist are you, Raddy??

  169. Big Raddy says:

    26. It is always fixed for Barca and MU. You will see

  170. Adrian says:

    Well we did beat Dortmund last year didn’t we?

  171. Total says:

    Loving the draw for Citeh – ‘class is permanent’ opponents for them, please let it be Dortmund next! 🙂

  172. 26may1989 says:

    Not too sure Raddy, United have to go to Galatasaray, and Barca have got Spartak Moscow. Chelsea and City look to have things nice and tough.

    You’re right Adrian, and arguably they’re weaker now, with Kagawa sold, but they’re still the German champions. I’m all for some testing games but that’s worth avoiding in my book.

  173. 26may1989 says:

    Pot B
    1. Arsenal
    2. Schalke
    3. Olympiacos
    4. Montpellier

  174. 26may1989 says:

    Giroud goes home!

  175. Slimgingergooner says:

    loving the draw for us! France, Germany and Greece are nice, easy trips for the players. Good news!

  176. Big Raddy says:

    Wish we had got Sjælland I could have gone. Montpelier is not so easy

  177. Total says:

    Agree with Raddy, both MU and Barca groups are very easy – as expected. Montpellier, it had to be: Giroud’s return!

  178. 26may1989 says:

    One of the Manchester clubs will get Dortmund now…..

  179. 26may1989 says:

    Real, City, Ajax, Dortmund. Ha ha ha ha!

  180. RockyLives says:

    Not a bad group.

  181. Big Raddy says:

    MU couldn’t have chosen an easier group. Man City have a tough task ahead

  182. 26may1989 says:

    Why do we all (and I mean me as well) say a trip to Greece is fine but a trip to Russia, same flying time, isn’t? Of course, if the away game is in winter, that makes a difference, but if it isn’t why do we have such a problem? More of the mental stuff methinks.

  183. Slimgingergooner says:

    Aim this year is to get the group sewn up early, as playing our big players in the later stages of the group has cost us in recent times. 12 points from 4 games and relax!!!

  184. Big Raddy says:

    Terrible suit from Steve M. You would think he wouldn’t have to buy in Primark

  185. Slimgingergooner says:


    dont forget the plastic pitches aswell! think it is probably a mental thing but best to have conditions as familiar as possible.

  186. 26may1989 says: have the hedaline “Arsenal handed tough Champions League draw”….

  187. 26may1989 says:

    Plastic pitches, good point. But I do think we need to grow a pair when it comes to playing away games in Russia or Ukraine, it’s not that big a deal.

  188. Total says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if both Ajax and Dortmund go through in the group of death?! 🙂

  189. 26may1989 says:

    Anyone up for a trip to Montpellier? Lovely place. I went to Gelsenkirchen for the away game against Schalke about ten years ago, and really liked it (even if we did lose 3-0 and have Luzhny sent off) – it’s not a pretty area, but proper football people, really good crowd. A trip to Athens wouldn’t be too shabby either.

  190. Total says:

    To be fair, we cannot complain about that group. Key is to not underestimate the opposition though. Olympiacos and Schalke away will be tough fixtures.

  191. 26may1989 says:

    Total, I would love it if that happened, absolutely love it… Oh no, I’ve started talking like a demented Kevin Keegan.

  192. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Nice draw.
    Barca, Chelsea .. not that easy.
    City..Where’s Mutley?

  193. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ajax. Named after the Greek Hero or the Detergent?

  194. Total says:

    Hoi Micky, was your mouth out with detergent! 🙂

  195. Total says:

    I just realised it is the same group, in terms of countries, as last year for us…

  196. RockyLives says:

    When will we know the dates and teams for the fixtures?

  197. 26may1989 says:

    Dunno Rocky, sorry.

  198. rhyle says:

    Pleased with the draw…may even try to get out to a game…been a while since the wife let me off the leash for europe…


    Greece here i come. Whos coming with me? Come on you know want to.


    If we stay overnight, i promise not to enter your room in the middle of the night.

  201. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh Great, so a delegation representing AA of Glic, Arse and Transplant heading out to Greece. Our reputation will be in tatters, or will that be titters!

  202. evonne says:

    Shirt number 17 for Cabaye?? what’s that all about?

  203. 26may1989 says:

    Bugger, just seen the fixtures. I won’t be able to make the home games vs Schalke and Olympiacos. I’ll have to go on at least one away trip now… Can I cope with Terry and Glic??

  204. weedonald says:

    A load of bollocks Adrian…..another rant anti-Wenger,anti-board, spend the bucks whine…..yawnnnnnn!
    Heard it all before from the AAA crowdand anti-Wenger mob….try something constructive for a change.

  205. RockyLives says:

    Oh bolleaux.

    We’re away in the ECL on Sept 19th, when I’ll be in London. Very disappointing. I might have to stay on until Sunday and go to the Manc Oilers away game…


    glic redders & terry are going on a summer holiday
    micky and 26 can come too
    beer fights and debauchary on our summer holiday
    a greek prison for me and you
    for a year or two

    were going were the sun dont shine brightly
    were going were the cells arnt blue
    weve seen those guards in the movies
    now lets see if that buggerys true

    everybody has a nightmare holiday
    getting tattoos and having arguments they shouldnt do
    so when we get back to blighty
    we can say our nightmares came true
    for me and you
    for me and you

  207. jnyc says:

    Nice post Adrian, i was in favor of upgrading on theo much earlier, could have been done. Too late now. ————
    SAV, Welcome, – i found my Arsenal interest the same way. You are clearly a man of taste. Look forward to seeing more from u here.

  208. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Not here, but Transplant, that’s very very funny 🙂

  209. 26may1989 says:

    Have just seen Pepe Reina throw one into the net against Hearts – please, please let him play like that on Sunday!

  210. Last try, does anybody want to knock up a short post to start the discussion off in the morning ……. possibly about the Champions Lge draw? I’m pretty sure we’ll all be glued to sky sports 5 all day to find out if any late signings are coming our way so the post can be quite short and to the point 🙂

  211. 26may1989 says:

    Go on then peaches…. How can I refuse?? Not promising much by way of quality though.

    BTW, we’ve been drawn against Coventry in the League Cup.

  212. goonermichael says:

    Coventry at home

  213. Thanks 26, you are a true Gent 😉

    Champions League and Capital One cup ….. looking forward to both 😆

    Hi gm, I saw you came to Barnet last night, sorry I couldn’t meet up with you, hope you enjoyed the game.

  214. goonermichael says:

    I missed the first half hour Peaches. Enjoyed the rest though. Are you going to the chav game? I’m taking the day off and I got a ticket

  215. goonermichael says:

    I’m watching a film on mov4men. it’s a war film. Can’t believe how funny it is. it’s not meant to be though

  216. goonermichael says:

    everone is getting shot but they couldn’t afford tomato ketchup

  217. Yes gm, I shall be there for the chav game, looking forward to meeting up with you then.

  218. goonermichael says:

    Me too peaches.

  219. goonermichael says:

    They’ve used American tanks and put German markings on them

  220. goonermichael says:

    It’s beyond funny now and winding me up. back to Countess Dracula

  221. goonermichael says:

  222. goonermichael says:

    Rollerball is such a great film. It’s set in the future but looks so 70s. Leonard did the hair.

  223. goonermichael says:

    Love talking to myself 🙂

  224. RockyLives says:

    I don’t want to spoil the end of that film for you – but I think the Germans lose…

  225. goonermichael says:

    It was looking that way Rocky

  226. Gooner In Exile says:

    This gave me a laugh!

    Allardyce added: “I think for all parties this is a great signing. Andy is an all-round footballer, but because he is 6’3” and one of his strengths is his aerial power, everybody dismisses the ability he possesses on the floor

    Sorry when exactly did Big Sam care about a players ability with ball on the floor.

    Ahhh and another victory for football Stoke 3 – Swindon 4

  227. chas says:

    Olympiacos away as the last group fixture seems perfect to me.
    Montpelier 18th Sept…..hmmmmmmm.

  228. chas says:

    Fat Sam, welcome back.

  229. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Okebloodydoke….Final Day.
    I believe the kitty starts the day at +£8m. I also believe that by midnight the kitty will be close to £0.

  230. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Three more comments, and we won’t be staring at Fat Sam every time we start a comment.
    Fatty and Carrol eh? That’s going to be football my Hammers chum will enjoy a lot!

  231. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Down below the neck at this point.
    Come on Micky, one more

  232. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just the bottom of the tie to go now.

  233. MickyDidIt89 says:

    There you go lads. Nice clean page to start a long day.

  234. chas says:

    You’re up early, Micky.
    Have we signed/sold anyone yet.
    My prediction is one out, none in.
    Apologies about Fat Sam.

  235. chas says:

    Essien on loan? Peculiar.

  236. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning Chas.
    I never sleep well on a full moon (tomorrow in fact).
    At least one out .One in.

  237. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Essien? Where did that come from?

  238. Gooner In Exile says:

    🙂 according to BBC gossip column Nik B is going to Stoke or Juve. He must like a striped shirt.

  239. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Nice. That could take the kitty to £13m 🙂

  240. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I still think the entire window ought to be compressed into a single day. Colosseum concept was a bit much, I know, but today is going to be exciting.

  241. Red Arse says:

    Morning nice early people, and you Micky. 🙂

    Not excited really — AW has been too relaxed lately, so Rasper has convinced me that he (AW) has already done our business, apart from the outgoings.

    I’ll see you later, Micky, when the Full Moon is in the ascendancy! 🙂

  242. MickyDidIt89 says:

    “nice early people, and you Micky”….mmmm thinks!

  243. chas says:

    I love the slave auction idea.

    Though sometimes it seems us fans are the ones thrown to the lions.

  244. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Not one single ticket on exchange for Southampton. Not One..
    Bloody non-trophy hunting bastards. Selfish is what they are.

  245. Morning all

    Where is Dempsey going????? He’s not playing for Fulham and he’s not going to Liverpool. Also Yossi tweeted that he’s in talks with two premiership clubs about a loan deal – I would love him to come back 😉

  246. If Nik, Park and Chamakh||||| are sold or go on loan surely we need another striker???????

    Quiet on Arshavin though isn’t it or have I missed something?

    Look, the sun is going to shine today so I’m not going to be here……. will need updates when I check in 😉

  247. Gooner In Exile says:

    Unless we lose a whole lot of non homegrown we will be shopping domestically. Not a big pool to choose from…

  248. Gooner In Exile says:

    Especially as likes of Moses, Johnson etc have been picked up already, I would have taken both of those and Sinclair if we are to lose Theo. I’d happily take Dyer from Swansea and Larsson from Sunderland.

  249. Larsson was ours to begin with wasn’t he?????

  250. oz gunner says:

    PANIC!!!!! last day of shopping, SALE SALE SALE
    Everything summed up in one day. All i know is I’d love to wake up again excited to find a loan and a signing like last season. Other seasons i’ve been left disappointed. Lets raid Chelsea for yossi and essien loan deals, and bring in a winger for good luck

  251. oz gunner says:

    he sure was peaches.
    He’s been rubbing it in every since by banging in free kicks against us

  252. evonne says:

    Morning all, Micky is buzzing today 🙂 I am not, I don’t do uncertainty, scares me.
    So what about that Cabaye Arsenal shirt no 17, clever CGI? Magpies are not taking it seriiously

  253. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Nothing scary out there Evonne.
    We have Cazorla, the most important and excellent signing. Pod and Giroud for Persie. That’s good. Pretty much anything else is a bonus.
    They buy a quality DM and I’ll be starting a “Sack The Board” campaign on the grounds of inadequate stadium size

  254. Slimgingergooner says:

    Looking forward to see who Liverpool ‘invest’ in today! Their recent purchases of Adam, Carroll and Aquilani have been inspired! 😉 If ever there’s an advert to show that price tags ain’t everything its them!

    Looking forward to us bagging Iniesta and Messi in a swap with Park and Chamakh!!!

    Loved that Juve have come out and said that Bendtner isn’t the big name they were hoping for! No shit Sherlock!?

    A striker and midfielder would be amazing please Mr.Wenger.

  255. evonne says:

    Micky 🙂 I hope you are right and another true Gooner does not hand in a late transfer request.

    And Big thank you for getting rid off fat Sam 🙂 Carrol’s goal for Hammers yesterday was good, don’t diss it

  256. oz gunner says:

    @ Slim

    Liverpool are great, even funnier when they adopt a revolving door approach with their players. In one year out the next for reduced prices.

    @ Micky

    well said, stuff these other names being bandied around by other teams, Cazorla will be the best signing of the lot. Did love hearing the Cesc back to Arsenal loan rumour.

  257. evonne says:

    Slim 🙂 Bendtner aint small either. I like 26may like him a lot, think he was underutilies by AW, and if he goes I wish him all the very best. He is a young man who loves having fun, fair play to him

    Messi to Arsenal? Do we really need him?

  258. evonne says:

    Oz – I heard that one too….if only…..maybe??

  259. MickyDidIt89 says:

    We offer Barca 50% of his now reduced value as a result of his new hybridized inverted DNA.

  260. oz gunner says:

    @ Evonne

    Midfield 4: JW,OX, cesc, santi…sounds bloody good doesn’t it. Although it’d probably be the shortest midfield in the world

  261. Norfolk Gooner says:

    Essien looks like a smokescreen to me. Don’t think we will sign an African player only to lose him for the ACN.

    Gotta go, off for a nice walk in The Brecks.

  262. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    …….. New post ……..

  263. evonne says:

    Oz – so perhpas they should be called shortfield instead of midfield 🙂

  264. oz gunner says:

    @ Micky

    deal! we can get santi to shove a arsenal shirt on him, and get verm, arteta, pod, and sagna to say how they’d love to have him at Arsenal. Also start rumours of instability at Barca both financially and on the field!

  265. oz gunner says:

    @ Evonne

    haha, i’d have also accepted mid(ge)field

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    Nicely put, Cheers.

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