Arsenal better with or without Van Persie ?

The answer to this question seems obvious to me. But I have heard enough contrary opinions here and elsewhere.  Of course, this is all out of our hands, we can only give our opinions – but that’s what we all do here.

With the  recent addition of Santi Cazorla, on top of Podolski and Giroud deals, the media and vultures on the internet and print are making up stories about a van Persie u-turn and re-sign. I don’t believe there is any proof to substantiate this. It’s just one of those suppositions that is interesting enough to grab some attention. Even though it’s very unlikely to happen, it’s worth thinking about.

We don’t know how things will play out with other comings and goings probable in the next few weeks. The changes likely to occur will affect midfield mostly, and defense and possibly a bit on the wings, depending on Walcott’s situation. But if you look just at the striker situation, I think the answer becomes pretty simple.

I’ve heard and read hundreds of comments about how RvP should be “sent packing”, how it’s best for the team, morale, harmony, clubhouse, etc not to keep an unhappy player. Also about how we could use the money. Personally, I never worry about the money situation when it comes to wealthy people or corporations, they will handle that as they wish, regardless of our opinions. I only worry about my own finances. Lastly, about how we would never see him the same way even if he does stay.

I will say this about the current rumours about VP to United – I think it’s all insane. I don’t believe it no matter how many articles are written. It would be one thing to sell to the competition, a ton of money to sell to Man City would not be out of the realms of possibility, because he is a luxury for them, he would play occasionally, and only make them a little better. Another example (not that it would ever happen), but – if you added van Persie to Tottenham, they would still not be good enough to beat us the way we are shaping up. But to sell to United, (which wouldn’t be overwhelming money anyway) it could put them over the top. He could really help them. All the class Arsene has instilled in him could make them much better. I believe, as we stand, we are a better team than United, and if we play up to our ability, we will surpass them this season, and a long time to come. I know Arsene is aware of all this, so there is no reason to entertain their offer. Let them wait another year (or forever).

I prefer to just look at the actual football effect if van Persie leaves. I believe Wenger has stated that Bendtner is leaving. For me, he would have been a solid third choice striker behind Podolski and Giroud, but he even stated himself that he will not play for us again. That leaves Chamakh in that spot.

Now if van Persie were to play for us this season there would be alot of benefits all around. First, the leagues best striker playing in his perfect system again, this time with some actual opportunities to be rested properly. Time for Podolski and Giroud to be worked in slowly. The chance for Pod to get in some time on the wing to give more goal threat from there. Then some talk of mixing in a bit of 4-4-2 for a change. Some chances to experiment with van Persie playing behind Giroud. And- all this along with Cazorla. Tell me that’s not enticing.

Finally, a question that I have posed here before to those (myself included), who were hurt and angered by RvP’s statement, but more to those who say they would never forgive him, or would rather have the money from his sale. How would you feel watching the first match against Sunderland, if van Persie scores one, and/or assists one. Watching him celebrate with his teammates? I have a feeling the players would accept him back happily. Would it matter if it was just for one last season. Would it be that hard to forgive him?

I believe it’s still Arsenal who decides where he plays THIS season. Not the papers, websites or Talksport; not the clubs he may be talking to, and certainly not his agent.  At this point I couldn’t care less where he dreams of going and being paid. Our dream is to have a fantastic season, and to show everyone that Arsenal is back at the top.

Written by jnyc

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  1. Norfolk Gooner says:

    It’s an interesting question jnyc, if we could go back to say April and if RvP had signed a new contract would we have bought two new strikers? Obviously with a happy Dutchman AND the two new signings we would be much stronger. BUT! That scenario is a pipe dream.

    I don’t like the idea of a want-away player being compelled to stay, it can’t be good for the team spirit, so I think we Have to be stronger without him.

  2. gus caesar says:

    i just put a ton on RVP to stay. He isn’t goin anywhere – just pullin a Rooney from a couple of seasons back. We will win the league this year!! Get behind the Arse – PAUSE.

  3. Norfolk Gooner says:

    GC I wish I was your bookie, in this part of the world there is an old saying ” whenever you see a hard up bookie, there will be a dead donkey beside him”.

  4. keys says:

    If we sell RVP to any of our rivals, which i strongly doubt, all our investment will be useless. Its like loading ur enemy’s gun for him as someone said. If we realy want to win something, we shld either keep him or send him to a different league. I know he will stay anyway.

  5. chas says:

    Cheers, jnyc.

    Better with…..
    * if he stays and plays to a similar level to last season
    * if him staying doesn’t have a detrimental effect on team morale/unity
    * if it gives us time to bed in the GirouPod
    * if him being free to negotiate with other teams after Christmas doesn’t lead to a loss of focus
    * if he goes to manyoo or citeh and improves them

    Better without…..
    * if he stays and stinks the place out out with poor form and a bad attitude
    * if the team as a whole raises its game to cover his absence and becomes less reliant on one player
    * if the GirouPod hits the ground running and blasts away the opposition with its massive artillery
    * if a constant drone in the media about where he will end up the season after this one accompanies Arsenal’s campaign
    * if he is destined to have a typical ‘glass ankles’ season (in which case manyoo or citeh would be ideal)
    * if his armour is so damp, it becomes rusty

  6. rhyle says:

    Morning all…another good read jnyc.

    I think you only need to see the amount of emotion pouring out of the fans to see the answer to the question – RvP would make any team he joined better, but will always have the most positive effect on us. Why? He’s been with us 8 years. He knows how we play, how each individual at the club plays (which may, in some cases, contribute to his wanting to leave! How many times last season did he have a pop at someone for not delivering?).

    As for his perceived “betrayal”, my thoughts on that are that he has one last roll of the dice and he’s more marketable than he’s ever been as he’s finally been able to put together a solid string of games and an incredible run of goals. Yes…the quote he had put on his website was a bit crass, but who amongst us can honestly say that his thoughts hadn’t at least crossed our minds (let alone…this pre-season excluded…positively agreed with, as would be the case in my mind). Let’s face it…in his shoes…with one big contract left in him…wouldn’t you want to see what was on the table?

    But should he stay or should he go? I’m easy either way. This is not Fabregas, this is not Henry (whose transfer saga has so easily been forgotten by those seeking to villify RvP, yet still throw rose petals in front TH14…)…he’ll be replaceable, and it probably won’t take the 12 months it’s taken to (potentially) replace the creativity of Fabregas. I completely agree with Arsenal’s stance on the transfer too…the fee for going to one of our rivals should be larger than that for going abroad.

    I honestly don’t care if he stays or goes…I was disappointed at first but now I’m just tired of yet another drawn out transfer dominating the coverage of what has been a very positive window for the Arsenal…I just want to see it finally reach a conclusion one way or the other.

    Unless, of course, RvP / Arsenal are playing mind games with Fergie…flirting with him so he takes his eyes off of other activity in the window in the hopes of signing him…well…then we can wait until 31 Aug until signs a new contract!

  7. gus caesar says:

    NG, didn’t Sid Waddell say that? Just can’t see that transfer happening and I have to say, Rooney’s makin even more of a plum out of himself gettin involved. This is about messin with the heads of one of our main rivals . If they dont sign RVP, that will be considered a failure on the part of MUFC – which is what we want – brilliant plan. He’s stayin put and we’re gonna WIN THE LEAGUE…CMONNNNNNNN!!

  8. keys says:

    RVP didnt say he wants to leave. He wanted the club to change its direction and be ambitious and he was right evn though the medium he chose was way out of line. But lets be honest with ourselves, had he not done that we would NEVER have made those signings. We would have probably sold some more key players and promoted the young ones. We shld cut him some slack for bringing back the good feeling we all have abt the club. We’ve shown ambition so he will stay.

  9. GoonerB says:

    Great piece jync and echoes my thoughts. There are 2 parts to this as you have mentioned. First is how would him leaving us affect the strength of our squad alone? Would his presence give us a title winning squad or will his leaving have little impact on our strength and we would we still have a title winning squad? Second is if we allow him to leave does his destination have a major impact on our ability to challenge for the title?

    On the first point I mostly agree with jync and don’t concur with NG at 9.43. I feel him being with us would give us a far greater chance of winning the EPL. I can see NG’s point about how it may affect team spirit so you take a chance if you keep him that he will not play up. Football is a world of uncertainties so I would be prepared to take that chance and hope he has enough professional pride to give his all for us next year.

    I would potentially go along with NG and let him leave if the destination and or compensation level is right. For an overseas club the figure should be £20m as it is still a reasonable return and where he plays would have little impact on our season. If you are talking about Utd though this brings us to the second point as to how his destination affects us. I agree with jync that he could push them over the top. If Utd will cough up £30m then I would consider it but even then still have reservations. They will not go to this figure though and rightly so considering age injury record and time left on contract. Similarly at £20m we could hand them the title which would mean they have had a great deal and we have been short changed again. This is why, as I said on a blog yesterday, that we cannot do business with Utd as there is literally no middle ground where both parties can be happy. For us to strengthen them so much we would need silly money to not lose face on it but if they paid that their fans would feel we have had them over.

    In summary I can agree with Norfolk Gooner that we can sell him to the right club at the right price and remove a potentially harmful element from the dressing room next year, but if Utd are the only player in town we must keep him and take the chance on his attitude. I personally think he would put in a shift for us if he is still with us and we may start to look like strong title contenders. What chance then that he may even sign a new contract within the season. Stranger things have happened.

  10. GOONER4EVER says:

    Very good article…We are Arsenal and Robin will be our player as long as we decide,if if loosing him for nothing next year
    The only mistake we can do in this saga is to sell hum to Manure.
    Dear Mr Wenger stick to your decision and keep him

  11. chas says:

    Wow, Allyson Felix is a gooner.
    Arsenal fan Allyson Felix

  12. chas says:

    Senderos with hair. 🙂
    Edu, Philippe Senderos and Jose Reyes

  13. double98 says:

    Better without.
    We are The Arsenal.
    If his “ambition” is simply to be a crude term for either male or female genitalia then we are clearly the wrong place for him to be.

    Arsenal are the club for ambition. Joining a team that guarantees medals is not ambition. But to end a 7 year “drought” We are heading for an Anfield 89 moment.

    Michael Owen was a selfish attacker – you could build a team around him and he would score lots of goals – he consumed the other strikers by taking their space, you could never win a league with him as the main man. In retrospect (and with lots of Bile) maybe Robbing Fat Purse -e is the same. He hogged the centre, walcott and gervinho carried water for him.

    Time and again, Robin went to the well for Arsenal but maybe that is the problem, A team built on Cazorla, Wilshire, Arteta, OX is a team built on plumbing – you don’t need water carriers if you have running water.

  14. 26may1989 says:

    Great question, jnyc. I’ve definitely come round to the idea of keeping van Persie, even if he leaves on a Bosman. I believe he’d behave like Modric (i.e., would continue to give his all). I don’t think he’d be a destructive force in the squad if he were asked to stay till the end of his contract.

    And who knows, perhaps he’d change his mind about leaving us mid-way through the season?

    The club of course be giving up £15m to £20m, which is why we’ve always thought it very unlikely. But the way the club is treating van Persie and Song this summer, and the way they’ve done valuable business early on, suggests a hardening of approach. They might just view the intial sacrifice of a transfer fee on one player as being worthwhile in order to put down a marker to players who want to exploit their contract periods to best effect. Especially since selling van Persie at a below market price would mean having to consider signing another forward, whose contract could well be more valuable than van Persie’s, so there’s a financial downside to selling him too.

    I still think it’s most likely that van Persie will be elsewhere by 31 August, but if he isn’t, and he doesn’t change his mind about signing a new contract with us, I can definitely see silver-linings.

    As for forgiving van Persie, I won’t forget the fact he attacked the club, but I could definitely cope with seeing him play one last season for us, assuming he’s making a positive contribution. I don’t see how he could continue to be captain though.

  15. 26may1989 says:

    Keys says “lets be honest with ourselves, had he not done that we would NEVER have made those signings”

    I say look at the dates things happened:

    Date Podolski signed: 30 April 2012

    Date Giroud signed: 26 June 2012

    Date of van Persie’s statement: 4 July 2012

    Van Persie’s statement obviously had nothing to do with those signings.

  16. chas says:

    ……and we were after Cazorla last summer but were outbid by a sheikh.

  17. evonne says:

    Good call jnyc, well presented argument
    Between you and Chas @ 10:02 there isn’t much one can add.

    But I will try 🙂 – there is no way on this earth he will have another season without an injury. Let him go now

  18. Songie says:

    Selling RVP to man united or even man city for the matter is a terrible idea, this is now a matter of principle rather than cashing in. Wenger and the board need to send out a message to every team out there that Arsenal are not to be bullied in the transfer market and will NOT be pressured into selling their star players year after year and that we’re not a feeder club. Unless of course, they are prepared to submit outrageously high bids.

    One thing that I don’t understand is why Wenger haven’t said anything about Barca’s tapping up on Song. Apparently song’s contract runs till 2015, so this is very different from RVP’s contract situation which still has one year left. Arsenal and Wenger has the upper hand here, and they should stick firm to that contract and make an announcement saying that Song is NOT for sale. We can already see barca players up to their old tricks by talking about Song freely in the media, and Wenger should definitely shut them all up by insisting that Song will not be sold this season. Arsenal needs to take a hard stance and tell everyone that our players are untouchable by any other clubs. After all, why sell one of our key performers after moulding him into such a successful DM after so many seasons for 15M? Song is worth so much more than that.

  19. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Excellent and well presented hot topic Johnnie, thanks.
    (Hope your Olympians wallop the Chinese 🙂 )
    Under no circumstances should we strengthen Utd with the League’s best goalscorer. Juve, fine.
    Personally, I’d love him to stay as I do believe he would give us 100%, but if he offskies to Juve, then I’ll simply detest him. Easy.
    Sorry 26,
    If he stays, he must be captain. There would be zero point in marginalizing our best player in a petty tit for tat kind of way. What would be achieved by stripping him of the captaincy other than to piss him off. If he was not the best player and a leader, then sure, but he is both on top of being the only dead cert starter after Sagna and probably Santi.

  20. keys says:

    @26th may 1989, RVP had made it clare to them long before the signings were made. Thats why the contract discussion broke down. He needed to see the club going back to its glory days and nt to be a feeder club to some shit clubs.

  21. double98 says:

    Songie, I don’t agree – if he wants to go to united then let him go for 20 million – in farness no matter how good he is he won’t dramatically improve either side.
    Scoring goals is not an area they are deficient in.

    I would love if he signed up now but if not then let him go to United. let us all learn a lesson. Let us see RVP for what he is.. Let us understand the difference between Ambition and Glory.
    I am very emotionally involved with the RVP situation. I am rapidly turning into Allanis Morrissete on the matter. I want to love him or hate him on match of the day. I don’t want him playing in italy where i only hear snippets … i want him clear and present in the EPL.

    Micky -you strip him of the captaincy if he doesn’t sign up.. you don’t want your Leader leading the team out the door on free transfers,

  22. 26may1989 says:


    I do see where you’re coming from, but I just don’t see the idea of van Persie being captain as being credible or tenable anymore. Leaders don’t do what he’s done. It’s not that being captain is a big deal, but it does come with certain responsibilities and carries some symbolic meaning.

    In the (unlikely) scenario where he were to stay to see out his contract, I’d hope he’d see that keeping the armband wouldn’t be possible – it doesn’t have to be done in a punitive or marginalizing way, he can step down from that position with dignity and grace.

    Better to have a captain who is committed to the club long term, Arteta, Koscielny or Vermaelen being the obvious candidates.

  23. clockendjim says:

    I will not be heartbroken if RVP leaves Arsenal for several reasons :-
    1) At 29 he is no longer a young prospect and as we know from past history unlikely to have an injury-free season again like the last one
    2) I love the new signings and would not like to see any of them on the bench because RVP is playing instead
    3) His leaving would sort out the Captain situation making it easy to transfer it to Vermaelen who I think should be the club Captain anyway
    4) If no bid is forthcoming and he spends one more season with us, what will be the atmosphere in the dressing room with a want-away player in there. I think we now have a squad that could gel beautifully without him.

    Except for the age thing, I feel the same about Walcott too.

    I just hope he doesn’t go to Man U as I fear the RVP/Rooney partnership could be lethal if he stays fit.

  24. 26may1989 says:

    @keys 11.16am: Your source for saying that is what? Unless you were in the room of the relevant discussions, I don’t see that you can make any assertions as to what was or was not said.

    If van Persie’s statement were about not becoming a feeder club, why would he issue his statement after the club had signed two of Europe’s leading attacking talents?

    His statement had nothing to do with the club’s ambition, everything to do with what he wanted for himself. I don’t begrudge him the right to put himself first, he just didn’t need to say a thing publicly.

  25. LB says:

    Song to Barcelona

    Has there been a bigger joke this week; in fact, has there been a bigger joke ever?

    I am one of Song’s staunchest defenders but I am not blind, I see the passing errors he makes in the first 20 minutes of pretty much every game and they are bad, bordering on school boy. The idea that Barcelona have not noticed them is daft and for the sake of Peach’s mum I am chosing my words carefully.

    But…………it is this defect that makes him the Arsenal player that he is and I love. Our Alex ain’t going to Spain. Maybe City! I think it is correct to say that the man has seven children and an offer to double his wages would be hard for him to turn down.

    Would he be wrong to go?

    Could you turn down a job offer to double your wages?

  26. LB says:

    I should have said first up that I thought that was a very good read jync.

  27. LB says:

    I agree that Van Persie’s recent statement via his web page had nothing to do with the signing of Podolski and Giroud but his announcement mid way through last season that he would not be entering into contract talks before the end of the season was rightly interpreted by Arsenal to mean that he was going to shop around for the best deal possible. And…….I think it is therfore reasonable to say that from the lessons learnt from the previous season, with Fabregas and Nasri, Arsenal acted early and positively and signed two very good players in Podolski and Giroud.

  28. MickyDidIt89 says:

    My only problem is that I actually see where you are coming from as well 🙂

  29. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That’s it, down tools. Pack up children, wetsuits, boards, sausages, buns and away to The Atlantic. Bye.
    Oh shit, and Wife.

  30. Shabby says:

    RVP=history now, get Kevin Mirallas from Olympiacos. He is a monster can play CF,LF,LW,St

  31. Songie says:

    I agree Song tend to misplace passes more often than the rest of the team esp when hes just starting to get into the game, but even then it isn’t that often or bad as you make it sound. Song’s a great box to box player as well and he has a good physical presence in midfield. His ability to provide beautiful assists is another positive too and I strongly believe he is vital to the team challenging for trophies next season. I mean if Joe Allen is going for 15M, no way in hell is Song worth 15M, at the very least 25M.

  32. 26may1989 says:

    Must admit, and I know many will disagree, but I think Song is the senior player most in need of improvement. Yes, he is a very good player, and he had a spectacular number of assists last season, but that came at the cost of ill discipline in terms of position and possession. We have perfectly good defenders but they suffer from two things: poor coordination as a unit and insufficient defensive cover from the midfield. For the second point, I’d say Song is most at fault.

    I hope he doesn’t go, but if Barca really did offer a huge amount for a player who appears to want to play the contract game as others have before him, there’s an argument for taking the money.

  33. RockyLives says:

    Good article johnnie
    I can’t see any way that RvP will stay, because I’m sure the club has factored into its transfer buys this summer the recoupment of money from selling him.

    Like most, I would hate to see him go to ManUre. He would improve them – although perhaps not as much as they might think. If he goes to Juventus, fair dos.

    However, if I’m wrong and we decided to keep him I would feel very proud of the club for making such a strong statement to our rivals and to our own players. I would expect Brave Sir Robin to play well in his final year but he cannot be captain unless he signs as extension. I would give the armband to Arteta, but I suspect it will go to Vermaelen, even though I’m not sure he figures in our best CB partnership.

  34. evonne says:

    very wise words Rocky

  35. dandan says:

    From todays Times:

    principal owner, supports tightening the rules AFP

    Tony Barrett

    Published at 12:00AM, August 10 2012

    The Premier League is considering introducing its own financial fair play (FFP) rules, amid growing concern from some of England’s leading clubs about Uefa’s willingness to crack down on those who fail to adhere to the European governing body’s regulations.

    The issue was first raised at the Premier League annual meeting in June, when there was a clear appetite for the financial rules to be scrutinised and strengthened where necessary. The league already has certain fiscal tests that its member clubs must pass, including producing three-monthly tax bills for Revenue & Customs and providing proof that they can manage future budgets.

    But a desire to stop the spiralling of players’ wages and agents’ fees has prompted the formation of a working party that will look into whether English football needs its own FFP rules.

    Manchester United and Liverpool are known to be in favour of such a move and John W. Henry, Liverpool’s principal owner, nailed his colours to the mast yesterday by revealing that a number of Premier League clubs are ready to commit to measures that prioritise self-sufficiency and financial health, and penalise those who fail to live within their means.

    “The mandate of financial fair play in Europe is for clubs to live within their means,” Henry told The Tomkins Times, a Liverpool fans’ website. “Recently I was told that half of the clubs in the top divisions within Europe are losing money and 20 per cent are in straits of varying degrees.

    “There are a lot of clubs within the league that support financial fair play. We believe the league itself may have to adopt its own rules given that clubs seem to be ignoring Uefa’s rules, which may be porous enough to enable clubs to say that the trend of huge losses is positive and therefore be exempt from any meaningful sanctions.”

    The constitution of the Premier League, which was formed in 1992, states that a two-thirds majority is required for any change to its rules, which means that 14 clubs would need to vote in favour of FFP in order for it to be introduced.

  36. johnnie nyc says:

    thanks to alot of you (Songie in particular) for reminding me something i forgot to include in the post..its the point that we need to show other clubs and our own players that we wont be bullied into selling. Ive been saying all along that we shouldnt take any weak offers for player of the year in his prime, this would make us look pathetic and desperate for one of the biggest clubs in the world. we need to show our strength, and our star players who recently committed to us (koscielny, vermaelen) would appreciate it also. we can stand our ground and make a run this season- can the board of directors stay firm until sept 1 ? I also think it’s hilarious that United are complaining that they are being quoted a higher price then Juventus..i would raise it further, just because they brought it up.. 😉

  37. johnnie nyc says:

    i also find the Alex Song debate interesting.. because i have heard Barca rumours before — I never thought Song was technically sound enough for Barca or Madrid. I could be wrong if their interest is real. I guess it means they respect our system alot. I actually think there are better players we could have at DM, but we would have to go get one.. Coquelin is good, but not ready to be first choice if we want to challenge this season..Frimpong is far from ready. So keeping Song is fine also, but we must avoid letting him get to the final year of his contract. he has turned down extensions also.. maybe we need to sell him and replace if thats the case.

  38. Norfolk Gooner says:

    I’ve just spent he last several hours walking round some of the most beautiful countryside in Norfolk, with a stop at the excellent Ostrich pub in Castle Acre for a pint or two of St Edmund’s Ale and a delicious ham Sandwich. During all that time I pondered on jncy’s question, but I came to no very clear conclusion, in fact everything is starting to go haaazzzzy, Can’t for the life of me thiiiink whyyy. Aaah! Thaaatss it! muuuust be the sun. Hic! zzzzzz

  39. RockyLives says:

    interesting article – coming just at the moment when Gazidis has moved into a more significant position within the FA.

    I would have thought getting a two-thirds majority for the FA’s own FFP regulations would now be very straightforward, particularly given that “big” clubs like ManUre and the ‘Pool suddenly have a vested interest in it.

    Basically, the English footballing establishment (spearheaded by ManUre) has finally woken up to the fact that even the biggest properly-run clubs can’t compete against Arabs or Russians with limitless wealth.

    ManUre have been used to being able to financially bully everyone else. When Abramovich came along they could just about tolerate competing with him (particularly as their other main rival – us – was entering a period of financial austerity because of the new stadium costs), but being pipped by the ManChavs in May will have been a blow too far.

    Which EPL clubs, apart from Citeh and the Chavs, would vote against tougher FFP rules? None, is my contention.

    All of which means it would be even more stupid to get our own sugar daddy (Usmanov) in right now to supposedly throw tens of millions at trying to buy success.

  40. RockyLives says:

    NG 🙂
    Go and have a nice nap…


    Thanks for the post johnnie. Dont care if Van Persie stays or goes, we will be succesful without him.

    I would like to comment on the Times link kindly provided by dandan. I have been hearing rumours for the last year or so that the premeir league will bring in its own FFP rules. Those people who still believe that FFP is some form of pie in he sky should take there heads out of the sand. The political and economic tidal wave of the self sustaning model is unstopable and will eventuly reach all branches of professional football.

    The main beneficaries wil be Arsenal, Man utd, and Liverpool, but the club that will gain the most is Arsenal. Once we have some form of financial parity with our rivals, our organisation, culture, and stability will mean that we come out on top.

    “The Ghosts of the Thirties are Stiring”

  42. harry671 says:

    Hi AAers’s long time since I have haunted the realms of AA, I hope your all well… a text from Peaches this morning jolted me into action….

    Johnnie, excellent question…….some interesting points made and some wise words from others…….

    My angle……………….

    Firstly last year when Na$ri and Fabregas were on the threshold of leaving, Although disappointed I was relieved that it didnt include RVP, he for me was the true star that could add something extra if he stayed fit….which he did last year, injuries to other players left us short. That run of 12 or so games showed we could match anyone. Although we lost two matches against the Oilcity slickers, we outplayed them through most of those 2 games and the other one that mattered we beat them with Arteta’s screamer……

    Secondly, We already have strengthen considerably, so shouldnt be taking part in a supermarket trolley dash at the end of august this season. So we are in a better position than last year.

    Thirdly although I can undertsand RVP’s frustration at a lack of silverware, his comments have come after Poldolski and Giroud have signed, now with Cazorla, surely he can see the ambition is there, unless he was on about something else?

    On his choice of destination, Juve I can see, Barca would be good as would Real (both not interested?), AC Milan would be a venture worth trying (again not interested)…….And I hate to admit that City would make sense, all on the MONEY side and even chances of silverware can be deemed high at all those sides. I suppose even Chelsea would be an option…..The only one that makes no sense to me is United, they have a much weaker squad, fergie has a year left and then they will hit a brick wall……

    If he stays with a new contract and a comment along the lines of “Never wanted to leave just wanted some investment etc” then he can stay as captain. If he stays under contract and isnt happy them TV should be made captain or Arteta as RL mentioned. I will support him as a player of our team, but will never idolise him the same way unless he justifies himself and issue’s an apology…..

    If he does goes I would bring in Llorente who would be a star, quality striker…

    I agree it is Arsenal who decide and have an element of control, but financially can lose a lot……take 15-20 now or nothing at the end of season……….

    You can argue we of course would be better with RVP, well according to pundits last year without RVP we would have been relegated, or so they think….who can say, as whoever came in might have scored some of those goals as well, I can only think of three or four magical ones that were solely down to RVP, most were of the back of team play or walcott.. (Quick one on Theo – those who remember me know I back theo 100% – he must stay)

    Back to the question, Arsenal better with or without? – difficult, as he would be replaced and as I said above not all his goals were down to him………I think we should ask the opposite—-

    Is Van persie better with Arsenal or without……..?

    This needs no analysis – simples – He is better with Arsenal…

  43. johnnie nyc says:

    dandan, thanks for the article, very interesting, i hadnt heard about FA ffp gives me even more hope. i agree with you ROCKY, as soon as i read this, i immediately thought that only city and chelsea would vote against it. I cant imagine anyone else not supporting it. and depending on the constitutions of other leagues, they might want to follow suit with similar rules.

  44. johnnie nyc says:

    yeah HARRY, good point, RVP will never be as prolific with any other team. and I am worried about Walcott, im not his biggest fan, but he should have signed by now, if he goes, he needs to be replaced. My latest feeling is, if he stays, he should slowly begin the conversion to striker.

  45. harry671 says:

    I too am worried that Walcott has not signed yet, his position could be interesting, we have an abundance of attacking options with or without RVP……..I’d like to see him down the middle attacking at pace….supported in the flanks by Gervinho and Poldolski, Cazorla in behind…..then pick 2 from many…… the holding midfield roles…….Diaby, Arteta, Ox, Coquelin, Song?, Ramsey, Wilshere eventually, Frimpers, Gnarby, Eisfield, Aneke……probably missed someone but we have strength in depth for sure………..

  46. LB says:

    Good to be able to read some Harry comments again.

    Walcott down the middle attacking at pace is all fine and dandy but as you know teams don’t give us space.

    95% of the time the opposition have 10 men behind the ball and try and hit us on the break. The upshot is that Walcott is crowded out and doesn’t have enough close contol to create space.

    No matter how hard I try I just cannot see this one flying.

  47. harry671 says:

    Thanks London, ah but this is where we go wrong, pressing teams into a smaller area, never helps us, we need to draw teams out, allow the space to open up, Santi will present theo some gifts of passes – see what I did there- lol…it can work, you have adapt, do something different not just accept that the bus is parked….

  48. Songie says:

    The most annoying part about the Song fiasco is that I can’t stand barca’s annoying way of trying to influence and lure players from other clubs by using the media – both the manager and players alike.

    Anyways, something you guys should see.

  49. Hi all, just popping in briefly to say that we’re going to need posts for the next few days. Anyone fancy writing pe-match for the Cologne game on Sunday?

  50. Bayonne Jean says:

    Hey everyone, FYI, South Korea up 1-0 over Japan in Olympics on a goal from some mystery player named Park. If South Korea wins, their players are exempt from military service for life. Just saying….

  51. evonne says:

    Hi Harry! So good to ‘see’ you again 🙂

  52. glic says:

    I`ve had a lovely break away in Bath and have pages of satirical material in my head but alas, too on the edge for AA . shame !. 😆
    What I will say is, when I do make a serious comment it is usually spot on, like who was laughed at by saying we would get TH14 back on loan ?…….me.
    “Just a thought 💡 why doesn`t the Premier League bring out some sort of FFP ? “, me again @ Aug` 23 ,2011, 7:19pm. Didn`t get one comment on that !. Being serious doesn`t get any interaction either !.
    Interesting fact ( heard it on Radio today ) What will get you ( on average ) an extra 8-10 years more life expectancy ?……………. A great sense of humour !. Lucky I was at the front of the queue !. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    If I die tomorrow, it`s OK, it means I should have died 10 years ago , so as a bonus I got to see the Invincibles and the New Stadium !. 🙂
    Nice post
    How can we not be a better team with a ” Super Quality ” player ?.

  53. harry671 says:

    Thanks evonne……….

    Songie…..loved the twins link…….

  54. Gooner In Exile says:

    Johnny you have outlined the dilemma, I don’t have the answer. Pretty much agree with Chas much earlier today.

    It must have been a great post as it brought Harry out of the woodwork 🙂 good to see you back mate.

  55. Gooner In Exile says:

    Recognition for what we do outside football….since 1986!!! Foresight!

  56. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’ve touched with my pointer many bits of that twister thing above and nowhere does it lead me to the article.

  57. Gooner In Exile says:

    HI Micky there was no article just a comment from Winter.

  58. Gooner In Exile says:

    Hahahahaha, how we feel for you Roberto….

    “I am not happy, but I won’t say anything at the moment, I am not the sporting director,” added Mancini. “I can’t say anything about the players. After three months or four months, I don’t know what to say about this situation.”

    Maybe Mr Mancini the letters you are looking for are FFP!!

  59. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh alright Peaches, I’ll knock out a quickie.
    That is very funny about Mankini 🙂

  60. Thank you Micky xx

    Bless our young Mr Frimpong …………. I wish him luck on his quest

  61. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Don’t panic, I’ve started Peaches, just on a coffee break. Be with you by nine. Brazil Mexico this afternoon for those of you where the sun does not shine today 😦

  62. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All.

    BR back from self exposed exile and ready for an exciting season ahead. With or without RvP we will challenge for the title, it is written in the stars.

    Fortunately I have been away for the interminable transfer saga but what really intrigues me is why no-one else is in the frame for signing the Boy Wonder. PL Footballer of the Year, PL top scorer, unlimited ability and talent and yet only 3 clubs have been mentioned. Why? Sure he is an expensive player but who is a better CF in world football?

  63. LB says:

    Morning BR

    It is good to have your calm, civil writing style back.

    Why aren’t more teams in for the best CF in the world? Good question, the only answer I can come up with is that it is a sign of the times. Clubs are no longer prepared to push the boat out for injury prone 29 year olds.

  64. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Hi Raddy,
    Hope you had a great summer.
    It is odd, I agree. Surely Barca need one.

  65. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Could one of you sky telly sorts tell me whether you can get South American Football on any of the progs?

  66. Gooner In Exile says:

    Raddy and LB, I agree a mixture of his age and his injury history and the clear effect of FFP is hindering his sale. This time next year as a free transfer he becomes a more viable prospect to his suitors, also another year older and his existing wage expectations will not be as attainable. Who knows if we force him to stay we may get him for less wages on a 3 year contract or he could find he has no club.

    Whilst not wishing ill on anyone it would be a lesson to the players.

  67. Big Raddy says:

    Appears not Micky!

    My first viewing of an Olympic event and we win gold. Get in ….

  68. Gooner In Exile says:

    Micky I think Eurosport might carry some coverage, not sure Sky do….but I don’t look.

  69. Gooner In Exile says:

    Raddy Gold medals are so passé now, they are expected now

  70. Big Raddy says:

    GIE. Agree, it is the logical conclusion.

    Should AFC do the only sensible thing and reject whatever offers are coming from MU, Robin will be forced to eat humble pie. Wonder what his advisers have planned for his exit strategy should Arsenal play hardball.

  71. MickyDidIt89 says:

    His agent will be cutting back on the orange stuff for sure. No transfer fee, no slice 🙂

  72. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right, have a good day all.

  73. Morning all

    Welcome back Raddy 🙂

    New Post ………………………

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