Here is just a quick thought to keep us going as frankly, we all wait for tomorrow.

In two hours Wales boot off against France, and just before the starting gun sounds, we will hear the whole of Wales joining in a round of  “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau”, or to some “Land of our Fathers”, and what a rallying anthem it is. My Welsh Mother used to make me watch the opening of a Rugby Game in Wales just for this, and she had a point.

We all know how well “You’ll never walk alone” rallies the masses at Anfield, and even that lot down the road have their slow paced “When the Saints go marching in” adaptation, which I begrudgingly admit is fairly haunting.

Like it or not, most of us one-club-loyal fans share a tribal mentality. Now throw in a bit of “God on our side” and you have something scarily fundamentalist. One of my first games was the Leeds v Sunderland Cup Final (A Godfather of mine was a Director of Dover Athletic FC. Sincere apologies to more deserving Sunderland fans), and I remember how moved I was by the majority of the crowd joining in to Abide With Me. Anyhow, back to the Fundamentalist element. I recently had some friends around and was given an SAS Regimental bottle of Whisky with these words engraved on the back:

We are the Pilgrims, master; we shall go
Always a little further: it may be
Beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow,
Across that angry or that glimmering sea.

When I first read these words, on top of putting them into the context of a band of elite warriors, I nearly … myself.

Now think of the men in red and white coming out of the tunnel in the knowledge that they are going into battle serving a power greater than Stan Kroenke and the weekly envelope.

Is it time to introduce a Fundamentalist slant. A unifying anthem. Something to strike the fear of God into our enemies, or am I becoming a lunatic?

Written by MickyDidIt89


  1. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just saw your line up. Glad to see you have Song in midfield. Boss that area and I’m sure all will be well.
    Thanks for pic. Had not thought about that, but Cannons work for me every time.

  2. MickyDidIt89 says:

    For the first time, I’ve given a moments thought to one of my own posts. How about a slight change to Jerusalem:
    And did those feet in ancient time
    Walk upon England’s mountain green?
    And was the holy Lamb of God
    On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
    And did the countenance divine
    Shine forth upon our clouded hills?
    And was THE ARSENAL builded here
    Among those dark satanic mills?

    Bring me my bow of burning gold!
    Bring me my arrows of desire!
    Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
    Bring me my chariot of fire!
    I will not cease from mental fight,
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
    Till we have built THE ARSENAL
    In England’s green and pleasant land.

  3. evonne says:

    Peaches – is your beloved son-in-law’s birthday today so I am off to buy a present. Might pop in later

  4. Big Raddy says:

    Rousing stuff Micky. We have been bemoaning the lack of an anthem for a couple of generations (did you watch the Big Match vid put up by Chas?)

    Jerusalem would be wonderful but it means sweet FA to most of the fans. I have no answer to this problem and think our songs are amongst the most banal at any ground. The last good one was Freddie L’s to Can’t take my eyes off yo, when it went into the We love you Freddie refrain at Cardiff, the sound was wonderful..

  5. allezkev says:

    We could do with an anthem less soporific than ‘The Wonder of You’ by Elvis, when the boys come out.
    I wonder what bright spark at the club dreamed up the little ditty.
    Yeah it really gets the stadium rocking…

  6. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I know what you are saying and we are far more likey to end up with a rap song 😦
    Where’s Chary with some hideous heavy metal suggestion 🙂
    Off out for the day.
    Bring on tomorrow and The Big Raddy.

  7. the fontc says:

    jerusalem get it printed on to a3 paper hand them out 3 consecutive away games we have a great anthem

  8. kelsey says:

    Not sure about a song but more encouragement from the home support would be a bonus.
    it appears a decision has been made to off load Chamakh in january so with Nicci out on loan and we maybe in the market for a striker.I would take a punt on drogba who will then be on a free, for a season or two if only for half the games but we may be looking at buying .

  9. Lifelong Gooner says:


    If you think The Wonder of You is bad wait till you hear the Norwich dirge “On the Ball City”, when you consider it includes the line “never mind the weather” you begin to get the idea.

    I’d like to see the return of The Metropolitan Police Band, my memory of them marching up and down the Highbury pitch playing stirring martial music brings on a strong attack of nostalgia.

  10. Gooner in Exile says:

    Mickyim certainly up for a change of Anthem, well scrap that just an anthem. But here is my problem with Wonder of You….it’s forced on us by some PR type who thought it would make a good VT. personally I prefer the bit just before the teams come out with a few goals, and the kind of jingle da dah dah dah tish (that’s synths and cymbals there).

    Stoke play some drum & bass thing which certainly gets them going coupled with fans stories of memorable results.

    Back to my original point You’ll Never Walk Alone was adopted by the fans first. Jerusalem is a good shout, my Dads favourite hymn because it was also the hymn of Highbury Grammar so has some affinity.

    But it’s a hymn, we need a pop song that the youngsters can adopt, from a London band preferably even an Arsenal fan of some sort although I dont see the oldies adopting a Lethal Bizzle song.

    I tried over Summer to pen some lyrics to a song for a post on here, Piano Man by Billy Joel didn’t work but was close, but I realise my mistake, You’ll Never Walk Alone has not had a change of lyrics, it just fits the fans feelings towards their team. So perhaps the Libertines “I Can’t Stand You Now” would work for us at the moment 🙂

  11. Lifelong Gooner says:

    How about The March of the Gladiators? On second thoughts an excerpt from Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld, The Can Can, would be more apt.

  12. kelsey says:

    Pinball Wizard or a Roger Daltry song. he once sang at The Emirates, can’t remember the song .

  13. galteegunner says:

    what about changing Ireland’s call – the rugby anthem. (The scousers have already robbed “the fields of Athenry”)

    to the tune of Ireland’d call:

    Come the day and come the hour
    Come the power & the glory
    We have come to answer The Arsenal’s call
    and sing our hearts out for the Arsenal

    Arsenal, Arsenal, together standing tall
    Shoulder to shoulder
    We’ll answer Arsenal’s call
    We’ll answer Arsenal’s call

  14. Gooner in Exile says:

    LG I like On The Ball City, often go past the ground on a match day and hear that it’s sung wholeheartedly by the fans.

  15. Lifelong Gooner says:


    The fans seem to love it but it is a bit dreary, I try to avoid that area of this fine City on match days.

  16. kelsey says:

    The Who:

    Happy Jack

    I can’t see for miles (AW)

    my generation

    I can’t explain (AW)

  17. dandan says:

    It is a sad reflection on our country that we still use a German dirge for our national anthem. Other countries usually have one or two songs they can count on, most of which extol the virtues of their country, We need something like that both as a country and a team., Even the rugby boys who know a bit about singing, especially in the bar after the games. Have settled for Swing low sweet chariot a negro spiritual imported like the silly song we use from the states. The link below is to an interesting relatively recent song written for Australia, for those who don’t know it; it traces the history of Australia. But the verse is the kind of thing that could be adapted pretty easily to be an Anthem for anything including the Arsenal.

    Have a listen the group will not appeal to many of the youngsters among us but it is the words of that are the focal point. See what you think. The chorus starts at about 150

  18. Gooner in Exile says:

    LG I thought we dropped the “Fine City” moniker?

    Although I agree it is….in fact I’m about to be dragged round it now.

    Saw quite a few Swansea cars heading in last night, guess they wanted to watch Rugger in city this morning. That’s one hell of an away trip…coast to coast.

  19. dandan says:

    As far as Australian is concerned if you change Australian for Arsenal fan that would probably do.. Any thoughts

  20. dandan says:

    Of out to see the Pool versus the Mancs see you laters.

  21. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    “Once upon a time at a pub called the Royal Oak,
    met the founding father`s of the Arsenal FC.
    Well they played and they won and they made us all fall in Love,
    with the team of legends that is Arsenal FC.”


    “We hate the Chavs,”
    “We hate the City ”
    “We hate the Manu ”
    “and we hate the Scum”


    I`ve been singing this to “Waltzing matilda”.
    Who has read and not sung it!………..Dont lie 🙂
    Yes , I had nothing better to do, just waiting for the grass to dry out a bit , before cutting !

  22. gunnern5 says:

    Here’s my choice.

    Bud Flanagan (1947) adapted.

    Maybe it’s because I’m a Gooner
    That I love Arsenal so
    Maybe It’s because I’m a Gooner
    That I think of them wherever I go

    I get a funny feeling inside of me
    Just rocking to and fro
    Maybe it’s because I’m a Gooner
    That I love Arsenal so….

    Every Londoner should know this tune.

  23. chas says:

    I quite like the song on this

  24. chas says:

    Really like the chorus of this, too.

  25. gooner lost in cornwall says:

    3 1/2 hours cutting grass , F**k. 👿
    I love the Danny Graft one, got it down as a bookmark/favourite.

  26. goonermichael says:

    Does anyone think shitty could go unbeaten this season?

  27. RockyLives says:

    I like the idea of a Who song (Daltrey being a Gooner and all that).

    How about, to the tune of My Generation:

    People try to put us down
    Talkin’ ’bout my Arsenal Nation
    Just because of our renown
    Talkin’ ’bout my Arsenal Nation
    Things they say are awful cold
    Talkin’ ’bout my Arsenal Nation
    Red and white until I’m old

    This is my Arsenal Nation
    My Arsenal Nation baby

    Why don’t you all f-fade away
    Talkin’ ’bout my Arsenal Nation
    The Arsenal boys we’re on our way
    Talkin’ ’bout my Arsenal Nation
    We’re here to cause a big s-s-sensation
    Talkin’ ’bout my Arsenal Nation
    I’m just talkin’ ’bout my Arsenal Nation
    Talkin’ ’bout my Arsenal Nation

    This is my Arsenal Nation
    This is my Arsenal Nation baby

    (obviously there could be an alternative to “f-fade away” in the second verse… 🙂 )

  28. RockyLives says:

    Nah – we’ll beat them.

  29. RockyLives says:

    The last bit of the Danny Graft song, where they’re singing “Arsenal, Bloody Arsenal” to the tune of “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” is pretty cool and anthem-like.

  30. RockyLives says:

    Three and out (four now)

  31. Big Raddy says:

    Some fine work there.

    Trouble is we need a song with at most 20 words and a repeated refrain. Not easy to find.

    With so many prawn sandwich customers at THOF we need something easily picked up 😀

  32. Big Raddy says:

    Very very strange team selection by SAF. Had that been AW he would have been destroyed on the blogs.

    And had it been Ramsey/Theo/Diaby etc who turned their back like Giggs for the L’pool goal, well …..

    Man City looked fantastic and with almost a reserve team! Milner’s goal was Bergkampesque

  33. MickyDidIt89 says:

    You lot are brilliant.
    No matter what some old loon hurls your way, you enter into the spirit of things. I’ve always said this site could get away with a one word post, such is the imagination of posters.
    Been out all day, and now out for the evening.
    I have a feeling and it is that we could really motor our way up this league.
    Thanks all and back early tomorrow.

  34. evonne – can’t open my phone again, can you email me please

  35. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Dear me. Nip down to Tescos and buy a £10 pay-as-you-go. Change the SIM. Anyone who has ever needed to lose a tracker knows that!

  36. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Due at my childrens’ school for a fund raising Shindig in half an hour. I reckon its a go and be seen by the Head and an odd Governor and leave affair.

  37. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Go on Raddy you can tell me, is Song in midfield tomorrow? I expect an answer by the time I’m back!

  38. HI Micky – thanks for the post, it made me roar when I opened the email this morning 🙂 I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to get a phone but I think I’m going to pop to Tesco right now because this is seriously getting on my nerves, thanks for the advice 🙂

  39. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Sadly Peaches, it was not meant to be funny!
    Been through comments, and while I like many of the Who suggestions and others, for me the winner is…mine. Well, a modified version. Verse 2 only. In line with Raddy’s keep it simple:
    Bring me my bow of burning gold!
    Bring me my arrows of desire!
    Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold!
    Bring me my chariot of fire!
    I will not cease from mental fight,
    Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand,
    Till we have built THE ARSENAL,
    In England’s green and pleasant land.

  40. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Right. Off.

  41. Gooner in Exile says:

    What about an old Spencer Davis Group “Keep on Running” but slight change to “Keep on Passing”

  42. kelsey says:

    somebody help me 🙂

  43. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Yes.

    kelsey. won’t somebody tell me what I’ve done wrong.

  44. TotalArsenal says:

    Always believe in your soul
    You’ve got the power to know
    You’re indestructible
    Always believe in, because you are
    Glad that you’re bound to return
    There’s something I could’ve learned
    You’re indestructible
    Always believe in

  45. Gooner in Exile says:

    Ok I’m into croonersville now:

    Fly Me to the Moon:

    Fly me to Arsenal
    And let me play amongst the stars
    Let me see what football’s like with Gervinho and Jack

    Or, My Way….final line changed to We Did it Our Way

  46. I think Micky’s right, I’m up for Jerusalem, trying to be modern is just too corny – although I think a rap would be really cool

  47. A pay as you go mobile phone for any network is £9.97 at Tesco – unbelievable, thanks Micky 🙂

  48. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Cooer, dull evening. Duty done.
    Now, at what point do we unleash Park? Which begs the question, how do we slot him and RvP into the same line up. Saw Kelsey’s comment about MC being off in Jan. Any truth in this?
    Final question. Am I the only sad git here?

  49. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Attention all shipping.

  50. MickyDidIt89 says:

    The general synopsis at midday
    High central Europe 1035 moving away slowly east with little change. New Atlantic low expected 120 miles south of Iceland 985 by midday tomorrow

    Wind Southerly 5 to 7, decreasing 4 or 5 later.
    Sea State Rough or very rough.
    Weather Occasional rain or drizzle.
    Visibility Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

    North Utsire
    Gale warning issued 15 October 15:27 UTC

    Southerly gale force 8 expected soon

    Wind Southerly 5 to 7, occasionally gale 8, decreasing 4 or 5 later.
    Sea State Rough or very rough.
    Weather Occasional rain or drizzle.
    Visibility Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

    South Utsire
    Wind Southerly or southwesterly 5 or 6, decreasing 4 or 5 later.
    Sea State Moderate or rough.
    Weather Occasional rain or showers.
    Visibility Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

    Wind Southerly or southwesterly 5 or 6, decreasing 4 or 5 later.
    Sea State Moderate or rough.
    Weather Occasional rain or showers.
    Visibility Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

  51. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’ll carry on if no-one turns up!

  52. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I’m warning you:
    Wind Southerly or southwesterly 5 or 6, decreasing 4 or 5 later.
    Sea State Moderate or rough, becoming slight or moderate.
    Weather Occasional rain or showers.
    Visibility Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

    Wind Southerly or southwesterly 5 or 6, decreasing 4 or 5 later.
    Sea State Moderate or rough, becoming slight or moderate.
    Weather Occasional rain or showers.
    Visibility Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

  53. MickyDidIt89 says:

    He He He
    Wind South or southwest 4 or 5, decreasing 3 at times later.
    Sea State Slight or moderate.
    Weather Occasional rain later.
    Visibility Moderate or good.

    Wind South or southwest 4 or 5, decreasing 3 at times later.
    Sea State Slight or moderate.
    Weather Occasional rain later.
    Visibility Moderate or good.

    Wind South or southwest 4 or 5, decreasing 3 at times later.
    Sea State Slight or moderate.
    Weather Occasional rain later.
    Visibility Moderate or good.

    German Bight
    Wind South or southwest 4 or 5, decreasing 3 at times later.
    Sea State Slight or moderate.
    Weather Mainly fair.
    Visibility Moderate or good.

  54. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ok. Nite anyone, or should I say Morning Someone.

  55. Stop stop stop 🙂

    I’m listening to youtube videos of Jerusalem, how sad is that on a Saturday night 😦

  56. Gooner in Exile says:

    Micky latest news:

    Arsenal 4 – Liverpool 0
    Man Utd 0 – Arsenal 3

    Things are improving 😀

    (they are my scores so far tonight on FIFA12)

  57. SharkeySure says:

    ‘Becoming’..?? a lunatic Mickey or should that be how long have you been..??

    DanDAn. your Aussie song gets my vote. Cracking chorus.

    Chas. That Bergkamp pas to PV4 start of your vid is one of my fave Arsenal goals and the pass that I really struggle to describe to any useful extent. Thanks again, cos I think you dig it out for me last time I mentioned it. Quality work. V

    Vieira ..what a monster. Ahead of EVERYONE on my all time fave player list. He just had, and gave, everything til he could give no more.

  58. oz gunner says:

    @ Micky. good idea for a post

    @ DanDan
    good call for the song, gives shivers down my spine, and if adapted to arsenal could be a great song that gets the whole crowd and team going.

    @ GiE
    played my third game of pre-season a moment ago, the new game play has my defence all over the shop. Just beat PSG 4-3 thanks to a late pop by Gerv. Bit disappointed that there is no coquelin, had to create him to put him in the line-up and send frim on loan

  59. oz gunner says:

    Ive always wanted to see arsenal come out doing this, with verm leading it. If it doesn’t pump you up nothing will

  60. Jamie says:

    Arsenal did try a re-make of jeruselum in 2003/4 ish.

    They even handed out words at half time but it didnt catch on. Anybody else remember it?

  61. Gooner in Exile says:

    Oz defence is my biggest problem too, altho think that may be because I choose Arsenal all the time. I mainly play online in the H2H season play. I had a shocking run after those two games.

    Anyone else ultra nervous about tomorrow? Really want to see us come out firing to prove critics wrong. Right MotD time (it’ll take half hour once I’ve fast forwarded through the morons)

  62. dandan says:

    From todays Sunday Times.

    Wenger is putting his faith in a remodelled back four (Giuseppe Cacace)

    Arsene Wenger, frequently castigated for his failure to rebuild his rearguards on the model established by George Graham, has struck back by insisting that his back four in the 2003-04 “Invincibles” side was the better defence.

    He made the observation while launching a staunch defence of Arsenal’s summer’s acquisitions, including Andre Santos, Mikel Arteta, Park Ju-Young and Yossi Benayoun and stressed his belief that the German international Per Mertesacker, who has not found the switch from the Bundesliga to the Premier League easy, “will be a big asset for us”.

    Graham’s defensive legacy, initially handed down to Bruce Rioch but soon passed on to the Frenchman when he took charge in September 1996, was a back five consisting of four of Tony Adams, Steve Bould, Martin Keown, Lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn, in front of goalkeeper David Seaman. Robust and resourceful, they all displayed leadership qualities.

    “It’s true I inherited a fantastic defence,” said Wenger. “But that was not the unbeatable team; that was not the best defence. Many people said we never had to rebuild the defence, but that defence with Lauren, Sol Campbell, Kolo Toure and Ashley Cole was the unbeatable team.”

    Countering suggestions that his defenders did not display leadership and were not vocal enough, Wenger retorted: “Yes, they [Adams & Co] were talkers, but the four later defenders were talkers as well.”

    Wenger remained largely faithful to the “Quintet” until the turn of the century, winning the title in 1997-98 and becoming runners-up in the next three years.

    A new defence was evolving by the turn of the century and by the time, in 2001-02, that Arsenal secured their second title under the Frenchman, Sol Campbell had replaced Keown and Winterburn had retired and been replaced by Ashley Cole.

    By 2002-03 the Gunners’ defence was Lauren-Campbell-Toure-Cole, with Seaman still in goal. Arsenal finished second and won the FA Cup but with Seaman by then replaced by Jens Lehmann, the “Invincibles” won the Premier League championship, going through the season undefeated. That feat was undoubtedly based on a miserly defence, which yielded only 26 goals — although a 30-goal season from Thierry Henry was a significant contributory factor in Arsenal’s achievement overall. Wenger’s argument would be challenged by supporters of the Adams regime on the basis that the original back line yielded only 17 in 1998-99.

    That statistic places in stark focus Wenger’s problem today. As he prepares for this afternoon’s home game with Sunderland — followed on Wednesday by the Champions League visit to Marseilles – this Arsenal have already conceded 16, admittedly including eight at Old Trafford.

    Agreeing that he views a back four consisting of Bacary Sagna, Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen and Kieran Gibbs as the way forward (though Sagna is out for several weeks and Vermaelen is also injured but expected to be back in two weeks) Wenger maintained that his German buy was “getting stronger in every single game”. He added: “Yes, it is quicker [than in Germany]. I don’t know if he realised that or not, but he says it’s quick. Relentless. But he adapts quite well. He’s getting more aggressive. He’s a very intelligent player. Trust the Germans. They can fight.”

    The Arsenal manager agreed that the 26-year-old who boasts 74 German caps could be compared “a little” with Tony Adams. “Not the quickest, but he uses his brain well. Mertesacker can be a talker. He will be.”

    Referring to criticism of certain of his summer imports, Wenger said: “I’ve heard that [Alex] Song was a bad buy, that Henry was a bad buy, and over the time, they were not so bad. You know that if you don’t win, [it will be said] nobody’s good. But the players are mentally strong. I’m happy with what I see. I’m not happy with the results we’ve had. But that’s completely different.”

    The Frenchman, who maintained Arsenal could still finish in the top four, added: “We are rebuilding the team. We were very close to winning last year. You can say what you like but we were dominant in midfield, with [Cesc] Fabregas and [Jack] Wilshere and Samir Nasri. It’s easy for nobody to rebuild a team straight away without replacements. I expected to lose Fabregas, yes; maybe, in the extreme, Nasri, but not Wilshere [out until the new year] on top of that. We are a club with a certain stature and it is important that we do not let the [big] teams run away from us

  63. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Where? When?

  64. MickyDidIt89 says:

    And Morning dandan.

  65. evonne says:

    Morning all
    Yes, I am ultra nervous. We HAVE to have a BIG win today, just have to. And yet a little voice tells me that it is going to be a hard game 😦

    What about Park ?

  66. evonne says:

    Micky – I have just read your post, sorry, it was a ‘bad hair day’ yesterday. Brilliant idea, I have said all along that the cannons should be fired, the fans standing tall and singing the Arsenal Athem, flags and scarves on full display at the beginning of each game. Those ‘little’ things unite, gel people together, make them belong, and not just the fans, but also the players.

    BTW – the quote is awsome, very moving

  67. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I am not referring to Total and the timing/location of his car. I am talking about the Korean Fella who keeps scoring goals. Can we accomodate him in his best position (central) with RvP also in the side. Or is our system that inflexible?

  68. oz gunner says:

    @ Micky

    he does seem a handful, especially from what we’ve seen in international games. Unfortunently like AA i think we will only see him out wide which is a shame.

  69. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I have a horrible feeling you are right. I know his recent International goals have come against modest opposition, but what’s a bloke to do. Looks like he’ll be another NB. CC/Sub player and probably out wide. Oh dear.

  70. evonne says:

    Micky – I might not be the sharpest tool in the box, but I can tell the difference between a car and a footballer, even they are both from Korea

    I have very high hopes for our Park, I recon he will be as hard working as the Manure Park, and as cunning as a fox

  71. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Won’t happen, but hey:
    Gerv Park Ox
    ..Arteta Song
    Sant BFG Kos Dixon

  72. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Oh shit Evonne, I forgot the 🙂

  73. kelsey says:

    What about Stand and Deliver -Adam Ant.

    man arrested for killing 15 year old as was his wife. In fact he gave himself up as the shot boy had two friends with him who escaped. 10 hunting guns found in the finca,and was a selling outlet for cannabis and growing it.
    Moving the body will add a longer term to his sentence.he is a 58 yearold Spaniard.

    on to today.Unfortunately will not e able o join in until after the game but it will be interesting to see if kos or jenkinson play at RB.

    AS I thought Fabianski wants out and the Chamakh departing in January is not a rumour.if we buy is another thing but loan or buy we will need another striker.

    Oh good morning to you all.

    AA posters are all reasonable people but if god forbid we don’t win today the disquiet could get even more vocal. 3-0 for me.i feel it in dandan’s water.

  74. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Lovely day here in the Northlands.

    I am not able to be online for the game and as such todays post is less abusive towards the opposition than is my want. Home games mean there are less moderators around 🙂

    No-one can blame Fab for wanting to leave, he has just one career and needs to be in a first 11. He is good enough to be a top GK but sadly not at Arsenal.

  75. kelsey says:

    liveonfooty has gone down by the way.

  76. evonne says:

    Micky – you forgot the kiss kiss my arse too 🙂

    Morning Kelsey – I met Adam Ant in my hippy days partying in Muswell Hill, weird guy but excellent tune

  77. kelsey says:

    evonne have you seen him now, you would never believe it was the same guy.

  78. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Not a rumour. Wow. Well we certainly won’t be buying a top striker as he will always be behind Robin in the pecking order.
    I’m getting a bit bored of this inflexibility with Robin and the striking options.

  79. MickyDidIt89 says:

    xx for you know who 🙂

  80. Big Raddy says:

    I really hope this is a temporary blip for liveonfooty and not the end. It has been fantastic.

  81. evonne says:

    Kelsey – he would not recognise me either 🙂 I had an afro then 🙂

    Micky – xx

    Morning Raddy

  82. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. Inflexibility? We have just bought Gerv and Park. Plus Chamakh.

    RvP just happens to be much better than them

  83. 26may1989 says:

    Morning all.

    Always good to watch an All Blacks’ haka, so thanks to Oz for the link. But here’s something showing the slightly less impressive haka of earlier rugby days:

    Fabianski’s comments this week were anything but surprising: as Raddy says, Fabianski needs to be first pick but won’t be with us. The fact that the one who’s bested him at club level has also done it to him at international level just makes it worse for Fabianski, he doesn’t even have international football to keep his confidence and game time up. I’d like to keep Fabianski but we have Mannone and Martinez as further back-up, and Fabianski deserves the chance to establish himself elsewhere.

    Is anyone going to the Tavern prematch today?

  84. oz gunner says:

    @ Micky

    i’d love to see that formation. When we are struggling RVP drops down the pitch and you see his great vision and passing skill, i just wish we would change it up a bit up front because we are very stale at times.

    If MC leaves it scares me to think who we will buy especially after he has said Walcott will play there eventually, we have park and gerv can also.

  85. Morning all

    New Post …………………….

  86. oz gunner says:

    @ 26

    haha cheers for the link, looks like a 6yr old dance concert where everyone is copying the one person who knows the routine. I’td probably have a better effect than the modern one because you’d feel sorry for them, nowadays i think the haka fires up the opposition just as much.

    Definently no surprise with fabs, just another unlucky keeper who lost his chance due to injury. A keeper who is affected that greatly by confidence isn’t worth keeping anyway.

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