Something to celebrate

At last this boring International break is coming to an end and we can look forward to some Arsenal Angst this weekend. Faced with another non-Arsenal news day I thought I’d have a look in the archives and see what this week had been about in times gone past. It turned out that this week 11th to 18th October is historically really very exciting.

Sneaking in on the 10th of October ( if I’m writing it I can change the rules ) we have the birth of Mr Arsenal himself, Tony Adams in 1966 and Charlie George in 1950. Two mega Arsenal Legends born on the same day – that must’ve used up a lot of luck. On the 11th October in 1976 John Devine signed professional terms but I had to google him I’m afraid. He played 111 games for Arsenal and succeeded Pat Rice.

On October 12th  in 1996 Arsene Wenger took charge of his first game against Blackburn Rovers which we won 3-1.

In 1928 on October 13th  Herbert Chapman was involved in some transfer shenanigans and signed inside-forward David Jack from Bolton for a then record £10,890.

We don’t do score lines like this anymore but on October 14th 1893 Elliott and Henderson both scored hat-tricks as Woolwich Arsenal beat Ashford Utd 12-0.

Surely something else must have happened on an October 15th other than in 1971 Ex-Arsenal striker Andy Cole was born in Nottingham. He made just 2 subs appearances.

Now this next date is really important, oh happy day, on this day October 16th in 2004, anyone want to have a guess what happened………, on this day Arsenal beat Aston Villa 3-1 to go 49 games unbeaten. Will that great feat ever be repeated?

On October 17th 1925 A Jimmy Brain hat-trick helped the Gunners to a 5-0 home win over Cardiff City.

And so we come to another amazing day to celebrate in our great history, as on this day, October 18th, in 2005 our fantastically talented  Thierry Henry scored two goals against Sparta Prague and so smashed Ian Wrights record of 185 goals scored and sent him into the record books. What would an ounce of that ‘va va voom’ do to our forward line now? Enjoy the match report here

This week we can celebrate Arsene’s first game, our unbeaten run and Thierry’s ever present ‘va va voom’. It’s possible that this most dreadful start to a season under Arsene Wenger will also find itself in the history books, maybe because we go on to crash and burn or maybe because against all the odds we’ll pull ourselves out of it and still make it to a  Champions League position. Rough ride ahead.


69 Responses to Something to celebrate


    Nice stuff peaches. Its always good to celebrate.

    John Devine didn’t quite cut it, i always suspected him and Terry Neil were involved in some sort of Bromance.

    The only thing i disagree on is rather than if?, when? we starting getting results will it be enough to make a late push for the title?, champions league place is nailed on.

  2. TotalArsenal says:

    Hi Peaches, thank you for a great, up-lifting post. Where did you get all the info from? It must be all that fresh air and digging in soil that makes you come up with all this stuff. 🙂

    On a serious note though, you are doing exactly the right thing in times like this. Looking back to our glorious achievements in the past to compensate for the current malaise, is a very healthy thing to do. Cheers!

  3. TotalArsenal says:

    (copied from tail-end of previous post)

    Hi Evonne, that is a very kind offer! If you are indeed serious, we’ll go to the Tavern/Emirates together 🙂

    I have to warn you though my father in law is a Scouser haha (but of the rare-nice variety).

  4. dandan says:

    Nice one peaches, funny Charlie and Tone being born on the same day. They must have been dolling out spirit in large quantities that day, two genuine rebels, both liked a bit of verbal LOL. John Devine was one of those players that promised much and on good days he was very good but just failed in the consistency stakes. Would be regarded a good squad player these days.
    Andy Cole was unlucky he banged loads of goals in for the reserves, but was up against Kevin Campbell who was himself a prolific scorer and just that little bit older and in and out of the side until they brought a spindly lad from down the road called Ian Wright, wright, wright. Cole was sold for peanuts to Bristol before being snapped up by Kevin Keegan at Newcastle helping them to gain promotion before to the astonishment of their fans being sold on to Man Utd for loads of money and great success
    Cole was one who got away, an awkward moody individual difficult to manage, AW would have loved him.

  5. TotalArsenal says:

    It’s, Oh, So Quiet!

  6. TotalArsenal says:


  7. pat says:

    can we get Henry on loan?

  8. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning all,
    Get Tevez.
    If Fat Sam gets him back on loan to W’am I’ll be cross.

  9. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ah ha, so you all agree. Excellent.

  10. evonne says:

    TA – course I am serious. Peaches will send you my postcode. See you Sunday

  11. chas says:

    Nice one peaches.

    Turn the sound down on this one!

  12. chas says:

    The Villa 49 game from 5:25.

  13. Oooops, I seem to have killed the blog 😦

    chas – that music’s appalling on the sparta video but don’t you just love watching Thierry Henry score goals 🙂

  14. There has been a small mix-up and I now have 2 spare tickets for Sunday – if anyone is interested please email me

  15. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. Good idea for a post and some highlights there. 49 games was truly remarkable

    Micky. Bad news. We can’t loan Tevez. Would be good though.

  16. Raddy – you just want to check that I’m still talking to you 😆

  17. RockyLives says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable read Peaches – thankyou.

    And a timely (literally) reminder that whatever dark days we’re experiencing at any one time, Arsenal is as much a history as it is a football club and all troubles must pass in time.

  18. Lifelong Gooner says:


    …and all troubles must pass in time, which is what the surgeon told the bishop who had swallowed a golf ball.

  19. TotalArsenal says:

    LG 🙂

  20. Lifelong Gooner says:


    One other reason for remembering 14th October is that on that day in 1066 Harold Godwinson (Harold 11 King of England) died in battle in Battle.

    Contrary to popular myth he was not a Chelsea supporter as his previous match had been an away win at Stamford Bridge Unfortunately he chose to ignore a warning shout of “Watch out for that Norman archer, he’ll have some f*****s eye out”

  21. Rasp says:

    Afternoon all,

    Nice post peaches, a timely reminder of our past glories. The fight back has to start on Sunday. I hope the current players understand that sens e of history and will use it to spur them on.

    I was speaking to someone yesterday who spent 2 hours with the first team at London Colney (photoshoot) she said they were relaxed and described them as ‘boys’ who were larking about playing table tennis and talking exclusively in French.

  22. Gooner in Exile says:

    Talking exclusively in French? Can’t imagine Theo, Jack, or Ox coping, Ryo’s done well to learn French quickly, as have Arteta and Benayoun. 😉

    Nice post Peaches, some great memories there and some great players.

  23. Rasp says:

    Hi GiE, when she described the layers to me it was Gervinho, Sagna and Djourou she was describing although she did seem to think Rosicky was french too – not the brightest button!

  24. Gooner in Exile says:

    I take it back on Arteta, quite the linguist according to wiki:

    Arteta is multilingual, speaking fluent Spanish, Basque and Catalan. He speaks English and some French and Italian. He is also learning Portuguese.[17]

    Maybe he is learning Portugese because Jose’s coming? Or maybe big Phil Scolari!!!

  25. dandan says:

    Someone has been reading our posts…….:. From today’s Times.

    The most baffling and frustrating player right now is not Carlos Tevez, or even Wayne Rooney, but Andrey Arshavin. It is a source of consternation among many Arsenal fans that the club stick with him and that Arsene Wenger seemingly trusts him. A stack of insipid performances has led to accusations that the Russian is lazy or unfit or troubled. But still he is picked and still those watching hope for…. what?
    Go on, admit it. I’ll admit it then. Whenever I see Arshavin I hope for something that will surpass or at least equal the manner of the four goals he scored at Anfield two and half years ago.
    That 4-4 draw was one of the most astonishing games the Premier League has produced. Arshavin put his fingers to his lips after his first and second goals to hush an Anfield crowd screeching for the pressure to be piled on Manchester United in the title race. After his third he waved three fingers in air in delight. After his fourth, he waved four, this time his expression one of utter astonishment. Four goals? At Anfield? Even the home fans were reluctantly impressed. Who is this guy? We still don’t know. This week Arshavin admitted that Arsenal fans expect more of him.
    “They should expect some more tricks, goals and unbelievable passes,” he said. And the fans do- but they shouldn’t. Too often Arshavin attempts a pass or a shot that is hopelessly ambitious. It is asking too much for a player who is producing a four or five out ten performance to all of sudden fire a volley into the top left hand corner.
    The 30-year-old would better serve his club if he forgot all about these tricks and concentrated on simply being reliable. This involves the boring stuff; tracking back, closing down and delivering short, all too believable passes but without them Arshavin is in danger of looking like Walter Mitty in shorts. I don’t want to say that those four goals were the unmaking of Arshavin but if he does not use his maturity to help Arsenal ease their way out of their current predicament or sparkle at the 2012 European Championships then I’ll have no choice.

  26. Rasp says:

    I’ve put a new widget in the side bar which I’m hoping will be a graphic illustration of our fight back in the coming weeks.

  27. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. Don’t shoot the messenger 🙂

    LG. 3.22 The fans must have been disappointed to lose a home fixture especially one against a French team full of mercenaries. Just as well there was no blogland in 1066.

  28. Big Raddy says:

    DD. I wish I could argue AA’s case. The writer makes a good point about the L’pool away game, I expected so much more than AA has delivered.

    As to fitness problems, I find it appalling that a man who earns €90k+ a week cannot get himself fit enough to last a full game which includes some defensive duties. If I was his employer he would be forced into the gym for a hard workout every day until he could last the full 90 mins. As to being overweight (if he is) – shocking and completely unprofessional!

  29. If Arshavins is overweight i am past morbidly obese…ok stop agreeing as you were….

  30. Rasp as long as it starts to resemble a staircase I like the new graphic 😀

  31. LB says:

    Nice post.

  32. Thanks everyone, if you go on and click on History there’s a sub section called ‘On this day in……’ and all the info is there.

    By the way, we don’t have a post for tomorrow …….. although I know that Raddy is working on his pre-match for Sunday. Anyone fancy putting together something for tomorrow?

  33. dandan says:

    Does anyone else listen to this at 2 Oclock in the morning or Am I the only radio 5 up all night nutter.

  34. evonne – I’ve now broken both of my phones dropping them on the ground and can’t text or call 😦 if you text me I probably won’t be able to reply because the screens are locked but if you call me I might be able to answer.

    Didn’t want you to think I was under the duvet 😆

  35. TotalArsenal says:

    Evonne, that is great. Peaches has emailed me and I have texted her back….. but her phones are broken 🙂 What sort of time should we be at your place?

  36. harry says:

    And another reason to celebrate, Peaches has wrote a post!!!

    Nice one my raven haired warrior princess………….

    Overall I just celebrate just been a gooner…………….and sharing a great forum with you motley crew……….

  37. evonne says:

    TA – ooooh, I don’t know, Peaches usually organises me. But a couple of hours before the kick off should be fine. It is only half hour on the tube from Oakwood

  38. SharkeySure says:

    Harry speaks for me too..

  39. 26may1989 says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the reference to Thierry’s goals in Prague and for the Chas youtube link.

    Not only is it a throw-back to a very enjoyable performance on our run to the Final in Paris. But on a personal note, that evening and that match have a special place in my heart. Let me explain.

    At 5.59pm on 18 October 2005, my wife gave birth to our second sprog, our little lad. Once my wife and the littl’un were safely tucked up, my then three-year old daughter and I headed home and, as soon as we were home, we switched the match on (well, you would wouldn’t you?). And to this day, my daughter, when reminded of the night her brother was born, will say “And I stayed up late and we watched Arsenal, and Thierry Henry scored two goals”.

    A very special evening.

    PS: Peaches, you didn’t know who John Devine was? He wasn’t the most memorable (apologies if you’re reading this Mr Devine….), but shame on you!

  40. evonne says:

    26may – that is a wonderful story 🙂

  41. evonne says:

    Peaches – were in a phone throwing competition? Did you win?
    Email me please kiss kiss

  42. SharkeySure says:

    Agreed ETL…cracking tale 2*13 !!

    27th Sept 2007 – Arsenal didn’t play that night but the midwife turned up at my house 15mins after my new born son did. Stuck in traffic she said !!!

  43. SharkeySure says:

    Night all

  44. gunnern5 says:

    Memories of ARSENAL.

    The exact date in 1999 – is a blur but the memory is as clear as day.

    My wife was visiting her family in England and here I was all alone in Canada.

    On that particular afternoon Arsenal were away to Chelsea, but unfortunately I had to attend a board meeting followed by a corporate dinner.

    I was smart enough to record the game so I had something to look forward to….

    When I arrived home it was midnight and I was a tad worst for the wear – a stressful board meeting followed by a disgusting meal – with the only saving grace being great wine and cognac. I turned on the recording at around 12:30 am and opened a bottle of “The Macallan” and sent out for some Chinese food – it seems that stress helps one to make sound decisions.

    The game started off as bad as the Chinese food (too slow and very cold) plus the room must have been too hot as the scotch was evaporating at an extremely high rate.

    Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0 is the score that I remember, when AW brought on Kanu.

    Through a mist of The Macallan I envisaged him scoring a hat trick and history proves that my drunken fantasy was actually a reality.

    As silly as this sound’s it really was true and my English Springer Spaniel Molly was a witness, sadly she passed away in 2009.

  45. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Here’s a thought. Lunchtime kick off and we have Liverpool v Manchester United. In season’s past I would have hoped for a Pool win to take points from a title rival. Now what? Is even the draw not being a little naively optimistic, and shouldn’t I be more realistic and face up to the fact we are in a battle for 4th?
    Utd win for me.

  46. chas says:

    I’d go for a 5-5 draw, 4 career-threatening injuries, a 22 man brawl and an 8 point deduction for both teams.

    Do we want Chelsea to beat Everton at tea time? Everton on the same points as us but with a game in hand.

  47. MickyDidIt89 says:

    That would be very close to my usual hopes and aspirations 🙂
    To answer your question, Yes. I would be delighted to end fourth and am resigned to the top three spots going to you know who, therefore I want everyone else to lose every game.

  48. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Just sent something in as I saw the no post for today comment. Really hope you have back up!

  49. evonne says:

    Morning all
    It could be all draws today, all ManU, Shitty and Chavs have tough games ahead! Maybe a put a tenner (the one I owe you Micky) for all draws??

  50. kelsey says:

    Morning all,
    i agree with your logice Micky as for today’s game.

    Our team is summed up well at the moment by being constipated in attack and full of diarrhea in defence .let’s hope things change tomorrow 🙂

  51. evonne says:

    Oh Kelsey, that’s a disgusting comparison!!! It’s the Scum that get shits, not the Mighty

  52. kelsey says:

    it was a joke evonne 🙂

  53. Morning all

    I was going to write a post about how we need everyone else to draw today and us to win to move up the table but Micky has given us a mad one which is much more fun and you’ve all worked that out already.

    I don’t know about putting money on it though, our luck, everyone will draw including us 😦

  54. evonne says:

    Kelsey – naughty boy
    Peaches – where is your optimism girl?

  55. evonne says:

    Micky and fun, and mad post? Nay, never

    Come on, bring it on….I am on a high today

  56. evonne – are you a one pug or two pug owner this morning? Come and see my garden if you’ve got time

  57. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Watching the Welsh makes me wonder. Do we need someone with a beard?

  58. Do you want to slip that thought into your post?

  59. Should I take Cesc off my twitter?

  60. MickyDidIt89 says:

    No. It was a rush job and I’m watching rugger. You can edit away 🙂
    Bastard ref.

  61. Gooner in Exile says:

    Peaches I can’t believe you haven’t, all players who left were gone from my Twitter on the day of departure.

  62. Jamie says:

    Likely teal for tomorrow. Anyone differing?

    Gervinho RVP Walcott
    Arteta Song
    Gibbs PM4 Djourou Koscielny
    Sir Chesney

  63. Gooner in Exile says:

    Interesting Jamie, Not sure snout Kos at right back, and would worry about putting Djourou along side Merts. For me it would be Gibbs, Kos, Merts, Jenks.

    I’m not for putting square pegs in round holes, especially in defence.

  64. New Post …………

    Sorry Jamie, put your team on the new post.

  65. Gooner in Exile says:

    snout = about

  66. news says:


    […]Something to celebrate « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

  67. english springer spaniels…

    […]Something to celebrate « Arsenal Arsenal[…]…

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