Ramsey Out?

A lot of people have got it in for Aaron Ramsey right now.

Following our victory over Bolton I read several comments on AA and elsewhere to the effect that our young Welshie had a bad game and should be dropped to the stiffs.

Before the match someone even said he was turning into the new Denilson – always passing backwards and sideways as if, having grown up in a rugby-loving country, he was unaware that, with a round ball, you’re allowed to pass forwards.

His short outing in our Champions League win over Olympiacos also drew quite a bit of criticism in the blog world.

Critics have gone so far as to suggest that he needs a spell on loan somewhere, possibly in the Championship.

Opinions are free and everyone is entitled to their own. But the trouble with free things is that often the reason they’re free is that they have no value. And there is no value whatsoever in an opinion that writes off a promising youngster like Aaron Ramsey before his career has even started.

It may seem like AR16 has been with us for quite a while – and in terms of years and months he has, having joined us in the summer of 2008.

But in playing terms he is effectively in his first season, thanks to the bone-snapping attentions of Frankenpulis’s monster.

In his entire Arsenal career Aaron has started only 19 EPL games. He has only started 35 games in all competitions, including the Carling Cup.

Jack Wilshere, by contrast, has started 31 EPL games and 51 in total. He is almost twice as far ahead in his first team development as Aaron despite being a year younger.

None of us can guarantee that a young player will achieve their potential (my mate got himself a Glenn Helder shirt after watching his first game for the Gunners – oh how we laughed in the following weeks). But sometimes you can just see things in teenage prospects that convince you that they are special (in a good way, not in a Gary Neville windscreen-licking kind of way).

Most of us saw it in Wilshere and many of us now see it in Ramsey. Don’t forget that only a couple of weeks ago he was MoTM in the Wales-England international.

Ramsey has composure, drive and a good engine. He can also score goals with well-timed late runs into the danger area.

The prospect of him and Wilshere running our midfield in years to come is mouthwatering.

But he is still in the shallowest foothills of his career and he will make mistakes, will drift out of games and will sometimes have off days.

When he does, surely the right thing to say is “Ramsey had an off day” and not “Ramsey is rubbish,” as I have seen written about him recently.

In short, he is a talented young man who needs support from the Arsenal faithful at this early stage of his development, not people writing off his entire Arsenal career after one or two performances (which, by the way, have been pretty solid all season).

Mark my words, this boy is going to go from lying on the turf at the Britannia Stadium with half his leg missing to being an Arsenal hero of the highest order. From leg end to legend. Just watch, and stop doubting.


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  1. Dandan says:

    Sorry havnt read this article yet so wont comment.

    This is my reply to the last comment by oz on this mornings post.

    No Oz all I did was to list the constantly regurgitated replies to any positive that comes out of the club by discontented fans, not all those fans agree with all I listed, but many would identify with one or more.

    The biggest problem that emotive fans have is they are unable to come to terms with the fact that football is a business, and like many Multinational companies the top man worldwide, leaves the day to day running of the club to the local management and only attends the main board meetings. Ivan and Arsene are Arsenal; Stan is the owner outlining his philosophy in this article

  2. 26may1989 says:

    “From leg end to legend” – superb! Couple of other gems in a typically masterful post from one of the Canadian exiles – lots of thanks Rocky.

    Ramsey is a great talent, I have very high hopes for him. And this is the season for him to announce himself – if there’s a silver lining to Wilshere’s injury, it’s that it gives Ramsey a chance to make his mark, as Wilshere did while Ramsey was recuperating.

  3. Carlito11 says:

    Solid defence of the young man Rocky and o agree with it all. I would agree that he hasn’t been as effective as we know he can be of late and perhaps isn’t an automatic choice for a starting berth on current form- but the knee jerk comments you are railing against irritate me too. Too many Gooners playing playstation football when watching when they should be thinking about the bigger picture and putting themselves in his shoes…

  4. Red Arse says:

    Morning Rocky (early hours) 🙂

    Your usual quality piece, which is incisive and to the point. 🙂

    Ramsey is exactly the type of footballer we need at our club. As a person you hardly ever hear anything from or about him. He is a private person and keeps to himself, leads a quiet life outside football, is a decent man and others could learn from him.

    I must confess I have not noticed any particularly adverse comments about him, but that might be because I try to keep my humbug filter up to date to screen out such statements! 🙂

    Your summation of Rambo as a special footballing talent is absolutely spot on. He is still getting back up to full fitness after that horrific injury, but he is going to be a legend, as you say.

    He is not captain of Wales for nothing, and I can see him as a captain of Arsenal in the near future.

    Excellent as usual Rock! 🙂

  5. right_mr says:

    great post!
    The way I see it (in the words of “Dirty” Harry Callaghan. “Opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one…”

    and some people are asshole through and through!!!

  6. oz gunner says:

    @ Dandan

    fair enough, cheers for the explanation

    @ Rocky

    typical great post
    I really cannot fathom the critisism this young man is receiving! i thought his cameo the other day was a real shot of life to the team. The pospect of him, jack and song commanding the midfield in the years to come is going to be very mouthwatering indeed. He’s better than that cleverly bloke from united yet in typical media fashion we draw the short straw. As far as a box to box player ramsey will be one of the best around, something we’ve all missed since viera left.

  7. harry says:

    Nice one rocky, I have been defending him staunchly. I really do wonder what people look at sometimes. Some assessments of players is bewildering at times. On average he got about 5 against bolton at weekend, it was his drive and determination that got us going, when picked up the loose ball and went at them.
    He maintains possession well, works hard and tackles / blocks continually. He looks to attack and shoot, looks for a killer pass. What more do people want.? Theu team is not settled yet and this lack of cohesion is affecting all players. Agree ramsey will be a legend…………

  8. chas says:

    Brilliant, Rocky.

    This sums up the playstation fans for me.
    “Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt”

    Here’s my favourite Rambo goal ( even though it was for the taffs!)

  9. Dandan says:

    Fine post about a fine player Rocky.

    He will be worth his weight in gold in the future. As his namesake Sir Alf said of Martin Peters, though not in the same context, he is years ahead of his time, a young man with far to travel and much to learn, but for his age still a diamond that Arsene will polish to sparkle for years

  10. the fontc says:

    ramsey first half against blackburn was outstanding if you did not see it or understand the quality then your not an arsenal fan

  11. Gooner in Exile says:

    Morning all, I think Ramsey is the real deal, for me he was involved in all three goals against Bolton.

    When he came on against Olympiacos I thought he contributed well and if it wasn’t for tired legs around him (AA23 and TR7) he could have contributed to another goal.

    As regards comments this morning I wonder whether people read the Telegraph interview, first hand comment from interviewer gives a better indication, let me be clear I am not saying he is a football man, but I like the fact he is talking positively about our club and it’s values, whether you agree with continuing the self sustaining model or not probably decides whether you want him to continue or let a sugar daddy investor come in. I personally would rather the club continued as we have always known it, but that’s me stuck in the past with a view that companies and people should spend what they earn.

    The talk of a influential owner or a more football man is ok to a point but I’d rather shareholders that let clubs run themselves rather than a sugar daddy buying a £50m player and telling whoever is in charge he needed him and must play him.

    What does Abramovich really know about football, or Mansour? These are businessman first and then football fans, but fans don’t have coaching badges (in the main) and don’t have the experience of day to day running of a team, so again let the manager deal with what he does best, let the salesmen sort the commercial side of the business and as owner sit and take stock and provide an overall vision.

    If we don’t write off all interviews as spin and PR we may as well give up commenting on them.

  12. Segun says:

    Why!ars fans.we always criticise our players.ade,eboue,denilson,chamak.not 2 talk but few players dat dis ars fan have rebuked.ars fans is d second prblm of arsenal.ramsey has a great talent

  13. Ramsey will be a legend…

  14. Red Arse says:


    I am really looking forward to your debut Post, and I am quite sure it will be an antipodean masterpiece! 🙂

    Your comment about Kroenke earlier is perfectly valid. The Arsenal board and the Arsenal owners (shareholders) have always been both excellent businessmen but also committed and knowledgeable fans, who attended most home games year in and year out.

    Just taking recent owners; Danny Fizman, great businessman, huge fan; David Dein – ditto; Sir Peter Hillwood and Sir Denis Hillwood – ditto…….
    The list goes on and on.

    Traditionally the owners of our club have been first and foremost fans as well as being businessmen, so don’t let anyone else pooh pooh your very reasonable expectation that the current owner should show the same commitment.

    Anyway, your opinions are as important as anyone else’s, so keep on expressing them. In this instance you and I clearly agree — anyone else not able to understand our club loyalty, as committed fans, and our expectations that the owners should show the same commitment has the problem – not us! 🙂

  15. DaveGooner says:

    He isn’t rubbish but he is is nowhere near ready for first tem action and he doesn’t have half as much talent as Coquelin. Therefore if we r going to develop a midfielder by playing him in Jack’s absence, it should be Coquelin.

  16. TotalArsenal says:

    Great, warm and passionate post Rocky. Superstuff.

    I also liked the ‘from leg end to legend’. It made me think about McDonalds, if and when I order a Chicken Legend, I always have to control my speech not to say ‘a chicken leg end please’ 🙂

    You are making an important point about being critical of a player’s match performance, rather than his overall usefulness/quality/suitability for our club. Fans tend to do this a lot, and it drives me mad. By all means, have a go at a player when he had a bad performance (in your opinion), but saying he is crap and should leave as soon as possible/ should never wear the shirt of Arsenal again, is very often unfair and based on emotion rather than facts (those that really matter). More importantly, it could become detrimental to the confidence and subsequent performances of that particular player (if this view is echoed by a lot of fans on the blogs and in the grounds). We cannot see our players as autonomous, very well paid individuals, who we can have a go at our leisure – no, as fans we need to believe in them, support them and be able to forgive them if they appear to have a bad day at the office.

    Ramsey is a great example, and your post does total justice to his ‘case’.

  17. Davi says:

    Ramsey is obviously still very young and missed a year of development, and it is probably a result of this that he is still quite inconsistent. However, to compare him to Denilson is ridiculous; he always works hard and isn’t a liability who jogs back when he loses the ball. He isn’t a defensive midfielder, but does a much better defensive job than Denilson was doing for us before he left. His inconsistent passing is a concern, but it doesn’t affect his performances to the degree that he is a liability to the side – even when he has an off-day, he puts in a shift and wins the ball back with great frequency.
    The only question I have about his inclusion in the side is just whether some of our other youngsters are ahead of him. Coquelin and Lansbury obviously get far fewer chances (the latter being sent on loan of course), but is Ramsey really ahead of them? It’s certainly debatable, but not something that I would lose sleep over as Wenger has made it clear that the other two do have futures at arsenal, and, whether they are better or worse, they are at least close to Ramsey in terms of quality. Denilson, on the other hand, was way behind several of these players, it seems.

  18. Red Arse says:

    TA, 🙂

    I concur!

    Actually, the McDonald’s chicken legs should not be confused with Crouch’s chicken Legs, of course, nor Ryan Giggs’ getting your teeth into either of them would be unpleasant.

  19. Dandan says:

    LOL Red arse I will try and live with my problems, Why should Stan not be committed how do you know he isnt? I wasnt aware I had suggested he wasnt. but there you go I seem to be in a misunderstood vogue today, poor me 🙂

  20. Aside from the “exclusive interview with Stan Kroenke” another item in The Telegraph hints at a possible reason for van Persie’s reluctance to sign a new contract, namely that Tevez will be sold in January and City have lined up our Dutch Master as a £20 million+ replacement. A clear case of “tapping up”.

  21. Dandan says:

    Have a good day happy blogging. Me I am off to a funeral. will look forward to catching up tonight.

  22. Rastogi says:

    Wat on earth re people saying. This is a hard tme 4 arsenal and we tend 2 notice all mstakes. AR is presntly our best holding midfielder. Try 2 watch our match against dortmund. Arteta & benayoun were bti fast wth d ball. We nided a ramsey 2 help us hold d ball bt he was missing. One thng i believe in is dat if he coutinues 2 play wik in wik out. We will b luking forward 2 anothes Xavi of our tme. Happy golden+1 jubilee Nigeria

  23. TotalArsenal says:

    RA 😆 You had me ferouciously spitting saliva on the carpet!

  24. TotalArsenal says:

    DanDan, sorry to hear you have to go to a funeral. I loved your comment yesterday evening – please keep them coming – as I said many times you keep people like me sane/believing in the future of Arsenal 🙂

  25. TotalArsenal says:

    Not just in the future of Arsenal by the way!

  26. oz gunner says:

    @ RA

    cheers for the support RA, antipodean masterpiece haha i think it’ll be not far off a sesame street scribble. Won’t stop the opinions, love the banter on here and blog too much.
    Its not too much to ask to have an owner who has arsenal in their heart, comes to every home game, expresses outrage in the stands when a bad call goes against us, and cries if we lose a cup final. Not realistic in todays game, but hey that’d please us all most

    @ Davegooner

    i disagree, coq is a different player to ramsey, hes battling it out with song and pong for a starting berth (2nd to song in my opinion). In terms of overall i’d say ramsey is alot further along than coq though.

    Enjoy your day all


    Great article once again Rocky

    20 years ago my great football carear was ended at Hackney Marshes when i suffered an injury like like young Ramsey, i.e. my leg was snapped in two and was basicaly hanging off. Any body who has had such a serious leg break will tell you that its like your whole body has been cut in half. I feared the worst for Ramsey after the incident at Stoke, but quite frankly have ben amazed at the speed of his rehabilitation. I dont think he is fully there yet but from empathy alone he is the one guy i realy hope goes on to realise his masive potential.

  28. Rasp says:

    Brilliant post Rocky, Ramsey’s time has come and as you say, now that Jack will be out for a while he has his chance to really show what he can do.

    I do feel that on recent performances, Frimpong is lacking experience at this level and maybe Coquelin should be given the shout over him as he is more composed and less likely to give the ball away with sloppy passing. Frimpong can still make subs appearances and play in the cups.

    I fear that if Frimpong plays against the spuds another red card is awaiting him, so if one of our current 1st choice midfield 5 needs to come off, let’s hope le Coq is his replacement.

  29. CRACKERJACK says:

    Guy! Bliv me, as i’ve always said it 2 my frnds, he has nt once impress me, i luv jack more apparently dan him n u can say dt also

  30. Davi says:

    I disagree that coq is not competing with ramsey at all. Song could easily play the role that ramsey plays. His passing is just as good and just as creative as ramsey’s atm, and there’s no reason Coquelin couldn’t start as the holding midfielder with song in ramsey’s current position. And we don’t have to play players in such stiff roles. Ramsey is naturally an attacking midfielder, but is adaptable, as are song and coquelin, arteta, lansbury etc. If we had busquets in the squad, he and song would both start currently because they would be our best midfielders.

  31. Davi says:

    Coquelin *could* start as the holding midfielder

  32. TotalArsenal says:

    Terry, sorry to hear you had a similar horrific leg break as Ramsey. My ‘career’ was finished by a dislocated knee injury, but this is nothing compared to what you had to go through, by the sounds of it.

    I was at the Britannia stadium that day and (luckily) saw it from quite a distance, but it was the reaction of fellow players and the reaction of the crowd that made me and the other away supporters realise that something awful had happened – it was a really eerie experience. The speed of his rehabilitation has indeed been amazing and his performance against England, for Wales, the other day was proof to me he will become one of our best Arsenal players rather sooner than later.

  33. MikeB says:

    Agree with almost all of the comments, but…

    I think, following the trauma, there were three hurdles for Ramsey to overcome.

    The first two, mending bones and returning to full match fitness are clearly accomplished.

    The third, overcoming the psychological fear of committed tackling, will take a little longer, and by that I mean maybe even another year or so.

    When he achieves that he will, I believe, be a genuine world superstar.

    Even without that he’d be one of the first names on any PL team sheet; to suggest anything else is absurd.

  34. boyo says:

    I have high hopes for Ramsey, just like the rest of you but at his time he isn’t a starting player! Not that he is rubbish just with only 3 midfielders you cant have a person still learning the game!


    Thanks TA, funny thing there was never any pain, just an empty feeling.

    Ramsey is a great talent, no doubt about that.

  36. VCC says:

    Fine post Rocky. But then they always are.

    imo Ramsey is a quality footballer. I have high hopes for this young man as a future Arsenal star. Imagine him and Wilshere in our midfield for years to come.
    I have to say, I frequent many other sites and have not seen too many criticism’s about him. Not sure what people want from a guy who has come back like he has after a horrific injury.

  37. 26may1989 says:

    For Sunday, ball retention is likely to be a very important factor. Spurs have been good on that side of their game recently, and we need to match or exceed them on keeping possession and not giving the ball away. And the very intelligent Aaron Ramsey (alongside Song and Arteta) is perfect for that sort of game.

    Coquelin has looked very good since his return from France, but as Rasp says he’s in a contest with Frimpong more than anyone else. Anyway, it’s even harder to tell whether Coquelin will become a fully fledged success, given that in four seasons he’s made 7 appearances (with the year at Lorient in the middle). Of the 7, only 2 have been in the PL, and both this season: the 8-2 decimation at OT and a sub’s appearance vs Swansea. Much too early to tell with him.

  38. JayNut says:

    Ohhh Nooo, What is the beast Sandro gonna do to this young boy on Sunday

  39. chas says:

    Channel 5, Channel 5, Channel 5

  40. 26may1989 says:

    Terry, Total

    I can do a bit of a comparison: last year, I dislocated my knee and about 25 years ago I suffered a compound, limb-hanging-off break of my arm. The knee was much less serious but so painful, I was in agony. The broken arm was gross (I won’t go into too much detail) but I didn’t feel a thing. Emptiness sums it up nicely. Was pumped full of morphine shortly after though.

  41. 26may1989 says:

    JayNut! You’re back!! You must’ve been worried last night, 1-0 down at home to Shamrock Rovers!

  42. GiE – why do you think Kroenke has bought Arsenal?

  43. allezkev says:

    What a top post.
    Very well said.
    Agree 100%

  44. Gooner in Exile says:

    MikeB interesting point you raise about psychological recovery, if anything this is where I am most impressed with the lad, he has scored a couple of goals (United last season) and one in pre season where he could have suffered impact after striking the ball, he didn’t flinch and struck through the ball, this is something I don’t think Eduardo ever got sorted.

    I also think he is more confident with both feet than Jack or Cesc or Nasri for that matter. That’s something that impressed me with Arteta the other night too.

    If there’s one thing i’d like to see Aaron learn it’s the ability to buy a free kick, something Arteta can teach him. I have seen him try and retain possession by turning away but in doing so ended up running alongside the opponent who pinched the ball from him. If he just knocked it past him the way he was playing it is likely he would buy an easy free kick.

  45. TotalArsenal says:

    26, yes my knee dislocation was very painful too, plus until it happened to me I did not know that a knee could dislocate, and as such it was a frightening experience as well.

    When the paramedics arrived they tried to sedate me with gas, but it did not work at all. I still remember the other players saying: ‘Give him more gas, he needs a higher dose: he is a Dutchy and quite resistant to those sort of substances’ 🙂 This made me laugh as well, and when they lifted me up to put me on the brancard (stretcher?) – given up on being able to ‘gas me’ sufficiently – the knee popped back in. And what a relief that was.

  46. Gooner in Exile says:

    Peaches, I think as a business to strengthen his sports interests and holdings.

    Let’s be honest there wasn’t exactly a queue of bidders, so we had a straight choice, given Usmanov as the other option I prefer Kroenke.

  47. Gid says:

    with regard to Ramsey being seen to be turning round / backwards and passing square a lot more. Point the finger at the front 3. If Andrey, RVP and Theo (or Gerv if present) are not putting in the effort to get free, make a run, or present themselves as an option then what can Aaron do in terms of forward passing?

    Put him in Barcas team where there’s an army of little fuckers working their nuts off making runs into spaces and im sure Ramsey would be picking them out left right and centre.

    Our problem is, from front to back, a poor work ethic. You can see the frustration in Arteta and Ramsey when they have the ball that there are many occasions when they have no options. With the ball and without the ball we dont work hard enough.

  48. harry says:

    Not ready for first team, what are some of you on????????

    Last year against United at the Emirates when all the pressure was on, he ran that game and scored the winning goal, he is mature beyond his years, a level head and a determination to be one of the best, he has an engine like a rolls royce, i actually wished we had two of him!!

    @Rasp, agree about Frimpong, guy is a gooner and will be a legend as well, he is not composed enough at times and gives the ball away too often and he has an excitable persona whereby he will give free kicks away, Coquelin has on the other hand had a year of first team football, he is assured and composed, reads the game very well and tackles cleanly. I have followed coquelins career since I saw him in a youth match which he dominated. I was surprised when he wasd started as a Right back a couple of seasons back, buthe has migrated back to the middle. I was very happy when we didnt send him back on loan this season, he gives us some strength in depth in that position.

    Personally for me, I’d start him against Spurs if needed, no qualms or doubts.

    To be honest Ramsey isnt the only one get way over the top stick, we are still developing and are 2 or 3 weeks behind where we should be in terms of early season form etc, this lack of cohesion as I said earlier has affected every player, it will take time whether we have it or not.

    But the blanket of negativity that the media keeps in place, is pulled tighter by fans who cannot just get behind the team and give a little allowance for the circumstances that have prevailed this season………

  49. MikeB says:


    I’m sure you’re right, but I just get the impression that a split-second of doubt/trepidation still exists every now and then. I’d be surprised if it didn’t, but to my thinking that split-second can define the difference between a very good player and a great player.

  50. harry says:

    @Gid 11.32……….

    Amen, someone else has seen the light……exactly mate…….

  51. Big Raddy says:

    RL. Super post a s always. I agree, Ramsey is already very good and will be great.


    26 & TA,

    When i was in hospital i saw a lot of guys with your type of injuries who were in agony, and there i was with my leg hanging off and i didn’t feel a thing, very strange. That morphine is damn fine stuff by the way.

  53. 26may1989 says:

    “With the ball and without the ball we dont work hard enough.” Gid, I fear you are on the button there, though I think there is more energy in the side this season than was the case in the back half of last season.

    A few weeks ago, Barca played Villarreal in a 3-4-3 formation, and of the three defenders, only one (Abidal) was a real defender (Busquets and Mascherano were the other two). But their astonishing energy all across the pitch meant Villarreal just couldn’t cope.

  54. 26may1989 says:

    Terry, agreed re the morphine!

  55. Gooner in Exile says:

    MikeB….I think if it occurs it will actually be a delayed reaction, Eduardo was great for the first few games back, as if the euphoria of playing eased his worries, but then you could slowly see the doubt creep in. Hopefully Ramsey won’t suffer the same but you are right that half second is the difference.

    Rasp and Harry is Coquelin a little to laid back? I haven’t seen the boy play live so hard to judge, but something tells me we will need an attitude in midfield on Sunday and therefore I would go for The Pong as he has it in spades, but as you say it must be curbed. All this is hypothetical of course if Kozzer is fit Song starts alongside Ramsey and Arteta (who is playing a lot of football at the moment).

  56. gunnern5 says:

    This post is in relation to the early morning discussion.


    gunnern5 says:

    September 30, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    In reality most CEOs understand the financial aspects of their business more than the product side. Typically, at least in North America, the top men surround themselves with experts in the various business disciplines.

    Personally I happy with Kroenke sticking to what he understands and leaving the football to the experts.

    After all who was it said – “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

  57. Gid says:

    26may1989: a feature of our play over the last 3 years or so would be that we would have (lets say) RVP, Andrey, Theo, Samir and Cec on the pitch and we would be winning a game coz those boys can play a bit. But none of them would put in a proper defensive shift when we were up in a game. So Song and the back 4 would be overrun, the game would get away from us, and every blogger under the sun would be pointing the finger at our back 4… AGAIN. In truth, we would be carrying 5 defensive passengers but they would somehow escape all criticism coz they notched a goal or 2. Which is total wank.

    So yes, this year we at least have a back 4 and a harder working (if less creative) midfield 3 digging in and i like it this way and I agree with your comment.

    As it stands we’re only carrying 3 passengers now instead of 5. Still too many. Look at Rooney and Young and Nani and Hernandez and Valencia. Whoever plays, those boys put in a shift. Berbs doesnt play coz he doesn’t do his running.

    And yeah, that Barca vs Villareal game was jaw-dropping. Current Barca side are re-writing the rules of how a team should shape up. No Centre Backs, no full-backs, no strikers, just footballers who can really play and who want to work hard.

  58. Fatgingergooner says:

    Totally agree with this post.

    Ramsey has the ability to run a game from start to finish, something I’ve only seen before in Fabregas at this young age. When he matures over the next few years he will learn when to add pace to the game and when to slow it down. The recent criticism of him just sums up our supporters at the moment. They expect instant success and instant results. What they seem to overlook is the details however, as is the case with Ramseys broken leg.

    If Wilshire and Ramsey can get to 100% fitness then people wont even remember the likes of Cesc and Samir. People ask why we haven’t replaced those 2, well the answer is we already have the replacement. These 2 will turn this side into trophy winners inside 3 years, something Cesc and Samir never did.

  59. gunnern5 says:


    A typically well written piece in defense of one of our potential future stars.

    I’m not as excited as most responders seem to be but I do have high hopes of him becoming the glue that holds our mid-field together.

    However, our problem may well be that we have to much glue in our midfield and not enough inventive/creative players.

    JW is out until (???) Arteta can be great but cannot possibly handle the amount of games on his own. Beyond him we have AD, TR. and YB, all of whom are really nothing more than injury prone fringe players – and are they even creative?.

  60. Gooner in Exile says:

    Gid your 12:04pm is a superb comment.

    GN5 I have similar concerned re Arteta, he will need relief at some point but when? Thankfully with him being nowhere near the Spanish side we don’t have to worry about him and he has a 13 day break after Spuds.

  61. harry says:

    @FGG 12:07

    When I was at the Man United Game last season, there was a break in play, at that point, Aaron and Jack were taking on fluids and listening to Le Boss, I remarked to those around me, “With Fabregas going, those two and that picture is the future, and I am pretty happy with that”

    What these two have in abundance is pure drive and determination, a real battle hardened attitude. Both winners, naturally born, leaders and perhaps that is what the difference between them and cesc / nasri and why i agree that they will lead us to glory, whereas the other two couldnt…………

  62. Big Raddy says:

    Gid. 12.04. Excellent comment though TW and RvP have upped their games in terms of defending from the front. The Gerv seems to close down defenders as well.

  63. harry says:

    @GID 12.04, quality observations again………..

    @GIE, I fully believe in Coquelin now, I wouldnt say he is too laid back, maybe it will still take some adjustment to the pace of the game, but his reading of the game is quality…….He is a tenacious lad with a steel about him, he is very similar to Lassana Diarra.

    GIE, great point about Arteta, he will need that break.

    For me and for several different reasons, The boss needs to buy at least one stella player in the next TW, at the start not the end…………(not necessarily the most expensive)……..but thats in the future………

    Next to mash the spuds………Team that I would play………

    No1 In TW

    Sagna Kozzer BFG Gibbs

    Song Coquelin

    Arteta Ramsey Gervinho



    Walcott, Ox, Arshavin, Santos, Park, Frimpong and Fab.

  64. gunnern5 says:


    While Ramsey has the “ability” to run a game it’s yet to happen, I cannot remember a single game where he was the outstanding player.

    Great individual passes and the odd goal, for sure, but he’s yet to run a game.

    This does not equal a negative view but simply one based on the past reality.

  65. I just wana urge arsenal fan nt 2 always jump into conclusion by blaming or condeming players i believe that everybody know AR16 before he broke his leg, so let us exercise patient for the team to be groomed together. Arsenal til eternity.

  66. harry says:

    Gn5——see my 12.43…..

    Ramsey was outstanding against United last season and along with Jack, ran that game.

  67. Red Arse says:


    You certainly seem to have brought out fellow bloggers in sympathy with your horror story injury

    You all have my sympathy too. I tend to faint at the sight of blood.

    I was a late starter to playing football about 15 years ago. I was told to play CB and stop the other team’s CF.

    He was really good and really fast and scored 2 goals and I had not even touched the ball. The next time he waltzed around our DM and ran at me, I tackled him and got a red card.

    Three or four of his mates decided to have a word with me, I had a word back – bish, bash, bosh – for some reason the FA gave me a 10 match ban – I have never played since! 🙂

    Hi MikeB 🙂 Are you stalking me? 🙂

    How about one of your excellent Posts, please?

  68. Red Arse says:


    We may well have been at the same matches watching the youth teams. I was amazed when Le Coq. who was one of our midfield stars, was shipped out on loan, and Eastmond who was a very modest right back started to come into the first team in midfield.

    But then I thought JET was going to be a big star, so what do I know? Very little it seems. 🙂

  69. TotalArsenal says:

    RA, bish bash bosh hahahahaha. Last week it was the story of your parking space revenge, and now this. I am starting to think, you are one big mean, accountancy – bully machine. 😀



    ha ha ha, briliant once again.

    Never had a fight on the football pitch, ime not big enough, mind you if i dont pat the transplants down ime about 6 foot 8.

  71. VCC says:

    Harry 12:55
    I would make one change to that line up.
    I feel we will need a bit of pace up front to occupy Spurs back line, keep them thinking and keeping back more players than usual to cope with the pace of either Walcott or OX.
    With that view I would slip Ramsay back into Coquelins role and replace Ramseys role with either one of those two.
    I think we need to push higher up field against Spurs.

  72. I posted this comment early this morning so apologies to those who have hidden from me already but I need to repeat it 🙂

    I’ve just realised that with the upcoming International games we’re going to be looking for posts to see us through the next couple of weeks.

    We’ll be happy to publish posts on stats, players profiles, favourite players from the past and obviously financial stuff following the announcement of our results today – they always need further explanation.

    If you have something you want to write about or get off your chest we’re here for you 🙂

  73. kelsey says:


    as usual you haven’t let us down with today’s post and I have no hesitation that Ramsey will be hugely beneficial to the team, but my mind is on kroenke today.

    It’s not that he understands little about football it’s just quite clear to me that he is not prepared to invest in a couple of quality experienced household names. That is bad PR.he is gambling on the fact that these talented youngsters such as ramsey and Wilshere will be the stars of the future for Arsenal.
    The fans especially the younger ones want idols at the club,people they admire guys who make your hair stand up on end by the magic of their football, players they can identify with being Arsenal legends.

    it doesn’t have to be 50 million pound signings but players who have been bought pay for themselves in literally a week or so by shirt sales alone.Beckham 22 million already past his best as an example. Arshavin was our last expensive signing and that season he came third in the PL in shirt sales. of course there is a gamble regardless of how much we pay if the player turns out long term to be an asset and an idol, but there are and have been players out there that we could have bought.

    Imagine the city takeover had happened a year after the invisibles year.i wonder how many of that team would have remained loyal ?
    It’s a balancing act and as we stand at the moment the responsibility on the younger talent is enormous.
    I don’t want an usmanov type of takeover but kroenke appears to be in it long haul,but without investment he may have a hell of a fright in a few years time.he is hoping the FFP rules makes us more competitive. IMO it’s a wrong decision.
    did you see RVP’s face when we lost at Blackburn ? he wants the assurances that i believe Cesc and Samir wanted that quality would come in, and if there is no such action taken by the club RVP will be the next to leave,as many clubs would take him.Some of you will think he owes it to arsenal to be loyal because he has been blighted by injuries and should never dream of even thinkiing of leaving, but football has changed,not necessarily for the better but we have to move with the times.

  74. kelsey says:

    I just got it off my chest peaches 😉 How is yours 🙂

  75. harry says:

    @Rasp, lol, same here, what do I know, not much probably, but sounds good to me……….

    :@VCC, I thought that as well, but SPuds will come at us all guns blazing, so I went for solidity, Gman provides the attacking pace in the first half.

    Then, bring on Ox and Theo on 60 and rip them to potato skins…

  76. kelsey says:

    Just to clarify if that had happened we might have kept cesc or even nasri for another season or two,whilst the younger players developed.

  77. Red Arse says:

    TerryM, 6′ 8″ 🙂 🙂

  78. 26may1989 says:

    Going back to the interview with Kroenke, I did enjoy reading it and he makes some excellent points, but it also creates an impression of a lack of urgency about where we are right now. The reason van Persie is going to hold out before considering signing a new deal is that he wants to see evidence that there’s going to be investment in the squad. Many of us said that last year we were just one or two players short of what we needed to keep up with the (Phil) Joneses. Well, we lost two stars in the summer. Even with the emergence of further young talents, and the improvement of the maturity and seriousness of the overall squad with our signings, we have less magical talent in the squad now than we did 12 months ago.

    Money isn’t the answer to everything but looking at the last five years, City have on average spent a net £87m on transfer fees per season, Chelsea £30m, Liverpool £17m, Spurs £15m and United £11m. In the same period, we have made an annual trading profit of £6m per season. (Source: http://www.transferleague.co.uk/league-tables/2006-2011.html) And that doesn’t account for the disparity in wages spend between City and Chelsea and the rest. Ignoring the ludicrous sugar daddy examples of the first two in that list, year on year we are still underinvesting by about £20m of fees per season as compared with United, Liverpool and Spurs. Spending wasn’t possible while the stadium debt was an issue; that excuse doesn’t hold now.

    Kroenke needs to understand that the City and Chelsea situation has squeezed Wenger’s ability to perform the on-the-pitch miracles with his alchemy that were possible when United were the only other game in town. Wenger is fantastic at finding value that others don’t, we all agree with that, but there are limits to what even he can achieve.

    If we don’t get some very serious quality in during January (perhaps just one player, perhaps two), there is every possibility that van Persie will take up the invitation to join those tossers at the Wastelands. And if he goes, lesser lights and younger talents will follow to the exit, and recruitment becomes harder again. Witness Zidane’s attempt to press Hazard not to join us.

    So Stan, speak PR for as long as you like, I don’t mind. But if you want to protect your investment, there should be one item on the board’s agenda over the next few months, while Wenger and his new team are bedding down and rebuilding: work with Wenger to identify the top quality talents we should be targeting in January, starting with an A1, household name striker. That is consistent with self-sufficiency, because we have the money in the bank already – the fans and the players are not asking for anything more than that the money they have put into the club be used.

  79. kelsey says:


    you must have been writing your comments just as mine went on 🙂

  80. 26may1989 says:

    I was Kelsey. I think the word is “jinx”!

  81. 26may1989 says:

    Love that story of Red Arse’s football career – brilliant!

  82. kelsey says:

    Well almunia has gone to West ham on loan for a MONTH. well at least that saves about 150/200K.

  83. MikeB says:

    Hi RA,

    Not exactly stalking… but if you will leave your curtains open at night, you’ve only got yourself to blame 😆

    Good to hear from you

  84. 26may1989 says:

    I’d go with Harry’s line-up for Sunday, save that I’d have Santos in rather than Gibbs. I’d probably also have Benayoun on the bench ahead of one of Arshavin and Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Even without two very important players in Vermaelen and Wilshere, I feel pretty comfortable about how we’ll line up at the start against Spurs. But the position in terms of the benches could be a problem: they are likely to have Defoe, Pavlyuchenko, Sandro or Parker, Bassong, Lennon and Pienaar, which is likely to be stronger than we can put out right now.

  85. Red Arse says:


    That is exactly – exactly – what I was trying, so inadequately, to put forward in support of Oz this morning.

    You are so darn eloquent when your writing juices flow! 🙂

    It is recognising football as a business which needs to be run well by professionals, but it has to have regard for the soul of the club too, which intrinsically means the fans.

    We fans are not asking for the world, but we were promised that money for transfers was being ring fenced, and there has been precious little evidence of that so far, except for the splurge in the last day of the last transfer window, which was funded by the sales of our best two players!

    Well said 26! 26 for President, say I. 🙂

  86. MikeB says:


    as for the posts… got a lot on at the moment…hence I can only stalk part-time, but may get back to coining the dross if things quieten down; not on that other site though… toooo negative for me these days.

    How abt some pearls of wisdom from you?

  87. kelsey says:

    After hearing Wenger’s press conference:
    Koscielny isn’t fit enough to return so Song will start at CB again i presume,
    Squillaci, who luckily for us isn’t quite fit enough is out
    Walcott and Gervinho are possible for the game but not certain, so Ox might get another chance.

    Benayoun is training again but not fit enough for the Spurs game.

    I would start le coq over frimpong and would love to see park get a run.

  88. kelsey says:

    Can i be vice president RA 🙂

  89. Red Arse says:


    How’s things? Any more news on the book writing front?

    I don’t know how much you read the AA Posts, but I think you are in a similar league to today’s author Rocky, who writes frequently and beautifully.

    AA has many gifted authors and it would be great to see you join the panopoly of Post writers and have your name displayed on the top right!! 🙂

  90. 26may1989 says:

    Kelsey, since I spend too much time on football blogs to work as President, you can have the job! 🙂

    Bit of a bugger about Benayoun, I’d have liked him for a game like this.

  91. Red Arse says:


    Our posts crossed! 🙂 I hope you do find the time.

    I have retired from Post writing – can’t stand the competition!! 🙂

    Kelsey, you are definitely up for Vice President. Yaaay — Kelsey for V.P. everyone (and a freebee trip to his mansion in Spain!) 🙂 — oh no, you said I’m too big to fit in! Darn it! 🙂

  92. Red Arse says:

    Must go for a while, and finish my discounted cashflow analyses – such fun.

    If only I could remember how I did the automatic iterative calculation — but I’m not going to ask the Excel kid GIE to help!! 🙂

  93. 26may1989 says:

    RA: Ah the DCF! Would you believe I’m giving a seminar on event study analyses next week…….. Like I understand anything about that!

  94. RockyLives says:

    Afternoon All
    Thanks for the kind comments and for engaging with the AR16 subject. I know some have not seen much criticism of him online but I’ve seen quite a lot. The comment that prompted me to write the piece was when someone right here on AA described him as the new Densilson.

    However, the piece was written before the Speaking Stan interview so I realise the subject matter of the day needs to move on.

    I’m working today so won’t be around too much but will pop in and out as I can.

  95. evonne says:

    Hello Rocky – I was a bit upset that we, the AA bloggers didn’t concentrate on Ramsey a bit more today, but work assured that even big Stan cannot take the shine of your fine post! His speach seems childish compare to your write up on Aaron. Unfortunately he is very rich and owns our Club

    I feel guilty about Ramsey, like many I have started to critisise him lately. I forgot how good he was and will be. Sorry Aaron, if you need more time, I am prepared to wait.
    Also, Gid and Harry were right about those little feckers at Barca.

  96. evonne says:

    26may – i had a surgery few years ago. I was given pehidine for pain at night. I had no idea what it was; the next morning I asked for more only to be told that it is a highly addictive form of morphin and I cannot get any more 😦 Damn, it felt so good

  97. evonne says:

    hi oz, it was a family affair rather than a holiday, but it was nice, thank you.

    It was reported in the Polish press that Szczesny when asked about Fabianski’s whereabouts replied that he is cutting the grass on the training grass, there is nothing else for him to do. Can this be true???

  98. Here’s the link to the financial results if anyone is interested

    Click to access gun__1317384612_Arsenal_Holdings_Plc_Announcem.pdf

  99. Hi evonne – nice to have you back, I’m just off out to look at a job, call you in a while 🙂

  100. evonne says:

    hello P, I am all ears xx

  101. 26may1989 says:


    I remember my wife was put on pethidine when our number one was born (labour lasted 52 hours, she deserved whatever drugs she could get!). But it wasn’t so much that she was wasted on pethidine; rather it was wasted on her, she claims the only effect was to make her nauseous. Personally, I think they should have given it to me, but that’s another story.

    Nice to see you’re back from your family break. I was a bit worried when Total said you were on holiday – I had visions of you being locked in his dungeon in an obscure part of Friesland….. 🙂

  102. kelsey says:


    Our primary objective will always be success on the field. To give the Club the best opportunity to achieve this, we must drive a virtuous circle of increased revenue, increased investment in the team and a larger engaged fan base and we must do this in a way which is self-sustaining and protects the long-term future of the Club. That has been my mission since joining the Club and we are making good progress.

    That sounds a little different to what kroenke said.

  103. neamman says:

    way too early to give up on AR16. Welsh captain… obviously many knowledgeable people think highly of him!!

  104. kelsey says:

    Anyway which ever side of the fence you are on it appears Wenger has a job for life at Arsenal whatever happens .No problem with that but he needs a team of the best coaches available behind him to refresh some of his ideas on the pitch.

  105. Rasp says:

    Very bad news about kozzer being out, I presume Song will play CB so I’m hoping Coquelin will get the nod over Frimpong. We cannot afford to play the souds with 10 men, we were level with pool before Frimpong was sent off, we cannot afford that scenario again.

  106. VCC says:

    Harry 1:53.
    Point taken, but what about Theo first half then Ox second. Blast them with pace through out the game. Constant pace may make them tire and leave gaps at the back for Persie and Gerv to capitalise on.

  107. VCC says:

    Receiving joke text from spurs and Hammers fans.
    Why can’t you get a cup of tea at the Emirates?
    Because the mugs are out on the pitch and the cups are at Old Trafford.
    Text back …..At least the cups are not at White Hart Lane and Upton Park.

    Arsenal’s trophy room has been robbed. Police are looking for a man with a carpet.
    Not funny.

  108. California Gooner says:

    Is anyone else just totally flabbergasted at the reports that Man City have “lined up” RVP as a replacement for Tevez? I mean, we’re still in September right now… and as far as I can tell, he plays for us. Obviously it will be a challenge to our management to keep him, but it just feels like the entire press is playing championship manager with this story.

    I actually think, the movement should go the other direction. Let’s bring in Tevez in January and pay for his prozac… I’ll even donate mine, since I won’t need it anymore if he and RVP are lining up for us together.

  109. kelsey says:

    where are al the accountants when you want them.
    The accounts say we have 160 million free money sitting in the bank. !!!!!

  110. Red Arse says:


    Just got back to read your comment regarding event study analyses.
    Wow!! 🙂

    I already had a suspicion that buried within your legal raison d’etre, you were a closet accountant or economist, but I am genuinely impressed that you are holding a seminar on Event Study Analysis.

    Going to such a seminar might tax all but the brightest but to actually be the star and give the seminar …………….. 🙂 Kudos.

    In measuring whether there is a statistically significant reaction on a corporate body’s share price valuation, for example, which may have been caused by the announcement of a performance associated event, do you have a preference for using a statistical/economic model, or a market model or a mixture? I suppose, at base, the testing and interpretation of the data is key.
    My only connection with this important analytical finance tool, other than study/exams, is a seminar I went to 20 years ago, (not given by you was it? 🙂 ) and happily I have had very little to do with the subject since! 🙂

    Actually, don’t answer any of the above questions.
    Suffice to say, you are one clever Trevor, 26. and I bend the knee to you in admiration! 🙂

  111. kelsey says:

    Actually CG no;

    totally feasable though of course not what we want.they have already head hunted quite well with us.4 players so far.I think as I stated earlier RVP wants assurances of better quality players coming in and is therefore leaving his options open.

  112. RockyLives says:

    You seem to have lapsed into a foreign language 🙂

  113. RockyLives says:

    I think a competitive season, with some assurances about our ambition, and RvP will stay.

    If we fall way off the pace I would be really worried about him looking elsewhere.

  114. evonne says:

    26may – I know what you mean about your wife. Other patients were given the injection too and could not understand my excitement 🙂 I am very glad drugs were not available in poland when I was growing up

    Red Arse – he is much more than just clever Trevor, trust me

  115. oz gunner says:

    @ Rocky

    agree RA lost me at ‘in measuring’

    @ 26

    great comments from you this arvo, very well said.

    What is going on with these little niggling injuries we have, benni, gerv, kozzer all finished the game yet have pulled up rather rough. We really need to go right at the scum though, because without dawson and gallas they are weak (although ledley has been playing well.he always seems to be back to play us, which is strange as his knees are good for 3 games a year).

    3 things i hope to see from the game:

    1. A comfortable win
    2. the worlds number 1 keeper flattening big ears bale again!
    3. Ade knocked out by BFG (still hate him for what he did, especially the stamp to RVPs face).

  116. oz gunner says:

    @ evonne
    glad you had a good time. fab very well could be, that or water boy because he isn’t displacing Szcz anytime soon

  117. California Gooner says:

    Kelsey, that and they’ll have to double his pay… he is on 70K if I’m correct, which is really low for someone of his quality. ManCity will offer him 3X that.

  118. evonne says:

    Oz – I know, but it was extremely mean of Szczesny to say a thing like that

  119. barumgooner says:

    Excellent post Rocky. I must confess that I havn’t heard that much negative talk about him but to do so would be sheer stupidity. The boy is class and has a place in our future for sure.

  120. Gooner in Exile says:

    Erm never one to throw the cat among the pigeons….but…..remember when we signed Arteta at age of 29 and gave him a 4 year deal and lots of fans complained about that length of a contract taking him into his 30’s, what’s the difference with RvP? Speed is an even greater necessity for a forward, which will only diminish in the coming years.

    I’m not saying get rid of him but I am asking how long a contract would you give him at vastly inflated wages to what he is currently on?

    I haven’t had a good chance to analyse accounts yet. But before looking at cash we should remember that was at 31 May, we have spent since then and also recouped (but who knows on what terms) normally I would expect to see it somewhere in notes (post balance sheet events).

  121. Red Arse says:


    Never mind all that. What are you like on Event Study Analysis?

    We need someone to go into bat on behalf of us accountants! That 26 is going to run rings around us if he isn’t challenged – and soon!! 🙂

  122. RockyLives says:

    Thanks Barum
    You’re not the only one who has managed to avoid the Ramsey-bashing – quite a few other AA-ers have said they haven’t seen too much of it. I must be reading the wrong sites!

  123. Red Arse says:


    Back to your ‘erm’. You are right – the same people who complain that our Salaries are too high will complain bitterly if RVP goes because he is offered ‘double your money’ elsewhere.

    A ‘no win’ situation.

    I have not had a chance to look at the Accounts, but again you are right. Whatever they show, a lot has happened since May.

  124. barumgooner says:

    It is just my opinion but I think not offering our older experienced players longer lucrative contracts has been one of the worst things about the last 5-6 yrs. It has been hailed as Wengers philosophy of giving youth a chance but has in truth probably been more due to financial constraint and lowering the wage bill than anything to do with footballing tactics or just as importantly rewarding loyalty. This has cost us dearly over the years and if the rvp situation marks an end to this stupid 30 and past-it rule then it can only be a good thing.

  125. barumgooner says:

    Any site that runs down players like him are most definately the wrong sites.

  126. harry says:

    Rocky, there was quite a bit of harsh criticism for him on here, as I remember sticking up for him…..Maybe not bashing…………

    Its hard at the moment, just feel as a team we are still blending and getting going…….it takes time……

  127. harry says:

    Barum I agree, certainly there are some players we should have kept longer, Pires and Gilberto……..Bergkamp had another year in him…….And we should have brought vieira back instead of city.

  128. kelsey says:

    Fat Sam in the Guardian:

    “We’ve been hot on the phone and secured an excellent signing in the short-term in Manuel Almunia from Arsenal,” said Allardyce. “It’s a big thank you again to Arsène Wenger and Arsenal for allowing us to get such a high-class and experienced goalkeeper to come in and fill-in for Robert [Green] for the time being.

    “I think he hasn’t had as many games at Arsenal as he would have liked so he wants to play first-team football.

    “We hope that huge amount of experience he has had at Arsenal and the football he has played on a regular basis will stand us in good stead here at West Ham and more and more clean sheets will come from his presence in goal. That will obviously help us to secure more victories while Robert is out.”

  129. barumgooner says:

    True Harry. All were great players with bags of experience and a genuine love of the club yet were either cast aside or over-looked. We can add Freddie to that imo. Not sure Bergkamp was the clubs choice to go though, he was one player we were loyal to.

  130. Anyone want to dissect the accounts the for a post for tomorrow?

  131. harry says:

    Barum, with Bergkamp, yes loyalty on both sides, it was a mutual decision, just feel he could have helped out, that was the season RVP started on fire until december and got injured and we didnt plug the gap. Anelka moved to chelsea at the same time, when he would have come back if wenger had gone in for him……..

    Freddie was knackered and from when he left us he hardly completed any 90mins……..

    Parlour should have stayed longer…….

  132. London says:

    Gid’s 12:04 is clearly written by a man who understands football, respect.

    Interesting debate on Frimpong and Coquelin: once you have seen them in the flesh there is little doubt as to who is the most advanced as things stand.
    Pong’s learning curve is impressive, in his first game he ran round like a bull, winning most tackles but ended up getting himself sent off albeit to a standing ovation. Soon after he was a tad exposed against Dortmund when ball retention was the order of the day but against Olympiacos he showed just how much he had learnt, no more jumping in, I don’t even think he got booked, his passing was better, obviously not the finished article but he would get my vote above Coquelin every time at the moment. I am not convinced that the Frenchman could last 90 minutes in an EPL game and certainly not against spuds.

    The idea of writing Ramsey off is obviously ridiculous but a clever idea for a post and skilfully written, great stuff as ever Rocky.

    Talking of ridiculous: the idea that Arsenal players actually say to the manager, I will stay only if you can guarantee that new top quality players will arrive strikes me as laughable, what next, Van Persie to be involved in the decisions as to who the club sign? It is equally laughable to put forward the idea that Fabregas and Nasri said such things. They were leaving irrespective of who the club bought.
    There is only one blog that makes these stories up and it never ceases to amaze me how they find there way around and before you know it they are being taken as facts.

  133. harry says:

    When I say helped out I mean he would have given us another option, not that he didnt want to help……..he is a god and the best player ever to wear our shirt……..How I miss him,.,.

  134. barumgooner says:

    I know what you mean, we could all see freds legs had gone but it just felt a bit heartless casting aside a legend who had given us so much. I think clubs and fans alike sometimes forget that loyalty works bothways.

  135. barumgooner says:

    Just read Gids 12.04 London. TRUE ! Only debate with Coquelin as far as i’m concerned is why didnt he go out on loan instead of Lansbury ? …….Oh I no he’s French !

  136. oz gunner says:

    @ Barum

    well said, lansbury is a class act, hes tearing it up at west ham and in the under 21’s. I hope we keep a hold of him.

    I definently agree about retention of players. Wasn’t gilberto let go because at the time we had flamini,diarra and denilson (i remember just how unlucky he was to be displaced in the starting lineup. Getting an extra months rest because of the copa america, flamini slots in and bingo bango doesn’t let it go.) Then we let all 3 go (well flamini wouldn’t stick around but who could blame him when we tried to offload him to birmingham the season before, and not even they took him) and got left with the ‘promising’ denison. What a nightmare. Look at all the people we could of got between then yet ‘didn’t want to crush denilsons development’

    Loric Cana
    Goker Inler

    One of my only gribes with arsene….denilson!

  137. Gooner in Exile says:

    Oz and there lies the reason that our younger players are given better contracts now, once bitten twice shy with Flamini.

  138. DesiGunner says:

    Wonderfully articulated.

    I think Ramsey is struggling a bit because the team is being rebuilt and the links between the defence-midfield and midfield-attack aren’t fully developed yet. Even the midfielders don’t know each others styles that well. This makes some players look bad. He has also made some individual errors like getting caught in possession or not controlling the ball on occasions but these are aberrations that will be ironed out as he keeps on playing because his technical quality is not in doubt.

    I know many fans are tired of rebuilding over and over. It’s a fair argument to an extent but there is no escaping it.

  139. kelsey says:

    Very subtle (no name mentioned this time )

    That’s the second time in a week that you have implied my comments are what one would expect to find on Le Grove .

    I don’t come on here for browny points I am passionate about the club i support, just have a different angle on some things compared to others, but any opportunity you have you either ridicule me , find my suggestions and opinions as rumours or ridiculous.. Why you do it instead of just ignoring my comments i am not sure but I have a very good idea..

    Anyway I am out of here for now. , I don’t need a stalker in the background to contend with.when generally we are all civil to one another which makes this a great site .

  140. Paul says:

    Ram is really a class dont ever write him of

  141. London says:


  142. evonne says:

    Morning all, the atmosphere is getting hotter in North London. Not only it is going to be 30 degrees tomorrow, but the scum are to receive public funds to build a new stadium!! It is all wrong!! We need our lads to put the things right tomorrow

  143. Red Arse says:

    Morning has broken bright and clear. 🙂

    Hi Kelsey, 🙂 Wassup?

  144. Dandan says:

    Kelsey morning my friend, why the hell do you get upset by posts, comments or innuendos on here, it is after all just opinion. if you think someone posting that stuff is an idiot, just follow your own advice and ignore it. If someone is trying to wind you up they will soon get fed up with no reaction from you.

    Many of my post also get ignored, I am viewed by some; I am sure as an AW junkie. Fair enough, people are entitled to believe that, perhaps they are right, I don’t think so. But couldn’t give monkeys if that is how they want to view me It will not stop me from having my say.
    We are in many ways poles apart you and I, Arsenal wise, but I welcome your right to call me a twit if you think I am one .

    By the way I dont think you are a twit and your posts provide a sound base for discussion among the group.

    So get back to your keyboard and give us hell 🙂

  145. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Morning all.
    Evonne, WOT?!!? Public funds! Could you elaborate, but please be gentle with me given that there is nothing in the world I hate more than Gordon Brown, Statism and the Public Sector 😦

  146. evonne says:

    Hiya Micky,
    I am afraid that one cannot be gentle under the circumstances, it is a brutal as I said – Scum have applied for public funds to help with the new build and Boris Bloody Johnson has given his approval. It is still on the negotiating table, but we, ie you and I, and the rest of the Arsenal community must make waves before it is too late

  147. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks Chas and Evonne.
    Much as I loathe that lot, I do think they ought to stay in North London, although I would titter if they were shifted to East London.
    I am not clear whether the public money is for regeneration of the Tottenham area (which I would approve of) or the Stadium itself, which would make me feel sick.

  148. evonne says:

    Hello Dandan, you are so wise! I love your calming influence

    Kelsey – you should mind your own business!
    What others think of you is none of your business 🙂 xx

  149. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Evonne 🙂
    Reminds me of a line from the Countess in Downton Abbey: “Don’t be ridiculous, we all have friends we don’t like”.

  150. evonne says:

    Micky – exactly, it is a sick idea! Have we been helped by anyone? Should we apply for compensation now? Bloody cheek of those scumers

  151. evonne says:

    Micky – like, majority of them 🙂

  152. evonne says:

    If Theo is back from injury, does that mean that little Ox will sit on the bench tomorrow?

  153. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Theo down the left. Ox the right. Obviously.

  154. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Off for brekkie break.

  155. evonne says:

    enjoy! i am off to march the german

  156. Gooner in Exile says:

    Morning all, I seem to remember the last time this thorny issue was raised we were told by Spuds that we too had received public funds, although I have struggled to find mention of it.

    Have we a post today or are the Blog Gods still in bed?

  157. Sadly we don’t have a post for today. I was hoping one of the accountants would give us the low down on the financial announcement yesterday but they all went missing 😦

  158. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Its scorchio and everyone will be outside, so a perfect day for the one-worder.

  159. Gooner in Exile says:

    Peaches, sorry didn’t realise you had no post today, I’m sure most of us won’t be able to not think about The Derby tomorrow.

    I have just come back from 1 nil down to win 4-1 in a FIFA 12 challenge….good omens?

  160. Gooner in Exile says:

    Peaches, sorry didn’t realise you had no post today, I’m sure most of us won’t be able to not think about The Derby tomorrow.

    I have just come back from 1 nil down to win 4-1 in a FIFA 12 challenge….good omens?

  161. oz gunner says:

    GiE is it any good? i got it on thursday but haven’t given it a go yet. waiting to see how the team has been rated

  162. Jamie says:

    Not sure Wilshere and Ramsey is mouthwatering.

    Controversial but I’m not that keen on either. They are both good but wouldn’t get in the team at Man Utd or City.

    Just my opinion.

  163. WiganGooner says:

    My sincerest apologies Peaches, I’ll get something written that isn’t time restricted so you have it in the buffer. I’ll try and write something tonight.


  164. WiganGooner says:


    Both players have the ability to win a game on their own. Yes they are inexperienced, but they have the talent and I think either citeh or united would love to have either


  165. RockyLives says:

    Peaches, Rasp
    Have just woken up and am shocked there’s no Post. Have just done a quick 5-minute effort.
    Not at a computer so emailed it to arsenalnuts…
    Can one of you (or someone) see if you want to put it up.
    It would be a shame to break our run of nev missing a day.

  166. Gooner in Exile says:

    Oz the defending mechanic takes a lot of getting used to, definitely feels like the team is suffering from low morale! How sim can they make it? The Ox is only rated 69 too, that should change after his hat-trick tomorrow.

  167. Rasp says:

    Hi Rocky,

    Sorry, I’ve been engaged in getting my kids off ti uni. I’ve had a look in drafts and can’t se a post, but will happily publish if you have anything.

  168. Its in arsenalnuts Rasp – I’m just having a look

  169. Have to change the font – be back in a minute

  170. I’ve done it Rasp

  171. New Post ……………….

    Thanks Rocky x

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