Gooner Day

Written by VCC

Before you read on, VCC wanted to include the following track in the post so please right click Gooner DayΒ  to open in a new window and listen – unless you’re being naughty at work that is πŸ™‚

Its 3 pm Saturday 10th September 2011. We welcome Swansea City to the Emirates for our second home fixture. Is this going to be a Gooner Day?

Well fellow Gooners, is this the trickiest start to a season in our lifetime?

It comes following an away draw against a mid table side, a home defeat against a top 6 side that has been resurrected and a simply humiliating experience away to maybe our biggest enemy.

Has Arsène recruited the necessary armoury to sustain a top four place, enabling our continued Champions League status?

Will Mertesacker/Santos plug the gap in our frail defence?
Will Arteta/Benayoun be creative in our new mid field?
And….will Gervinho/Young provide the firepower we need to assist our top goalscorer?

Many questions yet to be answered. If these players do not hit the ground running and turn our start around to winning ways, will we see the unthought-of resignation of our beloved Arsène Wenger?

The speculation in some Sunday papers is that Mr.Wenger is disillusioned with the Arsenal Board and is/maybe contemplating calling it a day. Can we even contemplate life after Le Prof?

After a frustrating, long and stressful close season, have we acquired the quality/necessary personnel capable to compete with the big boys, still?

I, for one, feel uneasy at the thought of life after “He Who Knows”. If he has been unable to win any silverware for six years, then who could have?

I for one, believe it’s going to be a “GOONER DAY”


Written by VCC.

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  1. Can all the first bloggers let me know if the link works – not being a techie, I’ve done my best, if it doesn’t work I’ll take it off

  2. I know what VCC wanted to achieve which was to have the music playing whilst reading the post but sadly it’s not possible on our blog ………….. if it works for you hopefully you get the idea πŸ™‚

  3. kelsey says:

    It works peaches and welcome to the writers association on AA VCC.

    I think one word describes tomorrow, APPREHENSION

  4. Really looking forward to the game tomorrow and hopeful to see some of our newbies given a run out.

    We’ll be meeting at The Arsenal Tavern for Peronis before the game so come and say hello if you’re around.

  5. kelsey – not ANTICIPATION???

  6. Fatgingergooner says:

    A lot of good questions there VCC, and I hope your right about Saturday.

    It’s a team who have only scored 2 goals in 3 league games, against a side who have yet score on 3 league games (I think!?), but I can see it being really open.

    I’m praying that Swansea play there normal passing game, because if that’s the case then I honestly believe it could be a cricket score.

    I also think that it’s going to be around Xmas time before we get a good idea of the answers to the questions you posted VCC, but here’s to Saturday, Gooner day, when we make Swansea wish thry had only been beat 8-2!!!

  7. If anyone knows how to use the music file as a link that can be opened in a new window so that it can be played while reading the post can they get in touch please

  8. evonne says:

    Wigan – I love the tune, The Gunner Day πŸ™‚

  9. 26may1989 says:

    Morning peeps. Thanks to VCC for setting the scene for a crucial Saturday for us. I really hope the rejuvenated squad go into it feeling they have something to prove and look to decimate Swansea. I remember saying something similar after the League Cup Final defeat, but this time surely!

    Swansea had the second best defensive record in the Championship last year, and have a quality keeper, but they still managed to lose 14 games last season, so we should go for it in a big way.

    And Rasp/peaches, I won’t be at the Tavern this weekend I’m afraid: I have to travel up to Cumbria tonight for a wedding tomorrow (why these people don’t check the fixture list before deciding trivial issues like wedding dates, is beyond me). I hope the very fine group who look to be turning out this weekend are there for either my first game of the season (Shrewsbury) or my first PL game (Bolton).

    PS: The link didn’t work for me, glad it did for kelsey!

  10. kelsey says:

    I said APPREHENSION not ANTICIPATION but let’s settle for both.

    In a perfect game:

    We don’t concede
    We start and finish with 11 men
    their keeper doesn’t have a blinder
    We score from outside the box
    RVP doesn’t take corners
    swansea think they are playing rigby and try and shoot over the bar πŸ˜‰

    but most of all we get back to winning ways.

  11. Hi GiE – sorry you’re not going to be around tomorrow, hope to see you soon. The track is Bill Withers Lovely Day, the words have been changed to give it an Gooner slant. Don’t know why it works for some and not others, Rasp can’t make it work either 😦

  12. 11 men finishing the game and three points would be marvelous πŸ˜†

  13. chas says:

    Cheers VCC, let’s hope it’s a gooner day.

    The link said “connecting” for several seconds, so I clicked play and it started. Second time in it began immediately.
    Also, if you get people to right click the link and select “Open link in a new tab” it plays while you read.

  14. chas says:

    sorry, that’s Chrome. Firefox and IE work slightly differently but with the same effect.

  15. chas – you’re so clever, I should have asked you before πŸ™‚

  16. Big Raddy says:

    VCC. Good stuff. Lots of questions to be answered by the team tomorrow

    Peaches it worked for me (music + reading). I opened another window to read the blog whilst starting the music file.

    Great idea that VCC. Where is the music from?

  17. Raddy – probably because you’ve got one of those clever mac things and they know how to do everything don’t they πŸ˜€

  18. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. A tool is only as good as the person who uses it πŸ™‚

  19. Red Arse says:

    Morning Folks, and especially our debutant VCC. πŸ™‚

    Good stuff VCC and questions that we are all hoping to get the right answers to.

    Has Peaches booked/ordered Mystic Peg to get her arse on here and give us the answers before the game? πŸ™‚

  20. Fatgingergooner says:

    Great idea VCC,

    Unfortunately, as a man, I am yet to master the art of reading and listening at the same time! Probably why the other half gets so upset when I spend all day on this blog….drowns out all the crap coming from her mouth!!!

  21. Big Raddy says:

    FGG πŸ˜€

  22. Big Raddy says:

    FGG πŸ˜€

  23. What could be better than a 3pm Saturday home kick-off, with a refreshed and revitalised team.

    The season starts NOW!!!!

    C’mon The Gunners.

    ps The music link worked for me. Great idea! Well done!!

  24. Red Arse says:

    I often play music on my laptop while working or surfing.

    Chas is really clever on this stuff, but for me it was an accident which was driving me mad, at first.
    While googling hither and thither, I accidentally started some bloody Ad on one of the sites, and altho’ I had long whizzed off somewhere else it kept playing. I had to retrace my steps to locate it and turn it off.

    In my case, being dopey can sometimes pay dividends! πŸ™‚

  25. Red Arse says:


    I had some great news last night, with unexpected consequences. πŸ™‚

    My dear friend, an ex-colleague, had said she would try and get me a ticket for tomorrow. Well, she managed spectacularly as she has wangled us into some promotional bash in a box.
    My link to the organizers was peripheral at best, but they know me and seem to think the risk is worth taking! Cheeky sods!
    Anyway, it’s champers, lunch — the works.

    The consequence? I am disappointed that I will be unable to meet my AA buddies for a pre-match drinkypoo. Bugger.

    Still, it’s a long season, and I won’t always be this lucky with tickets!!! πŸ™‚

  26. 26may1989 says:

    Just downloaded Media Player (didn’t have that on my Mac), and am now up to speed with the song. Great fun! Cheers VCC. “When I wake up in the morning light, got Arsenal in my head…..”

  27. chas says:

    RA, how the other half live, eh?

  28. Camberwell Gooner says:

    Nice debut post VCC. Pithy, to the point, lots of good questions and above all, a call to arms.

    We are the Arsenal. VCC is asking the questions, let’s hope Swansea City don’t know Jack sh*t.

    I’ll already got my coat…

  29. Camberwell Gooner says:

    ahem, “I’ve”.

  30. MickyDidIt89 says:

    My comment has just vanished.
    Was saying:
    Thanks for great post. Fantastic idea with the soundtrack. The possibilities are endless.

  31. kelsey says:

    Of the new kids on the block I only expect Arteta to start and at a push maybe Yossi.

  32. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I have not yet decided whether I’m going tomorrow, but if I do, which box are you in? It would be an excellent idea to grab a seat front row upper tier above your patio area πŸ™‚

  33. dandan says:

    We are having a real treat with new authors this week, great to see some new blood up front, making us think. Fine first go VCC hope you are wrong about AW though.

  34. evonne says:

    VCC and Wigan – I am slightly confused, sorry. The tune is a WiganGunner link and I thought he wrote the post – silly me. Sorry VCC, I like your 100 questions, sadly I have no answers to most. Other than ‘Yes’ it is going to be a Recovery Day for us. Like a Pheonix we will raise from the ashes….RA can I ask you to finish the melodramatic theme?

  35. evonne says:

    RA – are you really going tomorrow? Fantastic, I will have Peaches taking a few snapshots, smile ….

  36. 26may1989 says:

    Hi kelsey

    I would’ve thought, with Vermaelen out, Mertesacker will be in too (or would Wenger really field Djourou after Old Trafford??), but it does sound like Gibbs will play rather than Santos. And I’m sure we’ll stick our usual format rather than go 442 with Park (which would be my preference).

    Theo to score a hattrick!

  37. evonne says:

    26may – psssshhhh, hattrick my foot! We’d be lucky with one from him

    I cannot wait to see Young Park, he will be our scoring machine


    Good article VCC. Dont worry about Wenger leaving, we will be winning the league soon, and the last couple of months will be quickly forgotten.

    Apologies if this has already ben mentioned but the implementation of FFP rules seems to be gathering pace. Representitives of all the major clubs met with UEFA this week and agreed possible punishments for flouting the rules. Punishments include withholding prize money, transfer embargos, and expulsion from UEFA competition. UEFA should formalise the punishments within the next few weeks. They are also looking into the City sponshership deal, reported to be Β£30 million plus over a ten year period.

    By the way, Citys strategy is not to bypass the rules with non market vaule transactions, but rather to use its powerful financial and political influence to gain as many sponsers as posiible, all at market vaule. To emphasise this point City have more sponsers at the moment than any other club in the world.

  39. Geoff Strong says:

    Nice one VCC, good idea with the soundtrack.

    Lets hope the new guys hit the ground running, although I do not believe they were Arsene’s first choices, they do seem to fit our immediate short term needs for which imho they were bought.

    The months leading to the next transfer window will shape the future direction of our great club, starting on Gooner day.

  40. Geoff Strong says:


    Holly mentioned passing a hoarding with “Talbot” on it every time she went to the ground. Do you remember the days on Harris coaches doing much the same? There was a Radford at Rainham I recall.

  41. Geoff Strong says:

    Sorry Holly, he NOT she……..ooops

  42. VCC says:

    Geoff Strong 12:28 = So many happy memories following The Arsenal, and some not so funny.
    I remember having to jump over a bridge wall to avoid horses charging at us after the Fairs cup final in Belgium!!!! Lucky it was a low bridge, lol.

  43. Derek says:

    Hi, I just wanted to comment: I don’t usually repsond to these types of “discussions” but I thought it made a fantastic change to read positive comments from a large selection of gooners…..a lot of stuff that is STILL being written is so negative and boring, it does make you wonder why these people are still “supporting” the mighty Arsenal ???

    A great community you have here – really well done.

    p.s. Gooner Day link worked fine – good tune πŸ™‚

  44. VCC says:

    Hi Guys and Dolls. Many thanks for the warm welcoming posts. Can’t believe how nerve racking it was just hoping the music link would work. Peaches pulled it off ( I Love you lots Peaches. XXX)

    Chas 10:03 great idea, double window, listen while you read, reminds me of my childhood = Listen with Mother on the BBC, only a few on here will know what I mean.

    Big Raddy 10:09 If you send your email address via Peaches (that wonderful person) I will send you some more tracks. If you liked that one, there may be some treats for you.

    Thanks again.

  45. goonermichael says:

    I can’t listen to the music unless I make the whole salon listen too.

  46. dandan says:

    Which team boasts the longest current unbeaten run in the Premier League? Yes, Wigan. #latics

    That needs to end then.

  47. VCC says:

    goonermichael…go ahead play it, convert them all to the Mighty Reds.

  48. Double98 says:

    Watching Ireland – Russia i could’nt help but wish Wenger had bought Richard Dunne at some stage – he literally played them on his own. After 89 minutes of single handedly repelling them dunne ran up to trappatoni and snarled – “PUT ON MORE RUSSIANS” – trap looked around at the empty benches and a deserted stand and said almost apologetically “There ARE no more russians”.

    While Mertesacker isn’t that beast, i am looking forward to him winning most ball in the air and being tidy on the ground, picking up 5-7 goals per season
    much has been said of his lack of pace but i am thinking that pace in a centre back is a last resort. Most pacey players develop as attackers.

  49. Rasp says:

    Hi VCC,

    Thanks for an original and very fitting post for the build up to the game. One thing is for sure, the knives have been sharpened and the media are ready to write Arsenal’s obituary.

    As I pointed out last night, if we win the next 4 games we will be 2 points better off than at the same stage last season.


    Thanks for coming on – I hope you pop in to share your thoughts more in the future.

  50. kelsey says:

    having now listened to the song all the way through, it would fit in perfectly whilst making love to your girlfriend/wife providing they don’t support Spurs, and if one is inclined to turn the volume up, that they are not deaf.

    Rasp” 2 pints better off ” are you a milkman πŸ˜‰

  51. harry says:

    Nice one VCC, as you say many questions to answer, some will be answered on saturday I think…..

    I am feeling all the answers will be positive and then the media frenzied dagger squad can put their sharpen blades away for a while……

    Will be interesting to see the new boys, looks like we’ll see arteta for sure, Metz should get the nod with the others on the bench, santos might miss out reading between the wenger comments…….

    Sags Metz Kozzer Gibbs

    Frimpong Ramsey
    Walcott RVP Arshavin

    Ox, Ryo, Park, Yossi, Miquel,Coquelin and Fab……….

    Arsenal 6-1

  52. kelsey says:


    you never know with AW.I don’t thing he will play Metz as in his words he is a bit short ,considering he is 6″6″ not exactly the best phrase to use and he will keep him for the CL game in Germany.Personally i wouldn’t play Arshavin .

  53. VCC says:

    Harry whats up with Gervinho, have I missed something?

  54. kelsey says:

    Gervinho still has a one more game left on his ban.

  55. MickyDidIt89 says:

    A brief word on the Arteta signing as it is quiet. I was going to write a post but time has run out before the first game and the post bag is full, but I will not be silenced! Any team aspiring to play a 4-3-3 or a version of it requires a Wizard to make the system tick. How many chances has our AM created in the first three outings? Looking at the Transfer window and the options. Modric, Schneider and Gotze. Yip, around Β£40m a piece. Could Utd or Chelsea land one? No. City got a bargain with Na$ri although I don’t believe he is a Wizard. I do think we got ourselves a bargain in Arteta. He was not used by Everton as an AM in a 4-3-3, but I think he has all the attributes.

  56. Chu-yung Park is “not available” …Quoting Wenger at his press conference, Santos is “not ready”, oh! and Rosicky is “a doubt”, there’s a surprise.

  57. Gunnertastic says:

    Hi Chaps and ladies,

    Good discussion flowing by the way.Just wanted to share something which that Geordie Troll wrote for the BBC.Just because Wenger made signings near the deadline day the press are at him like monks in at and Adult cinema.This is why i have stopped watching Match of the day its a total waste of tax payers money having pundits who are footballically naive apart froM one or two.

    source BBC SPORT

    But Arteta and the others do not turn Arsenal back into title contenders.

    Continue reading the main story This is a crucial few weeks for Wenger and his team
    I still think they will find it difficult to get into a Champions League slot. In fact, I see them fighting it out for fifth and sixth place with Tottenham. If they are going to end their trophy drought, their only hopes are the FA Cup or Carling Cup.

  58. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooo its quiet.
    Back later.

  59. harry says:

    Kelsey, maybe, but if Metz doesnt play then we are looking at Djourou, who’s confidence is still in the old trafford dressing room……I know what your saying about AA23, but he’ll play him, personally i would go for AOC if i was picking, his confidence is sky high…….

    Think I would rather bed Metz in against Swansea rather than Dortmund…….

    VCC – Gervinho is still banned alongside Song………..and Jenks..

    Didnt know park was unavailable tho……..

    And Shearer is a pratt………

  60. Derek says:

    I agree – Alan Shearer has potential to occasionally say something close to intelligent, but I’m amazed that the “experts” are saying that tottenham are in the frame to finish in the top 6……now that is fantasy: whilst it may be true that we haven’t got the strongest squad of players and we have left our signings late, when I look at what they have done, we are still streets ahead of them……one lazy, greedy, tall bloke and an ageing midfield club hopping englishman, who like many others, made the huge error of signing for chelski instead of us !

  61. Gunnertastic,

    I’ve just read the Shearer piece and on the whole (which isn’t that much to be honest) there’s not a lot to argue with. I think we all realise that just buying a few players will not make a huge difference unless the team gell very quickly and build some confidence.

    A top four finish isn’t a given, it will need fighting for, but I think that with the reinforcements in place it is entirely achievable.

    I agree with you, Gunnertastic, MotD is as stale as last weeks fish wrapper, thewhole program is such a sorry mess, I stopped watching regularly last season.

  62. kelsey says:


    It all depends on how many injuries we sustain over the season.

    biggst joke for me this week is Robbie Savage on Strictly come Dancing. I have met quite a few footballers in my time and he is bottom f my list.

    harry, I agre with you about Metz just a hunch, as the prospect of Djourou and kos together is not inspiring

  63. gunnern5 says:

    Here is the BBC interview with Alan Shearer, personally I find it to be well balanced.


    It would be naive for people to think that Arsenal’s problems are over simply because manager Arsene Wenger finally brought in some new players just before the transfer window shut.

    Yes, Wenger has strengthened his squad, which he needed to do. All five players he signed shortly before the deadline have experience, which is what people were saying they were missing, particularly in defence.

    And in Mikel Arteta they have a real gem who gives them some real quality in midfield now that Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri have been sold.

    But Arteta and the others do not turn Arsenal back into title contenders.

    This is a crucial few weeks for Wenger and his team
    I still think they will find it difficult to get into a Champions League slot. In fact, I see them fighting it out for fifth and sixth place with Tottenham. If they are going to end their trophy drought, their only hopes are the FA Cup or Carling Cup.

    And the pressure is still on Wenger. This weekend is our first chance to see teams in the Premier League since their deadline-day business and all eyes will be on Emirates Stadium for the Gunners’ game with Swansea City on Saturday.

    Previously, Wenger came in for a lot of stick for not buying anyone, so now the players he has bought – Arteta, Per Mertesacker, Andre Santos, Yossi Benayoun and Park Chu-young – will come under scrutiny.

    I don’t think that will bother Wenger. Whether he gets praised or criticised doesn’t affect him. But this is still a crucial few weeks for him and his team.

    They have had a tough start, something they have not had to contend with too many times during Wenger’s reign, and it will be interesting to see how they cope.

    What won’t help is that Arsenal have a couple of important players injured in Jack Wilshere and, now, Thomas Vermaelen, when they need to bed these new players in too.

    But what they have to do most of all, beginning on Saturday, is start to get results. The sooner they do that the more confidence they will get and, with their new players, things will build from there.

    One team who did not make the late signings that some of their supporters wanted were my old side Newcastle.

    There was a lot of speculation over whether they would spend some of the Β£35m they got from Liverpool for Andy Carroll in January, but I was not surprised when the Magpies did not bring a striker in because of the number of forwards they already have on their books.

    Do I understand the fans’ frustrations? Well, they are not unhappy at the moment because, unlike Arsenal, they have made a good start. I just hope they can sustain it.

    Newcastle have got a tricky game at QPR on Monday, though, when they could come up against one of their former players in Joey Barton.

    Barton can be an important player for them and by adding him, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Luke Young to what they already had, I think they might have enough to stay up now. It is definitely a much tougher game for Newcastle than it would have been before those signings.

    It might be a difficult season for Everton but, in David Moyes, they have the right man in charge to see them through
    QPR did very well in the transfer market but the club which impressed me most on deadline day was Stoke.

    They spent more than Β£20m on Peter Crouch, Wilson Palacios and Cameron Jerome and their manager Tony Pulis just keeps adding quality to his squad. The Britannia Stadium was already a hard place to go before they brought those three guys in, and it will be even more difficult now.

    At the other end of the scale, Everton had to deal with losing Arteta. Along with Owen Hargreaves joining Manchester City, that was probably the most surprising move of deadline day.

    Everton are another club facing some discontent among the fans over the lack of investment in the side and Arteta will be a huge loss to them.

    I don’t know much about the two players the Toffees have brought in, Dutch midfielder Royston Drenthe and Argentine striker Denis Stracqualursi, but what I do know is that in David Moyes they have a fantastic manager.

    It might be a difficult season for Everton, but they have the right man in charge to see them through.

    Alan Shearer was talking to BBC Sport’s Chris Bevan

  64. goonermichael says:

    at least sqillaci is unavailble

  65. kelsey says:

    1442 FOOTBALL: Arsenal are hopeful South Korea captain Park Chu-young will receive his visa to be available for Saturday’s Premier League clash against Swansea. (BBC website)

  66. Kelsey, That clears up the reason Wenger said he wasn’t available, let’s hope the visa arrives in time.

    The bigger Savage joke is that some t**t in the Telegraph is calling him a “National Treasure”, Somebody called Mathew Norman, he appaently earns his money by writing restaurant reviews which says it all about his knowledge of football.

  67. goonermichael says:

    mathew norman is a spud that used to write for the evening standard. He doesn’t like the Arsenal. bitter little wanker

  68. Gunnertastic says:

    LG a very long time ago i would never miss any MOTD on Saturday and Sunday.But these days i would rather watch How Its Made on channel 154 on Saturday and Sundays MOTD the day has to be the worst football show i have ever watched hosted by that bi-looking guy i chose to iron my sons gear when its on these days.

    Anyone know of any goodfootball shows on Tv these days apart from Football first which i dont own these days thanks to the reccession and my hate for Rupert Murdog.

  69. kelsey says:

    Do you remember bernard joy who wrote for The Standard

  70. goonermichael says:

    The name rings a bell Kelsey but I don’t remember him

  71. gm – I’m gonna find you another word to use that starts with ‘w’ πŸ˜›

  72. Red Arse says:

    Peaches, πŸ™‚


  73. goonermichael says:

    Sorry Peaches. Did you see what I said about gary green yesterday?

  74. goonermichael says:

    wombat πŸ™‚

  75. Kelsey,

    If you remember Bernard Joy you must be almost as old as I am.

    The problem with today’s hacks is that they are only after headlines and have very litlle concern for the truth. They appaear to invent stories and thses are taken up by other papers and so become self- perpetuating myths (lies actually)

  76. Couple of typos there and no final full stop. sorry.

  77. goonermichael says:

    they report stories made up by kids who write blogs too LG

  78. Red Arse says:

    GM, πŸ™‚

    You could go with ‘wassock’ or ‘winker’ (tho’ that may be the feminine of ‘w*nker’). πŸ™‚

  79. goonermichael says:

    can I play with you winky wonky woo?

    Derek and Clive

  80. No gm, what about him? Now he really is a word beginning with ‘w’ πŸ˜›

  81. kelsey says:

    one of the greats at Arsenal who played in the thirties. and an excellent journalist .

    Not sure but I saw my first game at Highbury in 1958 as a wee kid.Two others on here that I know of have been supporting longer than myself and quite a few more are just a few years behind me..

    Not that many spurs fans that are internet users saw their double team and not many Internet users attended the 1966 World Cup Final..I saw both.Spurs had a great team in the early sixties and we were pretty shite,maybe that’s why I chose the underdog and never regretted it since.

  82. TotalArsenal says:

    VCC πŸ™‚ thanks for an entertaining and smooth post, as smooth as your tattooed belly πŸ˜›

    Let’s wait and see what happens. Being eight points behind the leaders might help us to play with less pressure, and yet will give us a clear task in hand: catching up on them. Both MU (defence/depth of squad) and MC (defence/manager) and Chelsea (age/hunger) all have their weaknesses, and I am not worried at all about Liverpool or Tottenham. We have a very good chance with this squad, but the proof is in the eating of the pudding. So let’s start tomorrow with a win and a clean sheet.

  83. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. Let us hope we do not have to wait over 50 years for another great Arsenal side after the Invincibles!!

    Today on the bike I overtook a deluded dribbling fool wearing a Spurs shirt, the first cock shirt I have seen in Denmark. Of course I gave him some abuse.

    (Crap English, I must get back to Blighty and hear the Queen’s English again)

  84. MickyDidIt89 says:

    When you say “age/hunger” about Chelsea, can we assume you are referring to Fat Frank specifically?
    Bugger, must go again.

  85. TotalArsenal says:

    Yep Micky: fat, old Frank especially, but also horny Johny, and the fading warrior Drogba.

  86. TotalArsenal says:

    Rasp, Peaches, have issued pictures of Yossi B just now. You might want to add one to the gallary above?!

    He looks great in our shirt – ready for battle πŸ˜‰

  87. oz gunner says:

    the scum have no chance of finishing that high up, they lost more players, didn’t bring any noteables in, and modric will sulk all year. My prediction is a miserable year for them with modric and bale fleeing at the end of it.

    As for predictions, i don’t think wegner will chuck big per in there (although starting against swansea at home will be an easy game to come into), i think he will stick with djourou and kozza.

    best keeper in the world

    i would love to see ox or ryo chucked in but i think we need to get stablised first. Any chance of someone coming in and slapping AA and djourou around a bit so they snap out of their funk! we need them firing with the rest…my vote is for frimpong to do it!

  88. oz gunner says:

    @ anyone in the know

    whats the story with sunu? i thought there were big wraps on the kid, but was it a case of too far down the pecking order so he wanted first team football. I know afobe has the biggest wraps, just seems a shame that we have all these young strikers coming through but they never take the next step (JET,sunu, simpson, vela, watt)

  89. oz gunner says:

    great debut VCC loved the song

  90. VCC says:

    TotalArsenal 4:34
    oz gunner 6:49

    Thank you.

  91. RockyLives says:

    Hello VCC
    My what a lot of questions you pose in your fine Post.
    My answers to them all are definitely on the positive side – I feel better about our squad than I have done for a long time. Sometimes it’s not great players you need as much as great competitors.
    As the disappointments of the last few seasons have shown, while we have had some great players, our competitiveness has been found wanting.

    The only question I’m uncertain about VCC is the one about AW and the Board. Kelsey’s making me nervous, because he has clearly been hearing some murmurings of discontent and he’s not a man to pass them on lightly.

    I suspect a good run in the league will make everyone settle down a bit, including AW and BoD.

  92. RockyLives says:

    Sorry to all my AA friends for my lack of sociability lately. I’ve been very busy at work and will be for a while longer, but will pop in as and when I can.

    And I do read all the posts. Some excellent debuts this week – let’s hope Arsenal’s debutants do as well as AA’s πŸ™‚

  93. kelsey says:

    In his pre-match press conference ahead of Saturday’s game against Swansea at Emirates Stadium, the Arsenal boss said: “Some of the transfers were linked with players going out like Santos and Park because I knew Bendtner and Traore would go out.

    “We were not close to signing anybody else. We had other targets but I was never close. Five transfers in the last four days, I must tell you we were busy enough!”
    Arsene Wenger
    Quotes of the week
    “Some of the other players were linked with the fact we have Wilshere out for a long time like Diaby. I knew as well that Vermaelen would have surgery the week before Manchester United so we needed to buy a centre-back.

    “The midfield was a bit short because we now go into a time where we have the Champions League and the Carling Cup and we need a big squad.


    “We were not close to signing anybody else. We had other targets but I was never close. Five transfers in the last four days, I must tell you we were busy enough!”

    Wenger also said: “I worked very hard after our last game to get the players in because I had to focus on something that was different.

    “I feel it has given the team a lift because everybody knew we were a bit short of quality and number-wise with the number of players we have lost at the beginning of the season.

    “Other players have left us too and we were too short to compete on all fronts.”

    Wenger is also confident Park will be available for Saturday’s clash against Swansea, as the South Korea captain awaits his visa in Paris.

    The Arsenal boss has confirmed the relevant paperwork had not yet been completed, but remained optimistic it would be in time for the striker to feature.

    Wenger said: “We have an uncertainty still with the visa of Park. He is in Paris at the moment, but we hope it will be sorted out tonight.

    “He has been away playing against Lebanon and Kuwait. From Kuwait he has flown directly to Paris and should come back tonight.”,195…165601,00.html

    so there you have it,does it all sound feasable ?

  94. Gooner in Exile says:

    Evening all, first opportunity to post and still on iPhone so haven’t listened to the song yet.

    Apart from being outraged for being confused with a lawyer by Peaches at 9:59am I’m glad to see a positive day on here. Nice debut VCC.

    No ones mentioned the news that Cook has had to leave City, proof that money can’t buy you class.

  95. London says:

    The idea that Park is sitting in Paris tonight and will pop over tomorrow for a game doesn’t sound feasible at all.

  96. London says:

    My punt at Wengers team tomorrow


    Sagna, Merte, Koscielny, Gibbs

    –Ramsey, Frimpong, Arteta

    —Walcott, RvP, Arshavin

    The reason I chose those two new players to start over the others is that Mertesacker and Arteta have got very important roles to play in the very near future where as the others can be eased in, probably making their debuts against Shrewsbury.

  97. VCC says:

    Rocky, there was plenty of speculation here in Blighty 4th Sept in the Red Top Sunday papers, about Wenger, and his time left at Arsenal.
    As always with the Red tops, do you believe them or not.
    I sincerely hope he stays for many more years, I cannot see us without him, he has worked wonders in North London.
    I hope you escaped the recent bad weather in Toronto. We got out of New York just in time.

  98. VCC says:

    Liking that line up London. With Wenger’s usual 70th minute changes when we are 3-0 up = Ox for Walcott- Park for Arshavin- Miguel for Mertesacker.

    All this AND Jack/Gervinho/Yossi to come.

  99. VCC says:

    oooops + Vermaelen

  100. harry says:

    Nice team London, same as mine at 1.27pm…..its seems the most likely to me……..

    Really want to see the ox come on tomorrow…..

    Ryo has a slight niggle and will probably not make the bench, so looking forward to seeing him, shrewsbury wont…….

    With Cook getting hook at city, hope they dont go for DD……….would be gutted he is a very good operator………

  101. VCC says:

    Agree with you Harry, I think we miss David Dean. He and Wenger worked well together.

  102. harry says:

    See wenger agrees with me………..

    Onwards and upwards……….lets get on the roll against the swans.

  103. SharkeySure says:

    Congrats on your maiden post VCC (proper name that).

    Re the songs, just mail the links into Peaches, oops I mean the Warrior Princess, as I’d also like a listen.

    I’ve absolutely no clue who might or might not start tomorrow.

    I really hope to see the AOC.

  104. VCC says:


  105. SharkeySure says:

    Cheers Vic

    “”But I’m a player that likes to come up with an end product – whether that’s a goal, an assist or helping the team to get good results.”” – AOC,19528,11095_7164783,00.html?

  106. SharkeySure says:

    I’ll be truly gutted if I don’t see ‘The Kid’ tomorrow.

    I’d also prefer top see Santos over Gibbs. Gibbs has always left me a little cold. I’m not even sure why.

    Perhaps its cos I watch him and feel he’s a bit lacklustre for an Arsenal full back. I never expect him to do anything outstanding or something to get me out of my seat.

    I can’t say the same about the last three or four who we’ve had at played at LB. Even Clichy had those amazing bursts of speed and tenacity…often in the 80th+ minute that made you go ‘Wow’.

  107. harry says:

    It will be gibbs SS, Santos on the bench……..

    I cannot wait to see Ox rip them up…….He will play more games than people thought and all those who moaned at wenger for wasting money will eat their words……..

  108. SharkeySure says:

    Agreed Harry, he’s got a touch of the Luis Figo’s about him. A good mix of pace, skill, tenacity and brain matter !!

    That cameo for the U21’s the other night..Wow !! Four assists in under 45mins.

  109. SharkeySure says:

    Right that’s the Ox into my fantasy team. Might also make him skipper in the morning !!!

    Night all (Harry?)

    I’m hopefully at the Tavern for 1.30 tomorrow

  110. harry says:

    see you tomorrow………

    The thing that Ox has got is power and body strength, with a tenacious core stability………he reminds me of Rooney in lots of ways, but i think he has more potential…….we have a hell of a player on our hands……..

  111. Gooner in Exile says:

    My FF team has had miserable start, may have to tinker in the morning.

    AA has been quieter these last couple of days. Calm before the storm.

    Here’s to a goal bonanza …. but at the moment a 2-0 win to keep the pack from it’s prey will suffice.

  112. So GiE, are you coming or not! I’m sure I didn’t mix you up with our eminent lawyer chap but you did say yesterday that you weren’t coming to this game didn’t you?

    Have you heard the song yet?

  113. Rasp says:

    I’ve followed orders and put the Benayoun widget up πŸ˜†

  114. Gooner in Exile says:

    No I’m not there Peaches 😦 I thought you were replying to 26’s post this morning.

    And still haven’t heard the song, will turn a real computer on in the morning and listen

  115. oz gunner says:

    so thats no1 in knowing about sunu?

    Ox is definently going to cause teams problems this season. Funny how some arsenal fans were whinging having spent that much on a player from league 1, yet when the under 21 game had finished they changed their tune quick smart. The kid is going to be world class

  116. MickyDidIt89 says:

    One mighty cheesed off Gunner sitting here. Late night epipheny and I decided to go to the game. Up at six and straight onto AFC Exchange. No tickets!! At eight last night there were hundreds.
    Is it usual to shut down exchange on match day itself?

  117. evonne says:

    Morning Micky – oh dear, that is pants! I used to be a member of this independent ticket exchange, guy called Paul Metze was running the show. Let me see if I can find his email

  118. evonne says:

    Micky – there you are Paul Matz from AISA
    Tel: 07706 885078
    Role: Membership Secretary

    He is a nice guy, bit grumpy, but always has tickets. Leaves very close to the stadium. They might try to get you join the AISA for a small fee. I was a member for many years and had lots of tickets from them

  119. Big Raddy says:

    Sad for you Micky.

    Sadder for me. Mrs Raddy is forcing me to cycle 75 kms to her brother’s new summer house for the weekend. He has no electricity 😦

  120. Gooner in Exile says:

    Micky Exchange shuts at about 8/9 the night before game I believe. 😦

    Have a fantastic day AAers who are going.

    Micky no excuses now you’ll have to get Tickets for Bolton.

  121. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Bolton is already in the bag, but thanks for the advice on Exchange.
    Thanks to you too. Trouble is I have a nine hour round trip, so to make it worthwhile I need to leave the house by 7:30 to catch the 9:05 train. Are AISA organizing the Black Scarf Brigade?

  122. evonne says:

    BR and GiE – under the thumb Gunners, dear dear dear πŸ™‚ Big lads like you two, dear dear dear πŸ™‚

    Clever lads, you know what’s good for you, keeping your wife happy

  123. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I think you said the inlaw house was by the sea. We in the West Country have the tail end of Hurricane Suzi (or whoever it is this time) en route. There is nothing I like more than being by the Atlantic in a storm.
    Hurricane Red and White to batter Swansea today I reckon. 5-0.

  124. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. It is on the Coast – hope the wind is behind me!

    Evonne. a man has to choose his battles πŸ™‚

  125. kelsey says:

    Morning all.
    having read the transcript from Wenger’s interview yesterday i am very worried.

    i think be he right or wrong Wenger’s days are numbered.he can’t give players promises yer after year about strengthening the team and in fact one could argue this is the weakest squad we now have for about 5 years.
    Take away Dein and add Kroenke into the equation and you have a marriage made in hell.
    it’s obvious Wenger has lost control despite earning 6 million a could read he tried to sign exceptional players on big wages and just missed out or he never had the intention of doing that and together with restrictions from kroenke and wenger’s eye to buy a bargain we finished up panicking.
    Whatever happens this year to really complete we need two class players for every position.
    Almunia.Squillacci,denilson and Bendtner should have all been sold even at a loss in some cases,to reduce the wages that they are on.At the end of the season the same thing will happen with some of the older player.the balance is not right and the last five years of project youth has misfired,kroenke has now taken control and Wenger doesn’t like not to have full control.
    The game today means nothing except hopefully 3 points We have to hope the new signings are given an immediate chance and though no easy task with so many new players we need to get a resemblance of a good season.Personally i doubt it will happen and their will be a boardroom shuffle and Wenger will be gone.
    Finally why was wenger conveniently out of the country on the last day of the transfer day when we heard the arteta deal was on off on off on and yossi only signed because bellamy went to that careful planning from a big club ?

    I know 80% of you will disagree with me but i believe there will be much more to come (no dandan i didn’t get out of the wrong side of the bed
    i am being realistic this could be a pivotal season for the club for many reasons

  126. kelsey says:

    The dempsey propsed transfer told me a lot about the policy now at the club. he is the sort of player that falls between exceportionnaly good and just a minimum use squad player.You can’t have a succesful club if you don’t bring in quality and don’t pay the going rate. Forget city and Chelsea we could have tried harder a lot earlier to get some more players and also offload the players who have been at the club for years on big wages but because of reoccuring injuries have played a third of the actual time.That amounts to big bucks which by the strategy adopted by the board we can ill afford.

  127. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    New post ……….

  128. kelsey says:

    If you say new post now Rasp, i will throttle you πŸ™‚

  129. kelsey says:

    I knew you would do that, look at the timing of our two comments .AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  130. Big Raddy says:

    kelsey. I agree with most of your first comment and entirely with your second.

    Where we differ is in the opinion that AW is under pressure or has lost control. His journey to Switzerland was proof of the change in working method at AFC. We have called for some weight to be taken off AW’s shoulders and it clearly has been.

    Taking Benayoun could be considered taking a punt – decent adaptable player on offer as cover, why not? I don’t see this as panic buying. And he is on loan.

  131. Rasp says:

    Sorry kelsey,

    It was not intentional, we always publish at 9:30. Please copy your comments onto today’s post – its all very interesting stuff

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