Should Cesc Have Been Sent Off Against Manchester City?

It was disappointing to see Cesc Fabregas apparently making the ‘give him a card’ gesture to Mark Clattenburg on Sunday.

Only four minutes into the game against the Mancunian lottery winners Boyata was beaten to the ball by Chamakh, who would have been clean through on goal, but the young central defender lunged in recklessley and brought down our Number 29. It was as bang-on a red card as you’ll ever see for denying a goal scoring opportunity.

I have no doubt that Mark Clattenburg made up his mind immediately to show Boyata a red card. So, in the seconds before the red was produced, to see our captain shaking his hand at the ref in what seemed a card-wielding gesture was a real shame.

As an offence it’s not in the same category as studs-up tackles or flying elbows, but it’s still one of those things you don’t like to see in the game because it shows a lack of respect for the referee. And yes, I know that we in the stands can spend many a happy half hour disrespecting referees, but for the players it’s different.

Some years ago the FA’s refereeing panel deemed the ‘give him a card’ gesture to be an unsporting action that could merit a yellow card at the discretion of the ref.

So… if Cesc had been booked for that gesture – as he might well have been – he would have been off before half time after receiving what would have been a second yellow for a foul on De Jong and who knows how the game might have gone then?

This has certainly been a complaint made by many Citeh supporters and, even if you leave aside the ‘what ifs’ (like, if he had picked up a yellow for the card gesture he might have been more careful about not incurring a second yellow and so would not have fouled De Jong) they may have a point.

Having looked back on the incident I think Fabregas was lucky that Clattenburg had his back to him when he made the gesture.

“So what?” you might reasonably ask. We deservedly won the game, Cesc didn’t get sent off and worrying about things that didn’t happen is a sure step on the road to madness.

Well, the reason I raise it is that it’s not the first time that our captain has shown what opposition supporters would describe as a ‘nasty side’ to his character.

His rap sheet is not long, but it does have some highlights:

  • Throwing pizza at the purple-faced Gorbalian in the dressing room at Old Toilet.
  • Telling Mark Hughes to shut the f**k up and asking him what he’s ever won.
  • Throttling Tim Cahill at Goodison Park (and earning a red card for his trouble).
  • Allegedly spitting at Michael Ballack during a European game (denied by Fabregas and, later, by the German FA who said Cesc had merely been shouting insults. Spitting vitriol, as opposed to spitting, er, spit).

And most heinous of all…

  • Wearing a puffer jacket onto the pitch at the end of a home game against Hull.

Of the above, I happen to approve of the pizza-throwing, Cahill-throttling, Ballack-barracking and Phil Brown-baiting (all actions that show our Number 4 has bottle and passion).

But I’m less impressed by a player in his early 20s insulting a manager with an outstanding playing record like Mark Hughes. That’s just disrespectful and. To his credit, Cesc later apologized to Hughes for that one.

Making the card-waving gesture in Sunday’s game is a similar sort of offence – not terrible, just unworthy of our captain.

One of the best things about supporting Arsenal is that we know we have the classiest team, manager, supporters and club in Britain.

Compare Arsenal’s honourable and private dealings in the transfer market with those of our rivals.

Compare Arsene Wenger’s intelligence and restraint with the frothing fury of Ferguson or the crass stupidity of Allardyce.

Compare the way we play the beautiful game with the gridiron approach of Chelsea and Man City.

Compare Cesc’s dignified handling of Barcelona’s pursuit this summer with the money-grabbing, media-spinning tawdriness of Wazza Rooney’s campaign for a bigger payday.

So it’s disappointing when anyone associated with Arsenal (especially our captain) occasionally behaves in a less classy way.

I don’t want to go overboard about this but, as he enters what could turn out to be a very significant period of his Arsenal career, I would like Cesc to remember who he is and what he represents. He does not need to resort to unsporting behaviour – he has all the power and eloquence he’ll ever need packed into those two wonderful feet and that one amazing brain.


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  1. Morning all

    I have to weigh-in here and say I totally agree that Cesc showing the card gesture on Sunday did make me feel queasy. Not a fitting act for our captain – I hope he got told off for it.

    But I do love all his other misdemeanors, especially the ‘wearing the hoodie on the pitch’ that so wound up The Orange One 😉

    Great post Rocky 🙂

  2. charybdis1966 says:

    RLIves – while it was a little disappointing to see the card waving gesture from Francesc I believe he had been goaded and harangued both verbally and physically by the brutes in the Shitty midfield(acting on instruction to take him out of the game as he makes us tick when we play) to such an extent that he had been wound up enough to do something he would not normally do.
    It does provide the opposition another stick to beat us with, but in the final analysis I’m quite happy for him to show an “Edge” – a streak of nastiness if you will to prove that we are no longer the choir boy pushovers of recent seasons.
    My favourite player of all time, DB10, had an edge to him and without that her wouldn’t have been the player he was.
    More power to you Cesc – we can’t win whether we are too nice or too nasty, everyone else will always hate so I say f**k em.
    In the immortal words of Hetfield/Ulrich – “f**k ‘em all and f**king no regrets!”

    (PS – Peachy – surely you mean “The orange one”?)

  3. adam says:

    I didn’t like the card waving gesture either. Let’s hope we don’t see it again but let’s not lose any sleep over it either.

  4. Jimi says:

    I can’t believe your making an issue of Cesc…… did you see the way De Jong and Vincent Kompany slammed and clattered Arsenal players at every opportunity?
    After the red of Boyata they seemed to be able get away with murder, as if the ref couldn’t give out any more cards to City. In fact he tried to level it up by giving yellows to half the Arsenal midfield for silly reasons. How those two city players came away without any yellow or red cards I have no idea. Even after giving away the penalty…. no card..???

    Perhaps this was the result of Cesc waving an imaginary card. The ref decided that he would make the decisions, not Cesc. Who knows. I’m still baffled.

  5. Red Arse says:


    I chuckled at the humour in your piece and the subject matter was not something that would have occurred to me. 🙂

    But mostly I love the flowing natural rhythm of your prose. Excellent!

  6. Arse&Nose© says:

    Mark Hughes is a c**t.

  7. bops says:

    yah.. think we appealed too much for that.. hope AW tells the players about this.

  8. Red Arse says:


    I agree with your sentiments. Puzzled by the no card comment after they gave away a penalty. Boyatta was sent off, or were you referring to something else?

  9. Red Arse says:


    I think the yellow card for waving imaginary yellow cards has, like so many “initiatives” from FIFA, long bitten the dust. Most teams do it, it seems to me.

    In Cesc’s case, I think he had picked his nose and was trying to flick it off.

  10. Asmo says:

    What’s the difference between waving an imaginary red and asking for one? I’m sure the English lads don’t do the latter.

  11. tomsmith says:

    I think the anti-arsenal media are doing enough to expose arsenal’s players for every timy offence – without you wading in for good measure.

    Mark Hughes is a wanker. where’s your loyalty?

  12. Big Raddy says:

    Fine post RL.

    I think Clattenburg had a brilliant game. His decision to play on for the third goal was top class refereeing.

    As to Cesc, there can be no argument that he was in the wrong to brandish imaginary cards. I hate it when opposition teams do it to us, and I see no reason to think that it is acceptable when Cesc does the same.

    Hope AW has a word with him because it is not the Arsenal way

  13. 26may1989 says:

    We all say waving the imaginary card is a terrible thing, but is it really? Why shouldn’t players on one side want their opponents to be carded? Reds reduce the numbers of opponents and yellows force them to play in a more shackled way, and I am sick and tired of seeing our players get kicked to shit week in, week out, only for referees to let those mischievous little charlies off with a finger-wagging.

    Diving and faking to get other players punished (like Luis Suarez getting the South Africa keeper sent off with a brilliantly timed but utterly cynical dive) is out of order and should be punished, but I don’t I agree any more that we, the sweet innocents playing beautiful tippy-tappy football, should just roll over and accept being kicked. The likes of de Jong, Kompany (and Kevin Davies, Gary Neville, Karl Henry etc etc) should get the punishment they deserve, and if it occasionally takes a bit of lobbying for referees to do what they should do anyway, so be it.

  14. Big Raddy says:


    Hughes may well be an onanist but Cesc demeans himself by being so public in expressing his opinion. It just feeds the Anti-Arsenal machine.

    I agree with Rocky

  15. Jimi says:

    Red Arse, yep I meant that I couldn’t believe Kompany didn’t receive a card when he gave away the penalty, if its that much of a cock up by the defender then its gotta be a yellow, at least. I don’t really care because Arsenal triumphed in the end but had the goals not come I’d have been fuming about the way City’s bully boys kept getting away with thumping challenges without even getting an earful from the ref. Cesc got battered many many times by De Jong. Nasty moves were definitely deliberate just to take him out of the game. In defense of Cesc I think he wanted to have them off so that he made it through the game intact.

  16. Barndoor Bendtner says:

    I dont like the card waving at all, and it just gives ammo to the anti-gooners. No way is it a sending off offence, but he should have got a warning about it.
    On the flip side, as he was capo I think he has the right to approach the ref and respectfully express his opinion that it was a goal scoring opportunity. But flapping the card is beneath our Fab.

  17. Red Arse says:

    Hi Big Raddy

    Your point about Clattenburg is spot on.

    I have reffed only at schoolboy level but giving correct decisions when over excited, immensely biased parents are screaming obscenities on the touch line is not a pleasant experience. Let alone what it teaches their kids is acceptable.

    To send a Citeh player off at the Wastelands would not have been easy.

    Contrast that with the refereeing at Stoke, where everyone could see that Neville should have got at least a second yellow or a straight red, but got nothing other than a free kick awarded against him.

    My least favourite ex-referee, Graham Poll, pointed this discrepancy out, and castigated the referee concerned because he had not got the bottle to do the right thing.

    Extraordinarily, he then went on to admit that he had “managed” Manu players and gave an example.

    He said everyone in football was aware that Ronaldo went down at the slightest touch, where other players would not. Rather than penalise him for diving, he awarded free kicks to Ronaldo but did not give a yellow card to the opposition player involved.

    Now safely retired, he criticises a current ref for not having bottle, then admits he cheated, (sorry “managed”) Manu players because of the volatile crowds. Que?

  18. charybdis1966 says:

    The thing is Radders, the media will hate us whether we are good boys or not, we might as well get as much advantage as other teams do by pushing the rules to the acceptable limit everyone else does.
    The ”Arsenal way” is not respected by opposition fans or the media so I say sod ’em.
    The only thing the oppo respects is winning and I think we sacrifice that too much in order to top the fair play league.

  19. Red Arse says:

    I have got to come out and nail my thought to the mast. (mixed metaphors?)

    Jimi is correct to say Cesc was being bashed left right and centre, non stop, by the Citeh hard men, from the first whistle.

    If the ref had jumped on them harder at the time, or at least have whispered in their ears, Cesc would not have needed to do the “imaginery”, if he indeed did do so, and I am not convinced he did.

    In similar circumstances, especially if I had been hurt, I might have retaliated in a much more graphic and physical way.

  20. Fab4 says:

    As I remember it, Cesc did not tell Mark Hughes to shut the f**k up and asking him what he’s ever won.
    He told Hughes after an FA Cup tie with Blackburn (0-0), that the type of football Blackburn had played was a disgrace and that for a former Barcelona player to be telling his team to play that way was insulting.

  21. charybdis1966 says:

    Anyone see the bigging up of JET on Looks like he’ll be involved tomorrow then.

  22. JSP says:

    Sorry to say it but yes he should have walked too. It’s the lowest of the low thing to do. Calls himself a professional.
    I’m an Arsenal fan but and all this shows to me is that the arrogant little p***k is getting himself ready for a move back to that disgrace of a team in Spain. Can’t wait to see the back of him. Take the captaincy away and let him rot on the bench. Nasri is far superior anyway, and with Wiltshire and Ramsey we don’t need him anyway

  23. Rasp says:


    Fine post rocky. I agree that the imaginary card waving was a bit undignified. If I were a ref, I’d probably be less likely to issue the red if an opposition player was in my face trying to make my decisions for me.

  24. Rasp says:

    Hi JSP,

    Cesc is the best player in the Premiership. He is a born winner. I’d interpret it the other way, he was so keen to gain any kind of advantage for the team that he got carried away. Those weren’t the actions of a player who doesn’t care – rather one who cares too much.

  25. tbwttihs14 says:

    I can’t quite understand the concern people seem to have for making sure we dont fuel anti Arsenal sentiment. What does it matter? There is still a massive anti foreign, anti Wenger sentiment in this country so why should we be concerned whether people like us or not? I think a lot of people admire our style of play so that’s that. If we add a bit of a bad loser mentality to the side we might get the edge that wins us trophies. Sadly I believe the old adage that nice guys finish last, in Football anyway.

    Personally I think it’s great that Cesc gets a bit riled up sometimes. It shows he’s a winner. I see no real problem with the card gesture either. If a ref is wavered by a player demanding a red card he’s not fit to ref. All players try to influence the ref into making decision so why is this gesture any different?

    As for the Mark Hughes thing, or the Phil Brown incident, I thought it was brilliant. Why should he tread on egg shells around former players? Hughes was a good player but so what, Cesc is a better player already, why shouldn’t he stand toe to toe and tell Hughes what he thinks of him? I think Footballers should respect eachother but that doesn’t mean you need to stand back and let them say what they like about you or your team mates.

    Frankly, as long as we don’t resort to violent tackling or long ball Football I will always be on our players side.

  26. tbwttihs14 says:


    Forgive me for not taking your comments seriously but I don’t think you can call yourself a fan if you call our captain a “p***k”.

    And, it’s Wilshere, not Wiltshire.

  27. charybdis1966 says:

    tbw14 – I pretty much agree with your take on things.
    Our last title winning side had an “edge” to it – flair and steel is what wins you things.
    Trying to be all things to all people is as futile as it is impossible.

  28. tbwttihs14 says:

    By the way, I’m usually on here as Smith14 but it’s logged me in using my username for some reason?

  29. Rasp says:

    Hi tbwttihs14,

    Great comment. All the greatest players have ‘edge’. I’m sure Cesc knew what he was doing when he spat his gum out in the general direction of Phil Brown. Cesc is systematically targetted by teams and players and must wake up with sore shins after every game. I think he has his own way of getting back – often when he is talking you can see he is supressing a grin, I loved the ‘we would have beaten them if they had 15 men’ comment – top drawer.

  30. Gunner38 says:

    The culture of Spanish players is to have that sort of reaction. What is more disappointing is that some Arsenal ‘supporters’ believe he should have been dismissed. If that happened every time a foreign star gestured in the EPL, you would end up with 9 a-side! Let’s celebrate as true fans, and bask in the joy of a well deserved win against a team who have spent more in 2 years than we have in our history. Plus, if the boot was on the other foot, do you not think that Yaya would have gestured? Sour grapes, negative thoughts and crap press coverage are food and drink to Arsenal now. We outclassed Citeh and will do the same to many others. Arsenal have finally come of age. Sadly, there are some that cannot handle that fact.

  31. kelsey says:


    a fine post.

    With regards to Clattenberg i agree he had a fine game, and there is a very good article by a refere in belgium who writes for Untold Arsenal.
    I will forward the link.

  32. tbwttihs14 says:


    Totally agree, I love comments like that. It’s a bit of arrogance that many great players had. Cesc isn’t dirty and to my memory he rarely dives. He is committed and he believes in our style of play to the point that it upsets him that he isn’t always allowed to do it. As a result he gets wound up and does what he can to fight his corner.

    Henry did it and Bergkamp did it. We should be proud of him.

  33. kelsey says:

    Sorry,I can’t get on the site at the moment but this guy rated Clattenberg 13 out of 14 on the game.

    off to play for Malaga against Portugal now, see you in a couple of days 🙂

  34. Steve says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Players in the modern game make all sorts of jestures – it’s a form of expression. Besides Fabrigas I think I saw ten other Arsenal players politely suggesting to the referee that he should apply the letter of the law and send Boyata off- why else did they surround him after the incident ? Are you asking for the whole Arsenal team to be booked ? And what about the ‘sporting’ behaviour of the Man City team, who spent the next 80 minutes trying to get Arsenal players dismissed ?

    I’m old enough to remember Hughes as a spiteful overated player and it’s no surprise to me that he has become a spiteful overated manager.

  35. Rasp says:

    Hi Steve,

    Sparky is bottom of my Xmas card list too – specially since he couldn’t manage to take any points off totnum at home. I’m quite pleased he dug his heels in over Schwarzer, I don’t think we need him.

    I don’t think rocky was saying he thought Cesc should have been sent off but just highlighting some behaviour that could have ended up that way.

    As chary says, we can’t win with the press. We even got criticised for applauding Eduardo’s goal.

  36. 26may1989 says:

    Rasp, we got criticised for cheering Eduardo’s goal, seriously?!

  37. Carlito11 says:

    My heart (involuntarily) sank when I saw Cesc making the gesture at Clattenburg- really glad you’ve brought it up RL. I think you have a good point 26May, in that the desire to achieve a tactical advantage- especially a justifiable one as on sunday. However, I agree with BarndoorBentner (great name!) that it gives the haters more ammunition and we’re all pretty proud of being different from the Chav scum and their ways. As was suggested by someone else- have a word with the ref if need be but keep a lid on the gestures!

  38. Rasp says:

    Hi 26m,

    Yes, amongst many, that plank Durham who obviously just whores himself to get calls/texts had a debate all afternoon last week saying that it was wrong of Arsenal fans to cheer Dudu.

  39. Smith14 says:

    I think it’s just worth adding that Clattenberg, although he refereed the game quite well in general, invited players to run towards him and make their case as he took so long to make a decision, it was like he wanted to make a bigger deal out of the red card than he had to. It was an obvious red so why didn’t he show it immediately rather than waiting what felt like an eternity?

    I suppose you could even argue that the likes of Kompany were more in the wrong for arguing that Boyate shouldn’t be sent off than Cesc was for demanding appropriate action. Both sides tried influence the ref. It happens.

  40. Carlito11 says:

    26May1989 here’s the link to the horrible talksport blog criticising us for applauding Eduardo… Adrian Durham ain’t much of a human being on this showing…

  41. Smith14 says:

    Adrian Durham is a clown. Even when he says something that might be remotely interesting you quickly remember that there is no continuity to what he says, he’s just saying whatever he thinks will get a reaction and get angry white van men ringing in.

    He’s not worth getting angry about.

  42. clockendrider says:

    W=holeheartedly agree with Tomsmith at 10 am. Quite why an Arsenal fans blog needs to give even more more oxygten to nonsense like this is beyond me. I guess the relentless anti-Arsenal media ons;lushgt has got to you. This is an utter non-story. Let’s not collude with partial media halfwits to make it one.

  43. Carlito11 says:

    Fairplay Smith14- I never listen to talksport (or hardly any radio for that matter) and am only now starting to appreciate that they’ll go for a provocative line over a thoughtful one every time! As you say- not worth getting worked up about.
    clockendrider- I felt disappointed when he did it and many of the others commenting here have said the same- that makes it worth voicing doesn’t it?

  44. Red Arse says:

    I rarely listen to Talksport. They have so many cretins as presenters, but to be even handed, Durham’s producer, who happens to be an Arsenal season ticket holder, went into print (London Evening News) to say he was disappointed with him and that he should not have vented such a nonsensical comment.

    He maintained he had told Durham just that after the show!

  45. Red Arse says:

    Rocky, rightly, as one small part of an excellent article mentioned the alleged Cesc gesture.

    The whole point of any blog is to discuss any matter relevant to Arsenal and to suggest this should not be mentioned smacks of censorship.

    I have no problem, personally, with what Cesc did (or did not do). When you compare Cesc’s actions with that of Ferguson, bawling in the face of the referee at Stoke, I think we need to have some perspective.

    After all, SIR Alex is a genius, a wonderful man manager and a decent bloke with impeccable manners! Yeah, right!!

  46. rockylives says:

    Thanks for the responses everyone. As I said it the piece, I don’t want to go overboard about the gesture – it’s just that Cesc has set very high standards for himself as a player, a professional and a human being.
    In fact adam @9.47 summed up in a couple of lines exactly what I was trying to say (a lesson to be more succinct in future!).

    On a couple of specific points:
    I don’t buy the line that Cesc was frustrated into making the gesture because of the repeated fouling against him. Yes, he was repeatedly fouled and several Citeh players were lucky to still be on the pitch at the end, but the card-waving gesture came after FOUR minutes.

    @clockendrider – I couldn’t give a flying fandoogle about the rest of the media – I’m just expressing my opinion about the standards that I would like to see maintained at my club. If you think the answer to the media bias against us is to never criticise ourselves or examine our own behaviour then that’s fine. Personally I think that’s a short-sighted attitude which leads to complacency.

  47. rockylives says:

    Thanks Redders. I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with me for singling out this bit of minor bad behaviour on what was an excellent day for us. Overall Cesc was fantastic – he played brilliantly and had the demeanour of a real captain and winner. You could argue that part of the winning mentality is to sometimes go a bit far, and that’s certainly a price I would be prepared to pay for success.

  48. Ozzy says:

    Nice article, well written.

  49. rockylives says:

    Thanks Ozzy. What do you think of the issue?

  50. Big Raddy says:

    Asking Cesc to maintain the high standards of our club and at the same time pointing out that under the letter of the law he should have been booked is hardly Anti-Arsenal.

    I rarely denigrate our bloggers, but do they imagine that we don’t love our club? It takes much free time and dedication to the Arsenal to write a post, and more to run a site.

    Maybe I am a bit grumpy today but to suggest that any Arsenal blogsite is assists the anti-AFC brigade is errant nonsense.

  51. Rasp says:

    Hi Raddy,

    I would also make the point to those that are critical of any post we publish, that we give them the opportunity to present the opposing view without fear of moderation, censorship and abuse.

  52. Rasp says:

    I have unashamedly plagiarised these figures re Chamakh from LG (thanks Pedro) as they show how really important he has been to us this season – it’s not all about the goals he scores……

    Chamakh Factfile:

    * 12 games
    * 6 goals
    * 4 assists
    * 5 penalties won
    * 4 red cards given for fouls against him

    That means that he has directly been responsible for 15 goals (actually less because we missed some pens) and reduced the opposition to 10 men in one third of the games we’ve played.

  53. rockylives says:

    Chamakh is a class act. It’s the natural way of things that he won’t keep winning pens at this rate, but I do think he’ll keep on scoring. His movement and instincts are excellent and he’s an unselfish team player.

  54. Rasp says:

    I agree rocky. The pens show what a threat he poses to opposition defences by his tireless running and creating space for others. He wouldn’t be winning the pens if he hadn’t got into dangerous positions in the box. So far we haven’t seen him curl one into the top corner from outside the box and I’m not sure that is his forté, but it would be great if he could.

  55. rockylives says:

    Rasp, take a look at this compilation:

    He’s awesome in the air and in the penalty area, but his one effort from outside the box is reminiscent of his attempt in the Citeh game. I think you’re right – it’s not his forte.

  56. SharkeySure says:

    Fantastic post Rocky…..

    can only echon Red’s thought abbout how eastyy o theyeye your style is.

    I’m also pleased to see an AA post getting the volume of exposure and comments it deserves.

    Neamanns cracking post one weekend had only 15 comments !!!

  57. Red Arse says:

    I suspect the “assists” mentioned above, would include his headed efforts, but I think the mere threat of his aerial prowess worries opposition defences too, but is not statistically reportable, so to speak.

    My mate BR has a serious point, above, and surprise, surprise, I totally agree with him. Although, I only noticed a couple of dissenting blogs.

    Dissenting blogs/posts/comments (?) are O.K. in themselves, it’s unfortunate they are usually couched in an implicitly or explicitly critical fashion, which is a pity.

    You could not get more pro-Arsenal supporters than the vast majority who chat on this site!

  58. rockylives says:

    Thanks Sharkey. The quality of writing on this site is always first class and it’s a privilege to have my ramblings on here in such good company.
    Like you, I really want people to keep coming to the site. We’ll never attract the illiterate insult brigade (thank God) but as time goes on more and more people will come on here for a good read and an even better discussion.

  59. Red Arse says:


    I was beginning to preen after reading that “people will come on here for a good red and an even better discussion”.

    Needless to say, I need to increase the magnification of my screen or go to the optician, as I belatedly realised the word was “read”. 🙂

  60. Big Raddy says:

    Perhaps I wrote the above in anticipation of a flurry of abuse I expect to receive when I write a post I have in mind 🙂

    As I said, maybe I am grumpy, though I agree with Rasp’s point that opposing viewpoints are welcome on the site, but a suggestion of Anti-Arsenalism by anyone get’s my goat …..

  61. Big Raddy says:

    I love a good red,

  62. rockylives says:

    I like the way that whenever a visitor comes on here to slag off the post (usually with a dollop of abuse) we always invite them to make their point more fully but without the insults. Classy site.

    Redders: “I was beginning to preen after reading that “people will come on here for a good red” – That too! 🙂

  63. rockylives says:

    Redders, are you a full bodied number, or a fruity little fellow?

  64. Red Arse says:

    Sshh, Rocky,

    Don’t tell anyone, but I was once described by my father as “a gangly, 15 stone poppy”. 🙂

    That was a long time ago, and the poppy reference was about my hair which I have never felt the need to groom!

    Sadly, I would have to admit the years of my louche youth have gone and although still no frequenter of barber shops, I would offer the soubriquet “Blushing Red” having “a full bodied mellowness, an unknown depth, with an uncertain bouquet of poppyseed”. 🙂

    How about you Rocky? 🙂

  65. RockyLives says:

    Pint of stout.

  66. RockyLives says:

    Or perhaps an oak aged burgundy. Slightly corked.

  67. Red Arse says:

    Slightly corked? Yeuk!

    Sounds just like my humour! 🙂

  68. SharkeySure says:

    I saw those stats over there as well Rasp….pretty fantastic.

    You occasionally find a nugget like that over there just due to the sheer volume. Other than that its just pretty funny reading some of the stuff thats written over there.

  69. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Evening all,
    Rocky, great post. Original stuff for discussion. Thank you.
    Naturally I agree that the “most heinous of all…” would be puffajacketgate. I really hate to inflame an already ugly moment in our long and proud history, but did not said garment also sport a hood?

  70. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Firstly, I totally agree about Cesc and the card waving. Not on, and not Arsenal behaviour, however, I must say that I rather like the new edgier side to our team. I think it was BR who mentioned DB10’S (also my favourite ever player) nastier side. JW certainly adds a PV4 element of steel.
    Of course I do like the way the club is run, although it has to be said that we do show occasional lapses in our standards. GG springs to mind, and I hate to bring AW into the line of fire, but did we not act inappropriately in the aquisition of Chamakh? I think that if I were Bordeaux FC, I would have been cheesed off. Firstly, we make it very clear we are after him, and equally clear that we would do nothing for a year by which time BFC get nothing. I hope I am wrong on this one.

  71. Its true Micky, the aquisition of Chamakh does look like it could have been a bit of underhand business but Wenger would have paid money for him in January if Bordeaux would have let him go. Bordeaux insisted on keeping him until the end of the season.

  72. Red Arse says:


    It is difficult to disagree with you. You can probably sense a “but” coming, so here goes.

    If all the clubs were on a level playing field, no one could contradict you. However, in the case of Chamakh, Arsenal using the Bosman rules to get the player was perfectly legal. Arsenal did not announce their intention to buy Chamkh, Bordeaux did that, to Arsene’s great irritation, by announcing we had made a bid but it was not enough. They wanted more. In fact Liverpool and others were also in for him.

    Contrast that with Purple Nose’s normal tactic of tapping up a player by secretly visiting him, without his club’s knowledge (Stam) or sending him gifts and sending best wishes when he was injured and secretly agreeing personal terms (Van Nistleroy).

    We were also after both those players and lost out by being “decent”.

    If being decent is handicapping us in the transfer market, then I’m sorry, we must compete (legally) just like all the others do.

    I cannot condone Arsenal being seen as decent losers. (just watch the smirk, smirk from Ferguson, Barca et al). The Chamkh/Bosman deal was going to happen, whether or not it was us, because Bordeaux risked refusing a fee by gambling on winning the CL.

  73. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thanks for the answer yesterday. I feel a whole lot better knowing that they are chocolate legs. Would hate to have thought that you had fallen into the hands of an extremist cult!
    Would he have splashed out in january? I am afraid I am not convinced However, maybe unfair of me.

  74. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I am totally happy with that. I did not realize that it was Bordeaux that went public, and of course it was within the rules. Excellent.
    Now we can relax and talk about gardens. Which is your favourite in England? Or, would you ever consider playing RVP anywhere but centrally?

  75. Big Raddy says:

    Micky. If you recall our striker situation around January, you can be certain AW would have signed Chamakh then and not in summer.

    Bendtner, RvP injured, Eduardo not fit, and AA playing upfront on his own. Chamakh could have made the difference between us winning the title and coming 3rd. Would we have lost all those points at the end of the season?

  76. Micky – it came about one night last season when after a game we all agreed that most of our strikers had chocolate legs – it must have been around xmas because once we signed Sol Campbell – swooooooooon – there were other connotations to the dark and light coloured legs 😳

    Sadly I’m under pressure to find a new avatar 😦

  77. MickyDidIt89 says:

    I could not agree more the difference MC coming in january would have made, and I think it was one of AW’s enormous strength’s that he does not bow to public/media pressure, and is prepared to wait for the right man, however frustrating it is for the fans. I suppose there may have been the case for a stop gap signing. An experienced Saha/Forlan type. More than anything, last season’s debacle highlights the constant pressure we have been under as a result of RvP’s fragility.

  78. I’m with you Raddy – if AW could have signed Chamakh in January I’m certain he would have done.

    Thanks for the info about the mac the other day I was on my daughters lap-top and its so boring trying to find your way around. Why would apple do that?????

  79. Before the legs I was championing Big Phil’s return to the squad – a lot of difference that made 😦

  80. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. Because Mac’s are brilliant.

    Micky. I agree entirely. Why didn’t we sign Saha on loan or maybe Raul. Do you recall when MU signed an aging Larssen and he pepped up their season? Maybe AW tried but couldn’t get the right loanee.

  81. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Stick with the legs. More old Swiss Phil.

  82. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. I like your gravatar – it has an element of weirdness about it, much like Chary’s

    And why hasn’t Micky or RA got one. They are easy enough to upload and add a touch of style to one’s comments

  83. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Does it require me having to remember yet another bloomin’ password!!

  84. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ooops, “poor” old Swiss Phil.

  85. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Do you have to mention Larssen. Brings back horrible memories.

  86. Red Arse says:

    Oi BR,

    A gravatar adds a touch of style? It’s O.K. for you with our John, but a Red Arse might frighten the horses! 🙂

    I rather like Peaches’ legs, but a split arse grin from a peach could lift the spirits! 🙂

  87. MickyDidIt89 says:

  88. Red Arse says:


    I have a Sony thingy, with an i7 microchip. Brilliant! It is stunningly fast when multi-tasking, but then everything is fast for dumbo’s like me! 🙂

  89. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Thought I was alone, so had to entertain myself.

  90. Micky and Red Arse – if you want me to sort your avatars I’m happy to do the work. Just email me who you/what you’d like as a pic and I’ll see what I can find.

  91. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Ha Ha.. you sound so like me, only considerably more complex. I too have a Sony thingy, although what the hell an i7 is, I have no idea!

    I will stay up all night thinking.

  92. Red Arse says:


    You have caused me a terrible brain loop.

    I could not help laughing at the self delivery service, but it is appalling! It is appallingly funny!
    It is appalling! It is appallingly funny!

    See what you have done to me? 🙂

  93. MickyDidIt89 says:

    See, there you go again. What the hell, in the name of all that is holy, is a brain loop?
    I bought my Sony laptop for two reasons. I liked the design wiggle on the lid, and it was reassuringly expensive.

  94. ‘I liked the design wiggle on the lid, and it was reassuringly expensive’ – priceless 🙂

  95. Red Arse says:

    I’m going Micky,

    I’m beginning to like you as much as I liked Irish, and she went into an alternative universe, and I can’t take another heartache! 🙂

    (switches off hoping no one has noticed faux pas) 😳

  96. Irish is with La Gaga tonight – almost as exciting as watching Arsenal – maybe she’ll pop on tomorrow.

    Have a nice evening RA

  97. MickyDidIt89 says:

    Yip, I’m off as well.
    Rattling around the house on my own with four cats as my wife and children are away, so am off to look for something to mend or break.
    Nite all.

  98. slimjoe says:

    Rocky u disgust me, absolutely vile of you to question the integrity or etiquette of our captain. If the team abided by your morals we would forever be the liitle girls of the premier league. Piss off to utopia Rocky

  99. RockyLives says:

    Hello Slimjoe. Did you think he wasn’t making a ‘card waving’ gesture then? I suppose it’s possible.
    I’m very happy for us to get stuck in and show some grit, but I happen to think there are right and wrong ways of doing it. Waving imaginary cards is generally deemed to be unsporting and I expect better of Cesc.

  100. RockyLives says:

    Btw – Utopia – isn’t that on the Central Line?

  101. slimjoe says:

    Point taken Sir, I think Cesc is just overtaken by passion at the best of times. Let us remember his talent belies his age. He is but 23. Apologies for coming out strong sometimes we are blinded by our love. Might not agree with u but will defend ur right to say it. Apologies again 🙂

  102. RockyLives says:

    Totally accepted Slim – and credit to you for having the decency to come back on and apologise. I know a lot of sites tend to trade insults but we try to aim a bit higher on here and I’m glad you’ve spotted that.
    In fact I agree with some of your original sentiment – there is no question that we have been seen as a soft touch in the last few years and it has driven me crazy at times. I like to see the lads standing up for themselves, as they did against City. A few posters in the comments above have mentioned how DB10 was never afraid to put himself about when it was called for. People said he had a nasty side but there are definitely times you need to be a bit nasty.

  103. slimjoe says:

    For sure, totally agree. PS I’m a Gooner based in South Africa and read ur blog daily. Enjoy reading it and mostly brings satiety to this far away Gooners passion for the club. Congrats on a job well done.

  104. RockyLives says:

    Lots of international Goons on this site Slim. I’m in Canada, we have others in North America, Australia, different bits of Europe, China and Thailand. I think we have some South Africa regulars too.
    Are you from the UK originally or an out-and-out African Gooner?

  105. SharkeySure says:

    Well played there Slim.

  106. SharkeySure says:

    “I really hate to inflame an already ugly moment in our long and proud history, but did not said garment also sport a hood?”

    Priceless that one….

    A thought: Is there somewhere that the best single lines can be archived or stored. No need for context or back story, just the classic line on its own. Perhaps a ‘classic’ would require a ‘forwarder’ (que?) and maybe 5 seconders to qualify. Just a thought…

    Nite all

  107. SharkeySure says:

    WTF !!

    Thats Mickey’s 5.09 line if anyones unaware…credit where its due and all that.

    *slaps own forehead icon*

  108. RockyLives says:

    Well spotted Sharkey – it made me laugh too and I should have responded… well done Micky!

  109. Rohan says:

    How much battery life does an i7 get you? Not great, I’d bet. Go i5 turbocharged/overclock all the way! 😀

    Sorry about that spurt of nerdiness. Anyway, just thought I’d drop in and say hi. Great post and I’d just like to say that although I’d prefer he didn’t do it, that nasty streak is what makes him the player he is.

  110. SharkeySure says:

    Well said Rohan

    Nite all

  111. slimjoe says:

    Born and bred South African and proud to have hosted. FIFA 2010 (blowing my vuvzella) hehe

  112. gnarleygeorge9 says:


  113. SharkeySure says:

    Red – “Arsenal did not announce their intention to buy Chamkh, Bordeaux did that, to Arsene’s great irritation”

    Thats happened on a few occasions in recent years, ie Schwarzer over the summer. Then the likes of the Daily Mail and ‘One other blog’ start calling Arsene a hypocrite.

    Same thing with the Bosnian CB Spahic who we almost/never signed this summer.

    Morning all

  114. Morning all

    Theres a NEW POST …..

  115. JSP says:

    tbwttihs14 – dickhead!!!

  116. […] Should Cesc Have Been Sent Off Against Manchester City? […]

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