Szczesny, come on down and save our season – written by London

The idea, believed by some, that Szczesny is waiting in the wings ready to swoop down and save our season makes me laugh; in fact, I find it ridiculous.

I am as excited as anyone about his future prospects but to have him playing in the first team now on the back of one good season at Brentford is foolish beyond hope.

Yes, I am aware of all the glowing reports from our west London neighbours, one of my best friends is a season ticket holder and was telling me that the commonly held view was that he is the best goalkeeper they have ever seen. The trouble with that is, I couldn’t help asking myself, when I first heard it, when was the last time that they had a decent player in their ranks to really compare him with. To say that the bar is set at a low level is an understatement of some magnitude. This is Brentford we are talking about not Juventus or some such club where he would have got a real test.

This situation reminds me of the time a couple seasons ago when Denilson had just started to appear in the CC; he played alongside Diaby in many games and shone. The Brazilian was hailed as yet another hidden gem uncovered by Wenger and demands of first team football were the order of the day.

Denilson got the chance to play in the League; in fact, he has played so many games familiarity has bred contempt to the point where his performances are now criticised as is Wenger for picking him.

What many people have forgotten is the reason he got his chance in the first place and why he has played so many games is due to injuries and not as many people perceive to be Wenger’s obstinacy. The Brazilian initially made it into the first team because of injuries to Diaby and Gilberto and it is worth remembering that when Bert returned he was pants so Denilson rightly moved up the pecking order. With the re-emergence of Diaby, Denilson has moved back down; although, the more observant will have noticed that when Ramsey was fit the Brazilian was behind him on the bench. We could debate this until the ends of the earth but the point I am making is that, although, Denilson got his chance due to some impressive performances in the CC he got most of them due to injuries.  I expect Denilson to now evolve into the first team at a more suitable pace.

The connection between Szczesny and Denilson is that I see the same fate waiting just around the corner for the Pole as the young Brazilian has endured; a couple of immature slips and people will be calling for his head.

We are in the doldrums of a two week International break, there are blogs out there that pride themselves on putting out a fresh post every day, nothing wrong with that except as the days slowly roll by it gets harder and harder to find something positive to say and the temptation to take the far easier option of negativity becomes greater and greater; but, just before that stage arrives blogs try and play the, we should give the youngsters a go, card and it never ceases to surprise me how many people are only too eager to jump on the band wagon.

Szczesny will be called for by people who care more about their blogs than they do about the good of Arsenal, it will be your choice as to whether you agree — I don’t — too much expectation too early in a career can be very damaging, just ask Denilson.

Written by London, picture by Rasp.

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  1. London says:

    Morning all

    A bit earlier today.

    Hi gnarley, I know you are reading, come back and play, you know supporting and talking about Arsenal is no longer optional…..we have to, it is in our DNA.

  2. Rasp says:

    Morning London, congratulations on a mischievous post 😉

    Apparently Szczesny is not included in our 25 man squad, but Mannone is? Mannone played for us at the start of the 2008 season which included CL games – in some ways, he is the forgotten man. I said yesterday, that I believe bith Szczesny and Mannone are good enough for the No.2 spot and should be given their chance if Almunia suffers a slump in for.

    I think it is likely that no-one seriously wanted to buy Almunia or take Fabianski on loan. Of all the options, I would have liked to see Fab2 have a season on loan (Brentford would have been good as a comparison with Sz). That would achieve two things, if he did well it would rebuild his shattered confidence and if he didn’t, we should accept that he is not going to make it at ThoF.

  3. kelsey says:

    Morning London.

    Did the wife kick you out of bed early today 🙂

    Seriously, you have touched on a number of valid points, and like you I read through the countless Arsenal sites on a daily basis.

    There is a desperation in some quarters that we should sigh anybody even peter shilton was named on one blog.

    This stems from frustration by some,a lack of understanding of the structure of our club,by others and complete cobblers by unfortunately an increasing minority.

    I don’t want to repeat myself after yesterday’s lengthy debate but we must move on.Undoubtedly we will continue to have injuries,but the squad IMO is stronger,and capable of winning something this season, and if not,so be it.

    Some should look up the definition of “supporting the club”.

  4. London says:

    Morning guys

    On the basis that Schwarzer had come in my ideal would have been that he vied for the first team spot with Almunia with Fabianski going out on loan, what I didn’t want was Schwarzer with Fabianski as back up.
    Still this is all academic now, maybe the deal will be revived in January otherwise the only thing we have from this goalkeeping debacle is the ability to spell Schwarzer’s name properly. lol

  5. charybdis1966 says:

    Morning all, several good points to debate there London and I’m trying to move on from yet another transfer window debacle. I’ve really got to think of some positive thoughts and things to cheer me up – e.g. does anyone know how I can get a cheap half-board week break for a family of 4 over Xmas?
    That would cheer me up more than ruminating about having dumb and dumber in goal this season.

  6. islington gooner says:

    Szczesny dosen’t need to be named in the squad as he is under 21 and can still play.

    I agree with your post…But feel to a point that,if you are good enough you should play,regardless of age.
    Szczesny to me,looks like a player who is ready and confident to keep our goal.He even feels ready himself and that can only be a good thing for he’s age.

    Look people were saying the same things about Joe Hart and look at him now.If we don’t try we ever gonna know??

  7. hnic says:

    Firstly anyone who’s seen szczesny play knows he’s special!!!!

    Even wenger said he will be the arsenal number 1 in the future!!

    And he may not be a superman of a keeper but right now he’s better than what we have!!

    I’m jus scared that with all this fraffin about that he doesn’t get pissed of and move to another club!! Get played, give his all coz the club had faith in him!! (Wengers shown more faith in all the other keepers!) And become a legend at another club!!

    Wengers whole philosophy is if ur good enough your old enough! So I don’t know why now he’s saying the kid hasn’t got enough experience??

    Well give him some wenger!!!

  8. Ibrahim says:

    Kelsey is right. Why can`t we stop moaning about Almunia? He is a decent keeper. We have a complete squad. The only thik we need is winning mentality and confidence. We are not helping both with saying all that bullshit about Almunia. We are the only fan in the league who harms their team. Try to enjoy seeing Arsenal plays every weekend, support our team.

  9. Rasp says:

    Morning chary,

    I hear there are some cheap breaks in Baghdad available 😛 It seems some are putting an embargo on negative comments re: our No.1 so it is quite hard to debate London’s post without touching on the turqoise one 😆

  10. Rasp says:

    Thanks ig, I should have known that …..

  11. islington gooner says:

    Hnic,its not that we have suddenly decided to start and all attack Almunia…It’s because he has cost us time and time again,when it matters.

    Wenger admitted himself,that he get’s nervous in big games….That’s why i,just can’t understand why he didn’t buy a keeper?.

  12. Rasp says:

    Just to make my position absolutely clear. I’d stick with Almunia if he can retain his present form. If he doesn’t, I’d have absolutely no qualms about giving Szczesny a go, he is quality and I’d expect him to do a ‘Joe Hart’. What I don’t want to see is Fabianski deputising for Almunia as it wouldn’t be fair on him.

  13. charybdis1966 says:

    Baghdad is about as tempting as Lebanon was in the 80’s and 90’s Raspers, but I would never holiday anywhere in the middle east on principle.
    As for Chesney, undoubtedly it is a hell of a lot easier to look good for a division one side than it is in any of the leagues above it. I suggest a few cup games, in rotation with Manone, and perhaps we can use either of these two the moment Almunia fluffs his lines, like Wenger did when Jens dropped a clanger or two.
    As for Flappy – send him off to a building site with a high visibility vest and then hope we never see him anywhere near our first XI again.

  14. islington gooner says:

    That last post was at Ibrahim not hnic(sorry lol) to early.

    No probs Rasp….I just feel that people have given enough chances to Almunia and he hasnt delivered.

    People are looking at Szczesny as our saviour and that is wrong…I just feel if we have given so many chances to our current number 1…Why shouldnt we give the lad a chance?

  15. islington gooner says:

    Why didnt Fabinski go on loan???

    He clearly needs games and being at Arsenal is too much pressure for him.I think he would be better of, getting game time somewhere else.

  16. kelsey says:

    If i remember correctly when Fabianski first appeared on the scene, he had rave reviews and was going to be something special.Well at least for the moment that hasn’t materialised.

    Almunia is at best an average keeper but apart from his main weaknesses which are being beaten at his near post and a lack of communication with the defence ,the inability of the team to defend set pieces is not always his fault.With the new acquasitions hopefully this will change, and it was already noticeable at Blackburn,bar one dreadful mistake.

    I think London was making the point yesterday that it was not a case of replacing Almunia,but having someone to really challenge him for his place.

  17. Rasp says:


    I agree wholeheartedly. Szczesny and Mannone are no more risky than Fabianski that’s for sure. Mannone played 7 fist team games on the trot. We didn’t lose one. He was MotM against Fulham and pretty much single handedly won us the 3 points. TTO (the turquoise one) lost us 9 points last season IMO. He’s playing very well now so must retain his place. Mannone has proved he can do it at the highest level and Sczcesny is potentially better than him.

  18. charybdis1966 says:

    Sorry, am I missing something – is the turquoise one Flappy ?

  19. islington gooner says:

    Kelsey..your right,Alumina needs some pressure put on him and for me Fabinski ain’t gonna do that.Almunia has done ok so far for me…A mistake at liverpool and a really good game at Blackburn..Still show’s he has a long way to go before i put my confidence in him.

    I will however stay behind him and wont abuse him like some do.

  20. Rasp says:


    Almunia is often quoted as a good shot stopper (and Peter Crouch is good on the ground for a tall guy etc etc) but his distribution is dreadful. I have seen the likes of Joe Hart and Paul Robinson repeatedly find their forwards with accurate kicks, I see Almunia just kick it into space straight onto the head of the opposition’s defenders.

  21. Rasp says:

    TTO = Almunia, but I’ve decided to name him as no-one’s being over-sensitive …. yet

  22. tommystout says:

    yep its time to get behind the boys now, going into that last night we all must have known deep down that schwarzer wasn’t coming.

    at the mo almunia is No.1 so lets get behind him, wenger sees his keepers in training a tad more than we do, so we have to stick with his pecking order.

    personally i think fab2 needs a loan spell where he will play every week.

    lastly do you think wenger naming his 75 man squad was taking the piss out of the FA – just a little!

  23. Rasp says:

    Apparently Richard Wright is a free agent? …. 🙄

  24. charybdis1966 says:

    Oh right Raspers, how about you call him “the poodle walker” as an alternative?

  25. Rasp says:

    😆 chary, you’ll get me into trouble …

  26. kelsey says:

    I think Wenger is a great manager,but he doesn’t walk on water and I would suggest that one of his weaknesses is in buying keepers.

    it has been mentioned before but he has bought 10 in his time at Arsenal that have feautured in the first team.

    The best he let go,that was Manninger.he was young,about 21, kept 7 or 8 clean sheets at the end of the season that we won the double .Seaman had one or two years left,but Manninger was cast aside and his confidence was shattered.

    In all our 4 present keepers CONFIDENCE is a major factor, and to be fair Mannone went from a reserve straight into a cauldron of 60000 watching eyes and performed reasonably well.

    In horse racing terms some of our young reserve players are “Morning Glories”, which means they are very capable in training and practice matches but never rise to the big occasion when it really matters.All teams have the same problem.

  27. kelsey says:


    I don’t disagree with you, but for one reason or another I think Wenger tried to address the problem but for various reasons didn’t.I know for a fact that Schwarzer was ready to pack his bags, but was he actually the man Wenger wanted or just a shield so not to show who he was really after.none of us know,do we ?

  28. Rasp says:

    Very good points kelsey. There is nothing to suggest that either Mannone or Szczesny are lacking in confidence – but clearly Fabianski is.

    Any sports psychologist will tell you that the most debilitating mental attitude is fear of failure as our England WC players so ably demonstrated. And before anyone says it – players do not lose or gain their confidence by reading blog sites.

  29. Rasp says:


    The more I think about the Schwarzer scenario, the more I begin to think it was a smoke screen. If we’d really wanted him, we’d have made a higher offer weeks ago.

  30. London says:

    Morning Tommy

    That is the funniest thing I have heard in ages, is it really true that Wenger has announced a 75 man squad, that really is sticking two fingers up…..very funny.

  31. London says:

    It could have just as easily have been that Fulham couldn’t find a replacement. The guy is 37, how many seasons does he have left in top flight football, nobody else is going to buy him and his value will only go down, it was a perfect opportunity for Fulham to use the 2 mill and buy an up and coming guy, they probably couldn’t find one.

  32. tommystout says:

    he named 20 squad players and 56 under 21’s haha

  33. tommystout says:

    and thats not including wellington silva and the new japanese striker – forgot his name tho!

  34. tommystout says:

    its good to see how hard walcott is working.
    extra time on crossing, final ball, penalties, link up play with sagna and chamach.
    going to the gym, he’s gonna be the ultimate pro.
    keep it up theo.

  35. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All

    Well said London.

    I agree London (10.01). The deal probably fell apart because Fulham couldn’t find an adequate replacement in time. Givens decision to stay at MC (and on €90k p.w. who can blame him) would appear to have scuppered the transfer.

    Much like the Alonso transfer – a man who would have been perfect for us.

    As to Chesney being in the first team – I expect him to play a few games end of season and perhaps a CC game, though Mannone has done nothing wrong.

    And surely Fab2 has to go on loan. If not he could well see his career disappear into oblivion. One more costly mistake and he will never play for us again, and who would buy him?

  36. jimmy says:

    l hate all d arsenal fans in london d way they critized our players. They should keep encouraging them whenever they are playing. stop that negetive thought against our players.

  37. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. Your graphics are getting better and better. Congratulations – they light up the posts.

  38. RGG says:

    I’m usually prepared to defend Wenger to the hilt. In my opinion, the inclusion of Fabianski in the squad is indefensible. He’s got to be one of the worst young goalkeepers I’ve ever seen. Confidence doesn’t come into it, he doesn’t have the technique when coming for crosses & dealing with high balls.
    I cannot believe his performances at the likes of Wigan and in Poland during pre season did not result in his departure from the club.
    For me Alumunia is a good number 2. You can’t have a ‘world class no2’. Wenger should have bought a top keeper to be no1 and sold (given away) Fabianski. I cannot believe, with the scouting network at his disposal, he could not find us a No1.
    His judgement that Fabianski, ‘will come good’ I have no doubt will be proved to be seriously flawed.
    What will it cost us? Time will tell.

  39. tommystout says:

    arsenalisation arrived? dumped the elvis song and now we have right here right now tune to come out to, a good move.
    how about when walcott scores – a pumping out of the “walcott” jingle by Vampire Weekend…. each player should have his song!
    i remember the movie major league and whenever Charlie sheen came out to bat – “wild thing” got pumped out, the crowd joined in awesome. but hey thats hollywood!

  40. Big Raddy says:

    Jimmy. Try reading the blog before accusing anyone of negativity.

  41. London says:

    Morning Jimmy

    Is there a particular comment you are refering to or are you just making a general statement, either way it is good to have you here.

  42. charybdis1966 says:

    TommyS – Charlie Sheen’s wife certainly thinks he’s a wild thing!

  43. tommystout says:

    when fab2 first came on the scene i thought it was refreshing to see a keeper who was confident to come and catch the balls on crosses, this looked to be his strong point, I thought he was great and a fine prospect.
    I’m afraid his confidence has been crushed, he doesn’t do that anymore, a loan spell would help.

  44. Big Raddy says:

    TS. In the old days (standing in the North Bank), every player had his song and waved to the Bank when his name was sung. It created a bond between the players and the fans.

    All gone now, much to the detriment of the spectacle. Clapping the crowd when substituted is not enough. I firmly believe that the club should follow your fine idea and create a song for each player who would then respond.

    Thanks to the introduction of the idiot DJ, Gooners have lost the possibility to create an atmosphere pre-game.

  45. tommystout says:

    he’s married? why would someone put up with him.

  46. Rasp says:

    Clearly Fulham tried to find a replacement for Schwarzer. Given wouldn’t have taken a cut in wages to play for Fulham. Citeh would not have sold Given to us. We made offers for Schwarzer, which is not a vote of confidence for Almunia.

    We offered too little too late which showed a lack of conviction. The injury to their more than adequate stand-in keeper was the final straw – but if we’d made the higher offer earlier and given them time to find a replacement, Schwarzer would be an Arsenal player now.

  47. tommystout says:

    Maybe the guy who’s in charge of arsenalisation should read this blog 🙂

  48. tommystout says:

    yeah Rasp
    who was the asshole who injured stockdale!

  49. adafabregas says:

    To say he’s the answer to all of our problems would be foolish as you say. And for now, the only sensible course of action is to play Almunia for now.

    However if having no pressure for his place is going to cause Almunia to underperform then I think bigging up Szczesny is a sensible course of action. Wenger has already said he’s capable of being our no.1, the player himself has said he doesn’t want to go out on loan because he believes he’s good enough to fight for his place.

    I think Szczesny should be on the bench. Fabianski has given up any right to ever play for us again. I honestly don’t know why he’s retained his place in the match day squad. The thought of him playing even in the Carling Cup against Spurs terrifies me, and the only way to keep him further from the team is to increase the hype around Szczesny.

  50. Big Raddy says:

    Who knows, perhaps Arsenal tried to offload Fab2 and no-one was interested.

  51. charybdis1966 says:

    Not sure if it was his g/f or his wife, but yeah, he gave her a damn good slapping last Xmas.
    To my mind they(wenger/Gazidis/whoever) left it too late to make a meaningful offer so that whoever was in charge of getting Shwarzer in thought they could play one-upmanship on Fulham.
    It didn’t work so know we are left with a number one who has been undermined and, Blackburn aside, we could see points dropped when the poodle walker slides under shots or waves near post shots into the net.

  52. tommystout says:

    Anyone know if there is any deadline for loans?
    I just wonder how many of our under 21’s will be loaned out if any.

  53. tommystout says:

    i used to like fulham

  54. Rasp says:

    Welcome RGG,

    Good comment, I think it would be very unfair to place Fabianski under the pressure of first team football – as someone already said, another error strewn performance could finish his career (certainly at Arsenal).

  55. Big Raddy says:

    According to Arseblog’s sources. AFC made the offer to Fulham prior to Hughes’s arrival. They re-iterated it because they had heard nothing back from Fulham. assuming the offer got lost amidst the upheaval of Hodgson’s departure.

    God, I hope we spank those West London muppets. I liked Fulham under Roy but now that Welsh w**ker has arrived I detest them with a passion

  56. Rasp says:

    I think you’re right Raddy, I think we would have accepted a reasonable offer for Almunia had it come earlier in the summer – wasn’t there a suggestion that Athletico Madrid were interested? Fabianski could still go out on loan to a Championship side.

  57. Red Arse says:

    Morning Guys,

    Good, sensible and intelligent article London, I agree we need to bring promising young players thru’ carefully.

    There have been any number of quality players brought thru’ at a very early age, Rooney, Fabregas, Ronaldo etc, so it can work v. well.

    With our GK position being so sensitive at the mo’, I think throwing Chesney into the mix, now, would run a big, big risk of ruining him. He is potentially excellent, he is not superman and expectations of a critical fanbase are too high!

  58. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. A short term loan until January would be the best solution. Preferably to a well supported club where he could get accustomed to paying in front of 20k+ fans.

    Or better yet, a loan abroad.

  59. Augooner says:

    I agree Szczesny is good but he is not ready yet and the people that thinks Szczesny is ready now , they will or they are the first people to criticize him if he make mistake. Some Arsenal fan are to negative and some are ways to hard to please .

  60. 26may1989 says:

    Good post, London, thanks.

    Almunia has got the spot so long as he can maintain good form – but what happens after that? Like Rasp I would be happy for Szczesny or Mannone to be called up, whether Almunia gets injured or loses form. Almunia is a good guy but is not a stellar keeper like Peter Schmeichel or David Seaman, he isn’t a player we should keep picking even when he loses form.

    London raises plenty of good points about Szczesny – the reality is most of us have seen precious little of him, and are going on the sort of write-ups others before him (Fabianski included) have had before they took centre-stage. But the little we have seen suggests he could be the real deal, and if Wenger really does believe in him, give it a go I say. When Iker Casillas became Real Madrid’s first choice keeper, he was younger than Szczesny is now – there’s no magic about waiting until a keeper reaches 25 before he gets the nod. So if Szczesny really has what it takes, let’s go for it.

    As for Fabianski, he absolutely should not be allowed to play for our first team any time soon, he is seriously damaged goods. But much long Song after the Fulham away game needed to go off to Charlton to rebuild his confidence, Fabianski should be taken out of the firing line, sent off somewhere to play regularly and remind himself why so many clubs were competing for his signature not so long ago and why he became his country’s first pick when he was still a reserve player, sometimes ahead of the likes of Dudek and Boruc. I do think he’s got talent, whether he is ever in a position to show that in an Arsenal shirt I doubt, but the first step has got to be to get him away from us, the very negative Arsenal fans, and the more vicious elements of the press. He may one day be in a position to shove a lot of the current criticism down our throats.

  61. 26may1989 says:

    **”But much like Song “** – am not sure how I managed that typo, it wasn’t even close.

  62. dandan says:

    Morning all, first things first, Rasp you cheeky bugger whats my latest piccy doing up front here 🙂

    Very well constructed and reasoned article London, although I see your mischievous streak has crept in again, well done we needed a smile, given the fraught time some of our posters have had recently

    Am I correct in saying that Bob Wilson raved about Fab2 and that is why we signed him.

    Temperament can be a big problem when the hard times come as they do to all players in all sports at some time, (just look at the Genius that is Kevin Peiterson right now)but the top men get over it lets hope Fab. does

    AS far as Schwarzer is concerned I have given this great thought and have come to the conclusion that AW’s reasoning was 2 fold.

    One to put pressure on Big Al. who Wenger continues to say is superb in Training and two to put a new GK coach in place. By all accounts the Aussie is a great guy, very popular and commands huge respect from all his teammates. I therefor expect us to either buy him in Jan for peanuts or take him on a freebie next summer.

    No doubt AW thought a year under the likeable Aussie would have prepared Chesney to take the no 2 slot as soon as Schwarzer moved over to full time coaching.
    If that is the case then plans have only been put back for a short while, hopefully Almunia will rise to the occasion, stick two fingers up and prove all us doubters both fan and expert wrong and Arsene right.

  63. Rasp says:

    Morning superdan 😉

    There have been a lot of sensible comments and logical analyses of Szczesny’s readiness to step into the first team. Most agree it is probably too early, yet also state that there are examples of keepers who have mnade the grade at an even younger age.

    I sincerely hope the Almunia goes the whole season as No.1 and and does himself and us justice … but a part of me would be fascinated to see how Szczesny would fare. Is a run-out in the CC equivalent to a premiership start …. I guess not.

  64. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    G’Day all

    Yep its me all the way down here. Thanx for the votes of confidence. Being the lone Australian on an English blog, (evo never bothers anymore)& not getting along to the games, has made me question whether I belong amongst the Arsenal banter.

  65. tommystout says:

    GG9 your name is one of most recognised to me, welcome back!

  66. kelsey says:

    There is another twist to this tale.Tragically Almunia’s mother in law died in a car crash over here a short while ago, and as being typical of most Spanish,they are very family orientated.This must have played on his (Almunia’s) mind and he mysteriously had a cold for a couple of weeks last season.
    if you add to that all the pressure in the press about him, which he openly admitted was effecting his concentration,he gave a reasonable display to the start of the season.
    Only he and Wenger know the true position,but to know that he is on 50K a week is remarkable.
    We have no choice but to stand by him,at least for’s not a perfect situation for all concerned,but even though I truthfully don’t believe he will get better,there is hope.Take Gomes as a good example . He was worse than Almunia two seasons back but improved dramatically last season,so maybe half the problem is the coaching.

  67. Rasp says:

    Welcome back gg,

    It matters not from which part of the world you come from, the defining characteristic is being a gooner – YOU QUALIFY!

    It is imperative you keep coming on here – who else am I going to crow at when we win the Ashes? 😛

  68. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Tah Tommy/rasp.

    Ha! The Ashes, its the only cricket comp that matters. There is no way either team would fix a game thats for sure.

  69. Big Raddy says:

    GG. You may be the only Ocker but you are not the only long distance fan on this site. I would guess we are 50/50.

    Your input is always welcome, and we need the Radford, George (and what use to be) Graham combo 🙂

  70. Big Raddy says:

    GG. I guess your groundsmen are fixing the pitches as we speak

  71. charybdis1966 says:

    Good to see you back Gnarley, I felt like taking a sabbatical from blogging on Tuesday evening.
    My first reaction at 6.01pm – F**k that S**t!

  72. Big Raddy says:

    Over and Out —– got to see a man about a dog

  73. Rasp says:


    I think Irish is still feeling like that judging by her conspicuous absence.

  74. charybdis1966 says:

    I don’t blame her Raspers, it felt almost like a betrayal, and to think Wenger spent a month of the summer commentating for French TV on the World Cup rather than fixing our squad weaknesses doesn’t sit well with me.
    Anyway..positve thoughts now – it’s lovely and sunny today and there are only 114 shopping days till Xmas !

  75. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    Thunnelweb spiders in the MCC players bedsheets; doctored pitches; late night roadworks outside the MCC hotels. Get ready for a big Summer of cricket 😛

    Cheers chary

  76. Red Arse says:


    Not only that, Ponting has started to wind our lads up already! Classic! 🙂

  77. Red Arse says:


    Keep the “our lads” bit quiet.

    Don’t want the Oz part of the family to lynch me. 🙂

  78. Rasp says:

    Two stories that will fuel the fires:

    We are in the process of signing a 17 year old Japanese wonderkid who is currently recovering from a broken leg.

    We offered Lyon 16m euros for Lloris on the lst day of the season – if that’s true, it would imply that we were quite desperate to find a new No.1

  79. tommystout says:

    Ryo Miyaichi is the japanese winger we are on the verge of signing, check out his video. didnt know his leg was broke

  80. dandan says:

    Rasp, I suspect the second statement to be fanciful at best.
    It is to preposterous for words, Wenger doesn’t work like that and Lioris isn’t that good anyway.

  81. Rasp says:

    and the video is where? 😉

  82. tommystout says:

    where did you hear the loris 16m rumour? or fact?

  83. tommystout says:

  84. 26may1989 says:

    Lloris rumour must be just that, a rumour. Very much doubt there’s much to it. I like him but as at World Cup, he’s suspect on crosses.

    I think Miyaichi broke his leg during the game Arsenal organised as his try-out!

  85. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    A foot in each camp. You can’t lose 🙂

  86. Red Arse says:


    Not my understanding. I saw the game at Barnet and thought he was v. good.

    He then went to Ajax for a weeks trial and broke his leg there.

    Arsenal thought he had one of those horrid compound fractures and Arsenal withdrew their interest.

    The injury was then discovered to be “straightforward” and we are looking to sign him in January from his “school”.

  87. 26may1989 says:

    RA, having had two compound fractures in the past (I’m a bit accident prone…), I can confirm, they are rubbish. The morphine on the other hand….

    Thanks for correcting my misunderstanding re the circumstances of Miyaichi’s break, I was sure I’d read that it was in that game, but I bow to your greater knowledge, not least given that you actually watched the game in question.

  88. charybdis1966 says:

    Hi RedA – are you sure about the Japanese kid playing at Barnet? I was there and I’m pretty sure he didn’t feature.

  89. Red Arse says:


    I have not been “blogging” for v. long, but I have chatted to gooners in Alaska, Canada, US, Philipines, Middle East, all within minutes of each other, on this and another blog.

    Amazing! 🙂

    Like the other gooners on here I look forward to hearing your comments. Distance changes perspective. 🙂

  90. Red Arse says:


    I did not mean to correct you. Miyaichi and Wellington played in the same game at Barnet and I think the former looked a better player on the night.

    There were a lot of substitutions and I was unaware of any problems, although he did have what i thought was a minor knock. So when I read the Ajax report I accepted it.

    But correct you? No. I am not the most reliable witness after a preprandial at the local hostelry before the game! 🙂

  91. Red Arse says:


    It sems the only part of the venue I got right was the “B”.

    My brother who is reliable told me it was Borehamwood, not Barnet.

    He also played against Wycombe, and that one I know I did not see as i was sober! :-0

  92. charybdis1966 says:

    I get it Red A, you mean a stiff’s game at Barnet, not the first team pre-season one.

  93. charybdis1966 says:

    RedA – you’re getting yourself tangled up, Myachi played in the AFC Wimbledon game – ubt it did begin with “W”, like Wycombe. I checked this up as if there was a stiffs game at Wycombe I would have gone as it’s within walking distance for me.

  94. Red Arse says:


    Just found the report, Miyaichi played for Ajax against Schevingen and suffered such a bad injury the Ajax staff thought he would never play again. (as did Arsenal, evidently).

    Got my “W”‘s wrong too. Not Wycombe it was Wimbledon!

    Told you I was not a reliable witness! 🙂

  95. Red Arse says:


    Snap! 🙂

    it’s that 26’s fault, I was trying to be helpful and now I have shown I am a dipso with too much imbibing before games. Mind you, half a lager and I am anyone’s. Luckily no one wants me! 🙂

  96. charybdis1966 says:

    Same here RedA – a few gulps of cider and I’m similarly available, but no takers. 🙂

  97. kelsey says:

    Red Arse,

    and The Costa del Crime 😎

  98. kelsey says:

    Tonto, are you about ?

  99. dandan says:


  100. SharkeySure says:

    Afternoon all.

    I agree with whoever it was said to let Big Al know that he’s in the same position that Jens was in. Couiple of big howlers and the shirt goes to someone else, and you msy struggle to get it back.

    Ordinarily I would really expect (hope?) Chesney to be our Cup (both!) keeper this season, with Fabianski out on loan, possibly back to Poland. I wonder if Fab2 is still highly regarded in his homeland..??

    Wot price Chesney making his debut at Wet Fart Lane in the Carling Cup..??

    And what of poor Vito..??

  101. useroz says:

    On Szczesny coming in as no.1 or 2… well, if he does become no.1 this season – having seen no top class no.1 came in – personally, i’d rather see Szczesny making some mistakes as part of his learning process, even at the expense of the PL title.

    FOr years since Lehman left, we have had little confidence in Al (even at his ‘top’ in 08) and visibly our defence don’t have either… so much so we could see some players yapping at Al before set pieces notably gallas last year.

    People mention here it’s not all Al’s faults for all goals we shipped etc … sure not. but the point is he did make howlers and worse of all almost always when we couldn’t afford it eg those near post shots are really guilty started from the CL final!! Most (at least i do) still remember that one vividly…frankly no way would vdS, cech or given let that in esp eto didn’t hit a rocker… and fast forward to the one by Ibra and recently at anfield… all of the same so you tell me if Al had learned or improved at al??

    bottom line… even if Szczesny is not 100% ready, so are Al, Flappy (and vito- but he’s ok) and they prove it season after season too! so if wenger doesn’t just talk the talk about youth and play if you are good enough (and esp when we seem to have a keeper crisis- perception at least), what’s better time to do it?

  102. London says:

    I think we have flogged this goal keeper thing into submission.

  103. Big Raddy says:

    What a delightful image…..

  104. gunnern5 says:

    For those interested you can see all of the PL clubs 25 man squads plus their under 21’s at

  105. gunnern5 says:

    I for one hope this goalkeeper dialogue is done and dusted.

    I spent several hours today researching our 56 under 21 players and there is an amazing amount of talent just waiting to bust out and over half of them are English.

    Now wouldn’t that just close a lot of mouth’s if we end up being the feeding ground for the England team??

  106. 26may1989 says:

    Oh don’t give up now London, there’s plenty in this goalkeeper theme yet – we’ve got over a week before the next match, we need something to chew on…..

    Useroz, I don’t disagree with everything you say, but raising the home match against Barca as a crticism of Almunia is interesting – as I remember that match, Almunia pretty much single handedly kept us in a tie we should have been out of within the first 45 minutes of the first leg. Almunia’s attempts to save the Ibrahimovic goals weren’t great but he was criminally exposed by the defence. And I seem to remember that Victor Valdes was much worse in his conceding the goal to Walcott. Almunia’s performance that night was, without exaggeration, epic.

    If you want to criticise him, there are much better examples: the first Spurs goal at WHL, when Almunia dived under the ball, or the astonishingly weak effort away to Birmingham. Both of those costs us badly near the climax of the season.

  107. thelittlemozart says:

    nevertheless, i do believe that Big Al will have more confidence with more reliable devensive department this season, the thing that he not possess since he started as Arsenal no 1, the thing that Seaman and Lehmann possess during their successful tenure at Arsenal…

  108. […] Szczesny, come on down and save our season. The idea, believed by some, that Szczesny is waiting in the wings ready to swoop down and save our season makes me […] […]

  109. Rasp says:

    New Post ….

  110. […] Szczesny, Come on Down and Save Our Season […]

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