Almunia stays as number one so let’s move on – written by kelsey

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Written by kelsey

As another transfer window closes the Arsenal faithful are firmly split into two camps as to why we haven’t strengthened in what is generally accepted our weakest position, that of goal keeper. Almunia has had his critics for a number of seasons and the expectation that Fabianski would be challenging him for the right to be first choice evaporated during last season with a number of howlers and inexperience, especially in the Champions league game at Porto. Wenger talks a lot about mental strength and to be fair to Almunia he came through a difficult week even admitting  that the media attention was concerning him and affecting his concentration, yet his display at Blackburn was admirable.

Possibly there was a deal for Schwarzer which depended on a number of other factors and it is said that an increased bid from two to four million was still rejected yesterday morning. None of us know what really went on behind closed doors, but to blame Wenger is a tad unfair. He can only be guided as to the players he seems will fit into our system and the negotiations are left to others. Personally, I don’t see a great loss in us not signing Schwarzer as he doesn’t have age on his side or Champions League experience.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing and for the last two seasons all we have heard from fans is the name Given,hardly a word about any other keeper. No one knows for sure if he would have been an improvement,even though the stats show he may have been.

We have tightened up the defence which has been evident in our opening games and that may just alleviate the pressure on the Spaniard. He definitely has his faults,but to be handed the armband on several occasions shows that Wenger still rates him.

IMO the real problem is that with Fabianski being so low on confidence we were looking for another keeper to vie for the number one position and now if Almunia should get injured our back up is wafer thin.

We’ve heard a lot about there being more money available this season, but one can see that transfers are now very complicated as many proposed deals fell through yesterday, even though the media reported some as “done “.

Maybe Wenger is a shield for the BoD and he is under orders not to spend more than they think right,or maybe he has carte blanche and just won’t spend if he feels a player is over valued. Do we really know ?

We have to move on and build on our good start to the season and get behind the keeper.It is not an envious position to be a keeper as the errors are always magnified ten times to the saves. Was Reina lambasted with our equaliser at Anfield, or even the flavour of the month, Joe Hart with his elementary mistake in trying to save a badly struck penalty by Darren Bent at Sunderland last Sunday ?

I know most are disappointed but as fans we have to accept the situation and not as I have read on several blogs, to ask for Wenger to be hung drawn and quartered.

Many will disagree with my assessment and I am sure we can have a lively debate about this today.

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