England relieve the pressure on Arsenal supporters

Well what a load of rubbish our national side dished up last night. My immediate post match reaction was all about anger and disappointment rather than logical analysis – just like when Arsenal have a poor game. Of course it’s all football and not surprising that the emotion is similar when watching England as watching Arsenal.

Arsenal will always come before England in my heart, but I’ll watch a game in the park and find myself urging one team to win even though I’ve never seen them play before.

All this got me thinking about the parallels between a poor England performance and a poor Arsenal performance.

The big question that applies to both is….. are the players to blame or the manager?

Did Capello become a bad manager in the last week? Do we have a different Arsène Wenger in charge compared to the one who orchestrated the Invincibles?

The England side lacked balance. Players were played out of position – Gerrard wide left; Heskey just a magnet for the long ball with no end product; Lampard there just for his reputation. Joe Cole was the only player available who could produce some magic and he was left sitting on the bench. I’m 100% sure that if Theo had been on the bench he would have been brought on last night, but he wasn’t even in the squad – BIG mistake.

The manager clearly failed to say anthing to make a difference in his half-time team talk and he didn’t select the players from the bench who were capable of turning the game around. I don’t buy the argument that the players are overpaid prima donnas who couldn’t care. To me they looked like they wanted it too much, were scared of failure and could not handle the pressure despite their wealth of experience. I consider Capello to be the most culpable for England’s poor performance.

Arsenal too have been guilty of fielding sides that lack balance and using players out of position. We have favoured players who by all accounts are brilliant in training but fail to reproduce that form in matches. We have looked clueless and lacking in a plan B, so logically, one would expect to apportion most of the blame to the manager – and as we are all aware, many supporters take that view to extremes.

Here I think the comparison falls down. Unlike Capello, Arsène is answerable to a Board who’s first concern is the future and financial stability of the club and possibly if I am cynical, the potential future value of their investment. The candy coated PR that Arsenal churn out is blatantly aimed at giving the message thay want us to swallow rather than a true account of activities behind the scenes and Arsène is a pawn in that process. I believe he is currently making statements regarding transfers that he knows are unlikely to come true.

Yes Arsène has made some bewildering team selections and persevered with players who many believe will not make the grade. Sometimes as in the case of Alex Song, he has been proved right andin other cases the jury is still out. But he is the manager and he is paid to make those decisions.

Some of the media mongrels are already calling for Hary Redknapp to replace Capello. Although I’d like to see it simply because it would be great to hear all the whinging totnum fans, I don’t believe he has ability to manage much above the Championship.

So thank you very much Mr. Capello, you have made the self flagellation of being an Arsenal supporter in the transfer window just a bit more tollerable. I wonder if Mr. Wenger has a wry smile on his face when he witnesses the fierce condemnation that his contemporaries Domenech and Capello are being subjected to.

75 Responses to England relieve the pressure on Arsenal supporters

  1. andy says:

    what a load of rubbish saying that walcott would have made the difference – big mistake nottotake him – which i have heard from other gooners as well.

    he had what most considered an average season and he prob would not have made the difference in either game.

  2. Danish Gooner says:

    Capello have made them to Italian,they have lost all guile.He is still a fantastic manager…..period but look at the firepower Lennon and SWP are powderpuff and Heskey is the most one dimensional player England have ever produced,combine that with the fact that Rooney,Lampard and Gerrard have gone completely of the boil since the end of the season and it spells trouble.

  3. Danish Gooner says:

    Walcott is a nancy boy that will never make it,the future is Jack boy.

  4. Rasp says:

    Read it again andy – I didn’t say Walcott would have nade the difference. I said he would have been brought on (in an attempt to have more cutting edge up front). I do believe he is better than Lennon and SWP and therefore should hve gone to the WC

  5. irishgunner says:

    I’m still in shock at how shite England were – it was bloody Algeria! Algeria! They are just happy to be there.

    Danish is right on the Italian thing. Trapattoni would probably rather eat rats than change his “schemea” his formation. However, the difference between Capello and Trapattoni is that IL Trap is getting the best out of an average bunch of players with his formation.

    With Capello either the system isn’t good enough, or the players?

  6. jeff says:

    Theo may have had a less than stellar season, but it was better than Heskey’s.
    I’m glad that Theo didn’t go. I wouldn’t want any Arsenal players associated with this England team.

  7. Rasp says:

    Hi irish,

    James did OK in goal, he should put Dawson (pah!) in at CB, leave Lampard on the bench, Gerrard in the middle playing behind Rooney and Cole wide left but with a free role.

  8. Big Raddy says:

    Thanks for the starter Rasp.

    Jeff. Well said!

    But England haven’t gone from being a decent team in qualifying to total spineless nonentities in the space of two games. They have succumbed to the incredible pressure placed upon them. I believe we will beat Slovenia and progress, then bow out gracefully to a better team, Germany or Serbia. But who knows – we may play much better having escaped from the current nightmare.

    Either way, Capello remains a class act forced to play with an over-hyped bunch of nancyboys. Rooney’s response was typical of a team divorced from reality. Hopefully the public criticism will draw a more positive response.

  9. irishgunner says:

    Rasp – How many shots did he have to save? Its Algeria ye were playing last night. On a whole he’s not an international standard keeper – like Julio Cesar, Casillas, Buffon or even Shay Given.

    Hopefully for England, Joe Hart will be the one to keep goals for ye for many a year.

    David James, Rob Green, Scott Carson, Ben Foster – EPL standard at best.

  10. Rasp says:

    Irish – that’s why I said he did OK. I agree Joe Hart is the future if English goalkeeping – if only he were the future of Asenal’s goalkeeping 😦

  11. aj says:

    I bet Theo is thanking the gods this morning that he was left out and can dissociate himself from that embarrassing shambles last night.

  12. irishgunner says:

    Raddy – On RTE last night they argued out whether the pressure had got to the squad.

    It was left to Brady and Hamann to argue it out as they have lived there and know what the build up is like to the World Cup.

    Brady said they have buckled under the incredible pressure and said Rooney isn’t at his best because 1) he seems injured and 2) it was HE who was built up as the man that would lead England to glory.

    On the other hand, Hamann said that these players in the main have been around a long time, played FA Cup Finals, huge English derbies and Champions League football and that the “pressure” can’t be used as an excuse. Italy, Spain, Holland, Brazil, Argentina are all sent off under the same pressure.

    I can see both sides but I’d edge more towards Hamann – these are professional athletes who by now should have learnt to cope with the pressure.

  13. Big Raddy says:

    I agree Rasp but I would drop Heskey not Lamps and play Rooney on his own upfront. At least Lamps has the potential to score.

    It is fortunate that Carragher can’t be picked. He would get done for pace by both Slovenian forwards.

  14. Rasp says:


    Are you saying that Capello deserves no criticism for yesterday’s performance? He made a big mistake in taking King and broke his own rules in taking an injured player in Gareth Barry. He played Milner who was weak and slow after having a temperature for several days. I don’t think Rooney is fit (specially not in the head) and he probably should have been subbed last night.

  15. Rasp says:

    Raddy, I’d drop Heskey too – just forgot to put him in the list.

  16. irishgunner says:

    LOL I’m not trying to start an argument Raddy but he did OK because he had nothing to do – just my opinion. Don’t me mad with me 😉

    I know ye must be upset – even I can’t fathom what has happened. I saw England getting through the group (which should still happen) easily and then getting knocked out in the round of 16/quarter finals.

  17. gilbert says:

    l think england needed walcot because those are the kind of games walcot likes…inserting the blistering pace and defenders just begin panting…consolation is that england is to beat solovania and it will qualify

  18. irishgunner says:

    Hope RvP has a good game.

  19. Big Raddy says:

    Rasp. You are right – Capello has to shoulder some of the blame. Primarily in team selection but as they say you can’t polish a richard, or in more polite terms, make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear.

    Is a half fit Rooney better than a fully fit Defoe? I think so.

    Irish. I agree with Hamman about the pressures at club level, however the players have grown up in that environment, they are well accustomed to it, used to taking the shite from opposing fans etc etc. But no-one can predict how the pressure of knowing 60m people are scrutinising your performance. But even more than that is the players expectations of themselves. They know they have perhaps 3 tries in their career to win this and gain immortality.

  20. Daniel says:

    Walcott had a better season that SWP and Heskey combined.

  21. Big Raddy says:

    Irih. Of the list of countries only Argentina have performed. But they have such an amazing array of talent it doesn’t matter if one goes missing.

    And perhaps more than any team, they play for their manager.

  22. Big Raddy says:

    Daniel. Better he stays at home and has a good pre-season.

  23. Big Raddy says:

    Hope RvP has a good game and above all stays injury free !

  24. Goonerpower says:

    Well I agree with the post

  25. irishgunner says:

    Raddy – But from 1-11 does no-one in the England squad have some mental strength in them? Surely it can’t filter right down through the squad – if one or two were nervous its understandable, but all the squad?

    I would say Germany have played very well but they have no expectation going into this tournament so its different. They are building for the next World Cup and by the looks of it, it could be a bright one for them.

  26. irishgunner says:

    I don’t think Walcott would have made a difference last night – Lennon and SWP just did what Walcott would have done, kick the ball into space behind the full back and run after it. Algeria weren’t letting that happen. It was a game for Joe Cole last night.

  27. Daniel says:

    I disagree irishgunner… Walcott makes runs off the ball that neither lennon nor SWP do. He stretches teams with the threat of the ball between the cb and rb thus teams drop deeper allowing more space for lamps and gerrard and stops rooney being marked so tightly by the cb if he drops deeper.

    Lennon and SWP and the same player- a winger.

    Walcott is a forward/winger… tries to get in behind the defenders with through balls, not dribbles.

  28. Daniel says:

    I meant LB not rb

  29. dandan says:

    Morning all well that is a first for me, I lost my temper with the team last night. In my opinion that was the worst England performance I have ever seen. When you cant complete five yard passes it is time to pack up and go home.

    Blame Capello anyone who tells people they are playing 5 minutes before they catch the bus has to be questioned, two hours is not enough time for some athletes to go through there concentration routines. The 442 system of last night was far too rigid and the team is frightened to take the initiative themselves and make changes as they did under Robson and dam near won the thing.
    Management by fear has never been a recipe to suit all, some respond many don’t. Rooney was just what he is, a not very bright boy struggling to come to terms with natural talent, once his first touch deserted him, panic set in and his game went out the window.
    Gerrard on the left is about as much use as a third boob on a nun. His great talent is as a shock trooper driving through the middle.
    On top of all that I can only remember the ball being struck properly once. when Defoe put it in row z but at least it had some venom in it the rest my dog could have saved.
    It is unthinkable, no impossible we can play that badly again, so we will win on Wednesday and progress. But unless the manager does what managers should do, dissipate the pressure instead of compounding it we will go no further.

    If you guys get the impression I am not happy congrats you are not far wrong

  30. irishgunner says:

    Daniel – Maybe you are right. You probably are ha ha I just feel nothing or no-one could have helped England last night. The players did try, I don’t doubt that (unlike France) it just didn’t work.

  31. Gunner38 says:

    England thought that Algeria would do a Newcastle impression at Old Trafford and bend over and take it. Sad truth is that England are a rudder-less ship with an average to shit crew – mostly press ganged in the media frenzy around Shite Fart Stain. What do we expect when chav boy Lennon, SWP, Barry et al pretend that they are quality when really they are crap.

    Capello is a bully, the team are demoralised and scared of their own shadows. Feel v sorry for all those poor bastards who shelled out thousands to watch shit. Rooney is a mouthy fat wanker who should be made to pay them compensation.

  32. irishgunner says:

    Gunner38 – I agree on Rooney, well not that he should pay compensation but that he should apologise. The English fans last night were excellent – could even hear them sing above the vuvuzelas… They were the 12th man, pity for them the 11 on the field didn’t do it on the night.

  33. goonermichael says:

    Rooney is an overrated inbred pikey scouse manc cunt. Apart from that he’s ok.

  34. goonermichael says:

    How is Robimnd doing I’ve got £15 on him winning the golden boot?

  35. goonermichael says:

    sorry Robin

  36. Scot says:

    Yeah why not blame the foreigner just like the English. That team has been together before Capello and played like shit then. at least with Capello they look like organised shit.

    Wayne Rooney played like shit for England as did Lampard, Lennon and Gerrard, was that Capello’s fault?

    Why don’t the English take responsibility for their own actions instead finding someone else to blame. THe england team have looked far more capable since Capello arrived. Without him you may have even struggled to qualifiy for the WC like the Euro when you had an English manager.

    At the moment Slovenia and USA deserve to go through.

  37. Scot says:

    Irish Gunner what the hell are you talking about SWP and Lennon do the same thing as Walcott does kick and run. Both of them are far more effective then Walcott and all three of them on thie day are more prenetrative than Cole.

    Cole would have shit his pants like everyone else. You got Rooney on the field, your best player playing like shit and you expect average cole to make a difference.

    Only three Eng land players can come out with any credit so far. Barry, SWP and Hesky and maybe James because he isn’t tosser like the other crap goalie.

  38. Daniel says:

    SWP comes out with credit?? based on what?

    He’s come on as sub and done nothing twice in a row.

  39. Big Raddy says:

    And what happened when the Scots had a German manager? Who did they blame then? Pot & Kettle….

    Been a decent game since Holland scored. Japan are really going for it which should open up some chances for RvP.

  40. Daniel says:

    While we’re at it… what did Barry do yesterday that gives him any credit??

    You must be a Citeh fan because otherwise you’re clueless.

  41. dandan says:

    Bit early even for a Scot to be pissed isn’t it

  42. kelsey says:

    I agree with you dandan.

    love the “Gerrard on the left is about as much use as a third boob on a nun. His great talent is as a shock trooper driving through the middle”.

    reminds me of a girl I once knew who had one boob on the front and one on her back.Awful to look at, but lovely to dance with 🙂

  43. Big Raddy says:

    The nun with 3 tits was a fine analagy 🙂

  44. Big Raddy says:

    lol kelsey

  45. Scot says:

    SWP was the only one that tried to make things happen in the 2nd game are you blind Daniel?

    Barry broke up the play like no one else in the England team you Owl.

    As for Bertie it was not beacause he was a foreigner it was because he was shit, his ststs tell you all you need to know. What about Capello’s stats? back up you arguement mate, if the kettle is black then it’s black mate no matter who calls it.

  46. Scot says:

    I’m not pissed yet mate but I am enjoying myself

  47. Big Raddy says:

    Scot I am an AFC fan, England come a very distant second.

    See my post of 12.08.

  48. CC says:

    When Arsenal lost their matches, ppl said that we didn’t have English soul. Judging by England’s performance, it appears the English soul is overrated.

  49. Daniel says:

    SWP tried to make things happen… since when do players get any credit for trying but FAILING to do something??

    Barry broke up the play??! He made 2 tackles and 2 clearances in the entire game.

  50. dandan says:

    Anelka being sent home for telling the manager a few home truths, Irish he must have read your post LOL

  51. Big Raddy says:

    Yet again a goalkeeping error wins a game.

  52. Scot says:

    Daniel stop talking absolute rubbish. I saw Barry regain the ball at least 4 times in the 1st half.

    SWP didn’t always fail you muppet, you need treatment for blurred vision. If you cannot see that SWP made a difference offensively when he came on than maybe your vision is more than blurred it is non existant.

    Raddy, Arsenal first for me too… Scotland a far distant 2nd. Sorry nothing personal but I hate the England football team almost as much as I hate ManU.

    Nice one CC, you right it’s all a load of hype.

  53. Daniel says:

    I’ve just looked at detailed stats of the game and Barry made 2 tackles and 2 clearances but if you think he won the ball 4 times then he definitely deserves a huge amount of credit. I mean 4 tackles is insane. Give the man a new contract!!! How did he tackle the mighty algerians 4 times (it was only twice but whatever.)

    As far as SWP goes, yeah he was electric. The superb algerian left back got beat all twice by him!!!!

  54. Big Raddy says:

    Scot. Nothing personal but I used to feel the same way about the Scotland team. Now they are as much an irrelevance as Millwall or Leeds or Phil Brown !

  55. Roy says:

    Never forget the people who got you to where you are today. Capello did that by omitting Theo from the squad, instead taking Carrick and SwP. What a mistake ah to make ah!
    Were not gonna score 1 more than you! ENGLAND

  56. goonermichael says:

    however shit we are (which is shit) at least we aren’t as shit as scotland.

  57. Scot says:

    Daniel and what did the rest of your muppet team do you Owl. How many times did Gerrard or Fat Frank win the the ball or how many times did that lump Rooney get passed anybody.

    And those stats are bullshit. I saw Barry break up the play AT LEAST 4 times in the first half alone. If I could be bothered to what that shitty game again I would give you an exact.

    Ah Raddy but it is not about Scotland right now but your shit full team

  58. London says:

    “Go fuck yourself you dirty son of a bitch.”

  59. London says:

    This is exactly what Anelka said to Domenech at half time during the France Mexico game, I am sure you have heard that he has been sent home.

  60. London says:

    Good thought provoking read BR.

  61. kelsey says:

    Spanish TV have just shown a recording of Capello’s interview last night with the BBC.As you are aware he uses an interpreter and what you didn’t see on UK TV was that Capello was swearing to the interpreter in italian as to why they were asking him certain questions,which in the interview he avoided.The f word was used several times.

  62. Big Raddy says:

    All is not well in the England camp, but that is no surprise.

    Anelka only stated what the rest of the world think. So Domenech leaves himself with Cisse , Henry – both of whom are at the end of their careers an untried lad from Toulon and a misfiring Gignac.
    He must rue leaving Benzema out of the squad…. in fact he must rue taking a job that is too much for him.

  63. SharkeySure says:

    A text from ITV that tickled me:

    Three lions on a shirt..?? More like three kittens on a blouse !!!

  64. kelsey says:


    Nic starts, i haven’t got a Danish Flag, but will bacon do 🙂

  65. Roy says:

    Capello is a mug. Even Beckham could do a better job!

  66. London says:

    The French squad probably dream of having a manager like Capello.

  67. London says:

    “Three kittens on a blouse” now that is funny.

  68. kelsey says:

    A comedy of errors,but nevertheless an enjoyable game.
    Strange seeing nic play as a centre Forward, which of course he is.

  69. Hi all

    Good post rasp, it would seem there are many camps that are discordant at this world cup, not just the french. The end of the Capello honeymoon was gathering pace all week especially once Ledley King – a strange inclusion – was injured in the first game and out for 3 weeks. The Cameroon team also have the needle to their manager for his team selection.

    What amazes me is how well Argentina play as a team. The choice of Maradonna as their manager was widely derided yet they are obviously playing for him, the shirt and each other. Great team spirit and an intelligent bunch who seem to remember how to play football whatever their manager tells them to do.

  70. I don’t know if this is the whole ‘rant’ but Wrighty had a blast on Talksport this morning, he often talks a load of rubbish but he’s pretty passionate about his expectations of what an England player should deliver and it wouldn’t be terrible if he was in the England dressing-room to deliver a few home truths


  71. Mark T says:

    im glad walcott didnt go, the performances would of been blamed on him after an average season, it is the players thought not the managers.

  72. RockyLives says:

    Peaches, have just emailed a Post offering.

  73. […] England relieve the pressure on Arsenal supporters Well what a load of rubbish our national side dished up last night. My immediate post match reaction was all about […] […]

  74. Hi Rocky, if you’re around I can’t find the post anywhere – can you email it again please

  75. Rasp says:

    New post ….

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