Cesc Has Done Nothing To Be Ashamed Of.

I am getting more and more alarmed by a growing number of Arsenal supporters turning up on blogs and leaving hateful comments about Cesc.

“Fabrégas is just a money grabbing wannaway. Sell him now and get some players in who appreciate what wearing the Arsenal shirt means!!”  (JSP)

Has Cesc ever said that he wants to leave? No, is the answer to that question and more pertinent he has never said he wants to leave to play for Barcelona; that being the case, he has done nothing to be ashamed of in my opinion and I for one would welcome him back with open arms.

GnarlyGeorge9 suggested that there is no smoke without fire. This is often the case but it is worth remembering that it was two muck raking journalists Guillem Balague and Graham Hunter based in Spain who lit the match and our very own manc loving media fanned the flames along with a few blogs whose principle writers claim to support Arsenal. Cesc has never said he wants to leave.

This should not be confused with the answer he gave to the question posed by a sneaky journalist while being interviewed in his home town Arenys (on the coast, about twenty miles north of Barcelona), which went: “Where would you like to play after Arsenal?”, now as I said this was in his home town, which is as pro Barcelona FC as the Holloway Road is pro Arsenal on a Saturday afternoon; he answered sheepishly “to Barcelona”. But as I said this is not the same as saying that he wants to leave.

If you think about it Cesc’s position is far more difficult than first meets the eye because he cannot be sure that Arsenal will not sell him if the price is right and that possibility is incredibly important when assessing the rights and wrongs of this situation.

We all know that when it comes to selling a player every club has their price, a fact that both Cesc and his agent, David Dein’s son, are well aware of; they are also equally aware that Barcelona are capable of making an offer that Arsenal cannot refuse. So, let’s not kid ourselves, if the price were right Arsenal would sell him. As to the amount, my guess would be seventy million pounds.

This being the case it is impossible for Cesc to simply come out and say that he wants to stay at Arsenal and see out the rest of his contract. The problem with making that statement is that if Arsenal subsequently choose to sell him the Barcelona fans will think of him as a player who didn’t really want to join them which I am sure you would agree would not be the best way for any player to endear himself to a new set of fans.

The only thing that Fabrégas has said on this subject is that he wants to focus on the World Cup and that he is leaving his future in the hands of Arsène Wenger. Now this is where the fact of having David Dein’s son as an agent pays dividends. There is no doubt in my mind that this statement was arranged in conjunction with someone who really understands Arsenal.

Here’s my long shot: Barcelona are not serious about this signing; they were forced into it by the muck raking journalists and only out of shame have they made the derisory offer of 35 mill. My hope is when the incumbent president Joan Laporta leaves at the end of this month and Sandro Rosell arrives that he very quickly makes clear that it is not his intention to pursue this signing. With that being established, I then expect Cesc to be presented to us by the club as the biggest summer signing – something that as a season ticket holder would make me very happy.

Not convinced — Barcelona really want him I hear you say, well do they?

Much has been made about how we stole him from under their noses with offers of houses for family members here in London and reassurances of first team football but if that was all it took I see no reason why Barcelona couldn’t have made the same offers — and a whole lot more for that matter; I mean, there has never been any doubt who he and his family support so what would it take for you to give up an opportunity to play for Arsenal?

Cesc was not wanted by Barcelona then and while this laughable offer of 35 mill is on the table (and it is) I am not convinced he is wanted now, something that will not be lost on Cesc himself.

It is off course possible that Barcelona could increase their offer to 70 mill a figure as I said that Arsenal would not be able to refuse, a figure that would force Cesc to ride off into the sunset, not a happy scenario but one that raises the question:  would that then make Fabrégas the bad guy? Not to me it wouldn’t.

By London


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  1. elkieno says:

    I agree, a good read.

  2. Tajudin says:

    I love cesc but I really don’t like play for us nomore cos he’s heart is not with us nomore He arguablly fed up with us not winning nothing year after year. he also knows arsenal won’t buy no proven world class player. If he goes I only gonna miss him but don’t blame him he left us. Upp gunners

  3. Goonbag says:

    Good article and nice to see some reality on this subject.

    All quotes are from either Barca or agents, and how the command so much space in the media I just cannot understand.

    Toure’s agent pops up a week after claiming Yaya would never play for Arsenal saying he could help the switch for Cesc – again Agent talk after his move to Mercenry City had fallen through, a half wit can see through this – yet the English press cannot. What does that tell you?

    The presidential elections at Barca always come with public touting and lying of who the elected president will bring in – again we forget that Barca are in huge amounts of debt.

    If the media were to reort facts, there is nothing to report. Cesc has said nothing, Arsenal have stated clearly he is not for sale, but as is all too clear the English media are determined to fan the flames to push the best players out of the English leagues…. the Question of Why has never been asked?

  4. Goonbag says:

    Tajudin – Please explain why Cesc’s heart is not it any more?

    Was it his display against Barca x 2? was it his displays throughout the whole of the last season? Was it the lack of emotion he showed when scoring against Tottenham? Was it the way he lifted the team against Stoke after Ramsey was brutally injured?

    You must have evidence that ther rest of us are completely oblivious too.

    Or maybe you just a pathetic Spud with nothing better to do.

  5. James says:

    I agree
    I dont doubt that he might have told Wenger that he might want to join Barca but I also dont doubt that if Wenger told Cesc to stay for a year or even two years he will complaint
    Cesc has to much love for Arsenal and Wenger.
    But I am under no illusion that he will go to Barca in a year or two and we will probably replace him with Either Ramsey and Wilshere

  6. James says:

    Here Here, and also Here Here Goonbag, fucking hate it when people firstly make accusations with no evidence to back it up, but also when they can’t even make their point without a continuous line of spelling errors…

    If you are an Arsenal fan Tajudin, you are one of the few that make me feel well and truly sick..

    Cesc is going nowhere

  7. Biggy says:

    This is just a play on words . You and I know that Cesc would rather play for Barca than for us. His father has made it as clear as possible without equivocation. This has been a deliberate attempt to leave an elbow room in case the deal falls through. You tell me, if your dad says that you want to leave for another club and this is not the case, would you not immediately correct this?

    I think you are insulting our intelligence by saying that since he has not said it himself it does not count. The fact that he has not come out to deny it says a hell of a lot. Now don’t get me wrong there is no hate in my heart for the guy but he has belittled our club by flirting unashamedly with Barca. This gooner refuses to be taken in by any of these. The so called evil journalists have long been vindicated in their assertion [i.e. he wants out].

  8. jaygooner says:

    Superb article. I have been saying this since day dot. Cesc Fabregas is under contract to Arsenal until 2015. End of, Barca c untunlunya made a laughable official bid, precursured by every one including the window cleaner at the Nou Camp trotting out his Barca DNA yaddy yaddy ya. The Mighty Arsenal then made the brilliant FUCK OFF but we will put it more politely than that statement and still that idiot balague and the cretin laporta carry on. Jeeze. Fabregas aint going anywhere. This Mighty club would rather sell him to Luton for a dustbin lid than to those morons, It amazes me that so called supporters of this fantastic Club cannot see that. No negotitaion doesnt mean come back with a better offer it mean fuck the fuck off.Hopefully we will put in a bid for messi for say a bent euro and add in almunia flappyianski and the Man U spy silvestre. EIE

  9. shakyArsene says:

    Well said. We have to remember that the media generally hates Arsenal.

  10. Nick says:

    I don’t think Cesc is leaving, but if he does, arsenal will be just fine. They have proven so many times that they are still a very strong team when Cesc is not playing, though Cesc makes them stronger but they can still carry on without him, not to mention the replacement they will get if he goes.

    By the way check this link: http://www.AnthonyAsemota.com you’ll like what it’s giving away.

  11. JUNIOR says:

    cec’s has been a great legend to us but at the moment as a fan we may not trust him as we used to be , becos once such rumors and speculation comes around it really hurt and effect the whole player , more worse that of cec,s is more complex n complicating .

    therefore , pls as an arsenal fans lets get our priority right and think of how to deal this kind of repeating process every season concerning every legend we brought up.

    with this few remarks i pick off ma pen ,

    big thanks

    NB( hoping that the entire club board and management will re-think n find solution for this , pls WENGER WE NEED A CHANGE THIS SEASON) .

  12. andy says:

    Excellent post London. You raise very well the fact that it’s a far more complicated issue than at first it seems. I have no doubt that Cesc loves Barca but I also have no doubt that he loves The Arsenal aswell. He is not one of these players who randomly states his love for a club without any links to it, he was raised supporting Barca, all his family love Barca and he played for them as a kid. Through no fault of his own he is being used as a pawn and a good story for a lot of people and realistically it probably does put doubt in his mind. Add to that your opinion that the club would like to see just how high Barca may go and you have a young man in turmoil. If Cesc goes I would wish him the best and if he stays I would guarentee he will continue to give his all for the club. I agree with you that Barca are not that serious and are bidding more coz they feel they have to and for the emotional “local boy comes home” story, that aint worth £60-£70m and they know it.

  13. Big Raddy says:

    Fiddlesticks ……. I wrote a post on the same theme yesterday for posting next week – from a slightly different slant but similar nonetheless!!

    London. An interesting and well argued read. I agree, but I think Biggy has a point. Not having direct access to Cesc’s father, I am reliant on the reporting of his words to a 3rd hand source – Cesc to Spanish reporter, Spanish reporter to English journo, to English media – and there could well have been a massive distortion in the meaning of Cesc’s father’s words.

    Nonetheless, none of the Fabregas family have refuted the statement

  14. Big Raddy says:

    Andy.The offer of an extension to Xavi’s contract supports your view. (final sentence)

  15. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Now heres something that will help your cornflakes go down well London

    The Spanish media this morning speculates that Barcelona are being frustrated by Arsenal over a move for Cesc Fabregas and could turn their attention to Valencia’s David Silva , who is also wanted by Manchester City .

    Arsenal have already rejected a £30million bid for Fabregas from Barcelona and have made it clear that the Gunners’ skipper is not for sale. Although Fabregas has told Arsene Wenger that he wishes to move to the Nou Camp, Arsenal are standing firm. With the World Cup starting, further negotiations between the clubs are likely to be delayed.

    As a result, Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo reports that Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola could well turn his attention to Valencia’s David Silva , having already signed his former team-mate David Villa .

  16. gnarleygeorge9 says:


    The worry with this particular chapter in the Cesc to barca epic, is that with all this business going on, Cesc hasn’t come out & denied he wants to leave.

    I admire your trust in the boy, but, the real issue here is the lack of Cesc comments, not the where has Cesc said he wants to leave.

  17. Big Raddy says:

    Morning/Evening GG

    Far be it for me to speak for London, but he does make reference to your point, and I would agree.

    Should a high enough bid come in over the summer and he is sold, Cesc’s standing in Barcelona will be extremely high, whereas if he says he loves Arsenal and will never leave, he opens himself up to criticism. I think Cesc’s statement that he has trust in AW and will leave his future up to him, is a very good out whatever happens.

  18. kelsey says:

    Morning London.
    As I wrote yesterday

    If I read what i believe to be the facts, they are as the following.

    Barcelona and their bandwagon have been making all the noises and have faxed a bid of £30 million which has been flatly refused by the club, and that Cesc is not for sale.
    Cesc has said that he has spoken to Arsene to deal with the situation.
    I haven’t seen one quote that Cesc has asked for a transfer.

    With regards to hateful comments about Cesc, these aren’t Arsenal supporters, they are just not understanding the situation and are assuming the tripe written on so many blogs.

    I would like to know,slightly off topic how he has managed to play a full game about two months after receiving a fracture,I find that bit quite astonishing.

    My gut feeling is that if an offer of excess of £50 million came in, and a suitable replacement could be found, the Arsenal Board might consider it,otherwise I see him staying.

    Again off topic I read that Danny Fizman is terminally ill, and lady Nina has expresed an interest to cash in, so we have the boardroom blitz to contend with as well.

  19. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Morning/Evening BR

    I hope Spain cop a belting @ the WC

  20. kelsey says:


    I don’t.it is my adopted country, and I find them a very good entertaining team to watch, and maybe the team to beat.Holland are another, but often flatter to deceive.being english, i naturally want us to do well, but I feel that there are too many maybe’s in the squad, and that they are reliant on say 3 key players being on top of their game for the whole tournament.They being Terry,Gerrard and Rooney.A disciplined team will win the Cup,not a team with a few superstars IMO

  21. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Point taken kelsey, I’m just fed up with the whole barca bit.

  22. Alexandrasmith1 says:

    He has done nothing to be ashame of?! I’m so sick of people kissing his ass. He’s my favorit player and really good one, but to act like he’s done so much for us and therefore he doesn’t need to stay if he doesn’t want to. To end a contract with four (five?) years left on it is totally okay as long as you’re Cesc Fabregas.
    What the freak, we’ve done way more for him than he’s ever done for us and he owe us more than we will ever owe him. IF he wants to leave he sure has a lot to be ashame of.

  23. jena says:

    Why should be he ashamed of leaving a team which is seriously lacking ambition for team which is arguably the best in the world? The team is being dragged down by the board and Arsene Wenger…….These guys only care about their pockets and not the fans of Arsenal.Selling Fabregas for any price will not be good for this team…..It will be a major step back coz all we wnat is as fan is to win and we cant win anything by selling the best talent we have.WE should be buying players to come and play with Fabregas and not selling him. HOwever, I have nothing against Fabregas if he goes and Im sure he wont be the last of our stars to leave if the current situation prevails. AT the end of next season it will be RVP, Arshavin or Vermeulen being linked with other clubs. We have to have ambition, win things and make players want to join Arsenal. We should stop being a selling club which we have become. Its the only way most fans can stop resenting players who want to leave and have ambition beyond playing ‘pretty” “passing” football forever with nothing to show for it.

  24. Leon says:

    Fabregas wants to win the big trophies – he deserves to be playing at the highest level. Arsenal are just a medium sized European Club – big players don’t want to play for them and they sell their best players to the highest bidder every season – As an Arsenal fan Fabregas should go otherwise he will never win anything.

  25. Big Raddy says:


    If I had the time could argue every one of the points you raise.

    But and surely this is the point of the post….. where is your proof??

    Proof that AFC are unambitious.
    Proof that Cesc wants to leave
    Proof that the Board are only interested in profit.
    Proof that we do not buy top quality players
    Proof that RvP etc will be sold.

    What you write is a purely emotional response without basis in fact.

  26. Big Raddy says:

    Leon. No-one should be stopped from playing at the very highest level they can. As to your second point, I cannot and do not accept we will remain trophyless over the coming seasons.

    We are well placed to compete financially and on the pitch. With the steady development of our young players allied to the signing of some experience, we will dominate the PL.

    It would be fanciful to imagine we can dominate Europe, however we can but hope !

  27. Leon says:

    Arsenal are such a poor show – no ambition and everything is done on the absolute cheapest option – they are the Tesco Value of world football and the directors are getting very very rich out of it and its the poor saps also known as the Arsenal fans that are paying for it – I find it so amusing to read all the posts of the players the fans want at the club – who is it ? Buffon – Toure – Gourcuff – Bojan – Van Der Vaart – Hazard knowing that Wenger would NEVER spend that kind of money. I just read that Arsenal have pulled out of the Joe Cole race and he was available for FREE. Arsenal won’t sign anybody worth a toss – actually we may get Schwarzer – thats something to look forward to is’nt it – something worth forking £1500 for is’nt it ?

  28. Big Raddy says:

    Leon. Read the post and my two last comments.

  29. Rasp says:

    Morning all,

    Very good balanced article London.

    The only point I would make is that although (as Raddy says) there is no proof that Cesc has asked to leave, the lack of denial from Cesc and inappropriate comments from his father suggest that he has.

    Clearly there is a lack of evidence either way, but the accepted standpoint amongst most commentators is that he has asked to leave and trusts AW to sort the situation and that may or may not lead to his departure this summer.

  30. Rasp says:

    On the same ‘lack of evidence but high in probability theme’, it looks like we’ve either signed Joe Cole on a 3 year deal or a lot of people will have egg on their faces.

  31. dandan says:

    Great post London, This whole fiasco only serves to emphasis the power of the football media, devoid of any principle and short of material to fill their columns and broadcasting hours, they fasten on the rabid babbling of a couple of Barca affiliated journalist and a demented politico to fill the void pre world cup. All this nonsense will of course stop tomorrow at least until Spain and England exit the world cup.
    Th blogs however will still be dogged by Doomers and the bile of rival fans will continue to be sprayed across the net, But London and Raddy have eloquently debunked all the hysterical nonsense posted above.
    Just to prove my point NN has two article,s just published

    1 Arsenal rule themselves out of Joe Cole chase
    2 Cole has already signed a contract for Arsenal

    So you pays yer money and takes your choice
    As for Cesc, IMHO he will go on to star for Spain and come home to Arsenal for at least another year. By which time our young men will be ready and he will leave with the blessing of all reasonable fans as an acknowledgement of a great player and a job well done

  32. Big Raddy says:

    Point well made DD

  33. London says:

    Morning all

    Thanks for the kind words.

    The Father thing is undoubtedly an issue, I would argue it away by saying that it was never made officially, it could easily have been made up, and it was never refuted because that would have brought Cesc into a circus that so far he has done extremely well to stay out of. There is obviously a great deal of wishful thinking up there but hey ho that is what supporting is all about to me.

    The most disturbing thing I read above is that Fizman is terminally ill. If this is the case it will guarantee the biggest power shift at the club in the last twenty five years. Do we have any more information?

  34. kelsey says:

    Morning London,

    Fizman is terminally ill and in hospital in Switzerland, and i added that to my post, as i believe that the real turmoil at the club will be in the boardroom, and cesc’s future may be a side issue.

  35. Rasp says:

    Morning London,

    I have added some tags to your post as they generate more links to the article.

    Do you know if Arsenal have officially said they are not interested in Cole?

  36. Rasp says:

    Hi kelsey, as usual, you are far better informed than me. I wish Fiszman well.

  37. London says:

    Morning Rasp and Kelsey

    Wow, Fizman terminally ill, he is the one that dictates the tranfer budget, hell, not just that, he is the one that runs the business. This is massive.

  38. London says:

    By the way, if you ever wondered what I look like, I am not too dissimilar to Fizman in that picture.

  39. kelsey says:

    Have none of you guys around 50 and over got any hair. 😉

  40. London says:

    Stop showing off Kelsey 😉

  41. charybdis1966 says:

    Aye, aye – are we having new posts up at 4 in the morning ?
    I tend to agree with most of the post, it’s quite telling that Marca(or whatever it’s called) have hardly mentioned the Cesc saga all summer as it is a Real Madrid(aka General Franco’s team) paper whereas as El Mundo have done nothing put spout forth presidential electioneering of the Tapalona candidates since the end of our season. This would imply that Mundo is generating PR bollox for Joanie girl and his competitor Roswell as to reporting actual new -i.e.they are mere extensions of the annual election campaign. A comment oin a blog I saw elsewhere suggested that Joanie was not expected to win and was promising in an ever more desperate fashion that he would sign Cesc as it’s quite clear that this Roswell gajjee is going to win. Roswell is the one addressing the fact that Barca can’t go on spending indefinitely whereas Joanie is probably resigned to losing so he doesn’t have to worry about balancing the books, only making unsubstantiated promises.

  42. Excellent article. Completely agree with everything you have said. I have written details about Cesc and Arsene Wenger’s conversation in my blog.
    Take a look if you can.


  43. kelsey says:

    I never join the rumour mill,but today i will further the comment from arsenalinsider,that joe Cole is in fact joining us.

    Source is from the editor of bskyb.

  44. London says:

    Morning Chary

    I find it’s the perfect therapy when I can’t sleep.

    Don’t be fooled by Rosell, he knows he is going to win, he knows this negotiation will fall in to his lap and he also knows that one of the best ways to reduce the cost of a player is to plead poverty.

  45. Rasp says:

    Morning Iceman, nice article, I particularly liked your take on how AW would have responded to Cesc ….

    “let’s see what price they put forward for you. If it’s a healthy one (£50m+ in my opinion), then they really do want you and we can discuss a deal should you wish to move.”

  46. kelsey says:

    re your blog Iceman Gunner:

    With that figure, they will be HIGHLY lucky if we returned to them a reply with Cesc’s left boot in a parcel. It was an insult of a bid to say the least – both cheap and disrespectful to Arsenal FC and Cesc Fabregas. They further happily announced to the world they have made the bid and all anti Arsenal fans were so excited you would think they were all about get laid with Miss World).

    “If only you knew how true that is ” 🙂

  47. charybdis1966 says:

    I’m grumpy for the rest of the following day if I don’t get a decent night’s sleep in, although I’ve always struggled to sleep properly, like you seem to London.
    It’s interesting how the losing and winning candidates are using the Cesc situation for leverage. One is promising the earth desperately and the other is playing it down as he’s confident of winning.
    Overall – Cesc is being used as a pawn in the electioneering, is this something he’s happy with or indeed expects?

  48. Rasp says:

    Hi kelsey,

    I read that too. Would the arrival of Joe Cole mean Cesc is more likely to leave? – hopefully not; does the interest in Schwarzer mean that Manuel is going? – hopefully yes

  49. kelsey says:


    Who knows,but Cole is demanding a huge wage in excess of 100K a week. As i said yesterday as he is on a free, maybe the wage would be compensated if either Rosicky or Eduardo were sold as of course we have Chamakh on the salary bill as well now, and I can’t see us having so many attackers and attacking midfielders in the squad.

  50. kelsey says:

    re shwarzer, every blog says something different.Some say we have put in an offer, which has been rejected.others say we are keen on him, and others say Fulham have no intention of selling him.

    Which proves what we were saying the other day, they just highlight anything Arsenal without any real facts to back up their claim.
    Sensational reporting.

  51. Rasp says:

    God knows why PHW uses the Daily Star as his mouthpiece, but he has apparently confirmed that we have had a bid for Schwarzer rejected.

  52. Morning all

    Very good article London. To think that Barcelona have been forced to put their cards on the table by the muck raking of a couple of journalists is quite laughably sad – what I mean is that I, like you, believe that Barcelona had no intention of bidding for Cesc this summer – a point that was made after their visit to the Emirates – until there was a public desire to buy him.

    On another point I’ve set my spy the task of finding out what she can about the Danny Fizzman story.

  53. andy says:

    They were linking Rob Green again this morning. Saying that Westham are quoted that they’re not talking about a new deal and hope he has a good wc and raises his value. If he doesn’t play however he’s not going to be very happy and should be relatively cheap.

  54. kelsey says:

    Home » Premiership » Chelsea
    Blues know Cole’s next move

    Chelsea, 13:08, June 10, 2010

    Chelsea expect Joe Cole to sign for rivals Arsenal after the World Cup if he passes a stringent medical on his return to England.
    Blues officials announced that Cole and Michael Ballack were free to leave the club yesterday just before the England winger was due to face the media at a World Cup press conference, but the 28-year-old refused to reveal his next move.

    Cole is believed to have agreed a deal with Arsene Wenger a while ago, but it involves a clause which will mean Arsenal can back out if he fails a fitness test after returning from South Africa.

    That is one reason why the player is believed to be reluctant to speak about his future and could explain why Cole was hardly used by manager Carlo Ancelotti in the run-in as it became increasingly obvious to Blues officials that he was to join one of their biggest rivals.

    Sources suggest Cole has already signed a three-year, £80,000-a-week deal with the Gunners which would bolster Wenger’s ‘home grown’ contingent for the 25-man senior squads to be submitted to the Premier League in August.


    This actually makes sense, don’t you think ?

  55. Big Raddy says:

    Kelsey. It does make sense if we assume players are leaving. As you say TR is the most likely candidate.

    However, as I see it, Arshavin is the player who is most like Cole in his play, and unless AA is going to play “in the hole”, he is in direct competition for the shirt. So why would we pay €80k a week for a sub with no chance of development at 29 y.o.?

    I don’t believe the story……

    And as I have said before, Cole has Spud written all over him 🙂

  56. London says:

    If I try and put myself in Wenger’s shoes I don’t think I would see a lot of difference between Green and Fabianski, I am not entirely convinced that Wenger sees a great deal of deference between Almunia and Schwarzer. Although, it is encouraging that Hill-Wood has allegedly announced through his mouth piece the Star, is it possible for the word juxtaposition to be more appropriate, that Fulham have rejected an offer.

  57. London says:

    Hi BR

    Cole is a maris piper to me.

  58. kelsey says:


    it’s all a guessing game, but both Rosicky and Arshavin are 29 and then 30 later on this year.

    With regards to the keepers London, I tend to agree with you, not that much of a difference between the 4 of them.

  59. Big Raddy says:

    Haha. I have just seen that Benitez is confirmed as Inter manager, just a week after saying he would be mad to take such a poisoned chalice

    Shows how much I know !!

  60. Big Raddy says:

    London. Did you read the post I wrote on Saturday about my May26th experience? I imagine that you have been in similar situations!

    I see similarities between Green and Fab2. Fine shot stoppers but not enough presence in the box.

  61. London says:

    When I think about it, I have seen this one before; it is a very common spud tactic. When there is a player they think they can get they promote the idea that Arsenal are interested as hard as they can so that when they do sign him their fans think that they have got one over us. And what better way of endearing a chav to a bunch of spuds.

    That’s it for me Cole is a maris piper.

  62. Big Raddy says:

    Cole must be Redknapp’s Desiree´

  63. London says:


    Your post was magnificent, I voted to leave it there until the opening game of the season.

    My experiences were similar, although, as it was impossible to know that we were going to win I only let Arsenal supporters come round to my house to watch it. I went out into Soho after, I lost my wallet, my watch, my jumper and still have no Idea how I got home. It was Chaf’s wedding the following day, one of my dearest friends…….I missed the wedding…..one day he will forgive me. Lol

  64. Big Raddy says:

    London. That should be next years anniversary post!

  65. irishgunner says:

    Afternoon all.

    Rock and a hard place for Cesc a bit – I think he’s still committed to Arsenal but doesn’t want to burn any bridges with Barcelona where he ultimately wants to play.

  66. kelsey says:

    Afternoon irish.

    Our beloved chairman has indicated that Gallas will leave because he won’t accept a two year deal at 80K a week, yet one wonders sometimes how one evaluates a player’s wages.Is Silvestre as good as Gallas and I wonder what he earns, can’t be less than 35-40K a week.

    Apparently we have bid 3 million for Shwarzer who wants to come to us, that was refused,but i have a feeling we might be back, so what happens to Almunia, and what is he worth.

  67. irishgunner says:

    Afternoon Kelsey,

    I can’t see Silvestre been on that much. £20k max surely because he was never really bought to play.

    Interesting on Schwarzer – least Wenger is looking at the right type of keeper. Almunia isn’t worth much unless he’s happy to be relegated to No2 which I can’t see either.

  68. irishgunner says:

    ” Barcelona legend Hristo Stoichkov has branded Barca’s Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic a “failure” and insists he will end up at Manchester City.”

    😆 Basically he’s saying “your shit son, off to Manchester City where they’ll buy any old idiot for a huge lump of money”

  69. London says:

    Hi Irish

    You have the wonderful ability to make me laugh.

  70. Big Raddy says:

    lol Irish.

    The players they have at MC !

    And Zlatan would fit in beautifully. Silly haircut, lazy as a lazy person, speaks fluent English and speaks of himself in the 3rd person – “Zlatan had a good game, he thinks”, massively overpriced and over-paid, and he is an egoist.

    A perfect match for City…..

  71. irishgunner says:

    Evening London,

    As long as your laughing with me and not at me 😉

  72. irishgunner says:

    Evening Big Raddy,

    That’s the weirdest thing when people talk about themselves in the 3rd person. Makes one seem full of shit.

    Only so many hours till the World Cup guys WOOHOO although I might miss the first game 😦 but at least I’ll see the French crumble – not that I’m bitter 😆

  73. Big Raddy says:

    Big Raddy agrees with you Irish, apart from the France thing… because Big Raddy supports any team with an Arsenal player, and he is sure you will as well.

  74. irishgunner says:

    Irish agrees with Big Raddy and Irish sees that Big Raddy appreciates Irish is only have a laugh to get over the fact Irish’s nation once again didn’t make a major tournament.

    Irish feels sad because of that 😦 but Irish will be happy should it just be a good tournament.

  75. London says:

    Always with you Irish never at you.

  76. irishgunner says:

    LOL good to hear London 🙂

    I’m so exited its World Cup time – just football for a whole month = bliss 😀

  77. kelsey says:

    Anyone read Untold Arsenal today, there’s a spat going on about an LG blogger who claims the waiting list for season tickets has fallen dramatically.

  78. irishgunner says:

    😆 This must be Maradona’s idea.

  79. I can confirm that the waiting list has fallen dramatically as I was no 49,000ish when the Emirates openend but now I’m no 19,000ish but what does that prove exactly …….

  80. dandan says:

    Good morning all, So Arsene has spoken out, he says he is determined to keep Cesc for another year and admires Joe Cole because whenever we play against him he has done us damage.
    That answers some questions I believe, now we will just have to wait and see.


  81. Big Raddy says:

    Morning DD.

    In the article you kindly link us to, it does not say that AW wants to keep Cesc for another year. Wenger states that he wants to keep him – full stop.

    “What is important is that Cesc has a great World Cup and that he comes back to Arsenal with a great desire to do well for the club,” said Wenger. “We want to keep our best players – that’s my huge determination – I built this team for years from 16 and 17 years of age with most of the players. We want to continue to work with them because we feel we are very close, and strengthen the team in a very strong way.”

    Couldn’t be more positive really!

  82. Rasp says:

    Morning dandan, Raddy,

    I thought we mught use the Denilson article this morning Raddy – are you OK with that?

  83. Big Raddy says:

    Certainly Rasp

  84. gnarleygeorge9 says:

    Evening all


    If Spain wins the WC, would that make a Cesc move to Barca more likely do you think. London don’t jump on me with where has Cesc said he’s going, coz he hasn’t said he isn’t going 😉

  85. kelsey says:

    Morning all,

    My daughter had to go to hospital yesterday to have all her wisdom teeth out,and it was imperative that it was done straight away,so today she is back home, in a lot of discomfort.

    Shall try and come on later.

  86. Rasp says:

    New post ….

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