Arise Sir Diaby.

Sir Abou, as I shall respectfully call him from now on, earned his right to wear the glorious red and white shirt of Arsenal last night with the prestigious cannon emblazoned on its chest; once upon a time it would have had the words Victoria Concordia Cresit, underneath, although, until the goal the words victory through frustration rather than victory through harmony might have been more appropriate. This may seem a bit harsh, especially if you saw the high-lights on MOTD which managed to make the game look exciting but if you were there, I have to tell you, that for the first seventy minutes it was tough going for the spectator.

The first half was marked only by the chance that fell to Bendtner who lashed it over the bar, we were playing like a team, that unsurprisingly after the last two drubbings, were completely lacking in confidence but fortunately as hard as we tried we just couldn’t make Liverpool look good. Recent results may indicate to many a neutral that we are not as good as Manu or Chelsea but thankfully we have not fallen so far that we will be thought of as being worse than Liverpool.

The goal, the goal, the goal it was all about the goal maybe the fine save that Almunia pulled off from a rasping shot from Babel or the tackle timed to perfection by Gallas deserve a mention but I am sure you would agree nothing was more important than the goal — it changed everything.

It wasn’t expected, attacks were ebbing and flowing and the build up looked as though it was going to whither into nothing in the same way that every other attack that we had mounted had done so far, the ball was bobbling around Liverpool’s penalty area when it bounced kindly to Bendtner who played it to Rosicky on the right wing who, in turn, sent over an inch perfect cross to be met by the on coming, and now Knight of the realm, Sir Abou Diaby — the relief was tangible; the players, coaching staff and fans alike went wild, we were in the lead; can you remember the last time we went in the lead, I couldn’t then and I can’t now.

Suddenly the confidence returned, chests were pushed out, passes found their man and the world of football as we know it started to look a much better place. The goal, as you can imagine,  was Liverpool’s cue to stop time wasting, get the kitchen sink out and throw it at us as hard as they could, but no matter what came our way, and that included Gerrard cheating as much as he could, we stood firm.

Results couldn’t have been kinder on the night which puts us just five points behind Chelsea who I see as far more likely league winners than manu but as we know our run in is far better then theirs so perhaps it is apt to say that rumours of Arsenal’s demise might have been a little premature.

Player ratings…….and they are low for a reason.

Almunia: it’s funny how Coco looks better when we win but considering we have got more Poles than Spearmint Rhino surely one of them has got to claim the number one jersey next season…….I know, I know, I have been desperate to find a way of getting that one in. Lol. 5

Eboue: with Sagna looking jaded, Eboue’s inclusion was predictable and necessary; he offers so much more offensively than Sagna. One of the things that made me laugh was that with about 10 minutes to go he was hobbling around holding his leg waving to the bench indicating that he wanted to be replaced, the ball finally went out for a throw and we expected to see the last of Eboue but to everyone’s surprise Wenger who had obviously seen this all before was having none of Eboue’s antics replaced Bendtner for Sagna and you know what……surprise, surprise within two minutes Eboue was running perfectly. 5.5

Gallas: Billy boy was back to his self today, strong, commanding, determined and if there was a category for tackle of the season he would have won it; the perfection in which he took the ball from Ngog was world class. 6

Vermaelen: this man clearly wants to win the league; he hasn’t suffered the disappointments that so many of the others have and sees no reason why we shouldn’t. I agree with him. 6

Clichy: and as if to prove my point that it is funny how players that you have been questioning look better when we win, Gael finally put in a half decent performance. 5.5

Song: Stuck to his job of protecting the back four and did it very well, he seems to have cut out those silly unnecessary bad passes as well, I still maintain that by the time he is twenty six he will be one of the best in the world in his position. 6

Fabregas: turned back into the captain for the last twenty minutes, still too sloppy in his passing for my liking something he never used to do when Henry was at the club, I don’t know why that is? 6

Diaby: and so we come to the man of the match, gone where the sloppy passes, gone was holding onto the ball too long, gone was the lazy persona and on came the crisp tackler, the determined runner and the insightful passer, ladies and gentleman, I give you Sir Abou Diaby the midfielder we all hoped he would be. 8

Bendtner: sadly Nikky is never going to be Drogba or Torres; he doesn’t have the speed of turn but tonight he gave us a target man and played his part in the goal. 5

Arshavin: freed from the confines of playing the loan striker he was able to be more influential in the game, although, I think he is trying too hard, that’s to say I would like him to go back to doing the simple things well, too many passes are not finding their man. 5

Nasri: not on the pitch long enough to award a mark but what he did he did well enough.

Walcott: if Diaby can turn the opinion of a tide of doubters around; of which, I am included, then maybe there is hope for Theo.

Conclusion: one word…..relief.

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  1. London says:

    Morning All

    Phew, how badly did we need that win?

  2. Morning London – it was exhausting wasn’t it, I’m sure I kicked almost every ball. Going to read the post and re-post some comments from the last post……..

  3. Big Raddy Says:
    February 11, 2010 at 8:19 am | Reply edit

    Other blogs getting as silly with their optimism are they were with their pessimism!

    If we win the EPL it will be AW’s finest achievement, and it will require a huge slice of luck.

    One swallow does not make a summer !

  4. kelsey Says:
    February 11, 2010 at 9:00 am | Reply edit

    Morning all.

    Let’s put last night into perspective.Regardless of what AW said beforehand,we were shell shocked by the loss to United and Chelsea and the amount of passes that went astray,especially in the first half was nearly embarrassing.(Pool weren’t much better).
    The need for a decent winger becomes more and more apparent.I gave Song,Diaby,Gallas and Vermaelen their due,as they are fighters.
    In the second half I thought AA was just beginning to get into the game and then he got subbed.Rosicky was being smoothered in midfield as was Cesac, and then low and behold Tomas delivers the sweetest ball in, and Diaby showed how to score from a header.

    Was it wise to take bedntner off for the final 10 minutes.he looked a lot sharper but class he isn’t.

    Then poor old Theo, he goes from bad to worse.
    The ref gave 80% of fouls against us, but we hung on against an average Liverpool side,but it shows me the gulf between the top two and us is there for all to see.
    Anyway,3 points,vital points,otherwise we would have more pressure in a fight for possible 4th,the delight of scoring was felt all round by the players,and perhaps we can regain confidence and who knows.

  5. chaf Says:
    February 11, 2010 at 9:08 am | Reply edit

    Good morning AAers.

    I’m totally confused now, if we win the league it will be on other teams, i.e. Manure and Chelski’s mistakes, or their inconsistency. Everyone says the most consistent team wins the league, which is correct, we are consistent, we beat everyone [nearly] except those two.

    There was a time when we fared better against good footballing teams, esp in Europe, and got turned over by Bolton and other dross. Now we beat them and suffer elsewhere.

    Does this mean Manure and Chelski have stepped up a gear, or have we, against shite teams, or have they got worse.

    Or maybe our team is better and the top two out tactic us, which is nearer the mark.

    This all gives me a headache.

    Agree with Kelsey about Theo. I think he is only good away from home when we are under pressure, he can’t play football, he can just like like mad with the ball

  6. chaf Says:
    February 11, 2010 at 9:09 am | Reply edit

    “Run like mad” run being the important word!

  7. Rasputin Says:
    February 11, 2010 at 9:17 am | Reply edit

    Morning all 😉

    The prediction for the best case scenario was only one point (Manu) off being correct so it was a very good night for the Arsenal. Obviously winning the prem is still out of our hands, we’re just in a slighly better position than we were on tuesday.

    I said last night a scrappy 1 nil would do – and that’s what we got. No need for hysteria, just hard work and concentration on the pitch ….. and Arsene … play our strongest team for every game please, irrespective of having a CL game coming up!!!

  8. Morning kelsey and chaf

    I was at the game and there were a lot of disgruntled supporters around me – certainly during the first half which wasn’t particularly entertaining – but the team did appear more aggressive at the start of the second half and slowly the support began to sing up – suddenly it was really noisy and when we scored every one went crazy.

    It was a strange decision to sub Nikki unless he was injured, I would have like to see Diaby going up top instead Theo showed not for the first time that his footballing skills haven’t improved.

  9. Rasputin says:

    Morning London,

    Excellent post … and very apposite to have Diaby smiling down upon your words in the headline banner 🙂

    There were a couple of worrying signs that suggest we have not learnt important lessons. We were still giving the ball away cheaply after we scored by being too ambitious in our attacks. Cesc was particularly at fault in that and Clichy, on a couple of occassions tried to be too clever instead of clearing the ball decisively.

    I thought Gallas had an excellent game – albeit he maybe should have scored with the header. One or two last ditch tackles by him were positively ‘Adamsesque’

  10. Thankyou London – it was a strange game wasn’t it, Liverpool really didn’t try very hard and none of the clever things came off for us – some of Cescs vision was amazing only the recipient was often not on the same wave-length.

    I thought the defending was much better than of late – I have a good view of defending in the second half as I sit on that side of the pitch – although it could have been wishful thinking.

    Agree about the Gallas tackle – only Sol Campbell could have made taking that ball out as beautiful.

    Shall I offer to teach Theo about pushing the ball on and running onto it when hes beat his man?

  11. ‘Campbellesque’ surely 😛

  12. Great title London

  13. cashman says:

    I think you may be right here. It would be interesting to see how diaby fares in the striking role up front while we are in a bind in this area. he is quicker than Bendtner, better close control and not as prone to lashing a wild shot. His midfield experience would also be useful for spotting the right pass if the shot wasn’t on. While we don’t have a top class and on-form striker available might be an interesting message to send out to the fit strikers who are underperforming. The challenge with this though is the likelihood of Denilson stepping into the role alongside song which terrifies the hell out of me as he has been very poor this season.

  14. Rasputin says:

    Re: Diaby,

    One header – that inexpicable perfectly despatched own goal that gave united an undeserved victory over us at OT, made Diaby a liability in my eyes. Add to that, dwelling on the ball and spraying around hospital passes and it’s fair to say he wasn’t my favourite player!

    He has improved markedly since then and now, one header and he has achieved hero status …. “it’s a funny old game” 😆

  15. Agree completely about Denilson coming back into the side – its a scary prospect.Diaby has really changed opinion in the last few weeks and even seems capable now of changing his position during the game – from attacking mid-fielder to more defensive – must have found where he left his foorballing brain.

  16. Rasputin says:

    Morning cashman,

    With the emergence of Diaby and the other midfield options available to us, Denilson should only be regarded as a ‘squad player’ and at best be on the bench.

    Having lady luck shine on us last night, we must capitalise by playing our strongest possible team in the prem from now onwards.

  17. irishgunner says:

    Morning/evening all,

    I think we all know who the real star was last night…

  18. Bongo says:

    Sir Diaby, and King Gallas…

  19. Rasputin says:

    Would that be a certain Tomas Rosicky Irish? 😉 … the quality of the cross made up for the poor touch when through on goal earlier. Thank goodness Sagna wasn’t the one in that position delivering the cross … it would have ended up as a dreary nil nil…..

  20. London says:

    Nice one Bongo: Sir Diaby and King Gallas

    I hadn’t thought of that.

  21. charybdis1966 says:

    Morning all, what a relief it was to finally get a win last night, I was beginning to forget what getting 3 points was like.
    The fact that our rivals(Chavs/Manks) dropped points and those who think they are our rivals(Spuds) is great. Did anyone see ‘Arry twitching furiously in the dug out at Goodison ? Hilarious stuff, maybe he fears being called as a witness at his former employers hearing with HMRC? Great to see Cashley put out of action for a while too.

  22. irishgunner says:

    Rasp how did you guess 😳

    I didn’t get to see the game but caught a few highlights around the net. All that matters is the three points and that the Chavs, Mancs and Spuds dropped points and Liverpool too obviously.

    Are Nasri and Arshavin’s injuries bad or just niggles?

  23. I hope nobody goes back and finds what we were saying about Diaby a few weeks ago 😳

    Almunia made a great save and I did feel sorry for him because it was freezing and he didn’t really get called into action until late in the second half – by then my toes were frozen and I’m sure his were too.

  24. London says:

    Morning Rasp

    I’m not sure about hero status, but if you had been at the game you would have understood how desperate I was for something to write about. At half time, I thought it would be more interesting to write about the weather forecast than write about the game it was that much of a non event, then, of course, the goal came and the idea of Sir Diaby jumped into my head and made me laugh, it never ceases to amaze me that no matter what one thing always comes up.
    Still Diaby is back on track.

  25. irishgunner says:

    What was the mood like on the way out of the ground Peaches?

  26. London says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Nasri?

  27. Lots of smiling faces and loud singing, 1-0 to the Arsenal ringing out loud and proud.

  28. charybdis1966 says:

    I heard it was concussion London, a bang to the side of the face. I don’t think that will keep him out for long, however I think it’s more important the Meerkat is fit; he’s my favourite player in the current squad and he’s one of the fighters in our team.

  29. I think it was a head injury London – thats what people who were watching it on sky told me. I didn’t notice anything during the game – except that he was on and off for a while wasn’t he.

    As Rosicky stripped off Nasri made that great run didn’t he so I wasn’t sure what the problem was.

  30. simon says:

    Man United got their pants pulled down by the rest of the top 4 last season and still won the league. So if we stick a great run together…?

  31. Rasputin says:

    Did ayone see Lofty outmuscle Carragher when he was defending for us in the left back position? Very funny, the scouse enforcer embarrassed by 5ft 4ins of Meerkat….. he’s my favourite player too chary, hence my gravatar

  32. irishgunner says:

    Simon – We have actually won two more points against the other “top 4” than Mancs did last year.

    That and every season since the Premier League started and we have faced Everton away we have finished 1st or 2nd – the omens are good 😀

  33. London says:

    Good point Simon

    It’s all about the run in now and I see no reason why the players will not realise this and do every thing they can to bring that trophy home.

  34. charybdis1966 says:

    No I didn’t notice that Raspers, but it shows the fight AA23 has in him; those gravatars show up too small for my poor eyesight to notice.
    Peaches – are you going to the Sunderland game?

  35. Dirty Turkey says:

    Can anyone explain why Thomas Vermaelen was in the Liverpool penalty box trying to score a 2nd Arsenal goal in the 93rd minute of the match?

    Unitl we get basics like that sorted we’ll never win a trophy.

  36. kelsey says:

    Nasri was concussed and felt sick but is OK.AA has a suspected torn hamstring.Off to the dentist(again)

  37. Yes chary I shall be at the Sunderland game. Last season Raddy picked it as a possible goalfest and came to London especially – twas 0-0 wasn’t it?

  38. London says:

    Some time ago I accompanied a friend who had reason to visit a brothel in Bangkok. It was the size of a small band venue with a low stage at the front, as we entered the women were lying on the sofas or reading news papers looking very bored when all of a sudden the Madam clapped her hands and all the girls instantly jumped up and started dancing……I feel that a certain Madame has just clapped her hands and we are all dancing 😉

  39. Rasputin says:

    I agree DT, we seem to have learned nothing from the 4:4 against the spuds, Cesc was equally wreckless.

    Maybe it is not our style to shut down a game, but we do know how to keep possession and that was all that was required to seal victory.

  40. Rasputin says:

    Madame peaches 😆

  41. London says:

    Dirty Turkey

    Even more disturbing, there was a moment after we had scored when both Vermaelen and Gallas were our sole representatives in the Liverpool box.

  42. irishgunner says:

    We don’t have a game this weekend do we? Next up Porto?

  43. London says:


    That is going to stick lol

  44. We’re a team that just loves to attack. With 10 minutes to go I turned to the lady next to me and we exchanged remarks about holding on to a lead and remembering that it was only 1-0 and watched as the team went gungho for a second.

    At one point Gallas and Vermaelen were off-side right in front of the Liverpool goal.

  45. Just get on with it please 😆

  46. London says:

    I’m dancing, I’m dancing 😉

  47. irishgunner says:

    Now I’m not one for condoning hand balls (Titi 👿 ) but Cesc that was sweet….

    Take that ya cheat Stevie Me

  48. KING GOONER says:

    big up “sir diaby” & “king billy”-not even that c**t howard webb could stop us-he must have given the mickey mousers everey 50/50 free kick going!!

  49. London says:

    Exactly Irish

    I should never have been a free kick in the first place.

  50. London says:

    Ok, I really have to work now, back later.

  51. irishgunner says:

    London – Gerrard’s diving increases tenfold when Liverpool go behind. He is a great player but what a disgrace, disgusting to see so much of it in football.

    Jebus, even Eboue looks like a Saint next to him.

    I hate to see Eboue do it, but in all fairness its only every couple of games with Stevie Me its EVERY GAME – how does he not embarrass Liverpool fans?

  52. charybdis1966 says:

    That’s right Peaches, I do remember Radders being at one of the games last year and I recall a tepid nil-nil. The season before I think was the last time the boy wonder scored from a free kick.
    I’d dance, as you ordered Madam Peaches, but as I’m neither gay or black I have no sense of rhythm and can’t dance. 🙂

  53. Sammy Nelsons Pants says:

    If you want to push Diaby up into a strikers role ( not a bad idea IMO, and he has played in the hole in his pre Arsenal days) his midfield place should go to Ramsey, not Denilson. I agree our number 15 isn’t having a good season. Our number 16 is a revelation, for me. Already a class act, give him 2-3 years and he’ll be our Paul Scholes circa 2004 – box to box, goals, assists, the lot.

    The race is back on – ManU and the chavs are both well capable of dropping points, and I do fancy our run-in. We are still the outside bet though. We may catch one of them, but both? Reminds me of 1997-98 and all that……

  54. irishgunner says:

    Chary – Wasn’t that RvP goal the last direct free kick we scored until this season?

  55. charybdis1966 says:

    Could well be Maire – 08/09 was a pretty barren season for our free kick takers. Robin thundered it in off the underside of the bar – I had my oldest son with me to see that game and he got to see his favourite player score.

  56. irishgunner says:

    Sammy – I think that Chelsea and United are equally likely to drop points.

    They both had the chance to pull away from us last night and both failed.

  57. irishgunner says:

    I thought my favourite player would score for me when I was at the Birmingham game but he missed two VERY HARD chances.

  58. chaf says:

    * Madame Peaches hot line *

    Come on line and talk to one of our dirty bloggers one to one….. “Enjoy Foul Play”…

    Get online now!!

  59. irishgunner says:


    The Football Association released the following statement at 11am on Thursday.

    “At a Regulatory Commission hearing this week, Arsenal and Hull City were fined for failing to control their players during a match at the Emirates Stadium in December.

    “The clubs were charged in relation to a mass confrontation between players from both sides during the fixture on 19 December.

    “Hull admitted the charge. Arsenal denied the charge but the Commission found it proved. Hull City were fined £40,000 while Arsenal were fined £20,000. Both clubs were warned as to their future conduct.”

    (Had forgotten about that)

  60. charybdis1966 says:

    Who was your favourite player again Maire, is it the same as Rico’s, i.e Bendy, the great dane ?

  61. Alfa says:

    Morning all

    London, that post was more exciting than the match. I told Mrs. Alfa you were probably going to write ‘the game kicked off, then it was half time, then Diaby scored, and then I had something to write about’. You put it a lot better.

    Shame about Bendtner and Rosicky’s finishing but I guess that is confidence (it’s be nice to Nikki week).

    It struck me that we played well below our best most of the time, just showed some flashes of better play. Whereas Liverpool looked like they were at the top of their game without Torres, i.e. mediocre.

    We have a bloke in our row who always often leaves about 10 mins before the end and we always score when he does. We were getting so frustrated that we made him leave with half an hour to go – bingo ❗ I’m going to give his mobile number to Arsene.

  62. Alfa says:

    Irish, AW won’t like having to fork out £20k. Can we expect a statement along the lines of Arsenal having to withdraw from the EPL because the fines are not sustainable?

    Hello Chaf.

  63. irishgunner says:

    Chary – Super Tom 😀

  64. irishgunner says:

    Alfa – 😆 Did you see Hull got fined more ha ha the orange one won’t like that

  65. charybdis1966 says:

    Ah, the Verminator ! No, I know you mean our Wolfgang Amadeus.

  66. irishgunner says:

    Football has been denied greatness because of Rosicky’s injury problems.

    He is a supreme player. More complete a midfielder than Cesc IMO

  67. Alfa says:

    Irish, wouldn’t it be a shame if Tango got another fine for an ill-advised slating of the FA.

  68. charybdis1966 says:

    hat’s something we’ll never know Maiere, but I must admit to losing patience with him after over a season out – when me and Peaches saw him run out at Barnet last August I had to check we actually had a number 7 in our squad. His look of intense concentration throughout his time o n the pitch that day I thought stemmed from an awareness that he owed us, and AFC, a lot for sticking by him for the last 2 injury-blighted seasons.

  69. charybdis1966 says:

    * “That’s something…”

  70. irishgunner says:

    😆 that’d be terrible Alfa and surely he deserves a fine for his awful dress sense.

    Chary – I really like the guy. He’s such a great player – can read the game, can pass through the eye of a needle, can shoot, can cross, can defend. I was so willing him to comeback and honestly I’m even shocked he has played so many games – he has started 11 and came on as a sub 11 times. I don’t think he has played 90mins yet though.

    He has been off form for a while but seems to be back into his stride now just as we need him.

    Great asset to the squad.

  71. charybdis1966 says:

    Have you ever had the chance to see him play in the flesh Maire? (and I don’t mean his ensemble performance with the troupe of call girls.)
    I saw DB10 play at the old Wembley and I’ve never seen a more complete, touch perfect attacking player in the noble red & white of our team. It’s why I often think God is dutch and wears a number 10 shirt.

  72. I agree Irish that we’ve really missed Super Toms attributes – apart from his skillful play he adds maturity to the squad and I expect the kids respect the fact that he was out for a long time and didn’t lose his marbles.

    The team ticks better with him than Nasri for example, although Nasri still has to find his place – whats his best position?

  73. irishgunner says:

    Only time I saw him was at the Birmingham game Chary but it wasn’t his greatest game. Hopefully will get to see him next time I get over.

    I met a real old Gooner at one game and he said Bergkamp was the best player he has ever seen play in England let alone Arsenal.

    Out of all the players I’ve seen over my couple of games in the flesh the one who has impressed me most is RvP.

  74. irishgunner says:

    Peaches – Good question about Nasri.

    I think he is a more central player. Sometimes he seems a bit lost out on the wing.

  75. charybdis1966 says:

    That old timer was right Maire, although at that CL game at Wembley I was also impressed by Petit. He seemed to be at a level above any other midfield player. What Robin has acquired in recent times is the ability to retain the ball while being jostled by lumpen defenders and still work the ball forward.
    Nowadays I marvel at Cesc’s ability to slow time around him so he always seems to find time for a pass amidst the hurly-burly around him. Obviously last night wasn’t one of his best but when I’m at games I see this in Cesc consistently. I also notice the affection the team has for Eboue.

  76. Alfa says:

    I’m not a real old Gooner (nearly) but I strongly believe that DB10 is the best Arsenal player ever and also made the single biggest impact on the club.

    Back to today. Rosicky could be a star for us. He’s lost his touch a bit but his positional sense and off the ball work is better than say Nasri. Maybe that’s why he seems to make good tackles, he’s in the right place.

  77. SUGA3 says:

    morning, AA 😉

    good writeup, London, enjoyed reading it!

    once again: YEEEEAAAAAHHHH ❗


  78. irishgunner says:

    It makes a huge difference watching players in the flesh than on tv, massive difference because you get a much bigger picture.

  79. Its not just seeing the players in the flesh – my hopes of seeing Sol Campbell were dashed again last night 😦 – its seeing the whole game open out in front of you and being able to watch how off the ball work is so important.

    Eboue is a prime example of this – last season when he was played in mid-field – he would drift into areas that either he wasn’t needed or where nothing was going on – he does too much watching – he does, he stands still and watches. Very strange – but I like him as a right back.

  80. Franchise says:

    well hello there

  81. Franchise says:

    So good you named it twice

  82. irishgunner says:

    Hello Hello Franchise

  83. Franchise says:

    Irish I miss you… We need to take our relationship to the next level 😀

    Wenger wont be able to satisfy you and Maldini is coming out of the closet end of the year

    Unless I decided to keep him locked there 😀

  84. irishgunner says:

    😆 Franchise

    Wenger has aged dramatically and I was wondering where Maldini had gone to 😆

    How you keeping? Were you at the game last night?

  85. Hello hello to you too Franchise

    Where you been, I clapped my hands hours ago – you’ve missed the dancing boys 😳

    See it was worth going last night – if it hadn’t been so cold some would have nodded off – whens your next game?

  86. Alfa says:

    peaches, you don’t get the same banter either (much of which as we know can’t be repeated here 😳

    Did anyone notice the worst pass of the night?

    When the ref tried to kick it to Eboue I think for a free kick, and ended up kicking it 20 yards away by the corner flag 😆

  87. SUGA3 says:

    Jeez, it’s hectic at work – would love to join the discussion, but the world will not save itself, will it?

    catch you guys later in the afternoon 😉

  88. alfa – that was the biggest cheer in the first half wasn’t it 🙂

    Catch you later suga

  89. irishgunner says:

    Go save the world Suga :mrgreen:

  90. Franchise says:

    Peaches Im going for the next homer which is????? I have no clue but Im seeing the next few games as DDM cant be asked

    Irish Im ok. Im a believer again. We can actually do it. My gut feeling says United would win it again. I was going to say I would kill myself if it happens but life is precious 😉

  91. Actually the best moment for me was definitely Gallas and Vermaelen getting caught off-side 😆

  92. Rasputin says:

    At last we’ve got some height in the side … welcome Franchise 😆

  93. Franchise says:

    And Im a closet Manc. BTW Maldini says hi and he is not into Irish women

  94. Alfa says:

    Definitely the biggest cheer.

    Summed up his knowledge of football as well. 😕

  95. Thats Sunderland on the 20th at 3pm – thats a Saturday at 3pm – surprise surprise proper football

  96. irishgunner says:

    That’s not what he told me Franchise 😉

    Ha ha better to be a believer than a manic depressive.

  97. Rasputin says:

    Re: being a ‘believer’ – I bring everyone’s attention to the pic at the top of the right hand side column 😉

  98. charybdis1966 says:

    I’ll be there for the mackems game -who else is going? I think I’ll wear my home strip top to the gym tonight – I couldn’t do that had we lost last night.

  99. Where it with pride chary – hope there’ll be some chavs or spuds around for you to upset 😳

  100. London says:

    Afternoon everyone

    Have I understood this correctly? AA is featured on NN already?

  101. charybdis1966 says:

    There’ll certainly be Manks and Chavs there Peaches – the latter as I’m west of London and the former cos, like vermin, Manks are everywhere.

  102. London says:

    Come on Peaches

    Ask him if he can do the match report?

  103. Rasputin says:

    Hi London,

    Yes, we’re on NN – you’re article has been viewed 1,263 times and rising 😉 and we are currently ranked at No.12 on ‘Top of Blogs’ – click on the icon on the side bar to view.

  104. Chary would you like to do a match report for us for the Sunderland game?

  105. charybdis1966 says:

    Ah sorry Peaches/London – I’ve already promised the Septics site I’d do apiece on the Sunderland game – isn’t it bad form to write for 2 different sites? I can put the link for it up, but my match reports aren’t really the factual ones that you’d probably want, they’re more impressions of the match day experience.
    Sorry again guys; I could do other stuff in future maybe.

  106. irishgunner says:

    Bedtime for me – till tomorrow, I salute you Lord Rosicky (and also Diaby and the rest 😉 )

    Bye folks.

  107. Hello London – yes we are, your article was picked up as soon as it was posted and thats why I clapped my hands 😆

  108. irishgunner says:

    ” isn’t it bad form to write for 2 different sites?” – I’m a whore so, how many sites do I even write for?? 😳

  109. Thats fine chary 🙂

  110. Rasputin says:

    Nite Irish …. Enjoy your knight 😉

  111. Go to bed – stop giving us a bad name, whores, brothels I don’t know 😆

  112. London says:


    Never mind the match report being factual I would be happy to read a match report of yours that is surreal 😉

    Hope you enjoy the game.

  113. Ok chaps I’m off for a while can you all keep an eye.

    Maybe chary would like to write a post for us London, I’ll ask him nicely 😀

  114. London says:

    I just had a look up and there is a comment from “Sammy Nelson’s pants” How great is that name? Top Drawer.

  115. London says:

    No, don’t ask nicely….beg 😉

  116. London says:

    Hi Alfa

    I’m glad you understood the dilemma becasue at the break I had exactly what you imagined.

    The game kicked off and then it was half time.

  117. charybdis1966 says:

    I have to reign in my flights of fantasy at the best of times London! In keeping with the tone of today, Peaches will have more luck if she orders me to write a post dominatrix styley. 🙂

  118. charybdis1966 says:

    To clarify: that’s order me in a dominatrix style.

  119. Well I look ok in black and I suppose I could get the whip out………

    chary – a post is required for tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday, will you oblige?

  120. Big Raddy says:

    Classic post London.

    The Pole joke was superb – I can’t wait to use it !

  121. charybdis1966 says:

    I think I could Peaches, as long as you get the whip out, but it may not be particularly long(the post that is)or currently relevant but I do have the kernel of an idea or two. My inspiration levels are erratic to be honest.

  122. Alfa says:

    London, how do you know how many poles there are in Spearmint Rhino (wherever that is 😳 )?

    And how did you find time to count them?

  123. Its going to be a slow weekend for us so if its not relevant that would take our minds off the fact that we have no football 😦 Thanks Arsene

  124. Aha, so now I’ve googled it I see the tone was set in your post London – very clever – whooooooooosh went right over my head 😛

  125. charybdis1966 says:

    It’ll still be about AFC predominantly though. I’ll get my brain cells warmed up for the weekend.

  126. Big Raddy says:

    There seems to be a red thread running through London’s input today.

    Spearmint Rhino —- Brothel in Bangkok ——- I look forward to the next revelation

  127. Rasputin says:

    London’s not Avram Grant’s chauffeur is he?

  128. Big Raddy says:

    Good man Chary.

    This mornings media concentrated upon Fab’s handbll . What happened to British fairplay…. did it go out the window. Gerrard’s performance was disgraceful. The man dived repeatedly and almost got rewarded for his cheating. Why didn’t he get a card for his first dive? Had Webb shown any backbone Stevie Me wouldn’t have dared dive again.

    On Danish TV, Our Boy Wonder (Nik) was proven not to have dived. Agger clipped his ankle, and Nik went down. No protest from him, just a wry smile and a laugh with Agger.

    The point being that Referees don’t seem to notice when an Englishman dives, Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard all expert divers but never carded. Eduardo gets chopped, the media accuse him (wrongly) of diving and he is taken to the War Crimes Tribunal. Rooney gets a lauded.

  129. Big Raddy says:

    And while I am ranting…..

    How could MOTD defend Nani’s dreadful and totally illegal tackle?

    Oh, I remember now, he plays for Man Utd. and they are the True Gentlemen of the Game !

  130. Rasputin says:

    It’s all true Raddy, yet the irony is that the same British media will also be the ones who will crucify the English players leading up to the world cup if they can dig any dirt = JT. Don’t get me wrong, JT is a scumbag, but maybe if a french player in the prem had done the same thing, he’d have been reported differently.

  131. I feel the same Raddy – I said after the Eduardo incident we wouldn’t get another penalty this season – where’s that ITYS button 🙂

    Anyway, where have you been today? If you go into my dashboard and click on blog stats you’ll see how things have changed since monday. In addition click on the ‘top of blogs’ link in the side-bar where we are now sitting at no 11.

  132. Rasputin says:

    Actually, the more I think about it, the problem is essentially ‘football cultural’. Even Lee Dixon was bemoaning the fact that players aren’t allowed to tackle any more. The grass roots English football pundits all spout this ‘man’s game’ nonsense. Since when was it manly to collapse at the touch of a feather Steve?

    Maybe our mistake was trying to play continental style football (= based on technique and ability) in a league that is still 20 years behind Europe in it’s appreciation of the game.

  133. Big Raddy says:

    Peaches. Italian class this morning Danish in the afternoon!! 7 hours of language tuition, and am I any better? Of course I am !!

    Did you get my email?

    Rasp. I agree entirely about the JT thing. Typical British prurience.

    Still I guess it sells papers.

  134. Big Raddy says:

    That’s why we do better in Europe. It isn’t that we punch above our weight, it is that we get better refereeing and our players get more protection. The kick to Eboue’s face would have been a sending off in Italy or Spain.

  135. charybdis1966 says:

    Will try my best Radders and quality ranting there.
    Raspers – maybe London is Pleaty’s chauffeur.
    Anyway I’m off – it’s been a blast! Laters, as the youngsters say.

  136. SUGA3 says:

    afternoon all 😉

    the world is still in one piece, so I must say ‘well done me’ 😉

    Webb was absolutely his typical self – in Polish, his name sounds exactly the same as a derogatory slang expression for someone dumb 😆

  137. London says:

    More Poles than Spearmint Rhino, I have been bursting to use that one, it makes me chuckle every time I think of it but to be honest I have never set foot in one of their establishments, although, it’s been funny to watch who got he joke and who didn’t 😉

  138. London says:

    I completely agree about Gerrard, his cheating last night was disgraceful, although, truth is, it wasn’t just last night’s game, it is now in every game.

  139. London says:

    Hey Suga

    Are you Polish? No offence meant mate, I have got some mates who are Brentford fans and they are raving about Szczesny.

  140. Big Raddy says:

    London. There was a very good interview with Chesney on BBC London TV. Worth searching for.

  141. London says:

    I’ll have a look

    By the way, to answer your question, I’m Lee, pleased to meet you.

  142. Big Raddy says:

    I cyber shake your hand…

  143. SUGA3 says:

    none taken London 😉

    I rate Szczesny highly and I reckon we could do well with him in goal next season – he would have kept out at least one of the Drogba’s goals…

  144. Big Raddy says:

    That’s the one Suga. Thanks

  145. SUGA3 says:

    I like how reasonable and down to earth this fella is – WS is son of a top bloke, former Polish international GK, Maciej Szczesny: probably trained with his old man since he could kick and catch the ball properly 😉

    knows what he wants and knows his worth…

  146. kelsey says:

    sorry i forgot good post london, worth a triple A 🙂

  147. London says:

    Very kind Kelsey

  148. Big Raddy says:

    Good Morning All.

    I am ambivalent about Cashley’s injury. On the one hand, anything that hinders Chelsea is a positive, but on the other., Cole is an essential element of the England team, one of the few real World class players, and I want England to excel in SA.

    Let’s hope he recovers early- May.

    AA’s hamstring isn’t good. Our players start with strains which develop into a 6 week lay off.

  149. I think this is a good site. A co-worker informed me of this site and I must say it will become a weekly read for me! Thanks for the lovely information.

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