The Thin Red Line

December 5, 2015

I should stop here – this post will not get better than the title 🙂


The Northern Hordes are coming to the Emirates flying the flag of Attila Allardyce and our brave few are going in to battle defending the honour of free-flowing, intelligent, attacking football.

I have written enough about The Walrus and his brand of football but if one wants to see the damage he can do to a club just look East of the Emirates to West Ham. A sorrier tale of a club’s traditions reneged for the sake of points will be hard to find. Sure he could  keep a dreadful Sunderland team in the PL but at what cost? He is the prime example of Money over Aesthetics. Serve up “19th Century Football” (thank you Jose) and you may win points but certainly no fans and the locals will hate you for it. Keep doing it once you are secure in the billionaire playground of the Premier League and you get the spanish archer (cockney slang for El Bow”).

A man who will never get the spanish archer is our manager. Many believe Arsenal are wrong to commit so firmly to the Wenger philosophy but win, lose or draw people watch Arsenal. Why? Because in a few seconds you may see something not witnessed anywhere else in England – imagination of pass construction at a speed of thought which at times seems inhuman. OK, we do not win as much as a huge club should but in my opinion the manner of victory is more important than the victory. The only time I have considered giving up on Arsenal was in the last few Graham years – I just couldn’t stand watching them any more.

Can I get through this without mention Santi, Welbz, Little Jack, Alexis, Tommi, Arteta, Kos, Gibbo et all? Clearly not, but they cannot help us this afternoon, so who can?

Will Mr Wenger let Theo play against a team committed to hoofball or will he sacrifice Campbell? Given the big game midweek I would give TW 15 minutes .

There remains enough attacking talent to win. Concentration and strength at  defensive set plays will be essential. If we go behind it will be a long climb back.

Given our recent poor form and injuries I hesitate to suggest we will win at a canter but I do think we have enough to win this


written by Big Raddy