Us and Them.

September 2, 2012

After two games without conceding a corner, we have the opportunity to play a team who are sure to attack and thank goodness for that. Our stats show that either our defence is the best in world (ever) or that our opposition have been too afraid to offer anything other than estacionar el autobús football – I would love to believe the former.

Today will be a test, a big test. Liverpool have spent plenty of money after a very poor couple of years. The massively over-rated management skills of King Kenny have been dispensed with as John W. Henry attempts to rebuild – it is proving to be an expensive overhaul. The signing of Rodgers will, in my opinion, prove to be inspired, he is a fine manager with a commitment to playing entertaining football – the banishing of Andy Carroll says all about the differing philosophies of Dalglish and Rodgers. I wish him luck and for his team to finish higher than last season, say 6th.

In 2011 Liverpool spent £113m. How many of those signed were successful? Well, Carroll is at WHU with L’pool receiving just 20k a week of his wages, Adam at Stoke, Henderson was offered as bait to sign Dempsey, Aquilani bought for almost €20m was sold to Fiorentina for under €2m and €22m Stewart Downing is playing at full-back. All of which gives further evidence to the genius of Mr Wenger in the transfer market. Henderson, Carroll, Aquilani Downing, Suarez, Johnson and Allen all cost more than our record signings. And how many of them would get into our current team? Perhaps Suarez and even he is doubtful, why? Because he is a diving cheat.

Of course Rodgers signings could turn out to be inspirational but looking at the fragility and lack of depth of their defence added to the lack of clinical finishing upfront indicates a lack of balance. We shall see in April. Sahin could prove to be worth the wages AW would not pay. Rodgers also has the mercurial talents of Joe Cole to work with (on 90k a week!!).

Liverpool were unlucky not to beat Man City last week whilst we struggled with Stoke. Outsiders would say we are in for a drubbing, and let’s be honest, Anfield has not been the happiest of hunting grounds for Mr Wenger. (though it was for a certain George Graham 😀 ) Another week on the training ground to gel our mis-firing but hugely talented squad will be beneficial. We have few injuries, we have strikers who are certain to score very soon, we have a defensive co-ordination not seen for some years (so far!) and will be playing a team who will attack – I rate our chances.

Theo should start, and both Pod and Giroud. We need goals.

My team:

If fully fit , the mobile Koscielny is a better choice than BFG against a small, pacy attack. The rest pick themselves. I would certainly have Arshavin on the bench and give him 30 minutes. He looked lively as an impact sub.

Howard Webb will need a clear head today. Suarez and Stevie Me are two of the PL’s worst cheats. Can there be more detestable (if quality) players in the PL? Throw in the eye-bulging madmen – Skretl, Carragher and Agger and we can see that this afternoon will be highly contested. Thankfully Lucas is out through injury, he is very good and would complement our midfield (sadly, too expensive for AW).

One interesting fact, in the last 7 games between the clubs there have been 7 goals after 90 mins. Last season BSR won it a beautiful volley.

Following on from kelsey’s Stoke non-revelation ….. Stoke have signed a new central defender.

To those lucky enough to attend today, have a wonderful day and remember the spirit of 26 May 1989

Written by Big Raddy