Boing Boing : Rosicky Wins It

April 7, 2013

Away at the Hawthorns was never looking like a comfortable ride, Arsenal were liking to make it three wins aim a row in the Premier Legue and put ourselves 4th and breathing down the necks of Spurs.

Wenger named an unnamed side, which given the performance at home to Reading seemed a fair thing to do.

The thing I like most about this midfield is its fluidity, Gervinho, Cazorla and Rosicky take themselves across the pitch, which means that even an organised defence like WBA’s has trouble tracking runs.

ros 3

The first goal being a case in point, Arteta floated a perfectly weighted pass into the penalty area, Gervinho had run from inside right to the left side if the penalty area to collect unchallenged despite 4/5 defenders being close by and only Giroud for company, not one for rushing Gervinho waited for support finally cutting back and aiming a cross come shot to the fat post, Rosicky had joined the attack and arrived unmarked to head home from the 6 yard box.

This wasn’t Rosicky’s first action of the half having earlier cleared off the line with a very good header. In truth the Arsenal goal had come against the run of play, Fabianski had already been called into action but generally the new found defensive strength was holding strong.

We did seem to apply the handbrake after the goal and attacks were infrequent, Gervinho forcing Foster to save well with his feet and after fantastic interplay round the box by Santi and Giroud, Ramsey missed when it seemed easier to score. His recent performances have deserved a goal.

Half time 1-0 up and half job done.

Soon after the restart Rosicky had doubled the advantage, collecting a ball by Ramsey to fire a shot that Foster saved well, Rosicky followed in his own shot and fired low and hard past Foster. The celebration said it all.

Seemingly coasting to the win this wouldn’t be Arsenal unless they put us through the mill a bit, and this they did when the BFG found himself out of position for the first time in the afternoon and lunged to prevent Long collecting and going through on goal unchallenged. Red card and penalty, it is easy to argue that Per should have let Long continue but that’s a big ask of even the most calm of defenders.

A fraught half hour or so followed as WBA with crowd full of support bombarded the box in search of an equaliser. We managed to hold firm and the backslapping at the final whistle showed how important this game was.


Fabianski 6.5 – some good shot stops, but a bit weak on crosses and kicking was weak this afternoon.

Sagna 6.5 – crossing poor, slightly out of position when BFG forced to bring down Long

Koscielny – 8 solid performance

Mertesacker – 6.5 losing 1 point for not staying in his feet

Monreal 7 – starting to settle in PL

Arteta 7 – quiet and efficient performance

Ransey – 8 another solid showing and a goal sure to come soon

Rosicky – 8.5 MotM two goals, one goal line clearance.

Cazorla – 7.5 quieter day for the Spanish magician

Gervinho – 8 stretched WBA with his pace and movement

Giroud – 7 quiet day for the big man, worked hard as ever.


Gibbs – 7 steady

Vermaelen – 7.5 held firm for last thirty minutes

Coquelin – 6.5 quiet

Written by Gooner in Exile

Tomas Rosicky – Little Mozart Is Playing The Right Tune – written by irishgunner

August 25, 2010

Written by Irishgunner

“Sell him”

“He’ll never play 90 minutes again”

“We might as well move him into the physio room full time”

“What a waste of wages”

Some of the many comments made about Tomas Rosicky over the last two and a half years. Now, all of these are understandable and I can see why people made them, but every now and again a player is worth it. Just like that lot down the road are so patient with Ledley King, so too we were right to be patient with Rosicky.

If Theo Walcott hadn’t scored his hat-trick against Blackpool just who would have been your man of the match? How many of you have said Tomas Rosicky?

Yes, it was “only Blackpool” but we got beat by “only Wigan” last season and you can only beat the opposition in front of you. Rosicky was imperious against Blackpool last weekend and ran the midfield. He also made a positive impression when he came on against Liverpool the week previous. During the week Rasp wondered if he would have as much an effect when Nasri and Cesc are on the field at the same time, now this is a very, very valid point but isn’t it nice to know that someone else is just as well equipped to do the job when they are not there?

Against Blackpool, Rosicky played in his favoured position and was involved in everything positive we did. Such is his versatility he can be equally important out on the wings.

Don’t laugh, but if everyone is fit we have great options going forward. So say we won’t get 90 minutes out of Rosicky every game, how about rotating him and Cesc a bit more? Cesc can’t play 90 mins every game so what’s stopping Wenger giving Rosicky 20 minutes at the end of a game prior to a really important one? Rosicky gets game time and Cesc gets a breather.

This isn’t to demean Rosicky’s role in the squad, but considering his recent past, he may well be no more than a squad player, but what a bloody talented, influential squad player to have…

Of course he will have his games out wide on the wings too but he’s a nice option to have, Rosicky has enough skill and experience to play a commanding central role and I for one would be tempted to play him in the middle over Nasri if needed.

Rosicky could be a really massive player for us this season and no doubt will prove that form is temporary, class is permanent.

Little Mozart vs New Zidane

April 13, 2010

Today’s post is by our newest guest writer samflu.

Tomas Rosicky and Samir Nasri – two extremely talented players capable of filling the rather large hole left in Arsenal’s midfield three following Cesc’s injury. Elegant, graceful, and creative, these two players are not only a joy to watch, but they also posses the quality required to get the Gunners’ creative juices flowing.

It is rather strange to think that both have almost the same number of appearances seeing that Rosicky joined Arsenal Football Club two years before Nasri. In 90 appearances since 2006 for The Arsenal, Tomas has scored 16 goals and made 10 assists. Nasri, only joining the club in 2008, has scored 12 goals and made 8 assists in 73 games. This season, both have played 29 games in all competitions, and both have played a part in 8 goals. Rosicky has scored 3 and created 5 while Nasri has scored 5 and created 3.

Not only are these players similar in stats, but also in style of play, height, and weight. Both are blessed with exquisite touch, terrific vision, and wonderful dribbling skills.

With players so similar how could you possible choose one over the other? Or are these similarities merely hiding the defining differences?

Wenger has already stated that he is ready to put his trust in young Samir to fill in for Cesc, but is this the right choice?

We saw how devastatingly good Nasri can be when played centrally against Porto. He put in a top performance which was rounded off by one of the best goals scored in the Champions League this season. He linked up well with the other midfielders and strikers, and he was a constant threat going forward.

But we have also seen how little he can contribute when played centrally. The games away at Hull and Barcelona come to mind. Of course, these were no easy games, but Nasri was almost nonexistent in both. The Hull game presented the French midfielder with an extremely physical game while the Barcelona one presented him with an extremely technical game. Against Hull, Nasri could do very little as he was often out muscled by the Tiger’s more physical players. Arsenal won it thanks to some Russian magic and Danish opportunism, not Nasri’s contribution from midfield. Against Barca, Nasri faced the most technically gifted midfield in the world. Not only was it almost impossible for him to snatch the ball from them, but once he did receive the ball, he had around 0.31 seconds to think about what to do with it before being pressured by two or three Barca players.

Of course, there are many different ways to look at Nasri’s performances, but I don’t believe that the Frenchman is the one who should step in for Cesc.

After the Barca game last week, Rosicky was getting a lot of negative reviews. Yes, he had a bad game, but come on… People were and still are screaming for Arsene to sell him, but that’s just ridiculous. Rosicky is a fantastic player; I’d even say he’s the most technical and creative along with Cesc. Some of his passes are out of this world. In the Czech national team, Rosicky plays centrally, and just as we have seen a couple of times at Arsenal, he plays amazing there. Just ask any American after the 2006 World Cup. He absolutely destroyed them. At Camp Nou, Wenger should have left Nasri on the left and played Rosicky centrally. Nasri played excellent against Barca on the left at the Emirates, and he should have stayed there. As mentioned before, Nasri was often crowded out in the middle and he doesn’t have enough bite in him to fight for the ball unlike his team mate with the number 7. Rosicky could have made a huge difference for us if he would have played centrally. He’s got a crazy edge about him. I could see him in elementary school yelling back at the 2 metre tall bully without an ounce of fear in him. He would have run the midfield like a bulldog, always snatching at Busquets, Xavi, and Keita’s feet. And going forward, he could have worked magic with Diaby. But the past is the past, and now Wenger must look ahead.

Does he stick with his decision to play Nasri centrally rather than on the wings, or does he let Rosicky play the Cesc role?

I would choose Rosicky, no questions asked, especially at this stage of the season considering all the pressure the Arsenal players are facing in these last five games.

Rosicky has immense mental strength. Anyone that comes back from a 20 month layoff to play at the top level again has a purely winning mentality in my book. But this is not all. Rosicky is also a natural leader, not afraid to let his voice be heard. We have seen him get in other players’ faces time and time again, and his leadership status was reaffirmed when he was appointed captain of the Czech national team. Rosicky also brings experience. Turning 30 this year, Rosicky is one of the few experienced players at Arsenal FC, and his experience will be vital in the upcoming weeks.

Mental strength, leadership, and experience. That’s where Rosicky wins, in my opinion. And that is why Wenger should let him play in the midfield three. Let Nasri torment the wings. If you think about it, his superb goal against Porto did not start from a central position, but from the right wing.

If we play like this, I believe the trip to White Hart Lane will be no problem. Of course, the Spuds haven’t really posed any real threat to us in the League since ’99, but this way we could beat them by an even larger margin.

Agree? Disagree? Who do you think should fill in for Cesc?

Stay classy, fellow Gooners.