Where the real power lies at Arsenal

April 13, 2017

I stated on here a few weeks ago that I felt Arsene’s future would be determined by the players.

Last season Chelsea finished outside the European places. The players ousted Maureen. They now lead the League with something to spare.

Last season’s Champions, Leicester, lost five on the trot, ousted Ranieiri, then promptly won the next five on the trot.

Like most, I watched the Arsenal Palace game, then very unusually for me, I sat with two Gunner chums who insisted on watching the post match analysis. There was a bloke with hair gel and a tight shiny suit and standing in front of a screen they kept touching were two foreign experts. Ranieiri and Carragher.

When I reviewed the full English translation of what they were saying, I understood that Carragher was implying that the Arsenal players were not trying. He was right.

In a proper leftie world of a Karl Marx, the real power rests with the workers. I’m not sure whether players on 50k+ a week qualify as the workers in a State such as The Arsenal, but they sure as heck hold the power.

Right or wrong?