How to get the Best out of Oxlade-Chamberlain?

March 22, 2013

Mickydidit sparked a conversation about The Ox with this opening ….

““The Ox…..Discuss”
Has he improved?
Best position?In what system?
Out on loan?


Oz Gunner replied thus …..

“Ox is another toughie Micky! Midfield,wing,AM, Henry like striker…I haven’t the slightest of ideas. I see him becoming a Jovetic type player where his best is playing just off the main striker (god we have a few of those don’t we?!)

Loan? Nah, too good for that now. I think the pressure got to him this season (along with a few niggling injuries). He’ll be better for it though, he’s going to be an absolute gem. Those supporters who have slated him and listed him as ‘deadwood’ should be taken out back and disposed off.”

Whilst Gooner in Exile  had this to say

“I’’m with you Oz, a little high on expectation after end of last season and summer trip to Euro’s which meant late back for pre season, plus those injuries you mention. Plus all change at the club which must be difficult for youngsters who aren’t established. Especially when those players signed are going to take your potential starting spot away.

For me he is similar to Rooney with ball at feet and in terms of power. And I’m not sure Ferguson or England have ever used Rooney to his full potential. Back to goal does not suit them, picking the ball up and running at defenders from the middle third I think both canbe devastating, hence why my suggestion about Wilshere’s ideal position also includes him playing alongside Ox and Santi, they could have an awful lot of fun and all possess different attributes that would complement each other.”

Big Raddy believes that the Ox will have to wait at least another season to become a starting player.The only place I can see him is as Santi cover or on the left wing/midfield, which assumes the relegation of both Gervinho and Podolski.

Quite frankly, I cannot see why Mr Wenger spent so much money buying him when we have such a glut of attacking midfield players. Even allowing for the removal from the squad of the “deadwood” there is no place for OC.

The Ox’s best position appears to be the one Hodgson gives him in the England team – behind the main striker and slightly to the left. but as has been said, this is Podolski or Cazorla’s position in the Arsenal set up.

A loan seems unlikely and as such I predict a long period of riding the pine (on the bench) for young OC. He has huge potential and he clearly loves it at Arsenal but his patience will be tested.

Written by Big Raddy