On our Way to Wembley and it’s not even May.

March 2, 2019

If you are a Spurs fan who has decided to “enjoy” an Arsenal blog (which makes the massive assumption that anyone stupid enough to support a bunch of perennial losers can read) then please leave a comment below (which makes the massive assumption that anyone who is stupid enough to support a bunch of perennial losers can write).

You are Orcs.

To be clear, I write of the fans not the team – the team are quite good. Of course the players are all nearly-men who bottle it when there is a chance of silverware but they do play some attractive football.

Take the Podgy Argie  (Barc/Real soon will). A couple of weeks ago Spurs were in contention for the title, then in typical fashion, they lose 2 games and the Fatboy publicly gives up any hope. London Manager of the Season? For what? Guiding a big Top 6 club to being in the Top 6?  But a trophy is a trophy and the Spurs Trophy cabinet, as we well know, is barren.


Spurs have some fine players who will be desperate to win today. A strong and fair referee will be important, unfortunately it is Anthony Taylor, a man described by none other than Saint Arsene as “dishonest to his federation” We can only hope that he is balanced in his poor decision making.

Poch has yet to lose a home NLD, Mr Emery has yet to lose an away NLD. 🙂

Our NLD away record in recent times is awful, one could say, embarrassing. It is one thing having such a record at Maine Road but at Spurs? When I think of Spurs away in my mind’s eye I see Brady’s swerving shot in a 5 goal victory, Kennedy’s header in our first Double season, the lads dancing with a plastic PL trophy  in 2004. But these were all at White Hart Lane not the soulless bowl of Spurs current home ground. Yes, I know they will have a fine stadium next season but it will still be full of drooling muppets.

Enough of them …

Our boys are improving. We have beaten some poor opposition and are ready for stiffer challenges.

Mr. Emery has some difficult selection and tactical decisions – 3 or 4 at the back? Ozil or Ramsey or both? Iwobi? Who starts at right back given the pace Spurs play at? Do we defend deep, pack the midfield and hope to score on the counter or do we attack from the off? Lacazette or PEA or both?

I would start with Ramsey, just Laca upfront, Iwobi and Kola on the left, Mhki for an hour and then bring on Mesut. We have a powerful bench.

Here’s a question I have been toying with. Would I prefer to take two points from the next 2 games or 3 i.e. draw to both MU and Spurs or win one, lose one? Which is better? My conclusion … 6 points.



Tomorrow just another game. I don’t think so

November 7, 2015
Not had a great deal of time to blog this week, as i have been decorating my Daughters living room, not finished yet, but finished for the weekend. At my age now, i am feeling it and ache all over, but a week ends rest, and i will be back Monday with a vengeance. Arsenal players are very similar, although not the same age, but they have been busy throughout the week also. They of course just had the 90 minutes, where i had 8 hours a day, but that’s being pinikitty.
Our game this weekend is on Sunday, its done like that to give the players an extra day to get their strength back, after all, the flight out to Germany and ninety minutes play coupled with a flight home must have been tiring. Our game of course is against Tottenham a NLD that many of us have seen many times before, A must win game, Yes of course, the rivalry between players Managers and more importantly the supporters.
There has been great rivalry between the two clubs ever since our inclusion into the top league, we all know the story of being picked to enter the top flight over our North London rivals, who in actual fact should have been picked instead of us, but that also is by the board.  An Arsenal Tottenham game apart from the rivalry, is a chance for two North London Rivals to pit their strengths against one another, You could say for the top spot. win or lose the supporters will not be happy if the rival wins.
This game also has a significance in the league. We at present are second in the league, sharing the same points as City but behind on goal difference, Playing Sunday allows other clubs to get a clear gap between us, so a win is vital to us to keep the pressure on. These North London Derbies are Known to attract Londoners and supporters from all over, Tickets are sought after, if you have one, you know what i mean. There will be tickets changing hands for exorbitant fee’s but if your in. you will be one of the lucky ones.
NLD bring club supporters together, even in the Blogging world, where we all support the same club, we have our differences, but on game day the supporter bands together.  I predict a very good match, the players know what this game means to the fans and they will be under pressure to try and get the win, The Manager should he have injuries, will try and field the best side possible, Many players will still be carrying Knocks from previous games but will not want to miss this one that’s for sure.
They will walk out tomorrow, Proud to be wearing their club colours, chests  heaving and praying for a good performance, the Hatred of the past encounters, will be in many supporters minds, but for 90 minutes only this game will matter, the songs and the chants will be loud, both sets will try and drown out the other, supporter’s fuelled with a few bevies, and probably a meat pie, they will be expectant, they will be demanding they will want the win, the bragging rights they will just want to win.
This will be a day, where the three points on offer,  will probably not hit home until after the match, supporters will be seen on TV’s around the country and around the world, the reds and the whites will be clearly on display, A must win game. It surely is Come on you Gunners.
Steve Palmer

Why Worry?

September 27, 2014

Dear Tom,

I have done many shameful things in my life, many things I regret and others which today fill me with embarrassment. You have always been like a son to me which brings me to perhaps the most shameful act of my life, well actually it is more a non-act because sometimes doing nothing is worse than doing something  negative  …. you know what I talking about. I allowed you to become a Spurs supporter.

I sat back and allowed others to lead you into a life of frustration, broken promises, false hope and desperation. It could have been so different had I taken you to The Home of Football all those years ago but I was absent, many miles away and took my eye away from your upbringing whilst you succumbed to evil influence.

I can only apologise

much love

Big Raddy

Excuse me for taking a couple of paragraph’s for a personal note but having done so let’s get back to today’s game 😀

Yesterday we had an excellent post exploring the fans confidence ahead of today’s NLD. Are Arsenal that good that we can dismiss any Spurs team? Not in my opinion, these are always stressful, tense games – even when we beat them by the usual 5-2 there have been times in the games when I despaired – it is almost always thus.


The New White Hart Lane 

Spurs have been hapless over the past few weeks – losing to an average L’pool and then a bottom of the table WBA are not good results. Nor were the draws with Sunderland and Belgrade, but this should be tempered by a good win mid-week.

Our form has been a little better and let’s be honest getting hammered by Dortmund in the CL is less painful than struggling in the Europa 😀 We have two more points than the neanderthals, not much but we have struggled to find cohesion; 90+ minute goals have saved blushes and points. We are slight favourites mainly because we are at the Emirates (and because we are the forces of good and Spurs are menial servants of Beelzebub)

There are too many permutations for Mr Wenger’s team today. To Wilshire or not to Wilshire? To Alexis or not? Flamini to counter Eriksen? I expect our Boss to completely ignore how Spurs set up and play his favourites.

How many of the men who played on Tuesday will start today?

Here’s my guess:


Chambers     BFG       Koscielny     Gibbs

Ox     Ramsey     Arteta       Alexis

Ozil       Welbeck

I fancy AW to go all out attack today against a suspect defence. I choose Ox over Wilshere for this reason plus I expect Ox to play deeper as he gets further in his career.

I have yet to write about the odious Spurs fans. Why? Because this morning the sun is shining, Mrs. Raddy is smiling, I enjoyed a fine breakfast and life is good. Why besmirch it writing about excrement? Isn’t it better to let them into the ground, allow them to tear up the seats, defecate in the stadium and after they crawl home to their hovels get out the water cannons and clear up.

I haven’t written anything about Spurs’ team. Sorry but you will have to look elsewhere. No surprise that Spurs arrive with a new manager; Pochettino appeared to have some pride when at S’ton, going to WHL where Mr Levy has sacked 14 managers during the Wenger years shows an excess of self-belief and a jot of madness. Shame.

The people outside of The Emirates talk about “bragging rights.” Win or lose today Arsenal have them because although the game is important we are so far ahead of them in terms of trophies, history, fans, ground and class there can be no question as to who is the biggest and best club in North London.

We are the Arsenal and We are the Best

We are the Arsenal – so F**k all the Rest!


written by Big Raddy