Winning Run to Continue?

October 22, 2016

Middlesbrough come to us on an unbeaten run of one. Arsenal are on a 7 match winning streak. Should be easy, never is.


The current form of the Gunners is as good as we have seen for many a year and the prospects are positive. However, it has to be said  we have played ordinary teams and the real test of our potential is yet to come in November which has been crap for us for a couple of generations.

Will Mr Wenger celebrate his birthday with a gamble? Will he give Perez a run out? Will Gibbs excellent performances won him a start? Will he reward Ospina? I doubt it.

My Team:


Bellerin    Mustafi    Koscielny     Monreal

Cazorla       Coquelin    Iwobi

Walcott     Sanchez      Ozil

Our bench is awesome and  all riding the pine would be first on the team sheet at ‘Boro.

And what of Boro? Well, as I sit in an airport lounge awaiting a delayed SAS flight, I cannot really tell you. I have been to Middlesbrough and have to say it is an unimpressive town. I was staying at the home of one of the city councillors who very proudly showed me her city. For her sake I feigned interest but have to say I couldn’t wait to return to Islington. To those few Boro fans who can read, if you can move down South of Watford into the light.

We need to take the points this afternoon and many will think anything less than an easy victory will be failure. In the PL this is rarely the case, as we all know “there are no easy games at this level”, but I am hopeful.

Win today and we could go ToTL. Happy Days.




Boro Buried By Buoyant Arsenal

February 16, 2015

Here are a few AAers’ comments after the game …………………. 

LB said

I think I would describe that as the perfectly executed plan.

Who would have thought that Wenger would have started with a 4.2.4 line up? The idea was clearly to go at them, all guns blazing, get ahead and by doing so would force them onto us, before bringing Walcott on in the latter stages to run riot with his pace. And that is exactly what happened.

If Boro were hoping for a lift from Wenger opting to field a weaker team they were disappointed. 

Welbeck, Giroud, Ozil and Sanchez up front, wow that is some front line.

Gabriel didn’t have that much to do but there were some very encouraging signs. His professional foul was a South American master class.

stevepalmer1 said

I felt we gave a good account of ourselves, pretty on the eye, plenty of possession with some nice quick passing. I would like to see us making challenges earlier on forward running attackers as i feel we open up and give them chances but apart from that not bad at all. 

My MOTM would have been Gibbs the lad ran up and down all game and made his self a nuisance but also did his defensive work well. Very happy with that effort but have to say expected more goals but 2 goals is still blinding. Don’t want to leave Chambers out another fine days work son.


Gooner In Exile said

Gibbs had a very positive game obviously showing he wants his shirt back.

But I think I loved watching the front three of Ozil, Santi and Alexis, they were walking into little spaces and making gorgeous passing. Past their way out of the press with ease.

Also has anyone noticed the skill Welly uses quite a lot, where he kind of allows the player to commit a sliding tackle before he touches the ball and he kind of picks it up with his trailing leg, it’s very effective and useful because he seems to break away more often than not using it.

Let’s not forget this was Boro and we are going to face better less gappy buses than this in the remainder of the league campaign.


Szczesny 8 – Not much to do – Great having him as second choice keeper! 

Chambers 8 – Hungry and competent without being tested too much

Koscielny 9 – Needed a rest and got one by cruising through the game

Gabriel 8 – Fitted in straightaway. Took one for the team in the right area of the field

Gibbs 9 –  Excellent throughout  

Flamini 8 – Very effective against limited opposition

Cazorla 9 – His performance was as tall as his hair

Ozil 9 – A world class player able to show it against a disappointing ‘Boro

Welbeck 8 – Just finding his form again. Could have a great end of season

Sanchez 9 – Love the man almost as much as he loves playing

Giroud 9 – Two crackers. The first a team goal, the second opportunist 

Cobbled together by chas