Play Safe or Attack?

March 29, 2014

There are 3 ugly blots on this season’s landscape (4 if you count a ref-assisted loss at The Orcs). Things didn’t go according to plan, some may say there wasn’t a plan. In each game our full backs went on the attack from the kick-off – over-confidence, planning or plain stupidity?

Let’s start by looking at the players. Sagna is perhaps the most experienced right back in the PL, despite two broken legs he has played approaching 300 games for Arsenal. Gibbs has been at Arsenal since he was 14  (he is 24) and despite losing almost a season to injury has already played almost 150 first team games. It is inconceivable that their attacking actions were not tactical, as such it must be under Mr Wenger’s instruction.

Why would he go to Liverpool, City and Chelsea intending to attack from the first whistle? It is all supposition but this smacks of Didit’s famous reverse psychology – let’s attack from kick-off, score early and then settle into the game.  Or could it be that he feared the wing play of the opposition and wanted them to concentrate on their own defensive duties? I have no idea but I sincerely hope he continues his policy today.

Some believe we should get to 15 minutes at 0-0 and then become more expansive. I don’t agree but then I am a shit or bust type of man. Better to fight fire with fire and go down in flames or in the words of the great Neil Young, “it’s better to burn out than it is to rust.”

Over the season almost every blogger on AA has called for the team to come out the starting blocks fast and we are delighted (and surprised) when we score early. Should we tailor our tactics to the opposition and defend from the off against high quality teams?

What do you think?

I like Man City, they have been my second team since the days of Colin Bell and Mike Summerbee but seeing Arteta score at the Emirates in 2012 was a highlight of that season. Wouldn’t it be great to see him do the same today?


Thinking of which – do we play the Flamini/Arteta or will our new Swede get a start? My hope is that if he does, we will continue to play The Ox and not play 3 over 30 midfielders.

Oh, here’s an unexpected stat – our below par centre forward has scored 5 times in his last 3 home games. Two more today please OG.

My team:

arse v city

There is little chance Mr Wenger will opt for my attacking line-up, he is more likely to drop Podolski and play Flamini – as would most of you 😀

Manchester: The name derives from a combination of Roman “mammanian” meaning  fort or breast shaped hill (mamma = breast) (easy, Cockle) added to Ceaster from the Old English for town. There was an early Celtic settlement on the hill where Manchester cathedral now stands which was taken by the Roman’s in the 1st C. It has been settled ever since


It would take a minor miracle for us to win the title but we can certainly affect the result, a win for Arsenal today would bring joy to Scousers and a supercilious smile to the face of Mourinho which is such an appalling idea it makes me almost wish for an Arsenal loss, but that would force me to change the habits of a lifetime ……

I would be happy with a draw.

Big Raddy