A Last Minute Goal at Anfield!

April 15, 2016

Last night’s events at Anfield had me reminiscing about those glorious moments in football when everything falls into place for an almighty crescendo.

Kanu 1999 v Chelsea at the bridge.

Two nil down with 15 minutes to go, Nwankwo wrote his name into the Arsenal legends book with a hat trick to die for including one of the best goals you’ll ever see. Take it away Martin Tyler….


Welbeck v Leicester 2016

It was Danny’s comeback game and what a way to crown it. Definitely one of my home highlights of the season…..

Gary lineker quote


Alan Sunderland v Man U FA cup final 1979

I can remember sinking to my knees on the Wembley terraces after Manyoo’s spawny equaliser only to stand up just in time to witness one of the those ‘hair standing up on the back of your neck’ moments never to be forgotten……


Henry v Sunderland 2012

We were at Lingfield racecourse for my nephew’s stag do and were suitably miffed when news came through of Mclean’s goal in the 70th minute. We were hopeful when Rambo scored off both posts to equalise and positively ecstatic as Thierry rose like a kung fu master to stab the ball home in injury time…….


Kennedy v spuds 1971

50,000 in the ground, 50,000 left outside, Shite Hart Lane was red and white for the night in May 1971. My old man and older bro tried to take my younger brother and me to the Lane that night. We only got to the end of the Paxton Road before they decided it was too dangerous to continue. This would definitely be my older brother’s main Arsenal regret, as it was such a terrible disappointment to miss the first time we would win the League at SHL. At least it wasn’t the last…….


Vermaelen v Newcastle 2012                             

The poetic justice of this goal being scored near the end of the time added on for Tim Krul’s persistent time-wasting makes this my favourite last minute goal of recent times……..

tommy v

(photo courtesy of Stuart MacFarlane)


Henry v Man U 2007

To my mind this goal was the first big moment to happen at the Emirates. A goal of such beauty and Ferguson’s reaction to the goal at the end of this makes me laugh every time I see it….


Thomas v Liverpool 1989

A last minute goal at Anfield – who would have thought?

Presumably this would be most Gunners’ favourite last-minute, spine-tingling goal because there was so much riding on it………..


What’s your favourite last-minute Arsenal goal?

Written by chas