Arsenal Suppporters …Trust … the Kroenkes

July 17, 2019

I see some of our fans feel they need to have a word with the board about how the club is run. This week, several big hitting blogs got together and launched  the #We care, do you campaign along with an online petition that currently has 80,000 signatories.

We all question things from time to time, and sometimes we get annoyed at certain decisions, but when did it become the norm to write letters to the owners questioning their running of the club?

Are we in the know enough to ask questions?

Are we qualified enough to question their professionalism?

Does reading everything that’s printed or put online about Arsenal make a fan more knowledgeable than an owner?

It’s certainly an interesting topic.

I actually quite liked that the club came out and answered the letter directly. Here are some quotes  from his response.

For me, on a personal level, I’m not sure how to address my passion. Anyone that knows me knows how passionate I am about Arsenal Football Club.

Absolutely. Is it hard to take? Absolutely. But I’m not in this business to make friends, I’m in it to win. If anyone is ever going to question anything about our ownership – which I view as a custodianship, the supporters trust us to be a custodian of the values — that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to win whilst also respecting the values and traditions of the club.

I was there in Baku on behalf of KSE [Kroenke Sports & Entertainment], my father and family. I was down there on the sidelines, on the medal podium handing out second-place medals.

I saw the look on our coach’s face, our players and all our staff. I felt and I saw what they felt. I felt the same way.

I’ve sat down with supporters’ groups. I’ve not been afraid to sit down to have tough conversations with people because I’m transparent, we’re transparent, we don’t have anything to hide. We all want the same thing and we’re all trying aggressively to make it happen. It’s just sometimes our timeline might not be as aggressive as others would like to see.

But we’re not going to compromise the values that have kept Arsenal Football Club the way it is for over 130 years.

There has been a massive change in the management style of the club since Wenger left, and one thing that did used to happen under Arsene is he would give the fans answers to some of the questions that they had and he was trusted for the most part.

I feel that has been lost within the new structure so it was quite refreshing to hear from Josh Kroenke. I see some are unhappy that he hasn’t gone into depth about transfers, but what are they expecting him to do? Hand over a list of players that he’s interested in?

All we can do is hope that he’s true to his word and the club manage to get some of these signings over the line that he claims we are working on. I hope they do otherwise trust in this new structure will be lost before it’s even started.