Dear Friends, Once more

May 3, 2018

Time to gird the loins, take a deep breath, cry God for Harry, England and St. George.

We can do this. We will not win the tie if we go into it thinking the game was lost with Koscielny’s mistake. We need positivity. Attack from the first, score an away goal, silence the crowd, bang in another early in the second half, then park the bus.

Or do it the *89 way. Tight until half-time then rely on The Lord Above and Micky Thomas.

We showed at the Em’s that we can compete, that AM are beatable. People say that if we can’t beat them when they had 10 men then tonight we have no chance. I say “poppycock”, AM were forced to PTB and scored with one lucky, very lucky, punch. They were not better than us. And let us not forget we scored and had opportunities to score more.


OK, tonight we may have to contend with Costa and Griezman in tandem, but so what? Gabriel had Costa in his pocket last time he played us.

The injury to Elneny could be costly but it forces AW’s hand, he has to play an attacking team. A massive bonus is the return of Miki who alongside Ozil could define our play. Razor sharp finishing from Laca, Welbz coming on to harry the ageing AM defence and we are kushti.

My Team


Koscielny    Mustafi     Monreal

Bellerin   Ramsey    Xhaka    Wilshire

Miki   Ozil


Mr Wenger may choose to start Welbeck ahead of Miki but I hope not, Miki coukld be the catalyst for a win and frees Ozil from the pressure of being the main creative force.

Can Wilshire play a disciplined, defensive role – we shall see

Very little on the bench if things got TU.

AM have a new ground the 67k capacity Wanda Metroplitano which will hold the CL Final in 2019. The noise will be considerable and the few Gooners attnding will struggle to be heard.

The bookies make AM strong favourites with good reason. They haven’t conceded at home since Queen Victoria was on the throne and we must score.

Hopefully a tense evening ahead