Arsenal enlist the help of fitness Guru‏

November 28, 2014

Reading the paper this morning, and finding an article on the reasons of the Arsenals injury problems, I read that we have enlisted the help  of a fitness Guru, in an American called Chad Forsythe. Apparently Chad helped the world cup winners Germany, and caught the Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger’s attention.


Now Chad Forsythe’s methods are of Mindset of the player’s also Nutrition and movement and recovery, he also sorts out different training regimes for individual players. Well after reading about how this guy works , I could understand how our Manager would be impressed with that, as isn’t that what he did in the early days.

Now what Chad intends is anyone’s guess, but should he get the likes of Diaby out of the sick bay, and try and cut down the numbers of players racing to put their feet up, he could just be a very good addition. Personally I feel that Arsenals progress has been stifled for quite a few years through injury, which seems to me to be getting worse;

Apparently after Wednesdays game with Dortmund we have lost Arteta (shin) and Ya Ya Sanogo (hamstring) so we are losing players after every game. What Forsythe has determined so far, is that our multi million pound training complex, could be one of the problems, the perfectly flat training ground is not preparing our players well enough, to play not so perfect surfaces at other grounds.

Well Chad Forsythe may me a specialist in his field, but in my own football experience of 30 years playing football on some of the worst grounds in the country, this all sounds a bit far fetched to me. Now I can go along with, you are is what you eat, but surly the body was designed to walk and run over any surface, of course should it be bumpy you would show caution, but lets face it how many professional grounds are that bumpy.

Now of course I am no Chad Forsythe, and no one will listen to me, but if this is what Chad brings us then if he is right our injuries should start to improve, and lets face it even with Chad’s idea’s which i find strange, I feel we are clutching at straws. Body armour would be my idea, but what do I know, have a good day.

Written by Steve Palmer.