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September 2, 2018

Let’s cut top the chase … does Ozil get into the team, and if so, who doesn’t?

He has to play, he is our best player, our most expensive asset and the finest provider of goals in the PL. Yet, away from home we need defensive cover and this is not Ozil’s specialty


Should we have a team of players who are multi-purpose, who can dribble, pass, run fast, create, tackle and defend? Even our front-men, who rely upon pace, are expected to press and waste vital energy to defend high up the pitch. Or do we need specialists? (I prefer the term artist when thinking of Ozil), men who are brilliant in their role?

Think of BFG. He was crap at running about but knew enough about his position to be an excellent CB. How would he cope with the “high press”. I know – different times, different manager, different tactics and thus different type of players.

GN5 did a great job covering Cardiff yesterday. They are decent at home, have yet to score a league goal this season and are likely to break their duck this afternoon.

My Team.


NancyBoy  MWTH (Mistake waiting to Happen)  GB    Nacho

Taff    Swalbanian   Terrier

Mesut   Micky


Pretty strong line up and one I expect we will see quite often. The bench is very strong, particularly in MF and attack.

Terrier has to start but alongside whom? Can he play alongside Ramsey and Xhaka? Given how superbly Duozi has been playing, would it be right to bench him? Probably not but I choose Ramsey to give us more punch upfront and he usually scores in his homeland.

Our away form was dreadful last season, to make an impression UE has to improve it.  Anything less than a point would be very disappointing.


written by BR