Leicester Away

May 9, 2018

This should have been a big game, an exciting step towards the title, instead it is virtually meaningless. We are finishing 6th, Leicester have avoided relegation. That’s it.  You can tell my enthusiasm by the title of the post 😀


Worth watching? Of course it is. Likely to arouse some passion amongst all right-minded folk (i.e. Gooners) – not really. Will we see some Yute? Possibly as many of the players will be fearful of injury pre-World cup. I really feel for Koscielny.

Will we win? Our record of not winning an away fixture in 2018 does not make happy reading but Leicester have injury problems which gives hope.

Leicester: Been a poor season for them. Hard workers relying upon the finishing of Vardy and the inconsistent brilliance of Mahrez. Bit like a GG team with IW8 and Merse.

Vardy will score – he usually does. Lacazette or PEA will score for the same reason.

My Team:


Chambers    Mustafi   Monreal

Bellerin  Ramsey   Xhaka  Wilshire


PEA   Laca

It will be very interesting to see how the team lines up when Ozil is fit. Who gets dropped? Can Mhki play a deeper role or will Mesut? And more significantly, do we need Jack?

As to the future, Koscielny’s injury and the retirement of BFG mean we will have a new Club Captain – perhaps we can have a poll on Friday (if someone has the tech skills!)

Time to break the away hoodoo.