Our first 5 fixtures and other key dates…

Source: arsenal.com

So the fixtures are out and we can already start getting excited about the new season 🙂

August 05th – Crystal Palace – AWAY

August 13th – Leiceister – HOME

August 20th – Bournemouth – AWAY

August 27th – Fulham – Home

August 30th – Villa – HOME

Key dates:

Sept 3rd – Man Utd – Away

October 1st – Tottenham – Home

October 8th – Liverpool – Home

October 18th – Man City – Home

November 5th – Chelsea – Away

January 14th – Tottenham – Away

January 21st – Man Utd – Away

April 8th – Liverpool – Away

April 26th – Man City – Away

April 29th – Chelsea – Home

Summary analysis:

  • Our first 5 games are not against the “big” teams.
  • The first half of the season sees us host all the big teams except Chelsea.
  • The second half of the season sees us play away to all big teams except Chelsea.
  • The months of October, January and April will be tough and critical.

We need to be ready from Day 1 as our first half of the season will see us host the big teams so we cannot lost points then. If we do not do well in the first half of the season, I think our season will be totally compromised so Arteta-Edu, get your business done early and make sure our team is ready and roaring to go as of 5th of August!



31 Responses to Our first 5 fixtures and other key dates…

  1. RC78 says:

    Apparently, Gabriel Jesus wants to join us…We will offer 60 Mln EUR. If this transfer goes through, your front three will be:

    – Saka, Jesus, Martinelli

    We still need a “Giroud” type of player to add height/aerial threat. We could go for Arnautovic for example, he plays for Bologna – older player, huge personality…or even for someone like Modeste, also older…

    Anyways…we need aerial threat still even if Jesus joins us

  2. RC78 says:

    After Marqinhos from Sao Paolo, a 19 yo right winger purchased for 5 Mln EUR…

    We are about to officially announce Porto’s gem, Vieira, a central attacking midfielder, 22 of age and considered as a future great…so now we have Odegaard, ESR and Vieira as CAM…35 Mln EUR

    Next up, is gonna be Gabriel Jesus…

    Partey, ? – Saka, Ode, Martinelli – Jesus
    El Neny, ? – Marquinhos, Vieira, ESR – Nketiah

    19,22, 25…we re still recruiting young

  3. RC78 says:

    Well well well…Vieira coming as a Nr.8 in the end…so he d play next to Partey…

    Partey, Vieira – Saka, Ode, Martinelli – Jesus

    El Neny, Xhaka – Marqui, ESR, Bowen? – Eddie/Balo

  4. VP says:

    so strange seeing the fixture gap to accommodate the World Cup.
    It will be interesting to see how players and teams bounce back after the WC plus potential impact of a Jan transfer window if a player does well in the WC.

  5. RC78 says:

    Strange calendar indeed…

  6. fatgingergooner says:

    Things are hotting up nicely for the new season. The PL has already welcomed some big names into the fold with Haaland, Nunez, and now possibly Vieira joining, plus there’s still a long time to go in the window. The fixture list has been good to us aswell which makes a nice change. I know everybody plays each other twice, but avoiding any of the big teams in the first 5 and last 4 games of the season is a bonus, and for once the team has a chance to settle into the season without playing the likes of City, Liverpool or Chelsea early on. This can only help bedding in any new recruits.

    As for transfers, I’d absolutely love it if we could get Jesus, Vieira and Tielemans into the club. That would probably mean Xhaka leaving, but I think it would strengthen us a lot. If we could get a LB in aswell, and maybe a tall striker for a change of system, then top 4 would definitely be achievable. Probably expecting a bit too much there, but the transfer window is all about dreaming big!!!

    IN – Turner (GK), Saliba (CB), Hickey (LB), Tielemans (CM), Vieira (CAM), Marquinhos (RW), Jesus (CF), Scamacca (CF)

    OUT – Leno (GK), Tavares (LB) loan, Bellerin (RB), Mari (CB), AMN (CM), Xhaka (CM), Torreira (CM), Laca (CF)

    That would leave us with something like:-

    Ramsdale (Turner)
    Tomiyasu (Cedric)
    White (Holding)
    Gabriel (Saliba)
    Tierney (Hickey)
    Partey (Elneny/Azeez)
    Tielemans (Lokonga/Patino)
    Odegaard (Vieira)
    Saka (Marquinhos/Pepe)
    Martinelli (ESR/Nelson)
    Jesus (Nketiah/Scamacca/Balogun)

  7. RC78 says:

    hi fatgg…I think Xhaka will stay…he will help Vieira ease into the Nr. 8 role…I think Lokonga will be loaned out as a consequence (Brighton to replace Bissouma?)

    I think Pepe will go though and not sure about RN…I think another winger will join us too but who? I d like us to consider players like Bowen or Barnes or Harrisson, good squad players OR we take someone in that can basically replace Martinelli in the starting XI and then we aim for a Gnabry or Raphinha…

    Partey, Vieira / El Neny, Xhaka as DM,CM
    Saka/Marquinhos on the RW
    Ode / ESR as CAM
    Martinelli / Bowen on the LW or Gnabry/Martinelli on the LW

    Jesus/Eddie/Balo + Arnautovic as CF

    Let us see but fully agree with you that our initial 5 games and last 4 games fixtures are ideal to start and end the season strongly…I am worried about October, Jan and April and the second half of the season in general because we re going away to big teams then…so let us rack up a lot of points before the World Cup

  8. RC78 says:

    Pochetinno to be officially released by PSG in the coming days…
    PSG tried to lure Allegri, Conte, Zidane but in the end will go with Christophe Galtier (Nice coach). Nice will hire Favre, their former coach.

    Galtier uses 4231 set up or a 442 set-up. He needs hard working wingers for his playing style – we do not have them at PSG so let us see..

  9. RC78 says:

    Watch PSG go for 1 Left Winger, 1 Defensive Midfielder, 1 Central Defender, 1 Striker…If they can recruit French players, they will but with Tchouameni gone…they may go for O. Dembele and M. Dembele…let us see

    Watch PSG let go of players on the cheap like Dagba, Kehrer or DIallo, Danilo or Paredes, Hererra or Paredes, Draxler or Sarabia, Icardi or Kalimuendo…

  10. allezkev says:

    Draxler and Dembele that brings back some fond old memories, Salomon Kalou, Karim Benzema, all those old names and faces we were continually linked with, it wasn’t a proper transfer window if Arsenal weren’t linked with any o& them. Ah, the good old days…

  11. RC78 says:

    Benzema definitely got away…that would have been quite some signing…O.Dembele as well…for the others, nothing missed really…

    PSG to sign Skrinia (Inter), Vitinha from Porto and then one Striker…

  12. RC78 says:

    Nketiah officially signs his new long-term deal and is handed the legenday 14 shirt…Bring it on Eddie

  13. RC78 says:

    Arsenal strike force for now at CF:

    Nketiah, Balogun

  14. RC78 says:

    Ajax left-back Lisandro Martinez in talks with Arsenal…He can play LCB too. Tavares would then be loaned out or..sold.

    Ramsdale – Tomy, White, Gabs, Martinez – Partey, Vieira – Saka, Ode, Martinelli – Recruit (or Eddie)

    Turney – ? , Saliba, Holding, Tierney – El Neny, Xhaka – Marquinhos, ESR, ? – Eddie (or Balo or Recruit)

  15. LBG says:

    Never fancied Bissouma myself anyway,😁 or Tieliemans! Vieira and hopefully a second coming for Jesus will do us fine.

  16. LBG says:

    Must admit I am also not upset that we seem no longer interested in Rhaheem Sterling. Think we have as good and better.

  17. LBG says:

    Let’s be clear, if the Totteringham are really going to beat us to the second coming of Jesus, I would like to go back to the big centre forward idea – edging more and more toward Tammy Abrahams myself. And if Shitty are demanding 50m for Jesus, let him see if he can get regular playing time with Kane and Son in the team.

  18. fred1266 says:

    I thought zidane was now coach

  19. allezkev says:

    I never really took any of the links to Raphinia seriously, mainly because of what he himself would cost and what we had to spend elsewhere across the squad but the rumours just won’t go away…

  20. fred1266 says:

    I curious where he going to play

  21. allezkev says:

    Same applies to Vieira as well Fred, but what a nice problem to have eh?

  22. fred1266 says:

    We all know were Patrick would play CM for sure but seeing as we have some up and talented winger in martinelli saka ESR I thought you would have wanted them to push on this season to enable there development

    But I do agree it a nice problem to have I was just hoping we focus on plays were we don’t have much strength as in CF position

  23. Mike M says:

    Is it just me or does everyone hate the thought of Raphina? His ridiculous display at the Emirates last season said quite a lot about him imo. I thought Arteta was trying to get rid of petulance and toy throwers. Based on what I saw, could you imagine this guy not starting ahead of Martinelli (who I’d take any day over him)? It’d be WW3. No I’m sorry, I hope it’s a smokescreen because I just don’t see it.

  24. fred1266 says:

    I watched a lot of leads and if bought he will be start over martinelli but, from watching he does better on right side so probably saka switches to Left I find that messing with cohesion of existing side

    He also has a temper when things don’t go his way

  25. LBG says:

    Welcome Fabio!
    Mike M
    I’m with you, Raphina would be a waste of money for me and no upgrade on what we have.

  26. pbarany says:

    Fait point, LBG, but wouldn’t that apply to Fabio Vieira as well?
    Does he he got anything on Odegaard or even Smith-Rowe?
    There is a slight chance that the coaching staff will be able to transition any of them to another position apart from AM, but moving ESR to LW was not a complete success story so far.

    Maybe we can play 4-1-4-1 (preferably against lesser opponents) thus we can accommodate 2 attacking midfielders in the same line-up, but that’s a long shot.

    Fabio is a fine player and a nice person, no doubt about that. But I can think of only a few positions (GK, right footed CB, maybe RW) where we need less reinforcements than attacking midfield.

  27. LBG says:

    Vieira will be creative competition for bOdeguard in a squad that needs strengthening. Patino and Azeez are not quite ready and Smith-Rowe is, IMO, either not a No10 or not ready to take that position.
    We are after another left sided defender in Martinez and the Scottish full back. Striker is proving the problem ( as always for all teams), but I think Jesus will opt for joining Arteta.

  28. pbarany says:

    I don’t agree, LBG, but that doesn’t make you wrong.
    While ESR might not be the finished article at #10, he is still more of an AM (hence the shirt number and his last year’s stats where Auba was playing left wing) than a LW. Maybe he can become an effective winger at some point, but I don’t see him a strong competitor for Martinelli just yet. His skill profile (Whoscored: ESR strong at holding the ball and week at crossing) should also indicate his place is at central attacking midfield.

    We’ll see more about who deputizes who next campaign…

  29. LBG says:

    I am so glad it doesn’t make me wrong.
    Smith-Rowe had a difficult last two thirds of the season, having popped in goals when Saka and himself were at their peak. Some of this may be down to “playing time”, but bOdeguard was much the more ” creative” for at least half of the season. It is probably also not a coincidence that Arteta has commented in last two months on targets set by him for Smith-Rowe have not been met.
    Roll on the new season and a chance to SEE how things develop.

  30. LBG says:

    Sane, Gnabry, Coman must be asking themselves a few questions if Mane is coming to play on the wing??…where do we play?

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