Other forwards…

By popular demand (especially pbarany’s :-P), here are other forwards’ names (non-English and also non-EPL) that could/would be explored by AFC as we look into building our attacking options…

First and foremost, I think that Balogun will be loaned out again next year based on Arteta’s latest interviews…same goes for W.Saliba (so expect a contract extension with another year on loan at Marseille)

Here are the other forwards:

  • EPL: Mahrez, Richarlison, Dennis, Raphinha, Antonio, Maupay, Adams, Broja, Firmino, Trossard, Cavani

  • Non-EPL: Abraham, Simeone, Chiesa, Dybala, Martinez, Osimhen, Berardi, Gakpo, Shick, Silva, Nunez, David, Gouiri, Ben Yedder, M.Dembele, De Tomas, Unal, Depay, O.Dembele, Morelos

Two other English names: Rashford and Bowen…

There are a lot of options and this list does not even include some lesser known players like Kalimuendo, Laborde, Terrier or players from South America…

Pick your preferred option and tell us why you picked that player ahead of others


12 Responses to Other forwards…

  1. JM says:

    After more thoughts and looking on our club 1st team attacking options (attacking mdfielders, wingers, forwards, strikers), my preference:

    If English players from the EPL, both Ivan Toney (CF/2nd ST)/Brentford and Jarrod Bowen (RW/2nd ST/CF)/West Ham.

    Toney, currently at age 26, could have a similar trajectory as Jamie Vardy had with Leicester (in the championship and premier league) He could become either a future mainstay CF or a strong 2nd alternative CF for us in the EPL (at least). In his mid-20s, he would give us some time for our younger high prospects (e.g. Martinelli, Balogun and anyone else from our youth teams etc.) to learn, refine and develop their skills and mentality for this CF role (as wanted by Arteta with his philosophy).

    Bowen, also becoming 26 at the end of this year, could share the creativity load of our RW/RF/RM starting position with Saka. He is also a left-footed player who could cut in from the right and strike at goal. It would also take away a valuable attacking player from West Ham, a candidate for the EPL’s European spots. Our club should then have good options on both flanks (Emile-Rowe and Martinelli on the left; Saka and Bowen on the right), which might help Pépé in some way, if we are keeping him at all. (This gives him a lesser pressure to perform and also explore the option of playing him at CF as a direct goal threat).

    (I left out both Lacazette and Nketiah, since their contracts are up at the end of this season).

    AM/2nd ST: Ødegaard, Smith-Rowe, (Bowen), (Toney)
    RM/RW/RF: Saka, (Bowen), Pépé, Martinelli, Ødegaard
    LM/LW/LF: Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Saka, Pépé, Balogun, Ødegaard
    CF: (Toney), Pépé, (Bowen), Martinelli, Balogun

    If overseas-based players, either Charles De Ketelaere (AM/CF/RW)/Club Brugge and/or Adrian Benedyczak (CF/2nd ST/AM)/Parma. Both are age 21 currently and should be able to converse in basic English with their team mates.

    Swap for Bowen for De Ketelaere (although he is taller at 1.91m/6ft 3in and could also play at target man/hold up play).

    Swap Toney for Benedyczak (he is also a 1.91/6ft 3in forward).

    AM/2nd ST: Ødegaard, Smith-Rowe, (De Ketelaere), (Benedyczak)
    RM/RW/RF: Saka, (De Ketelaere), Pépé, Martinelli, Ødegaard
    LM/LW/LF: Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Saka, Pépé, Balogun, Ødegaard
    CF: (Benedyczak), Pépé, (De Ketelaere), Martinelli, Balogun

    (C) i.e. if English/in EPL, I would go for seasoned campaigners in their mid-20s. If overseas, I would go for younger and basic-English speaking players.

  2. fred1266 says:

    Thought this would have been balogun year

    So assume we extending lacazette contract

  3. LBG says:

    Good old Brentford!😁
    It will be a Balogun year!

  4. LBG says:

    Come on Leicester!

  5. fred1266 says:

    Think Maguire would win it for Leicester to get them back on his good side

  6. Mike M says:

    Good day for Arsenal as far as results go. Interesting conversations regarding a striker, I’d say Abraham might be our best bet, he’s somewhat done it in England and is definitely doing it in Italy. Note of caution, Lukaku was doing it there too – no so much now !! Loads of mediocre strikers around and being mentioned. Kane is obviously the best “available”, Son (although not a #9) is probably right up there. We’re not getting either of them any more than Neymar or M’Bappe. No one else springs to mind. Stupid comment of the day is; I like Podence at Wolves – not sure if he’d fit in but he’s a hell of a good player imo.Sorry but I had to say that, I just like him.
    If I had to chose another it may be Broja but not certain how consistently good his finishing is.
    Not much help on this one but it’s good reading.

  7. fred1266 says:

    I don’t even see the need for a striker person look at the 2 side leading the league none has a traditional striker what we should concentrate on is working on our Finishing.

    prime example odegard putting away an open goal against Liverpool when we played them

  8. pbarany says:

    JM, that’s a remarkable comment.

    I personally never heard of Charles De Ketelaere or Adrian Benedyczak, but after I looked them up I found them – especially the former – fine and capable players. So yes, there could be great players beyond the spotlight and beyond the top 5/7 leagues.
    Charles De Ketelaere – apart from his hard to pronounce name – seems like a good fit, as he really versatile, and offers a great deal of tactical flexibility. And his skills slightly remind me of Bergkamp. And I further appreciate his crazy stamina (already at 3600 minutes, that’s more than ESR & Martinelli combined, and more than 3x Lokonga’s minutes) as well as his defensive contribution – which could be a key factor for playing Artetaball. When a new coach will replace Martinez for Belgium (which is about time), I think he would have to reinvent the squad, and use Sambi and Charles more frequently.

  9. LBG says:

    Come on the Magpies. Do it for us!

  10. LBG says:

    So poor old Leicester ladies lost 9-0 last week to Chelski and we all feel sorry for the little dears, but try to be neutral in your commentary today, please.
    And as for the refereeing……

  11. LBG says:

    ” Not really what Leicester have deserved…..b*******! Exactly what they deserved, and but for the goalkeeper, would have been more than nine.

  12. LBG says:

    Mike Dean’s:- favourite player(s) to referee- Henry, Bergkamp, Vieira.
    :- most intimidating manager – Arsene Wenger
    ” I’ll miss football terribly”. Well Mr Dean, we, including Henry, Bergkamp and Vieira, and legions of football fans, wont miss you one tiny iota.

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