Top 4 again…Another win with another good attacking display but slightly worrying defensive performance

Arsenal wins again…5 in a row, is it? Meanwhile Auba is scoring in Barcelona. What if the squad actually benefited from letting go of its main striker? We have seen that it could lead to good results: ie: Owen leaving Liverpool…Anyways back to the game.

The team, especially Odegaard, was in the mood to create some good chances with silky passing, movement, sweet dribbling, decent crossing and shooting! We scored early on, courtesy of Partey on a corner from Martinelli and of a defensive lapse from Leicester. After the goal, Leicester had really good chances to equalize but they were denied by a superp/amazing/outstanding Ramsdale – what a performance from our GK during that game! The second half was not so controlled by either of the team but we managed to get a penalty, ably converted by Laca! We saw the game through, had a chance for a third but also conceded some dangerous chances…

So it seems our team is finally gelling going forward but that has coincided with being more disjointed defensively. If it were not for Ramsdale’s heroics yesterday, the game could have been a lot more edgy for us. I found that Cedric and White were not great but it did not affect the results.

The stadium was glowing and there is stronger belief that the team could achieve a Top 4 finish this season. Although, we still have tough games ahead so let us now get carried away…

Ramsdale: 9

Cedric: 6

White: 6

Gabs: 7

Tierney: 7

Partey: 7

Xhaka: 7

Saka: 8

Ode: 8.5

Martinelli: 7.5

Laca: 8

COYG! Fight for the Top 4 till then end and bring us back to CL Footie!


8 Responses to Top 4 again…Another win with another good attacking display but slightly worrying defensive performance

  1. Jimmy B says:

    Are you insane?

  2. LB says:

    Thanks for the write up RC, I thought the defence was a lot more composed than the jitters of Watford. Work on the training ground was noticeable. Cedric is a stand in, always was, always will be but under the circumstances I thought he did quite well; the big test will come Wednesday of course, if he gets past that then he should go up a further notch in our collective appreciation.

    As for White — back to his composed best I thought with growing confidence in his instructions to ping long diagonal balls across the park with the aim of setting off an attack via Martinelli or Saka.
    I say instructions because they most certainly are exactly that. Few people can do it as well as David Luiz but Ben White is certainly on his way. The result of which, of course, adds an important extra dimension to our attacking repertoire.

    All good from this Arsenal supporters view. Bring on Wednesday.

  3. RC78 says:

    We conceded lots of chances though and without Ramsdale out-of-this-world performance, we would have conceded at least 1 goal…

    The rating given I feel was fair but it seems Jimmy B doesn’t think so

  4. LB says:

    Jimmy B lol

  5. pbarany says:

    I think the ratings are fair, albeit I would deduce half a points from Ramsdale and Saka and give them to Partey, Martinelli and Soares. But overall we had a good offense and didn’t have to stretch our defense as Leicester didn’t attack on all cylinders.

    Nobody wants to jinx it and it is not nice to underestimate the opponent, but these 5 wins were not really miracles, but Arsenal being a good team and playing well (or above average to say the least). If we could do it against Wolves and Leicester, I think (hope) we will see further victories against Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton. Let’s re-evaluate our top 4 chances during the inter-lull in mid-April.

  6. fred1266 says:

    What Jimmy smoking over there

  7. VP says:

    Great win indeed.
    I predicted a top 4 finish season and we are well on track. But I also predict top 4 every season😂

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