One week left to add talent to our squad…

Some players have left us on loan (Balogun…) or forever (Kola) but so far we have failed to bring in some players to AFC. The winter transfer window is tough but we could still get something out of it…The point is not to get a player to get a player…we want talent and quality!

In the last few games, we had only two stand out performances which were (i) against City but ended in a sour loss and (ii) against Liverpool in the first leg playing 10 vs 11…For the rest of the games, we were decent but nothing great. Against Burnley, we were just toothless and unimaginative….

Xhaka, Partey and others are not helping our cause and again, it seems that our achilles’ heels remain our double-pivot and then our forward position. We cannot fault our wingers (Saka, Martinelli) or our central attacking midfielders (ESR, Ode) when they play their position…

Lokonga has not been bad but he is better going forward rather than shielding the back four…Xhaka gets red carded for fun and Partey has now decided to follow suit…

Laca is back to his average form, which seems try but not succeed in front of goal.

Let us try to get a very good DM-CM: Tchouameni, Rice, Brozovic, Ruiz…

and a promising forward…: D.Nunez, Toney, Schick, Vlahovic, David…

Ramsdale – Tomy, White, Gabriel, Tierney – Partey, TCHOUAMENI – Saka, ESR, Martinelli – NUNEZ

Tchouameni would be a hard get….but so worth it…As for Nunez, he is 22, strong and good at link up play too and may come cheaper than Vlahovic…

The gaps in our team are clear…let us bridge them and make a push for Top 4. Otherwise, the season is again a failed one.


27 Responses to One week left to add talent to our squad…

  1. RC78 says:

    Forgot K. Philips…dah!

  2. RC78 says:

    Vlahovic keen to join Juventus rather than Arsenal…Juve offer 35 Mln + Kulusevski so a total package of 60 Mln…Fiorentina would replace Vlahovic by Milik who is finding it hard to score in Ligue 1 after being so good in Serie A…

    Nunez not looking like a bad idea now, is it?

  3. Dexter says:

    Sod Vlahovic, Isaacs and other way over hyped and over priced strikers man!

    Have a look at Nice forward Amine Gouiri….

    21 years of age, top prospect and as far as I can tell, not much interest from other clubs.

    As for the DM…

    Bissouma or Zakaria.

    And for pity sake!! Can we finally get rid of that useless lump Xhaka?,???

  4. fred1266 says:

    We should hold until summer to see how t like of guendouzi saliba are going to be used

  5. fred1266 says:

    Arsenal have approached Real Madrid to discuss a loan move for Luka Jovic. London club also mulling over Swedish and Real Sociedad striker Isak.

  6. RC78 says:

    Hi Fred – Guendouzi will join Marseille for 11 Million EUR. It is already negotiated as part of the loan. Guendouzi has been amongst the top 8 midfielders in Ligue 1 this season and Saliba amongst the top 8 central defenders.

    Apparently, Arsenal are looking at Renato Sanches from Lille as well for the midfield position. Zakaria is only to move this summer, free of charge…

  7. fred1266 says:

    Yea I saw the renato Sanches rumours, it a strange one, je helped them win ligue 1 last season unit even get a sniff this year

    I still remember his Fulham days

    Didn’t know guendouzi was already sold

  8. Sue says:

    Hi RC.. I’m surprised we’ve spent most of the window chasing somebody [Vlahovic] who clearly doesn’t fancy the Emirates! I honestly think we’ve dodged a bullet..sounds a greedy sod with a massive ego! My only concern now is we’re fast approaching panic-buy time!!

    As for Guendouzi, 11m is peanuts!! Was hoping he’d come back to us ☹

  9. RC78 says:

    So Vlahovic to Juve for 60 Mln EUR in the end – all money, no players involved…..

    Apparently, we are also asking Real Madrid about Luka Jovic for a loan.

    Auba may leave AFC but has said he d rather go to a European Club so…PSG may be a good destination for him. Icardi may then be sold to…Fiorentina…

  10. RC78 says:

    11 Mln is indeed peanuts…

  11. RC78 says:

    In the end Vlahovic for 75 Mln to JUVE!

    Juve will now look to offload Kulusevsky and potentially Dybala and Morata

  12. RC78 says:

    Hi Sue – From what I gathered, the loan deal with Marseille says that if Marseille stays in Ligue 1, Marseille must purchase Guendouzi for 11 Mln EUR…He is valued at 20-25 Mln and in November 2019, he was valued at 50 Mln…The guy is only 22 and played 165 games already, not bad…

  13. Aaron says:

    But of course, our idiotic transfer negotiations allowed this guy to walk for peanuts all the while signing Auba, Pepe and oZil to monster contracts and keeping the likes of kola and company on the books forever..

    Wake me when we sign someone of substance again.

  14. fred1266 says:

    Bit rough Aaron wouldn’t even quarell able us selling quendozi although je doing well in France not like he settings the place on fire

    How many loan spell has he had since arteta falling out 2 3 , this probably the only successful one

  15. Aaron says:

    Did not even mention Mav in Germany, AMN whom we could have sold for $10 mill, Laca and Eddie walking at the end of the year for $0….Poor planning any way one cuts it.

  16. pbarany says:

    Hard to argue with Aaron. Our selling practices are probably even worse than under Wenger, and it was quite terrible than.
    Mavro is part of the ‘team of the season’ in the Bundesliga, and will leave for peanuts (unless Stuttgart gets relegated, which is possible, but unlikely).
    Saliba and Guendouzi are doing fine, so does Ballard. And we will obviously lose on Torreira, too. The same seems inevitable on Leno – even though I was told on this very blog that we will receive nort to 16M for him…

    Our buying was never that bad – for every Ramsdale and Tomiyasu we have a Tierney, Martinelli, Gabriel. But the fans want nothing more than splashing the cash. And I’m afraid that they are not alone…

  17. pbarany says:

    On the topic of Xhaka…
    I understand that people don’t like him much, but being an Arsenal fan doesn’t mean you know shit about the game. (I’m well aware that this applies to me as well.)

    Nevertheless since Granit’s absence we haven’t even score a goal not to mention winning a game. While between December 11 and 26 we won 5/5 scoring 19 when he played all the games (to be precise: 3 full 90+ minutes, once 81 and came on as a substitute for 40 minutes against Sunderland in the League Cup, and the team scored 2 more goals while he was on the pitch).
    I know these are mere statistics, that don’t show the full picture, but at least this is an interesting half. And none of those matches seemed to be such a sure victory than our home fixture against Burnley, so don’t even try to argue that the without-Xhaka games were easier in the first place, as we lost against bloody Nottingham whereas with Granit we defeated West Ham and trashed Leeds away from home…

  18. RC78 says:

    pbarany – we cannot indeed totally discard Xhaka’s contribution to the team. When he is playing well (which does happen), he really adds balance to our team…I think all of us are frustrated because (i) he made so many silly mistakes in his AFC career, (ii) he gets red carded so often, (iii) he does not need to improve so much over the years and (iv) he has got the talent, engine and drive to be a much better player…

    As for our sales, we have indeed been poor…let us not forget Ramsey, Sanchez

  19. RC78 says:

    As for Guendouzi, I just want to say that he is rather doing well in France…so much so that he is now called regularly by Deschamps to join the national squad…France has plethora of talent in midfield but still Guendouzi makes it to the list based on his Marseille’s performance so it can’t be too underestimated.

  20. RC78 says:

    Newcastle is now becoming also a competitor in the transfer market. Interesting.

  21. RC78 says:

    Guimares to Newcastle for 40 Mln EUR!

  22. RC78 says:

    Auba left out of squad for training Camp

  23. Sue says:

    While Wilshere does make the squad off to Dubai. Work that one out??!!

  24. allezkev says:

    Maybe Jack has been a positive influence around the training ground much as Bobby Pires was.

  25. allezkev says:

    I see that Charlie Patino and Taylor Foran (C/H) have travelled with the first team to Dubai. Foran is an interesting selection, apparently he’s done very well in training recently and has impressed the coaching staff.

  26. LB says:

    That difficult decision must have caused Wolves Traore many a sleepless night: Barcelona or Tottenham?

  27. RC78 says:

    Did Chambers leave for free for Aston Villa?

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