What does AFC future look like for Saliba at this stage?

For a third successive season since joining us, Saliba is on loan. This time in Marseilles. He has become an automatic starter there and his displays get a lot of attention and appreciation. He is now also the captain of the U23 French team. In particular, people are praising his anticipation skills and his ability to play out from the back. He could be more commanding especially in the air and also physically but overall, he is in a good space now.

While his development is taking a positive turn, Ben White and Gabriel are starting to forge an interesting partnership. Both of them are older than Sailba but they are still very young especially for central defenders. They are also more accustomed to the EPL jouts.

Knowing that the squad also includes Holding, Mari and Chambers, it seems that Saliba would have to settle for a fight for his place in the starting XI. Given his age and talent, shall we just extend him at the end of the season and then ship out one out of Holding and Mari to tell Saliba that he can be a squad player. Or do we loan him out again but this time in the EPL? Or we do sell him if we can recoup our initial investment.

Who knows what the future holds for Saliba? but for sure he is really establishing himself in the top 15 of CBs in the French League, a league where there are some quality CBs like Marquinhos, Botman, Dante…


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  1. RA says:

    Hi RC, I liked both your recent Posts.

    I was always a fan of Douzy and if Arteta shipped him out because of a minor bust up with Maupay — then that is a bad reflection on Mikel’s man management skills.

    As he gets older and wiser, Douzy will settle down and probably become an experienced and canny midfielder.

    As for Saliba — I am bemused yet again — many people are impressed with his skill and physical attributes (not just in La Belle France) – except for Arteta – again.

    The only thing that is undoubtedly the case, is that Arsenal have already lost money on the Douzy deal, and almost certainly will do so on Saliba, without him even playing for us.

    Ridiculous really.

    Maybe it is in the DNA of some French players, that unless the British allow France to vacuum up all the fish around the UK coastal shores, and also kiss the ass of the insidious Macron, they won’t play ball for an English club.

    Well good luck to them if they can make that happen. 😂

  2. RC78 says:

    I don’t think the Entente Cordiale is on the cards at the moment…This Brekshit is getting really annoying now…but I suppose it was the will of the people and must be respected although now the majority of UK voters say that Brexit was a mistake…what can you do?

    I think that the youth in France amongst footballers is very different than the Brits indeed. The Brits seem more compliant and hard working but the French ones seem to come with more flair in their game and personality …Arteta seems to be going on a very hard line on the compliant aspect.

    Anyways – we lost about 25 Mln on Douzi and let us hope we either sell Saliba at no loss or make him one of our successful CBs

  3. LBG says:

    Saliba has admitted his second loan out was the right thing for him. Mikel and Edu are in regular contact with him and, unlike Guendouzi, he will join the squad next year. He will then prove himself over that season and may well become the right sided CB in an alternative 3 man back line. Holding and probably Mari will be sacrificed, as Ballard may also return.

    Guendouzi may well fulfill his potential in France ( I doubt it myself!), he would never have done so in the Premier League. Our greatest French players, in addition to great talent, understood discipline for the team and that its ethos is what makes a team invincible.

  4. RC78 says:

    Vieira, Petit – Pires, Henry…when AFC had French World Cup Winners in its squad 🙂

    Pogba, Kante – Griezmann, Mbappe – imagine AFC with these four to replace the above four 🙂

    Ramsdale – Tomy, White, Gabs, Tierney – Kante, Pogba – Saka, ESR, Mbappe – Griezmann

    What do you think? lol

  5. LB says:

    Seems to me we are on a win win with Saliba, if it works out we win and if not his improvement means we can recoup, meaning it was a risk worth taking.

    Ooh and most people who voted for Brekshit believe that it is working and working well.

    A sovereign nation’s right to make its own laws. √
    A sovereign nation’s right to control its own borders. √
    A sovereign nation’s right to negotiate it’s own trade deals. √

    Full disclosure, I did not vote for Brekshit.

  6. RC78 says:

    Less NHS Service. √
    Less availability of goods and higher costs. √
    Migration of jobs to the EU for easier access to the market. √

    LB – I think a recent poll came our about the ratings on Brexit and it showed more dissatisfaction…but then again, you make a fair point about some people’s perception on how the UK is now so much more sovereign than before…strange times

  7. LB says:

    Just to say that I have really enjoyed reading your posts RC, I haven’t been able to comment as it is nigh on impossible to do so on a phone and it makes me wonder how many other people just give up when faced with such resistance.

  8. RC78 says:

    LB – no worries. I understand. Rocky and I try our best with some other bloggers to keep the best AFC fans blog page alive but it s not easy these days.

  9. VP says:

    LB, I had the same issue a while ago where I could not comment on my usual access. I had to setup a wordpress account to comment.

  10. RC78 says:

    New Post. @Fred1266 – feel free to put the prematch press conference there.

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