Emery gets one over us but there is hope for Mikel to get us through to the final

Emery is full of praise for Arteta and Arsenal ahead of Europa clash - Just  Arsenal News

So we lost against Villareal, away. We conceded two super soft goals within half an hour and when we were down to 10 men thanks to Ceballos’ idiotic defending, I thought that we could just have lost our chance to reach the final…but no, we actually played better with 10 men – with more intent, purpose and pace. With Leno keeping us in the tie with two key saves, we were able to sneak a PK in courtesy of Saka’s smart moves and Pepe’s cool shot. Luckily, we did not concede another goal and if Auba didn’t slip, we could have had an equalizer too!

So while the loss was bad, the fact that we scored one back and dominated Villareal when playing with one-man down, there is room for optimism. We will concede a goal at home for sure so we gotta hope that we will score 3…

The team set-up was strange indeed with Ceba and no real CF. I think that it is very clear that we will need Laca leading the forward line next week and he will need to be flanked by Saka on the right, supported by Emile in the middle and then either Pepe, Gabi or Auba on the left. I hope that Tierney will be able to start at LB and that we can have El Neny-Partey or Xhaka-Partey in the middle.

Anyways…not a good result but not a bad one

Leno – kept us in the game – 7

Chambs – nothing bad, nothing good – 5

Holding – nothing bad, nothing great either – 6

Mari – unusually shaky and slow at the beginning but then did fine – 4

Xhaka – struggled tonight at LB – 4

Partey – lacking edge – 5

Ceba – why? – 3

Saka – combative, inventive and cunning in the box – 7

ESR – a weird role for him…he is no KDB yet… – 6

Pepe – a stern performance with another EL goal – 6.5

Arteta – 4.

All to play for still…COYG!


9 Responses to Emery gets one over us but there is hope for Mikel to get us through to the final

  1. jjgsol says:

    Continuation from previous

    LBG. I wonder, are your views based on wishful thinking and hope?

    You are assuming that Arteta’s style of play involves the one-touch football you refer to.

    If that was the case, why did he throw out one of the best players of one-touch football in the world?

    Arteta simply does not do such attacking play because it involves individual inspiration and quick thinking. That is the opposite of what he wants, which is the players doing exactly what he wants and when he wants them to do so.

    Perhaps the Ozils etc that have been ostracised and removed were unwilling to work within Arteta’s straightjacket and would prefer to play the sort of football that you are now saying that Arteta can produce.

    I am sorry, I simply disagree with you and everything that I have seen this season indicates to me that I am right.

    I fear that having had one embarrassment recently, the powers that be will want to avoid another and will hang on to Arteta in the hope that the players will be able to deliver the Europa Cup, despite him.

    Lose to Villareal or manure in the final, I think Areta’s P45 will be on its way.

    In the meantime, do not expect too many good performances for the rest of the season.

    It would be nice if I was wrong, but I do not think I am.

  2. LBG says:

    If someone would move my last comment from the previous post, it will conclude my discussion with Jigsol, which I hope hasn’t bored too many.
    Thanks for recent post. Think some of ratings are a little stingy and my summation of the game would be Arsenal seemed to put out a “disparate” group of 11 footballers last night. Villarreal put out far more of a “team”, that tried to defend a 2-0 lead and then got tired.
    Tierney must play next week to get hold of that right winger, and unlike RC, I think the system needs to be changed for the return leg.

  3. RA says:


    Watching the U18s FA Cup v ‘Pool — we are 2:0 down

    Please keep jigsaw to yourself – what a conceited winger!!

    I did not know one of our favourite youngsters, Zech Medley, is on loan at Kilmarnock (?) — you never said! — and apparently he is unlikely to return to the Ems — Boo 🤥

  4. RA says:

    Spelling mistakes:

    LGB – Disparate = Desperate

    RA – Winger = Whinger (auto-correct was on — now off).

  5. LBG says:

    Whilst several other loanees unlikely to return, some in the know think Zach might be back.
    However in your eyes does he Trump Mavrapanos or the potential of Saliba. Seen some of him and not sure.

  6. allezkev says:

    Medley, Mavropanos, Saliba, McGuiness, Ballard, Clarke, some big decisions to make this summer whilst not forgetting Luiz?

  7. RC78 says:

    My inkling is:
    – Medley will not feature with us next year
    – Mavro will not feature with us next year – he will be sold. We need cash.
    – Saliba will not feature with us next year but he will be loaned out only.
    – Luiz will stay
    – We will buy a CB to challenge or replace Holding at RCB.

    In terms of Full-Backs, I think
    – it is the end of the road for Bellerin. He will be allowed to leave if a good offer comes in.
    – Chambers will stay and so will Cedric as back up full-backs;
    – We will buy a new RB.

    In terms of our other loanees, we will sell Torreira for sure.

    Question marks around:
    Guendouzi, AMN and Willock.

    As for Tyron-Jules, he will be loaned out again for sure and we may part ways with Ballard and Clarke…

    There is also a question mark around Nelson and Nketiah.

    Big summer looming ahead. I think the best way for us to bring quality players is to win the UEFA Cup/Europa League. We would show that we can win major trophies and qualify for the Champions League…Without this trophy, we will be seen as an average club that cannot land trophies or even fight for them so it is hard to improve on the current squad if we can’t attract better players.

    As for Ceba and Odegaard, we can release them. No big deal to be honest.

    My big concern is also Leno despite his heroics in Villareal 🙂

  8. LBG says:

    My suggestions for Newcastle and Villarreal
    Bellerin Luiz Gabriel Soares
    Elneny Azeez Ceballos
    Nelson Balogun Nketiah

    Chambers Holding Mari Tierney
    Saka Partey Smith-Rowe
    BOdegaard Martinelli

  9. RockyLives says:

    New Post

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