We Can Be Heroes: Who Will Win the Derby for Arsenal?

Cometh the hour…

Naturally there will be a full pre-match tomorrow for our league game against the N17 swamp dwellers, but as a foretaste here’s something to ponder.

Which of our players can be a hero tomorrow? Who has the potential to become the sort of opponent that makes Spud hearts sink?

Over the years many Arsenal players have had a good scoring record against the enemy: Henry, Wright, Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira to name but a few have all sent Totteringham fans weeping their way home.

Now the time is ripe for another Arsenal hero to emerge, starting at the Emirates this weekend: a player who can win the game for us and become a thorn in the Totts’ side for a long time to come.

We need someone to counter the effect that Harry Kane has in the other direction. His success against us in derby games has made him a legend in the nastier parts of north London and for some time now we have had no real answer.

The most obvious candidates in our current set-up are Aubameyang, Saka and Pepe. Perhaps Smith Rowe, Partey or Odegaard could step up from midfield. After his towering goal against Olimpiacos, maybe even Gabriel could be a contender.

But if we’re looking for a player who can terrorise them enemy for several seasons to come then that probably rules out Auba (too old) and Odegaard (on loan with no guarantee he’ll stay).

Which leaves Saka, ESR, Partey and Pepe. Funnily enough I could see Pepe potentially being the man we need except for the fact that Arteta is reluctant to give him a consistent run of games. El Patron just does not seem to feel he can rely on the Ivorian.

As for Partey, I would love to think he could do to the Spuds what Vieira so successfully did, but so far he has not really demonstrated a goal scoring touch.

Which leaves Saka and ESR. Of those two the obvious candidate – because he is the more natural goal scorer – is Bukayo Saka and that’s who I’m going to plump for.

Whether he starts tomorrow’s game or comes on as a sub, Oh Great Gods of Football let it be Saka who scores a winner and begins a reign of terror that will silence the noisy neighbours for years to come.

What do you think?


15 Responses to We Can Be Heroes: Who Will Win the Derby for Arsenal?

  1. Gööner In Exile says:

    None of the above…..

    Martinelli is the man that can deliver those goals from nothing, tireless running and of course score with head and feet, and all kinds of goals, that’s what Thierry could do it’s what I hate to say Kane does.

    That said he can’t do it on his own so Saka and ESR will be equally important, the three of them fitness willing can give a very bright future to NL Derby’s.

    A curveball in selection for the weekend I would be inclined to start Pepe ahead of Saka. Why? Because Tiny Totts will be preparing for Saka, second Saka looks tired recently I would rather see him come on for a devastating half hour than try to manage himself through the game.

  2. RockyLives says:

    I agree GiE, but Arteta seems to have little interest in playing Martinelli.

  3. Gööner In Exile says:

    Hopefully Rocky like the slow managed return of Partey, ESR and others recently he is being closely monitored. It seems that red zones/stats etc are being used much more than we are used to.

    Although I also think he has a lot of names above him and Arteta will need to upset some to give the lad a shirt which may not be the best policy until end of season while trying to keep some unity in the squad.

    I also hope KT becomes a thorn in the spuds side, his demeanour will suit NLD that couldn’t give a f**k look.

  4. RockyLives says:

    Wow – you’re right GiE – I should have included KT on the list.

    I love his warrior mentality (the way he single-handedly dragged us through the second leg against Benfica with that solo goal, and his angry response after scoring it…)

  5. fred1266 says:

    Agreed saka, but in the meantime time I would take PEA to hold it down for us

  6. RockyLives says:


    I think Auba has three goals against the Totts in six games. Not bad.

    Would be nice if he could add to that tomorrow.

  7. RockyLives says:

    In the EPL that is.

  8. RA says:

    The man standing quietly at the bar wreathed in a miasmic cloud of smoke, with an evil smelling Cuban cigar clasped in his hairy, but well-manicured fingers, nonchalantly said, to no one in particular, while casually staring at the Arsenal v Olympia game on the bar TV, “Mr Arteta just loves the tactical theory of ‘playing out from the back’, even when the theory somehow transmogrifies into a chimera with vicious serpent-like extended fangs and deftly sinks them into the ass of a slow moving Gunner’s defender desperately attempting to deal with a poor pass”.

    “Mr Arteta needs to pay attention,” he insidiously murmured, “and learn to counsel the defenders, and the goalkeeper, on how to deal with the other team’s high press, so that they do not repeat over and over, the same costly mistake.
    Otherwise, his favourite theory can only lead to madness.”

    The man slowly rose from the bar stool, crushed his cigar into the already overflowing ash tray, hitched his pants up, and made for the door, before turning and grunting “you guys have been told, so you make sure Mr Arteta gets told too, otherwise Kane and Able will take your Gunners apart, and I will not be pleased and will be back to find out why I was ignored!”

    He seemed to evaporate through the door and a chill fug descended encompassing the entire bar area, and a disembodied, sibilant voice hissed, “You have been warned”

  9. RockyLives says:

    Genius Redders

    But here’s a thing… you would certainly think our enemies, ill-wishers and scoundrels of any stripe have been paying close attention to our inability to play out from the back when facing a determined press.

    And you would think that the Desperados of N17 would seek to use that highly classified intel when shaping their plans against us.

    But if I cast my mind back to our fixture against the skinny cocks earlier in the season they beat us comfortably by sitting back and waiting to hit us on the break – a tactic long favoured by Mr Maureen.

    So… Mr Maureen has a dilemma: abandon his long-held tactical principles (of sitting deep) and seek to exploit our weakness with the high press?

    Or stick to his “hit ’em on the break” approach and forego taking advantage of an obvious Arsenal weak spot?

    Choices, choices…

    If I was Arteta I would say this to the lads before kick-off: ‘if the Spuds try the high press, we completely drop any ideas of playing from the back and go long every time.

    “If the Spuds sit back and let us play out, we just keep passing it around the back five until the enemy are driven insane.

    And every time Maureen switches it up to combat our tactics we immediately switch again.”

    It would, at the very least, make for an amusing spectacle.

    (“Kane and Able” – very clever)

  10. RA says:

    You will not be surprised, Rocky, that the man at the bar would totally agree with your excellent tactical analysis, particularly the random switching from one tactic to another, and when ‘bolted’ on to your really interesting Post, it would enable a ‘hero’ to emerge because the ‘play from the back tactic’ when used so predictably hamstrings the more enterprising attacking players – whereas the uncertainty endowed by tactical flexibility would change that.

    Well said, sir. 🤪

  11. LBG says:

    None of these, but needs to be selected, our Egyptian whizzer- El Neny.

  12. RC78 says:

    I am hoping that our forward players will be our heroes, not our GK, defenders or defensive midfielders…However, I am going into the game without much hope and believe that we will be destroyed by Kane and co tomorrow so in the end, it could be that we need heroic performances from our GK, defenders and defensive midfielders…

    451 for me tomorrow
    Leno – Cedric, Holding, Gabriel, Tierney – Saka, ESR, Partey, El Neny, Willian – Laca

  13. jjgsol says:

    I have no doubt that ESR will not be starting tomorrow or at any time in the immediate future.

    I am amazed that so many of you think he is still foremost in Arteta’s plans.

    Perhaps I am wrong. I hope I am but suspect I am not.

  14. LBG says:

    According to MOTD Fulham should be praised for their bravery, playing out from the back………losing the ball to Manshitty’s press and ruining totally the 45 minutes before.

    Would Calvert-Lewin be a good buy for Arsenal in the Summer…..even if heading is banned in the next two years?

  15. RockyLives says:

    New Post

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