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SALIBA – The new Varane or the new Squilacci?

Saliba, a highly touted and well regarded young central defender, who has been recruited for 20+ Mln but has yet to feature for us. Currently in Nice where he is doing rather well after a very slow start. He has played in a back 3 and a back 4 and has been able to accommodate. He has recently spoken out about his disappointment at not being given a chance by Arteta – not sure it was smart to do so…Clearly a talented CB but clearly not as talented as Fofana…What do we do with him? We could ship him out easily this summer at no loss. We could also keep him and hope that he will grow with us and be part of our CB options along with Holding, Gabriel, Mari and eventually Luiz and Chambers..So what do we do: Keep / Loan out again next year / Sell

KOLASINACAuf Wiedersehen!

The writing is on the wall for Kola. He has been a good soldier for us, plenty of promise the first year but then, physical issues and lack of adaptation to the defensive rigor required in the EPL. So: Thank you and good bye.

TORREIRAAdios amigo?

A player that had a decent start of life at Arsenal before dipping in the pecking order. Definitely a fighting character and an OK midfielder but is he good enough to be part of our midfield options? Not sure. He is not used too much by Atletico. What do you think: Keep or Sell?

GUENDOUZIDr. Ramsey and Mr. Song?

A divisive player in all clubs he joined. Clearly a big character and a big potential but is his ego stopping his evolution? Rather solid everywhere: getting the ball back, driving the ball, passing the ball. A lack of discipline on the pitch too…Is he one of those players that get axed in bug clubs because of being divas? So: Keep or Sell?

AMNA Loan to grow or a prelude to departure?

A fan’s favourite I would say. A cool cucumber and always a positive attitude on the pitch. But has been hampered in his progress, by injuries and maybe his versatility. He is now playing in midfield at WBA on loan. Let us see how he fares. So do we believe in him or do we let him go?

WILLOCKThe last chance

Willock, an exceptional player in our youth set-up like Nketiah in a way. A positive start at AFC and then it seems that the EPL became a bit too big for him. He is now at Newcastle and hoping to show that he can compete at EPL level. He started brightly at Newcastle but let us see what he does until the end of the year…So do you believe that we will keep him or sell him?


8 Responses to Loan watch

  1. jjgsol says:

    I have never understood why it was that Torreira, who started so well, lost favour with the powers that be.

    Perhaps the problem started when Emery started playing him much further forward, which may not have suited his physique and skills, He then lost form and his position which he never regained under Arteta because I assume, he was not a player picked by him

    The repeated suggestion by Arteta that he needed his own choice of players has meant that all of the players highlighted by you did not fit in because they were not his players.

    That “his” players have by and large flopped, is possibly an indication of the quality of his powers at choosing. (By that I include Partey, who having been touted by so many wishful thinking fans as being the greatest, has hardly been performing miracles and who is now injured again).

    At the present we are hostages to Arteta and his chosen style, so all of these players are surplus to requirements.

    I fear that that the ESR experiment is now slowly but surely closing down as the numbers of shots on and off-target reduce alarmingly, as the utilisation of an attacking midfielder in the ESR (or, dare I say it, Ozil) does not fit into Arteta’s style. So having succeeded so spectacularly, by accident, against Chel$ki it is now being revised out of recognition, as we revert to the Arteta style of multiple crosses to no one in the middle who can do anything with them.

  2. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for another good post RC.

    The whole Saliba thing is so strange.

    By all accounts he is playing well in France so you would expect him to return to Arsenal for next season and be in contention for a starting place. I certainly hope so.

    As for Torreira- I know a lot of supporters really rate him but he never did it for me in the EPL. He had a few good performances but my principal memory of him is him being outmuscled in midfield pretty much all the time.

    He’s just not physically strong enough for the EPL – much better suited to a league like Italy or Spain.

  3. RockyLives says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing City destroy the Spuds later today

  4. LBG says:

    A wish to a real all time legend for a glorious Birthday….live long Liam Brady!

  5. RockyLives says:

    Happy birthday Liam

    Altogether now…

    “Brady, Brady, Brady, Brady, born is the king of Highbury…”

  6. RockyLives says:

    3-0 so far.

    Come on City, let’s have another couple.

  7. Sue says:

    Not sure what I loved more – the look on Klopp’s face or Maureen’s!! Fantastic results 🙂

    RC.. So, PSG beat Saliba tonight – good game?. He’s been impressing so far. As has Mavropanos for Stuttgart.

  8. RockyLives says:

    New Post

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