Saving private Arsenal…

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Mings, Watkins and Grealish pile misery on Arsenal

Another game in February and another loss…and still the bitter taste of the Wolves’ defeat after this villain defeat.

If you look at the stats, we dominated the game but when you look at the game, we could have lost 4-0 with the errors we made in our own are and the fact that we hardly hit the target. Martinez reminded us of how good he was, especially on that Pepe’s strike. I do not agree with Arteta’s assessment that we deserved the win. I think we played positive and energetic football but defensive lapses and lack of final product in the last third were just glaring today.

Ryan had a rough start with a goal conceded in the first 2 mins but then kept us in the game

Bellerin and Cedric were not great today – neither at the back, neither going forward

Holding-Gabriel – Holding was solid as per his recent outing but Gabriel is still struggling to find his original form

Xhaka-Partey – Xhaka was tidy and Partey had some really good spells and also some lapses. Sad to see Partey off injured, again..

Saka-Pepe – Both played with energy and tried to create and shoot and dribble…Saka the main threat but I am liking Pepe’s attitude these days on the pitch.

ESR – Energetic but lacking the spark/creativity.

Laca – An OK display. Missed a golden opportunity to delivery an assist to Saka in the first hald.

Auba – Nice to him again on the pitch but still not scoring goals. Worrying still.

Odegaard – A good entrance.

Willian – Needs to justify his salary…how can he struggle so much with us?

Ref – no comment. Arteta really upset with the Konsa foul.

Let us try to finish in the Top 10 at least…


3 Responses to Saving private Arsenal…

  1. Peter Woods says:

    Need to be impartial. Holdinho was poor for goal and Gabriel was better! Cedric and Bellerin appalling. Partey very bad. Auba pathetic… Willan barely a player

  2. Pete the Thirst says:

    Unprofessional Arsenal reappeared yesterday compounding the Wolves mess.

    Cedric must take the blame for the goal. Giving the ball away was stupid. Gabriel was slow to get to the ball. I’m not sure the criticism of Holding is fair. He was expecting us to be attacking at that point.

    Saka was easily our best player. How that defender stayed on the pitch is a mystery. If you apply the same rules with the Luiz incident he’s off.

    Can anybody explain to me what position Bellerin plays in? Centre midfield? Centre forward? Definitely not right back.

    Pepe & Xhaka sunk back to their usual standards.

    Villa are an average side that play on the counter attack. We were worse than them.

    4 points from 12 since throwing the FA Cup to push forward on the league. A foolish decision.

  3. RockyLives says:

    New Post

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