Willian: A very good signing with an oddly long contract?

Our good friend LB brought up some key questions regarding our signing of Willian

First and foremost, are we happy to have signed Willian? His EPL experience, his statistics, injury record and the fact that he lives in London and was a free agent do seem to tick a lot of positive boxes.

However, his signing also seems to trigger some doubts. Was his signing necessary given the fact that Pepe seemed to have found his feet (at last) and that RN seemed to demonstrate good promise? Will Arteta play Willian on the right or in the middle (as part of a midfield trio with Xhaka and Ceba) or on the left? It is hard to tell but Willian is a versatile player that has, however, made his name as a right winger so let us see…

Lastly and although he seems to be physically reliable, was it a wise move to sign him on for 3 years given the fact that he is 32?

So, have your say about Willian:

  1. Are you happy with his arrival?
  2. In which position will Arteta play him?
  3. Was a 3-years contract a good move?

Thanks to LB for initiating the discussion


27 Responses to Willian: A very good signing with an oddly long contract?

  1. RC78 says:

    Make sure to support PSG tonight 🙂

    1. I am happy that Willian joined
    2. I think he will be played in the midfield or as a left winger
    3. 3 years seem long but if he can mentor Pepe, RN, Saka, Martinelli – then it is totally fine with me

  2. Gööner In Exile says:

    Simply if he does a similar job that he has done at Chelsea over last few years I think it’s a no brainier.

    He has always looked fit and healthy and has a cracking shot on him as well as a clever player around the box and a good cross on him. May be expensive as a sub for Pepe but will undoubtedly be utilised more than that.

    I don’t think the shape we finished is Arteta’s ideal formation I think it’s what he could do to get the most out of the players available. Willian provides another dimension can see him anywhere across the attacking midfield.

    He has never seemed to be shy of working hard so let’s hope that continues.

  3. RA says:

    Hi, RC/LB

    The fact is I am nonplussed to answer any of the questions posed by the astute LB, as it is difficult to be objected about an older player, such as Willian, as I know little about, probably as a result of my dislike for Chelsea in general.

    I am tho’, quite prepared to be supportive of him and really hope he is able to make a solid contribution to improving the team, particularly as the increased influence that Mikel has, allegedly, had in who he wants, and gets, in terms of transfers in and out of Arsenal, in conjunction with Edu.

    Well done again RC in keeping things going at AA — I am impressed, sir.

  4. RA says:

    objected = objective

  5. LBG says:

    Been a little while since we have had a really successful, older, cast off from one of the bigger Clubs. Hope this is the one.
    Omens are good. Quick, tricky, great shot, can see a pass.
    I think Mikel may find a way of playing him centrally and, I hope, that Smith-Rowe can learn something from him. Pepe/Nelson likewise if on the right. I hope Saka and Martinelli can claim the left side, and as I believe Lacazette may be sold, look for Aubang explosion in centre

  6. RC78 says:

    LBG – I also think Laca will be sold so that frees up the left wing – could be that Arteta wants Willian on the left and Pepe on the right with Auba up front in the middle. Not too shabby, no? I think ESR can also learn from him

  7. RC78 says:

    RA – I am happy to support the blog, as you know 😛

    Sue – where are you? You are PSG’s lucky charm, please tune in tonight on the blog

  8. Sue says:

    Hey RC 😁 Just seen the line ups… Mbappe, Neymar and Di Maria 👌 Sweet!! Come on!!!!

    Nice post, LB/RC… I’m quite excited about Willian.. his stats for last season were excellent and bettered most of our players, I believe. I think our attack is sorted now 😉 I’d like to see PAL with Willian just behind… but he’s pretty versatile.. so he gives MA options!

    Saw this :
    I’m reliably informed that Gabriel Magalhaes, Thomas Partey and Dani Ceballos are “almost certainly” joining Willian at Arsenal before the end of the transfer window. Potentially one more incoming too.
    You’d have to say that’s an excellent window if they can pull it off. #AFC

    How awesome would.that be??!!

  9. LB says:


    “Simply if he does a similar job that he has done at Chelsea over last few years I think it’s a no brainier.”

    What was his job at Chelsea, I just don’t watch enough of them to know, the minuscule amount I do know or at least I think I know is that he plays on the right, where Pepe is currently playing.

    Is that your view?

  10. sean leung says:

    1-very happy
    2- everywhere- central and left wing or even in RB or LB, no problem he can manage its properly
    3- 3yrs is good, to me 4yrs is also ok, as just 32 is still young, many good player even now at aged 36-38 still perform excellent such as ribery, young, carzola and Joaquín and so on, dont mention c.ronaldo

  11. LB says:

    There is the possibility that Arteta is less than happy with the contribution of Pepe and feels the need to replace him in the short term……………..

    Who is likely to score more goals next season coming in from the right: Willian or Pepe?

  12. LB says:

    Lovin the positivity Sean……..

  13. Sue says:

    Happy days, RC… fantastic result! First 2 goals 👌👌
    Looking forward to the final, against Bayern surely?! Going to be a belter!!.

  14. RC78 says:

    Although it would be nice to see Lyon in the final, I am really hoping that PSG meets Bayern on Sunday and that PSG defeats the German champion! Bayern hates PSG, Man City, Chelsea…They always complain about us so I am hoping that we get one over them on Sunday – also, if we are to win our first CL, we gotta do in style and beat a big team. I thought we had a good game tonight except we should have buried the game in the first half and our full-backs are rather weak…

    Mbappe vs Kimmich ; Di Maria vs Davis; Neymar vs Alaba…

    Sounds too appetizing!

  15. allezkev says:

    1. Yes, it’s a very good signing.

    2. He’s versatile, he can play through the middle as he did during his time in Russia or from the right. Pepe and Bill can easily switch positions and Aubameyang can drift in from the left and switch, it has all the hallmarks of a very versatile attack.

    3.In this case, given his lack of serious injuries and general fitness I think 3 years is fine.

  16. RC78 says:

    A) GK – Recruit, Luiz, Mari – Bellerin, Ceba, Partey, Tierney – Pepe, Auba, Willian

    B) GK – Bellerin, RECRUIT, Luiz, Tierney – Xhaka, PARTEY – Ceba – Pepe, Auba, Willian

    C) GK – Bellerin, RECRUIT, Luiz, Tierney – Willian, Xhaka, Ceba – Pepe, Auba, Saka

    Not too bad….not too bad

  17. LBG says:

    Not a mention of Saliba, our new VVD. Gabriel close. Recruit a new right back and play four at the back, please. No more Luiz and while your at it move Xhaka aside!!

  18. LBG says:


  19. Pete the Thrist says:

    1 A good signing
    2 Attacking mid until Saka comes through
    3 Too long. There aren’t many 35 year olds ripping up the Premier League

  20. RC78 says:

    LBG – if only we could get a new RB…but I doubt it. Gabriel is hesitating between Arsenal and Napoli now – let us see where he goes. Saliba will need at least a year to settle…In terms of future VVD, I think that Wesley Fofana has even more potential than Saliba and I am not sure you if watched the game last night but Mukiele was impressive. I would even go for Mukiele over Upamecano because Mukiele can play RWB and RCB.

    Seems there is an overall agreement that Willian was a good signing 🙂

    Next up? Announcement of Auba? Gabriel? Partey? Ceba?

  21. RC78 says:

    Meanwhile – Barcelona undertaking its revolution by sacking Abidal and Setien and appointing Koeman as Head Coach.

    Koeman wants to build the team around a midfield led by De Jong (surprise?) and keep Messi and he will keep the 433 set-up. He is hired to rejuvenate the team and build a CL winning team for…club legend Xavi as of 2022/2023. Expect massive players’ exodus from Barcelona

  22. Akinzo says:

    We should be excited that William has agreed to join us. Currently, he’s better than whatever we have on our books. He will serve us in those three years we have asked him to be with us. The Brazilian was not limited to playing on the right wings in his7 seasons at Stamford Bridge and hasn’t come to us to play at RW. He is a proven versatile player and that would be massive when he starts playing for us. I don’t see Mezut Ozil making any appreciable impact in an Arsenal shirt anymore, and to be honest we’ve regressed as a creative side over the years now, so having the experience Blues man is certainly a huge positive.
    How many of us wish we had kept Carzola instead of allowing him to leave? Willian is one of such players you want to keep or wish you could get into your team even if many are raging about his advanced age?
    Many believe his signing could be a stumbling block to the strides Nico Pepe and RN have made in our team but how far are they from reality. The addition of Willian will be tremendous in making them better and mind you they won’t be the only ones that would benefit positively from his arrival.
    Martinelli, Saka, Willock and the aforementioned players are quite young and while coaching from MA is key to their progression, having a player of Willian’s vast experience will be be more vital to how they turn out.

  23. Sue says:

    Gnabry’s at it again, RC 🔥

  24. Sue says:

    Fulham away first game

  25. RC78 says:


    Tough start…all these big away games with Liverpool, City and Utd

  26. RC78 says:

    New post my friends…

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