“Saka signs and a 4-0 win… what a day!”

It turned out a comfortable win with a score line that we would have expected before the start. It doesn’t always turn out that way of course but I think we deserved a bit of reminding that we are the pride of London and that is how I feel again – proud.

The fitness levels are pretty much back to where they should be; Arteta is enjoying watching his plans being played out effectively and things are looking up. Hard games to come of course but winning is always good preparation.

The game: we were dominant for the majority of the first half, Lacazette should have done better with his opportunities; we got a let off when Norwich hit the post with a forty yard screamer but then it was time for Auba to get that fifty goal monkey off his shoulder and Kruel kindly obliged by making a hash of a Cruff turn in his area which Auba pounced on and slotted home. Xhaka finished off the team goal of the game all before the break, outstanding long ball from Luiz to Tierney who played a precise short pass to Auba who deftly rolled it into the path of the oncoming Xhaka who fired it under Kruels body. Norwich tried to make a fist of things early in the second half before a sloppy back pass gifted Auba his second of the game. Now you may have been happy at this stage, I certainly was but the best was yet to come: who expected that screamer from Soares, it was hilarious when the camera cut to our executive team of Edu et al falling off their seats in shocked celebration. Welcome to the home of football Cedric Soares, that was one heck of a debut.

Martinez: some fine saves, right place right time, good distribution, clearly revelling in his opportunity, clean sheet. What’s not to like? 8

Mustafi: nothing rash, kept it simple, all the cables plugged into the right sockets, not sure why he went off, injury I suppose. 6

Luiz: I have tried not to like him, I tried really hard after the City game but as hard as I try I can’t, yeah, yeah, yeah, defence schmence, I loved the long pass out to Tierney which lead to Xhaka’s goal. 7

Kolasinac: a left footed player on the left of central defence clearly goes along way. I know it was only Norwich but he looked pretty good. 7

Bellerin: Hector who? I haven’t jumped up of the sofa for a long time when someone has scored but that is exactly what I did and shouted wow in excitement when Soares scored. 5

Xhaka: looked pretty happy and the first goal of the season to boot; his experience goes a long way. 7

Ceballos: superb, back up to speed and back to his creative best, his passes were opening up Norwich like a tin of sardines in the first half and he continued to be our most creative player in the second half, probably would have got my MOTM but you know where that is going. 8

Tierney: many people have commented on the intelligence and the accuracy of his crossing and it is true but them there crosses are still nowhere near as good as Saka’s. The young Scot is a defender the other plays eemmm, take your pick. 7

Nelson: there was a time not so long ago when that left wing spot was up for grabs – not anymore it has been claimed with both hands or by the left foot of Pepe. I don’t want to be too harsh here there is still a lot more to come. 6

Lacazette: he tries too hard and his frustration is palpable, deep breaths Laca, deep breaths. Not sure how the future of this one plays out, good to have Nketiah and Martinelli knocking at the door though. 5

Aubamayang: MOTM, of course, clinical finishing, fiftieth and fifty-first goals for the Arsenal Football Club. He looked really happy today, pleased for him. 9

Ooh to be (thanks Sue)



31 Responses to “Saka signs and a 4-0 win… what a day!”

  1. Thank you LB for the post.

    Sorry forgot to put in a pic ……… will do so now (mutters to herself who shall the pic be of?) 🙂

  2. Had to be the mid-air tumbling Aubameyang ……….. love how he does that ………. hope he stays to do it some more 🙂

  3. gunnerpete says:

    Nearly everything about the way the team are playing since the break has me excited. Yes the pundits and old players can mock but when Charlie Nicholas said that with two new players and afit existing squad, we would be challenging for the top place, they all laughed.Worse still the overpaid Hartlepool pillock who presents Sky football on Saturdays mocked Charlie…him ! The match proved at last we have a manager who improves talent. He picks for a reason not for show. Last night, imaging that brilliant looking squad with a world class defensive MF Patrley? and the addition of Saliba. Then the sale of Sokrotis, Belerin, Douzi, Kossy, Lacazette, Elnehny, and afew more loanies, its possible to bring in someone like Gueizman? Great performance by you all.

  4. Sue says:

    Nice one, LB 👍
    I can honestly say those 90 minutes flew by (don’t they say time flies when you’re having fun?!). The first time in a long while I enjoyed it from start to finish… and by that I mean no edge of the seat needed… the sofa stayed in its usual position and more importantly no strops 😂😂
    It was a superb team performance…Auba my motm – need I say more?! Please stay with us 🙏 Dani was awesome! Brilliant goal from Xhaka, so many positives… my jaw aches from smiling so much!!
    So lush to see the Emirates again, although it would’ve looked better with us in it, it did look really cool with all the seats covered over!
    And to top that wonderful day off yesterday, West Ham only bloody went and won…. the look on fat Frankie’s face, ah unlucky!! 😂😂 I just hope Sheff Utd play as well tonight!

  5. LB says:

    I watched the end of the West ham game and was surprised how poor chavs were. I say that because I watched a few minutes of Chavs against Man City and thought Chavs were pretty good. Chavs beat City by being really effective on the break, West Ham did the same last night.

    I thought we were a million miles off City, I feel that we have now shaved some of those millions off.

  6. Mikel A says:

    LB, nice report and ratings. Auba, whether he stays or goes, shall be remembered for committed performances against lowly opposition like these

  7. RockyLives says:

    Thanks LB

    One of those match reports where I can’t disagree with a single word…


    …notwithstanding Auba’s two goals and an assist, I would give MoTM to Ceballos. He bossed the game in midfield, he was creative, tenacious, committed, controlled and tireless. Probably his best performance for us (certainly up there with Burnley early in the season).

    I have been on the fence about Ceballos and, to be honest, was leaning towards saying “fine, let him go back to Madrid. Thanks and all that but cheerio.”

    But if Arteta can get him playing like that on a regular basis then we have a real player on our hands. He reminded me of Coutinho at times last night.

    It’s dawning on me that the Covid lockdown did us no favours whatsoever. Arteta had started to get in a groove with his players, then he was denied daily contact with them for months. That partly explains the Man City and Brighton performances.

    I feel he’s now getting back to where he left off (and you really have to remember the sh*t show he inherited) and we, as a team, are getting better as a result.

    I know it was “only” Norwich last night but we have stumbled against plenty of poor sides in the last few seasons, so a comprehensive win has to be appreciated.

    Onwards we go.

  8. LBG says:

    Poor old Totteringham! Mind the gap!

  9. LB says:

    Not often enough do I laugh on this site now days but this one took me back……

    RockyLives says:

    Thanks LB

    One of those match reports where I can’t disagree with a single word…


  10. LB says:

    Ceballos was very good, especially in the first half as you previously said.

  11. Sue says:

    Ooh is that a whiff of St Totteringham’s Day I’m having?!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. fatgingergooner says:

    I’ve never enjoyed watching an opposition player as much as I do Kevin De Bruyne for Man City. At a time when I don’t really enjoy football that much either. He’s the best player in this league by an absolute mile and he would’ve got in many of the best PL teams of the past.

  13. Sue says:

    Spot on, FGG… he’s pure class 👌

  14. LB says:

    That is exactly the way I feel Slim but wouldn’t have had the courage to say it on here.

  15. fatgingergooner says:

    Mahrez is world class too. Deserves far more credit than he gets. Fabulous player.

    KDB though is a stunning footballer. He’s easily 2 or 3 levels above any Liverpool midfielder. City will walk the PL next year without any European football.

  16. Sue says:

    What a night!!! What time’s MOTD on?! Hahaha!! Thank you, City 🔵

  17. RockyLives says:



  18. Sue says:

    Ah poor Liverpool.. “they’re hungover”….. “it’s hard to motivate yourselves after the league has been won”….. well we managed it and finished unbeaten!! Yet Liverpool can do no wrong….
    What else makes me laugh is how the officials/var helped them all season, now it’s won, nada!!!
    Just watched them on MOTD – even better the 2nd time round!! Blue moon!!! Hahaha!

  19. LBG says:

    One significant stat from MOTD for me, whilst the pundits were criticising Norwich for being top ( by a long way) of list for turnovers in defensive third, we were second on the list!!!
    This is a comment on three things, firstly the shortage of players who can receive a ball under pressure in front of the defence without losing it and putting that defence under immediate pressure. – Partey is one of the solutions. Secondly, the poor decision making and execution of passing from our back line to that midfield. ( I believe Saliba is another solution).And thirdly, without the quality in front, a short pass from the goalkeeper is asking for potentially serious error.
    We have seen it many times in the last few seasons. Needs to be addressed further, Mikel.

  20. gunnerpete says:

    And Sheffield did not let us down !

  21. gunnerpete says:

    What I saw against City was a team with half our players out injured and a CB bent on giving help to a team that need no help. And then a team holding city with no problem until that CB cam eon and handed them the game plus got sent off..it is hard enouth to play them but with ten men and handing them two goals if too much. I look forward to the semi final because we may have a choice of players and a surprise many be on the cards.

  22. gunnerpete says:

    Lets not also forget that I think Im right in saying that not long before our wonderful Invincibles season we were the fits team to only go a season losing only once? Also never foregt it was only the cheating of Rooney and conspiring with the bent ref that stopped our unbeaten run!

  23. Lisa says:

    First things first, WE WON!!!
    Second, finally, what I’ve been saying on justarsenal has been proven! David Luiz is a magnet. How could anyone not like him?
    “Defense, shcmefence”? I’m not so sure!
    And lastly, ANY more weird stuff about Lacazette and I’m going to publish a whole page on justarsenal.com(how do you do that?) on how it seems some Gunners love to bash the French Now. 9 and 29!

  24. Lisa says:

    If anything tries to mess with MY Liverpool, I will start my own website, kid as I am, and completely show some people what to do!
    I could fix Arsenal and Liverpool’s problems in one transfer window, a few training sessions, and some phone calls, and sheesh, I’m not even a ballkid.
    But until I take the football world by storm, everybody take their hands off Liverpool and Arsenal. Klopp, Chamberlain, Lacazette, Guendouzi, all of them, enough drama.
    I will leave it at this:
    Liverpool:buy Koulibaly and Traore.
    Arsenal: keep Lacazette, keep Guendouzi, sell Aubameyang, buy Coutinho, buy Partey, SKIP Griezmann.
    Thank you.

  25. LB says:

    Thanks for the comment Lisa, interesting and confusing at the same time. Question: do you support 2 teams, Arsenal and Liverpool, or am I missing something?

    Hope you come back…….

  26. LBG says:

    What are the major priorities for the rest of the season to achieve success?
    I have one that I would like to concentrate some debate on.
    Responsibilities at set pieces. We continue to play a largely zonal defence which is not working due largely to lack of concentration and an organiser. Can we correct this with the current squad members available/playing with a number of “big” teams due on our doorstep in the near future?

  27. Sue says:

    Happy 4th of July to Mr Wichita 🤠

  28. RockyLives says:

    New Post – a belated pre-match.

  29. RockyLives says:

    Feel free to copy over any comments from today…

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