Aubameyang to Barca poll: take the money or keep the man?

This post is inspired by a comment put up by Rasp late last night:

I’d take £80m for Auba if it meant we could buy our own Virgil van Dijk. After all, we have a lot of emerging young attacking talent. It should be noted that none of Auba, Laca or Ozil featured against Bournemouth…”

When I read it I was shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

Sell our best striker? Sell the player who is the only consistent goal threat in a team struggling to score? Has Rasp gone mad?

The context, obviously, is the torrent of rumours suggesting that Catalonia’s finest are set on prizing away our Gabonese crown jewel and installing him at the Camp Nou.

And yet… the more you think about it, the more there may be sense in cashing in now.

For a start, we know that despite having an owner with a fortune that would make Louis Quatorze blush (and who is married to a wife whose fortune would make Marie Antoinette green with envy), when it comes to splashing the cash on new players we tend to suffer from “long pockets, short arm” syndrome.

We aspire to be a “break even” club, so we can safely assume that there will be no big outlays on world class players until we get some world class wonga coming into the coffers.

Then there’s the question of whether Auba is currently irreplaceable. Our young up-and-comers have been one of the real positives of this season (Unai Emery deserves some credit for allowing several of them to break into the first team).  In Auba’s absence, could Martinelli, Saka and Nelson make up the goals we’d lose? It’s a big ask, but who knows… maybe.

But I think Rasp’s point was that given the quality of these young stars, we would be better deploying our resources elsewhere – with a Virgil van Dijk type of world class defender or, perhaps (as Rasp later suggested) a new Santi Cazorla?

My instincts are still to keep Auba for the remainder of this season but, if the likes of Martinelli and Saka continue to progress, consider selling him in the summer (he is under contract until 2022).

Have your say in these two polls:




94 Responses to Aubameyang to Barca poll: take the money or keep the man?

  1. Thank you Rocky, I voted ‘no’ and ‘creative playmaker’ and I’m chuckling because the other voter voted the same as me 😂

  2. RockyLives says:

    The other voter was me, Peaches, to get the ball rolling 😳

    Great minds…

  3. RockyLives says:

    I don’t feel we can afford to lose Auba this season if we want to have a chance of winning the Europa League, which is our only realistic way into the Champions League next season.

  4. Pete the Thirst says:

    A January sale makes no sense. There’s still plenty of football to be played this season. If he’s not signing a contract extension then he will be sold in the summer, probably for a similar amount of money.

    He’s a clinical goal scorer but since he cut me up on the M25 in his Lamborghini I’ve had his card marked!

  5. Sue says:


  6. LBG says:

    My vote was Yes and World Class Defensive/Creative Playmaker or Mbappe!
    Cant argue with goals per game ratio, shots on target, or “recent” effort in closing down up front, BUT still not a TH14 in terms of making the right runs, ( I think Eddie is, although long way to go to match either!), 30 something, dont believe we would get equivalent as he approaches last year, and there’s Martinelli ( no pressure, son).

  7. RockyLives says:

    Pete 😀

    Did he cut in from the left at high speed?

  8. Mike says:

    Wow. Just the existence of this article is a total disgrace. Let alone including a poll to vote if we should sell our captain. There is something deeply wrong with a lot of Arsenal blogs. Why are you creating so much negativity in an already toxic and hard season? There is no serious media outlet reporting that there is any truth in the Auba to Barca rumours. Plus Auba himself told the club’s official website just two weeks ago that he wants to get this club back to where it belongs to and all the exit rumours are not true. So why are you writing such a stupid post? Why are you fueling such a disgrace? I don’t get it. Maybe you want us to do bad? If you would he an Arsenal fan, you would concentrate on the positives.

  9. RockyLives says:

    Nearly 75% say yes to selling Auba so far. I’m surprised it’s so emphatic.

    Rasp – you were clearly speaking for the silent majority!

  10. Hey Mike, £80 million for a thirty year old hit or miss striker is definitely a positive, and the vote confirms this; 148 votes of which 75% are in favour.

  11. RockyLives says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’m sorry you feel that way. The question was raised by one of the stalwarts of this site (Rasp), who could never be accused of being negative about our club.

    However, I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t agree. No reasonable subject relating to players, potential transfers and the best way of moving the club forward should be off limits for discussion.

    I know there are many sensationalist, clickbait based blogs out there and, reading this headline, you may have assumed this was one of them. It’s not. It’s a forum where intelligent, reasoned debates about Arsenal take place on a daily basis.

    I recently moved back to the UK after a decade in Canada. While there, in addition to watching all our games on TV, I got a season ticket at the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball team.

    A year and a half ago the Raptors traded (ie transferred) the team’s star player and highest scorer – a guy called Demar DeRozan. There was a lot of shock and anger, but within a year the Raptors were NBA champions.

    Sometimes ideas that challenge us are revolutionary rather than heretical.

    As it happens I voted that we should not sell Auba…

  12. LB says:

    It’s only a blog, not to be taken too seriously, get on board and join in the banter.
    By the way, I would prefer 3 more seasons of having the pleasure of watching a world class goal scorer at the home of football.

  13. Rasp says:

    Thanks Rocky, once again you’ve done the hard work for me.

    I voted yes, and world class creative playmaker – on the assumption that our CB problems will be solved when we have Saliba, Mari, Holding, Sokratis, Luiz, Chambers and maybe even Mustafi to choose from at CB.

    I’d expect the first choice two to come from Saliba, Mari and Holding in that list and maybe let a couple go..

  14. Rasp says:

    It is not good strategy to rely on one striker to score all your goals. The new way we are playing means that we will get more goals from midfield – more along the lines of the AW model.

    Pool sold their best player (Coutinho) to fund the purchase of VVD … and that decision will win them the league this season.

    I love Auba. I’d say keep him if he sounded like he really wanted to stay and we didn’t need the money to strengthen in other areas. If we get 60m for him in the summer (at age 31?) surely that is good business.

  15. LBG says:

    “Total disgrace”….a bit over the top!!
    Do you honestly believe our own, honest opinions would even scratch the minds and conscience of Mikel and his team let alone Aubang?
    If your concern is influencing the click bait sites and their readers, dont read or listen to such! If you are a real Gunners man read our blog, contribute to the debate occasionally and…….chill.

  16. RA says:

    Very interesting read, Rocky, my boy, thank you.

    There are two issues that you raise here based on the Rasper’s question/suggestion.

    1. Auba is getting long in the tooth, and he seems a bit out of sorts with the club. Next year, any premium we might get for an excellent goal scorer will start to rapidly reduce, so with the young talent available to us, and the defence still pretty shaky, I voted to let him go and buy an experienced, world class CB – if such a creature exists.

    2. Your other related question, “is Rasp mad” does not need an answer …….. of course he is. 🤪

  17. RC78 says:

    Saliba was phenomenal yesterday. He ll pbbly need a year to sustain the physicality of the EPl but let s say that we may have recruited the next Varane… As a result, shall we recruit another CB? Why not but whom? You d need a Ramos type of player next to Saliba.

    If we sell Auba, it has to be for 80 Mln. Otherwise, it s not worth it to give up our chances on the EPl, El and the cup.

  18. RC78 says:

    If we can get Koulibaly on the cheap now, we should go for it. Saliba-Koulibaly with a back up of Chambers-Holding and then Luiz can be moved up with the pitch…

    We can then Sell Mus, Papa and Mavro.

    Bello, Saliba, Koulibaly, Tierney – Torreira, Recruit – Pepe, Lacazette, Saka – Martinelli

    That works for me

  19. fred1266 says:

    Before I even consider watching that poll who is the new santi and VVD u speak of need some names cause to me there isn’t anyone similar to VVD at present

  20. LBG says:

    Saliba is a young, cultured MONSTER!!

  21. LBG says:

    Let’s get the old Santi and the old Cesc. Wouldnt let us down and think how they would inspire the yoof.

  22. RockyLives says:

    I’m still surprised by the numbers voting that we should sell Auba now (if we could get £80m for him).

    But perhaps more fascinating is the second poll, which asks where we should spend that money if we got it.

    Currently it’s:
    Wold class defender: 43%
    World class creative: 27%
    World class striker: 8%
    Spread the cash: 18.5%

    Although the majority opinion is for a new CB, it’s not overwhelming. Nearly 20% for ‘spread the cash’ is interesting.

  23. LBG says:

    If Ornstein says it, it must be true. Welcome Mari!

  24. LBG says:

    Is that spread the cash to all recognised supporters? I change my vote!

  25. RockyLives says:

    LBG 😀

  26. RockyLives says:

    It sounds like the club played hardball on the Mori deal and, for a change, won…

  27. RockyLives says:

    I don’t know enough about Mori to comment on him, but maybe one of our better informed bunch of bloggers might feel like writing a few paragraphs about him (and what we can expect from him) for tomorrow (if the transfer is definitely confirmed).

    I’m looking at you RC, LBG, Fred… 😀

  28. RC78 says:

    Mari was regarded to be in the top 3 CBs last season in Brazil and during the Copa Libertadores. Big bloke, good feet but slow… I suppose it s a good back up plan to have. He may be a slower and less aggressive version of Sokratis… Not sure we will keep him beyond the end of the season. Let s c.

  29. Rasp says:

    Mari has to be good business even if only until the end of the season

  30. LBG says:

    My Scousers with the mouthers say upgrade on what we have but slow.
    I say wait until the new bigger and better VVD arrives in the Summer…S..A..L..I..B..A.

  31. Sue says:

    Arteta’s first signing!! Happy days 👍

    Big Oli Giroud is up for a move to the spuds….

  32. fred1266 says:

    Thought real wanted giroud

  33. RockyLives says:

    Giroud was supposed to be going to Juve according to reports last week!

    As per my recent Post, I’d happily take him on loan back at Arsenal as an option off the bench. The only reservation being – would it hinder the opportunities for our young up-and-comers?

  34. RockyLives says:

    Really hope he doesn’t become a Spud.

  35. fred1266 says:

    I to will take giroud in a heartbeat

    Aren’t we sending Eddie back on loan?

  36. fred1266 says:

    If he does it because of his bloody wife grrr

  37. Pete the Thirst says:

    You know what it wasn’t unlike his movement on the pitch…burned around me up the slip road to the Potters Bar junction then got caught up in traffic on the way to Hadley Wood.

    I sat on his bumper like a man marking job from the Strangler Keown.

    “RockyLives says:

    Pete 😀

    Did he cut in from the left at high speed?”

  38. Sue says:

    Inter Milan wanted him, but now they’ve got Eriksen, their squad will be too big if they got Giroud also.
    It was bad enough him going to Chelsea.. and what happened in Baku… but the spuds?? Sheesh…..
    You’re right Fred, his Missus loves London!

  39. RockyLives says:

    Glad to see he lived up to expectations.

    Hope his car didn’t do a somersault.

  40. Sue says:

    We’re making a move for Cedric Soares??

  41. RockyLives says:


    Who he?

  42. fred1266 says:

    Not a bad backup but surely we can do better

  43. Sue says:

    Southampton full-back….

  44. Aaron says:

    Voted no, but possibly sell in summer, and spread it around.

    The Arsenal have Saliba coming up, Mari might work out, and maybe Matviyenko, that is a minor rebuild. Take the money and look for some more youth that is up and coming, we have enough elders in the squad already.

  45. RockyLives says:

    Any good Sue? Can’t say I particularly remember his performances against us.

  46. Pete the Thirst says:

    Mik is definitely putting a plan together.

    A CB has been needed for ages. A RB as cover for Hector and allow AMN to become another contender for midfield.

  47. Aaron says:

    soares Hard pass!

  48. Pete the Thirst says:

    For those of us who have been around a while he sounds like an 80’s pop band. What a bunch of…

    “Aaron says:
    maybe Matviyenko”

  49. RA says:

    Our youth project recruitment is real getting underway.

    Gabriel [18] – Salivate [18] – Cedric Soares [18] – oops – no, scratch that – he’s [28] – Pablo Mari [18] – dang – no, he’s [26] – Eddie + Joe + Reiss + Matteo + [all 20] — Pepe, Tierney, Terrier [all 22 to 24]

    OK, I’m really not too good at this — but that is a strong nucleus of younger players, without including those out on loan.

  50. LB says:

    I don’t quite get the need for another central defender, don’t we have enough to get us to the end of the season and then we have the addition of Saliba.

    The idea of having enough money to buy a new VVD seems like wishful thinking to put it politely. If there were one out there we would have to get in line and I don’t think we would be very near to the front.

    Of course, it is good business to sell Auba for 80 mil but when I renew my season ticket it is more important to know I will be watching world class strikers like Auba rather than knowing that Arsenal’s bank balance is looking flush. To be more blunt, I don’t care one jot if we recover a penny for him, just keep banging them in.

  51. LB says:

    The lead singer of Matt Bianco is a good friend of mine and an Arsenal man to boot

  52. RA says:

    And, of course – Saka [18]

  53. LB says:


    If you are around. I think it is correct that Arteta used to play for PSG, do you know if he speaks French and if so to what degree?

  54. Sue says:

    Tbh, Rocky… I don’t know a great deal about him, as I don’t watch the Saints that often..he’s 28 and Portuguese. He’s cheap and would be a back up to Hector…it might not happen yet anyway….

  55. fred1266 says:

    Southampton RB rocky,

  56. Sue says:

    LB.. Matt Bianco, now there’s a blast from the past!! I remember Get out of your lazy bed and yeh yeh…..

  57. RA says:

    I’m a bit surprised that Arsenal are linked to Cedric Soarer who is a right back.

    Is he a backup back, in case Belli continues being injury prone? What does that mean for Ainslie? Hmm

  58. fred1266 says:

    Did u watch the euro rocky he was Portugal RB for that tornament, now displaced by Ricardo, personal he would suit the role really well but he had stint in inter etc and didn’t work out so seems he has lost it a bit

    Also very injury prone

  59. fred1266 says:

    He moves into midfield or even as RW/Rm to cover for pepe and nelson

  60. RockyLives says:

    I vaguely remember from the Euros Fred but he didn’t make a big impression on me

  61. Pete the Thirst says:

    No ways LB! That’s a co-incidence. Can he fill in at right back if we’re desperate?

    “LB says:
    The lead singer of Matt Bianco is a good friend of mine and an Arsenal man to boot”

  62. LBG says:

    Cedric Soares could be useful as well since Tierney will need time.

  63. Dale Cobham says:

    I voted no and didn’t vote in the other because their was no Kroenke’s pocket option. Whether we sell him for 50 or 80, it not like the money will be reinvested with proper replacements or even reinvested at all.So it’s best to keep Auba where he is. How many time we continue to sell our gems make other teams stronger…look where it has us!

  64. fred1266 says:

    Unfortunately I remember the euros like yesterday still can’t believe France didn’t win

  65. Rasp says:

    No-one f*%$s with Pablo ……

  66. fred1266 says:

    Cedric is a RB LBG Don’t think I ever saw him play LB, my only issue is his injuries

  67. Rasp says:

    “Mikel Arteta is looking forward to the “additional defensive quality” that Pablo Mari will bring to Arsenal.

    The 26-year-old became the first Spaniard to win the Copa Libertadores with Flamengo in November and moves to the Emirates Stadium for the remainder of the 2019-20 season.

    Arsenal announced the deal on Wednesday afternoon and it is understood the club have paid an initial loan fee of around £4million and have the option to make the move permanent for an additional £8million.

    Mari, who played the whole game for Flamengo as they lost to Liverpool in extra-time of the World Club Cup final last month, becomes the first signing under Gunners head coach Mikel Arteta.

    Having travelled to London with Arsenal technical director Edu over the weekend, Mari returned to Brazil amid speculation the move had stalled due to a disagreement about the terms of the deal.

    But the switch has now gone through and Edu revealed Arsenal have been tracking Mari for some time.

    “Pablo is an experienced player who will provide us with additional defensive quality,” he said. “We have been monitoring Pablo’s career for a while and we are very pleased to have reached agreement with Flamengo for him to join us initially until the end of our season.

    “Together with Mikel and his coaching team, we are all looking forward to seeing Pablo in an Arsenal shirt.”

  68. RA says:

    That sounds like the loan for Pablo will almost certainly become permanent, injuries and adjusting to the EPL permitting.

    If it was mentioned on here before, I apologise in advance, but it may be news to some of you, probably not Pete the Thirst, but I recently heard that YW, (Yogi’s Warrior) the owner of ACLF and one of the best Post writer’s I have come across in the Arsenal Blogworld, passed away last weekend.

    I am stunned.

    RIP Yogi.

  69. Rasp says:

    Very sad about Yogi Redders. The quality of his daily posts was very impressive.
    Apparently we’ve just signed Cedric Soares on loan from the saints?

  70. Le Coq Monster says:

    The rumour of Olly going to The Spuds, only one word comes to mind…………………………Giroudas!

  71. RA says:

    You cheeky sod, GLIC, is it my imagination or yours, but I seem to r4emember having already heard that — and I agree with you!!! 😁😁

    Glad you are feeling better.

    And what have you done with Terry? He has gone AWOL.

  72. RA says:

    So the deal has been done, Rasper.

    There obviously is a worry about the RB position in Mikel’s mind – but he seems to think Soarer may be the answer if Belli gets injured again.

    Soares is only 5’7″.

  73. Le Coq Monster says:

    Not sure about Stretch(Terry) Redders, although I have just read on The BBC that men can suffer from Post Natal Depression and get suicidal!………….a delayed reaction in his case, about 20 years delay to be precise, it`s not a pretty sight when an accountant takes to abusing himself with an abacus!

  74. fred1266 says:

    If Cedric is a loan I have no problem with that

  75. RA says:

    LCM, 😁😁😁

  76. Le Coq Monster says:

    Aparrently to live in this village you have to be a Spud season ticket holder and attend the weekly village hall black and white Pathe News reel club where they play Chas and Dave songs continuously!…………….shaving the top of their heads for the Ralph Coates combover look is non-compulsory, but they will be made to watch and listen to Diamond Lights video if they dont!

  77. LB says:

    Very sad news about Yogi

  78. Sue says:

    Good luck to Arsenal women 👍

    Come on you Irons… and Come on City…..

  79. RockyLives says:

    Scores on the doors at this point of the day…

    Lots of people voted.

    73% would flog Auba tomorrow if we could get 80m for him.

    44% would spend the dosh on a world class CB

    26% would spend it on a world class creative.

  80. RockyLives says:


  81. fred1266 says:

    I didn’t vote so technically none. Of those votes count

  82. RockyLives says:

    You’re not going to start calling for a People’s Vote are you? 😀

  83. RockyLives says:

    Spuds have signed a striker from PSV, so I guess that means they won’t be going for Ollie.

    We won’t need to be calling him Giroudas after all… 😀

  84. fred1266 says:

    He isn’t naturally a striker rocky plays more on the wings or as a Cam so think he is eriksen replacement

    So they might still need a striker,

  85. Sue says:

    Omg Sterling!!! So bloody frustrating…. Can’t believe City are losing….

    Fred.. Cazorla scored again tonight!

  86. Rasp says:

    Great day’s blogging on here today … thanks to Rocky and everyone who has entered into the spirit ….

  87. RockyLives says:

    It’s been fun.

    My favourite was Pete’s story about being cut up by Auba in his fancy car… speeding in from the left, naturally.

  88. RC78 says:

    @LB – Arteta indeed played for us at Psg and we really wanted to keep him but he decided to pursue his career in Scotland… As far as I recall,. He understood French really well but his spoken French was average.

  89. RC78 says:

    @LB – Arteta indeed played for us at Psg and we really wanted to keep him but he decided to pursue his career in Scotland… As far as I recall,. He understood French really well but his spoken French was average.

  90. RA says:

    Mikel was a very skilful player, RC, so it was worth saying it twice. 😁

  91. RA says:

    I think it was a very good blogging day yesterday, with a Rocky Post, based on an idea ( Question 😛 ) from the Rasper, and a Vote, engendering a wide ranging discussion, with the White Van Man adding some of his unique humour! 🤪

  92. Morning all

    We have a New Post ……………….

  93. fred1266 says:

    Nice goal by santi

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