Arsenal’s Best FA Cup Final Goal

It’s the third round of the FA Cup this weekend, the occasion when the big boys enter the competition, upsets can happen and unlikely heroes are made.

The Arsenal has always had a special relationship with this particular trophy, having won it more times than any other club (13 times).

Given that we have to wait until Monday night for our part of the fun this time round, how about a little FA Cup nostalgia to keep us going?

What would you say is our greatest ever FA Cup Final goal?

Here are some contenders (unfortunately the film quality for the pre-1971 finals is not good enough to really consider them here):

Aaron Ramsey 2014

Great flick by Giroud and stellar outside-of-the-boot first time strike by the Welsh wizard.

Charlie George, 1971

An epic winning strike bringing Arsenal our first Double – and an epic celebration by one of our own. Charlie says he knew it was in from the moment it left his boot, but I’ve always thought it was at a good height for the Liverpool ‘keeper who might have done better.

Frank Stapleton 1979

Liam Brady had the best left boot in football, but his right wasn’t bad either as she showed with a perfect cross after a wonderful run to set up his fellow Irishman for our second against Man Utd. (The goal is at 4.58 in this clip).

Alan Sunderland 1979

Less the quality of the goal than its significance. United had just come from 0-2 down to level the game yet instead of Arsenal heads going down we caught them instantly on the rebound. (Goal at 8.30 in the clip above)

Santi Cazorla 2014

Down 0-2 and reeling against unfancied Hull City, Santi got us back in the game with a terrific free kick goal.

Ray Parlour 2002

Briliant length-of-the-pitch move by Arsenal rounded off with a top corner belter from the Romford Pele.

Ian Wright 1993

Having scored in the 1-1 draw at Wembley, Wright got on the scoresheet in the replay. This goal is sheer quality from Smith, with a beautiful first time flick on, to Wrighty’s deadly finish. (3.20 in the clip below).

Andy Linighan 1993

If you want the definition of a towering header, this is it: Linighan soars to meet Merson’s corner and win the Cup for Arsenal in stoppage time at the end of the replay, breaking Sheffield Wednesday hearts. (5.20 in the clip above).

Freddie Ljungberg 2002

Strength, speed, determination and a sublime finish to shatter Chelsea dreams… classic Freddie.

Alexis Sanchez 2015

On a day when everything went right for Arsenal against Aston Villa, Sanchez hit home with a screamer.

Aaron Ramsey 2017 

It’s always a delight to beat Chelsea in a big game and Ramsey proved to be the right man at the right time again with this match winning header.




22 Responses to Arsenal’s Best FA Cup Final Goal

  1. RockyLives says:

    Apologies for the links to video – if Rasp or Peaches has time and can convert them into clips that would be great.

  2. RockyLives says:

    I’d rank the goals in this way:

    Best for sheer quality of the football: Ray Parlour v Chelsea.

    Best individual strike: Alexis Sanchez v Villa.

    Most impactful goal: Alan Sunderland v Man Utd.

    Best for sheer pleasure: Aaron Ramsey v Hull.

    Best for iconic status: Charlie George v Liverpool.

  3. Phil says:

    Tony Adams?? Really?? History will say & videos will show it was Andy Linighan in 1993.

  4. RockyLives says:

    Good point – well spotted. Embarrassingly I was there to see it live…
    Will change in the article.

  5. Rasp says:

    Great goals and great memories thank you Rocky.

    My favourite goal was Freddie’s because it was clearly going a yard wide of the post … and looked like it for 90% of its trajectory … then it took a dramatic last minute sharp left. I remember watching it at the time and thinking if only he’d got it on target as it left his boot.

  6. RockyLives says:

    That was a great one Rasp. I was behind that goal for both Freddie’s and Ray’s strikes. Happy days in Cardiff.

  7. oz gunner says:

    Freddie’s for mine. The strength to hold of his opponent…the speed…and that finish. Jesus. Wow we were spoilt having both he and Pires on the wings. Happy days.

  8. LBG says:

    There for all of them!
    Charlie and Alan for me jointly because Charlie concluded a Double that for a 17 year old could never be matched in his mind, and Alan because Liam galloped his way forward and we knew a full Man Utd comeback would not spoil a wonderful day.

  9. VP says:

    54 secs, brilliant goal

  10. VP says:

    sorry, its not post related but I’m still in the arteta moment

    thanks for the FA Cup goal post Rocky

  11. LBG says:

    Arsenal v Leeds

    My choice :-
    Bellerin Holding Mavrapanos Bola
    A M-N Guendouzi Ceballos Saka
    Smith -Rowe

    Not a chance in hell!

  12. I couldn’t possibly say which was best or even second best, but one particularly memorable goal must be the one scored by Henry on his brief (but effective) return in January 2012. It was of course so appropriately the typical signature Thierry finish which we’d all seen so many times previously but which still thrilled with it’s so precise execution.

  13. …of course, not a cup final goal

  14. RC78 says:

    A post is being drafted as promised…
    Cheers all

  15. RockyLives says:

    That was a great moment SR – Peaches included it in her best moments of the decade post a few days ago.

  16. RC78 says:

    LBG – I ll get the pre-match ready later today so hold your horses 😛

    In the meantime, I sent a post about Bielsa

  17. RC78 says:

    LBG – pre match also sent out…I know you are itching to comment on it 😛

  18. Rasp says:

    Afternoon all …

    … New post …

    ……. courtesy of RC78

  19. allezkev says:

    Great post Rocky, they were all great, my favourite was Charlie in 1971, but Alexis’ was quite a hit, it destroyed any chance of a Villa fightback.

    The most important?
    Gotta be Alex James in 1930, it set us on our way to being the club we are now and our first trophy.

  20. RC78 says:

    By the way, I am really hoping that the Boateng link is bogus…I am putting my neck out there but I think that the club should either go for the following players (if not from the EPL and excluding Koulibaly who seems destined to richer clubs) in this order:

    – De Vrij (Inter) – unlikely
    – Ruben Dias (Benfica) – possible if we meet the demands of the club
    – Inigo Martinez (Bilbao) – likely, could even include Mustafi as part of the deal
    – Armando Izzo (Torino) – likely, could even include Mustafi as part of the deal
    – Manolas (Roma) – likely, could even include Mustafi as part of the deal

  21. fred1266 says:

    rc78 how u think we should handle the CB situation, our current ones are luiz holding sokratis and manopolas

    Should we be buying for this season only or future, cause it has me wondering who would be starting CB next season

  22. RockyLives says:

    Fred – we should definitely get in an extra CB, even if only on loan.

    You missed Mustafi off your list – I expect him to play tomorrow night, maybe with Mavropanos

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