Ten Goals and a Heartbreak Shoot-out: Liverpool-Arsenal Report & Player Ratings

An Arsenal team with a strong contingent of young players competed in a thrilling 10 goal classic at Anfield last night, only to face the heartache of losing in a penalty shoot-out.

Apart from the pens I thoroughly enjoyed the match. It was full of mistakes and dodgy defending from both sides, but the attacking verve made it an irresistible spectacle.

I don’t believe the performance or the result have any real bearing on our season. The Carabao Cup was far from our top priority and last night’s goalfest was a splendid one-off.

It almost seemed as if both coaches had sent their teams out to go for goal at all costs and to hell with everything else. If they did, only Klopp was smiling about it throughout the game. It may have been my imagination but he even seemed to be smiling when the Arsenal goals went in.

There were strong positives for Arsenal, particularly in the performances of Martinelli, Ozil and Willock.

Below are the thoughts of some of the AA bloggers. The overwhelming view seems to have been that everyone enjoyed the game as great entertainment.

Now that we’ve all slept on it, is the gloss beginning to rub off, or are we still basking in the glow of all that cut-and-thrust attacking? Answers in comments, please…


Having led twice by a 2 goal margin and winning with 1 minute remaining I am a bit gutted but not too upset. This was never the most important thing for us this year.

Many positives but also pointers towards where we need to improve. We have a lot of potential. Just need to harness it and work out the right combinations in the squad. Over to you Unai.


A fantastic game of football as both teams went for it. Shame we couldn’t hold on but it’s a silly competition anyway


Oh ffs. Was actually really needing a gritty win, and to have won 5-4 at Anfield in front of their own fans, even against their second string team would have been just what the doctor ordered.

(The Real) John Matthews, Legend

Pure entertainment!


Wonderful game, mistakes and all…

I hope that the fans leave Embers alone today. It was a brilliant game and let’s face it there were many good things coming from the game.


Great advert for the kids playing in this cup. Well, apart from the defenders! we should’ve won really but it’s no surprise that we can’t hold leads. It seems our most exciting performances are going to be in the EL this season as it’s only when the youngsters are involved that we are worth a watch.

Loved it. Worst bit was Klopp smiling.


Perhaps because it’s not that important a competition, I really enjoyed that despite the result.

Feel sad for Emery though – he could have done with that win.


Entertainment at it’s best, unless of course you like 0-0 to the Arsenal.


Bloody hell.. was it too much to ask to hang on, with like a minute left?!! Arghhh!!!!!!


How refreshing to watch a game without VAR.


Martinelli – proper striker.


Player Ratings:

Martinez – 4
Bellerin – 5
Mustafi – 4
Holding – 4
Kola – 5
AMN – 6
Torreira – 7
Willock – 6
Ozil – 7
Saka – 5
Martinelli – 8


Douzi – 5
Ceba – 4
Tierney – 4



52 Responses to Ten Goals and a Heartbreak Shoot-out: Liverpool-Arsenal Report & Player Ratings

  1. RockyLives says:

    Morning All

    Hell of a game. I can’t put any negative blinkers on despite the defending. I just really enjoyed it (bar the result).

    My player ratings would be:

    Martinez 4
    You can’t concede five goals and fail to save any in the penalty shoot-out and get a higher score than that. I’m not saying there were any that he definitely should have saved, but it’s still not a great look.

    Bellerin 6
    Still seems a bit ‘Bellerin-lite’ compared to his best form, but inching his way back.

    Mustafi 5
    Competed well, unlucky with the own goal. Still unlikely to feature in the EPL barring injuries, but he should keep his place in the Europa.

    Holding 5
    Sounds silly when we conceded five, but he was pretty solid.

    Kolasinac 5
    Enjoyed rampaging forward. Caught out in defence a few times (as we have become used to).

    AMN 5
    A better outing from Ainsley, but there were periods of the game when he largely disappeared.

    Torreira 7.5
    Busy and committed throughout, and took his goal calmly.

    Willock 7
    Scored a blinder and had some very good moments, but there are other occasions when he seems a bit too easily muscled off the ball. Also I didn’t like a couple of occasions when he ended up on his backside and was very slow getting back into the game.

    Ozil 8
    Slick and smooth. We have missed his guile and control.

    Saka 4
    Plenty of energy, but his decision making at times was awful. I got the sense he resents falling behind Martinelli in the pecking order which meant he tried scoring on several occasions when simple passes to team mates in much better positions would likely have produced a goal for us.

    Martinelli 8.5 (MoTM)
    It’s not just the emphatic nature of his finishing, it’s his all round effort and positional nous. He had a couple of golden opportunities to complete his hat trick but perhaps was tiring a little as the game wore on.

  2. Sue says:

    Nice one, Rocky!
    I’m afraid I’m still disappointed.. so close, yet so far… I know it was ‘just a carabao cup game’ but I believe that was our only chance of coming away from that hell hole with something, and we couldn’t do it! Devastated! Who knows, maybe in a month (😆) or so, I’ll feel differently, but right now, I’m down in the dumps and just waiting for the onslaught of abuse and p**s taking from all the Liverpool fans I know 😩
    Amidst all the gloom, for me this morning, there were some positives though 👍

  3. Rasp says:

    Great report, thanks Rocky. My player ratings would be closer to yours than RC’s.

    I have no criticism of Unai, I thought his subs were right and the team played with spirit and freedom. I just wish Unai had shown a bit more joy in the good things he saw.

    It’s a shame when the outcome of games is defined by mistakes, but it’s often the case.

    Although I’m not too sad to be out of the competition, I can’t help feeling sad for our players … wondering how much better our they would have felt after the game if they’d won the shoot out. They’re sportsmen and by definition fiercely competitive, I’m pretty sure the mood in the dressing room would have been quite dark, which is a shame after a game with so many positives.

    I agree about Ozil’s quality on the ball and his contribution to the game.

    As much as I’d like him to improve the defensive side of his play, I know that isn’t going to happen. It’s up to the rest of the players and the manager to make the most of his unique talent … by giving him the ball early when playing out of defense and covering for him defensively. He only likes to create and he is superb at it, so give him the ball, let the strikers make their runs and allow him to take up a position in defensive phases that will allow him to instigate a rapid attacking move when we gain possession.

  4. Sue says:

    And now Klopp is saying they may forfeit the next round, due to fixture congestion (club world cup?) makes it even harder to take now 😳

  5. Gooner4life says:

    How to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory
    The usual Mustafi contribution??
    Dodgyish penalty
    3spectacular Liverpool strikes that shouldn’t/wouldn’t be repeated in a single half
    Pure theatre it why are we always the supporting cast
    Great youngsters but our hopes for returning defenders are not coming to bear
    Hopefully the winds of change will turn in our favour
    Upwards and onwards and a bit sideways

  6. RC78 says:

    We played against a team thst hada lot less experience than us so am not sure why we should be happy about the result. We had better players on the pitch overall. The game was entertaining but the loss was more than avoidable

  7. RockyLives says:

    I haven’t seen anyone say they were happy with the result.

    It’s just that many enjoyed the entertainment for much of the game.

  8. RC78 says:

    I think we all enjoyed the game but we can’t lose to this team… The only positives for me were Torreira, Ozil and Martinelli. The rest was quite frankly a joke, a fun one but still… You lose to that LFC team having on the pitch players like Bellerin, Holding, Kola, Torreira, Ozil.. It s just not on…

    I am not in favour of sacking Emery just yet but he needs to tighten things up. It s down to him now to set the team up properly

  9. seedeee says:

    Wow I made it into an article haha. If I’d known I would have conveyed my feelings a little more eloquently

    Still very disappointed after last night, think I’m in a minority (although Sue always seems to say how I feel too lol). Liverpool is a team I always want to beat no matter the situation (many because of their fans).

    Can’t say I’m feeling any optimism for next Sat (the big one against Leicester City), this Sat against Wolves is a must win for me (as most are, tbh!). Let’s get back to winning ways and try and build up confidence for Vardy and co.

  10. Aaron says:

    Thank you for putting together another post that rings so loud and true.

    Kids are great!

    Only Emery could go to Anfield, have the team score 5, and we lose.

    On pace to concede 53 from league.

    2 more games to get his $h*Te together, or the Arsenal will have many more tourist fans then they already have right now, as the season will be long and hollow.

  11. John Mathews legend says:

    Seedeee, I made in there with two words….and wouln’t change them!

  12. GoonerB says:

    Thanks Rocky. One of those highly enjoyable games of pure entertainment. There were some positives to be taken from it, particularly with Martinelli. For some reason he reminds me of a young Christiano Ronaldo, and I don’t say that lightly. He has similar movement pace and technical ability. He seems to know where to be at the right time and then looks like a clinical finisher both on the ground and in the air.

    I wonder what we may have on our hands with him. It could be mouthwatering. RC is right though, in pointing out the many flaws that were exposed. This wouldn’t have mattered so much in a one off game like this, with that entertainment value, if we were looking solid and progressive outside of this in the EPL with our strongest 11. However we are not, and the fact that those very flaws we saw last night seep through the squad in its entirety, and have been on evidence far too frequently over the last 6-7 months does make it more difficult to completely not read anything into it.

    If Martinelli becomes what he could become then he will want to be at a club that is at the top level, or at the very least heading there. I am expecting players like Auba and Laca to be a target for some clubs in the next 2 TW’s, but this may possibly extend to some promising youngsters. I think this is my main worry, that we will fail to keep this squad together before it even bears fruit.

    I can’t be the only one that doesn’t want this club to remain stuck in that viscious circle of our key players wanting to move on, and then having to press the reset button on the squad development. We are currently nicely but delicately poised with a good squad with better balanced players, and with a nice blend of experience and youth.

    These players need to be able to feel they are at the right club so what happens for the rest of this season is rather critical. I really don’t think we can arrive at the end of the season not having shown progression because my gut tells me it will be too late by then to persuade those key players, even if we are making managerial changes at that point.

    Not really relating this to last nights game but looking at the next run of fixtures we have 9 games till we meet City at home on the 15th December, and I think that Emery’s fate is decided in that period. Including City on the 15th, our 3 home games from that point are City, Chelsea and Utd with a couple of tricky away ones at Bournemouth and Everton.

    I think we will need to have accrued a decent points tally before we reach the 15th and to be looking a lot stronger in our performances. I will ignore the 3 EL games in this next period as I don’t think that is a good yardstick to judge our progress by That leaves 6 EPL games in the next period as follows:

    Wolves (home), Leicester (away), Southampton (home), Norwich (away), Brighton (home), West Ham (away).

    No gimmes there before we hit that run of 5 games with 2 tricky away fixtures and all 3 home games against top 6 opposition to take us into the new year. Not having a bash at Emery here but does anyone else not think he has now arrived at the critical period that will decide his fate?

  13. RC78 says:

    Bellerin says he is overall happy…Emery says plenty of positives…
    I am sorry but LFC has won with an inexperienced team…so they are positives for them. We just are happy to have watched a fun game. I am not liking this mood of contentment after being defeated by a second string LFC team. This Cup was to be an objective for us this year given our unusual depth…Imagine: Bello, Kola, Torreira, Ozil are part of our second team and we have some cracking young players in Willock, Saka and Martinelli so with our B team, we should have made the Cup a major objective of this season given that other big teams also play with their B team and objectively besides City, I do not see many teams with a much better B team than us…

    Anyways – Emery gotta win the next few games in a solid manner if he wants to work in a cool environment

    Wolves are not an easy opponent. I d certainly play a physically strong team and play 3 at the back even at home just to make sure we get through the game calmly…

    Leno – Sok, Holding, Luiz – Bellerin, Douzi, Torreira, Tierney – Ozil – Laca, Auba

    Chambers, AMN, Willock, Ceba, Pepe, Saka, Martinelli to be used as the game demands it

    Stop Vinagre, Neves, Jota, Traore, Jimenez and the game is won. Moutinho and Dedonker would not be able to create on their own. Cutrone and Neto are also to be monitored but overall, if we stop Vinagre, Neves, Traore and Jimenez, we should be OK.

  14. RC78 says:

    GoonerB – agree with you.

  15. RC78 says:

    I also want to point out that Emery s substitutions led to conceded goals in the second half and missed PK
    -> Douzi, Tierney allowing the 5th goal
    -> Ceballos missing the PK

    When the coach gets is all wrong, it should be pointed out as much as when he gets it all right

  16. RA says:


    I think your personal disappointment is getting to you, because the idea that the mistakes made by two/three substitutes is down to the coach is frankly preposterous.

    AMN made a horrendous gaffe letting Oxo get the ball when he, AMN, should have easily cleared it rather than losing control and allowing Oxo to gather it and unleash a very good shot for his goal.

    Embery’s fault?

    Douzi has been a major player this season, but misjudged a simple header allowing Origi to equalise.

    Embers fault”

    What about Mustafi’s own goal? Embery’s fault also?

    I do not buy any of that.

    None of that mattered to me — I loved the game — and all of that was not down to Embery, but his redeeming feature was bringing Mesut back, and he was, despite not playing for weeks, absolutely superb, and made the rest of the team play well and confidently and look likely winners.

    The game effectively finished a draw – 5:5 – and was decided by penalty kicks which are notoriously unpredictable.

    I suggest there should be a big thumbs up for Embery — to turn out a good team, and maybe his dispute with Mesut is resolved? He certainly deserves credit for that.

    There is a phrase in English you may be aware of;

    “Might as well be hanged for a sheep, as for a lamb”

    You are not suggesting you are happy with blaming Emery for stealing the lamb, but there are far more important matter to consider – so just let us enjoy a rare entertaining game, without this focus on Emery, please. D’accord? Merci. 😁

  17. John Mathews legend says:

    RC, je suis d’accord avec RA…il vaut mieux prendre le match d’hier soir pour ce que c’était, du pur divertissement. Rien à analyser. deux équipes de jeunes et des périphériques qui nous ont régalés avec des buts, des erreurs, mais surtout du spectacle.
    Stp, détends toi un peu, non?
    Jean Mathieux Légendaire

  18. RockyLives says:

    Zut alors! Ze blog has gone un petit peu French.

    Thierry and Bobby and Paddy and Arsene would approve…

  19. John Mathews legend says:

    Merci bunk-up Pierreux!

  20. RC78 says:

    Hi RA – it s obviously not all the coach s fault and players have to take the majority of the responsibilities, especially when they make individual errors. But I do expect Emery to see the game out at…5-4 for us with some astute substitutions or instructions to the team. We keep on conceding silly goals so knowing that you have to somehow try to see this game through… The game was highly entertaining, Torreira, Ozil and Martinelli played well and hopefully, there is now a bridge back to include Ozil back in the squad if not in the starting XI.

    The point I was making was that Emery has to somehow set up the team in a way that sees us concede less chances and goals and if we are in a winning position, then we should somehow see games through. We cant squander away 2 goals lead on a regular basis. We re 2 goals up, well make sure your team somehow maages/controls the game effectively to end with a win.

  21. RA says:

    I totally agree with that, RC, losing leads is becoming de rigueur – and that is insufferable — but even there, it can be outside the coaches ability to change it (I think we have agreement that the VAR official made the Palace score change, not the players or the coach).

    Sadly, I just do not think the Arsenal job is for Emery, he is a good guy, I am sure, but it needs a coach at the top of the professional tree — and I suspect he is not that — tho I hope he proves me wrong.

  22. Mike M says:

    So Xhaka has “apologised”. Welcome back Captain Granit. I’m so excited.

  23. Sue says:

    I just read about that, Mike.. what was said about his wife and baby daughter was terrible… what on earth is wrong with some people? Threatening to kill his wife and hoping his daughter gets cancer… absolutely disgusting.

  24. RC78 says:

    Xhaka is going through a lot with the fans and I think that other players/coaches as well (Mustafi at our club, Pogba at Utd, Silva at Everton…). It is really sad and upsetting that players are subjected to this type of abuse from the so-called fans…

    That said, his apology should have been a lot more straightforward. I feel really sorry for him but at the same time, I don’t think he can continue to be our Captain at least until the end of 2019. If I had my way, I wouldn’t even have him as part of our squad until then but Emery and the club will decide

  25. fatgingergooner says:

    So let me get this right…a person is abused online, his family is abused online, he is then subjected to abuse in the stands by thousands of people whilst trying to do his job, yet when he tells them to fuck off, he’s the one who should apologise and who should potentially lose his job.

    Really? I don’t care what his standing is, how much he gets paid, or how much of a ‘role model’ he is expected to be , that is an absolute joke. The fact that the game deems him to be in the wrong says far more about the game than it does about him.

    The players are expected to behave in a certain way, yet we don’t seem to question the image of football as a whole. This is a game where racism is deemed only worthy of a small fine, corruption goes on, verbal abuse and bullying are the norm, and participants should accept abuse of their closest family as ‘part of the job’.

    I have no issue at all with fans, ‘experts’ and media voicing their dissatisfaction at players, but I do have a problem with fans feeling they can do whatever and say whatever they want to/about players yet as soon as a player gives a tiny bit the other way the fans go nuts and throw the toys out of the pram.

  26. RockyLives says:

    I agree 100% FGG

  27. RA says:

    This is a little heavy for a football blog, but the on-line attack on Xhaka affects us all, and we need to speak up.

    Society has taken a terrible turn for the worse, with on-line abuse and threats becoming the unacceptable face of the new ‘normal’.

    Football is not alone in this, with politics, especially the misogynistic treatment of women, and the most vulnerable in society, including children and the elderly being targeted.

    Sadly, with the general election campaign now under way, politicians, who should know better, but don’t, will resort to lies, distortions, false promises and self serving claims, condoning this as the ‘norm’, and this ugly face of politics makes the disgusting attack on Granit and his family seem more acceptable to some.

    This problem is not confined to the UK, but is a world wide phenomenon.

  28. Rasp says:

    Here here to everyone …. I shall certainly give Xhaka the loudest cheer if I see him run out for the Arsenal again … surely we’re better than this as supporters.

  29. RockyLives says:

    Well said Rasp

  30. RC78 says:

    If Xhaka plays for AFC, we will of course cheer him on. If he played well, we will cheer the loudest and if he didn’t play well, we will point out his shortcomings but in a civilized manner just like with other players but unlike those so-called fans who throw abuse for fun…I was on a tennis blog and the stuff they were saying on Roger, Rafa, Nole and other players was just disgusting, horrible stuff…

    I think players should also protect themselves and their families by not having social media accounts. This type of trolling and abuse didn’t happen 10 years ago

  31. GoonerB says:

    For me it is quite simple regarding online abuse and it comes down to the failure of the governments of this world in not policing it properly and dealing out punishments.

    If all governments had passed laws that allowed them to gain access to accounts of reported abusers and then hand out penalties and / or fines. Significant consequences is what stops many people doing this stuff but the authorities in all countries are failing people in allowing the abuse to take place without punishment, so they carry on because they can.

    Significant financial punishments and possible custodial sentences for anyone threatening the well being of any individual or their family will soon see it die down

  32. RockyLives says:

    Fair point GoonerB, but the line between abuse and threats, between hate speech and free speech is not a clear one.

    The law is supposed to act in the event of comments that directly advocate violence (although often doesn’t).

    Wishing that someone or their family member gets cancer is disgusting, indeed I would call it evil. But if we declare it illegal, what about a marginally milder insult (I hope you get the chicken pox) or milder still (I hope you get a nasty boil on the end of your nose).

    Where do we draw the line and, more importantly, who draws it?

    Probably the best advice is the suggestion that high profile sports stars stay off social media. I don’t expect them to however, because the bigger their social media following the more £££ they can make from sponsorships, endorsements etc.

  33. Mike M says:

    Morning all. Well here’s me jumping into being universally unpopular again I guess.
    Xhaka says he’s been threatened. Does anyone know if it’s true or verified? Any clue who did it? Swiss fans, Spud fans? Algerian fans who don’t like him because he chose Switzerland over them? How many? what did they actually say?
    And in the light of this, we’re going to universally condemn Arsenal fans and say we all suck? It does matter how much he gets paid. he’s a public figure in the public eye and as such, will be subject to things many of us are not. But let’s keep a little perspective here. We as fans have a right to call out a player who doesn’t (in our opinion – right or wrong) play well or try hard enough. Said player needs to understand that may happen. It is sad, but a reality of life that there are morons that will take it too far. Sad but reality.
    What really happened here is Granit Xhaka acted like a prima donna, threw his toys out of his pram, then gave a half assed ‘apology” whilst turning it back on us, the fans.
    I’m a huge Arsenal fan. I don’t like the way Granit Xhaka plays for Arsenal. I’m comfortable saying that. I have and would never say anything like he alleged. And I’m not happy about him inferring that most of the people in the ground on Sunday are that type. They reacted to his actions, with every right to do so.
    Xhaka is wrong in every aspect of this.

  34. RA says:

    You have a point, Rocky, as to how do you decide what is or is not acceptable, what is an expression that falls within free speech, and what is utterly despicable.

    I also agree with GB, in that if the social media companies do not release details of the people, who break the law and threaten others, then whatever the law on what can or cannot be said has to be accompanied by laws forcing the media companies to reveal who they are.

    We all know what is vile, and what is not, what is meant to be amusing and what is not — don’t we?

    There is also this nonsense where a small group of (supposedly) well-meaning students try to drive what is acceptable, or not, to them.

    Today I read that anyone wearing a Mexican hat and brightly coloured scarves to halloween parties should be banned because they are stealing another nationality’s heritage.

    Presumably, all the millions of people living in this country (not) were polled first to find out their reaction to this dreadful ‘hate crime’. Seriously??

    Again there are so many self-important, virtue-signalling people in the world, many of them super-sensitive Uni-students, often known as ‘snowflakes’ – that before we know where we are it will be impossible to go out with clothes on, for fear of giving heritage offence, and then being arrested for flashing (males only) – and God help anyone just wanting to talk/communicate with someone else, unless they are speaking/writing their own national language, in case they are accused of pinching another nation’s written or verbal communication.

    [Watch out RC] 😁

  35. RA says:


    Surely Granit is entitled to the benefit of any doubt about the trolling he was so upset about? Unless you know differently?

    He did not act too well, in that the fans were becoming frustrated with time running out, and he should have run off the pitch, as would be expected at any club in the same situation – captain or not.

    He should have apologised immediately for the offence he caused by swearing at the fans, and ripping his shirt off.

    But if what he claimed had happened to himself and his family, then there should be some understanding about how upsetting that was, and he should be cut some slack.

    Anyway, really bored by this — no one is perfect.

  36. Sue says:

    Hello RA.. only you could bring up flashing 😜😂
    I have to say (albeit a little late), your comments did make me chuckle, about Tony Adams and your other AA ID… funny sod, ain’t ya?! 👍

  37. RA says:

    I think you are the only one who finds my humour even mildly amusing — thank you!! 🤪

    At a regular session in hospital early yesterday, I had two wonderful nurses who stayed with me the whole time because things have been difficult – normally you get set up, and you are left pretty much alone until the procedure finishes.

    In the years I have been treated, I usually just want to get thru the session quickly, and it can be unpleasant – tho there are many others much worse off — but that was a marvellous session, with much laughter – I loved them for it.

    Afterwards I was told to wait for 30 or 40 minutes and they would check me out, and give the OK, as I was driving myself back to the apartment.

    !0 mins later, I got up, a little shakily, convinced I was fine, and the two nurses dashed over to insist I could not go yet. “You. must lie down on the bed” was the prime repeated phrase — to which, when the ward sister came over to ask what was going on – I said, “Xxxx wants me to go back to bed — a bit like a date”.

    The two lovely nurses blushed scarlet – the sister glared at me, then burst out laughing — and the rest of the ward joined in — then I went back to bed with a big grin!! 🤪

    Silly — of course — but what a difference communicating makes, rather than being left on my tod.
    Can’t wait to go back for my next appointment – hope they will look after me again — and to hell with a little pain. 🤠

    In your work, you will understand how important empathising with patients is — even horribly incorrigible ones like me.

  38. Sue says:

    Now I understand why ‘flashing’ was brought up 😂😂 Only kidding, RA!
    Well, I’m glad all went well! (very well, by the sound of it, haha) I can’t begin to imagine what you’ve been through, but laughter is the best medicine, so they say!! And there’s always plenty of it, whenever you’re about 👍
    You never know, our paths may cross at a hospital one day 😜 hahaha! God help you 😂

  39. RA says:

    Now that could be fun, Sue!!

    I am such a wuss that I make it sound worse when I try to explain the circumstances — as I said, my heart goes out to the other patients, and I am going to start visiting the unit when I can.

    [Nothing to do with the nurses — of course!] 😏

  40. kelsey says:

    Good ebening

    I am gutted that we have lost our identity as Arsenal Football Club .We have a divided fanbase and a divided first team with 5 or 6 players who can’t play for Emery.

    I won’t get involved in the Xhaka debate, the fact is he blew a fuse and will now have to face the consequences.

    Emery doesn’t know his best team and to let the players chose 5 captains is mental.

    Josh has had enough and believe me or not initial interviews have started so watch this space.

  41. RC78 says:

    At the moment, there are a few good coaches that could actually replace Emery because they are not working…Allegri and Mourinho, among others. I don’t like Mourinho but would I have more trust in him setting up our team to holding on to winning positions? The question is asked…

  42. Mike M says:

    @ RA. I agree with you. However all I’m saying is no-one really knows what was done or said (and I have no first hand info to be clear). Xhaka had an opportunity to apologize and instead he used something unverified and if true,by tiny minority to justify it his behaviour. He got jeered by a lot of people – true. But to equate it to the type of abuse he referenced is manipulative and dishonest in my opinion.

  43. VP of Oz says:

    from my perspective, why cant Xhaka tell the fans to F off?
    I’ve been to many local games and the captain does not hold back from expressing himself to the opposing or supporting fans. If its derogoraty or sledging or whatever, the captain is usually the first one to go at them, no holding back regardless of who they are, thats why they are the captain and they are propbably representing what the rest of the team thinks but dont have the leadership to do. Thats right, when supporting fans starting booing a player for not playing to their expectations, the players would find that unacceptable and the captain has expressed it, if you boo you can F off! Simples.

    I find the local games (over here in the Melbourne suburbs) are a bit different. If I was to boo my teams captain, the fans around me would tell me to F off and would literally ensure that I did.

    Ive been to many a local game where at times we as fans have been very critical of our players whilst supporting from the stands but when they march off the ground we universally clap them in respect that they are doing the best they can for our club and have been picked by the coach to do so. Our club is being represented by our players, we dont boo them.

    The thing I hear from the pundits all the time is the amazing support that the Scousers give their team etc. I cant remember the last time I’ve heard of the amazing Arsenal fans supporting their team by the commentary team. All I hear about is the booing, placards, planes with banners, protests, attacking players cars after training, about 2 years of Arsenal Fan TV drumming up a campaign to remove our most successful coach by any means possible and openly broadcasting that they didnt want Arsenal to win any more trophies so that they could get their way etc.

    I’m all for free speech and I think Xhaka should be named captain for our next game and at every break in play, half time and full time, jog over to the booing fans, tell them all to F off, turn around and drop his shorts to give them a little brown eye. If he did this, I would go out and buy his shirt tomorrow. Respect.

    That all said, interesting times ahead.

    I’m still livid that VAR still owes us 2 points. Now that is something we should be telling to F Off

  44. Mike M says:

    @VP. I think Vieira, Adams, Van Persie, Cesc, MacLintock, and a few others could’ve got away with that. Xhaka not so much.

  45. Sue says:

    Haha, no of course not, RA 😉😂

  46. VP of Oz says:

    how great was Ozil

  47. Sue says:

    Well done to the U23’s for beating the spuds 3-1 earlier 👍 Nice!!

  48. Sorry guys got caught up with the rugby ……………. I expect others are too, back in a bit ……….

  49. New Post everyone ……………..

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