Arsenal 1 Angers 1 – Player Ratings

This was the seventh game of our preseason and we fielded a mixed side of …….

Martinez, Chambers, Mustafi, Medley, Monreal, Burton, Guendouzi, John-Jules, Martinelli, Nketiah, and Nelson.

My initial thought was I was excited about the lineup but would have preferred Thompson over Monreal. Also there has been a lot of debate about Mustafi recently and I would have preferred to see him at RB and Chambers at CB.


First Half

Unlike majority of our preseason games we started rather slowly not doing much pressing from the get go. Martinelli was released by Chambers down the flank as he cut inside instead of looking for a team mate opted to shoot but his shot was blocked.

Nothing much happened until in the 13th minute a ball is misjudged by Medley and Martinez who sense the danger rushes off his line but is rounded by the attacker making it 1 nil to Anger.

For the rest of the first half both sides were feeling each other out with some balls over the top to NKetiah but  they were easily dealt with. Jules also tried to slip in Nketiah in but again nothing come of it. We went into the half 1 nil down and a lot to be desired.


Second Half

Second half we made some substitution bringing on AMN, Sokratis, Willock, Thompson, Xhaka. The quality didn’t take to show with Guendouzi doing some great work on the right hand side then sends in a cross which was slightly deflected causing some confusing in the box and Nelson tucking home the equalizer 1-1.

Nice to see Nelson score his first goal of the preseason. Willock was lively, as always, and won a free kick which was taken by Nelson with Xhaka attacking the ball which flew over.

Eddie and Guendouzi came off, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan came on. Thompson had a good break down the wing and put in a good cross into the area but there were no takers as usual.

Xhaka took a free kick but Aubameyang hit it wide. Then an Arsenal player put in a great sliding tackle and the ball fell to Mustafi, why is he even that high up the pitch is beyond me, who then slips the ball to Martinelli who has acres of space. This has to be 2-1 surely, but Martinelli decides not be selfish and tries to pick out Aubameyang but the pass is block which lucky falls to Nelson and I don’t know if he was trying to shoot or pass but it fell to Aubameyang who was in an offside positon. There were a few more chances to win the game but they weren’t taken. Penalties were pointless but like Xhaka in the Real game Mkhitaryan wanted to see which one of them can take a worse penalty.


The youngsters didn’t do much in the first half, Jules wasn’t able to create for the front 3.  Played much better second half when the experience players came on.



Martinez – Save a penalty controlled his area well … 6

Chambers – was solid at RB … 6

Mustafi – Caught out of position for the goal … 5

Medley – Didn’t look good for the goal … 5

Monreal – didn’t offer anything today … 5

Guendouzi – lively today and his crossed help with our only goal … 7

Burton – looked out of his dept today … 4.5

John-Jules – worked hard but couldn’t create much for himself or his team mates … 5

Martinelli – lively as usual … 6.5

Nketiah –  looked out of it today … 5

Nelson – scored a goal, missed a sitter hence why I say waiting for him to impress me, one of our few youngsters you played at a high level last season so expected a bit more … 6



They collectively made a difference to the game, stand our performers were Willock and Thompson … 6.5



43 Responses to Arsenal 1 Angers 1 – Player Ratings

  1. Sue says:

    Arsenal v Lyon… ooops! 😃

    Wasn’t the greatest of games.. but at least the youngsters got more minutes. Martinelli looks a gem… just imagine him a bit later down the line, I’m sure he’ll be giving Bobby Firmino a run for his money – and I don’t mean with his teeth 😀
    Looking forward to Sunday.. surely we’ll have an idea then of who will be starting the following week against the Geordies… We’re finally in August.. 10 days till we kick our campaign off…. 😊
    Is today the day we finally see Pepe unveiled?? Oh come on…. I can’t wait much longer!!
    Nice one, yet again, Fred 👍

  2. allezkev says:

    Well I did get to watch the Lyon game yesterday, thought we should have won it with Eddie missing a couple that you’d expect him to take. Willock was a standout from midfield, I reckon that he could well be a regular by the end of the new season.

    The Barcelona game should see an increase in intensity and give us better idea of where we are, especially from a defensive perspective…

    Well done Fred, another good review…

  3. Ooops sorry Fred I’ll change the oppo in a sec

  4. fred1266 says:

    For real sue when I the first half ended I was in shock 45 minutes pass and absolutely nothing happened

  5. Sue says:

    Saw a picture of Spurs with a trophy (yes, an actual trophy) in their hands, even though it was only the Audi cup… those huge grins on their faces just said it all – “So this is how it feels to finally win something” I bet the dvd is being made, as we speak 😂

  6. fred1266 says:

  7. RC78 says:

    Happy to see Torreira back…

  8. RC78 says:

    Let us be nice
    – to Bordeaux and let them have Koscielny and El Neny;
    – to Monaco and let them have Mustafi and Jenkinson
    – to Lazio and let them have Xhaka

  9. Sue says:

    It’s official – Pepe is a gooner!!! 😎👍

  10. fred1266 says:

  11. fred1266 says:

  12. Sue says:

    Fred.. I’m sooooo excited!!!!

  13. fatgingergooner says:

    NICO IS HERE! 😆😁👍💪

  14. fred1266 says:

    So it wasn’t zaha but will iwobi still go now lol

  15. RA says:

    Hopefully Nickerless Pepe will fit right in at Arsenal.

    Sue, recently I have been unappy, because I thought you were unappy ay getting Nickerless rather than Zahappy — now you say you are suuuu happy.

    Now I can be appy all on my own!! 🤴

  16. LB says:

    About bloody time, I mean, how long does it take to see a doctor and sign a bit of paper?

  17. fatgingergooner says:


    You must be BUPA because it takes me months to see a doctor!

  18. Mike M says:

    This is brilliant !!!!!! So we need a centre back. We still need one but this guy is exceptional. He can beat players at the drop of a hat (or shoulder) and he has incredible pace. I remember C Ronaldo’s trademark was the step over and he bamboozled defenders for years with it (everyone does it now). This guy drags the ball around with the bottom of his foot at speed the way I’ve never seen anyone do it before. We’ve heard the cliche about only buying players who make us better. Well this is exactly that. It’s not going to be good for the “Never Kronke” group and there’s no guarantees that he’ll be successful, but this guy is No Gervinho or Arshavin. He is the REAL DEAL !!!!!!!!!
    If you can’t be happy with this signing, there’s no pleasing you – whoever you might be. Now lets sign a CB and we’re looking soooooo much better !!!!

  19. LB says:

    lol Slim.

  20. RA says:

    Ah, but was he right, LB? 😁

    I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to hear the news we were all waiting for.

    And not wanting to be greedy, or anything like that, I want to hear that we have Tierney too.

    And a new CB.

    And then those not wanted on this jouirney can be shooed to wards the sign saying EXIT.

    Not much to ask for. 😜 😜

  21. Sue says:

    The more I think of it – I don’t know how we managed it…. but so glad we did!!
    Josh.. you were right, we are very excited!!

    RA.. It’s hard not to be happy, 72m is big bucks & we’ve smashed our transfer record! We’re in for a treat, this season!! 👍 I am a little gutted over Wilf, but it wasn’t meant to be!!
    Nickerless – trust you!! 😂

  22. Sue says:

    Auba… Laca… Pepe 🔥 absolutely buzzing!

  23. RC78 says:

    Am so happy about Pepe. He was defoe my first choice and am glad we were able to secure him. Let s give him time to adapt to the EPl but I can’t wait to see him terrorise defenses with Laca and Auba.

    Now, off let s get a CB and if we can snatch a DM and a full back, we re cool 😎

  24. RC78 says:

    We re paying 20 Mln upfront now.
    If we get Tierney, it ll be 25 Mln
    Saliba to be payed next year
    Ceballos free
    Now for the CB, we re trying to get Rugani on loan
    So you could end up with only spending 45 mln this summer (close to the 40 mln reported)

  25. Rasp says:

    Brilliant news on Pepe, we will have arguably one of the best front 3 line-ups in Europe.

    I agree with LBG … maybe this injection of pace and talent will supercharge Ozil’s game?

    Congratulations to all those on here who kept their cool and weren’t swept by the media £40m tidal wave.

    It’s amazing what can be achieved by experts who know how to negotiate in the maelstrom of football transfers … I’m thinking we have a pretty good team handling all that.

  26. RA says:



  27. RA says:

    It is not often we have such a good feeling about the transfer window, Sue.

    I am thrilled — just need Tierney and a CB, 😁

  28. RC78 says:

    Ta, don’t forget the CB, DM and to be honest, I would be OK if we don’t get Tierney as I d rather get Alves for free

  29. LB says:

    If we don’t get Tierney which I think we will, the only way I can see Alves arriving is if we definitely have a buyer for Kolasinac and I can’t see the queue for people wanting to buy him, can anyone else?

  30. Mike M says:

    Anyone think we might be OK at LB now with Nacho and Kola, maybe a youngster coming through as well? Hopefully we’ll be less dependent on our FB’s having to create and, as has been intimated on this blog quite a few times, will allow our defenders to defend a bit more?? Tierney would be an asset for sure but if I had to choose (given we’ve just spent 72m) I’d take a CB right now.

  31. Sue says:

    I’ll buy him, LB 😆

  32. GoonerB says:

    Thanks for the post Fred

    Brilliant news on Pepe. I actually think we will have one of the most potent front lines in world football, and cant think of a front 3 that is potentially superior to Laca, Auba, Pepe…..even the ones with Mr Ronaldo and Mr Messi.

    Tierney would be very nice also, and we defo need another CB. I am ok with a 1 year loan CB if he is up to standard until Saliba arrives next year.

    Not sure about Alves RC. Has he got the legs for the EPL now at his age. This league is generally faster paced, especially for a full-back that needs to get up and down that flank. I will buck the trend and suggest that we keep Jenks as a back up for that role because he has the athleticism and pace and isn’t as bad as some make out.

  33. fred1266 says:

    haven’t watch one of these in years think torreira was the last one

  34. Mike M says:

    Nicolas Pepe – 19. Following in the illustrious footsteps of Gilberto, Jack and of course, Santi. I have Wilshere 19 and Cazorla 19 shirts as a matter of fact. The only others I’ve ever had are Wilshere 10 and Brady 7. Someone bought me an Ozil 11.
    I’ll be getting a Pepe 19 very soon. Hope he can overcome the injury blight of the last 2 occupants (Leno did fine !!).

  35. fatgingergooner says:

    Seems a bit daft to say this about such an exciting dribbler and goal scorer, but I’m actually really excited by how good this lad is at seeing the movement of his teammates and sliding in passes behind the defence. 11 assists last season and you can see why. His vision and ability to see and execute a pass look really good.

    You can see it now….Pepe running away from players and attracting other defenders towards him and then sliding in passes for Auba and Laca who both have excellent movement off the ball and will be stood in acres of space because Pepe has beaten defenders. I’m sure he’ll score loads of goals, but I’ve also got a feeling he’s going to create plenty for others and also make life so much easier for the likes of Özil, Auba and Laca because he can beat people which creates space for them.

    Very exciting.

  36. Aaron says:


    51 goals conceded 2 years in a row, a final season collapse, and a EL final spanking is not just a couple of tweaks from being competitive.

    The Pepe signing is an excellent signing, but know this, manure, chavs and spuds are not just standing still. So, to be out of 4th, a CL spot, and not being contending for the EPL title in a while, might as well be a million miles off.

    If the Arsenal get a lb and cb before the transfer window closes, not happening in January, then I will be satisfied with this years progress. As long as Emery does not do the same as last year, and play you know who in their respective positions, then the Arsenal are on the way up!

  37. LBG says:

    Allezkev v Aaron
    I’m with you Kev. Think positive Gooners. Spuds MAY be going forward with Chavs and Manure but we are aiming to go further forward, and, contrary to popular opinion, the top two are not out of reach. ( Neither team can have the luck showered on them that fortune offered last season).
    Emery deserves a chance to integrate new and old, young and old blood. Freddie will be a positive influence. The efforts to further improve defence are still ongoing.( Klopp has taken three years plus and he is still short.) The Spuds are the Spuds and now have a super new shining Cup to “brag” about but no cabinet.
    The Chavs have yoof, but not better than ours, and Manure still have rebellious dontcarers in the ranks.
    The football world is beginning a new growing season, and who knows what will spring up in the Arsenal garden. My glass is three quarters full.

  38. Rasp says:

    Morning all …

    … New post ….

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