Arsenal FC – Our home record against Rennes

Our home record against Rennes is, of course, yet to take shape as we haven’t played them at THOF before. Let’s hope it is a glorious night tomorrow, remembered for all the right reasons this time around.

While our away game against Rennes was perhaps the highlight of their history, it was one of the low points of our season to date – so we should expect a lot more from Arsenal at home with our supporters willing us on.

Jon Sammels after scoring our second against Ajax in the 1970 Fairs Cup semi-final

The following is a match report that sums up our poor performance at Roazhon Park

Arsenal’s Europa League hopes suffered a serious setback after a 3-1 first-leg loss at Stade Rennes in round of 16 action on Thursday.

The Gunners took early control of the game at Roazhon Park when Alex Iwobi scored in the third minute, a curling cross-shot that bounced off the far post and into the net.

Matters turned sour after Sokratis Papastathopoulos was sent off for his second bookable offence in the 41st minute. Arsenal were doubly punished as Benjamin Bourigeaud’s equalised for the Ligue 1 hosts from the resulting free kick.

Rennes took the lead with Nacho Monreal’s own goal in the 65th minute and Ismaila Sarr’s spectacular header from a left-wing cross two minutes from full-time secured the French side a deserved win.

“The first 40 minutes I think we controlled, we scored and we didn’t concede good chances to them. But after this red card, it’s different,” Arsenal coach Unai Emery said in a post-match news conference. “Two yellow cards and it’s the referee’s decision. After, I think we must learn to play — when it’s coming like today — with one less player on the pitch.

“Not a good experience today, because we couldn’t do our work in difficult moments, in difficult minutes, with one less player, like we wanted. I think we can do better.”

Arsenal had never lost to French opposition away from home in 12 previous European games.

“I think the biggest disappointment is the third goal because at 2-1, you go home and you know that there’s a result where you’ve scored away at home and you can overcome it.,” Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Czech said. “We can still overcome a two-goal deficit because in the end the goal we scored might play a big part, but we made it a little bit harder for ourselves.”

Cech’s comment is a classic understatement, we certainly have the quality to overcome a two goal deficit at home but what Arsenal team will show up? From the March 7th loss to Rennes to the March 10th win against Manchester Untied we witnessed two totally different performances from basically the same players.

After the two yellow cards to Papa it seemed that the team sadly overestimated their ability to stay within comfortable touching distance for the second leg. To their credit Rennes, became an inspired team and were fully deserving of their historic victory. I was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm of their supporters – although throwing paper darts at our team went a bit too far.

Here is a look at Stade Rennais’ away performances in Europe, I must admit that I’m not positive that the list is 100% correct as I found many differing statistics.

After our incredible performance against Manchester United I cannot foresee anything other than us overcoming the 2 goal deficit and making the away goal work in our favour.

Update – Laca is available after his 3 match ban was reduced to 2 on appeal.



40 Responses to Arsenal FC – Our home record against Rennes

  1. chas says:

    Thank you very much, GN5, top work.

    A little bit too much about last week maybe? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Take a look at this for a morning smile.
    Mavro’s massive grin and Papa’s stonewall ‘we are not amused’ face are both priceless.

  2. LB says:

    I find it interesting to think how small the gap in quality is in the team between beating United and losing to Rennes.

    The Big Sok and Mavo clip is great.

  3. RA says:

    I hope you are writing a book, based on your wonderful Posts, GN5. πŸ˜€

    Simply put — superb!

  4. Dylan woods says:

    Time for auubameyang hatty!!!

  5. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    Great stuff as always GN5.

    Another I was there moment … the match against Ajax was one of my AFC life highlights.

    I was a callow lad, standing on the side of the North Bank when I first witnessed the Cruyff turn. The next few months were spent in the playground in a vain attempt to perfect it. What a player Cruyff was – my first International hero.

    My real hero at the time was Jon Sammels and him scoring was the icing upon an unforgettable night.

  6. RC78 says:

    Leno – Sok, Kos, Monreal – AMN, Xhaka, Ouzi, Kola – Ramsey, Laca, Auba

    Let us just win this game

  7. fred1266 says:

    Seeing as torreira didn’t play against manu and I heard ramsey was brilliant would a ramsey torreira partnership be in the making

  8. GunnerN5 says:

    Love the video Chas – but it was all Greek to me.

  9. fred1266 says:

    RC78 isn’t Sokratis suspended

  10. RC78 says:

    Fred – he is suspended, my bad…So Mustafi will deputize…oh my 😦

    Fred – I am not sure about the middle partnership but I am hoping to see Ramsey play with Auba and Laca

  11. fred1266 says:

    Yea so keeping a CS with mustafi could be very hard to do

  12. Big Raddy says:

    Agree. It was no coincidence that Mustafi was missing and we got a CS on Sunday.

    Do you think Emery rates him?

    And Douzi really needed the rest. I hope he is missing tomorrow and that he doesn’t get the Torreira job.

  13. GunnerN5 says:

    The Man U game was one of Aaron’s best and he really showed us just what we will be missing.

    Lets hope that those type of management F ups are behind us; I for one will be very sorry to see him go and wish him the best of luck in Italy.

  14. RC78 says:

    Fred, BR – Mustafi has a great attitude and engine but he is not a great defender. He is not great on the ball either and he is error prone. I think he will be sold.

    As for LT, he has disappeared since the Tottenham game. Do you think he has a physical nibble? I think so…because he is not the same…So if he is fit and ready to give us 100%, let s play him. Otherwise, I am happy to let Douzi get on with the job.

    GN5 – I always thought that Ramsey would be Emery’s talisman but it seems that the financial fiasco of Ozil’s contract (among others) have led to the sad outcome of Ramsey leaving. Now it seems that Emery will also get rid of either Ozil or Mikhy and given the salaries, I d rather see Ozil leave as I believe that Mikhy can be a really good player for us if fit…

    But in any case, Emery is looking to bolster the squad with players with BIG PERSONALITIES and ready to BE WARRIORS on the pitch so let s see who joins us

  15. chas says:

  16. Big Raddy says:

    Liverpool game warmiup. Should be a fine second half

  17. chas says:

    4 English teams in the last 8.

  18. chas says:

    Plus Porto, Ajax, Juve and Barca.

  19. fred1266 says:

    Wow very interesting

  20. fred1266 says:

  21. fred1266 says:

  22. fred1266 says:

    See how much fun we have in the lower tier

  23. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    4 strong teams left in the CL – Liv, MC, Barca, Juve. Bet they draw each other.

  24. Big Raddy says:

    6.34 Poor TM on her own 😦

  25. chas says:


    The wind in N7 is dying down tonight and the chance of rain 3%. Should make for a slick surface. Ideal.


  26. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks all for posts this week

    What do we call the 6:34 style montages? Love them

  27. chas says:

    They’re by this chap on twitter.
    He has a book out too.

    This is the book cover………….

  28. mickydidit89 says:

    Ok, thanks

    I bet when he set out on his Festival of Brexit, he had no clue as to the sheer quantity of material he’d be gifted πŸ™‚

  29. Big Raddy says:

    6.53 The great Alex James . The Midfield Maestro

  30. Big Raddy says:

    Please … let’s not talk Brexit. Anything but that. I will even sink to the depths of discussing dream interpretation before Brexit

  31. mickydidit89 says:


    The home and away benches

    Two seater front plus one single behind, so I’m guessing there was just one sub. Who front row? Sponge bloke, and did the manager sit ringside in those days?

  32. Big Raddy says:

    Micky Subs didn’t come in until the late 60’ss (I think).

    Nope, It was for the manager, the sponge man plus the bloke with the roll-ups and oranges

  33. mickydidit89 says:

    wow, didn’t know that about subs

    did they come off at half time or stay on and group huggie in the middle?

  34. Big Raddy says:

    Get a grip. Men didn’t huggle. That only came in when Glen Hoddle started playing.

    Halftime was spent discussing who cleaned the BoD’s cars after the game and who was on night-shift down the pit

  35. mickydidit89 says:


  36. Big Raddy says:

    There is a New Post

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