Arsenal v Spuds Ratings

Two for the price of one today! We won the one that mattered, so don’t be too downhearted.

First up our resident glove butler followed by the world’s foremost expert on continental imports.

If no one else will say it I will that was piss poor!

Everything about that defeat was our own making from not creating enough, not taking chances we did create, and far too easy to be broken down from defence to attack.

Now here’s an issue teams have stopped playing through our midfield because we’ve actually sorted that problem, so instead they bypassed it twice and took the chances. Southampton went wide, and I’m also a bit concerned with the positions out midfield two were taking up.

Also professionalism was lacking getting upset at Spuds timewasting tactics at 2-0 but we shouldn’t have been 2-0 down, so it’s crying over spilt milk what do we expect them to do?

Going through the team you can see the players playing Emery’s way and the ones not:

Cech just can’t play the ball out back,cost us possession far too often with his inability to pass ball ten yards or fifty.

Monreal playing high up the pitch leaving us exposed, but I think he is one of the hardest battlers in the side and never hides

AM-N we know he is out of position on the right and I love the kids touch he can pull a ball out of the sky and invariably he puts it in front of him ready to pass on, however there were times tonight where I wanted to see first time crosses from a diagonal ball but he chose an extra touch.

Sokratis a solid defender, but that’s it.

Xhaka …. not a centre back, better midfielder but mainly better at long passes

Guendouzzi ….. covers a lot of ground, maybe step back to disciplined central role.

Torreira …. is he getting a bit attack minded or was it needs must in second half? Would prefer him to be asked to stick to break up and tick over duties

Ramsey …. disinterested or not wanting to get injured or basically not good enough to be missed

Mikhi…he is currently the player we need to do the creating but seems unable to step up to the plate consistently. I do like him though and think he is most likely to do as asked.

Iwobi….end product end product

PEA …. not enough variety in his play as the lone striker, tried to play on the shoulder, rarely comes short

Kozzer …. still ring rusty
Laca ….. with Iwobi and Mikhi off he had no one playing to him with Ramsey in hiding
Nketiah…looked out of depth but by that stage I am not sure what formation we were playing.

Emery…struggle to see the benefit from the substitutions, however recognise that we are shortnib the squad due to injuries and some selections are forced on him. And don’t believe that is what he asked players to do. Time to see what he can do.

If you hadn’t guessed I’m pissed off and maybe that colours my assessments above.

That was simply not good enough.

Not sure what has happened with Ozil but I think we continue to look less dangerous without him.

Written by GIE

Cech – 4

AMN – 4. He needs to play higher up the pitch.

Sok – 5. Was our best defender.

Xhaka – 4.5. Tried hard but also multiple poor passes.

Monreal – 5. Tried hard as always but not cut out to play as a FB the Emery style.

Guen – 5. Tries but needs to tidy up his passing.
LT – 5. Looks tired.
Ramsey – 4. Wanted to do well but did not want to run much.

Miky – 4.5. Seems like he is struggling physically at the moment because his running is low. Needs to work his fitness level and also rediscover his magic passes.
PEA – 4. Frustrating night for our forward
Iwobi – 5. Tried hard, created chances but should have created a lot more.

Kos – awful. I am sorry but I think he is a liability.

Laca -5. A decent showing but would have done better if he started the game

Nketiah – 3. Too big of a game. Was lost on the pitch

2 losses in a row. Now I hope that Emery does the right think and rests some players and brings some energy in our next game.

Leno – Lichten, Mustafi, Sok, Monreal – AMN, El Neny, Xhaka, Douzi – Laca, PEA

Ratings by RC78


47 Responses to Arsenal v Spuds Ratings

  1. chas says:

    Thanks chaps.
    Oh well, at least we haven’t got that two leg semi to endure in January.

    On to Burnley on Saturday.

  2. chas says:

    I’m a bit ambivalent about Dele Alli getting bottled.

    It’s something I’ve dreamed of doing, of course. Anyone who has watched the disgusting little ferret must have had similar feelings.

    But dreaming of it and doing it are two entirely different matters. Some ‘thick as pigshit’ Arse supporter had to go ahead and prove that we also have mindless morons, just like the spuds, who think it’s ok to chuck stuff at blokes kicking a pig’s bladder around a field.

    Ban him for life.

  3. LBG says:

    I suggest this week will have shown Dick how few “senior” members of his squad can play the Emery way. Especially when the opposition have already worked out how to get at players with no pace defensively!
    My worry is two fold. If he is going to buy his way out of the problem, it is likely to take at least the two or three windows suggested by some to achieve. If not, can he coach/Will he use our copious young talent, alongside those with more experience, to play his way before they get fed up and look to move on themselves.
    Football is such a precariously balanced performance. IF Micky had taken his chance, things could have been so much different and we could have been looking forward to two games against Chelski…………actually, almost glad we lost!

  4. chas says:

    Oooo, didn’t realise they got the chavs.

    Just imagine how disgusting it would be to be in either of those two grounds for those semi legs!!!!!!!

    A bullet dodged methinks.

  5. Gio says:

    You won the one that mattered did you?? Didnt do you any good though as youre still 5 points behind haha
    I think your grapes are sour

  6. Big Raddy says:

    Morning All,

    No sour grapes here. Carabao is Micky Mouse. Might as win the Checkertrade Trophy.

  7. Big Raddy says:

    Much to discuss today. My main gripe is similar to others – in a meaningless Cup why did Emery pick an almost full team when the squad is so ravaged by injury ?

  8. RA says:

    Thanks for the post-match reviews, GIE and RC.

    The ratings were pretty much on the button so not much to add.

    If I had to sum it up I would only need to copy/aste GIE’s summary;

    — “If no one else will say it, I will, that was piss poor!

    Everything about that defeat was our own making from not creating enough, not taking chances we did create, and far too easy to be broken down from defence to attack.”


  9. VP of Oz says:

    Tits were playing for a cup, any cup will do, even meaningless ones, they are so very desperate for some sort of silverware to display at their broken NFL stadium.

    In my view, Emery was playing to experiment in a game that would provide meaningful information on the depth of talent in his players coupled with trying some different playing tactics/strategies.

    After the Southhampton loss, the many injuries, Emery was preparing for the next meaningful game. I believe this team is evolving and will get better.

  10. RA says:

    In our last two losing games I had a growing feeling that one key role that was missing was “leadership common sense”.

    What? We played OK at first without any end product, but as the half wore on and the Spuds scored, our reaction was similar to the poor games at the end of AW’s reign.

    We increased speed to a manic Warp Factor 9, faster and faster, and with that the number of missed passes increased exponentially, brain work decreased in inverse proportion i.e. Warp Factor 1.

    The key missing piece? Somebody to say calm down — think it through — don’t go crazy leaving the back door open — patience and playing professionally, that’s the way to recover and win.

    1. Sorry Kozzer, your time is up.

    2. Xhaka is never going to be a CB. Xhaka is not ever going to be a left or a right back.Xhaka is a mediocre midfielder. Xhaka has a hare-brain reaction to Refs.

    3. Cech should be sitting on a beach enjoying himself thinking of the days when he used to be a good GK.

    Advice for Mr Emery:

    A. Get rid of the above.

    B. Tell the rest to remember they are supposed to be professional footballers – if they do not do what he wants — now is a good time to look for another club.

  11. Rasp says:

    Thanks guys, sadly I was at the game … it was inevitable we would lose. One thing is for sure, we are lacking the required quality in some positions.

    We desperately need a creative attacking midfielder who fits into the Emery way of playing … it is apparent that Ozil’s complete game lacks something UE requires … I get that, we can’t carry players in some phases of play.

    I still think that both of the last two games would have been different if Holding had played … and Mhiki had to bury that first chance, it was easier to score than hit the keeper … where’s his composure in front of goal. He did us a favour in the Sanchez deal, but in my book, unless he can put away chances like that, he’s a bench player at best.

    I agree with chas, that idiot that threw the bottle shamed us all … we’re better than that.

  12. Big Raddy says:

    RA. Isn’t that what Xhaka and Koscielny are meant to do? They are both captain’s of their national sides.

    To be fair to the team we have recovered from losing positions many times this season, sadly the last 2 games didn’t go to plan.

    We move on

  13. RA says:

    Hi Raddy,

    Yes you are correct, but they are both flawed in my opinion.

    I love Kozzer, but his physical problems were very evident before he had his long injury layoff.
    Trying to lead a team when you are still a long way from fitness is asking too much for anyone. In any event, at his age things are not going to get any better, much tho I would prefer that.
    So retirement is calling for him.

    I have said what I think of Xhaka — and I accept that not everyone will agree with me — but when, in addition, you see him mouthing off at the Ref or the Lino over very little, and teetering on the brink of getting sent off (like last night) then looking for leadership and common sense is a waste of time as far as he is concerned.

    The flaw in my own view is that I cannot see anyone else being a leader or showing common sense either.

  14. Jjgsol says:

    What we saw yesterday and Sunday is that our major problems of vulnerability to crosses and quick counterattacks is the same as it was under aw.

    I cannot see anything that ue had done to sort them out.

    We now have a third major problem being our inability to play in the first half which is new and potentially more harmful as it means that we are so often chasing the game.

    We may have been fortunate to have that long unbeaten run but now the chickens are coming home to roost.

    The decisions to play 3 at the back and 3 strikers in the second half meant that we had no proper midfield which made us open to the 2nd goal.

    I am getting more and more unenamoured with us.

  15. Jjgsol says:

    ‘with ue’.

  16. Red Arnie says:

    Thank you GiE, thank you RC. 🙂

    Not much more to be said. I think the real issue in the last two games was our defence. Holding’s injury has cost us. We need to get Kos back to match fitness. Somehow.

    Festive games are going to arrive fast and furious . Let us brace ourselves for the storm.

  17. Gööner In Exile says:

    I can’t see that we signed Sokratis with the intention of playing both him and Koz together, we all knew Koz was out until now’ish” however needs must and I dont think either are good enough ball at feet. Hence why Xhaka is forced back there.

    As others I would have preferred a younger team if it truly was experimenting for future.

    Watching the ground emptying with 5 minutes to go was disheartening, time for a Klopp style rant from Emery?

    The bottle throw….ban him, just for giving the Spuds a meme they’ll use for ever with Alli holding up two fingers.

    And the biggest indignation felt by me and probably causing my scathing response more than anything else is having to listen to Jamie Redknob talk about a gulf in class.

  18. Red Arnie says:

    Redders. Quick recovery mate. So glad you are feeling much better and delighting us with your insights. 🙂

  19. Red Arnie says:

    Chas @6:53am. Yes, ditto. Chuck the pisshead out of the groumd forever. He is a spud in disguise and has spoilt our good name.

  20. Red Arnie says:

    from the Arse page.

    A reflective Unai Emery spoke to the media after we were beaten by Tottenham Hotspur in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday night.

    Our head coach discussed a variety of topics, including the game, Granit Xhaka’s versatility and why Mesut Ozil didn’t feature.

    Read on for a full transcript:

    on the result…
    Good evening. I think we worked like we wanted to, like we’d prepared for this match. We created chances in the first half to score, but today the efficiency was not good for us. We didn’t concede a lot of chances, but they have good players with quality who scored. We worked for 90 minutes and in our moments we didn’t take our chances. They scored theirs. Only the first half, I think we were good on the pitch but then sometimes we needed a bit more of the ball to keep possession longer. But that’s not easy against them because they press really well. Our planned game, we worked on that. It was poor finishing.

    on if poor finishing or tiredness cost us…
    The first one. We had Micki with the one on one [chance early on] and they scored with their first one-on-one. but this is football. Today I am happy with our performance, but not happy with our result. But also I think we are doing our process. They are ahead of us in this process. We need to continue creating our identity, our strong ideas to be more consistent in the games. But this is our way. Now we’ve finished in this competition and are thinking about Saturday because we have another three very important competitions, the first is the Premier League, then the Europa League and also the FA Cup. Today we finished this competition.

    on whether there was a problem with a high line…
    For the second goal we were pushing and playing with some risk on the pitch because we needed to create chances to score. We were having a lot of attacking moments, which meant they could score from one transition. Their efficiency was good – they have the players for that.

    on Xhaka playing at centre back and what he brings to the role…
    Every player is helping us with big commitments, playing in different positions, because sometimes the team needs them there. Laurent Koscielny played on Sunday and after coming back from his injury, starting against Tottenham would have been a lot of minutes on the pitch. Granit is helping and I am happy with him and his performance. His commitment to help us is very important.

    on Mesut Ozil…
    It’s a tactical decision because I thought that the players that were with us today were the best choices for this match.

    on if Ozil was at the Emirates for the game…

    on how he reacted…
    We are thinking of every player. We have 24 or 25 players and when they are playing one game and not in another, it’s the decision. Today it was tactical.

    on whether he would let him go in January…
    My focus now is analysing this match and also Saturday against Burnley is very important. We are going to assess every player, how they are tomorrow in training and for a difficult match against Burnley on Saturday.

    on whether Ozil has a future here…
    I am thinking about the match on Saturday, and not thinking about another situation.

    on Ozil being a big player…
    Every player is a big player. Every player. I decided not to play him. It’s only a tactical decision.

    on Dele Alli being hit by a bottle…
    I didn’t see, I didn’t see the action. I didn’t see it but I think the atmosphere was good. I didn’t see this.

    on whether there’s a place for fans who throw things onto the pitch…
    If it’s one situation like that, that you said to me, it’s not good behaviour.

  21. RC78 says:

    We need to invest in:

    – CB because of Holding’s injury. So we have two options: splash a lot on an outstanding CB (Kouilbaly type), splash on a good CB with EPL experience to cover Holding (Aldewereid, Bailly, Cahill), invest in a CB that we will ease into the team next year (Upamecano)

    – DM/CM because we are about to lose Ramsey and because Xhaka is not great. We can go for a strong DM/CM (Allan from Napoli, Paredes in Zenith, Banega from Sevilla), a strong DM (Gueye from Everton), a versatile DM/CM (Rabiot)

    – Winger because we need more width. We can go for someone who can play across the wing as WB and winger (someone like Douglas Costa) or for someone who is going to create width and chances from both sides (someone like Asensio, Perisic, Coman or Zaha).

    Also AMN should definitely play higher up the pitch. He can be very lethal as a winger or wide midfielder.

    There are now question marks over Ozil as well but I believe that Miky can be that creative force once he gets back to full fitness. Otherwise, Ramsey can play this role until the end of the season.

    Emery says he will buy in the transfer window. Let us see what he brings.

    In the summer, if we could get: Bailly or Koulibaly, Allan or Gueye, Douglas Costa and Perisic, we would have fixed our team up and we could play either:

    4-4-2: Flat or diamond
    Leno – Bellerin, Bailly, Sok, Kola- DC, LT, Allan, Perisic – Laca, Auba

    Leno – Bello, Bailly, Sok, Kola – DC, LT, Allan – Perisic, Auba – Laca

    Back up:
    Cech – ?, Mustafi, Holding, ? – AMN, Xhaka, Guen – Miky, Iwobi – Smith-Rowe

  22. RC78 says:

    Back-up: Lichten + Monreal in full back positions

  23. LBG says:

    So, looks like a child. Arsenal could pin point the seat area and, since he must have got his ticket through an adult, a parent is going to have horrible Christmas. Perhaps he can consider his role as an adult……and go and “support” another team.

  24. GunnerN5 says:

    Morning all,

    GIE and RC78 – Thanks for the posts.

    In the last two games we seem to have lost the new zing and zest that UE had instilled in the team.

    The tacit of playing back in our own half in order to pull the opposition out of position simply is not working – which leaves us with the same unanswered question that we have always suffered from.

    The 3 goals against at Southampton and the 2 yesterday were all avoidable and seemed like instant replays of the last 3/4 seasons.
    In fact our multiple inadequacies (player wise) have been varnished over by the unbeaten streak.

  25. GunnerN5 says:

    tacit = tactic

  26. RA says:

    Hi Arnie, 😁

    Thank you, sir, the defence is the main problem, as you sagely say, and I will also take your advice to batten down the hatches — I feel we will experience a wild footballing winter, and unless a new look defence is bought in January and/or next summer, that chill might stay with us over the next year or so.

  27. RC78 says:

    Indeed the defensive unit needs to be sorted. In reality, we need 3 players defensively: 1 CB, 1 FB, 1 DM.

    We need to ship out players as well:
    – Kos, Monreal, El Neny must leave
    – Mustafi and Xhaka are not great either so we could do away with them or keep them but as back-ups.

    Our backbone is: Leno – Sokratis – LT – Auba. Not the strongest but good enought.

    It needs some further robustness:
    Lenos – Sokratis, NEW CB – LT, NEW DM/CM, NEW WINGER – Auba

    Leno – Sokratis, BAILLY – LT, ALLAN – DOUGLAS COSTA – Auba

    Now we need some good limbs and articulations:

    Leno – Bellerin, Sokratis, Bailly, Kola – Douglas Costs, LT, Allan, Perisic – Auba, Laca

    So this winter, we would need to addresss as least the CB and Winger Position. The rest can come a bit later…

  28. LBG says:

    Are you related to Douglas Costa?

  29. Aaron says:

    Thanks for the write up GIE- don’t think many wanted to after that performance.

    So, our midfield is so unbalanced it is not even recognizable.

    Emery has to put Xhaka back where he belongs, in the midfield, spraying inch perfect passes everywhere to create space and make teams pay for overplaying the strong side.

    He also has to bring in CB, not matter what!

    If not, play the kid (Medley) I mentioned before, not Elneny, Xhaka, nor Kos and Sok together. Who would play the ball out the back?

    Holding’s, Sead’s and Bel’s injuries are killing the passing game. It is not realistic to expect Kos, Mon, and the non-existent Mav to hit the ground running all playing together at the same time.

    Watching Cech lump it up the field, straight to a spuds player and putting the team under serious pressure was maddening. Leno would have also played higher up, helping our CB’s play a higher line, Cech stays planted back, so no support on counters.

    Emery is a smart guy and is probably experimenting on a meaningless game, I know many would beg to differ, but he has to think of the long run. If he plays his cards right, and the Arsenal somehow finish in top 4, possibly wins EL, and beats the spuds 2X in league, all the while spuds crash out of CL and lose to the chavs over 2 legs-than call me a very happy person.

    Lets see what happens with the Ozil situation- am really concerned, but maybe Emery plays him 7 games straight during the festive period and there is really nothing there to be concerned about.

  30. LB says:

    Aaron, good chunky comment, plenty to think about.

    I am very interested in Medley who looks an exciting prospect but although I felt certain that he would play a part in last night’s game I am really glad he didn’t — he would have got mauled and that could have had irreversibly damaged his confidence

    I share your view on Ozil — nothing to be concerned about, there is still so much football the be played over the festive period and I feel certain that he will play his share.

    Last thought, it feels pants today but imagine if we were still here with AW? Now I was a fan until the end and it was not even the man who concerned me, it was the fans and again can you imagine the infighting if the same injuries beset the old regime — scary.

    Emery’s honey moon period continues, Torreira buys him a lot of goodwill as I doubt that there is a single one of us who doesn’t secretly or openly, for that matter, hope for another to arrive at Christmas.

    Ho, ho, ho…………

  31. Big Raddy says:

    Fine blogging today. Very positive considering we just lost at home.

    When the new manager was announced my season target was a Europa place, it remains so. Anything else is a bonus.

    Quite honestly we do not have the squad to compete … yet. After 3 transfer windows we will start to see an Emery team and I expect it to be very different from the one we saw last night.

  32. chas says:

  33. chas says:

    Just take a look in the ‘Other Honours’ Section.

    It’s not surprising they’re desperate to win the Mickey Mouse Cup.

  34. chas says:

    To be fair the Costa del Sol cup is a fine trophy. 🙂
    Jimmy Greaves looks especially proud!

  35. RC78 says:

    Tons of articles about how Man Utd will line up under O.Sols…

    Here is my take:
    De Gea – Young, Bailly, Lindelöf, Shaw – Herrera, Fred, Pogba – Rashford, Martial – Lukaku

    Pogba will play as CM-L and Lukaku as a lone striker supported by pacey forwards in Rashford and Martial. Once Sanchez is fit, he will be contending for one of these two spots and I think that Lingard will also give Herrera and Pogba a run for their money.

  36. Malaysian Gunner says:

    As usual the defence went missing and Son scored.When the gunners were attacking in droves ,a quick breakout is most likely to prove fatal and it has happened countless times because the strikers couldn’t finish the job. I don’t blame them.They have awall of defenders to contend with.
    Its very well to play attacking soccer. Its exciting but unless you win
    forget it.Thats why no team Arsenal included have a divine right to win all the time. Same with MU.Thats why they think they have a divine right to the epl.
    I just hope CC will put a spanner in the expectation of an easy win.
    That will make rf shake his head again.

  37. chas says:

  38. chas says:

    Don’t do drugs.

  39. chas says:

    Fred, The Christmas Ferret

  40. LBG says:

    Chas 0616
    Good job Bren doesn’t read the blog!

  41. LB says:

    Now here is one for the eagle eyed, spot the Arsenal player in the 10.08?

  42. LBG says:

    Seems a bit of a strange argument Malasian! Play attacking football, but if you don’t win, forget it! So do you advocate parking the bus, still not winning (A la Moaninho), and boring the pants off us all?

  43. LBG says:

    The best Arsenal goalkeeper of all time, IMHO.

  44. chas says:

    Jimmy Robertson?


  45. LBG says:

    Some interesting players in that team as well, LB, even if they were Spuds.
    Dave Mackey had a tie shop on the Seven Sister Road that my Bros and I went passed regularly.(Windows regularly smashed). Always remember the classic picture of him taking no shit from the runt Bremner
    And, of course, the brilliant Jimmy Greece’s, so unlucky not to be in that 66 team on the end.
    I even taught with Physical Education with Phil Beale. He didn’t like it because I came in as a youngster as HOD over him. Shit footballer and teacher.

  46. LBG says:

    Greaves, Greaves……you idiot

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