The Mesut/Alexis Conundrum

Question of the day from GoonerB

What do people feel we should do with Sanchez and Ozil? Options could include:

  1. Play them as 1st 11 choices all season and let them leave on a free in May.
  2. Show them the contract now and say sign or you go to the reserves, and we invest the playing time in our future players rather than you.
  3. Play them till January then look for the best deals we can get. If so should we look for player swap deals (but with which clubs?) or straight cash (but with which clubs?).

51 Responses to The Mesut/Alexis Conundrum

  1. Marc Richardson says:

    Sadly i don’t believe we’ve a realistic chance of winning premier league. But also with le dinosaur in charge we’re looking aimless in respect of formation, tactics & motivation, so we may just as well play them both as there’s no forward planning, let the 2 of them go end of season and start from scratch next year..major flaw being stuck with wenger who is running the club down..

  2. mickydidit89 says:

    Before I get stuck in to these mouthwatering questions, Rasp made a comment at the end of previous about a New Mini Post

    Mini posts are a vital component of keeping the site fresh.

    I wish more people who enjoy the site would get off their slack butts and do the same.

  3. mickydidit89 says:


    Firstly, thank you.

    Here’s another possible scenario. We play a blinding first half of season. January window arrives with qualification for next season’s CL looking nailed on.

    Arsene spends massive on one player in January injecting intent and optimism into the whole squad. Mesut and Sanchez sign along the dotted.

    Hope this is an antidote to losing 150 million quids worth of players for zilch next summer, replacing them with bang average cheapos while we all blub and dribble uncontrollably

  4. GoonerB says:

    Blimey, I didn’t expect anyone to take me seriously. I will have to go and think now how I answer this marvelous mini post 🙂

  5. mickydidit89 says:


    To answer your questions a little more precisely, here’s where I am.

    I’d like to see a more ruthless as well as more consistent Arsene ie if players perform well, they start the next game without shifting them positionally in order to shoehorn a returning player in.

    On this basis, Mesut starts against Chelsea, Alexis does not. Stick with the same XI in the same positions as played v Bnmth

    Others, including Alexis, can come off the bench and if they clearly outperform the player they replace, then promoted for the next encounter they are.

    I understand rotation will play a large part over the season, but in principle, this is what I’d like to see.

  6. GoonerB says:

    Right I am going with option 3 with a bit of Micky’s 10.16 mixed in. We play them (as long as they are committed) and hopefully in Jan we are in contention and looking good. We then offer them the contract again but don’t let it drift beyond the first few days of the TW.

    If they are not then signing we tell them that we will look for the best deals that focus on suiting us before them, (i.e not £20m straight cash with Citeh), and inform them that if we don’t have the right deal they will go to the reserves (and yes we have to accept that loss of fee) and others are either brought in or promoted to play in their position. This hopefully forces them to accept a deal that suits them and us.

    The best deals will be involving player swaps +/- cash IMO.

  7. the barrel says:

    Let Ozil go. Really there is no need to keep Ozil, because no club is looking for him. Only Arsenal are crying to keep Ozil, WHY? I will swop him for Denis Suarez from Barca and Sanchez I will fight for him to stay, if not swop him for Julian Draxler

  8. Rasp says:

    Thanks for the mini GB, more environmentally friendly than a Ferrari 🙂

    I think option 3 is the most likely. The deal may aleady be done in the case of Alexis so I’m sticking to my line from yesterday … play him as a super sub.

    The situation with Ozil is slightly different … has any club actually come in for him? If not, we may have no choice but to let him go on a free at the end of the season. If he joins one of the big 6 or 8 clubs, I think it Is unlikely he will be a regular starter … or should I say, a 90 minute player.

  9. GoonerB says:

    Agree with your 10.30 entirely Micky but this has been an achilles heel of Arsene’s for a long while now so until I see him do this I will be going along the lines of a Leopard never…….

  10. mickydidit89 says:

    I’m a leopard GB, and sometime my spots get changed to stripes and stuff, so I don’t go along with that theory. Personal experience and all that.

  11. GoonerB says:

    We have good young players to promote through more. Iwobi could become great in Ozil’s current role but is he ready to take that responsibility full on or does he need to be an understudy to a more experienced player still?

    Reiss Nelson looks like a technical quick player with an eye for goal. Is he a possible Sanchez of the future? Not too sure why he is being touted as back up to Bellerin. He looks more an attacking player to me. Maitland Niles is also quick and technical but looks like he has more a defensive side to his game.

    The problem is the straight cash deals in January will be pitiful. So much so that the money on offer will not worth losing face over, most especially to another EPL side.

    Bringing in a Draxler to replace Sanchez would be a good solution but I think Draxler wants to play with Ozil at some point so that will likely rule him out if we are looking to offload Ozil as well.

    Lemar as a straight buy is still a good option and I feel could directly replace Ozil but attracting 2 big game (in their prime) players to us currently to replace both Ozil and Sanchez will be tough.

    I would swap Sanchez for Martial right now but I wonder if there is another left field solution where we could get 2 experienced big game players that could keep us as title challengers but would still allow for youngsters to have a go. I have had half a mind on looking to Madrid for a Bale + cash swap for Ozil and a cash (to us) + swap for Yaya Toure and Sanchez.

    Bale gets injuries so Iwobi will get playing time and Toure at his age will not play every game, but when they can play (if both were played in that double number 10 behind either Lacazette or Giroud) it doesn’t look to shabby. Both are experienced big game players who know how to score and Toure gets into an attacking position more in this system because he won’t have the box to box deeper CM ability any more. I am aware Toure is a temporary 1-2 season at most option but maybe that is a good solution right now.

    Bonkers I know 🙂

  12. Eddie says:

    I’d play them till January, sell for as much as poss and buy lemar but not for £80mil, half of that maybe

  13. mickydidit89 says:


    Bonkers or not, everything hinges on our results between now and January as next summer’s transfer merrygoround begins in January for us because of these contract situations.

    Top players will not want to join us if Mesut and Alexis leave and we’re outside cl places, besides, we simply won’t be able to afford them

  14. mickydidit89 says:

    Lemar may well be worth more, not less, by January 🙂

  15. Eddie says:

    Buy someone else then. No youngster is worth £80mil

  16. chas says:

    Cheers, GoonerB.

    I’ve absolutely no idea what to do with the rapscallions.
    Though your option 2 wouldn’t make a deal of sense after hanging on to them over the summer (well, Alexis anyway).

  17. VP of Oz says:

    Play the players that will help us win the game

  18. GunnerN5 says:

    Option 1 is the only one that makes sense to me is the players are in the drivers seat and they alone will make the final decision.

    Option 2 makes no sense to me.

    Option 3 my answer is the same as option 1

    I’m sure these must have been tongue in cheek options.

  19. GoonerB says:

    GN5, maybe a bit tongue in cheek. I certainly don’t see the point of option 2 myself right now but similarly I don’t see the point of option 1….unless Stan and Usmanov suddenly become best buddies and club together to start acting like PSG and Man City in the transfer market, casually dismissing lost monies and spending at will.

    However that will not happen and I don’t think we are a club that can so easily dismiss £100m (guess) worth of transfer money so the only option for me is to keep a happy ship now then get ruthless in January and force the issue.

    It will be more difficult with Sanchez if Chile don’t qualify for the WC but Ozil will not want to spend the 2nd half of the season in the reserves in a WC year when he wants to stake his international claim so we may have some bargaining power here. I would still consider dealing with City over Sanchez but it looks unrealistic to ask for Aguero or Sterling now but maybe a Yaya Toure and a Vincent Kompany could bring us temporary steel and experience for the 2nd half of the season, and who knows what that could mean?

  20. GunnerN5 says:


    “The Bosman ruling meant that players could move to a new club at the end of their contract without their old club receiving a fee. Players can now agree a pre-contract with another club for a free transfer if the players’ contract with their existing club has six months or less remaining”.

    This is the why I don’t feel option 3 is viable – the player may have already lined up his own free transfer and therefore doesn’t give a monkeys what the club wants to do. If they have lined up their own transfer then it would be in the clubs best interest to let them go as their hearts will be somewhere else.

  21. fred1266 says:

    I honestly thought ozil was sorted

  22. mickydidit89 says:

    This may sound really odd coming from me, but I’d genuinely like to see Mesut’s heat map from Bnmth game

    I think there’s a good chance that Chas will say no, given I’ve spent year after year taking the piss out those pretty little pictures, but hey, worth a try

  23. Rasp says:

    Hi LB … isn’t that a teeny bit condescending?

    The three scenarios presented in the post are all possible (some less likely than others) and are not affected by the Bosman ruling.

    Point 3 says “Play them till January then look for the best deals we can get …… the crucial word here is ‘look’ … not suggesting that we can force a swap. Most of us are aware of the implications of Bosnan. Granted a player is unlikely to go in January if he can get a much larger financial package in May, but if the buying club wants the player that badly, it could happen.

    I appreciate you were probably alluding to some of the comments that followed.

  24. Rasp says:

    Micky, this isn’t the heat map you asked for, but it does list some impressive stats regarding Mesut’s contribution to games …. No.1 in the EPL for chances created and assists since he joined Arsenal ….

  25. mickydidit89 says:


    Couldn’t read whole article as it kept jamming, however, my view is that Ozil would be first name on my team sheet. I love watching him play. I know he sometimes looks a bit miserable, but he’s the kind of footballer worth paying to see.

    My thing about the heat map was after seeing his wider position on Saturday and wondering if his role had changed

  26. Rasp says:

    Ah, I see Micky, I think he spent a lot of time out wide … at least it looked that way from where I was sitting. I agree about Ozil’s importance to the side. The only criticism I might level at him on Saturday is that he was caught offside 3 times … but that just goes to show how he was getting forward I guess, and we have to take calculated risks in the attacking third.

  27. mickydidit89 says:

    Correct. Maximum risks in attack 🙂

    I was sitting about 20 pews to your left, so could look straight across the 18yd line

  28. chas mobile says:

    I put up his pass map against Bmouth the other day when BR questioned him spearheading our attack.
    Was that not good enough for you?

    I’ll dig it out again.

  29. chas mobile says:

    I realise you were probably taking the piss but here it is again. 💃💃💃

  30. Cheers GB

    Not much we can do now. If we were to take action I think this summers transfer window would have been the last hurrah. Pretty much now in the territory of ”Fine Wine bar keep, and plenty of it”.

    These guys are ruining down the contracts because there attraction levels for the Club and Arsene have dipped. Yes GB, hard to believe I know, especially losing attraction for Arsene.

    I’v always known when a player wants to out. The cold silence and lack of intimacy is a sure sign. Plus, I have invented my own attraction level barometer to Arsenal Football Club which accurately predicts the end of the relationship.

    80 – 100%: This is the stage were the player completely loves you. They sleep with the shirt on, and every time you chant his name feels a surge that no man should feel. New players like Lacassete and Kolasenac are at this stage These guys will laugh at your jokes, iron your shirts, and sleep with you without the need for financial remuneration.

    60-80%: Still a strong attraction level. Players like Giroud and Iwobi are here. They are not first team starters but because they still fancy you they are willing to stay and can still see a future. However, they tire of washing your pants and after sleeping with you, expect to be wined and dined in a posh restaurant.

    40-60%: This is the really dangerous zone. I see Ramsey and Belerin here. When they score a goal there thinking “Take that you bastard” and when making love to you are thinking about Geoff next door. Action should be taken at this stage. Spring a wonderful surprise on there birthday then offer them a lucrative contract extension.

    20-40%: Its over. You can beg them to sign, tell them they will be playing in there favourite position, but there feelings for you are finished. The only residue of emotion left is one of pity which completely sucks. Your only option is to accept that Man City will soon be coming so go get drunk, get into a fight that you lose, and wake up at the crack of dawn surrounded by Rubbish bags and an amused Fox.

    0-20% There sleeping with Geoff.

  31. mickydidit89 says:

    Thanks Chas

    I was being serious.

    If the red spots are Mesut in possession, then he’s definitely more time in the wider positions than the more central of a traditional No10

    We’ve all been dumped for Geoff at some point 🙂

  32. chas mobile says:

    Red spots are where Mesut passed from.
    Green lines are successful passes.
    Red lines unsuccessful.
    Yellow lines are ‘key’ passes.

  33. chas mobile says:

    Geoff fell out of love with Arsene in 2008.

  34. mickydidit89 says:

    Can you do a same style diagram for Mesut from a game last season? Cup Final perhaps

  35. mickydidit89 says:

    Has Erik gone mountains?


  36. Yes, it’s much better been Geoff.

    Someone asked me recently on how some one like Walcot fits into the equation? He is on wages that he can not get else were and is not wanted by another big club so is staying for the money

    In these scenarios they feign affection for you, but as soon as you leave for work, Geoff moves in.

  37. chas says:

    The pass map is from Squawka and I’m not sure they do FA Cup games.

    Anyhow, this is Mesut’s pass map from our home game with Bmouth in November 2016 (i.e last season. We won 3-1, so a fair comparison).

  38. chas says:

    Theo and Melanie waiting for Geoff to have a threesome.

  39. GunnerN5 says:


    So 1) you think that LB’s opinion’s are condescending
    and 2) authors of other comments are by implication responsible for causing him to be condescending?

    1.Hi LB … isn’t that a teeny bit condescending?

    2. I appreciate you were probably alluding to some of the comments that followed.

    Sound to me like a pretty good way to piss off some loyal bloggers who happen to share a different opinion.

  40. mickydidit89 says:

    Interesting Chas

    Definitely more central work back then in what I’d think of as a Trad. No 10 role

    Saturday he did switch sides with Danny for a short while so that explains the left side spots

  41. mickydidit89 says:

    Oh come come GN5

    For some, LB’s comment that the blog looked like something from Junior School may have appeared condescending to some.

    Not me. A compliment. You see I’m in Little Bears Pre-School and his suggestion that I’m in Big Scholl already made me think he sees me as wise beyond my years 🙂

  42. It’s okay GN5, we shouldn’t argue amongst ourselves, that’s what Geoff wants. LB and Rasp are great posters.

    My truth is, though I wish Ozil and Sanchez well, Arsenal wise I don’t care on there final outcome. What’s important is the sanctity and fibre of Arsenal Football Club

    We will rise to the top again and at that time it is unlikely either men will be part of it, but us who long for the club to be successful will.

  43. LB says:

    My comment wasn’t a tiny bit condescending it was VERY condescending.

    I had been out cycling and got caught badly in the rain, I was drenched and miserable and then made the mistake of looking at the blog.

    Still moving on, I am really excited about the game tomorrow.

    As to the Ozil debate can someone put his Ludogrets goal up for me, it’s my fav of recent years.

  44. Micky, when I think of Junior school two things spring to mind. Been the face at the window at parties and some kid called Mark who after getting struck on the head by a conker became some form of weird child genius.

    Honestly, before the conker his stories in English were like “mum called me and I had trifle. Dad then ate his trifle and then I went to bed and had a dream about trifle”. After the conker. “The trifle looked underdone. No doubt a metaphor underlying mothers repressed sexuality due to fathers unattached emotional nature”

    I didn’t mind. From the conker onwards there were two faces at the window.

  45. mickydidit89 says:

    ha ha ha ha

  46. Rasp says:

    GN5 ….. LB has answered your point for me🤔🤔

  47. Rasp says:

    Today’s post was an ‘on the spur of the moment’ thing suggested by Micky and supplied unwittingly by GoonerB. The idea is to keep the blog fresh and to offer a new topic for discussion. Any attempt to censor free debate will be resisted …. a sense of humour is essential … thanks Terry 😂😂

  48. chas says:


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